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Obama: The Audacity Of Freedom

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Obama: The Audacity Of Freedom


WASHINGTON — President Obama is a freer man than he has been at any point in his presidency. He is free from the need to save an economy close to collapse, from illusions that Republicans in Congress would work with him readily, from the threat of a rising Tea Party movement, and from the need to win re-election.

This sense of freedom gave his State of the Union address an energy, an ease and a specificity that were lacking in earlier speeches written with an eye toward immediate political needs. It was his most Democratic State of the Union, unapologetic in channeling the love Bill Clinton and Lyndon Johnson had for placing long lists of initiatives on the nation’s agenda. Obama sees his second term not as a time of consolidation but as an occasion for decisively changing the direction of our politics.

Here was an Obama unafraid to lay out a compelling argument for the urgency of acting on global warming. He was undaunted in challenging the obsession with the federal budget — and in scolding Congress for going from “one manufactured crisis to the next.” By insisting that “we can’t just cut our way to prosperity” and that “deficit reduction alone is not an economic plan,” he brought to mind the great liberal economist John Maynard Keynes. He sought to add another big achievement to near universal health care coverage, announcing a new goal of making “high-quality preschool available to every single child in America.”

And Obama made clear his determination to shift the center of gravity in the nation’s political conversation away from anti-government conservatism, offering a vision that is the antithesis of the supply-side economics that has dominated conservative thought since the Reagan era.

If supply-siders claim that prosperity depends upon showering financial benefits on wealthy “job creators” at the economy’s commanding heights, Obama argued that economic well-being emanates from the middle and bottom, with help from a government that “works on behalf of the many, and not just the few.”

The “true engine of America’s economic growth,” he said, is a “rising, thriving middle class.” He continued: “It is our unfinished task to restore the basic bargain that built this country, the idea that if you work hard and meet your responsibilities, you can get ahead, no matter where you come from, no matter what you look like or who you love.” With that last phrase, he linked gay rights to an older liberalism’s devotion to class solidarity and racial equality.

E. J. Dionne

Besides contributing to The National Memo, E.J. Dionne, Jr. is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post, and a university professor in the Foundations of Democracy and Culture at Georgetown University.

His most recent book is Our Divided Political Heart: The Battle for the American Idea in an Age of Discontent (2013).

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  1. charleo1 February 13, 2013

    As I listened to the two Republican rebuttals, first by the establishment wing, featuring
    Marco Rubio, and then the de facto leader of the Party, Rand Paul, who will end any dreams
    the GOP has in improving it’s standing with the growing Hispanic demographic. Both
    rebuttals could have been, and probably were, written before the contents of the President’s
    SOTU, address were even known. In other words, standard Right Wing boiler plate. That
    when condensed, repeats the same message Republicans have been stuck on since Bush
    screwed the pooch, and laid bare the ultimate results of mixing supply side economics, with
    Neo Con foreign policy. And the American public promptly showed them the door. The word
    from the Right, remains no. No we can’t. No we shouldn’t, and in no way, shape, or form, are
    we going to allow anything you just heard the President say this evening to become a reality.
    As usual, it is our firm convection that government is bad, and the private sector is good.
    Why? Because the Government is incapable of doing great things anymore. The Government
    that built the railroads for one generation, and the inter-state highway system for another,
    is not going to help you. And, shouldn’t try. The Government that held the Union together,
    fought, and won two world wars, rebuilt Europe, and went to the moon, can no longer work
    for the common good. If America is to great things in the future, it must come from the new
    center of power, the multi national conglomerates. It must be by their agenda, and their
    spread sheets, and profit margins, that we advance as a Nation.

    1. lessthantolerant February 14, 2013

      This government is filled with quota picked minorities who worship at the alter of socialism. We can only watch as America dies at the hands of these animals.

      1. WhutHeSaid February 14, 2013

        I guess what you really mean is that it’s getting harder for redneck bigots every day. All I ask from rabid, bigoted rednecks is that they squeal a little more quietly as they fade away.

        Welcome to your future.

        1. Siegfried Heydrich February 14, 2013

          Oh, I dunno . . . I enjoy no small amount of schadenfreude in listening to them bleat, whine, snivel, rant, throw temper tantrums, fling poo like infuriated chimps (though perhaps ‘chumps’ might be more apropos). They’re all bluff and bluster, Rambos behind their keyboards, tough guys on teh interwebz and pathetic trailer trash losers in the real world . . .

          And all the time I laugh at them because they’re too blinded by their hate and lacking the intelligence to realize that they’re being ridden like circus ponies by cynical political operatives who lead them around by the nose and put them through their paces. And now that they’re no longer useful to their owners, they’re being tossed out with the rest of the useless detritus the GOP has accumulated.

          1. WhutHeSaid February 14, 2013

            Well, I mostly agree with your sentiments, however, there are times that I just wish they would have the good manners to confine their antics to their respective trailer parks. If they would venture out only, say, once per month or so I wouldn’t mind so much — as long as they wash themselves first.

        2. lessthantolerant February 15, 2013

          You poor libbie always dreaming you are the receiver of the deliverance pounding. I would have to assume you wish you could be the fudge packer who gets to service Obie, but he only lets his secret service detail do him.

          1. WhutHeSaid February 15, 2013

            I didn’t realize that Ned Beatty was your personal hero. That explains why the Secret Service code for you is ‘Pretty Mouth’. Squeal like a hog, boy!

