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New Polls Show Romney In Trouble

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New Polls Show Romney In Trouble


A series of new polls has confirmed that, in the wake of his disastrous July, Mitt Romney is losing serious ground to President Obama.

Three polls that were conducted in the first week of August show President Obama leading Romney by seven or more percentage points. CNN has Obama up 52-45, Reuters/Ipsos has Obama up 49-42, and Fox News has Obama leading 49-40. All three of these margins are up from previous surveys.

For Romney, the most troubling finding of the polls is his damaged reputation. While Obama’s favorable/unfavorable spread is +14 in the CNN poll and +12 in the Fox News poll, Romney’s is just -1 and +1, respectively. The CNN poll shows that 48 percent view Romney unfavorably, up six points from last month. His unfavorable rating in the Fox News poll is at 45 percent, up five points from last month. This suggests that Obama’s string of negative ads attacking Romney are resonating with voters, and should be a major concern for the Romney campaign.

The polls contain other warning signs for Romney. According to the CNN poll, 63 percent think that Romney should release additional tax returns (compared to 36 who say he should not, and just 2 percent who have no opinion.) The Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that voters think President Obama is stronger than Romney on the traditionally Republican-dominated issue of taxes by a 49-38 percent margin. According to the Fox News poll, only 26 percent would be “extremely” or “very comfortable” with Romney as president, compared to 33 percent who would be “somewhat comfortable” and 38 percent who would be “not at all comfortable” with Romney as Commander in Chief. On almost every issue, it seems that Obama is successfully outflanking Romney.

According to CBS News’ Nancy Cordes, the Obama campaign is “mystified” that the Romney campaign has not hardly run any positive ads about their candidate’s biography, instead allowing Obama and his allies to paint their own picture of the presumptive Republican nominee. As a result of that decision — and, most likely, a series of unforced errors by the candidate himself — Romney has gone from a virtual tie to a clear deficit.

For its part, the Romney campaign is still insisting that “People are not paying as much attention to this process” during the dog days of summer, and that the race hasn’t really started yet. This logic is countered, however, by the fact that polls show far fewer undecided voters than at this point in past elections.

So, while there is still plenty of time for Romney to recover, right now his campaign must be considered a clear underdog in this race.

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Elisabeth Gordon August 10, 2012

    great news – restores my faith in the American people a bit….not breaking out the champagne yet – but this is definetely good news for our country

    1. sandyswalker August 10, 2012


      1. Mike Hopkins August 10, 2012

        Oh and the man you want as President requested and received five deferments while over 58k Americans died who didn’t request a deferment, wake up and see that Willard is a COWARD!

        1. 1standlastword August 10, 2012

          And a lying DOG!

          1. William Quigley August 10, 2012

            You are obviously refering to Mitt Romney who managed to avoid any military service and has lived a life of privolige

          2. Whittier5 August 10, 2012

            Yet, he had a Mexican father. Terrible disappointment. George was a standup guy. Whatever happened to his son??

        2. BozoMustgo2 August 10, 2012

          Let’s not forget he was a conscientious objector in order to be a missionary to France. The world’s greatest boxer tried and was sent to prison. It seems there is some common sense in some of the people of America. Maybe it’s the veterans of the Vietnam War who are giving him a thumbs down and a boot out?

        3. Fern Woodfork August 10, 2012

          Sandyswalker Act Like She Been Living Under A Rock As If They Haven’t Seen The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Refuse To Help To Get This Country Back On It Feet With The Do Nothing Congress, Blocking , Filibustering, Lying And Hating From Day One When Our POTUS Took Office!!! I Pray That Racism, Money Hoarding, And Power Hungry And Control Freaks Haven’t Taken Over All The People In America!!!

      2. 1standlastword August 10, 2012


        You won’t find the truth coming off Romney’ thin lips either. So where does that leave you???

      3. Elsa August 10, 2012

        Do not believe one word you are saying. If you had truely voted for Obama, you would be saying I voted for him and was hoping for an alternative, but they gave me Romney. So now my only alternative is to vote for him again. The other side’s attacks ad are not working, because they contain nothing but lies. The American people are not stupid.

        1. Gammaanya August 12, 2012

          Sorry Elsa, but American People are stupid and they proving by posting all this nonsense. Like I said Obama did a good job keeping us from total fall but he needs to do more and Democrats have to be in lock step nor branching out because of pressure and money from the other siade. Vote them OUT. I give a credit to the Rebulitaliban – no matter what they are locj step with votes while some Dems a wishy washy and under pressure and vote for their benefit instead of Democracy.

      4. joujou228 August 10, 2012

        Please be more specific about so called Obama lies and Mitt Romney’s

      5. 1concernedsenior August 10, 2012

        sandy(street)walker, get the needle out of your arm & get off your back! You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to see thru mitt’s weak bandani! If he had the job of a used car salesman –> he’d be on a fwy off ramp (holding a HELP sign!!!

      6. Marlene Giese August 10, 2012

        Sandy, please state the FACTS you have justifying your position.

        1. citizenmb August 10, 2012

          Marlene, I was going to say the same thing! Lots of CAPITAL LETTERS, signifying nothing in particular except the EXTREME PREJUDICE Sandy holds against Obama. Real nice, Repubs, to refer to our president as “Bozo”! (Sarcasm intended!) Shows the level of discourse and rationality you possess–nada, that is!

      7. Nomad August 10, 2012

        If you feel that way, why on earth do you come to this site? And what the hell is a tital wave?

      8. catball August 10, 2012

        I believe you are in for a surprise. Obama is going to clean house in november.

        1. sandyswalker August 10, 2012


          1. 1standlastword August 10, 2012

            Rephrased: The only way he will clean house is to appeal to the masses who started going backwards economically at the turn of the century and are now homeless or living on the edge of financial ruin after corrupt bankers, unpatriotic corporations and avaricious uber-rich folks have colluded to pulled off the biggest heist of public wealth since the Great Depression [and] they are dependent on the govenment to inject fairness, rule of law and accountability back into the a broken system of government that was broken before Obama was elected to the senate–let alone the WH

            Now there’ the TRUTH!

          2. Whittier5 August 10, 2012

            This is the 2nd Great GOP Deepression!
            How many Recessions and blow-ups were there during the Bush43 Admins??

          3. lkbold1 August 10, 2012

            I guess you miss 8 years of your life here on earth when Bush was in office. Just google Bush term in office 2000 to 2008
            the true will set you free. I show people all over the United State lost home, jobs oversea, family moving back home. 58k people lost there life in a made up War. Insurance company drop coverage people filing bankruptcy company and banks closing. Worker walking on egg shell to avoid being the next fired for no reason or layoff.

            And on top of this all Tax cut Rich & Greed of WallStreet

            And a President who wouldn’t go after the real person for 9/11.

      9. Linda Lott August 10, 2012

        Sandy – so proud of you for being able to type in the “big box” but please stop yelling 🙂

        1. lkbold1 August 10, 2012

          Linda Lott Obama would have do a lot more. I retired from GM my insurance kept going up every years after 2005. Now I received a refund just as The President stated if ACA was not overturn.

          It’s really Republican Tea party & GOP Congress who help Obama
          There low down attacked back fire on them.
          Now we need to get rid of Tea Party & Gop Congress.

          1. Whittier5 August 10, 2012

            “Oh, you can’t scare me, I’m sticking to the Union”
            – Woody

          2. lkbold1 August 10, 2012

            Mr Whittier You must mistake me as a mother f–king
            Republican Tea Party Because Scare attacked is not my game.
            I’m just telling the true We need to get rid of Wild bill Skin head Woman Hater Republican Tea Party.

          3. Whittier5 August 11, 2012

            No, that is a quote from Woody Gutherie’s song “Union Maid”, which has been a fight song for Union members since my dad faced down the goon squads in the 30s.

            I was presuming you are ex-UAW.

            Yes, the teawhackadoos must be sent back to the Dark Space from whence they escaped.

      10. Linda Lott August 10, 2012

        Sandy – so proud of you for being able to type in the “big box” but please stop yelling 🙂

      11. Johntheoldguy August 10, 2012


        Your semi-literate post is typical of Romney supporters.

      12. wexfordpress August 10, 2012

        Well, let me see: “You won’t see the truth on this website.” But this statement is posted on the same website. So the statement must be false. But that makes all the statements on this website true again, including the one that says all statements are false. But that makes the statement false again…

        When I was in kindergarten I wrote in all capital letters. Since then I have learned how to use lower case too. You might try it some time.

        I can’t find the word “tital” in my unabridged.

      13. Charlie Change August 10, 2012

        Obama is a liar, but Romny is not? What on earth have you been smoking????

      14. growinchrist August 10, 2012

        Sandy, if you keep going to the same watering hole , you get the same drink. I don’t know where you get or don’t get your information but it’s best to vet anything that get’s published because of the lies and distortions that are put out there. Your opinion sounds like every other Teabagger or Republican out there. President Obama has done most of what he promised, in most cases where he hasn’t been able to make the changes it’s because of the congress not doing their jobs. If you want it to change vote out those out that obstruct , even if their Democrat or Independents.

