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LOL Of The Week: Mitt Doesn’t Talk To His Wife?

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LOL Of The Week: Mitt Doesn’t Talk To His Wife?


During the first debate in Denver, Mitt Romney became very offended when the president suggested that—get this!—Mitt Romney might have missed out on a tax deduction he could have taken.

“…you said you get a deduction for taking a plant overseas. Look, I’ve been in business for 25 years,” the GOP nominee for president and longtime CEO of Bain Capital said. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. I maybe need to get a new accountant.”

Unless the plural of accountant is “accountant,” everything about this answer is BS.

Both his and Bain’s armies of accountants certainly know that American businesses are allowed to write off the expenses of moving overseas. As an investor in companies that were “pioneers in the practice of shipping work from the United States to overseas call centers and factories,” Romney had to know this.

“There is certainly a tax break for U.S. companies that move operations or people abroad,” said Gary McGill, director of the Fisher School of Accounting at the University of Florida.

But Mitt found a way to use his business experience against the president by accusing the president of not telling the truth. This is a perfect example of how he “won” the debate.

Romney used deception to excuse his life’s work of cheapening the value of American labor and avoiding taxes while casting the president as ignorant about business. In a visual medium where appearance is everything, Romney galloped half-truths and blatant falsehoods like this over and over in a confident yet cool manner. And though the media knew that he disregarded the facts, they said he’d won. And the polls agreed.

Now Romney must feel as if he can get away with anything. “I’ve got these fools thinking I don’t talk to my ‘accountant,'” he must be saying to himself. “What can’t I say?” Nothing, apparently.

This week, Mitt Romney said something that was absolutely amazing in its cruelty. When asked about what will happen to the up to 50 million Americans who will lose health insurance if he repeals Obamacare and cuts Medicaid as he said he would, Romney repeated something he said on 60 Minutes just a few weeks before:

“We don’t have a setting across this country where if you don’t have insurance, we just say to you, ‘Tough luck, you’re going to die when you have your heart attack. No, you go to the hospital, you get treated, you get care, and it’s paid for, either by charity, the government or by the hospital. We don’t have people that become ill, who die in their apartment because they don’t have insurance.”

Americans don’t die because they do not have health insurance?

LOL. A dark, painful LOL. As Paul Krugman would say,  ”A sick joke.”


  1. Kenneth Morgan October 14, 2012

    She didn’t know enough to say something. She’s been insurer her entire life for free as long as she had mr. money-pants for a husband. She would be a very unpopular first lady. She is just as phony and cruel as Mitt. On the other hand, Michele Obama is probably the best first lady since Jacky Kennedy. Ann should aspire to her benevolence and grace.

    1. Fern Woodfork October 15, 2012

      I Totally Agree She Just Another Stepford Wife She Do What She Told!! Nothing Will Be Bought To The White House By Her She Like So Many Other Gold Digging Trophy Wives Before Her!!! Wannabe Queen Ann Brings Nothing New At All!!!

      1. Ant Duke October 15, 2012

        Stepford Wife…touché…

  2. TZToronto October 14, 2012

    If Romney is elected and gets to do to America what he wants to do, all Americans will be well aware of the lies he has told. The middle class will be pushed further down the economic ladder while the wealthy will pay no taxes at all. Health insurance will cost more and cover less, and more people will be unable to find jobs. (The tax breaks for sending jobs to developing countries will probably be better than ever, and it will make little sense to do business in the USA.) Want technical support for your computer? Talk to someone in a country where English isn’t even spoken. And sorry about all that lead paint on the toy you bought for your daughter. It’s up to you to make sure it wasn’t lead paint because (1) there’s no testing of such things by the government and (2) the company that has its name on it pays no attention to how their products are made (and doesn’t care). At the same time, the guy with $1 billion in 2012 will have $4 billion by 2016, and your voting rights will have been stripped by a fully right-wing, bought-and-paid-for Supreme Court. More and more houses will have been foreclosed on by banks without controls, and Wall Street gamblers will be paid many multi-millions of dollars in bonuses for their bad bets and taking care of what’s left of your pension. But that’s OK because the rest of the world will have understood the true value of the U.S. dollar and sold it off for gold, platinum, silver, or almost any other currency that isn’t the U.S. dollar. If you thought $4 per gallon gasoline was pricey, try paying $12 or $13 per gallon by 2016. Oh, and if you’re not in the top 1% that pay no taxes at all, your federal taxes will be higher than you’ve ever paid in your life, and your state taxes will be out of sight. OK, some of this is probably an exaggeration, but you get the idea. Things will be way worse with Bush–I mean Romney in charge.

    1. Fern Woodfork October 15, 2012

      I Believe It Will Be Worst Than Bush Romney Such A Low Life Thug Who’s Been Sellout The American People By Gutting Out American Companies And Shipping Out American Jobs For A Living!! Invested In China’s Sweatshops, Making Monsanto The Giant Biotech Corporation It Is Today Romney Has Done A Lot Of Scum Of The Earth Things For A Living And Now He Have The Nerve To Be An American President !!! We Can Not Let This Happen VOTE!!!!

      1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 15, 2012


        American or a Muslim terrorist hummmmm I can’t decide

        1. Fern Woodfork October 15, 2012

          Take Your Dumb Ass Else Where Little Tea Bagging FAGGOT NOBODY WANTS TO TALK TO YOUR ASS KISSING TROLL ASS!!

          1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 15, 2012

            You are some skanky trailer trash, truck driver mouth—-
            Who would EVER have you!!!!!!!!!!!


          2. Fern Woodfork October 15, 2012

            Your Mother Is The Skank She Should Have Gave Your Father Some Head Instead Then You Would Have Never Been Hatched!! Low Life Asshole!!!

        2. grammyjill October 15, 2012


  3. Dominick Vila October 15, 2012

    If what I hear about Mormons is true, I doubt he takes his wife seriously for anything other than procreation.