          2. lessthantolerant February 16, 2013

            Still dreaming I see, I’ll bet you really thought that movie was reality too didn’t you. Please try to understand, just because you wander in alleys to give BJs to blacks and homeless does not mean all normal people do the deviate things you do.
            Wander off to your secret world of beggary and let the real world to the human.

          3. WhutHeSaid February 17, 2013

            I must say — you DO squeal pretty. Is that why you wear your pants with the zipper in the back — so that you can perform ‘beggary’ with greater ease?

          4. idamag February 16, 2013

            Whut, a lot of these trailer trash whack jobs, when they post, I start hearing Dueling Banjos in the background.

          5. WhutHeSaid February 17, 2013

            Yeah, and if you get close enough you’ll see their pear-headed sisters waving from the trailer porch.

      2. MARK February 14, 2013

        Meanwhile you ignore an entire political party that makes nice with fascism.You further ignore that the United States is the worlds greatest SOCIAL Experiment while corporations have been given the nod of approval to corrupt our government and purchase our elections. We real Americans reject that crap and we proved that we do indeed reject it when we reelected our President.If you don’t like it and you don’t want to cooperate with us in working to make our country better for everyone instead of just a few then get the hell out.The revolution that will come your way will obviously go over your head because it requires a fundamental change in the way you think.I can tell you now that beyond a shadow of a doubt socialists[ beware that there is no one size fits all definition] are much nicer and easy to get along with than nazis.

        1. lessthantolerant February 15, 2013

          You are an ass. Socialism is a failed idea and will continue to fail. When this latest bunch of cocksuckers fall along the wayside you will be just another one of them who runs into the ditch to be shot by your betters, or in your case your friendly masters.

          1. MARK February 15, 2013

            You should change your name to Seriously Less Than Smart.I would have asked if you were born stupid but your rants clearly indicate that you practice.You should crawl back under the rock and stay with the other slippery slimy slugs,you get no traction here nor will you.

          2. lessthantolerant February 16, 2013

            marky please, you act like I care what you think. I do not. You are a libbie, therefore not worthy of consideration. Slide back up Obamas ass and pretend you are one of the world thinkers instead of a parasitic turd.

          3. MARK February 16, 2013

            You are stupid enough to think I give a damn about what you think when I and others simply deign to point out your character defects.You still haven’t managed to break out of your ignorance and you fool nobody. You would have to make progress of which you are incapable merely to become pathetic

          4. lessthantolerant February 16, 2013

            Again, I could care less what you think, but you seem to think replying to me indicates someone besides you cares if your opinion is regarded.
            Laughingly, I see nothing from you worthy of consideration.
            Keep trying though, some other libbie will find you entertaining.

          5. idamag February 16, 2013

            Mark, it won’t do you any good to try and reason with them. They are programmed to think a certain way. In other words, don’t think, we will tell you what to think. Have you noticed that those whack jobs never use real facts, are adept at lying, and just call names?

          6. idamag February 18, 2013

            Then, how come Norway, the most socialistic country in the world, has no unemployment and the highest standard of living?

          7. lessthantolerant February 19, 2013

            Too stupid for a response. Norway?

      3. Countrybumpkin February 14, 2013

        You tried a REVOLUTION – how did that work out? Or, you could just move to TEXAS and you’re almost there in UTOPIA.

        1. latebloomingrandma February 14, 2013

          Better yet, they could all move to Yemen. I hear they have a small, weak central government, and everyone wears a big-ass gun. Sounds like a libertarian paradise!

          1. neeceoooo February 14, 2013

            Maybe they will lana with them

          2. idamag February 16, 2013

            Yes, please.

        2. lessthantolerant February 15, 2013

          keep thinking that way, it will be interesting to see what pole you hang from.

          1. WhutHeSaid February 17, 2013

            Just because you have an affinity for hanging from other people’s poles doesn’t mean that everybody else does.

        3. idamag February 16, 2013

          He can move to Texas where they send people, to Washington who apologizes to BP for the destruction they caused. And, then there is Rick Perry. And then there is Tyler, TX where they dragged a young man to death behind a pickup.

      4. Reddiaperbaby February 14, 2013

        Racist pig!!! At what altar do you worship? The one where the officiants wear white robes with hoods? Moron…thank God your ilk are dying out and the sooner the better.

        1. lessthantolerant February 15, 2013

          awww…. it seems another poor libbie is offended. if I ever care what scum like you think, I’ll refrain from offending you. But until I see the hairless monkey in the white house gone, the good times will continue to roll at calling a spade a porch monkey.

          1. Reddiaperbaby February 15, 2013

            Not offended, shmuck…sickened and nauseated that you and your fellow-scumbags are still out there, but thankfully, like the dinosaurs, not for long. Die soon, pig!
            Sent from my iPad

          2. lessthantolerant February 16, 2013

            awww… lttle libbie thinks I will die out soon, sorry to disappoint you but I have excellent health care and doctors and I can afford anything I want so dream on alice.

            I have decided to act like you lobbies, so from now on when I see scum like you I will make sure they know I think they are scum.
            Cry on ahole.

          3. WhutHeSaid February 17, 2013

            You really should go back home to your trailer and check on your sister. She put on her best T-shirt and brushed her tooth. I think she may be cheating on you.

        2. idamag February 16, 2013

          Hoods that are shaped to fit their heads.

          1. Reddiaperbaby February 18, 2013


            Sent from my iPad

      5. idamag February 16, 2013

        Words, just words.