      15. Jeff Whittington August 10, 2012

        You didn’t vote for Obama and you’ve probably never voted for a Democrat in your life. In fact, you probably aren’t even a real person, but one of Rmoney’s tital wave of attack spambots.

      16. Dianes4babies August 10, 2012

        Actually, it seems that you are the one who is brainwashed! I, too, have been paying very close attention to both campaigns!

      17. Don August 10, 2012

        I believe Mr Sandyswalker You should wake up , unless You buy or steal this election , Mr. Obama wins hands down.

      18. dellmartin August 10, 2012

        I doubt very much that you ever voted for President Obama. I know many democrats and many republicans. Although a few of the Rs are voting D, not one D is switching. If you are not outraged by the actions of the repub Party, you’re not paying attention.

      19. jas2241 August 10, 2012

        The truth about Romney is about to hit the fan and you’re not going to like it. Know why he won’t release his tax returns ? BECAUSE HE DIDN’T PAY ANY ! Now the truth about Bain is about to come out too. Sen. McCain said it best. “I could have chosen Romney as a running mate in 2008 but I felt Palin was a better candidate.” No need to hear anymore.

        1. Toni Anthony August 10, 2012

          jeez couldn’t have said it any better.knowing the absolute nut Palin is,
          that says a lot about what Romney is made of..
          Tax returns please..i cant wait for the debates, but i hardly believe
          it would get that far before the race is over..

      20. Elizabeth West August 10, 2012

        Try using the shift key.

      21. Dee Nicosia August 10, 2012

        The other side doesn’t use Obama’s own words, they distort them. Mitt is now running ads that say Obama is giving out welfare checks for free when, in fact, what he did was grant a waiver requested by a state governor. Mitt asked for the same waiver when he was governor. After Mitt’s recent trip to Europe, surely you can’t believe that he is capable of maintaining internationnal relations. If he ticked off our allies, what do you think he will do countries that are not our allies. 98% of women, including catholics, use birth control yet, Mitt wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood! I also doubt his partiotism. If he were a true patriot he wouldn’t be hiding his money overseas so that he doesn’t have to pax taxes on it like the rest of us Americans. The only reason Obama has not been more successful during his Presidency is because the Republican House has done everything in their power to stop all of his initiatives, including his Jobs Bill that would have put hundreds of thousands of Americans back to work.

      22. Jack Licursi August 10, 2012

        Do you drive a car? Are you allowed to bare children? That scares me.

      23. Dan Haney August 10, 2012


      24. Jeremy August 10, 2012

        What a MORON!

      25. Bonita Suzann Hampy August 10, 2012

        Sandy, isn’t that Republican Kool Aid a little bitter to drink. I can see the school system failed you. It is TidalWave not Title and where did you fail typing, abject shame having to use the caps lock.

      26. Willie August 10, 2012


      27. Joan Maurer August 10, 2012

        If, as it appears, you have objections to dishonest candidates; who will you vote for? This TRUTH that is not on any website or available to news media outlets – you found it on Fox, Glen Beck told you, right?

        This tital wave (very much like a tidal wave, but in-land) of PRESIDENT Obama’s words was not available to the media? Did the GOP plant more listening devices? Was there a sucessful Watergate?

        Sandyswalker you are right, at least one person on this website has been brainwashed. You are also right about attack ads coming. I am sure that I will see some of the President’s words used against him and some of the important ones dubed out. He is facing the most egregiously dishonest and shameful Republican party in years. They mean to win through fair means or fowl even if it means disenfranchisement of OH, PA, FL, and MI. This election is just too important to let people vote!

      28. Malcolm White August 10, 2012

        Shut up you clueless conservative moron, and kill the caps. Your conservative agenda has destroyed this country and yet you continue to blame everyone except yourselves. If this is all you have to offer please stay home this November and spare us all from your endless folly.

      29. Whittier5 August 10, 2012

        @sandys, first, you have to FIX your CAPS LOCK KEY. Can you buy a new keyboard??

        Second, you have to explain your accusations because they are nonsense. I am no fan of O, but had to vote for him in ’08 because there was no alternative. Same this time around.

        I realize that he is the 5th Conservative Pres in a row. But, aside from the retrospective view that he should have focused on JOBS instead of a 40 year Republican Health Care initiative, he has done about as much as the ReThugliCONS have allowed.

        His major flaw has been over estimating the Patriotism of CongressCritters.

        The 3 greatest threats to our Country are a ReThugliCON President, a ReThugliCON controlled Senate, and a Teawhackadoo controlled House.
        No other threat even comes in a close 4th.

      30. ExPAVIC August 10, 2012


        Sandy put down your picture of RoMoney when you list LIAR, FRAUD, HUGE INCOMPETENT, and add CROOK like in SLC Olympic Committee that bribed IOC to get the Winter Olympics, then with Mormon buddies skimmed off the top of funds whereby ice rink and major toboggan runs could not be completed without Federal funds.

        Like an ex-Utah resident informed this writer, “The Mormons would steal the pennies out of dead babies’ eyes.”

      31. Rudy Hunter August 10, 2012

        sandyswalker – Seems to me that you’re the one brainwashed by the Fox media. Obama inherited a mess and right from the very beginning of his presidency they’ve blocked everything he’s tried to do. The republicans said they were going to do anything they could to make him a one term president and as hard as they tried, they couldn’t stop Obamacare from passing. The republicans want to give the rich tax breaks cause they say that it will create more jobs. If that’s the case, where are the jobs? The rich have had their tax breaks and haven’t done anything with them!

      32. Joseph Hemphill August 10, 2012


      33. Mark Esche August 11, 2012

        when one writes “incompetant” and “tital wave” and does it all in Upper case, then it is fairly obvious that the froth is flowing. Slow down, and don’t short out your computer . . . .

      34. Dixie Love August 11, 2012

        You can use anyone’s words against them when you alter and slice and dice the tape to say what you want it to say! As has been done by the right for how long now?!

      35. BigDaddyZ75 August 11, 2012

        As opposed to Romney’s words already being used against him? Including gaffes like ‘poor people don’t matter’? Also funny, I suppose only news sites YOU trust are truthful? Last thought, CAPS LOCKS on everything, and not understanding that the red squiggly line under your word means you misspelled it make you look ignorant, which weakens your argument. If you are on a mobile, the all caps makes you look lazy…….

      36. Gammaanya August 12, 2012

        Give up you SS and Medicare if you are ready for it. It will be gone by you reach the proper age – by the way, prove it that he is a fraud and huge incompetance??? Liar?? Ooops, you are Faux News, Hannity, Rushie fan. Go and sprinkle pepper spray on your salad, I heard it from Faux News that it’s a vegetable and make some people grow some brain and common sense, get rid of hate and brings some civility and comprehension. Learn how economy works. Sandy,sandy sandy, grow some common sense and go back to learn basics of economy. Romney/Ryan will bring this country down. I predicted in my posting that he will pick Ryan because they both think a like. One was raised in wealth and one was raised on SS and he knows that he doesn’t wanted to be there or live that way. He greased enough wheels to get where he is and now he denies the basic right to most of the people who put him there. His loyalty is not to his country and it’s citizen’s, their loyalties are for the rich, because they invested millions in their campaigns and now it’s the time for pay back, and YOU will be paying for it.
        I hope you enjopyed the 300/600 stimulus check from Bush that we are still paying for it, and how much stimulus the rich got?? Tax breaks since Reagan
        times. Who created TARP?? There where the jobs are now. I am CPA I know more about economy and loopholes and taxes breaks for the rich that you will ever know or understand. Get your head from under the hood. I am not saying that Obama did a good job, under the circumstances (filibusters) it’s a miracles that we
        are not back to the great Depression. Another war is brewing. Guess who will be ruling the country behind closed door?! Cheney. Mark my words. I predicted this pick and predict more wars. War do not decides who wins, war decides who is left. We lost enough lives for Democracy and we do not have it here. Thanks to the Republican Taliban, world is watching and laughing. Thanks to all this BS that is going on we are no longer example of fairness and the land of opportunity. Now we are became a country of AUSTERITY. DO you know what that means??
        Lead by example but this time no more – world doesn’t want OUR politics and our Democracy. I came from Communist ruled Country and I was NEVER denied the right to VOTE, NEVER. Now they are free and we have all kinds of parties and NONE was EVER DENIED their basic right to VOTE. Here U R denied if you are Dem,Black, or from timbuktu. Which part of this circus you don’t see what is going on?? Yep, you are part of the problem not solution.

      37. seche August 13, 2012

        you mean all they have to do is take his words out of context and make up there own sentences

    2. PaulCindy August 10, 2012

      Elizabeth, “Good” news for our country? How can 42 straight months of over 8% un-employment, 5Trillion “more” in debt, Medicare & S.S. both almost bankrupt, 23 Million Americans unemployed, yet Obama gives unlawful Amnesty to over 1 Million Illegal “immigrants”? Please explain why you feel as you do, and puhleeeze don’t say it is Bush’s fault, the last recession “officially” ended in 2009.

      1. dellmartin August 10, 2012

        Who says the recession is over? By definition, it was actually a depression, but – they’re just words.. The fact is if the obstructionist Congress didn’t vote down every one of President Obama’s programs to invigorate the economy, we’d be much farther ahead now. They would rather have our president fail than have America succeed. They are shameful.

