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New Year’s Resolutions For Turning Trump Into A ‘Loser’

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New Year’s Resolutions For Turning Trump Into A ‘Loser’


As we begin 2017, the question of how to face the prospect of our first demagogue president leaves me searching the Earth, mostly through Google, for what to do next. We failed in our responsibility to keep this man from power. Now I pray for the wisdom and strength to help limit that power as much as possible — and I’m not sure I even believe that prayer works.

Actually, I’m not even sure advice works.

“I always pass on good advice,” Oscar Wilde once said. “It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself.”

Will Rogers just said, “Never miss a good chance to shut up.”

But shutting up sounds like a terrible idea right now.

New Year’s resolutions are probably the only kind of useful advice there is — they’re the advice that we give to ourselves. Statistically, such resolutions are almost useless. We usually break them in weeks, if not days or hours. But if there’s anything that 2016 has taught us, it’s this time can be different. Also: It really can happen here.

So these are the resolutions I’ll do my best to honor in 2017. I hope you’ll find them useful as you do your best, which I’m sure will be better than mine.

1. Think of the people Trump will hurt. 
I’m so liberal I don’t even want Trump voters to lose their health insurance. A lot of people disagree with this sentiment and want to see these voters get what they voted for. And I get the urge to let them stew. But the problem is we’re all in this together. You can’t take away Trump voters’ health insurance or Medicare as we know it without taking it away from millions of others, including ourselves. And you can’t take it away from Trump voters without taking it away from their kids and parents who didn’t buy Trump’s promise that he will replace Obamacare with “something terrific,” or his barely questioned pledge to protect Medicare. America already spends more money than any other nation on health care and we’re the only developed nation that leaves millions uninsured. The GOP is about to make those problems far worse — and people will die because of their decisions. Which means  Trump’s broken promises will be a huge asset in winning back the states he barely won.

2. Be humble.
No one knows for sure how to beat Donald Trump. Everyone he directly opposed saw their popularity crash and reputation slandered. Replaying 2016 is necessary to figure out how to win in 2018 and 2020. We need to figure out what went wrong and what we stand for, without letting the recriminations tear us apart. Yet we don’t know know whether Trump is our Berlusconi, our Putin, or something much worse.

3. Be careful not to help him.
You don’t have to retweet Trump. In fact, you probably shouldn’t. “When you repeat Trump, you help Trump,” UC Berkeley Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics George Lakoff writes. “You do this by spreading his message wide and far.” Focusing the debate on the issues normalizes the debate and give us a chance to frame the arguments we want to make.

3. Fight with your friends, not with your friends.
Something pretty amazing happened in Michigan this winter, after Trump became the first Republican presidential candidate to win the state since 1988. Progressives backed Republicans down from a series of far right measures that would have sped up their effort to turn this purple state red — an objective Republicans eagerly pursued after Mitt Romney lost the state by 9.5 percent in 2012. How did it happen? “To fight back, a broad coalition of unions was formed to organize an aggressive lame duck strategy,” Ron Bieber, president of the Michigan AFL-CIO, wrote. The Tea Party was the culmination of a four decade-long effort to astroturf a movement that could overwhelm the power of organized labor. But the left still has the bones of the institutions that built the middle class, if not the meat. Building on those alliances is a shortcut toward a popular democratic uprising against Trump.

4. Be mindful of how totalitarianism builds.
“The problem, the personal problem, was not what our enemies did, but what our friends did,” wrote Hannah Arendt, the Jewish philosopher who escaped Nazi Germany and coined the concept of “the banality of evil.” As she recalled, “Friends ‘coordinated’ or got in line.”

5. Go outside.
Arendt also wrote: “Totalitarian government, like all tyrannies, certainly could not exist without destroying the public realm of life, that is, without destroying, by isolating men, their political capacities.” Social media is no substitution for activism — and if it feels as if it is, it’s probably worse than doing nothing. Showing up at meetings, knocking on doors and speaking out in places where other humans can actually hear your voice, no matter how small the crowd, is part of keeping democracy alive.

6. Recognize that Republicans have gerrymandered reality.
Yes, this is going to be hard. Trump barely won, yet he could become the most powerful Republican president since before the Great Depression. He will be greeted by a Congress that has been gerrymandered for his pleasure, along with GOP control in the states unlike anything we’ve seen in 80 years. Add to that a stolen Supreme Court seat and a chance to appoint as many as three more justices. Republicans have foundations, think tanks, and a media complex unlike anything on the left. Trump’s agenda has become pat conservatism with some untested trade policies. The right probably will go along with anything he does and support it with massive resources, as long as he gives them the tax breaks, regulation slashing, and Supreme Court picks they want.

7. Do practical things, like make a Google alert for your Member of Congress.
Add your Member of Congress’ phone number to your phone contacts. Heck, why not your state representatives, too! There’s a ton of practical advice in this inspiring guide — Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.

8. Remind yourself that we don’t know how bad this is going to get.
Giving up is not an option but we have to face the reality that we have no idea how Trump will use the powers of the presidency. If he uses them the way he uses his Twitter account, he’ll callously destroy lives with lies and calumny — and zero consequences. Who knows how our institutions will hold up? But we still have a Constitution. If you get arrested, the only words you need to say are, “I want to speak to a lawyer.”

9. Be sure to remind people that Trump is a minority president.
There are more of us than of them. Millions more. Pointing out that Trump is the biggest popular vote loser ever elected president in modern American history isn’t just good for morale, it helps chip away at the right-wing appeal to dominance upon which he has constructed his entire appeal. So make a resolution to call him “Mr. Minority President.” Say it loudly, proudly, and often.

10. Take care of yourself and the people you love. And keep it.

IMAGE: Via Donkey Hotey



  1. dbtheonly December 26, 2016

    Downloaded the Guide, thanks.

    Typical good advice, again, thanks.

    Not sure the, “I want a lawyer” line from #8 will hold up.

    The 60’s movie asked the question, who’s afraid of Virginia Wolfe? The current question is “Who’s afraid of Donald Trump”?

    The answer remains the same.

    1. sigrid28 December 26, 2016

      Just a little bone to pick with you: “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” is about the craven lifestyle of the academic elite: professors and assistant professors behaving badly. Also, the title is a slur against a woman author whose works take a little more than a sixth-grade education to appreciate. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of misogyny and anti-intellectualism to last a lifetime. You’re right about one thing: Trump is actually the polar opposite of Virginia Woolf in every way.