  2. Siegfried Heydrich February 13, 2013

    And he has the Republicans running scared, if the bleating on the various news sites is any indication. I think at this point, the GOP has two options. Capitulate, pivot to the center and start cooperating with the President, or double down on the crazy. That would mean deliberately crashing the economy by way of the sequester and constant gridlock, hoping they can place the blame on Obama.

    However, given Fox’s dismissal of both Sarah Palin and Dick Morris as well as the rehabilitation of Karl Rove and the hiring of Scott Brown, it would appear the propaganda division of the GOP is committed to a pivot towards the center. This, of course, carries with it the risk of alienating the base, but I suspect they’ve made the calculation that the Tea Party are now no-longer-useful fools who need to be tossed out with all the other useless trash. I think they’ve also made the cynical calculation that the hatred they’ve ginned up against President Obama will outweigh any resentment towards the party because of their abandonment. After all, it’s not like they’re EVER going to vote for a democrat, and Obama is no longer the electoral threat he once was. Realistically, where are they going to go? Third party? Heh. They’ll get squashed like bugs.

    I suspect they’ve also made the cynical calculation that the base consists of gullible rubes, who will believe anything if they just use the proper Luntz approved verbiage. After all, it’s worked well in the past! If the ‘true believers’ try to put up their own ‘Tea Party’ candidates, the national GOP (funded by their Shadow Masters) will moneybomb them into oblivion while Fox carries the message that ‘these people are too radical to win the general election’. With unlimited funding and Fox to carry the (New! Improved! Soft and Sensitive!) party line, the Tea Party can be marginalized, and the rest of the base gulled as they have been so many times before.

    Where the base made a critical mistake was in believing that the Republican part shared their values. They were wrong. What the Republicans believe in is winning. If being conservative helps them win, they’re conservative. But the winds are shifting. And with it, the Republican party. Now, they’re the new, improved Sensible Conservatives!!

    And so, the Tea party now consists of no-longer-useful idiots who can be jettisoned and made into scapegoats (The reason we lost the last election was because of all those crazy extremists who scared off the center! See, we’re not like THEM at all!). And there is nothing the Tea Party believers can do other than, like Michael Corleone in Godfather III, die a dog’s death, alone, powerless, abandoned, and forgotten.

    1. MARK February 14, 2013

      Well I certainly agree that a godfather ending would be appropriate for those assholes.A new and improved Republican party? That is a long stretch at best.It will take much longer than a mere season of disgruntlement for that mangy cat to change its stripes. Sensible Conservatives? If it were possible to outfit the depths of hell with air conditioning so to reduce the suffering of all the poor souls residing there,those jerks would refuse to approve the funding. Too bad for those pieces of shit because hell is where they are going and we can all hope that they be damn quick about it.

      1. Siegfried Heydrich February 14, 2013

        Actually, there are, indeed, sensible conservatives who place nation before party. It’s just that they’ve been purged by the party, which has no use for anyone with intelligence, restraint, or compassion. The party cannot tolerate anyone who cannot be duped into mindlessly toeing the party line with fury and fanaticism. They’re in hiding from the madmen who staged a coup and brought the Republican party to the sorry state in which it now finds itself.

        If you go to The American Conservative website (theamericanconservative dot com), you will find the refuge of the old Rockefeller Republicans, the outcasts of the party. You may not agree with them, but if you are civil and intelligent, they are more than willing to have a polite discussion with you. It is upon them I pin my hopes for a rational, reasonable, patriotic conservative party to emerge from the wreckage of the Republican disaster. We need conservatives to preserve the dynamics that is a democracy. Liberalism, unchecked, would be as fatal to the nation as unchecked conservatism.

        The problem is that the conservative movement and label was hijacked by the deranged, the greedy, and the cynically opportunistic. They don’t really care about conservatism, they care about money. They care about power. And most importantly, they care about gaining more and hoarding it. Conservatism is simply the medium in which they work; but it is no more than that to the plutocrats attempting to remake the nation in their perverted vision.

        1. MARK February 14, 2013

          Yeah,I like to think that somewhere the sensible guys are hiding and waiting for the radical crooks to die.

  3. lessthantolerant February 14, 2013

    Watch the crowd, can you determine which democrat won the chance to get a BJ from Obie last night?

    I hear Grayson in Florida won the lottery to do Mooshelle two little breeders.

    1. WhutHeSaid February 14, 2013

      Had your hopes up, didja? You seem to always have performing sexual acts for Obama on your mind. Well, the rest of us would prefer that drooling redneck bigots refrain from breeding anyway — REAL people are determined to stamp you out of existence, even if we have to bribe your sisters.

      1. MARK February 14, 2013

        Well this real person wouldn’t touch ltt’s sisters with someone elses dick.Perhaps they can be bribed into permanent celibacy.

        1. WhutHeSaid February 14, 2013

          That’s the general idea: Sending a redneck bigot’s sister into town with money to buy something shiny will wreck their love life — at least for a while. The less they breed the better off we will all be.

      2. lessthantolerant February 15, 2013

        I drew Mooshelle pimping out her breeders to Biden, so yeah, I had hoped to win the pool, but I guess I’ll have to bet on the next circus act Obie performs.

      3. idamag February 16, 2013

        I wonder if there is kiddie porn on less than’s computer.

    2. Countrybumpkin February 14, 2013

      History is proof that animals like you always become extinct in due time.