      2. AdamMos August 10, 2012

        How about a stock market that has doubled since 2009. How about 30 straight months of private sector job growth. How about a stimulus that ended the recession. How about the fact that taxes are lower. How about the killing of Osama Bin Laden and the destruction of Al Quaida. How about the victory in Iraq and our troops coming home. How about the overthrow of Mubarak and Khadafee. How about the improving housing market. How about the repeal of DADT. How about universal health care and millions of lives being saved and reducing our defecit at the same time. How about the expansion of Medicaid. How about the Dream Act which did not grant amnesty. You are watching history being made. Obama will go down as one of the greatest if not the greatest Presidents ever.

        1. dellmartin August 10, 2012

          Well said Adam…

        2. Fern Woodfork August 11, 2012

          And This Was Done Without The GOP/Tea Party Help What So Ever!!!

      3. BozoMustgo2 August 10, 2012

        I would say the amnesty you tout is for the high tech and scientific positions Americans have not been trained for, which is their own fault. I know many non-traditional students who bit the bullet and started a new career by earning a degree from a college or university. Sure they have a debt load but one that is providing them a stable career in today’s economically depressed economy.

        The other immigrants who are gaining amnesty are probably picking the produce, waiting tables, landscaping and other menial labor jobs that Americans who lost blue collar jobs will not do. If these unemployed American GOP’s had enough foresight they would have gone to work for their demigod Cheney and his Haliburton. I hear they were paid trillions of dollars to wage Bush II’s war that killed many Americans and Iranian men, women and children or as is commonly labeled as collateral damage of war.

        1. Maynard August 11, 2012

          Good Post! Remember also, Romney would cut assistance for students to go to college and he would, according to what he said in Israel, do whatever it takes to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Since he has no way of knowing what Iran is doing, that would mean an excuse for war. (WMD deja vu) Iran is not the pushover, militarily, that Afghanistan and Iraq were and I totally agree that those wars have killed too many Americans and caused too much collateral damage. Both Iraq and Afghanistan had been softened up by decades of warfare. Iran is facing the oil sales embargo we imposed on them, but they are still not hurting badly.
          If we had a sensible approach, such as lightening up on Iran (which worked against the Communists,) the Iranian people would probably put in a more moderate government. But, in reality, that is not what our policy makers want since it would remove their excuse to try to go in and take over Iranian oil production. (War profits, greater monopolization of oil production).
          As in Iraq, our policy makers want to keep oil production down to justify high oil prices and increase demand for coal strip mining, Arctic and offshore oil drilling and fracking for natural gas. All of these are environmentally damaging and should be stopped in favor of alternative sources of energy. Germany has gotten a large portion of its energy needs from solar. We have many more sunny days than they do. What about hydrogen? It’s found in every drop of water, produces only water vapor as a byproduct when used as fuel, and can even be produced by certain types of bactera.
          Our government and economy do not want sensible, clean energy changes. (Obama killed Bush’s appropriations for hydrogen R&D immediately after taking office). The power brokers are funded by and represent the FILTHY FOOLISH FOSSIL FUEL MONOPOLY.

    3. Rameykate August 10, 2012

      I emphatically agree with Elizabeth Gordon. Obama has passed health care over objections of Republicans. Inspite of obstructionist Congress, he has accomplished
      a great deal successfully. I believe that any woman who votes for Mitt Romney is
      willing to hurt herself and all other women, men, and children. He is intelligent,
      honest and one of the hardest working presidents that I can remember. We also need
      elect Democrats who are equally willing to move the country forward.

      1. Jeremy August 10, 2012

        Very well said. We need more Voters like you that understands that Obama Inherited a majoy mess from the DO NOTHING REPUBLICONS and has had extreme problems due to the RUPLICON Obstuctions. If they all worked together We could be in much better shape.

      2. Ed August 10, 2012

        Got to agree with ya Rameykate. The main problem is that we have too many Dems who are DINO’s.During the years when the repubs were running on abortion and war these guys ran a “me too, what he said” campaign. THEY HAVE NO PRINCIPLES.

      3. Todd August 11, 2012

        Rameykate, Can you please tell me what drugs you are on to produce such hallucination? I’d like to try the drugs that will distort MY reality as much as you have distorted yours. Senator Barack Obama and the democrats blocked the Bush administration from reigning in Fannie and Freddie 17 times, which is what caused much of the financial mess we are in now. When Barack Obama and the rest of the Democrats took over congress and the senate in 2007, the unemployment rate was 4.5%, housing prices were going up, and gas prices were under $2.00/ gallon. Once Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi were in charge, the economy started a long slide that culminated in the disaster of 2008. A disaster engineered by the democrats to get more power.
        If Barack Obama is so smart, why can’t I see his college records? If he is so hard a worker, how come he has had the time to play 104 rounds of golf?
        “Forward” the Obama campaigh slogan was also the name of Carl Marx and Vladimer Lenin’ s newpapers. That is going “Forward to a place this country doesn;t want to go.
        ONly the stupid among us will vote for Obama again. Are you better off now than when Barack Obama took office?

        1. PaintnPlay August 12, 2012

          What drugs are you on, Todd? Glad I don’t have access to them…and hope many other people.. if they do… are getting off them. And…yes, I am better off now than I was when Obama took office. You are also..you just don’t get it!!!!

        2. Raoul August 12, 2012

          Todd, your timeline is screwed up. You seem to have forgotten that when Obama took over, the country was close to a great depression caused by the previous administration. He inherited all the mistakes made by Bsh and his partners. We escaped a total crash due to the new administration

        3. bill August 12, 2012

          I do not know why you would seek more drugs.

          You have already made your mind a toxic waste site!

        4. Yadani August 12, 2012

          You are sick that all i can say.

        5. wayup August 13, 2012

          Brace yourself, Mr. Todd, whoever you are! President Obama will be re-elected! Get your facts, straight will yah! You cons are so out of it! You have nothing to back your claims but mouthful of lies and deceit! AND DAMN RIGHT, WE ARE BETTER OFF NOW THAN FOUR YEARS AGO WITH PRES. OBAMA ON THE DRIVER SEAT!!!!!!!

        6. Fern Woodfork August 13, 2012

          Looks To Me You Been Drinking Way Too Much Venom The GOP/Tea Party Snake Oil Salesmen Been Selling Now You Just Brain Dead!!! More Trickle Down Polices, More Tax Breaks For The Wealthy, Stopping Health Care For Everyone, And Starting A War With Iran Will Help This Country How??? Romney Has Line Himself With A Great Deal Of Bush Old Staff And It Will Be Totally CHAOS On The Middle Class And Poor Working People In The USA!!! I See More Hungry, And More Homeless People With These Two, Romney Hood And Little Paul With His Immoral Budget!!!

        7. kenneth s August 13, 2012

          College records! What a moron!
          How about Mitt’s taxes?

        8. Gary Godfrey August 13, 2012

          Sounds like you are already on drugs!

        9. CVBeethoven August 21, 2012


          I am better off, and if you’re not, you should take the advice of all my Republican friends and be responsible for your situation and stop blaming others.

        10. blindmannomore September 3, 2012

          You are full of it. Republicans have not tried to reign in Freddy or Fannie, they want less regulations (none is what they want) The democrats did not block Bush, you have that backwards. The republicans have fillabustered a record number of times because they refuse to tax the rich. They keep putting the burdon on the middle class and have for the last 30 years. The rich do NOT CREATE JOBS!!! The job creators are the customers buying the product. Barack collage record has nothing to do with anything and is a tatic to defer your attention. We are better off and I have seen it because I am selling more today than 3 years ago. We would be better off if we didn’t have a worthless congress that refuses to work and put thru any jobs bills. They have produced 0 jobs bills. Republicans should be the party of HATE!!! They hate women, gays, latino’s, blacks and the working class. There real agenda is to DESTROY THE ECONOMY and put us in a DEEP DEPRESSION!!! The facts are they make more money on their stocks and income with democrats in office. Nothing will ever satisfy there need for money (their real GOD)Ecclesiastics 5:10. The last depression produced a record amount of wealth and that is what republicans are really after. Look at the big picture.

        11. Kint Verbal September 4, 2012

          Don’t be THAT idiot, Todd. I’m neutral, not even American. But here goes… Presidents play golf as a means to talk with other people – it’s work, not play, and they play awful, too. Obama, for better or worse, is a Harvard graduate – better than you, I guess. Blaming Obama for the global crisis, or Fannie and Freddie for that matter, shows how much you know. Better criticize him for accepting a shameful Nobel peace prize while engaging in wars… and keep your eyes open, there’s enough to criticize. But between him and Romney, Obama is your (America’s) better choice.

        12. redlz September 13, 2012

          you must be a right winger, my friend, GET A NEW LIFE & smile….