    1. Ant Duke October 15, 2012

      And a tax deduction surely…

    2. lana ward October 15, 2012

      From what I know about muslims (Obama) they love cutting peoples heads off

      1. puzzled21 October 15, 2012

        You and all of those like you need to have your heads removed and replaced with one that has a brain that can actually think and reason and make rational decisions. I fully understand why the Koch brothers and those in that circle want Romney, it’s the 47 percent, I bet everything that includes you, that I don’t understand. That is your Parents and Grandparents medicaid and Social Security, and eventually yours, that he will do away with. Based on your handle I guess you are female, have you actually read the ACA to see what, as a female you gain? Have you compared it to Romney’s plan? If you feel that Romney is the one, and he loves this country so much and wants to do what ever is necessary to restore the economy than why won’t he pay his fair share of taxes? Why is his fortune being hid in other country’s banks? Why won’t he tell the truth about his relationship with China and the outsourcing of American Jobs?

        1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 15, 2012

          WHY???? Why do you allll have sooooo much HATE in you????

          1. puzzled21 October 15, 2012

            I am not speaking from or with hate. Is there anything that I said in my comment that was false? If so, please point it out with documentation. Has Romney not made it clear what his intentions are when it comes to Medicaid, Social Security, Planned Parenthood, All government assistance for the Arts/Public TV, Roe vs Wade etc. It is a well known fact that he refuses to release his tax returns because as he has stated, along with his wife, in several public forums, he doesn’t want to give people, meaning the 47%, more ammunition to use against him. That position itself would indicate that there might be something to hide. He has also made his position clear on the fact that him paying 13/14% in taxes and someone making $50,000 a year paying 33% is fair, he made a public statement.  He loves this country so much that he avoids paying his fair tax debt and he sends his money out of the country to maintain his secrecy. Research reveals that to some extent some of his past dealings may have been or bordered on being illegal.You have the internet check for yourself. I speak as an American Viet Nam era veteran, my son served in Iraq, in total 19 members of my family were in Iraq and Afghanistan at the same time. Documentation reveals that Romney had a cushy position in France representing his Mormon Church. None of his five sons have served in the military and will never be placed in harms way when Romney takes us into another war. This is not hate, just facts that are available to anyone, it as easy as goggling his name. I think the hate is from those who continue to disrespect the President by making false inane references to him not only being a Muslim but a terrorist head chopping Muslim and others allow it. I think wearing/displaying openly weapons to a political rally attended by the President is hateful as well as disrespectful. I didn’t hear anything from your side of the isle then about hate. I, as I am willing to bet you are, am a part of that 47%. I am the you people that Ms. Romney is referring to. If you feel that Romney is the best choice for you fine. We live in America and that is one of the things that make so great our freedoms and ability to strive, be an informed voter not a media voter. Love

          2. grammyjill October 15, 2012

            Sensata in Il. closes on Nov5. It is being shipped to China by Bain. The man that owns 51% of Sensata stock will make millions on this deal. That man who is putting people out of work here and shipping everything to China is Mitt Romney.

        2. lana ward October 15, 2012

          Obama is benefiting by outsourcing of jobs to China. He owns shares of Sensata technologies, the same auto parts company controlled by Bain. He has as much as $200,ooo in a state retirement plan. One of Obama’ s’most prolific bundlers headed Bain during the closing of GST steel- Johnathan Lavine

          1. puzzled21 October 15, 2012

            I noticed that you did not dispute any part of my argument as not being factual, which would be difficult, since there are multiple sources of valid documentation consisting of interviews and speeches where Romney himself makes it clear where he stands, until he thinks he doesn’t. You accuse President Obama of outsourcing jobs to china, based on what verifiable documentation? However, there is mountains of documentation not only of Romney’s participation in the outsourcing of jobs.There is also verifiable documentation of how Bain and it’s stockholders while Romney was CEO profited in the billions from American companies that they raided and closed all the while laying off thousands of American workers, that middle class that he keeps telling you he is so fond of. One you referenced in your response. Not to mention that they then hid their ill gotten gain in foreign banks to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. Ask Romney if he took advantage tax amnesty in 2009. You also accuse President Obama of having shares in a company controlled by Bain, very possible just as it would be for you me and any other  person who has an accountant or money manager that handles their financial portfolios. How many of us know where every penny is invested? That’s why we pay the so-called experts. You also accuse President Obama of having $200.000 in a state retirement plan. He was an employee of the state there fore entitled to a retirement plan, even you would have to acknowledge that $200.000 is a paltry sum. I will say again, if you feel that Romney is your man give him your vote. As an ex military man I don’t want to follow someone who changes positions like his pants. By the way, he spent his time in France safe and sound, but it still didn’t stop him from protesting the Viet Nam War.

          2. highpckts October 16, 2012

            And Romney HAS plants in China!! So what’s the difference????

      2. Colorado15 October 15, 2012

        you are a seriously uneducated twit.

        1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 15, 2012

          Why would you talk like that

      3. Dominick Vila October 15, 2012

        What happened to Rev. Wright, the protestant pastor? Should we assume you moved to the next step of demonization when you didn’t get the desired effect the first time? Personally, I could care less what Obama’s and Romney’s religion is, or whether they are atheists, but my observation about Mormons using women as objects needed only for procreation stands. Come to think of it, there are some distinct parallels between Mormons and Muslims on the issue of polygamy and treating women like second class citizens…

        1. lana ward October 15, 2012

          Mormons I know don’t treat their wives like second class citizens, and they don’t cut peoples heads off

          1. Jim Myers October 15, 2012

            For all the trash talking, I have a few comments of my own.

            I have worked with Mormons and Muslims alike. They were all good, hard working people. People I am proud to have worked and socialized with.

            As a Christian, I find the religious slander to be appalling.


            YOU ALL MAKE ME SICK.

          2. lana ward October 15, 2012

            This nation is becoming muslim because of Obama. If re elected we will have a black flag flying at the White House. Like that?

          3. puzzled21 October 15, 2012

            I thought that you might be susceptible to facts and reason. However, your comments clearly indicate that like most of those who are in your camp, logic or reason is not a part of the equation. You probably refer to yourself as Christian, which translates to Christ Like, acting as he would. There are those who would prefer to engage you at your level, hostile and angry. I can only feel sorry for you and will pray for you, As I am a black man I can only surmise by your comments, that you and I could only be adversaries. However, the God that I serve admonishes me to love you regardless. I can only demonstrate that in this situation by praying for you.

