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Latina GOP Governor Susana Martinez To Trump: ‘I Will Not Be Bullied’

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Latina GOP Governor Susana Martinez To Trump: ‘I Will Not Be Bullied’

Susana Martinez

When the chairwoman of the Republican Governor’s Association and the only Latina governor in the United States of America failed to endorse Donald Trump before he was set to campaign in her state on Tuesday night, dismayed Republican political strategists nationwide held their breath: What Would Donald Do?

Trump came out swinging.

“Since 2000, the number of unemployed people in Albuquerque has nearly doubled. Come on folks. What’s wrong here? It’s your fault? Is it your fault or is it your government’s fault? It’s your government’s fault…”

“We have to get your governor to get going! She’s got to do a better job, okay? Your governor has got to do a better job, okay? She’s not doing the job.”

“Hey! Maybe I’ll run for governor of New Mexico, I’ll get this place going! She’s not doing the job. We got to get her moving, come on, let’s go, governor!”

“Syrian refugees are being relocated in large numbers to New Mexico. If I was governor, that wouldn’t be happening. I couldn’t care less. They say the governors have no choice? If I’m governor, I have a choice, okay? Believe me.”

Fact check: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average number of unemployed people in a given month in Albuquerque in 2000 was 15,052. In March of 2016, according to the most recent preliminary data, the total number of unemployed in the city was 22,562. Trump’s guess was twice as large as reality, and Gov. Susana Martinez has only been in office for five of those years.

According to factcheck.org, over Martinez’s entire term, only 10 refugees of the Syrian Civil War have been relocated to New Mexico. And if Trump was governor, he would have no legal authority to stop refugees from traveling to New Mexico. Doing so would create a constitutional stand-off.

Gov. Martinez was not having it.

“Apparently, Donald Trump doesn’t realize Governor Martinez wasn’t elected in 2000, that she has fought for welfare reform, and has strongly opposed the president’s Syrian refugee plan,” Martinez’s press secretary said in a statement.

“But the pot shots weren’t about policy, they were about politics. And the governor will not be bullied into supporting a candidate until she is convinced that candidate will fight for New Mexicans. Governor Martinez doesn’t care about what Donald Trump says about her — she cares about what he says he will do to help New Mexicans. She’s disappointed that she didn’t hear anything about that last night.”

Spurred by all the commotion, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio offered some encouragement on Twitter.


Martinez is the exact wrong person for Trump to be bullying, in the middle of a awkward span of trying unite his supporters with establishment Republicans, and at the first signs of a long, expensive general election fight against Hillary Clinton.

Paul Ryan reiterated Tuesday, in response to reports floating around D.C. to the contrary, that he hadn’t “made a decision” about endorsing Trump yet, and though the two speak on the phone near daily, a spokesman for Ryan clarified that it wasn’t “an endorsement call.”

Ryan responded to Trump’s comments about Martinez by saying that she was a “great governor” and “a friend of mine.” Asked about pressure from the Trump campaign to endorse him, Ryan said “I don’t worry about that stuff.”

Somewhere in the labyrinthian halls of the expansive home of the suspiciously-named billionaire Los Angeles real estate investor Tom Barrack, where tickets to a fundraiser featuring Donald Trump Wednesday cost $25,000 — or $100,000 for a picture with Trump — the reality television star stared deeply into a mirror and repeated to himself:

“I will unite the Republican Party. I will unite the Republican Party. I will unite the Republican Party.”

Photo: Los Alamos National Laboratory/ Gov. Susana Martinez.



  1. Dominick Vila May 26, 2016

    As illogical and irresponsible as Trump’s attacks against Gov. Susana Martinez, and Gov Nikki Haley, are the most troubling part of his vicious attacks against fellow Republican politicians, especially women, is the lack of support these governors got from other Republican governors. Are they so scared of The Donald’s reactions that they are willing to let him malign fellow Republicans, including those who are doing a good job.
    In addition to Trump’s tendency to lash out against anyone who criticizes his positions, or that he feels slighted him in any way, it is evident that he is catering to the white supremacy base that constitutes a critical segment of his constituency.