      1. dbtheonly December 26, 2016

        I’m afraid you credit me with far too much erudition. I saw the movie once and was confused as to the point, as well as put off by the character’s behavior. Perhaps the movie made more sense if one was familiar with Ms. Wolfe’s works. Which I’m not. At all.

        The one thing that has stuck with me is Elizabeth Taylor drunkenly singing, “Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolfe?” Richard Burton coldly answers, “I am Baby, I am.”

        So, who’s afraid of Donald Trump?
        I am, Baby, I am.

  2. charleo1 December 26, 2016

    Turning Trump into a loser is like a turning a rapists into a pervert. Done. Keeping Trump from making losers out of Americans, out of us all will be much harder. There is strength in numbers, so we must stick together.

    1. sigrid28 December 26, 2016

      Those of us who can should subscribe to reputable newspapers, local and national.

    2. idamag December 26, 2016

      Yes, begin supporting those entities. We will need them like we have never needed them before.

    3. Jim Samaras December 27, 2016

      I believe he will charleo. Why not a wait and see attitude?

  3. Godzilla December 26, 2016

    No need to worry about the Russian’s, Chinese, North Korean’s or Iranian’s, we have Progressive Liberal’s right here in the US that are our enemies. Happy New Year Loser’s. Maybe at some point you will realize your agenda has been rejected, although I doubt many of you are bright enough to figure it out.

    1. charleo1 December 26, 2016

      Mr. minority president. How N. Korean is that?

    2. timmfr30 December 26, 2016

      minority views….sad you are

    3. johninPCFL December 26, 2016

      Sure don’t have to worry about the Russians. Agent Orange has already moved several overt Russian apologists into his administration.

    4. old crow December 26, 2016

      Maybe you will wake up and see that you have been conned if you are bright enough..

      1. idamag December 26, 2016

        He isn’t bright enough. He is resting on his high school laurels as a football player. Any high school teacher can tell you about the football players.

        1. old crow December 26, 2016

          One of those guys in a time warp, never left high school easily duped..

    5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 26, 2016

      An idiotic response, not surprising, from someone who rarely thinks critically—just a lot of reptilian reactionary posts. I see you’re all set for 2017 to increase your slide into irrelevancy. Not one ounce of spiritual virtues remains in your carcass, Godzilla. That nickname truly fits you–more than the movie screen creature.
      Is it true that your only achievement in life was as a high school football player?
      That would explain your extremely limited intellect.

  4. Dr. Samuel Taddesse December 26, 2016

    Trump is already a loser. Anybody who takes his daughter as a mistress is a loser.

  5. PatrickHenry December 26, 2016

    The sore losers already want President Trump to be a loser when he isn’t even in office yet. Hateful & intolerant Socialists, apparently don’t want to make America Great Again. They don’t want more good jobs, healthy companies, secured borders, less expensive & better health care, or more responsible government. You still don’t get it that almost the entire Country had rejected Obama, Hillary and their failed policies. Take away Los Angeles & N.Y. City, a few big miserable, government dependent large cities, & you have nothing.

    1. xian December 26, 2016

      he already isa loser, the most unpopular elected president simce 1824, a minority president.

      good luck taking away the cities that generate the wealth that pays for your welfare.

      1. PatrickHenry December 26, 2016

        Maybe your wish of California seceding from the US will come through, a State that is draining Millions from the rest of Americans. Half of California is Illegal.

        1. 788eddie December 26, 2016

          But economically, they are very healthy, thank you. (unlike many of the so-called “red states”).

          1. PatrickHenry December 26, 2016

            I believe Texas is far superior. We also aren’t discussing part-time, low-wage jobs, government jobs, or Illegal Alien jobs.

          2. JPHALL December 26, 2016

            The fact is that Texas has less than half the economic might of California. Try again.

          3. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            Again, you are referring to California as a whole, but there are large pockets of overpopulated, government dependent people.

          4. JPHALL December 28, 2016

            Name one state that does not have the same!

          5. PatrickHenry December 28, 2016

            Most States have one or two large cities where there are many government dependent people & Illegals, but California, NY & Chicago are the worst. Chicago just had 61 shootings over the Christmas weekend, nice huh?

          6. JPHALL December 28, 2016

            What does that have to do with a state’s economy. I do not know where you live, nor care, but large cities have large problems North or South. The press never covers them all. Just check the police postings for a shock. I live in a small town which for a few years out did New York and Los Angeles for murders.

          7. charleo1 December 26, 2016

            And from that statement, I can tell you don’t live in Texas. Where we have plenty of low wage, part time, jobs, held by millions of uninsured Texans. Most just scraping by with their children. Much like their millions of undocumented counterparts in the wonderful Lone Star State. Picking cotton, and corn, and watermelon, working construction, and mowing the spacious lawns of the corporate CEOs of the Texas oil barons. Along with the generously funded Republican politicians. Who allow their benevolent masters free reign to pollute, cheat, and gouge the public at every turn. While happily laying their own bills off on a smaller, and smaller number of the struggling Middle Class. Superior? Nope. You don’t live in Texas.

          8. 788eddie December 26, 2016

            The fact remains that if you want to see the blue states, look at the top prformers economically; if you want to see those states in the worst economic condition, look at the bottom.

            As one who resides in a blue state, I do bear some resentment toward having my tax dollars support the red states when they could to much better if their politicians followed better policies.

          9. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            Images for map of US according to economic health

          10. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            Connecticut. Connecticut ranks as the No. 10 worst state in America to make a living in 2015, despite improving by five spots this year. …
            Rhode Island. Residents looking to flee Connecticut may want to think twice before considering its neighbor, Rhode Island. …
            South Dakota. …
            Montana. …
            California. …
            Vermont. …
            West Virginia. …
            More items…
            10 worst states in America to make a living in 2015 – USA Today

          11. jmprint December 27, 2016

            Texas does well because of the diversity.

          12. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            According to you, but can you verify just how?

          13. jmprint December 27, 2016

            Patrick, you can’t tell me anything about Texas, that I don’t already have first hand experience. Aren’t you a New Yorker? A CPA?

          14. PatrickHenry December 26, 2016

            California is ranked 32nd., NY 29th. NJ 34th. Best States are: Utah, Texas, Minn., NC, Col. etc. So we see clearly where the problems are.

          15. JPHALL December 26, 2016

            Based on what? The Chamber of Commerce? Not quality of life. That is why California is first in population and economics. People have voted with their feet.