          4. lana ward October 16, 2012

            You seem to be a very decent person. I wish God would open your eyes as to what Obama is and what he has in store for our country. Hopefully we won’t find out. The media have covered for him since before 2008, others that have exposed him are said to be not real news. That’s what makes me angry. So many are fooled by him because of MSM. Our country is in trouble. Obama is purposely destroying us and to many won’t report it!! As for praying for me, thank you, but please, please pray for America

          5. puzzled21 October 16, 2012

            I would be most appreciative if you would guide me to where I might find verifiable documentation to validate your position. I am willing to give equal time to proving your position with facts. I will not entertain any unproven theories. I spent 26 years of my life as an officer of the court, I require documentation that can verified and not be refuted. If you have such documentation or can guide me to it please do. Now having said that, let’s say that the President has not done a good Job and should be replaced, do you honestly believe in your heart that Romney and the same people who created all this will get us out? As I have said before Romney has already made it perfectly clear where his loyalties are and they are not with those like you or me. You and I are the You People that Ms. Romney was speaking about. We are the 47%., and as long as those on top can keep the rest of us divided they continue to get fatter as we fight each other instead of collectively fighting them. My numbers could be off but it’s approximately 458 people that control 90% the wealth in this country last time I checked. When was the last time you visited your summer home? Did your family take a Family vacation this year and if you did was it where you wanted to go or had to settle for.? If you have children do you have their college funds set aside? I won’t mention grandchildren. All I am saying is if you are satisfied with things in your life as they are great. Romney and his camp believe that each man should fend for himself and the best man win. You get yours and I will get mine. That might be okay if we all had an equal opportunity to succeed, we don’t , the deck is stacked in their favor and as long as we continue to fight each other they and their offspring will continue to maintain the status quo. Love

          6. lana ward October 16, 2012

            I get my information from Fox News, the websites -PAT DOLLARD, WND, BREITBART, ACE OF SPADES, NEWS BUSTERS, REAL CLEAR POLITICS, FOX NATION, THE HILL, and others.

          7. lana ward October 16, 2012

            If you are a Christian, how can you vote for someone who murders unborn babies? If they survive the abortion, they are to be left to die. There is NOTHING more un christian than that!!!

          8. puzzled21 October 16, 2012

            Again, as a Christian I am called to love and spread the good news. What is that news? That Christ Died and Rose and Salvation is at hand. If we used your example then there would be no one to vote for, for all men have flaws. My position on abortion is that it should not be used as a form of birth control, however, I do know that there are myriad of circumstances that could surround a pregnancy. I also believe that those decisions are between you and God. As a Christian I am not advocating that we/you are perfect, that is why we need to be in Christ, ever striving for perfection through him. This is America and we have been blessed with many liberties, one of the greatest is freedom of speech and choice. Continue to exercise yours. May the Peace, Grace, and Joy of Christ be with you.

          9. lana ward October 16, 2012

            You are a great person!, but murdering babies is heartless and evil

          10. lana ward October 15, 2012

            Obama is taking our religious freedoms away from us a little at a time. Death by a thousand cuts

  4. bcarreiro October 15, 2012

    im sure his wife has plenty of ins on his behind and knows plenty about the deductions her man has written off over the course of years at bain and at the governors office. all this guy does is delegate. he has no true meaning of an honest days pay.

  5. Val TwoWolves October 15, 2012

    Neither WMR nor his lovely wife Ann has a clue about medical bills, for insured or uninsured. I’d like to see what his response would be if he were an uninsured minimum wage worker, and had a wife with MS. There would be no tax writeoff for a “healing” horse. Medications for MS are EXPENSIVE! $1000’s each month–people without the right insurance have no choice but to allow the disease to deteriorate their mind, body and spirit.
    Ann Romney recently said (quoted in an interview with Fox News) “These are real people out there. They’re not numbers to Mitt and I anymore.” My question to her is “at what point in the election cycle did you and Mitt suddenly realize that “we the people” aren’t just “numbers”.
    Ann Romney could NEVER live up to our Michelle Obama as First Lady. Vote Obama/Biden in 2012–I will.

    1. WeAreTogetherNow October 15, 2012

      According to the Romnites, “We the People” doesn’t include the Youpeople. Youpeople, and especially Youwomen, are invisible on planet Kolob.

    2. dlion October 15, 2012

      Mitt is so way off, he doesn’t have a clue. If someone having a heart attack does not have insurance, and goes to the hospital, the bill will be huge, they can lose everything before the ‘hospital, the government, or charity’ pays. I have health insurance. I have cancer, it is bankrupting me. I have worked my whole life. I am college educated. Mitt and his group do not care if I live or die..

    3. lana ward October 15, 2012

      Ann Romney is more of a lady than Michelle could ever dream of being. A $6000.00 sweater she wore when with the Queen and still acted like a dump

      1. libragirl61 October 15, 2012

        Ann Romney in any other words, Is Mitts paid concubine! What financial sacrifices did she do to support her husband! Her job basically consisted of spreading her legs when Mitt needed some T&A!

        1. mary October 15, 2012

          Let’s keep the wives out of this. Your comments are appalling.

        2. lana ward October 15, 2012

          You’re a nasty skank just like Fern Woodfuck

          1. Fern Woodfork October 15, 2012

            You And Your Mother Is The Nasty Shanks Bitch You Low Life Ass Kissing BITCH Fuck You!!!!

        3. Fern Woodfork October 15, 2012

          You Got That Right With She Lying Ass !! Lana Ward You Got To Be One Stupid Ignorant BITCH You need To Go Fuck Yourself!!! Stupid Tea Bagging Bitch!!!

        4. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

          You know you’re an Obama voter if you believe that Ann Romney – who raised five sons while running a household, doing charitable work and battling MS – “never worked a day in her life,”
          unlike Michelle Antoinette who earned a SIX-FIGURE SALARY for serving as “vice president of community relations” for the University of Chicago Medical Center and
          vacations at FIVE-STAR RESORTS on the Spanish Riviera.

      2. Marlene Giese October 15, 2012

        That is your OPINION, not a fact. Please present facts OR don’t say anything at all.