      1. lessthantolerant February 15, 2013

        Obviously not a student of history are you doofus? the dark ages are coming back, look at knees benders like you, think you could hold back a horde?
        They don’t really care if you can give BJs in alleys or not.

        1. idamag February 16, 2013

          Somebody, like you, makes me think you have evolved as far as you are going to evolve and are now going down the other side.

          1. lessthantolerant February 17, 2013

            Ouch! Your rapier with cuts sharply. LOL! Keep pretending you are superior, I will laugh as aids continues to ravage the 3rd world and gays die by the thousands. I will laugh as the black race self destructs on its new plantation and chuckle while you fret that this isn’t how socialism should work.

          2. WhutHeSaid February 17, 2013

            Pssst…don’t look now, but your leader is a black man. So you’ll just be a good little slack-jawed, rooster-licking, ankle-grabbing redneck bigot — got it, boy?

            Oh yes, 4 more years and…

            …he’ll be black the WHOLE TIME!!


    3. Blake Faulkner February 14, 2013

      You’re not gonna keep us waiting on your redneck revolution are ya Goober?…So far Ted Nugent has been all hat and no saddle. And what is it about you knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, subspecies always thinking with your gonads instead of the organ between your ears. Don’t you ever get tired of those big buckets of duh for breakfast, Goober? They sure can’t be doing you much good in your adult remedial reading classes the judge and your parole officer require you to attend. And you’re making us suffer reading your idiotic, race and sex-obsessed bile as well. You’re like some gay, white, redneck…reverse Mandingo. You’ve got jungle fever…with dueling banjoes playing in the background. You are scaring me a little. Just rise up, take on the guv’mint with your assault weapons/mega mags arsenal…and get it over with already. And make sure you recruit Teddy to join you. I know he’s not much of a ‘joiner’…except when it comes to underage little girls…but I’m sure you and he will be best buds forever…wherever you end up after your ‘redneck revolution’. Lots of dark-skinned little girls in Costa Rica or Panama for you studdly duds…er, I mean…dudes. YeeeeHawwwww. You betcha!

      1. MARK February 14, 2013

        I love it Blake,Have you ever considered a career in comedy? Your comment will put me in a good mood that will last all day. Thanks!

      2. lessthantolerant February 15, 2013

        Calm down, its seems your aids or STDs have gone to your brain. Take the dick out of your mouth for a minute and think.
        I guess you are part of the leftist OWS crowd, so when can we count on your finalizing the demise of America so the great chaos and anarchy revolution can begin?
        I know its hard for you to act like a man while on your knees getting bugger in whatever alley you hang out it, but try.
        By the way, do you know who Mooshelle pimped out her little breeders to after the SOTU?

  4. Dominick Vila February 14, 2013

    President Obama’s State of the Union address was unabashedly center-left, and reflected the hopes and values of most Americans. Why should we continue to support tax breaks for multi millionaires that never trickle down to 98% of Americans? Why should we continue to waste trillions of dollars in crusades that only benefit companies like Halliburton and Blackwater USA, and continue to oppose programs and projects that would benefit our country and our society? To Hell with the radicals, let’s support what we need!

    1. itsfun February 14, 2013

      47% of the people pay no taxes. We have more food stamp users then the whole population of Spain. You’re worried about tax breaks for multi millionaires. I worry about all the free housing, health care, food stamps, free educations being given away while hard working tax payers like me pay for all that stuff. I worry about laws that take away my freedoms. I no longer will have the choice of my own health care. Taxing companies more only leads to higher prices and unemployment. If I own a company and the Government raises my taxes, I just pass the cost along to my customers. If I own a company with over 50 employees I lay off all but 50 full time employees and hire part time workers only. These distribution of wealth programs only lead to more and more Socialism (Progressive is the new work for Socialist).

      Read Karl Marx’s book , then honestly tell me that Obama is not a Socialist.

      1. tobyspeeks February 14, 2013

        You hit every right-wing-nut talking point. Very well done.

      2. stcroixcarp February 14, 2013

        Your thinking is exactly what is wrong with the current economic system. If you were an employer and paid your employees enough, they would pay taxes and they would not need food stamps. And they could afford to buy the stuff you make and you would profit more. Your way of thinking encourages profit taking rather than long term investment. I am sorry that you will lose your freedom to choose a health insurance company. The system of freedom that you love so much could deny you coverage for pre-existing conditions. Ever smoked, had cancer, high blood pressure, acne? Try getting medical services without insurance and then tell me how much you love “freedom”.

        1. latebloomingrandma February 14, 2013

          The food stamp program was expanded several years ago in lieu of increasing the minimum wage. People living on minimum wage can barely make it. Republicans in general are against this increase as “messing with the free market.” Food stamps was just one way of trying to ensure we didn’t see our people starving or lining up around the block for soup kitchens, as during the depression. In this video age, what a sight that would be around the world. Talk about a US in a position of “weakness”. Republicans seem to think of weakness only in terms of weapons systems. Not so. The picture that ricocheted round the world and caused others to shake their heads in disbelief about America’s “power” was the people stranded and in despair in the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina.It made our greatness look like a sham. We need to start caring about our people. We need healthy, educated people, and safety here at home. I loved the President’s SOTU message.

        2. neeceoooo February 14, 2013

          And these people who get cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes (just to name a few) still need medical care and they still see the doctor or go to the hospital but who pays for it, we all do. The ACA will provide healthcare for all these people so I am not paying for their emergency room visit.

          1. plc97477 February 14, 2013

            as a very smart person told us the republican health care plan is for everyone to die quickly

          2. BDC_57 February 14, 2013

            You got that right.