      4. Cyb October 3, 2012

        Move the country forward? This is the longest downward turn in the economy in 400 years! Passed Healthcare? No what he passed was FORCING WORKING americans to buy health insurance from overpriced brokers. That’s just rape and it’s unconstitutional. But what Obama HAS done is fight tooth and nail for the power to MURDER, TORTURE, and IMPRISON INDEFINATELY American citizens WITHOUT TRIAL or CHARGES overturning 400 years of jurisprudence. When District Judge Kathleen Harris ordered and INJUNCTION Obama’s people appealed it to the 3 judge district court. Why are they fighting so hard for the right to murder americans without trial? Why did Obama break all his campaign promises like ending the war in Afghanistan and closing gitmo, his promise to end torture, his promise to have transparency in bills before they go to congress. Search “Obama’s Secret” if you want to know the real reason he is a traitor.

    4. lkbold1 August 10, 2012

      Elisabeth Gordon I’m here to show you the Love that Real American people have to offer. Someone who call you Brainwashed because of your opinion need praying for.
      I agree Great Job American Willard is just not the man for American people today.

    5. Fern Woodfork August 10, 2012

      I Agree Totally With You I Was Amazed At People Wanting Romneyhood For President When In Fact It’s People Like Him Who Is Causing The Main Problems We Are Having Selfish Money Hoarding Thugs Stripping American Companies And Shipping Jobs Overseas Then Have The Nerve To Say Where Are The Jobs When They Know Damn Well Where They Are They Are The Ones Shipping Them Overseas For Profits And Cheap Labor!!!

    6. Fern Woodfork August 11, 2012

      Paul Ryan Is A Male Sarah Palin!! Tea Party Calling The Shots!!!

    7. Fern Woodfork August 11, 2012

      Romney Hood Picked Little Paul Ryan, The Male Sarah Palin Or Michelle Bachmann For VP, A Mormon And A Moron!!!

    8. redlz September 13, 2012

      you tell ’em I am with you as are so many who have feared to say so because of republican fury

  2. Robert A. Williams August 10, 2012

    If this is true, we could have 4 more years of glorious prosperity under Obama, accompanied by a booming economy.

    Food stamps for everybody – OK? Disability Insurance for one and for all.

    Jobs? We don’t need no steenkin’ jobs! Barack will take care of us, so who wants to work when you can stay home, drink beer and watch “Jerry Springer”? Life don’t get no better than that!

    1. martykayzee August 10, 2012

      Oh, ye of short and selective memory who are lucky to have that shirt on your back today. Were you clean and sober on Sept 15, 2008 when the U.S. and world economies had a stroke, renal failure, went into cardiac-arrest and threatened to take down western civilization overnight? Not a recession, not a depression – it was and is a regression. Were you alert and aware when Bill Clinton and Congressional Democrats, in an orgy of licentious bi-partisanship, signed on to the Republicans’ Gramm-Leach-Bliley bill deregulating the great Glass-Steagall Act which had kept the economy afloat since 1933? Were you asleep at the wheel when the Commodities Futures trading Act, exempting toxic assets like CDOs, repos and swaps from regulation permitted AIG, Goldman Sachs and others to rape and pillage our homes and savings? Did you take notice when S&P, Moodys and Fitch said that in their “opinion” junk mortgages were as safe as Treasuries? Along with guns, gold, and god, you blindly use the new structural unemployment reality as a cudgel to swing at anything you choose to not understand. Not just willful, but rather belligerent ignorance. Your short-sight and small-mindedness, writ large in wanting to let the U.S. auto industry die, were fully on display in the ridiculous Republican primary just concluded, which, more than anything else I can remember, made your party and our great country a laughing stock in the world. You’d be ashamed of yourself if you were aware enough to notice.

      1. 1standlastword August 10, 2012

        Marty…excellent job! You explicate most wonderfully what so so many low level thinking conservative Obama haters refuse to acknowledge.

        Bushwas to cause as Obama is to consequence

        Tea sippers see consequence and mis-apply cause to fit their distorted and twisted objectives and that is why they appear “crazy” to all but their own

    2. Mort Alcoil August 10, 2012

      You mean like the 8 years of “glorious prosperity” we had under Bush? THOSE years?

      Personally, I have had the best year in the last 15 years for my 3 businesses. I hired an extra 4 people to take me to 43 total employees… Some of us are VERY, VERY happy with what Obama has accomplished.

    3. airforcevet August 10, 2012

      Obviously you think like you look, confused and in a daze… The president didn’t put us here and definitely did not keep us here and suffering, that would be the republicans, all by themselves… If you want to criticize the president, he should have been given a chance to fully lead, not fight four years of inertia and indifference from the people we both elected to take care of us and this country. Boo hoo, now that the politics of just say no to everything is backfiring you want to whine and try a racial jab to boot… There use to be a time in this country where if it didn’t pass the smell test, we let you know… Romney is stinkin up the joint and we want better…

    4. Mike Hopkins August 10, 2012

      Oh so you wish to be a SA! Ok what jobs will Willard create? Staples?

      1. Robert A. Williams August 10, 2012

        For the last two years of Bush II, The Democrats controlled both the House (233 to 202) and the Senate (49 to 49, but both Independents (Sanders and Lieberman) caucused with the Democrats), giving the Dems really a 51 to 49 advantage. When Obama took office, he had a clear majority for his first two years.

        Bush could logically blame all of his failures for his last 2 years on the Democrats, who controlled both houses. He didn’t – for at least 2 reasons. First of all, he had enough character to not play that hand. Secondly, he followed Harry Truman’s adage “The buck stops here”.

        If you are honest, you can’t promote yourself for the job and then claim that it’s too difficult after you get the job. Can Romney do the job? Who knows, but we do know that he has done the job in the past, and certainly run arguably the most successful Olympics ever, and made hundreds of millions on his own. Meanwhile, Obama has never run anything or even written a paycheck. It shows.

        There is an old saying in the legal community that “If the facts and evidence are in your favor, stick with the facts and the evidence. If the facts and evidence are against you, dispute the facts and the evidence as flawed and faulty.” Obama never lets the facts get in his way.

        You have probably seen the Obama commercial where some guy who lost his job in 2001 at a steel mill blames Romney for the death of his wife. What he neglects to say is that Romney left Bain in 1998, and that guy’s wife had her own job and her own insurance until about 2005, when she got sick. And while he did shut that particular steel mill down because it couldn’t compete, he bought another steel mill that made lots of money and increased employment by many thousands of workers.

        For the record, I voted for Obama. In actuality, I voted against McCain. I bought into the “Hope And Change” crap. McCain was a wonderful war hero, but also an empty suit. As for Obama – Fool me once – shame on you – fool me twice – shame on me.

    5. Charles Henderson August 10, 2012

      Why don’t you say what you mean: Food stamps for all them …….OK Disability Insurance for all them ……..Barrack will take care of all them…… so they stay home and drink beer and watch TV while us good ole ……. ……… can pay for it with our tax money. Rob you need an Exlax but I commend you using you own face and name.

      1. citizenmb August 10, 2012

        Charles, I think you’ve been watching too much Fox(y) News and listening to the fulminations of your buddy, Rush. Craaazy! Two toxic sources that totally mess people’s minds (and hearts if they have one after listening to those guys).

    6. Joseph Hemphill August 11, 2012

      Faux Snooze platitudes dude, the tea you are swillin is makin you illin’, GOPTP = no hope for the middle class !

  3. John Fennessy August 10, 2012

    Don’t rest on laurels. Continue to press the attack aggressively.

  4. Onye Onyemaechi August 10, 2012

    yEah yes indeed!!!!

  5. Onye Onyemaechi August 10, 2012

    Yeah1 Yes indeed!

  6. WhutHeSaid August 10, 2012

    Now let’s see Mitt announce the wealthy-pampering, working class-hating Paul Ryan as his VP pick and we can have a bona fide Democratic landslide.

    1. Nomad August 10, 2012

      Yes.. Do it, Mitt. The seniors will love to hear that Medicare will be privatized and Medicare will be eliminated under Paul Ryan’s budget plan. Let’s see, that’s the Hispanics vote, gay vote, the women’s vote, the black vote, and next comes the senior vote.

      But it is not enough to re-elect the president. It is important to also get a firm majority in both houses of congress, unless we want another four years of stagnation.

      1. citizenmb August 10, 2012

        Yes, Nomad! The Repubs muscle their way into Congress and stop all progress and then blame Obama for not getting anything done.

      2. Maynard August 11, 2012

        Nice list, but I would add the middle class tax increase while cutting the 1%ers will wake up a few to realize it is not in their best interest to vote for Romney. Ryan and Romney will also cut back support for students and their families for college.

        Now, the challenge is to stop the electronic voting machine theft and the restrictions on voters caused by ID requirements. Note that the Pennsylvania polls will be open longer hours and allow voting early for counties that will be more likely to support R&R, while other counties will be under greater time restrictions.

        This needs to be stopped! Most importantly, VOTING MACHINES NEED A PAPER TRAIL just like you get at the store. A receipt with a time stamp needs to be placed in a secure locked box for recounts and potential theft. In Ohio in 2004 voting fraud was investigated but when Rove’s electronic voting machine guru was called to testify, Mike Connell’s lawyer told the court he needed protection from Rove. Connell then died in a suspicious plane crash before he could testify. Do not underestimate the RUTHLESSNESS of these people. If you think it’s bad now, wait and see what they do if elected.

  7. JIM HOLLIDAY August 10, 2012

    Let’s hope the polls are accurate and Obama sweeps in with a Majority in Congress.