        1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 15, 2012

          Lana’s comment is a FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. grammyjill October 15, 2012

            only in your racist mind.

          2. highpckts October 15, 2012

            Yeah everything looks better on a white woman, bigot!!

          3. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

            Why are you allllll so racist!!!!!!!!
            Why do you WANT to make it RACIST????

            It’s NOT the color of your skin—-

            We HATE terrorist and Muslims
            trying to take over our country.

          4. highpckts October 16, 2012

            It seeems to me that you and Lana started it by making veiled statements about the First Lady! You are the racist by imply that their is something wrong with ALL Muslims!! We have our fair share of idiots in this country! How about the Oklahoma bombers?? Good old white boys! So go read some books that may enlighten your warped mind or better yet go to one of the survivalist camps ( more idiots) and disappear!

          5. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

            NOBODY—NOBODY said one word about COLOR—YOU DID!!!!

            I don’t care who it was Barbara Bush —Laura Bush —- Hillary Clinton —–

          6. puzzled21 October 15, 2012

            Lana comments are a bunch of crap. I don’t have an issue with you exercising your right to freedom of speech, just take the sheet off and acknowledge what the real issue is. Myself and most people I know would have more respect for you.

          7. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

            I would rather leave it on!!!!

          8. puzzled21 October 16, 2012

            Which is what we are used to. Cowards always hide behind something a sheet, a woman, a child, an illness, religion a coward is a coward. What this country needs is for real men with character and integrity with the ability to do the right thing even though they don’t agree. Again this is America, we have the ability to exercise freedom of speech and choice, continue to do so. Love

        2. lana ward October 15, 2012

          Michelle Obama always looks like a dump!

          1. highpckts October 15, 2012

            Iana Ward -Well you must know since you think clothes make the woman! It’s what’s on the inside that counts so obviously you and Ann have much in common! Shallowness!!

          2. lana ward October 15, 2012

            M’s insides are evil. She and Obama are going to turn us into the United States of Islam. They are frauds. They hate America. Won’t you feel proud when a black flag is hanging at the White House. And she still looks like a dump in her expensive clothes

          3. Edward October 16, 2012

            with all of the things going on in the world and that’s the best you got?
            is it because?
            oh never mind we all know why.
            the sad thing about you Lana is that you are bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers. Do yourself a favor and get some property near a Georgia pacific plant so we will not have to hear from you for long.

          4. lana ward October 16, 2012

            The Imams around the world bought Obama. Turning America into Islam is Obama’s trade for wealth. He hates America. He’s a traitor.

          5. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

            She is full of HATE and HATES the United States of America.
            She never liked the US until her husband was fraudulently put into office.
            Michelles words–“For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country”
            FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE????????????

            The first lady and her husband used to go to burning of the American Flag ceremonies.

          6. highpckts October 16, 2012

            Again you rely on lies!! You are an ignorant ranter!!

          7. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

            Look it up!!!! Don’t you REMEMBER she said it in her speech when her husband won president!!!


          8. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

            She looks like some kind of AMAZON clumping awkwardly along
            like a HUGE horse

      3. mbm October 15, 2012


      4. ALLLLAMERICAN October 15, 2012

        Thank You Lana!!!!!!!

        That is a FACT!!!!!!!!!!!

        I just wished they would strap some braces on Michelle’s Big Huge buck teeth HORSE MOUTH—YUCK

        1. samantha g October 15, 2012

          Why don’t you racist teabaggers go to another site where ppl care to read your garbage. Michelle Obama is an awesome first lady, and might I add very classy and beautiful too!!!!

          1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 15, 2012

            I don’t care WHAT color you are (Ms Racist yourself)

            If you have HUGE BUCK teeth —GET THEM FIXED
            It’s not like she doesn’t have the money!

            Guess what—-Anyone that calls people racist because they don’t like what they said—
            IS THE RACIST!!!!!!!!! HELLLLOOOOO
            We’ve heard four years of that and it is old!!!!!!!!

          2. grammyjill October 15, 2012

            then shut the f**k up!

          3. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

            What a bad mouth you have!!!!
            what bad manners you have!!!!
            What a short fuse you have!!!

          4. grammyjill October 16, 2012

            I’m a redhead, it comes natural. Especially with people like you.

        2. lana ward October 15, 2012

          The media never report how expensive M’s clothes are, but sure make a fuss over Ann Romneys. M’s clothes look like they came from the rag bag, and really she shouldn’t wear dresses (ugly legs}

      5. Theresa 'Darklady' Reed October 15, 2012

        Weird that you are more critical of the First Lady’s time with the Queen than the Queen was. The British press pointed out that the Queen was far more familiar with Michelle Obama than she has ever been with any political person.

        The problem with the right wing right now is that it’s so full of hate for what they’ve convinced themselves the Obamas represent that they refuse to even accept or acknowledge areas where he’s made the nation proud and/or elevated us in the minds of the international community.

      6. highpckts October 15, 2012

        Iana Ward- You have no idea what “class” looks like! Ann Romney has money but no class judging from her many interviews whining about how people are “picking” on her husband!! It’s not how you dress that shows class! Obviously you don’t have any either!

        1. lana ward October 15, 2012

          I know it’s not how you dress that shows class. Tell that to M, her clothes are more expensive than Ann Romney and she still looks like a dump, and has no class

          1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

            She is the WORST first lady EVER!!!!!

      7. Edward October 16, 2012

        did Michelle write off the sweater? I know Romney wrote off the dancing horse for “treatment” of his wife’s MS. If I get MS are you going to buy me a dancing horse like you did for Romney?
        I find it interesting that a man who says it is dumb not to take advantage of all the write offs did just that this year he deferred 1 million dollars in write offs he traditionally got because it would have put him in the twelve percent rate right after telling the world he never paid less than 13 percent. even those poor fools who pay no income tax pay a higher rate than Romney through state, local,property gas, utilities and sales tax.

      8. Hillbilly October 16, 2012

        You are just jealous because you didn’t get to meet the Queen.