        3. Fern Woodfork February 14, 2013

          That’s It They Don’t Want To Pay Their Workers A Decent Wage They Want Buy More Toys And Bigger Mansions!!

          1. Nate February 19, 2013

            That’s my point Fern , The min wage should be in line with the coast of living and it’s not. The 50’s was a prosperous time, because any body that worked full time kept there head above water.

      3. bjbstarr11 February 14, 2013

        I beg to differ. I work everyday and do not receive food stamps. How do you know 47% of the people pay no taxes. What proof do you have. BTW, if you are not happy here in the US, please leave.

        The President is not a Socialist. He just wants the rich to pay their fair share.
        We know the GOP could care less about poor peope. This is why they lost the election.

        1. middleclasstaxpayer February 14, 2013

          If the “rich” are supposed to pay their “fair share” WHY is EVERY MEMBER of CONGRESS AND the president (ALMOST ALL ARE MILLIONAIRES!!) EXEMPT from the new healthcare law??? If it’s so good for all of us, why are they opting out??? And leaving the rest of us to PAY FOR THEIR SUPERIOR “fair share” of HEALTHCARE coverage????? AND thier retirement benefits for LIFE after only ONE TERM in office????? Are these millionaires paying their fair share??

          1. latebloomingrandma February 14, 2013

            I think you have a basic misunderstanding of the ACA. Government workers participate in a health care plan—they get a panel of plans from which to choose what meets their needs. This is what wll be offered to the public who currently has not health care—this is the essence of the “exchanges.” The gov’t steps in, to add a subsidy for payment, according to the person’s income. Nothing sinister here, despite all the socialism scare tactics. Insurance companies are still going to make their profits, albeit, they now have to ensure that 85% of their premiums collected actually go to cover patients’ care, rather than the CEO or stockholders. And since the 1800’s when railroad companies provided health care in lieu of increased wages, America has seemed to gravitate towards employers provideing a health care plan to employees, rather than the government providing it. So now the ACA incorporates this into the overall plan—and there is wailing and gnashing of teeth. Come on. If you reject a single player plan, how else are we to give citizens of the the greatest country health care that other countries give? We will no longer be a super power if our people are sick or broke because of it.

          2. lana ward February 14, 2013

            The mandate at the heart of Os helthcare law is actually a tax on the middle class. His promise not to tax the middle class is a lie. His $264 billion tax tsunami hits this year. With the fiscal cliff deal and many Ocare taxes taking effect, we will br slammed this year with that tsuami!!! Those making $30,ooo a year will pay more than those making $500,000 a year because of the deal O pushed for after the fiscal cliff debacle. He said only 2% would see a tax hike, another lie

          3. Betta February 14, 2013

            Obama is the biggest LIAR I have ever seen in my life. It is embarrassing that one could be such a liar and do it with a straight face.

          4. WhutHeSaid February 14, 2013

            Well, either that or you are another lying, bigoted, slack-jawed, tax-evading, public-benefit-snorting, baby-pinching, right-wing, lunatic-fringe, trailer-trash hypocrite.

          5. Fern Woodfork February 14, 2013

            You Go WhutHe Said That Dumbass Airhead Bitch Needs To Shut The Fuck Up!!! If They Don’t Like It Here Why The Hell Do They Keep Coming Here?? Anal Draw Knows Plenty Of Web Sites They Will Be Welcomed On!! Tell That Inbred Bitch Where To Go!! DDD Dig Dirt And Die!!

          6. idamag February 18, 2013

            betta is another one who probably was or is a welfare recipient.

          7. Doctor T February 14, 2013

            Like give examples if you can. Name calling doesn’t work for people with any brains.

          8. lana ward February 14, 2013

            Omuslim has been schooled all his life for this moment!! His parents and grandparents were communists, Frank Marshall Davis (his real father) mentored him about 10 years, Davis was a card carrying communist. Omuslim had plastic surgery so he wouldn’t look so much like him (he had that wide nose when he was younger) probably why he won’t release any of his records. Pat Dollard site has the story of how the Saudi Prince payed Os way and destroying America is the way he is being paid back. We’re in serious trouble. Everything about O is fraud

          9. WhutHeSaid February 14, 2013

            Yes, yes… and Nikita Khrushchev paid for phoney birth announcements in both the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin in 1961 so that 50 years later Obama could deny his birth in Kenya — right?

            Even you must often get the urge to slap your own face for being a stupid moron. How do you cope?

          10. lana ward February 15, 2013

            Look up articles from years ago, you just might learn something : )

          11. latebloomingrandma February 15, 2013

            Yes, we all know if you read it on the internet, it must be true. As we can see from this site, anyone can post anything at all on the internet.

          12. lana ward February 15, 2013

            And that’s exactly what you do

          13. idamag February 16, 2013

            She doesn’t read it anywhere. She lies and lies and lies.

          14. idamag February 16, 2013

            Actually, a space ship landed in Arizona and kidnapped a doctor and a nurse to deliver a baby aboard the space ship. The baby was born way out in outer space and the space ship had no facilities to raise a baby so they left it up to the doctor and the nurse to get the mother into the country to raise the baby.

          15. idamag February 18, 2013


          16. lana ward February 18, 2013

            It’s true. Look it up, coward

          17. idamag February 18, 2013

            What you need to do in order to be credible is to put the lies out there. This country has had a voting system where the people elect their officials. That is the American way. There are some who would like to see that destroyed. The last Presidential election proved there are more sane people than T-party nuts.

