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Friday, March 22, 2019

The National Rifle Association represents foreign and domestic gun manufacturers, not responsible American gun owners. Their opposition to any sensible gun safety regulations following the Newtown mass shooting  —  instead calling for more guns with armed guards in schools — makes it crystal-clear who the NRA really represents.

Despite the NRA’s claims that it is not influenced by gun manufacturers, many of its top donors and board members are from the firearms industry. Could this be why the NRA leadership is ignoring the will of their four million members (out of 90 million gun owners in the U.S.), 74 percent of whom support mandatory background checks, which the NRA opposes?

According to a report in The Huffington Post, since 2005, the NRA has potentially hauled in nearly $40 million from the $12-billion-a-year gun industry.

Two of the NRA’s biggest financial contributors are foreign-owned firearms companies from Italy — Beretta ($1 million to $5 million level) and Benelli ($500,000 to $1 million level).

Here are five of the NRA’s biggest gun industry backers who have contributed $1 million or higher. They include the biggest financial contributor — MidwayUSA, a distributor of high-capacity magazines, but also oil and gas company Clayton Williams Energy, Inc. Other gun industry donors include Beretta USA Corporation, Pierce Bullet Seal Target Systems, LLC, and Springfield Armory, Inc.

Photo: M Glasgow via Flickr

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15 responses to “NRA’s Top 5 Gun Industry Donors”

  1. docb says:

    Wow,, FOREIGN and domestic….Great research…Do not think the members the NRA/ALEC kocked-up Bros are USING to shield this will be pleased! Especially about the FOREIGN investments! 90 million owners and 74% want change, also good to know!

  2. slatsg says:

    I refuse to read this site because of your unnecessary, artificial-link-building, multiple-page articles. Just wanted to let you know it’s totally obnoxious in 2012 to make people click through six pages to read an article. It’s called scrolling … look it up.

  3. Katstiles says:

    The weapons manufacturers are like any other corporation. They’re number one goal is to make lots of money! That’s it, nothing else. They really don’t care who gets killed by one of their weapons. The NRA is merely their lobbying firm. They also don’t care who gets killed with a gun. And none of them will care until their loved ones start dying from gun violence.

    • I don’t think that you can hold a company responsible for what their tools do. I’m on the side of more heavy legislation but I wouldn’t hold Boeing responsible for 9/11 or hold a company who makes chainsaws responsible for when someone attacks somebody with one. Yes guns are meant for killing, but that doesn’t mean that the company is to blame when this happens. There’s not enough blame being placed on the evil S.O.B’s who did these awful crimes and too much on every other ’cause’ or ‘why’.

      • Katstiles says:

        What is the intended purpose of the product? Guns and other weapons are made to kill living beings. You can’t compare weapons to anything else that is manufactured unless it’s purpose is to kill people. Cars, knives, baseballs bats, etc. are not intended to kill but people use them to commit the act. Guns are made to kill or wound. Therefore, gun makers have a special liability and responsibility to make sure their “products” are sold and distributed and used in as safe and secure way as possible. They should be joining lawmakers in making sure guns are only sold to law abiding citizens without a history of mental illness or defect. They should make sure the dealers they sell weapons to only sell to law abiding citizens. There are many things they could do to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerously ill people but they don’t do anything! They fight common sense gun safety laws every step of the way because they would result in a loss in sales!

  4. bchrista says:

    Once again the NRA and it’s gun following idiots have fuck the people of the United States by conning them to believe their bullshit about needing guns for protecting their homes, what we have seen in reality is that the majority of the gun nuts that are commiting these outragous acts on school children and other places got their guns at home. Lanza’s mom found out the hard way, he blew her away but the only reason people defend their possession of weapons of guns is because their line of thinking is that will never happen to me even though most of them have a mentaly disturbed person living under their own roof I hate to put it this way but thesegun happy assholes should have been sittting in the classroom when one of these shooters came in blasting so they could have seen the look on the faces of these poor kids when the shooter cut loose and they have to face the same weapon these kids faced and then let them tell the world how much they believe in keeping assualt weapons lying around the house to provide the necessary tools to create thse slaughter and in that group include members of the heads of the NRA and their family, I guarantee you they would have wished they had followed a different line of business but the cruel part of this world is that situation like never touches them directly it’s like what is happening in the country today both houses of Congress are refusing to pass Bills that would benifit the American public because that would take money away thatthey could divert to their own coffers and lord only knows that have ben doing that for years, you may ask how are they doing that it’s easy give hugh tax breaks to large corporations and the top 2% and they are renumerated in return and that is done legal, the rich get richer and they in turn pad their bank accounts and they join the ranks of the 2% meanwhile the 98% keep getting poorer and it’s all done with the help of the dumb public helping them. GOOD SHOW AMERICA, KEEP IT UP, WHO KNOWS YOU MAY SOME DAY FIND YOURSELVES SPEAKING CHINESE OR SOME OTHER LANGUAGE. At my age I don’t think it will come to pass in my life time but I feel sorryfor my grand kids and yours these bastards are slowly destroying the country they claim to love because of their greed. Just recently even though we haven’t corrected the problems we are faced with they are already hyping up a new defense weapon capable of blowing up an entire Planet anywhere in space, here we are talking about ending the war overseas and they are talking about another weapon to fight another war I don’t know against who but I bet you these war monger Republicans will find someone to fight with, they stole billions in the two wars that are winding down and already the’re talking about another the cost out of this world the graft limitless WAKE UP AMERICA you’vegot to throw these bastards out or sacrifice your sons and daughters, the Repubs wont.