    4. jason October 15, 2012

      my plan? my plan would be to cut their income to social security levels (which, for most is not anywhere near $1000 a month unless they had a really good paying job and a fourty year career) and give them medicare level (which, if you rely on medicare/medicaid, is not that great either. in fact it is the lowest form of medical care–substandard medicine, substandard care–you can get) and see how well they can get along on it for at least 4 years. I would love to do the same to ALL our illustrious congressmen and see how much change the experience brings for those who need the change the most…our senoir citizens and our ill and handicapped. no more talk of a “voucher system. that didn’t work for food stamps. It won’t work for Medicare….or don’t they care about those who are aged or sick? Oh, yes, I forgot. the rich don’t care about the poor or staving, let alone the old or the ill. they have the best of it all and want to keep it that way. to hell with the rest of the Americans.

      1. sf October 15, 2012

        I have worked since I was 15, and am now self employed. I cant afford to have health insurance. My husband ‘s company took away retirement health insurance after working for an american company for 32 years. It is the writing on the wall. I am so happy that I can be covered under the “Obama care” If I get sick, we could lose everything we have worked for. Hopefully, I can have insurance once again.

        1. highpckts October 15, 2012

          Tell that to Romney!! I’m sure he cares! After all he cares for 100 per cent of the people not just the 47 per cent!

      2. 1bythebrooks2 October 15, 2012

        Great ideas! But, you know? One way to cut the deficet and get our people in Washington(both parties) is to make them pay for their own health care! no more free medical ride for them. If they are rich enough to get there(and anymore, they have to be), They can aford to pay their own health care now and after they leave office instead of getting it for their lifetime! Another thing, and this goes for elected officials at any level. If you vote yourself a payraise, it cannot go into effect until the next election. I’m talking city, state, state officials (reps. and senate) on up. That way, the people could decide if they are being represented in a fair way.

        1. highpckts October 15, 2012

          F & F!!!

    5. barbarahugh October 15, 2012

      I could not of said it better!! My daughter in law has MS she is at the last stage it is so so heart breaking when you have to take from here to pay for doctors and medicines, but I guess they (Romneys) do not have to worry they could just pay it out of pocket without NO bother!! When Ann Romney said that her husband is so cheap that he turns the water heater off when he leaves home ( WHAT A LAUGH!!!) This is a man who is doing a elevator garage that costs thousands and he wants to save electricity ?? As if a water heater
      would save enough for his new elevator garage !! Give me a BREAK !!!!!! They live in another world that only a few lives but not the real world. And now is when they realize there are poor people and in desparate needs!! He was the Governor there for a while didn’t they know it then ?? People with soo much monies should not run for political offices imagine when one of their buddies want something to pass in congress what is going to stop them ? All they want is your vote to get in make more money and that is that..

      1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 15, 2012

        It really gets me how the you alllll are soooo jealous of anyone that has anything and if Someone has something you think they should SHARE it with you!!!!!!!!
        Get Your Own!!!!!!!!! Earn your own!!!!!!!!

        They haven’t always lived the way they do today, they worked hard to get where they are today!!!!!!!

        1. Warren Nicholson October 15, 2012

          Yes it is so hard to be born rich!

        2. capn_america_2 October 15, 2012

          It is not that “we” want those who have a lot to share it with the rest of the country. We want a system that is fair across the board. I have insurance that I work hard for, and a salary that has helped me pay my own way, but when I do go to the hospital, my bill is enormous until the insurance company comes in with negotiated prices, at about 40% of the original bill. Those without insurance do not the bargain, so bankruptcies occur, or as with Romney and Ron Paul’s’ plans, they die early and leave major bills to their families or the community to pay. Not right on so many levels.

          1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

            Fair—- as in the Rich pays for the poor

          2. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

            Maybe we should let 800,000 more illegals in and we can pay for their food stamps, healthcare and education—

          3. ALLLLAMERICAN October 17, 2012

            This is America
            We don’t REDISTRIBUTE wealth
            YOU EARN IT!!

            Why would you want to work hard your whooooole life to get a head and then hand it allll over to someone that couldn’t get out of bed or ever keep a job?

            Did you make good grades in school???

            Did you share your grade with the lazy people that didn’t want to do their homework???

            When it was time for Graduation and your worked your butt of to get your good grades and extra credits
            But your friend partied and goofed off the whole time and had a good ole time doesn’t have enough credits—-Would you give your credit to them so they could Graduate????

        3. Hillbilly October 16, 2012

          Romney grew up in a rich home that his dad had worked hard for not him and he has never wanted for anything from the day he was born to now. I don’t know much about his wife’s background but she acts just like her husband that is that they are better than people that don’t have millions of dollars in US banks and other seas accounts like they do.Romney has always lived like he does today. Research your man Romney and you will see he has never worried about where his next meal is coming from, if he can make the mortgage payment or pay the high medical bills because a member of the family is very sick. I feel sorry for Romney and his family because if they should lose their millions they wouldn’t last very long, their money is their existance.

          1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

            I am NOT sure why everyone is SOOOOOO caught up on Romney’s money—-

            Would you rather have some bum that lives under the bridge be the President because he knows how to survive!!!!

          2. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

            You know you’re an Obama voter if you believe that Ann Romney – who raised five sons while running a household, doing charitable work and battling MS – “never worked a day in her life,”
            unlike Michelle Antoinette who earned a SIX-FIGURE SALARY for serving as “vice president of community relations” for the University of Chicago Medical Center and vacations at
            FIVE-STAR RESORTS on the Spanish Riviera.

        4. highpckts October 16, 2012

          You are sooooo wrong! All I want is FAIR!! I don’t mind paying my fair share of taxes as long as the wealthy pay their fair share!! Not any at all!!

          1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

            The Wealthy has worked hard to get what they have and they pay taxes!!!! tHEY PAY PLENTY OF TAXES EVERYWHERE ON EVERYTHING!!
            Why should the wealthy get PUNISHED for being successful!!!!!

            Why would ANYONE want to work hard and get a head if everyone tries to take everything they make back and give to the LAZY!!!!!!!!!!

            WHO WOULD EVER WORK??

          2. highpckts October 16, 2012

            Oh please! You work to sustain yourself! Don’t even go there about the rich! Again, I say I don’t want their money!! I don’t want them to have access to tax breaks and loop holes that the “normal” person doesn’t have access to! Money overseas tells me that he is avoiding taxes!! FAIR! Not even close when he pays on his millions the same rate that some one does that earns 50,000 a year! FAIR!!