          18. WhutHeSaid February 14, 2013

            Say, does Satan have a health plan? I have no doubt that you are in his Hellish inner circle, and will be rewarded accordingly when he calls you home.

          19. Doctor T February 14, 2013

            Like are you an economist? You make such asinine remarks and most people out here can see through your ignorance and hate.

          20. lana ward February 14, 2013

            We’ll see, won’t we numbnut. Omuslim is purposely destroying the middle class

          21. latebloomingrandma February 14, 2013

            Can you actually name any of those taxes that will hit the middle class? I know of one. 10% when going to the tanning booth. Unless you count the “tax” that will be levied if you refuse to buy insurance, instead choosing to be a freeloader/moocher on the hardworking people who buy insurance plans. If you actually have an insurance plan, Lana, someday you may be surprised that your premiums will not go higher each year, and may even decrease, since many more people are paying into the trough and not freeloading.

          22. lana ward February 15, 2013

            We’ll see, won’t we. Omuslim is purposely killing the middle class!!!

          23. middleclasstaxpayer February 14, 2013

            I think the “misunderstanding” is on the other side…..Congressmen & women are afforder LIFETIME wages & lifetime benefits after serving ONLY one term in office. They are specifically EXEMPTED from many of the requiremnets that they impose on ordinary citizens. They have exclusive & expensive healthcare coverage provided by US taxpayers, which is FAR SUPERIOR to anything we regular folks enjoy. In the same manner, they are exempt from paying into or relying on Social Sercrity because of their “lifetime” full salary & benefits. These 536 families (incl President) are among the wealthiest Americans, yet they get a free ride.

            Regarding ACA, we were told 15 Million people were uninsured in US…WHY revamp AN ENTIRE SYSTEM to cover 5% of the population, when they were ALREADY COVERED by simply going to any emergency room?

            Regarding the “superior” healthcare of “other countries” WHY would seriously ill patients come to our USA, even from a “progressive” country like Canada, and PAY THEIR OWN MEDICAL EXPENSES here instead of getting “free” medical in Canada? Because a “free” system isn’t really free. Firstly, in an emergency, you DON’T necessarily get FAST treatment in Canada or other countries, hence those citizens who can afford to, come to the USA for fast & life-saving procedures AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE!

          24. Cairndance February 14, 2013

            I’m pretty sure we were told that 50 MILLION Americans were uninsured, not 15 million!

            In Canada 3 years ago I tripped and fell, breaking my arm in 8 places. I went by ambulance to the hospital and was seen by a doctor within 15 MINUTES of my arrival! I would call that FAST!He stabilized my arm and gave me a large dose of pain medicine.

            I had to arrange for someone to drive me and my car back to Seattle because they realized I needed surgery and needed to be home for the total care that would be required.

            In the Seattle ER, I WAITED 2 1/2 HOURS to be seen!

            I am fully insured but MY insurance refused to pay, until I secured an attorney in Canada. Since all Canadians have medical coverage, companies don’t usually have to deal with medical claims. My insurance company is still waiting to be repaid for covering my almost $80,000.00 in medical bills!

            Did you read yesterday that JoeWalsh, famous DEAD-BEAT DAD, who only started paying his delinquent child support, when he went to Congress. He’s now asking the court to vacate the aggreement because he is UNEMPLOYED! I guess he forgot that he will have a lifetime of “retirement benefits” after only one term in Congress!

            Latebloominggrandma is right on!

          25. Fern Woodfork February 14, 2013

            LOL Maybe He Should GET A JOB Like He Love Telling Other People !!! Dead Beat Asshole!!

          26. middleclasstaxpayer February 14, 2013

            For their ‘Free” healthcare, Canadians pay 19.5% in sales taxes, and a much higher income tax rate than we do (currently), so you don’t get something for nothing. And Congressmen & women DO get lifetime pay & benefits after serving only one term.
            Your medical case was probably confounded because you got treatment in a “foreign” country, but I’m worried that, once ACA begins, we are also in for problems, as nothing the Federal govt ever does is done like it could and would be done in the private sector. Govt WILL cover pre-existing conditions, but we still don’t know what we will LOSE in the bargain….like good doctors, efficient hospitals, etc. Time will tell!

          27. Cairndance February 14, 2013

            No, actually that’s the way American insurance seems to work. We pay high deductibles and high monthly premiums, and then when we use it in an accident, the insurance wants to make sure that maybe someone else actually caused the accident and should pay the bills!
            My case has been held up because I was at an event being held at a public school. The school wanted the Event’s Insurance to pay my medical & the Event felt that what I tripped on was bad pavement on a school walkway! The 2 insurance companies have been in court to decide who will be responsible.

            My insurance rates have gone up 15 to 20 % every year! We are now up to $600 a month each, with a $3,500 deductible and $10,000 out of pocket. The ACA will bring down costs because everyone will be insured, pre-existing conditions will be covered, and people won’t be using the ER except in an actual emergency!Private insurance can raise our rates anytime, and until now could cancel for no reason. Medicare doesn’t cancel you for getting sick, but insurance companies use to do it all the time! I’ve never had a 20% raise but Private insurance companies can raise your rates 20% and you just have to suck it up!