    1. dellmartin August 10, 2012

      We have to do more than just hope! Romney is trying to buy the election with all of his false ads. There are people who, if they hear the same lies over and over, start to believe them. Volunteer, join your local democratic party, make sure people you know are registered and have their proper ID, and VOTE! Help reelect our president!

      1. Joseph Hemphill August 11, 2012

        State Rethugs are trying their best to fix the election by creating obstacles at every turn to disenfranchise Dem voters, it will take effort, but we most galvanize and mobilize to get out the message and the vote, WE CAN DO IT !!

      2. Maynard August 11, 2012

        True, but VOTING MACHINES MUST HAVE A PAPER TRAIL! Remember Mike Connell’s suspicious death in Ohio before he was able to testify.

  8. ykhalim August 10, 2012

    Romney should be toast. Any rational voter who knows anything about this slippery, lying creature will (in the name of God) and fundamental decency – vote against Romney.

  9. PaulCindy August 10, 2012

    I don’t know where these figures came from because just today I heard Obama’s UNfavorable rating is 51%, & Favoravle rating is only 43%?

    1. Elsa August 10, 2012

      Most likely for FOX News, because those are wrong. Obamas favorable Rating has always been higer than his unfavorable. Always. See below from the article above which you failed to read apparently:

      “For Romney, the most troubling finding of the polls is his damaged reputation. While Obama’s favorable/unfavorable spread is +14 in the CNN poll and +12 in the Fox News poll, Romney’s is just -1 and +1, respectively. The CNN poll shows that 48 percent view Romney unfavorably, up six points from last month. His unfavorable rating in the Fox News poll is at 45 percent, up five points from last month. This suggests that Obama’s string of negative ads attacking Romney are resonating with voters, and should be a major concern for the Romney campaign.”

  10. tiredinSeattle August 10, 2012

    Repubs still have a billion dollars to spend. His policies will be claimed, the congresses shortfalls will be his, lies about Romney will spew forth…. The avalanche of the airwaves is about to hit as soon as Tampa is done.

  11. 1standlastword August 10, 2012

    Ya just have to know that if withholding his tax returns is worth the serious hits he’s taking in the polls there must be something totally damning those returns would expose

    It’s shaping up like a mass murder’ profile whose on death row for 14 counts of murder when 14 more are not yet charged because they haven’t been linked to him

    Romney’ political death will be from 1000 cuts as opposed to one single fatal blow

  12. Elsa August 10, 2012

    Nice news, hope it holds all the way to the election.

  13. 1concernedsenior August 10, 2012

    paul/cindy, get clean & sober + wake up & smell the coffee. Our president was given a near depression as a welcome gift!

  14. msm859 August 10, 2012

    Why would Anyone Not think that he should release more tax returns?

  15. 1concernedsenior August 10, 2012

    MKZee, you are equating GOD with guns & gold –>get your priorities straight!!

  16. 1concernedsenior August 10, 2012

    Right on airforcevet, you hit the nail on the head !!

  17. 1concernedsenior August 10, 2012

    1standlastword, I don’t care which angle you look at –>as long as Mitt don’t get his foot in the door!!

  18. 1concernedsenior August 10, 2012

    Who cares’ about the romney campaign, I sure don’t !!

  19. 1concernedsenior August 10, 2012

    ykhalim, I like your views on romney !!

  20. montanabill August 10, 2012

    Yeah, and Reagan lost to poll leading Mondale too, remember that?
    Here’s something to think about, even if you support Obama. He has set and continues to set precedents for a President violating, shading or ignoring our country’s laws. It is probably OK with you when he does it, but stop for a minute and think about upset you are going to be if the next Republican President decides to follow Obama’s example.

    What laws you ask (because you haven’t been paying attention):
    1. The bankruptcy laws in the General Motors take-over.
    2. Fast and furious
    3. His appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. A case can be made that was a massive and illegal in-kind campaign contribution by NBC – a five-minute campaign commercial worth millions of dollars without equal time for Romney.
    4. The recent Joe Soptic commercial. (I know his campaign says they didn’t have contact,
    but this one walks too much like a duck)
    5. Picking and choosing which immigration laws to enforce.
    6. Changing the work requirements section of the Welfare Reform Act. Section 407 says no one, not the President, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the governors, no one can waive the work requirement. Passing it to the states is a form of federal waiver.
    7. Nine state Attorney General’s have published a list of 21 blatant violations of the law.
    8. Videoing his ‘Dinner with Obama’ raffle in the White House. Yes, his people have a technicality they use to justify it, but so will the next guy.

  21. greghilbert August 10, 2012

    I am relieved to see Obama polling ahead of Romney, but depressed at the thought of another 4 years with a duplicitous, corporatist, compromising, same old platform, and unprogressive Dem Pres and administration. It guarantees continuation of the great transfer of wealth from the many to the few, along the Repub-Dem right-shifted oligarchical superhighway to hell. Upon Obama’s re-election we simply must force change on Dems, by means within and outside the party, but chiefly outside.

    1. citizenmb August 10, 2012

      Whew! Heated words, indeed greghilbert. Who do you think would be better than Obama and still have a chance to be elected? This country has shifted pretty far to the right (wrong, in my opinion) so we Dems have to keep that under consideration.
      Remember what happened when Gore ran and lost the presidency because of far-left whatshisname running as a third party?

      1. greghilbert August 11, 2012

        Citizenmb, brush up on your reading skills. My comment spoke to what we need to do upon Obama’s re-election. You support Dem Party movement to the right. I don’t. You say the country has shifted far to the right. I say the Tea Party forced Repub POLITICIANS to the right, and gutless Dems (duplicitous Obama included) shifted with them. Poll after poll has shown that a majority of Americans support “progressive” positions on all the key issues of our time. They want an end to tax breaks for the wealthy and job-exporting corporations, greater regulation of the banking cartel, withdrawal from Afghanistan, more investment in renewable energy, hands off Social Security and Medicare, and an end to the partisan Repub-Dem insanity and the corruption of Congress. The majority of the 99% is being held hostage by the “lesser of evils” Dem Party establishment. Gore lost because the Dem establishment failed to accommodate progressives. You are part of the ongoing problem. What are YOU doing to reverse the Dem right-shift? I’ll give you the answer: NOTHING. Here you are telling a progressive to go along with it.

  22. smittyray August 10, 2012

    I doubt Romney is in the tank, but the Dems would like to say he is and will lie and stoop lower than a snake can wiggle through the grass to make up stories that are not true about Romney. When our President offers over his information on school, birth place, financial backing for his education, his experience eating dogs, etc., perhaps people will wake up and see who he really is.We are all tired of all of the lies from the Obama campaign. Disgusting is the best way to say what it is.

    1. Weedbay Guy August 10, 2012

      Ya he eats dogs baked on the roof of romneyhood’s car. All Romneyhood has to do is keep talking, and he will keep losing.

  23. hotflashweave August 10, 2012

    Everyone likes to attribute Romney’s poor polling numbers on the effect of the Dems negative ads, but I believe that it his own persona and lack of credible ideas that are pulling him down. You don’t have to lie or distort anything to make him unpalatable to most voters-his own policy proposals are enough to discredit him in the eyes of a vast majority of the voters. And lack of specificity only leads to more doubt in our minds. Keep up the reasonable demands for more years of tax returns, and be careful to stick to the truth in the ads…we need to be the party of truth and reason in this election

  24. Brenda Cameron August 10, 2012

    I am happy that the people are starting to see the truth behind Romey’s hiding what he does not want us to find out about him and what all he is in to what is he hiding from what is he involved in what companys are paying him large amounts of money for what why do the poor and middle class have to pay for his involment in these Banks & and companys then he is hiding all his money? How can we trust a man like that? Let alone run our country come on think about it??????

  25. BozoMustgo2 August 10, 2012

    I do not believe anyone in the US except for a few GOP’s and Mormons thought he had a snowball chance in heII of making it. When Willard’s offshore bank accounts, his Mormonism, Bain Capital CEO ending date among a littany of other questions came to the light of day it spelled his death nail. I cannot believe he won governorship of MA. I think I have held my fellow MA middle class in too high esteem. At least MA citizens were able to receive medical care across the board due to Willard’s tenure as Lord of MA.

  26. Itsjustmeagain1 August 10, 2012

    If we want POTUS to be successful in the next 4 years, we must give him the support in Congress. Oust the Tea Party and elect Dems or even moderate, rational Republicans. Rabid dogs are out of style this election cycle.

  27. Bonnie Moore August 10, 2012

    OK, lets see where we stand…Romney won’t be transparent with his taxes, and its pretty clear that he has and will use every conceivable tax dodge and he plans to help his friends get even more tax breaks. When he was on the Marriott Board, he masterminded a tax scheme that was thrown out by the courts. He got his start on his fortune using blood money from Central America. He won’t identify any of the specifics on what his strategies are…we are left to guess. He doesn’t seem to be able to handle the basics of glad-handing in the international world….and this is the best the Republicans have to offer???

  28. William Deutschlander August 10, 2012

    I would certainly expect that any person with a particle of common sense, would not desire to return the Republican Cartel to the drivers seat, Great Recession of 2008, massive layoffs and rampant unemployment.