          3. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

            It’s his money—He can put it where he wants just like the Kennedy’s.

            We have money overseas also—Sooo What!!!

            Anybody that has a little money has a Swiss Bank Account

          4. highpckts October 16, 2012

            Whatever! We have a little money but it sure isn’t in a Swiss bak account! Boy you are really reaching!! LOL

          5. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

            This is America—-
            We don’t REDISTRIBUTE wealth

            YOU EARN IT!!

          6. highpckts October 16, 2012

            Really?? So you don’t spend any of your money on anything??That is called distribution numnuts!!

          7. ALLLLAMERICAN October 17, 2012

            Listen LIB—I don’t want to pay the 60% taxes like we ALREADY do, soooo we can give it to the no good lazy people!!!!
            That is what I am talking about REDITRIBUTION!!!!!!

          8. Gary Davis October 16, 2012

            “Anybody”……. has a swiss bank account. You sniveling twit! I guess I can’t call you a prick without you flagging me as inappropriate

          9. puzzled21 October 16, 2012

            If you will spend the next 24 hours studying the tax code, so that you can get a clear picture of how one person can earn 20 million and with the current code pay at a rate of 13/14% , and another person can earn $50,000 and pay 33% because the same loop holes available Romney and his circle are not available to him. Romney however, has stated that he thinks this is fair. I guess with your comments you also agree.

          10. ALLLLAMERICAN October 17, 2012

            We pay 60% taxes—-Don’t tell me about the tax code

          11. puzzled21 October 17, 2012

            Who is we? That’s a lie and you obviously have no knowledge of the tax code.

        5. james October 16, 2012

          “” here boy..good boy,now go fetch…aaaw , thats just great, now roll over….thats my boy,now come lick my hand……good boy “!
          Who knows, if you keep it up long enough they might throw you a bone ?

        6. Bill October 16, 2012

          He dummy we don’t want Romney’s money just that he and his wife keep their mouths shut on issues that they have no idea what regular working people encounter. They paid only around 14% in Federal taxes while people making 50k to 100k pay a higher % in taxes than that, just becuase the Dividend and Capital Gains tax rate is only 15%. Most people don’t earn the vast majority of their income from Div and Cap gains. Romney thinks that people without medical insurance can go to the emergency room and get free care. They will be billed for the services provided and could be sued if they don’t have the money to pay for it

        7. puzzled21 October 16, 2012

          Once again we all believe that if we go to school, get a decent education, learn a trade, develop a skill and then work hard to get ahead, it is possible in America. The part that the folks from your camp don’t seem to be able to comprehend. This is America where everyone is supposed to be given an equal opportunity, not just the families of the 458. Romney and Ms. Romney and those in their circle look at the rest of us as peons and underlings, here to be at their service.

          1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 17, 2012

            That’s right—-you have the opportunity to do what you want and get a head—-

            BUT look how many of you don’t

    6. highpckts October 15, 2012

      Ann Romney has never worried about a medical bill in her life nor has her husband! How dare they discuss me as a non entity!!

      1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

        (You Libs say) Ann Romney – raised five sons while running a household,
        doing charitable work and battling MS –
        “never worked a day in her life,”
        unlike Michelle Antoinette who earned a
        SIX-FIGURE SALARY for serving as “vice president of community relations” for the University of Chicago Medical Center and
        vacations at FIVE-STAR RESORTS on the Spanish Riviera.

    7. PamelaT October 16, 2012

      So very true…..they are simply clueless.

  6. chuckmcvinney October 15, 2012

    Sorry, Ann Romney is as much an out of touch elitist as her scoundrel husband ever was.She no more understands economics or the need for general health care than her emotionally detached husband, and as many lies have come out of her mouth over the years as any her husband can think of. In fact, I suspect she IS the energy behind his views and the mouthpiece behind his flakey brain. As such, he obviously talks to her quite enough.

    1. WeAreTogetherNow October 15, 2012

      I think Queenie really really wants to live in the White House.

      1. grammyjill October 15, 2012

        She did say it was their turn.

  7. SaneJane October 15, 2012

    She is haughty, smug and her nose wrinkles up like she just detected a bad odor. This odor is undoubtedly coming from the unwashed masses of lazy, undeserving parasites otherwise known as the American people.

  8. Mary Martinez October 15, 2012

    I lost my sister to breast cancer in 2010. She was self employed, she cleaned houses to support herself and a niece and nephew, they were six and seven when their mother dropped them off at her doorstep. She only made enough to support the household, not including insurance. She new she had a lump on her breast, but didn’t have insurance, so she lived with until it got too painful, by that time she was stage 4. Most hard working individuals, that make minimum wage live like this, Romney and the rich just don’t know, understand or care. That is why it pains me to know that a portion of the taxes my sister paid, help pay for the congressman’s insurance. It’s not fair.

  9. chris1616 October 15, 2012

    Sorry for the loss of your sister. When I was diagnosed with a brain tumor I had health insurance provided by my employer. Since then I have always felt a need for affordable insurance for all. No one just face a serious illness and not be able to pay for it. No one should postpone seeing a Doctor because of lack of funds.
    Mrs. Romney’s had stage zero, which is precancerous, it was detected on her annual mammogram. She had day-surgery and radiation. She didn’t need chemo. Mitt should want the same prognoses for every woman besides the cost savings of early detection. Shame on the Romney’s for their selfish quest for the title of President and First Lady.

  10. Ayn Rand Paul Ryan October 15, 2012

    Great article. Just one small issue: Justin Lam didn’t die. Ron Paul’s campaign manager, Kent Snyder did. Lam was the aid who put up a fundraising website for Snyder’s family.

  11. Celia N Espinosa October 15, 2012

    Mitt..Rob mey!……. a morom mormom!! ….God do not like them….on top of
    that doesn’t le LIARS…& CLUELESS…..that forgets what came out of his mouth a week ago!!
    did I say that???????? what a jackass!!