          28. latebloomingrandma February 14, 2013

            US Congressmen are eligible for a federal pension if: they reach age 62 and have 5 full yrs of service; or age 50 if completed 20 years; or any age if completed 25 yrs. The payment will not exceed 80% of current pay upon retiring. They have been paying into Social Security since 1984.
            I have been an RN since 1970, and I can assure you that Emergency Room care is not “health care”, it is emergency care. No one goes to the ER to be diagnosed with diabetes or chronic conditions that end up costing us so much money after they collapse.
            Canadians by and large love their health system. The only problem is, they don’t disinguish between rich and poor. That would never go over in the USA, as the rich like to go to the front of the line. In Canada, if a rich person and a poor person need a knee replacement, they go in the order that they were seen by the MD. So i guess some impatient rich people come to the US if they can pay the exorbidant prices out of pocket.
            As far as the taxes for the ACA, most will be levied on persons making >$250,000. So if that’s you, sorry. Otherwise, everyone pays up something to get insurance, thus decreasing the amount of “freeloaders”. I thought you righties liked that.

          29. idamag February 16, 2013

            Don’t lie, it is unbecoming. When the facts were checked it was rich people, from Canada, coming here for cosmetic surgery which is not covered in Canada. No matter how long someone has to wait in Canada for care, they do get care. Life threatening care is moved up and available right away. Don’t get your facts from the tea party. Get acquainted with some Canadians.

          30. middleclasstaxpayer February 17, 2013

            Believe what you will, but it is a well known fact that people come here frequently from other countries that provide “free healthcare” when they need quick or quality care, and they PAY for it here themselves.

          31. Betta February 14, 2013

            ” This is what wll be offered to the public who currently has not health care-”

            You’re wrong here, grandma. They get top of the line health insurance that We The People pay for. They will not get the rationed garbage insurance that everybody else will get. Better read up on what’s really happening. BO is LYING to you and you are falling for it.

            Listen, BO’s failed policies are the same ones that’s got Europe going down the tubes with socialism. Just look at France. Socialism NEVER works. Taking from the workers to give to the lazy leeches of society? Nope, doesn’t work.

            If I could, I would turn off ALL obamaphones, which is costing the US taxpayer BILLIONS of dollars per year. BILLIONS!!!!!

          32. WhutHeSaid February 14, 2013

            Obamaphones? Say, you are pretty nutty, aren’t you?

            You can start by returning every public benefit you ever snorted up like a demon-possessed aardvark to the taxpayers that funded your greed. Next you can go get a job, taking care to avoid anything ever funded by REAL Americans in the process. Good luck — you’ll need it!

          33. DukeDacat February 14, 2013

            “I would turn off ALL obamaphones”

            Go back to Faux Noise and take your little friends with you……………….

          34. Doctor T February 14, 2013

            Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Your hate knows no bounds does it?

          35. latebloomingrandma February 14, 2013

            Gov’t workers and elected officials can choose from over 300 plans, as various costs and deductibles. They pay about 25% of the cost and their employer–the gov’t–pays 75%, like most businesses. They don’t get it “free” after they retire. Their plans must all contain the minimum standards that are included in all 4 levels of the “Obamacare” exchanges. France loves their socialized health care. They are also much more computerized than we are here. I’ve actuallly read up on a lot about the ACA and the health plans around the world. You, apparently got your info from Rush.

          36. idamag February 16, 2013

            In my community several years ago, a young father needed a liver transplant. He was told he had to have $100,000 up front to get on the list. The community had fund raisers and finally raised the money he needed but he died before he could get a transplant.

            I knew a young couple who had a baby born with hip dysplasia. He was operated on and completely cured, but the insurance company would not accept him.

            I have a friend who is an accountant for a hospital. She tells me that $800 our of every 2500 you spend in health care costs goes to pay for those who can’t or won’t.

            If your insurance is fine for you, keep it. But, for everyone else, I don’t think healthcare should be a status symbol for the rich.

          37. plc97477 February 14, 2013

            or dead

          38. Fiona Mackenzie February 14, 2013

            I imagine benefits for life was supposed to relieve lawmakers of the pressure to favor legislation benefiting those they hope will hire them after their time in government. It hasn’t worked for a long time, though.

            Apparently corrections are being made to their health care system, too. But what we should probably focus on is making health care for everyone be good enough for them to prefer it.

          39. middleclasstaxpayer February 14, 2013

            Very appropriate comments, thanks! I know we’ll be “covered” but with “what” is the question. We’ve had the sad experience that whatever government gets involved in gets somehow misdirected, mishandled and so far over budget that it becomes unsustainable. Unless of course, our tax rate goes thru the stratosphere, like in France or other socialist strongholds. Unfortunately, we’ll only discover what we have in healthcare when it’s too late to correct it.

          40. latebloomingrandma February 15, 2013

            If you already have health insurance from your employer, nothing will change, with the exception that some preventive measures will be 100% covered with a co-pay.

          41. middleclasstaxpayer February 15, 2013

            Hopefully you are right, but I think what probably WILL change is the COST of insurance. When the added expenses & exposure to insuring EVERYONE are passed on to the consumers (me & you), costs HAVE TO RISE if insurers are to remain profitable & stay in business. The goal for any business venture is to be profitable, and that means passing on ALL added expenses to your customers. How much more it will cost is the big question…..we’ll soon find out the answer!

          42. BDC_57 February 14, 2013

            Which we pay with are taxes.

          43. fljrod February 14, 2013

            Here is what is actually in the law:

            SEC. 1312 [42 U.S.C. 18032]. CONSUMER CHOICE.

