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New Yorkers Walk Past Political Bluster Over Bombing

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New Yorkers Walk Past Political Bluster Over Bombing

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (L) and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (R) tour the site of an explosion that occurred on Saturday night in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York, USA,September 18, 2016. REUTERS/Justin Lane/Pool

The explosives going off in the dumpster in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea was not a major terrorist event — except on the TV news channels. No one was killed, fortunately. And thanks to superb police work, a suspect was captured within 48 hours.

On the night after, Sunday, trains from the northern suburbs were packed with young people returning to town for the workweek. They found a Grand Central Terminal patrolled by police and military personnel in fatigues — which had been the case when they left town. Were there more guards after the bombing the night before? Perhaps.

All the panic was on the television news channels, fanned to a great extent by Donald Trump and surrogates. Their bit is to blame the Obama administration for not having wiped out every Islamic State operative and sympathizer in the Mideast. How Trump would do that has yet to leave the realm of fantasy — and you wonder where he’s going to find enough young Americans to ship overseas to perform mission Trump.

In the real world, the Islamic State group has been losing territory, and that humiliation is why its terrorists are striking out at Europe and elsewhere in the West. They need to maintain the illusion of power. Horrifying attacks on innocents abroad are how they keep their story going.

And Trump is their storyteller in chief, pumping up these miscreants as supermen to be feared. That might sell on national TV, but not to New Yorkers.

They are apparently more fearful of the chaos — economically and securitywise — that a Trump presidency could unleash than of a few terrorists or other crackpots rigging pressure cookers to go off. And over the same weekend, it was noted, a knife-wielding fanatic stabbed mall-goers in Minnesota.

George Metesky, the infamous Mad Bomber, terrified the city for 16 years in the ’40s and ’50s, planting bombs in libraries, train stations, the subway and the RCA Building. He was apparently angry with the electric company.

No one can make us totally safe, but cutting down to size the terrorist tales of invincibility and claims of being Islam’s defenders is a step in the right direction. Rather than feed into the terrorists’ story, the Obama administration is trying to deflate it.

It’s a “bankrupt, false narrative,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said after the explosions in New York. “It’s a mythology, and we have made progress in debunking that mythology.”

In New York City polls, Clinton thrashes Trump by a margin of 63 to 20 percent — and it’s not because the people don’t worry about terrorist attacks. They know they are the center of the bull’s-eye but fear having the country run by a man they see as a dangerous clown. Sophistication, not bluster, is the sharpest sword.

The brilliant (now-former) New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said last month that he has full confidence in the NYPD to handle terrorism. Trump, he said, “scares the hell out me.” He went on: “The lack of depth on issues, the ‘shoot from the hip’ … I just shake my head.”

As for Clinton immediately after the bombings, she called for patience as the details of the case unfolded. Her words were wise, though not made for cable television against backdrop images of flashing police lights.

Better was Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s simple response: “Whoever placed these bombs — we will find and they will be brought to justice. Period. … We will not allow these type of people and these type of threats to disrupt our life in New York.”

And all indications are — given the week’s traffic jams — that they haven’t.

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Photo: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (L) and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (R)  tour the site of an explosion that occurred on Saturday night in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York, USA,September 18, 2016. REUTERS/Justin Lane/Pool

Froma Harrop

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  1. Dominick Vila September 20, 2016

    The fact that tens of thousands of people sympathize with the extremism of ISIS should be evident to everyone. What is far from clear, is a comprehensive and effective strategy on how to change the minds of those consumed by hatred, and prone to violence.
    Bombing known ISIS positions has reduced the amount of territory held by that terrorist organization, but has not been effective in changing the minds of those who see the USA, and the West in general, as a threat to their religion, culture, and sovereignty.
    Simplistic solutions, such as those proposed by Donald Trump, are not going to work, if nothing else because it is virtually impossible to determine who may be prone to radicalization, and who is opposed to it. Irresponsible rhetoric, threats, and insults, exacerbate the problem rather than contribute to a peaceful solution, which can only be achieved by demonstrating respect towards members of other religions and cultures, respecting their sovereignty and right to live the way they want, and exhibiting a level of maturity that, when it comes to Mr. Trump, is sorely lacking.
    It is also important to remember that the bombings in New York and New Jersey did not kill anyone, that the bombs used were rudimentary instruments built by an amateur, and that our law enforcement agencies did a splendid job at identifying and capturing the alleged terrorist. As for questions regarding the propriety of extending medical care to the alleged terrorist, it is important to remember that we are bound to learn much more from an imprisoned terrorist, than from a dead one.

    1. CPANY September 20, 2016

      Like many in this country, you’re missing the reason that Muslims hate Americans as much as they hate Israelis.

      As soon as israel was formed, the Jews forcibly removed the Arabs from Palestine. This is an act that the United Nations has officially designated a crime against humanity.