          16. 788eddie December 26, 2016

            Ranked how??? Economically both New York and California are powerhouses! Texas is also doing rather well, unless you’re measuring things like access to health services for women, or public school education, where Texas is also in the lowest third.

          17. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            Just do further research and don’t believe liberal, pro-Democrat media like CNN or MSNBC.

          18. 788eddie December 28, 2016

            “Just do further research?” No, Patrick. How about an alternative; YOU site reliable sources (other than “the Fox Hole.”

          19. PatrickHenry December 28, 2016

            Most of your Liberal Media has already been proven to be either misleading or outright lies. CNN had to fire people for being “caught” in corruption, and the DNC had to fire 2 top spokeswomen for lying.

          20. 788eddie December 28, 2016

            And Fox just rewarded them for creating what later proves to be fake news stories.

            BTW, I am and always have been a registered Republican; I’m just not a member of the “rabid-right.”

          21. PatrickHenry December 28, 2016

            To Leftists, any normal, Constitutional Conservative seems “rabid-right” to you.

          22. 788eddie December 28, 2016

            To people like you, the Constitution only applies to others, but not When you boy Donnie tears it up, nope then it’ okay.

            What hypocracy!

          23. PatrickHenry December 31, 2016

            We have seen what Obama thinks of OUR Constitution. He uses the Supreme Court for Socialist legislation. Thank God he, and Hillary are gone.

          24. 788eddie January 1, 2017

            And who says all socialism is bad? Social Security, which i have paid into for decades, is a form of socialism, as is unemployment insurance and Medicare. These programs have probably saved countless lives in our country. I see that as a good thing.

            If you review the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, you may easily see what may be referred to as socialist aspects.

          25. PatrickHenry January 2, 2017

            Are you talking about the S.S. & Medicare that is going bankrupt? Even though it is OUR money the government is taking and then telling when & how much we get back? And when we die early, all of the money goes back to the Government? Nice Socialism.
            Didn’t Jesus Christ condemn homosexuality, same-sex marriage, sucking from the government tit?

          26. 788eddie January 2, 2017

            Now you’re being just like radical Muslims that distort tenants of their religion to justify foul actions that God does not support. Love thy neighbor, except for those who are different; those you may kill?

            Why don’t you and those radical Muslims just duke it out out; you’re both the enemies of humanity.

          27. PatrickHenry January 2, 2017

            Ahh eddie, it is YOUR Democrat-Socialist Party, with both Hillary & Obama, that wants Hundreds of Thousands of unvetted Muslims entering our Country. You constantly contradict the policies that you voted for. All I remember is how you all bitch ed because Trump, & most of Americans, wanted them helped in their own similar coubtries, not here.

          28. 788eddie January 2, 2017

            I wish you had read and were able to understand my last post, Patrick, but it may have been too deep for you.

            BTW, They’re not my Democrat Party; as I said before, I’m a registered Republican.

            I am NOT, however a right-wing traitorous flake like yourself. The sooner we get to ship your slimy racist a_ _holes out of our country, the better our country will be. Your kind has even managed to turn the lofty term “patriot” into another slimy dog-whistle for “white-male who can’t accept people who are different.”

            Truly sad, Patrick. Truly sad.

          29. PatrickHenry January 3, 2017

            Obvious anti-White comment by you. After the last election, we can only hope all the Socialists that said they will leave OUR Country, will actually do so. But when the SHTF, most know they have it too good right here, no matter how much they whine!

          30. 788eddie January 3, 2017

            I don’t count you as part of “OUR” country, Patrick; I see you as part of the extreme right-wing cancer that has to be removed. I’m hoping and praying that, after the current GOP implodes, the moderates will once again be able to rebuild to make the Republican Party into the honorable organization that it once was.

          31. PatrickHenry January 3, 2017

            Lol, poor cupcake, considers anyone that supports following OUR Laws an “extreme right-wing cancer.” You must be some form of non-mainstream character. WELL Nancy, we will finally be fundamentally Transforming OUR Country back. WE ain’t going anywhere.

          32. 788eddie January 4, 2017

            Wanna bet, Traitor?

        2. xian December 26, 2016

          derp. i’m not for secession but we contribute more to the rest of US and the red states than we get back. Your bed wetting about “illegals” is sad.

          1. PatrickHenry December 26, 2016

            Your gullible, misinformed comment is meaningless. Though you believe since a large State has a large economy, they are one of the worst States fiscally sound. They rank 44th. Other low rankings are Illinois & NY. They have massive debt. Perhaps when many Illegals are deported, things will improve some, but there are many problems regardless, because of Socialist policies.

          2. xian December 27, 2016

            that’s cute that you are parroting “gullible” now.

            states can’t carry debt, silly. Your sentences are borderline illiterate but I recognize the talking points you are trying to recall and formulate as if in your words. They are bullshit of course but the way you put it they also make no sense.

            i hope you do stay away from our socialistic hellhole. you’d really
            hate it here lol.

          3. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            Of course I haven’t any intentions of visiting your overpopulated hellhole. “States can’t carry debt?” Are you insane? Of course they do, you are a pure mis-information meister to fool fellow Liberals.

        3. charleo1 December 26, 2016

          I think CA is the World’s 5th largest economy. So, MS. is what now, compared to Zimbabwe?

          1. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            You are referring to California as a whole, whereas some parts of the State are very healthy while large overpopulated areas are not.

          2. charleo1 December 27, 2016

            You’re making broad assumptions about economic policy.

      2. Jim Samaras December 27, 2016

        You’re biggest fear should be that the gimmiedats in your district will be beating down your door when the benefits disappear instead of applying for the jobs that will be made available in a Trump administration.

        1. xian December 28, 2016


          and I live in Palo Alto. We have plenty of jobs here, thanks, and we vote overlwhelmingly for Democrats.

          You’re (see how it works?) living in a bubble of ignorance.

          1. Jim Samaras December 28, 2016

            Of course you do, you live in a city of ignorance. When it happens you’ll realize the mistake you’ve been making all along. If yours is a sanctuary city those jobs will be in jeopardy very soon when the federal funds stop flowing

            Thank you for pointing out my mistake, btw

          2. xian December 28, 2016

            lol. your words are 99% projection. please stay away from hellhole california. you’d hate it here what with all the illegals running everything. also please stop using the computer equipment and internet systems we built thanks bye.