    Romney is an individual who found a way to EXTORT, remove operating capital, money, assetts, from businesses and funnel that money into personal accounts, all to often those businesses then failed due to insufficient operating capital. In so doing Romney never created anything of value to society, the U S Econoimy or the World Economy, in fact the failed businesses contributed to unemployment and misery for those affected.

    Anyone who accepts the blatant lies of the Republican Cartel is in desperate need of mental health evaluation and treatment.

    1. Maynard August 11, 2012

      Don’t forget to unnecessary war-profiteering wars that were only tangentially related to 9/11. (If you believe those skyscrapers did not explode, how do you explain the fragmented bones of victims found on top of the Deutsche Bank Building in 2008? And there are photos of huge steel columns that were blown into and protruding from nearby buildings. The nuttiest conspiracy theory of them all is that a group of hijackers could have caused this damage. It would require planted explosives as seen in the videos where squibs were systematically emitted at regular time and space intervals. Look up KROLL Associates and find out about the connections of this “Security” firm that was in charge.

      REMEMBER, on the Thursday BEFORE 9/11 bomb detecting dogs were PULLED out of the WTC. On the weekend BEFORE 9/11 there was a powerdown (for “Cable Upgrades”) and “workmen” had unrestricted access with security cameras off and doors unlocked. The countless eyewitnesses and first responders who survived were ignored by the 9/11 “investigation” under the controll of Phillip Zelikow, a US-Israeli dual citizen who had co-authored a book with Condolleeza Rice and had created the “Bush Doctrine” of the preemptive strike which supposedly justifies attacking any country you deem may someday be a threat. Those eyewitnesses would have testified about the explosions and can still be seen on footage taken that day doing so. One, who was recognized as a hero by the Bush Administration, William Rodriguez, did testify but his testimony of an explosion in the basement BEFORE the plane hit was WITHHELD from the report.

  29. Mary Jane Newell August 10, 2012

    Ha ha ha ha ha ! You wish!

  30. Don August 10, 2012

    Yes great news , go president Obama , don’t let the GOP steal another election , God help us if they are able to steal the election.

  31. David Pope August 10, 2012

    Romney is a wimp. He will do anything to please the tea party goons. Do you want a wimp as president?

  32. Dianes4babies August 10, 2012

    And you know this how? Do you know that the most people that use food stamps live in “red” states?

    1. lkbold1 August 10, 2012

      Yes all the Tea Party follower are on food stamps they are not Rich but full of Hate.

  33. rescueus August 10, 2012

    This article did make me wonder where the positive ads about Romney are, maybe there aren’t any. Where are pictures of family get together’s, or Romney playing a sport, gosh he has five sons, did they ever play sports, where are these happy positive ads about Romney. It makes you wonder if there are any. I would like to know something about his family life, does he have hobbies etc. they need to make him look human.

  34. OurFreedomOurHeroes August 10, 2012

    Romney is a COWARD. Before he was drafted during the Vietnam War, he signed a Deferment under “Minister of Religion”. He went over to France. Later, he signed another Deferment until his draft number was so high there was no chance to be drafted. There
    were 9 million people who served over in Vietnam. This is the first time a President could be elected during a War that signed a Deferment from Service. ( Clinton was an out right draft dodger and coward too) If Romney is elected he would be a “Coward in Chief”.

  35. fordneri August 10, 2012

    Every time one of my elderly friends retires or gets sick and the reality of health care and perscription drug costs kick in. Romney and his crony capitalist health care plan become less and less appealing. The staunchest conservative republican I know became a flaming liberal the second he was told his new diabetes medicine was going to cost him $1000 dollars a month evan with Medicare coverage. That monster social security check he is now receiving does not go to far either He apparently can’t tighten his belt any more because he lost all his invesments to Romney’s cronies and his morgtgage is upside down because he refinanced his house to the max to put his children through college. Dying is an option he is unwilling to consider just yet. Yeah I can see how Romney might be losing ground in the polls. I can also see why nobody wants to be his running mate. Romney will become known as the kiss of death to the republican party

  36. Phil August 10, 2012

    I wonder if Michelle Bachmann with all her lies is dragging Mitt Romney down in the polls. Americans do not like liars, and hers are so evident and so constant that the results cannot be good.

    On the other side, Republicans constantly claim that Obama is lying but cannot, when asked, point out a single lie.

    If this keeps up, the Republicans may lose the House and forget the White House and Senate.

    1. lkbold1 August 10, 2012

      I hope so Phil because GOP say all they Romney do sign what they and be there puppet. That what Grover said

  37. charles holloway August 10, 2012

    As a republican, Mitt Romney is damage goods, we beated him down during the primaries,and we have no one to blame, but are selves. Mitt Romney do not lie good, Oboma is a better liar, Good liars can Remeber their lies, so it do appear Mitt as a flip flopper.

  38. Manuel Torres August 10, 2012

    Obama 2012 go!!

  39. emadis41 August 10, 2012

    And the GOP knew it, that is why they want to steal the election through voter restrictions.

    1. Maynard August 11, 2012

      Don’t forget electronic voting machines such as those produced by Diebold, a conservative. They MUST HAVE A PAPER TRAIL, to check for fraud. Remember Mike Connell feared Rove and he died in a suspicious plane crash before he could testify.

  40. jas2241 August 10, 2012

    BTW Sandy “ostrich”, Romney’s tax cuts start with those who make $1mil per year and up, that’s what you must make to qualify; guess that leaves you OUT Sandy, since you’re part of the masses.

  41. TheOldNorthChurch August 10, 2012

    Short lived bounce:
    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows Mitt Romney attracting support from 47% of voters nationwide, while President Obama earns the vote from 43%. Four percent (4%) prefer some other candidate, and six percent (6%) are undecided.

  42. Janie Yamamura August 10, 2012

    I believe President Obama’s childhood helped him see the world as an interlocked entity. Too bad Romney couldn’t create a positive understanding. His world is small and divided.

  43. Donald K Bare August 10, 2012

    I don’t beleive any of those liars in DC. They promise you the moon until they get in office then turn on everyone after they get in. They are ALL liars, mainly that so called president. I will never trust either one of them.

    1. lkbold1 August 10, 2012

      Well stay at home Mr Donald K Bare and trust yourself

  44. Butch August 10, 2012

    Obama 2012.

  45. Kent August 10, 2012

    As a 3 year Nam Era vet, I agree with Mike Hopkis comments about Romney. But I would not call Romney a coward. I mean he was over i Israel courting American Israeli cotributions by stating he´d risk WW III – by a pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuiclear facilities. And the last thing the country needs at the moment is rewewed military engagement from the borders of China in Afghanistan, through iran, Iraq, and Syria on the Mediterranean. Wíth what Army would Mitt fight that conflict?

    The word for that onsese is “Chickenhawk”- and an hysterical one at that.

    Next on the list- Romney is not too bright, and told supporters at a rallye he was late because he was attending a memorial service for the sheiks murdered in Wisconson, not Sikhs. When his gaff was pointed out, he said it was due to the “stress of the campaign”. Goodness, if he is getting that fluffed due to the “stress of the campaig”, how much more so will he be as commander and chief having started WW as “Chickenhawk in Chief.”

    Now let´s fluff Mitty boy a bit more. He is also an ordained priest of his religio of origin. Now, he has a high up position there. And he must know that his religion is involved with an offshore, out of sight organisation in Italy. (Mitt was and is a specialist for offshore things isn´t he.) The offshore Italian organisation is an alliance of New Revelation Religions called CESNUR-
    (which even the Jehovah´s Witnesses were too intelligent not to join,.)
    CESNUR members are – “The Church of the Latter Day Saint´s”, The Rev. Moon´s “new Revelation” – Unification Church (Moonies.), the General Church of the New Jerusalem, (the small, wealthy, episcopally organized conservative version of The Swedenborgian Church (Emanuel Swedeborg- whom the pentacostals in the South hate.) the “Reformed Davidians””
    (can we recall the F.B.I.- Davidian shootout at Waco, Texas) and last but not least- the church founded by L. Ron Hubbard- “Scientology” – which is´t even remotely Christian.9

    Now, this is where it gets really interesting. Some of these religions can be very financially exploitative of their members, and some have some very wealthy members.

    CESNUR is an offshore organisation – just like Mitt had offshore accounts- headquartered in Italy. Its members are- The Church of the Latter Day Saints, The Reformed Davidia´s, the Moonies. Rev. Moons Unification church, the General Church of the New Jerusalem, and L. Ron Hubbard´s “Scientology” which is very wealthy due to all the “clearing fees” it charges novices coming in. CESNUR is offshore. Is it an offsfore “administrator” for these “tax deductable” “new revelation religions and their “priests” like Mitt Romney, ie. a tax evasion set up for its swealthier members. And was Bain Capital also involved in “administrating funds” from the other sometimes, somewhat dubious “New Revelation Religions” such as the Rev. Moon´s Unificatio Church, or L. Ron Hubbard´s “Scientology”.