      The fact that the United States supported israel in this act was the beginning of the Muslim hatred of America.

      1. Dominick Vila September 20, 2016

        Our unconditional financial, military, and cultural support to Israel is, indeed, part of the equation. That became clear when Osama bin Laden included our involvement in the creation of the Jewish State of Israel, and our unconditional support to that country in his Fatwah. That, however, is not the only reason for the hatred and distrust. Our support to the Saudi Monarchy, our presence in Islamic countries, our decision to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, regime changes, and the constant insults and threats that Muslims hear every single day, all contribute to the tensions and violence that currently exist.
        Another motivator, seldom addressed by all of us, is the need to find a boogeyman after the collapse of the Soviet Union and communism.

        1. CPANY September 20, 2016

          You’re wrong. All of the things that you cite as the cause of the Muslims’ hatred of America are minor annoyances that would not cause their violent hatred of America.

          Ethnic cleansing is the single most important reason for the Muslims’ hatred of America. Second is our misguided support of Israel itself. Even after Israel murdered 34 US sailors on the USS Liberty, our government has continued to support them. Lyndon Johnson wouldn’t even send planes from the Sixth Fleet to stop the slaughter. Disgusting.

          Another reason is that people like you cannot understand why our support of israel has caused us to lost our closest allies, like britain and France. With only 1.5 percent of the American population, the American Jewish community exerts an inordinate influence on the American government. Internationally, we are perceived as fools for allowing that to happen. It shows what money and corruption can accomplish.

          1. JPHALL September 20, 2016

            I see you have an one track mind. What about drone strikes – you know collateral damage? What about GOP politicians constantly equating Islam with ISIS? What about Trump’s talk of refusing their entry into the US. Yeah, Palestinian’s have problems, but so do Muslims in other places in the world that they blame on the West.

  2. Bosda, The Raccoon Philosopher September 20, 2016

    The people of New York–Trump’s home town–think he’s a bum.

    Says a lot.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker September 20, 2016

      Got news for you…When Trump stiffed the very contractors who built both of his NJ casinos, now he doesn’t dare go anywhere near NJ. He’d end up in a cement coat for the rest of his eternity. He knows that. It’s why he closed his Edison NJ campaign headquarters after it was ONLY opened for a few weeks.

      He won’t tell you he received $885 million in tax subsidies from NJ taxpayers and then stiffed casino contractors and the casino employees.

      Trump won’t win this election. Neither will that clown the GOP is so hot to try and get elected Johnson. As for Stein, she’s another name for “BernieCrat.”

  3. AlfredSonny September 20, 2016

    Trump is smart enough to know that there are many stupid people out there believing every word he says.

  4. David September 20, 2016

    Hope Froma’s nose doesn’t break if Hillary makes a sharp turn.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker September 20, 2016

      Hope your town is next to get bombed Big Mouth. You just don’t ever shut that mouth do you?

      Stick to the topic HIllary Hater. Those of us in NY/NJ Metro area are NOT cowards like you big mouths of the right. You talk a big line of BS but comes times to put your elbow grease where your cow sized mouth is, you can’t measure up.

      That IS the problem with you mentally ill wingers…inability to measure and inadequacy.

      The guy here in Central NJ who helped nab this lone wolf terrorist is a real man. You? Just a big mouth.

      As for Trump, he doesn’t dare set foot anywhere near NJ unless he wants to end up like Jimmy Hoffa. Says a whole lot about the man you want for president doesn’t it?

      1. InformedVoter September 20, 2016

        Typical left logic, you have no facts to support your position so you jump right in with name calling and insults. On September 11, 2016, several major newspapers slammed Obama and Hillary for their making a “more dangerous world”… “ISIS grew out of the Obama/Clinton ineptitude in Iraq and Libya”. This attack proves Obama’s policies have failed, and will cause more undecided voters to realize that Hillary is not the answer. Look at how Germany (among other countries) just threw out their terrible leadership. New polls show Trump up by as much as 18 points. Hillary’s health is waning and nothing can save her.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker September 20, 2016

          Do you right wing ISIS recruits ever stop lying? Obama and Hillary did NOT create ISIS. I watched a Congressional investigation where you spoiled brat CONmen of the TeaParty tried desperately to get the Joint Chiefs to post the same lies you always post. They repeated at least 3 times to your CONman chair, that in 2008, Bush left Iraq high and dry and when he did that he only worsened the anger of those Bush double crossed.

          Hillary will be president. So serve up a dish of your hate…That’s all you idiots know. You are on your way. We will SHUT your lies down whether you like it or not. The FORCE WAS with you…NOW CONboy…it is with US. Hillary by a landslide and you by your short hairs.