    1. clifton May 26, 2016

      crooked trump favors white supremacy groups its a wonder if he has not said he would fly the rebel flag over the white house . witch he will call it trump house instead. vote Hillary 2016

      1. Andrew Armstrong May 26, 2016

        Don’t like white supremacy, then find another country to live in.

        1. jmprint May 26, 2016

          No you like supremacy move to Russia.

          1. Andrew Armstrong May 28, 2016

            If Trump is not elected i will move to Russia. I would rather live in a country with taste than spend my time and tax money in a tasteless country. The question is, who is going to pay for your education when the funds dry up?

          2. Paul Bass May 29, 2016

            Please do, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, we won’t miss your sorry a$$ racist bigotry. You’re fit right in with putin.

          3. The lucky one May 29, 2016

            Wow, another good reason to vote against Trump, one less bigoted fool in the country.

        2. ray May 26, 2016

          You and Otto most be friends he thinks just like you.

          1. The lucky one May 29, 2016


        3. Otto T. Goat May 26, 2016

          Funny how none of them want to live in Africa.

          1. jmprint May 27, 2016

            And have to put up with your mamma, no thanks.

          2. jmprint May 28, 2016

            Oh I get it you are a he-she. If you need to talk, I’lll listen.

          3. The lucky one May 29, 2016

            Otto, Do any of your posts have any other point other than to show what an a$$ you are? You can stop now. You’ve removed all doubt.

        4. The lucky one May 29, 2016

          Don’t like a dark skinned majority? Then you are the one that needs to move. B’bye

    2. charleo1 May 26, 2016

      Governors not speaking out in support of their fellow Republican in NM. is a symptom of a weak Party. Who’s spineless elected officials, for years cowed, and subjugated by their big money directors, have probably forgotten how to speak out. Indeed, as speaking out without permission was a thing they were never supposed to do. And so we might assume the gutless twits are cowering
      in their various State Houses about now, as usual, awaiting orders.

      1. flyinjs May 26, 2016

        Charleo1, did you not hear that there is a revolution against the Republican Establishment? Anyone who does not go along with this plan may be considered an intellectually independent person not worthy of any respect.

        1. charleo1 May 27, 2016

          A revolution against the Established Right I totally get. The revolt against it for not being nearly nutty enough, is the head scratcher.

        2. Dominick Vila May 29, 2016

          A few weeks ago, when it became apparent that The Donald had a good chance of clinching the nomination, dozens of prominent Republicans stated that they would never support him or vote for him. Now, even Rubio, indicated that they will support the GOP nominee, and work to achieve party unity. If there is one thing that can be said about Republicans, is that they are party loyalists and disciplined. That is not the case for Democrats. If we don’t like our nominee, many Dems will sit at home, and let the Republican candidate win…with predictable consequences.

    3. Andrew Armstrong May 26, 2016

      Gov. Haley was born here, and her parents where here “legally”, as where Bobby Jindal’s. Gov. Martinez parents where here “illegally” and the amount of “illegals” pouring into New Mexico it is no surprise she was elected governor and as far as i’m concerned she has no business sitting in the governors chair. The prime route to move drugs and smuggle people across the border is New Mexico.

      1. jmprint May 26, 2016

        Andrew are you still in the drug business. or are you smuggling people now?

        1. Andrew Armstrong May 28, 2016


      2. Dominick Vila May 26, 2016

        Gov. Martinez was born in the USA. The ones that entered the country illegally were her grandparents, not her parents. They became legal citizens, and naturalized citizens, when President Reagan granted permanent and irrevocable amnesty to all illegal immigrants.
        Gov. Martinez was not elected Governor because of the Latino vote. Most Latinos voted against her because of her positions on illegal immigration. She was elected by a majority of white residents in New Mexico. Read the article, and Internet websites on this subject.