    2. Diane December 26, 2016

      I strongly recommend you diversify your source of news, especially your source of FACTS. EVERYONE with a brain knows that Hillary received nearly 3 mil more votes than Trump. And most of those know that Obama has extremely high approval rating, higher than GW for sure…….So all the LIES told by you and your right-wing Republican ilk have NOT persuaded “almost the entire country” to reject either Hillary, Obama or their WINNING POLICIES that helped bring the US out of recession created by the Repubs stupid tax break for billionaires and trickle down economics, and kept us safer than any other country in the world.

      1. PatrickHenry December 26, 2016

        Awake from your nightmare & check out how RED the map of ALL the USA is, not just a few overcrowded, governnent-dependent, crime-ridden large cities.

        1. Diane December 26, 2016

          Like I said – diversify. Apparently you are looking at a Bannon map if you see all red. Better still – check as many sources as you can find and you’ll confirm that Hillary had nearly 3 mil more votes than Trump, in spite of Russia’s and Repub FBI interference.

          1. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            Those masses are concentrated in a few overpopulated, poverty-ridden areas, hardly a way to represent the rest of the U.S.

          2. jmprint December 27, 2016

            Well then why don’t we just allow everyone to run our country as Brownback has done for Kansas, since you brag so much.

          3. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            And what are the problems of Kansas?

          4. jmprint December 27, 2016

            Oh I see, you really don’t keep up with politics, do you?

          5. timmfr30 December 27, 2016

            yes, you and your ilk want to pick and choose your fellow citizens..you are a cancer on our democracy…open your mind…feel the love

          6. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            Absolutely not, it is the Democrat Party that goes out of their way to Fundamentally Transform America into something different, because they hate the way America IS! And of course we do not want to pick Illegals, who are in OUR Country by the Millions. Get it?

          7. timmfr30 December 27, 2016

            wow…i have to block you…you are in trumps dugout….wow

          8. PatrickHenry December 28, 2016

            My Mustang is a fantastic AMERICAN car, what are you driving, a Prius? LMAO.

          9. Jim Samaras December 27, 2016

            Uh oh! Now you’re being blocked by a snowflake that just can’t hear your hate. Must have run out of crayons and play doh.

          10. PatrickHenry December 28, 2016

            I just blocked his sorry ass as well. Lol

          11. Diane December 27, 2016

            You are pathetic bigot. Even if only poor people voted, their votes count as much as your rural redneck racists.

          12. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            You “completely” missed the point and the train of previous conversations, most likely purposely so you can scream the familiar “bigot” term. We were discussing heavy concentrations of people, many Illegal, many poor and on government dependency, etc. which would cause them to vote for the Party that promises them more stuff or to allow them to remain here ILLEGALLY and even vote. This causes large sections of the rest of America to not be represented. You just proved that YOU are the racist bigoted one by your Rural Redneck comment. Thanks for showing us that so Clearly.

          13. Jim Samaras December 27, 2016

            You are indeed a brave patriot to enter this hallowed hall to preach sense to the many “useful idiots” on this board. Bigots and sexists all of us….lol

          14. dtgraham December 28, 2016

            No, you’re not all bigots and sexists. You’re just all low information, political know-nothings, who are out of touch with reality.

            Brave patriot? What’s this low-information, imbecilic brand of conservatism = patriotism, all about? You all spout it. What were FDR, the Kennedy’s, LBJ, Obama, etc…? Foreign traitors?

          15. PatrickHenry December 28, 2016

            Yes, it is challenging but may cause some to think, without being brainwashed by mostly ALL Leftists.Just like Leftie College Professors pushing their crap on impressionable young minds, which is reprehensible.

          16. dtgraham December 29, 2016

            Sure pal, now tell me again how Dodd-Frank existed between 2006 and 2008 and caused the financial meltdown. Explain it again.

          17. PatrickHenry December 29, 2016

            There goes that public “education” again. If you could read and comprehend correctly you would see the years 2008-2009.

          18. dtgraham December 29, 2016

            Wrong again Buckeroo.

            H.R.4173 – Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act111th Congress (2009-2010).

            Introduced 12/02/09. Became law 07/21/10. Committee Reports: H. Rept. 111-517 (Conference Report)
            Latest Action: 07/21/2010 Became Public Law No: 111-203. (TXT | PDF) (All Actions)
            Roll Call Votes: There have been 25 roll call votes

            This bill has the status Became Law

            Here are the steps for Status of Legislation:

            Passed House
            Passed Senate
            Resolving differences
            To President
            Became law

          19. PatrickHenry December 31, 2016

            Like my other posts, Dodd-Frank created the subprime loan disaster in 2008-9, then AFTER the economy collapsed, they tried to fix their mess with the Dodd-Frank Consumer Act. Two different things!

          20. dtgraham January 2, 2017

            What?? You mean Chris Dodd and Barney Frank personally as individuals? If you’re talking about the short term Home Valuation Code of Conduct, that didn’t come into existence until May 1st 2009 and was the predecessor to Dodd-Frank. So, that didn’t create the subprime loan disaster either. Dodd-Frank didn’t come along until July 2010 and, therefore, also had nothing to do with it.

            The intended purpose of the HVCC was to protect appraiser independence and prevent pressure from being applied to appraisers to produce a desired property value. Ultimately, those safeguards were intended to protect consumers and bring more integrity to real estate valuation.

          21. PatrickHenry January 3, 2017

            Already explained the difference on how Dodd-Frank created the sub-prime loan disaster and the Dodd-Frank Act of 2009 to try and correct it.

          22. dtgraham January 3, 2017

            Lovely. Now if you’ll just explain how something can create present day problems, when that something won’t even exist until sometime into the future.

        2. timmfr30 December 27, 2016

          ha! you contradict yourself…yes the cities are overcrowded—because they don’t want to live with bigots like you! The sparsely populated states are where ignorant people vote against their own interests…so sad…the majority will triumph…and don’t worry, we are not vengeful…we will bring you along…love trumps hate

          1. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            No contradiction, Millions of people leave those overcrowded, crime-ridden cities & States to escape the terrible conditions.

          2. Jim Samaras December 27, 2016

            Most cannot due to their poor economic situation but alas, help is on the way!