          1. InformedVoter September 20, 2016

            Speaking the truth is something that you lefties abandoned years ago. Sept 11, Nolan Finley, Detroit News provided the above quote about HilLIARy and Obama being responsible for ISIS. Here’s another quote you’ll love “Under Obama, the global influence of the United States is in full retreat. He will leave the world a more dangerous place”. Of course you will respond that he’s lying, but you lefties can’t handle the truth. If you wish to upset a conservative, tell them a lie (like you lefties constantly do). If you wish to upset a liberal, tell them the truth (like Trump has been doing). With even liberal newspapers, in BLUE states, now saying that HilLIARy better do something because she’s trailing in so many swing states. President Trump and Inmate HilLIARy sounds good doesn’t it?

          2. Eleanore Whitaker September 20, 2016

            Calling your Bluff you lying CON BS artist. Day after day you post lies with absolutely NOT ONE SINGLE ounce of proof.

            Either you stop posting your BS lies or get your butt busy and show us ALL court documents of Hillary and Obama’s lies.

            Your biggest job of every day is hiding your gender bias and bigotry. Let me guess. You think your Corn Pone and Mutton Chops bowel movements are 14K gold? Think again.

            Now get your dumb butt busy and post links that show in black and white ALL of the legal documents that support what you posted.

            It’s always when we call your bluff, you scumballs run like little turds and rush to be flushed.

            Can’t wait till Hillary is president. These big mouths will have their faces looking like used toilet paper when we are done running them out of town.

          3. InformedVoter September 21, 2016

            It’s typical for low information fools like you. You were given the proof in my post but with you red, blood soaked eyes gleaming with anger (at reading the truth) you just spew anger and hatred. No logic, but then again, that’s the way liberals act when they can’t provide proof because all they say are lies.

          4. I Am Helpy September 20, 2016

            Man, I can’t believe Hillary and Obama have a time machine and they won’t share.

          5. InformedVoter September 21, 2016

            You just can’t accept the truth can you?

          6. I Am Helpy September 21, 2016

            I can’t accept that Hillary and/or Obama travelled back in time to found ISIS, no. That’s because it’s an incredibly stupid claim.

            I hope that helps!

          7. InformedVoter September 21, 2016

            Your timeline is opinion and fiction. You have no facts to support your claims.

          8. I Am Helpy September 21, 2016

            “Sure ISIS was around before Obama was elected, but TIME TRAVEL!!!1!”

          9. InformedVoter September 21, 2016

            It’s obvious that you’re in self-denial. I’ll provide the proven quote again “ISIS grew out of the Obama/Clinton ineptitude in Iraq and Libya”.. You can’t get any clearer than that! You can continue to put your head into the ground, but that will not change the truth. There’s that word again, “truth”, the word liberals shy away from and hate.

          10. I Am Helpy September 21, 2016

            Yes yes, time travel. I get that you believe nonsense already.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker September 21, 2016

            Where is your proof…It’s been over a day. Don’t have it do you? Wow…don’t I love pissing off righties? Especially when they lie, lie, lie, lie and can’t come up with the proof.

          12. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 21, 2016

            Right Wing Ideology has decimated the minds of so many weak-minded people as him.

          13. Eleanore Whitaker September 21, 2016

            I realized one thing about right wingers. They lie so often and can’t prove a word. So now, I demand they get legal court documents and I won’t accept less.

            I don’t do this out of some sense of self-satisfaction. I do it because I know to allow this kind of hideous lack of honesty and integrity, not to mention honor and common decency, would only spawn future generations who no longer feel truth or facts matter.

          14. InformedVoter September 21, 2016

            The FBI director is on record that HilLIARy lied to them. Time for you to crawl back under your mushroom.

          15. Eleanore Whitaker September 29, 2016

            Again you use evidence coming from your right wing fascists. And NO the FBI director never said Hillary lied. So big baby, keep up insisting and you make a jackass of yourself.

            What Comey said was that Hillary should not have used a private Email server. She has already said she would know better. But, now….Tell us what happened to all of that evidence that proved Bush’s daddy sold arms to the Contras in those 2 million emails between Bush and Cheney that “got deleted.”

            Don’t you ever DARE talk about this president or Hillary using secrecy when it was your asshat Cheney who set the precendent. It’s okay for Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rove and Rice to have used private email servers though right? What a stupid person you are.

          16. InformedVoter September 30, 2016

            So Gowdy asks “what HilLIARy told you was not true” and Comey’s response is “no”. But to you that is not lying? That’s like saying that when Billy boy said he “didn’t have sex with that woman” that he wasn’t lying, but merely fibbing. Unbelievably low information, but since you were nothing but a poorly educated clerical worker, what can one expect.

          17. InformedVoter September 21, 2016

            You’re not able to handle the truth that Obama and Clinton have been lying to you and your low information crowd.

            Read ’em and then crawl back under your mushroom of ignorance.