  12. elw October 15, 2012

    There are not enough words in the world to explain how anyone looking to help the economy could say “the emergency room is for people who do not have insurance.” Especially when they claim Obamacare is too expensive. Please would someone out there make him explain why he thinks sending people to the emergency room for health care is better and cheaper than helping them get their own health insurance? Get it on tape. He is clueless, inept and has no hold on what it is like to be a middle class American. If there is a God out there, Obama will win.

  13. Onofre J. Escobar Rivera October 15, 2012

    What you see is I have written here before, Mitt Romney is a pathological lier. A very dangerous lier because he can look you straight in your eyes and lie to you big time. At this point, to the Media who keeps repeating that Romney won the first debate I would ask: have you check the facts given by Romney in the debate? have you noticed that all Mitt Romney say was lies, lies, lies, lies. Now, is that gonna be the standard from this time forward? I believe we are more intelligent than that or at least we should be.

  14. mbm October 15, 2012

    For so long I attributed Mitt’s outrageous remarks as clueless and out of touch with reality. His privileged and elitist life have no doubt contributed somewhat to being out of touch, but he certainly was aware of the impact of the uninsured in using the ER as only mode of healthcare and its catastrophic effect in driving up costs when he described the “ER free riders” as the main reasons for Romneycare. He is not clueless. Maybe dumb like a fox. It is very apparent that ER’s do not provide preventative care, well check ups, blood draws, chemotherapy, psychiatric care, medication checks or management, or any management of chronic disease. They may be used for non life threatening emergencies, such as sore throats, but also for heart attacks and traumas. Tragically, anyone with any chronic illness would have to wait until their condition had reached a significant degree of deterioration before going. This backwards logic flies in the face of any principle of modern medicine which stresses the importance of prevention and well check ups and managing chronic illness before catastrophic deterioration occurs. No, Mitt is not clueless. He is cruel and heartless. He’s already made it clear he doesn’t care about half of the country. Sick, chronic illness, don’t have insurance or a job, don’t pay taxes, need a safety net… well, then die. I guess it’s just survival of the fittest. And wealthiest.

  15. samantha g October 15, 2012

    You’re the hater

  16. S-3 October 15, 2012

    Who says Romney and his American Taliban ilk isn’t for women’s right? You don’t need to answer that people…

  17. Theresa 'Darklady' Reed October 15, 2012

    Mitt should talk to the mother of a friend of mine who died a few years back after being bitten by a Brown Recluse.

    The ER gave her some Motrin and sent her uninsured ass home.

    A short while later, she was back in the ER as a passenger in a mild car accident. It was then they gave her an X-ray and saw that her system was filled with venom. She died on life support with the staff sobbing at her side. Her mom made a mint, but she still lost her daughter… because she didn’t have insurance.

    1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

      I don’t believe that —-LOOOK at alllllll you Libs that don’t have insurance, they always take you in!!!!!!!!

      A mom raccoon got killed and it had 3-babies—we brought them home and had them in a cage to feed them.
      Our kids played with them and bathed and of course the NOSY neighbors (yes they were Libs) had to call the animal control and they came and got them and killed them.
      Later the county said my kids had to get rabies shots.
      We went to get the serum for the Vaccination and they wanted to know if we had insurance and asked several times making it clear

      AND there were TONS of people there to get their kids FREE shots (regular Vaccination) BUT—NO INSURANCE

  18. smartdee October 15, 2012

    They have no idea what it is like to not have money nor insurance and be seriously ill. I knew a lady that had to turn over her home upon death to just pay a hospital the money she owed them. We do not need someone like them in the White House (they already live in an Ivory Tower) or to determine what is best for the American people because they are totally clueless!!

    1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

      That’s why you plan a head!

      That’s why you save your money instead of spending every dime you get!

      The Romney’s don’t care about LIVING in the White House—-

      They have their own White House they built.

      Who would want to live in the White House after the obama’s anyway!!!!!!!

      1. smartdee October 16, 2012

        You totally missed the point. You are certainly good at stereotyping and your last comment sounds a bit racist. If not, not necessary to an intelligent conversation.

        1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

          NO!!!!! I did NOT miss the point.

          They were NOT always rich—they started from the bottom and worked their way up. (just like my family and we are doing very well)

          The Lady didn’t plan a head to well if she had to sell her house to pay her hospital bills NOW DID SHE (how stupid)

          We do need someone like them in the White House they know how to run businesses and know how to make them work unlike our Community Organizer allllllll talk Muslim Terrorist.

          The President you all want in there wants to change the American flag and also the Nation Anthem. Have you ever heard of such???

          He Never wanted to wear the American Flay pin on his lapel and was asked in an interview why and he replied–” I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides, there’s a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression. He and his wife disrespects the American flag and they have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past.


  19. highpckts October 16, 2012

    so sad you are so mean spirited and narrow minded!! Thank God not everyone thinks as you do!!

    1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 17, 2012

      I am sick of alllll these people wanting hand outs.

      We work Loooong hard hours and try to get a head and for WHAT???
      to pay to the lazy that can’t get out of bed???
      Tha is what makes me ANGRY!!!!!

  20. James Curran October 16, 2012

    As unlikely as this article seems the author seems to have hit onto something here.It is a fact that Romney should talk to his wife about going to and what a person will get out of the ER’s.The thing that I think is happening is that Romney’s wife doesn’t talk to him ever.I do not think they even talked while they had sex because I believe that he thinks that Ann is lower than himself.

  21. Gary Davis October 16, 2012

    I would rather have a President who understands the issues facing people who do not have WMR’s advantages or yours. Congratulations, you have your money. Mitt has his. As I read your comments they appear condescending. I am a successful businessman. I did not “build” that on my own. I had help. I am responsible, I pay my taxes and in my life I have seen firsthand, the difficulties of people who do not have access to the very things that you and WMR seem to take for granted. God forbid you woke up and found yourself living under a highway.

    1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 16, 2012

      You know you’re an Obama voter if you believe that Ann Romney – who raised five sons while running a household, doing charitable work and battling MS – “never worked a day in her life,”
      unlike Michelle Antoinette who earned a SIX-FIGURE SALARY for serving as
      “vice president of community relations”
      for the University of Chicago Medical Center and
      vacations at FIVE STAR RESORTS on the Spanish Riviera.