  2. paulyz May 26, 2016

    Gov. Martinez I believe is the only Border State Governor that didn’t support the other three Border Governors on Illegal Trespassing. She is allowing her etnicity to cloud her judgement, which is entirely unrepresentative. She needs to get on board with the other Governors to protect the Citizens she is required to represent.

      1. charleo1 May 26, 2016

        Thank you. But that website is off limits to Righties. (Too many facts, too little pics.)

        1. plc97477 May 30, 2016

          And full of words with more than 4 letters.

      2. paulyz May 26, 2016

        Right, Gov. Martinez is a decedent of Illegal Trespassers herself creating a conflict of interests. Even though she is correct on some immigration policies, she is wrong on others.

        1. darkagesbegin May 26, 2016

          “Gov. Martinez is a decedent” You mean she is dead? I just saw her on TV today. What happened? Must have been a librul conspiracy of some kind

        2. jmprint May 26, 2016

          She is a turn coat, like all the rest of the GOP, they got theirs, the hell with everyone else. No matter how they got it. She will vote for Trump, because republicans are all followers, there isn’t a leader in that bunch.

    1. The lucky one May 26, 2016

      “I believe” yah we know pauly, you “believe” a lot of crazy stuff. Post something based on facts for a change, I won’t hold my breath.

      1. paulyz May 26, 2016

        Look it up yourself under Fox Latino!

        1. The lucky one May 26, 2016

          Sorry but I don’t use GOP propaganda sites as sources for facts.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 26, 2016

      You’re still out to lunch in your mind. You should seriously consider developing some new neural pathways—your current circuitry is defunct and not up to code standards.

    3. CrankyToo May 29, 2016

      Hmmmm… Are you talking about Susana Martinez, the first woman ever to be elected Governor of New Mexico and the first Hispanic female to be elected Governor of ANY state? Wasn’t THAT Susana Martinez re-elected in a landslide in 2014?

      Do you know more about her than the good people she serves, or are you just another dumba$$ conservative? (That’s a rhetorical question; everyone who reads your unenlightened posts knows you’re a dumba$$ con.)

  3. towercam May 26, 2016

    If tyrant Trump wins, she WILL be bullied. It’s how she responds that matters.

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 26, 2016

    A bully is such because a prominent figure early on has taught him or her to be a bully, and diminished a sense of nobility and humility in the process.

    ‘A son is the reflection of his father’, so an old saying goes. Some day, Donald may realize that the real “reflection” to personify is what Religion instructs us to do—not to mirror in our actions and words the immoral characteristics of another deficient mortal.

    Donald and friends should stop and reflect on these words:

    “O Son of Spirit! Noble have I created thee, yet thou hast abased thyself. Rise then unto that for which thou wast created”.

    (From Baha’u’llah’s ‘The Hidden Words'(#22 in the Arabic Section) )

  5. runfastandwin May 26, 2016

    Oh she’ll come around, she is a republican after all. Republicanism is a failure of the intellect that can’t be overcome.

    1. Box June 2, 2016

      Thats correct and why, though I share no Republican values, Im still voting Trump.

      1. jmprint June 3, 2016

        Even though he is a total fraud. Impersonator, and hate follows him like flies on $hit.

  6. Andrew Armstrong May 26, 2016

    “A big wall with a big, beautiful door.”

    That will fix New Mexico’s problem.

    1. jmprint May 26, 2016

      Yes, a big wall surrounding all of trumps voter, without a door to let them out, that will make America great again.

      1. Andrew Armstrong May 27, 2016

        On top of a hill and no way for the trash to get in. That’s paradise.

        1. jmprint May 27, 2016

          Is that an Anita HIll. What are you going to do about your relatives? Or does white trash not count.

          1. Andrew Armstrong May 28, 2016

            They can manage with the rest of the trash.

      2. Box June 2, 2016

        What? But it was you who swore to leave if Trump was elected.

        1. jmprint June 2, 2016

          Yes, but I am the lucky one, only fools will vote for Trump. Are you one of them?