          18. InformedVoter September 21, 2016

            Must you continue to prove you’re low information? I gave you the source of the information, or can’t you read through your red, blood soaked eyes? For HilLIARy, even FBI’s director said during the hearings that she lied! You and your low information crowd like AofP continue to lie to protect Obama and HilLIARy.

          19. Eleanore Whitaker September 21, 2016

            Must you continue to prove what a low life liar YOU are? Where is your proof? I will continue to DEMAND you prove what you post about Hillary Clinton, until everyone on this thread sees how low YOUR information.

            You are about as informed as a sand flea in heat.

            You HAVE NO proof. If you did, you’d post it. All you have is that BS you regurgitate day after day and then assume you will get the lowest lifes on planet earth to fall for it.

            Try another thread, the more you post without legal documentation from the courts, the more of an ass you make of yourself. Someone run over your head with your front tires moron? Get the proof…got that? Get that proof or stop your BS.

          20. InformedVoter September 21, 2016

            OK, I can play your stupid game. You would like proof that HilLIARy is a liar? Then please explain the following.
            If you’re looking for proof that HilLIARY and Obama helped found ISIS, Mr. Finley has provided that proof. If you are look for proof that HilLIARy is dropping in the polls, then check this out.
            Other than your vulgar rants, you have nothing.

          21. Eleanore Whitaker September 22, 2016

            Nice Try UNINFORMED dickhead. I said LEGAL COURT DOCUMENTS. Not some biased BS rag you found online that suits your premises.

            LEGAL COURT DOCUMENTS OR stop posting your BS.

            You are trash to me. Why would I waste my intelligence and ultra educated communication on trash like you?

            Get the Legal Court Documents. Can’t can you moron?

          22. InformedVoter September 27, 2016

            So you’ll only accept legal court documents to prove someone is lying? OK, so your claim that I’m lying when I call HilLIARy a liar can only be proved if YOU produce a legal court document that indicates I’m lying. It’s your rules, so follow them!
            See how low information and dumb you look? It’s part of your clerical background. You had minimal education and zero job satisfaction. Your husband left you and you had a nothing career. Writing a couple of essays that no one read except you, does not count as “ultra educated communication”. You have been called out before by other posters as being nothing but a clerical worker with minimal education.
            So you’re looking for some proof of HilLIARy’s lying? I can’t wait to hear your critique of this source.
            Of course you’ll resort to your normal name calling, but low information folks do that. When they start losing the argument (as the usually do), they resort to name calling. It makes them feel good. In the movie “The Imitation Game”, Turing made that observation, but since that movie is centered around a homosexual, you and your low information crowd would never attempt to watch such a film.

          23. Eleanore Whitaker September 27, 2016

            Yes…Legal documents like Trump’s IRS tax records he keeps lying about and saying are under audit, even when the IRS keeps saying publicly it is UP to TRUMP to disclose them.

            Why do you ever bother to post links you know come from fascist biased liars? I want to see legal documents or ELSE! If you can’t come up with them from court records you are full of “it.”

          24. InformedVoter September 27, 2016

            So Obama calling HilLIARy a liar is not good enough for you? You certainly display a clerical background at best. Under advice from attorney, one should never say more than necessary. Of course the IRS (run by Obama’s henchmen) told him to release his returns. Then the IRS can use whatever information they can that gets revealed by others.
            When is HilLIARy going to release her 30,000 emails that show that she lied about the Benghazi attack? You are beneath my level for this discussion and you prove it every time you respond with your sophomoric logic.

          25. Eleanore Whitaker September 28, 2016

            Hey stupid…He never called Hillary a “liar.” That is just your love of that word liar. And after all, we all understand why a regressive individual like you would think lying is the new Truth. You accept Trump’s lies which are infinitely more horrendous to this country but you will pick gnat dung out of an ant hill to nitpick Hillary apart. Shows that your balls are in a bunch pallie.

            Hillary already released 33,000 emails. Some of which your DixieBoy Trey Gowdy “edited” to frame her. Don’t for one minute think you hicks will get away with presenting false evidence in a federal investigation. The juice from Gowdy’s butt will be enough to water your cotton plantations.

          26. Eleanore Whitaker September 28, 2016

            My responses can be proven. Yours are all right wing BS you cannot prove and you already proved that when you tried to use that link you provide. You are such a moron. All I had to do to find out who is the contact for that link was to do a little research into the owner of the site…a dyed in the wool numbnuts winger just like YOU. Didn’t check the owenr of that site did you freak of nature? You can stow your constant attempts to nail Hillary. You bitchy wingers have been at it for 4 decades. Either she is a world class criminal or you are too stupid to know when you’ve been beat.