          3. Druidjr22 December 27, 2016

            Thank you for saying that, most of Americans constantly vote against their Best interests because of ignorance and their need to force their social agenda on others. But financially? They are all much better off with a progressive as President

          4. timmfr30 December 27, 2016

            and thank you for that—-we can persevere

    3. timmfr30 December 26, 2016

      wow…bubble boy is that you? you will be one of his ‘casualties’ soon….I just hope we, the majority, can survive it……

    4. charleo1 December 26, 2016

      I’ve always wanted to be 6’5 and have the body of a Greek God. Think Trump can deliver that too? Honestly, I believe you ought to check just who is supporting who in this share and share alike Country we live in. Before you go “taking away,” the contributor cities and States like LA. and NY. Or dismiss the 2.9 million more votes Clinton received to defeat the great pus#@y grabber. That these millions have in no way changed their minds. Just remember that while you’re jumping around like an idiot.

      1. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

        But cities like Chicago, LA, & NY may have big businesses and wealth, but they are mostly flooded with overpopulated masses of government dependent people, Illegals, and poverty.

        1. charleo1 December 27, 2016

          If that were true that would make you, and the trickle down theorists and their budget busting tax cuts for the rich, correct. And the Democrats with their middle out, tax the top, help the poor, Kenyan economics wrong. But gosh, the facts, and numbers by the State say, unless you’re worth at least 10 million, you’re being lied to. Now how does that make you feel? Kinda stupid I’m betting.

          1. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            Yes, we have seen how 8 years under Obama & the Democrat-Socialist Party helped lift-up so many people. Wonderful UNaffordable Obamacare, poverty, food stamps, unemployment. Trump’s focus on getting more businesses to stay here, and to come back here, thus creating Millions of new jobs, inner-city help with Dr. Ben Carson, ridding the US of the drain of Millions of criminal Illegals, which he has Already done even before being sworn in.

          2. jmprint December 27, 2016

            Yes, he did lift us up and out of recession and avoided a depression, with no help from the republican side. You just wait and see, after your gang shuts down ACA, you will notice the benefits. Your insurance rates are not going down, they have always been on upward spiral since before ACA. Trump has done nothing, that Pence should have already none to keep Carrier in Indiana. Pence is a weak governor, and he sucks as a christian. Trumpf is not going to create millions of jobs, you live in a bubble and shouldn’t brag unless it happens. Trump will do good in the oil business, and ruin our country. How is Carson going to help ridding the US. Homeland is ALREADY getting rid of criminal illegals, that has been their main focus, Trump has shifted that focus on hurting good working families who add to benefits to our society and have been here longer than Lady Tramp.

          3. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            Dr. Carson is Head of HUD, and he came from the projects, but he became very successful in spite of it. With his intelligence and empathy, he is a great choice. Trump has stated over and over his priority helping inner cities and poor rural areas.

          4. jmprint December 27, 2016

            Yes, buy kicking them out of a home, after they can’t afford the monthly payment. What is going to do hire a firing squad to rid the poor.

          5. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            So negative, how has the Democrats solved THAT problem? Maybe having JOBS instead of Government Dependency would lessen the mess.

          6. jmprint December 27, 2016

            They would have jobs, if it wasn’t for the trick down, that never happened.

          7. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            Reagan’s trickle down from 30 years ago??? Democrats had control of most of our Government for decades.

          8. jmprint December 27, 2016

            Think about this, every time we have a Democrat as President, we are either in a surplus or not in recession.

          9. PatrickHenry December 28, 2016

            Many times in wars as well. And do you blame the President or Congress?

          10. Druidjr22 December 27, 2016

            Trickle down ruined us, the downward spiral started with Reagan

          11. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            You Democrats ALWAYS fail to mention that the Democrats had COMPLETE control of Both houses of Congress during President Bush’s last 2 years, and THEY created the financial “crisis” because of their insane Democrat, Dodd-Frank Subprime Prime Loan fiasco, that caused the banks to fail, then the useless stimulus of wasted Billions.

          12. jmprint December 27, 2016

            NOPE, the two unfunded wars created the large deficit. It was the stimulus that kept us from depression. Dodd-Frank wasn’t the culprit, it was greedy people like Steven Mnuchin.

          13. PatrickHenry December 28, 2016

            Incorrect as usual, with blaming the wealthy . At the time housing market was sky-high, & the government gave out risky loans. Many went to people that never should have been given these irresponsible loans. They were greedy as well as irresponsible. These loans couldn’t be paid back, causing the recession. Actually, the economy during Bush’s first 6 years was doing very well even with the 911 attacks & Katrina.

          14. dtgraham December 28, 2016

            Dodd-Frank wasn’t signed into federal law until July 21st, 2010. That was long after the subprime loan fiasco and it was designed to prevent another one, you political imbecile.

            How could you not know that Dodd-Frank didn’t exist prior to Obama and, therefore, obviously couldn’t have had anything to do with the subprime crisis. How could you not know that?

          15. PatrickHenry December 28, 2016

            Still trying to brainwash your low-info liberal friends again? Dodd-Frank messed with President Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act creating subprime loans to risky borrowers, causing the great recesdion of 08-09. Another fiasco csused by career Democrat Socialists for votes. Quit listening to Liberal spin-meisters. You foolishly talk about 2010 Dodd-Frank policies that tried to fix the mess THEY created from happening again.

          16. dtgraham December 29, 2016

            How did Dodd-Frank “mess” with Carter’s CRA since Dodd-Frank didn’t exist until 33 years after the CRA?

            Congress passed the Community Reinvestment Act in 1977 only to reduce discriminatory credit practices against low-income neighbourhoods. That was a practice known as redlining.

            The Act instructed the appropriate federal financial supervisory agencies to encourage regulated financial institutions to help meet the credit needs of the local communities in which they are chartered, but only if the loans were consistent with safe and sound operation.

            How would that (with the help of the future post-crisis Dodd-Frank) have caused the financial meltdown THIRTY-ONE YEARS after it’s passage?

            Ya think the late 90’s bank de-regulations may have had more to do with it? Like, a lot more? Like, 100%?

            Do you know how stupid and ill-informed you sound? Your grammar and spelling is atrocious. Your logic and reasoning is out orbiting Mars somewhere.

          17. PatrickHenry December 29, 2016

            Again, learn how to read properly before you make a knee-jerk, liberal reaction. I mentioned how the CRA created by Carter, was tinkered with in 2007-8 by Dodd-Frank, creating the subprime loan mess.

          18. dtgraham December 29, 2016

            Wrong again my dense friend. The CRA and Dodd-Frank were completely separate pieces of legislation, separated by 33 years, and intended to do entirely different things. Dodd-Frank didn’t tinker with the CRA.