    What does the Candidate and ordained Mormon Priest Mitt Romney think about his religions offshore associatio with L. Ron Hubbards “Scientology” – in the Italian organisation called CESNUR. I am quite sure people who usually vote Republican such as Conservative Catholics, White Southern Baptists, Pentacostalists, or even the Rev. Pat Robertson, all deserve a clear, no nonsense stance and explanation by Mitt Romney about his religions association with L. Ron Hubbard´s Scientology.

    I do wonder how news about the Mormon religions membership in CESNUR will affect Romney´s standing in the polls. Could and would Mitt Romney motivate other elders of his Mormon faith to cease its formal aossciatkio with the Moonies and Scientologists in the offshore organisation called CESNUR.

    Kent Doering, Munich, Germany

    1. DocDodi August 18, 2012

      Paul Ryan is Catholic, but even many Catholics don’t like him. Maybe he and Romney and planning to put up a new religion with funds from CESNUR?

  46. orangeman65 August 10, 2012

    HPLMAO! (high pitch laughing my ass off)! I really can’t until the debate! Obama is going to make Misfit Romney look like a stupid jackass! HPLMAO!

  47. shoot straight August 10, 2012

    This website/newswag desires to tickle your twitching ears so badly they will feed you a little more opium just to keep the little bit of following they have. They may be right on this topic…. but I am skeptical.

    And, how anybody can be thrilled with our Greece,Spain,Italy trajectory is beyond imagination.

  48. CommonSence85743 August 10, 2012

    I am VOTIMG for OBAMA…Why? I lost my job over a year an half ago and the only place that I was able to get work for a little over AZ MINNIMUN WAGE was Wal Mart! I Work at Wal Mart, I can only AFFORD TO SHOP at Wal Mart, NOT WALL STREET, Like the ROMNEY SUPPORTER or those 80% that don’t know any better.

    Frank in AZ

  49. shoot straight August 10, 2012

    Ya, you will see the truth when gold goes to $5,000 an ounce, the dollar is like toilette paper and the poor are really smashed because even the shxx imported to Walmart cost 10 times what it does now. But that’s okay, we can have solared powered shelters built by the current wealthy who will get further rich on the “tax credits”. Going forward only our wealthy banana-republic styled bureaucracy consisting of corrupt politicians will have anything. Most of what you refer to as our problems are due to train-sized forces moving across the globe which are unstoppable by anyone. We don’t have to shoot own people by also destroying the basis of our econcomic foundation. I think taxes should go up; but spending also needs come down. And there better be some kind of leadership in Washington who can actually put a budget together that people can plan on. You talk about the do “nothing congress”. How about the incompetent senate that hasn’t EVEN PREPARED A BUDGET PROPOSAL in three years?

  50. Otto Stuber August 10, 2012

    Dose the IRS have a problem with Romney? no just harry weed. what did the IRS say.
    Romney has Loser’s that are running his lame campaign

  51. Whittier5 August 10, 2012

    It isn’t Obama’s “string of negative ads” because they are only appearing in a few States. It is The Rominee himself. Every time he opens his mouth, he either inserts foot or changes what came out 6 minutes or 6 hours later.

    Then there’s the debacle of his Overseas Trip.
    1) It took the Brits less than 2 days to figure this guy out – Mitt the Twit;
    2) Americans are sick of kowtowing to our Major Welfare Recipient, Israel; and of the Israeli lapdog biting the hand that feeds it. He lost big time sucking up to Adeleson (sp?)
    3) His campaign staff’s behavior in Poland

    I am no fan of the 5th consecutive Conservative President in a row, Obama. But, The Rominee is an unmitigated walking talking Disaster. And, to think, he was the best of the lot!!

  52. Whittier5 August 10, 2012

    Yet, he had a Mexican father. George was a standup guy. Whatever happened to his son?

  53. ben chen August 10, 2012

    I mean why doesn’t this dude just drive to FedEx Kinko’s and copy 4 more years of tax returns and come out from under this cloud of doom??? Mitt must really be a Twit…does he really this issue is gonna go away? It’s called honesty and integrity…

  54. Erdman West III August 10, 2012

    Are we finally waking up in time to avoid a national [and thus worldwide] disaster? Re-elect President Obama!

  55. bud2011 August 10, 2012

    Obama 2012 – the end of an error.

    1. Patricia August 11, 2012

      Not according to the polls.

  56. Hughes Hunt August 10, 2012

    You have nothing to worry about, Willard Mitt Romney. You made sure nobody can testify against you in a court of law since you have not committed any crime such as money laundering, tax fraud, tax evasion, concealment, perjury, terrorist financing, smuggling or other felonies and misdemeanors. Did you not, Mormon bishop Romney? Having said that, what are you hiding? You have nothing to hide and have no reason to be afraid of whistleblowers. After all, you have 32 billionaires backing you up in your campaign of mass deception. Is that correct, Mr. War Profiteer? So, what are you waiting for, Mr. Vulture Capitalist? You are not crooked, are you, Bishop Romney? Release your unaltered 23-year tax returns shown to ex-Presidential candidate John McCain while deciding to make you his Vice-President including the ten years that you paid zero taxes. Reminder: Do not keep 350 million Americans waiting for release of your same 23- year unaltered tax returns too long. Surely you can almost hear your money grow at the Caymans. Get cracking. Time is of the essence!

  57. ridemybroom August 11, 2012

    This headline should have read…….Is Romney On Dope !

  58. elindio1 August 11, 2012

    c/o sandyswalker! sorry to say, but you are the numb- nut no-brain bozo that needs to be educated on the real facts about the lying #@%#*+ republicons!!! all they do is blah!blah! and more blah! they must all be related to rush limblah!!! or hollow brain limbaugh!

  59. ivory69690 August 11, 2012

    the question was is romney on the ropes well he,s on his own rope a dope with the new VP dope he picked the pair that swing in a bulls sack

  60. rockinthebayinFlorida August 11, 2012

    Now, that Romney has announced Paul Ryan as his running mate, it may be the nails in the coffin. He is now “married” to the Ryan slash and burn budget, the Medicare voucher system that will cost seniors considerable more money they don’t have to begin with, living on fixed incomes, and raising the eligible age for Medicare, to 67…he most likely, lost the senior vote that has been some what been Republician leaning in the past. It would, also, mean the poor, and most likely the middle class, would end up with the shit end of the stick as far as social programs, tax deductions, etc. are concerned. IF people vote for these turds, they need to have their heads examined! Furthrmore, IF they (God forbid) do get elected, then these people need to suffer the consequences in the true sense of the word! No whining when the tornado comes through and blows their house away, that they need a disaster relief payment, or a “…give me [what ever], I need help for my 9 children…” It will be “Too bad, so sad, your dad…”

  61. NormitaB August 11, 2012

    Hello, guyssss….. here’s the truth… President Obama is better than anybody else, don’t believe to those old politicians , they are all crook, they are just thinking what and how much money they can put to their own pocket, not knowing that they are just getting their votes from the people, they don’t even wants to help the poor people. Can you imagine they want to stop the food stamp, they don’t even know that many people are not eating anymore on time, and those politicians that they are telling they are very rich… why they cannot help the poor people… anyway, they must be afraid to God, mostly of their richness are getting in a bad way, dirty money. And besides, don’t compare the days of yesterday and nowadays, there’s a big difference already, we are in the ATOMIC AGE already, we are over populated already, and the people are too smart already. You must be thankful if you got a good job, but how about the people that they are not able to get what you got, so, your duty is on help them, there’s nothing wrong with that, anyway when you die you will leave everything on earth and nothing for you, and God did’nt want us to live lavishly, that is greediness, if really you are very rich, help others who are in need and God will bless you.

  62. Todd August 11, 2012

    Rasmusen and Gallup polls show Romney either ahead or tied, and those are the only polls worth watching. I wonder why they weren’t quoted in this article. Could it possibly be they don’t agree with the author’s flawed premise? Just dont’ let the facts get in the way. Only the stupid will vote for Obama again. SO, if you want all your friends to know you are stupid, just tell them you voted for Obama

  63. Margaret Olpin August 11, 2012

    I’m with Fern and Lott. This approach of noncompromising has got to reverse so we can once again be a world leader. Whoever promotes this way of doing the people’s business should definitely be replaced. Hopefully it is not too late. Even England promoted their health care for all in the Olympics. Kudos for moderates and dems to bring back good sense to our country.