          27. InformedVoter September 28, 2016

            No, he just said she wasn’t telling the truth. Why do you insist on showing your lack of education?
            Since you brought Mr Gowdy into the conversation, have you seen this were Comey admits that HilLIARy lied to the FBI? I’m sure you will say he never came right out and said she lied, but that when asked if HilLIARy didn’t tell the truth, he said “yes”. You’re in self-denial. HilLIARy lied and then coerced agencies to ignore it. Anyone but HilLIRy would already be in prison. After Trump gets elected, the Justice Department will pursue her and President Trump, to show the world he’s kind, will grant her a pardon. But that will finish her political career. View this and weep!

          28. Eleanore Whitaker September 29, 2016

            I watched the entire hearing. He never once used the words “lie,” “lied” or “liar” with reference to anything Hillary did.

            You are a very very very stupid person. Firt of all you keep repeating the same old garbage. Did you happen to see that Corn Pone King Grassley yesterday on CNN pleading for Comey to hand over classified documents so Grassley, that old hick from Iowa could get hold of classified documents the Senate has no right to see?

            So..tell us oh great uninformed moron, why if Comey wants to help your noseybody cause to out Hillary won’t Comey turn over the rest of the classifed emails?

            I’ll tell you why…Because as the FBI doesn’t have to. The FBI is not Grassley and his old fart Republicans like you going to kiss your butts so you can GET RID of Hillary.

            Grassley’s testicles are in the same Geezer bunch yours are because in your pathetic minds, Hillary and NO woman should be allowed to be No. 1.

            So, why is Grassley, whose state of Iowa falling into financial ruin, wasting more of our tax dollars fighting for emails he will NEVER EVER get hold of?

            Because …like you he is a N U T!

          29. Eleanore Whitaker September 29, 2016

            By the way, I was educated in a Catholic school by Dominican nuns and a public high school. But, I taught for 12 years part time at Rutgers? You? You attended some hick school where US history is reinvented as a pack of lies and cleansed by your phonyass fundamentalists and their need to convert the rest of your hick society so you can be as miserable having to follow the golden rule as they are. Misery always loves company. Go join your miserables.

          30. InformedVoter September 30, 2016

            This makes at least three different life scenarios you’ve provided about your life and background. This doesn’t match your prior versions. You seem to think that since HilLIARy can lie her way around, that you too can do the same. That’s the problem with lies … it becomes complicated to keep your story straight.

          31. Eleanore Whitaker September 30, 2016

            That’s because a lazy loafer like you thinks you take one job, hang on for dear life even when it forces me to pay for your pollution your job causes and then retire on a pittance.

            Okay..Here is my professional resume I use to submit to publishers and content sites where I write:

            Owner/Operator – Ecole de Danse – 1971 to 1980 – Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Polynesian, Flamenco, Acrobatic dance and theatrical arts school of instruction: 1971 – Teacher Certification by Dance Educators of America (DEA) and Dance Masters of America (DMA).

            Former member: Associate Dance Teachers of NJ, DEA and DMA .

            1994 to 2006: Rutgers University – taught tap and Polynesian dance.

            1980 to 1982 – Elizabeth T. Lyons & Associates – Technical recruiter and assistant management consultant for Fortune 500 companies and technical job applicants in finance, engineering and chemistry. Assisted with public relations projects for Fortune 500 companies as well as data research and collection for EEO/AAF for client companies.

            1982 to 1985 – ADP – reports administrator and personnel assistant that included budgeting and Human Resources projects.

            1985 to 1987 – Akzo Chemical – Executive Assistant to General Manager of Thermoplastic Additives Div.

            1987 to 1989 – CPS Chemical – Assistant VP to General Manager of International Marketing and Sales.

            1989 to October 2013 – Ambient Engineering, Inc. – Environmental engineering and compliance consulting firm – Office, Project and Accounting Manager

            1991 – 1993 – Completed course of study in Desktop Publishing.

            Literary: Short Story writer, November’s Child, Blogspot.com – 40 articles and 1250 reader views.

            August 2010 – Published author of “Barrow House” ISBN 978-1-4512-3412-1. “The House at the End of Langdon Road” ISBN: 978-1-4626-6096-4, December 2011, 2008 to 2009 – Feature writer – Suite101.com

            2008 – NanoWrimo Novel Writing Contest Winner

            2007 to 2008 – blog writer – AARP

            2007 – Guest columnist – Home News Tribune – Environmental issues

            2004 to 2006 – Editor – “Timepiece” – Monthly historical newsletter for historical museum.

            2004 – Poet of the Year Award – International Society of Poets & Writers

            2004 to 2006 – President of Madison Township Historical Society and Thomas Warne Museum.

            2004 to 2006: American Writers & Artists, Inc. – copywriting course of study.