    • I own a lot of guns including AR types, served 28 years, believe what you want, but your government doesn’t want you to have any weapons to protect yourself from them or criminals. Look at Australia. No guns…no mass murders…violent crime through the roof. You need to wake up “DUMB ASS”!

      • Richard Hart says:

        Roger Kaufman

        This is bullshit in every possible way. I am an Australian shooter, and the facts are these:

        1. Guns are not banned. Semiautos and handguns are banned unless you have a professional requirement for one. Hunting rifles and bolt action military rifles are perfectly legal for pretty much anyone without a criminal record or mental health issue.

        2. I have personally taught more than 1,000 young people to shoot on rifle ranges in this country since our gun control laws were introduced in 1996.

        3. We do have common sense laws about gun registration, shooter registration, secure storage of guns and weapons in the home, and so forth. These are things that the fruitbats from the Amercian NRA resist tooth and nail, but things even the most ardent shooters in Australia agree with.

        4. We had 30 gun homicides last year and not all that many stabbings. Our annual death toll from all form of weapons would be reached in a few days in any one large American city. We are one of the safest countries in the world – now.

        Get YOUR facts straight ‘DUMB ARSE’.

  5. If we want REAL progress on gun violence, then we should take into account what occurred when the Federal government went after the tobacco industry. The courts identified tobacco as a public health hazard, restricted its sale and required manufacturers to put on their packages distinct warnings about the consequences of tobacco use, required the industry to spend large amounts of money on training and to change their marketing AWAY from the young. The FDA FINALLY is getting authority to regulate tobacco. After Prohibition, we did some of the same things with alcohol. Should we not be doing likewise with guns? If one is the victim of a gun assault, are there not consequences to his health? Are we all so paranoid that we MUST HAVE our guns for protection, even though common sense tells us to avoid situations that MIGHT involve guns? Have we not realized that not everyone is responsible enough to safely handle a firearm? It seems like there is a lot of fear being propagated by the industry, in order to create huge profits, but little or no effort to behave like good, responsible corporate citizens.

  6. onedonewong says:

    Responsible gun safety?? The current rules and laws are sufficient. What is lacking is the will to pin the tail on the donkey as it relates to mental disease. Every doctor, hospital and or Psychologist should be required by law to place anyone they are treating for ANY mental illness on the Federal Background register so they can neither buy or own or possess a gun.
    The liberal cry babies don’t want to”stigmatize” the nut jobs but have no problem going after those who play by the rules and enjoy guns.
    If obama’s kids have armed guards then all school children should enjoy the same level of protection

  7. Michael Ross says:

    Fabulous. This is exactly the information that anti-gun activists need.

    The only language the NRA understands is money, so the only way to get their attention is to hit them in their wallets. So take note everyone: Write down the five names and tell everyone to boycott them and anyone that carries their sorry-ass products.

    Only when the NRA’s top financial contributors shrivel up and disappear will we even have a prayer of getting those pricks to listen to reason.

  8. ” high-capacity magazine clips”?

    Jeebus, but you’re a cretin. If you’re going to babble bullshit, at least do some research.

  9. Arnold_Laine says:

    “MidwayUSA, a distributor of high-capacity magazines”

    First off, Midway sells a massive variety of gun products, such as cleaning kits, brushes, bags, etc. They are like Amazon or Walmart. Their business really wouldn’t be affected much by any of the proposed bans.

    But, get to the heart of the matter, do you know why they were the biggest contributor? When you “check out” there you have an option to round up your purchase to the nearest dollar and contribute it the the NRA, or just make a donation. Also, Midway reached their one million active customer mark last year, and to celebrate that they gave one million to the NRA.

    So that’s it. Grassroots money and a million dollars are your scary “gun industry” partners. Not nearly the massive amounts of wealth implied, is it?

    Now, lets compare that to the nutcase billionaire, Bloomberg, who spent 12x that single one million dollar donation by Midway on a single election last year to get a pro gun rights candidate out of office. And he has spent god knows what on a new propaganda campaign in 12 states to push his agenda on the people there.

    Who really represents the people now? Midway or Emperor Bloomberg?

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