  64. Andrew August 11, 2012

    The GOP have been infected with a terminal virus of hypocrisy, extremism, idiocy and ignorance, which will most likely lead to its death on 6 November, 2012. Mittens the Liar Rmoney’s choice of a VP candidate couldn’t be any worse for the campaign, but, since Mittens came out and paid so many compliments to Eddie Munster’s disastrously Reverse Robin Hood (I’ve been using the phrase “Reverse Robin Hood” to describe the GOP’s fiscal policies for 13 months now, but I’m glad to see the President and others finally realize it; welcome aboard!) budget plan, I suppose Mittens didn’t have much choice. As long as he’s already gotten into this game of political poker, he might as well go “all in”.
    There is no doubt now, if there ever was in the first place, that the election of Barack Obama for President on 4 November, 2008, did two things: first, it brought the extremely idiotic and ignorant Radical Right to the surface of politics and we’re seeing its negative effects; second, it’s also revealed that there are more “reasonable” moderate Republicans than we thought. But, because the extremist and ignorant idiots have taken over the GOP, moderates have been and are still leaving the party in droves, which made a not-so-good situation much worse. At the end of last year, 43% of this country’s voters were registered Democrats; 35% were listed as GOP and a gaudy 21% are Independents. As 2012 has gone along, the percentage of Democrats and Independents has risen while the GOP number continues to fall.
    Mathematically and logically speaking, if you have about 33% of the vote, you need to get a large majority of the Independent vote to make up for it. Yet, in the GOP, candidates have to go Far Wrong (not Right, or correct) in order to get the extremist idiot vote. Add to this the quote from Bill Maher back in December, on that season’s finale of his show and before he announced that he was donating $1 million to President Obama’s Super Pac: “The Democratic Party has moved to the Right and the Republican Party has moved right into the insane asylum”. This means that the Democrats already truly represent Independents and GOP moderates! Do you see a winning formula for Mittens the Liar Rmoney and Eddie Munster within these painfully obvious facts? I sure don’t. If you do, you’re in for a wholly unpleasant surprise on 6 November, 2012.
    The GOP know all of those unpleasant facts. How we know it is the campaign/solution looking for a problem, “voter fraud”, aka, “voter ID” laws. Taking away a big chunk of the Democratic and Independent vote would allow the GOP to win nationwide. Even that plan has been blocked in many places. Again, do you see a winning formula for the GOP here?

  65. onedonewong August 11, 2012

    The ONLY polls that show Romney down are the ones from the State run Media who once again are trying to influence elections rather than reporting the new.
    the UNBIASED polls all show Romney leading by 3-5 points

  66. TEN-OF-WANDS August 12, 2012

    I would rather waste my time predicting earthquakes.

  67. williamd August 12, 2012

    There are several points to keep in mind. 1. The election has not been held yet. 2. The election is not until about two months and three weeks from now. 3. A lot can still happen between today and election day. 4. The electoral college determines who is elected POTUS , not the popular vote.
    I support President Obama but my advise to the Obama campaign and my fellow Obama supporters is that you do not assume that this election is in the bag. Remember That then President Carter had a 6% lead in the polls one week before the 1980 election and then the momentum went away from Carter and moved toward Reagan.

  68. gpo1913 August 12, 2012

    Reading these posts, shows me that no cares about where The Surpreme One is leading us.Retired Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, a decorated former Delta Force commander, U.S. deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence and Purple Heart recipient, explained in the video a six-step plan used by revolutionaries to bring about Marxism elsewhere and drew parallels to Obama’s actions in the U.S.
    Boykin’s warning resounds eerily today in particular, as the nation is reeling from the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold a massive federal overhaul of health care and on the anniversary of Obama’s pledge to establish a “national civilian security force” – two events Boykin warned were markers of a “Marxist insurgency” in other nations. “We hear a lot about Marxism and socialism, and there are those, particularly in the media, who would say that we should ‘tone down our rhetoric’ about socialism because ‘we’re not moving to socialism,’” Boykin states in the video. “Well, The reality is … I’ve studied Marxist insurgency. It was part of my training. And the things I know that have been done in every Marxist insurgency are being done in America today.”
    Boykin laid out a step-by-step plan he says is the model of how Fidel Castro instituted Marxism in Cuba, Mao Zedong in China, Stalin in Russia and Hugo Chavez in Venzeula:
    1.Nationalize major sectors of the economy
    2.Redistribute wealth
    3.Discredit opposition
    4.Censors opposing viewpoints
    5.Control gun ownership
    6.Develop a constabulary force to control civilian population

    1. robert August 12, 2012

      You idiots are so drunk on the red menace, even after the fail of communism, you go around like chicken little crying the sky is falling, the sky is falling. You’re so stupid, its incredible! You fools should say something sensible or keep the air fresh by keeping your mouths shut!

      1. gpo1913 August 12, 2012

        I notice you didn’t dispute anything that Retired Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin said. He has studied the effects and of Marxism/Socialism/Communism.Why do you believe one person so easily (obama) , who has embraced our enemies and pushed our allies away.All of obama’s mentors were either Marxism/Socialism/Communism. These are just my opinions but facts. Do you read the information? Or just chalk it up as being untrue. . Obama’s Father Wrote About Socialism – His father wrote a paper called “Problems With Our Socialism” that advocates 100% taxation of the rich, communal ownership of land and the forced confiscation of privately controlled land. Source: Greg Ransom, PrestoPundit,
        Obama’s Mother Was a “Communist Sympathizer” – ” Friends describe her as a “fellow traveler”, that is, a communist sympathizer, from her youth, according to a March 27, 2007, Chicago Tribune report” Source: Spengler, Asia Times “The values she taught me continue to be my touchstone when it comes to how I go about the world of politics – Barack Obama” Source: Tim Jones, Chicago Tribune,
        Obama’s Teen Mentor was Frank Marshall Davis (a known CPUSA member) – “…through Frank Marshall Davis, Obama had an admitted relationship with someone who was publicly identified as a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). The record shows that Obama was in Hawaii from 1971-1979, where, at some point in time, he developed a close relationship, almost like a son, with Davis, listening to his poetry and getting advice on his career path. But Obama, in his book, Dreams From My Father, refers to him repeatedly as just Frank.” Source: Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in the Media “Kathryn Takara of the University of Hawaii, who wrote a dissertation on the life of Frank Marshall Davis, confirming Davis was a significant influence on Obama when the senator attended Punahou prep school in Hawaii from 1975 to 1979” Source: Jim Corsi, WorldNetDaily based on Communism in Hawaii and the Obama Connection (Cliff Kincaid and Herbert Romerstein ). This is only part but I’m sure you won’t believe it.

        1. Dave_dido August 15, 2012

          So, GPO, are you saying that we should be judged based upon something that our parents did or said, or upon the actions or thoughts of someone that we happened to be acquainted with? That sounds just a little unfair to me. Some might even say it sounds illogical. So what direct evidence do you or Lt.General Boykins have? You know, something that President Obama himself did or said.

  69. James Spruce August 12, 2012

    mitt romney …is dishonest, a liar, and a cheat!
    he wants my vote, so he can steal my toilet paper if he wins!

  70. Davekzy1 August 12, 2012

    Not enough of a lead to prevent a republican theft.

  71. Robert P. Robertson August 12, 2012

    Romney sees his dream of finishing the Bush/Cheney destruction of the American economy going up in smoke, so he pulled a rabbit from his hat. That’s all Ryan is, a hippity-hoppity fluffy tailed rabbit. He is one of the ringleaders of the mean, aggressive, man-eating Republicans who are filabustering, stalmating, and blocking bills and proposals set forth by the Obama/Biden administration to move America forward and create jobs for Americans.Their platform is to cut basic services for the sick, the elderly, the unemployed, the homeless, and the helpless and pass those savings to their super-PACs and CEO’s. They are snobbish, rude, elitist pigs who would tell us “I don’t have to answer to you! Kiss my ass!” We have elected these people to represent us, and we pay them from the taxes we all pay for that representation. We are their bosses, they are not our bosses! We should remind Romney/Ryan of that in November.

  72. billy August 12, 2012

    To all veterans and future veterans, a vote for Romney will end all that is good for our soldiers who risk their lives for our country and to have uncertainty about what happens to them after and if they come home. Ending Medicare will surely trickle down to ending benefits that our veterans must have when needed. Economics can be fixed, but denying our people medical attention is an inhumane way to do it. We have to look at this long term and remember some pretty smart people set these guidelines and principles for us and they have last a long time. Lets think about what is good for each other and not just ourselves or one particular group. America is still the best place to live in the world and that has not come by accident.

  73. rae August 12, 2012

    The American people are very Strong and Sound minded. Romney has already sold himself to the highest bidders, and if he is elected, he will fulfill all of the I.O.U.’s he has signed to his greedy rich doners who wants to buy America. He is misinformed, if he thinks that America, and her citizens will be put on an auction block for the highest bidder to rule US with their greedy thumbs. Stupid is not our middle name, “UNITED” is. -We will continue to move forward, growing stronger day by day. MR. Romney I’m sorry, but there are somethings that your money just can’t buy. AND–That’s– “WE THE PEOPLE”

  74. jerrimyers August 13, 2012

    That is wonderful news for America!

  75. Rev Jim August 13, 2012

    Any working person voting for Rmoney /Ryan is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

  76. makeredhappy August 30, 2012

    We can only pray that these polls are close to being right! Republicans will end life as we know it, no more Medicare/Medicaid/SSI/safety nets….and face it, at some point in our lives, we ALL use these “entitlements”….that we PAID for remember!! And remember how hateful and anti-women’s rights the Republicans are! The Republicans did nothing in Congress for 3+ years, voting against anything the Dems put together but never brought up their own alternative plan. Remember this when you vote in November!!! We all lose if Republicans win, even on a local level, which is where it all starts!!

  77. covetail September 7, 2012

    With the downhills that America is facing, it is a matter of time when government will find a way to overcome. When it did, it will become the rule of thumb for other countries in trouble to follow. Healthcare, education, family ties, work unions, and even political plays. Should American succeed with the old american spirits in the forefathers, the rest of the world will admonish and follow, Spain, Italy, etc..


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