            1996 to 1997 – Columnist – League of Women’s Voters

            1990 – Business Adminstration “Workplace” magazine – columnist

            1973 & 1980 – Former President of Old Bridge Township Lions Club

            2 Fiction manuscripts completed in 2008: “Excruciator” and “Ego Te Absalvo”

            4 Manuscripts in progress: “Hall of the Mountain King”, “The Disappearance of the El Capitan”, “American Mounties” and “The Mystery At St. Veronique’s Abbey”. For “American Mounties” I interviewed 8 former orphans of “Mount Loretto” Winner of poetry awards in 1999 and 2007.

            Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius, (Bishop Sheen to Cardinal Spellman) and dipwad, do yourself a favor and don’t use your flimsy BS story that this is all made up. I’ve name the business I owned, the places I worked and you are at liberty if you get up off that double trailer trash butt and bother to check these out.

            Unlike you, I have NOTHING to hide.

          32. InformedVoter September 30, 2016

            You apparently think you have a good resume, but it’s not! Too many changing your mind and changing your job. What your resume shows is that you were most likely asked to leave several jobs. It also shows a lack of ability to dedicate yourself to a goal. No wonder this resume only got you clerical level positions. Please note: a person who works 10 years at one profession has 10 years of experience. A person who works 1 year at ten professions (even if they’re the same profession) only has one year experience. And you wonder why your career was menial at best and why you have difficulty is making learned responses. Low information is what you are and you can’t escape that tag.

          33. Eleanore Whitaker October 1, 2016

            I have a terrific resume. Who uses YOUR asshat opinion of what is good or bad? Now, I am going to call YOUR bluff. I want to see YOUR resume. Put your resume where that misinformed deformed mouth of yours is. Post your resume if you have the balls.

            You love to judge others don’t you? Let me guess you have NO resume you’d dare put out in public. OH gee …what’s the matter lazy loafer, did you live off welfare for your entire life and there’s NO resume for that?

            Keep making your moron posts make a fool of you but put that goddamn resume out there for us to see or stop posting. Try avoiding putting your resume out there and you PROVE you are not just a liar but a jerk. And if you think you’ll pull another of your change the subject posts to avoid posting your resume, don’t bother. It’s frying pan time asshat. Your fat is in the fire and its sizzling.

          34. InformedVoter October 12, 2016

            Why am I not surprised that you, a person with minimal education and largely a clerical work background, would think your resume was “terrific”. Your resume shows lack of initiative, lack of loyalty, lack to dedication, in addition to the problems I listed above.
            Calling your bluff: I have a PhD in a science. So much for education. I was a professional athlete and then taught graduate level science at two universities. Finally I went into the private sector. As I’ve expressed many times, I live outside the US for almost 6 months/year. That’s why I know first hand how poorly Obama is viewed outside the US. I know, your lame friends, who wait tables at outdoor cafes, think he’s doing just great, but that’s not the consensus from overseas.

          35. Eleanore Whitaker October 12, 2016

            Your morning bowel movements surprise you jerk. Let us see YOUR resume. Funny how you don’t EVER provide YOUR resume. I guess when you flunked out of high school and had to join the military who threw your butt out for being a wimp, you wouldn’t want anyone to see your resume.

            I love how you BS about your education. It’s pretty damn easy to BS and not give FACTS. But then, you are not too keen on telling the truth. Are you?

            Not a single one of your posts have facts. Mine do.

            That’s why I am proud of MY resume and you can’t post yours. Again…a liar ..and not just a LIAR…but a sociopathic liar.

            But turdbrain, in case you are so stupid that you missed it. I was hired by 4 companies over my employment career track. And, tah dah ….turdbag…I worked each time on a one to one basis with CEOs of all 4 companies who thought my RESUME was outstanding enough to not just hire me, unlike you who can’t get hired by the local trash collectors, they also promoted me and paid me quite well. My other qualifications also afforded me other great opportunities…such as becoming a member of an environmental commission, theater and arts commission, president of a Historical Society and Museum and the Lion’s Club. Sorry if you are a loser. Sorry if you can’t move that fat butt so full of LARD.

            You know what your real problem is? Envy. You think you can deflect your mental illness onto others by sitting on your lazy freeloading butt all day and judging others.

            You are not just NOT informed, you are NOT worthy anyone’s time. Guess that’s why your only occupation is trolling for pay. Get a life loser.

          36. InformedVoter October 12, 2016

            We already knew you were a clerical worker, and now you admit that’s what you were. The assistant to the assistant!
            You continue to prove you’e resume sucks. When someone lists that they worked 15 months here and 18 months there, that is a RED flag. it means you were asked to resign or outright let go. You think saying you worked for 4 CEO’s is a good thing? Hell, it confirms my statement about you not be dedicated or a loyal employee. Dumb you are to pat yourself on your back and think your resume is good.
            You claim you provide facts for these forums, but just about the only thing you provide is man-hating, penis envy phrases. You are bleeding from your eyes. Joining committees, submitting manuscripts, and hanging out with losers does not make a good career – surprise! It’s what you actually accomplish. My history is full of accomplishments. Manuscripts? I co-wrote 3 university text books!
            You failed in your education. You failed in your career, and, from your “friends” you failed in your marriage! Yep, all fine accomplishments for sure.
            Even your fellow thinking posters asked me why I was so hard on you. One even suggested that I lighten up (because you probably were “going to cry”) because you were a woman! That speaks volumes about what your fellow posters think about your “facts and career”. Hope you don’t run out of tissue.