            Dodd-Frank didn’t get introduced as a bill until 2009 and didn’t become law until 2010, so obviously no 2007-08 tinkering.

            The CRA merely said that a bank must make credit available on the same terms in the neighbourhood that it takes deposits in, as it does for borrowers from other neighbourhoods. That’s all. In other words, a red line can’t be drawn around Harlem, a term that dates to when banks supposedly used coloured pencils to draw no-loan zones on maps.

            The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission found no fault with the Community Reinvestment Act. So, it’s no surprise that in congressional testimony, various experts were asked about the CRA — from former Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairman Sheila Bair to the Federal Reserve’s director of Consumer and Community Affairs — and none blamed the crisis on the CRA.

            It wasn’t Harlem, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit or any other poor, largely minority urban areas covered by the CRA that were the tip of the crisis. The crisis was worst in Florida, Arizona, Nevada and California. The vast majority of the housing collapse took place in the suburbs and exurbs, not the inner cities.

            What’s more, most of the lenders that made the subprime loans that contributed so much to the collapse were private non-bank lenders that weren’t covered by the CRA. Almost 400 of these went bankrupt soon after housing began to wobble.

            Here’s the full pdf Financial Crisis Inquiry Report.

          19. PatrickHenry December 31, 2016

            Once again, Dodd-Frank were responsible for creating the sub-prime loan fiasco, you are talking about the Bill they created AFTER the Yuuge mess they caused.

          20. charleo1 December 27, 2016

            I see how you evidently think the economy was doing great until Obama and the Socialists came in and ruined it all. I’ll file that under your tale and you can sit on it.

          21. PatrickHenry December 28, 2016

            As you can see from this chart, the economy under George W was smoking and unemployment was very low, until the last 2 years because of COMPLETE Democrat Party control of Congress, and the Democrats Dodd-Frank subprime loan fiasco.

          22. charleo1 December 28, 2016

            As long as you hold on to that narrative, you’re going to be wrong.
            The low numbers in unemployment (2004-2005) were revealed by the collapse of the housing market (2008) to have been caused by an over heated economy, built on over leveraged debt, enabled by the easy money, low interest rates set by a Republican Chaired Fed. That is what eventually exploded first in the sub-prime market, then spread throughout the economy as major banks and investment houses failed to cover their losses. Frank Dodd wasn’t in existence until (2009.) The first year since 1994 the Democrats had held majorities in both chambers of Congress.

          23. PatrickHenry December 29, 2016

            Here ya go, this US Gov. chart shows the huge domination by the Democrat-Socialist Party since 1965, if you go back further, they have more control by far than the Republicans, thus our problems.


          24. charleo1 December 29, 2016

            Name for me one Republican leader or politician in the last 100 years that has ever in your estimation done anything by policy, or intent, that has improved the lot of the American labor class. Or in any way made access to the promise of justice, or equality for all, enshrined in our Constitution easier. Or done anything but to get up each morning with the singular goal in mind of seeing to it the already powerful became more powerful. and the rich became even richer at the expense of everyone else. And then, if you care to do so, explain why you, not rich, not connected, not of the monied investor class, would so devotedly believe in that top down tyranny. And support that which is so clearly, and provably not in your best interests.

          25. PatrickHenry December 31, 2016

            Obama certainly didn’t help the average labor class did he? We seen that from the last election.

          26. charleo1 January 1, 2017

            Actually he has helped the average salaried worker. It’s not the Democrat’s fault, not Obama’s doing, the RW has decided to ignorantly elect an overt Fascist who makes a lot of pie in the sky promises he can’t keep. That a lot of stupid people believe Trump
            is going to do for them what they’re too lazy to do for themselves.

          27. PatrickHenry January 2, 2017

            Ahh, how? Unemployment, low-wages, high health care costs from Obamacare, crime, record food-stamps? Why the average worker voted for Trump.

          28. charleo1 January 2, 2017

            How? It’s easy. By simply comparing the economy he found with the economy he’s left behind. You act as though low wages, or rising healthcare costs, crime, which is down by the way, or hair lipped cattle, were unheard of before Obama. Which is literal crap. And what’s more, either you know full well it is, or you’re in need of adult supervision to keep you from being run over in a busy street.
            As to the, “average Trump supporter. Remember he lost the popular vote by an unprecedented margin. But since the election, it has become abundantly clear to me the average voter in this Country lacks the common sense to come in out of the rain. And it all makes me very angry. Because at the end of the day, we’re all in the same boat. So, I, you, and everybody else will wind up paying a very heavy price indeed, for the utter idiocy and poor judgement of average lamebrains like yourself.

          29. PatrickHenry January 2, 2017

            Obama had 8 frickin’ years even if you still blame everything on Bush. Why Obama is just a Blamer, not a Doer. Obama’s “recovery” was worse than the recession. Any you still ignore the Democrat-Socialist Party had Complete control of Both Houses of Congress during Bush’s last 2 years, when Dodd-Frank created the sub-prime loan disaster, where they allowed lenders to give out large loans to people that should never had gotten them. But the Democrat-Socialists thought they would allow low-income people to get a piece of the pie, with the booming housing market. Did’t work, housing went bust. The value of Millions of American’s homes, including mine, dropped big time.

            As for your health care argument, if you think it was high before Obamacare, well, look at it now. Obama & the Democrat-Socialists rammed Obamacare through in the middle of the night, with out ANYONE in Congress knowing what was in it, without ZERO Republican support. It is ENTIRELY on the hands of the Democrat-Socialist Party. Another Failure!

          30. charleo1 January 2, 2017

            Let me just say this. You have no idea what you’re talking about. I may as well try to have a discussion about fine art with a duck. It’s very time consuming, and when you’re done, what have you got?
            The same dumb duck. Quack! The economy’s awful! Quack! It’s all Obama’s doing! Quack Quack!!! Damn Democratic Socialist Party!!!

          31. dtgraham January 2, 2017


          32. PatrickHenry January 3, 2017

            Facts are a bitch, aren’t they?

          33. charleo1 January 3, 2017

            How would you know anything about facts?

          34. PatrickHenry January 2, 2017

            p.s. The last recession that you still blame on Bush, OFFICIALLY ended in 2009, so the rotten economy is completely yours, you Liberals OWN it.