    2. Paul Bass May 29, 2016

      Says the GOP operative with a 1/3 upvote rating.

  7. ray May 26, 2016

    I hope he keeps talking the way he is right now. He is really uniting the republican party.

    1. jakenhyde May 27, 2016

      He may be uniting the republcon party. But he’s also causing a number of other social groups to unite….against him.

      1. Box June 2, 2016

        Too bad it isnt working out for you like you hoped. You had your 8 years, let the next group have theirs. You Communists beg for equality right? What, as long as you dont have to give it yourself?

        1. jakenhyde June 2, 2016

          @Box….Ahhhh, but your buddy, The Donald, has kissed Putin’s rear, and now Kim from North Korea has endorsed him. Now tell me who is a communist.
          Fact is, you haven’t a clue what the real definition of communism is. Putin and Kim are REAL communists from deeply rooted communist backgrounds. And they’re supporting The Donald.

  8. Lucy May 26, 2016

    Susana Martinez, you are a dirty disgrace. It is something wrong with you. You are a shame for republicans.

    1. jakenhyde May 27, 2016

      Wow, Lucy. Take a look in the mirror. You’re a dirty disgrace as an American if you are so two faced that you’d support a man who will do anything in his power to keep you, and other women, down on your hands and knees scrubbing floors. You must be one totally self-loathing woman.
      You are a shame for women.

      1. Andrew Armstrong May 28, 2016

        So you can’t get your wife on her hands and knees? Sad.

        1. Paul Bass May 29, 2016

          No, just not on her hands and knees “scrubbing floors”! He never mentions other reasons she might be…

        2. jmprint June 3, 2016

          Mine in the gutter, are all republicans like that.

      2. Box June 2, 2016

        Look in the mirror? You first. Where are you from? Not America. What a filthy comment from you. Americans dont talk like that.

        1. jakenhyde June 2, 2016

          @Box….I’m an American through and through. I spent nine years in the US Navy. So many of you clowns who call yourselves “patriots” have never spent one second in the service of your country. Thomas Paine called your type sunshine soldiers. You’re all talk and no walk.
          What was filthy about my comment? It was true. The Donald has no use for women unless they’re serving him.
          I’m an American and I talked like that. If you don’t like my comments, then I suggest you don’t read them.
          If Lucy supports The Donald, then she’s a self loathing woman because she’s supporting a man whose administration, should he get elected, will do everything in its power to keep her a second class citizen.

        2. jmprint June 3, 2016

          Then have a conversation with Trump about his foul mouth.

    2. jmprint June 3, 2016

      But you no brainer fits perfect with republicans.

    1. Paul Bass May 26, 2016

      How Trump courts Hispanics, he eats a taco salad. What does that tell you?

      1. jmprint May 27, 2016

        Next he will eat hot dogs to show his American true red, white and blue.

  9. Exctyengr May 26, 2016

    I think that it is appalling that the Republican Nominee for the highest office in the land would bully a sitting Republican governor.
    The man is classless

  10. jakenhyde May 27, 2016

    It must really grind his knackers that a woman…..of all people….would stand up to him.

  11. Box June 2, 2016

    Oh but its ok for illegal latinos to bully americans? Ah, I see.

    1. jmprint June 3, 2016

      It’s not ok for anyone to bully anyone, but when you entice hate, it is responded with hate.

  12. Box June 2, 2016

    What a vile thread. None of you below want to talk honestly about issues and what you want for America, you just bash as the Communist trash you are. Im not even Republican and still i support Trump from recently. The balance in the checkbook says $1618 so thats what I’ll send.

    1. jmprint June 3, 2016

      Box, you are full of it and sickening. Let’s see, with Trump he would dumb down American if Universities have to follow his standards. Soon all labels will change to made by trump. You want communist send your checkbook balance $1618 to Trump, he is going to need it, now that he had to give money to the vets out of his own pocket. Is you call name box, because you live n one? You might want to change the box this one has a stench.

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