          37. Eleanore Whitaker October 13, 2016

            Bwhahahahahaha! A clerical worker? Is that why you won’t post YOUR resume? You were nothing more than a file clerk who spent every day filing papers in the filing cabinet?

            I am more accomplished in my lifetime than you could ever be in 3 of yours. But who expects some hick whose Mommy and Daddy are brother and sister to actually be mentally sane?

            Where is YOUR resume jerkoff? Post it or you prove you are a pathetic piece of cow dung. Post that resume if you have the balls.

          38. InformedVoter October 13, 2016

            I have produced my resume. I’m not stupid enough to name the sport I was a professional in, the universities I taught at, etc. because there are too many crazies like you who would stalk me.
            You were fired from or asked to leave every job you held. Getting 18 months or experience 10 times does not qualify as having 12-15 years of experience!
            Your own resume shows the majority of your positions were clerical. Just about your entire resume shows low level and you’re just upset because you can’t handle being told the truth.
            Anyone viewing what you wrote vs. what I wrote would tell you that you came out second in a two horse race.
            Time for you to run for your box of tissues.

          39. Bill P September 21, 2016

            Eleanore I did a little researching and found a poll that did show Trump up by 18 points. It was the KKK/White Nationalists poll. It interviewed 100 people but couldn’t break down the poll #’s into gender or age as the poll participants were wearing their white hood and sheets.

          40. Eleanore Whitaker September 21, 2016

            Here in NJ, we already got a taste of Trump the Bigot. In order to get those 2 casinos built in AC, he had to have a whole street of houses bulldozed. All of them belonged to minorities.

            When he was asked if he felt he should have paid market value for those homes, that dickhead Trump responded, “Those homes were not worth a dime. My casino will be worth billions.”

            He was right. He flew in Middle Eastern high rollers to the Taj just about every week and they laundered billions to terrorists.

            Don’t wonder why after 3 warnings, the US Treasury slapped a $22 million fine on him for money laundering.

        2. I Am Helpy September 20, 2016

          The initial post, and yours, were just insults. Why are people obliged to take you seriously when you’re not living up to your own low standards?

          1. InformedVoter September 21, 2016

            I trust the Nolan Finley of the Detroit News is correct is his claim that Obama and HilLIARy allow ISIS to become such a powerful force. I shall await your proof that Obama and Clinton didn’t backpedal and allow it to happen.

          2. I Am Helpy September 21, 2016

            I don’t care who you “trust” to tell you bizarre conspiracy theories are true – that’s not my problem.

          3. InformedVoter September 21, 2016

            Mr. Finley’s comments have been vetted and verified. Meanwhile you pull a typical low information response and say “I don’t care what the truth is”. And you wonder why social psychiatrists correctly label your crowd as “low information”.

          4. I Am Helpy September 21, 2016

            See previous post.

          5. InformedVoter September 21, 2016

            If you wish to upset a conservative, tell them a lie (like HilLIARy and Obama do). If you wish to upset a liberal, tell them the truth (which is what I just did). Your problem is that you can’t handle the truth!

          6. I Am Helpy September 21, 2016

            Sorry you can’t read! Not my problem!

          7. InformedVoter September 21, 2016

            What a meaningless response. Typical of low information folks.

          8. I Am Helpy September 21, 2016

            Sorry you think that abuse substitutes for literacy; it does not.

        3. Thoughtopsy September 20, 2016

          You appear to have missed the “Reality Bus” again.
          Maybe try the trike?

          1. InformedVoter September 21, 2016

            Must you prove you’re part of the low information crowd? Please provide proof that Mr. Finley’s statement that Obama and Clinton are responsible for ISIS becoming so strong, is not correct. Your problem is you can’t. All you can do is lie and blame GW, but it was Obama and HilLIARy who are responsible for ISIS being the force they are today.

        4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 21, 2016

          Oh dear—his majesty “The InformedVoter” has made his grand entry.

          1. InformedVoter September 21, 2016

            So where’s your proof that Mr. Finley is wrong? You have trouble accepting the truth don’t you? That’s why you take such a beating when you try to refute my facts.

      2. David September 20, 2016

        You “hope your town is next to get bombed…”? F you! You sick, vile, venomous POS. Go play with your dildo. ISIS will strike again and I pray for the victims. I also will pray that you realize we are all Americans.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker September 21, 2016

          Hey Hick boy! You big mouths do all the bitching and complaining and when MY state gets attacked you have ALL the anwers don’t you?