          35. charleo1 January 2, 2017

            P.S. P.H. I’m old enough to personally remember 2009! For Christ’s sake! What is your problem?

          36. PatrickHenry January 3, 2017

            That was only 7 or 8 years ago, maybe you are a gullible youngster.

          37. charleo1 January 3, 2017

            Get off the Right Wing crack, and crack a real book moron.

      2. sigrid28 December 28, 2016

        I have to say, “jumping around like an idiot”–that just made my day.

    5. jmprint December 27, 2016

      You forget that he did not win by big margins in any state, take away Jill’s votes give them to Hillary, things would be different. We are not going to get more better jobs. We will get jobs that are in the oil industry, but that doesn’t affect all of us, in fact it in-turn hurts most of us, with the effects that the oil industry cause with earth quakes and the usages of much needed water resources. The threats of spills into our water systems, it’s not worth the the rich getting richer, and a few garnering good paying jobs.

      1. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

        Jill’s votes? How do you know they would go to Hillary. Just like Hillary & the DNC screwed all of Bernie Sander’s supporters. Don’t you see the light even after that?

        1. jmprint December 27, 2016

          What I do see is that you like to pimp Trumpf, and we know who he is, and what he is not. You can spray a ton of perfume on that skunk, but the stench still penetrates. Can’t you smell the stench?

          1. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            The perfume sprayed on Hillary certainly didn’t help that snake.

          2. jmprint December 27, 2016

            But you can’t smell the stench on trumpf, of course not that’s why you pimp him. Trump is the snake, and as soon as you turn he will bite. Best be careful.

          3. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

            And you asked us to give Obama a chance, which we did against our better judgement at first, but we have seen what happened. You don’t even give Trump a chance, hate him before he is even sworn in. Deplorable?

          4. jmprint December 27, 2016

            Did you forget we voted for him twice, and would vote for him again, if he was able to run.

            What you don’t understand is that President Obama is a gentlemen and a scholar, Trump is a pussie grabber, a fraud and a rapist. You can’t even put them to the same league.

          5. Druidjr22 December 27, 2016

            Well said! I never understood people that wanted new people like them or those they could have an beer with as president…I want someone who is infinitely smarter and better than me as president. Someone like Trump has no business in the Oval Office; President Obama is all the things you said and shame on us for electing a reality star to such a historic and prestigious post.

      2. PatrickHenry December 27, 2016

        Here are some of the jobs ALREADY in the tank even before Trump is sworn in: These are not oil industry jobs. Enough with the wealth hatred.

        Softbank CEO announces US investment, job creation after Trump …
        IBM Lays Out Plans to Hire 25,000 in U.S. Ahead of Trump Meeting …
        Trump to Announce Carrier Plant Will Keep Jobs in U.S. – The New …

        1. jmprint December 27, 2016

          And then then HB2 will be increased.

  6. FT66 December 26, 2016

    I have a feeling Trump’s elected Presidency can’t survive beyond Jan. 6 when the investigation report ordered by Pres. Obama (hacking by Russians) is expected to be out. Not everybody in the country is crazy and can ignore this very burning issue. Never in American history a foreign country had interfered in its General Election and bad act can’t be allowed to continue. For me, thinking about how his presidency will be, is a very, very, very far dream.

    1. sigrid28 December 28, 2016

      Are you saying that you do not think Trump will take office?

  7. yabbed December 26, 2016

    It’s not necessary to go to any effort to make Trump a loser. He’s been a loser from the moment he was hatched.

  8. idamag December 26, 2016

    We have let this totalitarianism get too big to fight. It has taken over our newspapers, television and radio. It is taking over our schools. They will be privatized. In some states it has taken over our penal system. It is trying to privatize our post office.. Our only hope is that when people find they don’t have a big enough safety net, they will realize we were trying to warn them and fight back. Let us hope our young people can see what is happening.

    1. sigrid28 December 28, 2016

      One caveat I try to keep in mind when VOUCHERS seem larger than life is that, as you say, people will eventually see what Ryan and Co. have in mind. Even if legislation passes it takes years to be put into effect–think turning around an ocean liner. In those years, people can come to their senses (though I doubt legislators themselves will). I don’t think many Trump voters will sit back and accept risking their Medicare or Social Security on the stock market by putting earnings in private accounts. I don’t see how the average Jane and Joe will see health savings accounts as a good thing with interest rates so low, even if the income that goes in them is untaxed. Parents will be quick to see the problems that come about with vouchers in education causing the public education option to fail, as children under foot have a way of making their presence known. And I do think the young people who voted Libertarian and for Stein will see the error of their ways–and feel the consequences, unfortunately.

      Sometimes I think that the election of Trump is the last gasp of the racist South before a diverse populace can institute laws that are fair to all. Then I think it is a four-year nightmare from which we might recover.

      My worst fear is that it will take only four years for Trump and the Republicans to weaponize the fossil-fuel companies to rip all of the resources they can from the earth and turn a profit on them, racing to hoard all they possibly can for themselves and their billionaire shareholders before climate change catches up with them. Even if this dystopia does not take place, I doubt that Trump’s presidency will see wealth inequality diminish: The more it grows, the more voters will be impoverished. Perhaps they will finally decide not to vote against their own self-interests, for a change.

  9. Miz Julia December 26, 2016

    I urge everyone to do something very concrete that will be noticed by Trump supporters – hit their bottom line and tell them why. So far I have decided to divest myself of two business people that I had heretofore given my business. I wrote and told them both that I wouldn’t be patronizing their businesses any longer. I wrote a respectful and detailed letter of why I would be leaving. One woman I had been with for 30 years!

    Trump weaponized racism, sexism, xenophobia, hate and and an unprecedented amount of outright lying to garner his support and it’s my belief that these people should feel some modicum of shame for seeing all that and still giving him their support. I also suggested they consume responsible media in the future, as it was clear that they got their talking points and confirmation bias from Fox and other strident RW media outlets that are willing to lie and make up facts.

    1. mary5920 December 26, 2016

      Thanks for doing that. We all have to find ways to contribute to the common good and not give attention and sustenance to that most negative creature.
      I’m thinking that locally I’ll do what I can to keep Nestle from stealing any Oregon water. They’ve been trying to open a bottling plant in the Columbia Gorge town of Cascade Locks for over 7 years and the voters in that county voted to deny them. They’re still pushing for it though. We all need to be water protectors.