      1. smartdee October 16, 2012

        Everyone has a “cross to bear”…I have worked at a profession while battling various chronic illnessses and have a developmentally disabled child while being a single mom because of divorcing a drunk. Ann Romney is not the only one who “has been in the trenches”. However, I am sure her battle was not as much of a struggle as mine and many, many, many other middle class and lower income families. So unless you walk in a person’s shoes do not throw stones. You are just one of the many “brain-washed” in this country. Not everyone has money to invest in offshore accounts. We all just want to be comfortable. End of story.

        1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 17, 2012

          You get what you make

          DON’T beg for anymore

  22. capn_america_2 October 16, 2012

    No. Fair in that the rich get the same breaks as the middle class. Fair as in hopsitasl charge the same whether you have insurance or not. Fair as in it doesnt matter who you are. Fair as in something that you dont understand.

    1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 17, 2012

      Oh, No Fair!!!!!

      The rich has worked harder than you
      the rich has worked longer hours than you to get where they are
      The rich should NOT get punished for being RICH!!!!!!!!!!!

      We pay 60% in taxes——Do you??????????
      Is that fair?????? or do you pay any AT ALLLLLLL

      1. capn_america_2 October 18, 2012

        Since you do not get it, please let me explain. The rich do not work harder than me or the average Joe. They have resources that work for them. Mitt made $21.7 Million dollars last year. All of it as unearned income, which has a tax rate of 15%. He had deductions which brought the total load down to 13.9%. That’s the American Way. He “earned” it some time ago and now reaps the rewards of low taxes on investments.

        With the Bush tax breaks, unearned income is taxed at a low rate because capital investments create more jobs. This premise is a misconception. It has been proven over the past two decades that sound entrepreneurs and innovative manufacturing create jobs. What the likes of Mitt do is to buy, sell and harvest the capital within companies, destroying incentive’s for production and new jobs.

        With your statement that you pay 60% in taxes, you let us know that you are not the rich person you claim to be, yes? I am not rich, but I work long and hard for my 6 figure income. Even I get tax breaks reducing my tax bill to 8-10%, yet I am not a business person. Very few “rich” people pay anywhere near the maximum tax rate. To be frank, I am surprised that Mitt pays as much as he does. Back in a college accounting class, the teacher told us that his hero was Nelson Rockefeller, who in 1972 made $72 Million and paid no taxes.

        Time for you to be honest. So what are you? A Bigot. A GOP campaigner? A propagandist for the Party? Cant stand the idea that the Herd wants representation.
        Dont get me wrong, Obama is no FDR, but compared to any of the GOP candidates, he is a saint.

        Things I’d like to see Obama oversee in his second term (not neccessrily in order):
        1) Get and keep the US out of foreign conflicts
        2) Raising capital investment tax rates significantly
        3) Boost expenditures at NASA for more research and development.
        4) Stop illegal immigration. Being part Native American, you all are interlopers.
        5) Get people back to work
        6) Stop the educational programs based on Texas standards that do not work, but on states’ program that do, such as Massachusetts.
        Invest in American infrastructure, instead of Iraqi’s and Afghanistan’s.
        7) get GOPers to accept that Bush’s policies sucked us into depression. OK. That will never happen, though it is pretty accurate, i.e. Iraq, taxes, energy policies, interrogation methods, foreign policies,…….


  23. highpckts October 16, 2012

    Aint that the truth!! First truth yu have said!!

  24. highpckts October 16, 2012

    Geez that figures!! LOL

  25. highpckts October 16, 2012

    Again as evertone here has asked, please some FACTS!! You have none! You post what you hear and say it as the truth! You wouldn’t know the truth if if bit you in the butt!!

  26. highpckts October 16, 2012

    I beg to differ!! You and Lana started this with your rants and raves!! Name calling and down right bigoted attitudes! Go somewhere else if you can’t provide facts for all your rants! If they are hearsay ( which is probably so) then shutup!

  27. highpckts October 16, 2012

    What??? You are seriously retarded!!

  28. highpckts October 16, 2012

    They NEVER started from the bottom up!! I seriously don’t know where you get your info!!

  29. smartdee October 17, 2012

    I guess you can thank God that you have such a perfect life…or, if you even believe in God…maybe you are God…you probably made a deal with the devil. No one here is begging…thanks be to God!

  30. capn_america_2 October 18, 2012

    Your questions are so illogical. Grasping at fears are not going to help you understand. Let’s try again.

    On Healthcare. If rich, you are probably a property owner. That means you are already paying out the wazoo for indigent care through your property taxes for people without insurance to go to ERs. AHC will take a sizable load off we property owners and place it on to the whole country through lower care costs and other people’s premiums. It is a Federal Mandate, so the whole country should pay.

    Taxes. Capital gains taxes are not job incentives, as claimed, and should be taxed as regular income. It will make people want to work, instead of just avoiding taxes, which in not in the best interest of the country, state, individuals. Surprisingly, your large pill of life long accrued property will still be there, just single digit percentages are taken in taxes.

    Trust in gov’t. “How can you tell a politician is lying? His lips are moving.” Only Mitt’s is lying by omission of tax returns. How can someone in just 20 years have $105 Million in their IRA, if it wasnt on the sly. Probably illegal. I am just asking.

    In the first 100 days of his term, Obama fulfilled 52 of his 462 campaign promises. Yes, he did not do everything he said, but then 10% in 1/4 of a year aint bad.

    Economy. No one knew how bad the economy was when Bush left. Look at the charts on deficit, employment. Sorry, but the worst of it was under the guy from Texas. Bush’s last budget had a deficit of $1.413 Trillion. It has taken Obama 4 years to bring it down to $901 Billion. Not half, but it’s going down.

    Defense. Mitt is such a war hawk. Even more so than Dubya. Can you afford to charge another war? I dont think so.

    Please stop being such a Fear Monger and read legitimate reports. Turn off Rush and Hannity. What losers! Get a life.

    By the way, Mr. Rich Man, find yourself a decent tax man and dont pay the 60% rate. By the way, the highest tax rate is only 39.6%. There i just saved you 20.4% of your income.

    You are welcome.


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