          Matter of fact, stick a bomb up your butt and light the match. That would prove how BRAVE you are.

          Time for you big mouths to put up or shut up.

          You are NOT an American. You are a belligerent spoiled jerk who thinks you can push a fraud like Trump on this country for NO reason other than so you pigs of the right can take over.

          How about get a life loser boy?

          1. David September 21, 2016

            I wore a uniform and served this country in Vietnam — just so an old, vicious, divorced malcontent like you can wish other Americans get bombed. I truly pity the worthless scum that you are. May ISIS be stopped before ANY more Americans are hurt or killed.

    2. JPHALL September 20, 2016

      That is because, unlike you, her nose is not up someone’s as@.

  5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 20, 2016

    Now that Trump, FOX, many in the GOP, and other “deplorables” are begging us to see them in their raw, unadulterated corrupt selves, it’s time to shed more light of what these entities represent.

    I made reference to a particular family line in Islamic history, Umayyah and his lineage called the Umayyads who denigrated, harassed, and later murdered Muhammad’s male lineage starting with Ali and several generations afterwards. Abdu’l Baha, one of the Central Figures of the Baha’i Faith, answered a question posed to him about “the Beast” as referenced in the Book of Revelations in the New Testament. His response, and many other responses to questions posed are recorded in “Some Answered Questions” in which Abdu’l Baha interprets the meaning of “The Beast” to be a reference to the family of Umayyah.

    And Baha’u’llah, the preeminent Figure among the Baha’i Central Figures, goes on to say that the “anti-Christ” refers to any individual who allows his or her ego to dispute and refute the counsels and the Spirit that motivates and inspires the words and actions of each of the Messengers who’ve appeared at differing times to all the peoples of the world over the eons.

    Now that I’ve given that introduction, it should be clearer that the likes of Trump, FOX, and others like them, are all “anti-Christ” elements who interpose themselves between God and humanity, and who represent that which is “darkness” and stand in opposition to “Light” and enlightenment. “Anti-Christ” individuals in short are those who stand opposed to the Spirit which has been the Cause of the appearance of all the World’s Religions, and not just one or two. And there are agents for anti-Christ entities, some of whom make the same mistake over and over of revealing their true selves publicly while their keystrokes quite likely are recorded on “chrysolite tablets” by the Divine Assayer.

    So, we can go with Trump and Darkness, or we can turn in other directions to find “Light”. The choice is ours.

    1. David September 20, 2016

      Apparently you have left your safe space in Londonstan.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 21, 2016

        Where’s that, David–a place in your mind, or a fake city cited in “Trump Geography Book For Presidential Wannabes”—complete with non-existent countries and cities??

        1. David September 21, 2016

          It is where you Britons will learn first hand about Sharia law. Enjoy!

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 21, 2016

            What do Britons have to do with the issue I’m speaking of? David, take a long nap. You’re delirious. By the way, Einstein, I’m a US citizens—get off the weed, homey.

  6. Jon September 20, 2016

    When the people of your hometown are so strongly opposed to you, what does that say about you? Do they know you too well?

  7. exceeds performance September 20, 2016

    You can bet they will have their hands out looking for Fed $$$$$

    1. I Am Helpy September 20, 2016

      You must be thinking of red staters. New Yorkers contribute net money to the Federal government, not the other way round; they’re not takers like some sort of common Trump or Palin.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 29, 2016

        So very true. Red states eat up most of our tax dollars for their for profit prisons which they keep building, packing to the ceilings so they can build more to get more tax subsidies, their military industrialists and their big oil, coal and fracking all of which we get dumped on by having to pay taxes for their pollution spill clean up and fines.

        When Trump said, he didn’t pay taxes “because I’m smart,” he stupidly told the American public we don’t need to pay taxes anymore either…Can you just imagine what these Republican states would have to do then? The four letter word they hate most: W O R K!

    2. Eleanore Whitaker September 29, 2016

      Sorry…the biggest tax dollar eaters are Republican states. Check it out at the GAO.gov site. 65% of our tax dollars end up in Republican states. NY and people in the Metro area manage on 55 cents average for the $1 we pay in taxes. Texas? $1.72 for the $1 they pay as No. 2 in biggest tax funding eaters.

      Alaska has them beat because they get $1.87 to their $1 plus an oil tax subsidy that pays them $1200 to every man, woman and child in that state. Every one of the Republican states get from $1.34 up to that $1.87.

      Sorry but New Yorkers and people in the Metro area don’t get out of bed at noon like the Corn POnes and hicks in the Mutton Chops states. We are up every day at 5 AM and at work by 7AM. Most of us travel at least 20 miles to our jobs by car in the most heavily congested traffic in the US, or by train or bus.

      You slugs in the south and midwest think working a 10 month year is work.

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