  10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 26, 2016

    Judging from how well partisan politics, fake news, and greed have meshed together as a potent force with global impact, I would add that having conversations with strict ground rules regarding nixing partisan references and ideologies in the conversation is something we’re aiming for starting in a few days.
    As well, the conversation was announced as an invitation for polite conversation to find common ground, even though people are expected to show up with differing opinions.
    The meeting will NOT brook grand-standing and forcing a preset agenda down the throats of participants. The event is scheduled to take place in a neutral environment(The Public Library).
    Some of the more deplorable elements in America would say that our ground-rules are just being “Politically Correct”. Well, to you I say—“TOO BAD! THAT’S THE WAY IT’S GOING TO BE IN OUR PART OF THE COUNTRY”.

    (Friends in other parts of the world are actively engaged in similar lines of discussion and activities, in line with the cultural/social/governmental expectations there).

  11. Hoofie_of_Falls December 26, 2016

    Wah! *tears* *sniff sniff* Wah!

  12. Joan Beraldi December 27, 2016

    If your safety net is going to be cut, you have to be more proactive then this article suggests. The American public needs to save like it has never saved before. if you are under the age of 50 the plan is to replace medicare with a voucher. This voucher will not be enough to purchase health insurance. If they voucher medicare it is estimated you will need an additional $8,000 to $15,000 yearly additional savings/investments just to purchase the same medicare that retirees have now.

    1. Jim Samaras December 27, 2016

      Please post a link that promises a voucher to replace medicare, I had not heard that.

      1. RED December 27, 2016

        Hey, have you ever heard of Paul Ryan? He’s this guy in our government, Speaker of the House of Representatives specifically and for years he’s been proposing replacing medicare with vouchers. But as I mentioned in another post, you are not to be taken seriously! Have a nice day!

        1. Jim Samaras December 27, 2016

          As you will see, Ryan will have nothing to say about things. When I hear it from Trumps lips I may be concerned. Wait, watch and learn young Luke Skywalker

          1. RED December 27, 2016

            I can’t help but crack up with each of your comments!!! As I remember you trying to convince everyone what fabulous entrepreneurial businessman you are. And yet unable to discern the most obvious of grifters and con artists. And what exactly is there to watch and learn, you like all sick ignorant Cons have proven that no amount of facts, no amount of proof of the lies and stupidity of both Trump and any ridiculous con claim will open your eyes to the reality. He promised to build a wall? Well, he just meant fences and more security, right? And just like that, the fools that are too ignorant to recognize a con game and a con artist will fall further down the stupid hole.

          2. Jim Samaras December 27, 2016

            You, with the uncanny ability to smell a grifter from a mile away huh? And your qualifications are? How do YOU know at this time what type of wall he’s building? Reality? You wouldn’t know it if it bit you in the a$$

          3. dtgraham December 27, 2016

            At this point, it’s becoming more clear that Trump shares Ryan’s ambitions to dramatically change the current Medicare system. Trump didn’t include Medicare reform on his campaign website, true. Since his election though, “modernize Medicare” has been included on the list of health care priorities on Trump’s transition site. That strongly indicates to me that Ryans’ strong optimism about voucherizing Medicare, after his meeting with Trump, is not unfounded.

            Trump is such an arrogant con-man, that he recently bragged to one of his ‘thank-you’ tour audiences that he really didn’t mean it at all when he said, “drain the swamp.” I saw the video of him doing that, and it wasn’t edited or cut up. That’s where Gingrich probably got the idea when he just said that draining the swamp was off. He may have also spoken with Trump privately. Trump backtracked when Gingrich started making it official.

        1. Jim Samaras December 27, 2016

          Was Paul Ryan elected president in my absence due to being abducted by aliens? What am I missing here? Oh, an announcement by Trump that he’s promising that, I see

          1. dtgraham December 27, 2016

            Do you not know anything? You never seem to even make an effort.

            This is what you said: “Please post a link that promises a voucher to replace medicare, I had not heard that.”

            Ryan has articulated his plans to block grant and voucherize Medicare for years. He announced it with his, “a better way” booklet at the beginning of this October. He’s been talking and writing about this since at least 2011, off the top of my head. Probably earlier. How could you not know that?


            Did you not try the other article links that I provided? I know that you’re incapable of looking anything up online, but can you not read either?

          2. Jim Samaras December 27, 2016

            So I see you put a lot into OPINION pages. The opinion of an herbal tea salesman is good enough for you huh? Ryan is not president-elect. Any opinion from your left wing blogs that seem to know what Trump will do means nothing. When I hear it from his lips that a voucher program will be instituted I will stand corrected

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 27, 2016

            Jim, I see you’ve learned nothing this entire year aside from a desire to provoke, and you’re back to your usual habit of posting nothing substantial, attacking reasonable opinions in response to dubious comments you’ve made, and attracting a lot of of negative feed-back. Way to go, champ.
            Is this the kind of tact and haphazard method of assessing news taught to you at the Lutheran School you attended as a lad??

          4. Jim Samaras December 28, 2016

            An opinion page of something Trump MIGHT do is something substantial Aaron? Of course I’ll attract negative feedback with my opinions on these subjects because of my conservative lean. When he comes out and says a voucher program is on the table for Medicare I’ll stand corrected. My assertion is that Paul Ryan is nothing more than a buffoon to be ignored at this time on this subject

          5. dtgraham December 27, 2016


            … Trump spent most of his campaign promising to leave Medicare untouched. But the transition’s new pledge to “modernize” the program opens the door to premium support and other conservative reforms that were ignored during the campaign. — from Politico.

            Trump’s transition website has launched and now promises reforms to the program, including modernizing Medicare and offering “flexibility” to states’ administering Medicaid for “innovative” solutions. These are vague references at reform, but hint at the kind of reforms the rest of his party — and particularly House Speaker Paul Ryan — has long championed. It also directly contradicts his initial promises not to touch entitlements.

            Current position: Reform Medicaid and Medicare in unspecified ways. — from NBC News.



            There you go, you know nothing.

  13. Will Owen January 3, 2017

    Anyone who doubts that we all tend to have our own reality regardless of any facts we bump into needs to read this whole back-and-forth. On the record, I must correct the author of the piece we’re commenting on: it is NOT the only time we’ve elected a demagogue, or an ignoramus popular with other ignoramuses (ignorami?). That would be Andrew Jackson, a man commonly thought of as a hero of the Common Man. Those of us whose ancestors include a few Common Cherokee men will disagree …


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