(i) REQUIREMENT.—Notwithstanding any other provision of law, after the effective date of this sub- title, the only health plans that the Federal Government may make available to Members of Congress and congressional staff with respect to their service as a Member of Congress or congressional staff shall be health plans that are—

            (I) created under this Act (or an amendment made by this Act); or

            (II) offered through an Exchange established under this Act (or an amendment made by this Act).

            (ii) DEFINITIONS.—In this section:

            (I) MEMBER OF CONGRESS.—The term ‘‘Member of Congress’’ means any member of the House of Representatives or the Senate.

            (II) CONGRESSIONAL STAFF.—The term ‘‘congressional staff’’ means all full-time and part-time employees employed by the official office of a Member of Congress, whether in Washington, DC or outside of Washington, DC.

          44. middleclasstaxpayer February 14, 2013

            There’s your answer “OR an AMENDMENT MADE BY THIS ACT”…just as Congress has NEVER been required to participate in Social Security, they will have SPECIAL AMENDMENTS to ACA providing them special privileges & programs….remember, THEY are the ones writing (and amending) this abomination, so they will certainly provide more than adequately for themselves, just as they reliably VOTE GENEROUS RAISES for themselves each opportunity they get. When was the last time you got to decide WHEN & HOW MUCH of a pay raise YOU got???

          45. fljrod February 15, 2013

            You are, as with your prior statement,most misinformed. Congress has participated and paid into Social Security since 1984. Prior to 1984 Congressmen did not pay into the Social Security Fund because they participated in a separate program for civil servants, the Civil Service Retirement System or CSRS. This program was closed to government employees hired after 1983. You are also misunderstanding the language “Amendment Made By This Act” in this section of the ACA. The only abomination that exists is that 48.6 million Americans went without medical insurance in 2011, down from 49.9 million in 2010 because of the ACA As the ACA rolls out, this will will continue to go down and in the long term that will benefit everyone. To answer your question,since I am self employed I routinely decide when & how much of a raise I get.

          46. middleclasstaxpayer February 15, 2013

            You may be self-employed, but our congressmen & women work for US, and WE should be in a position to decide if/when theu get a pay raise, NOT them. Thanks for clarifications on the other.

          47. Ed February 14, 2013

            Mainly because of the American mindset which says :every congressman is crooked ” Except MINE! So we keepmreelecting them!

        2. itsfun February 14, 2013

          Why do you want to punish people for working hard and earning a good living? I am glad you work everyday and earn your way. Why should any American pay a higher % than another? How many lower income people hire employees? I am trying to save this country from Socialists. I spent 18 months in Nam getting my ass shot at, so I could be called a baby killer, and have to pay taxes for non workers and draft dodgers. If someone can’t work, the government should help them every way we can. Those that can work should at least do some kind of community service to earn their housing, food, and health care etc. The libs seem to think the government should be our parents and take care of us from crib to grave. Who is going to pay for this stuff after libs take all the money from the wealthy?

          1. Bob Brindell February 14, 2013

            I think the US should go back to tax rates paid in the 1950’s when our economy was booming. We had high employment rates and good paying jobs. All shared in the prosparity it was good times for all. The highest tax tate was 90% no body complained. So all you complainers need to shut the F up.

          2. Dominick Vila February 14, 2013

            We always had different tax rates for different income brackets. The current tax rates, including the new tax rate for those earning over $450K a year, is at one of its lowest levels in history.
            Nobody is punishing anyone. The fact is that if we want to maintain our standard of living, and continue to enjoy the benefits of a powerful military, social programs designed to help the elderly and the poor, the best air traffic control system in the world, an effective Center for Disease Control, a robust border patrol system, food and drug inspectors, intelligence agencies and all the other services we benefit from as a society, we better be ready to pay for them. The Republican way of borrowing to pay for what we need, giving irresponsible tax breaks to the wealthy on the false pretense that if they do well the middle class and the poor will also benefit from their good fortune, and deregulation that allows crooks to get away with murder has not worked before and it will not work now. When Reagan was in office, the S&L industry was brought to its knees, accumulation of debt tripled and the debt ceiling had to be raised 18 times. When W was in office our financial institutions almost collapsed, our economy almost went belly up, and job creation was almost non-existent. Why should we repeat what contributed to the mess we are finally overcoming? If you want to be credible, change your tune and offer something different. The old medicine is outdated.

          3. WhutHeSaid February 14, 2013

            Sorry to interrupt your lie-fest, but what do you have to say about the trillion-dollar wars that suck up American’s wages?

        3. Fern Woodfork February 14, 2013

          Same Here My Friend, I’m A Nurse I Work Everyday, I Pay My Taxes, We Don’t Get NOTHING FREE!!!!! I Want All The American People To Be Able To Have A Good Life, By Having A Roof Over Their Head And Food On The Table!! This Is One Of The Riches Country On Earth There Shouldn’t Be NO HOMELESS AND HUNGRY PEOPLE HERE IN AMERICA!!! The Only People That Against What I Said Are Selfish , Hateful And GREEDY People Who Needs To Live Somewhere Else!!!

          1. Doctor T February 14, 2013

            Good answer, Fern, and I agree and applaud your passion. Am now watching my mother (97) slowly die due to poor care from Hospice and a most aggrevated form of decubitus ulcer on her spine. We have her home now with 24 hour privately paid care and you can see her spine from the baseball sized hole in her back. In the meantime, this facility is billing Medicare $5K a month for what? To let her die like this? So much for capitalism and free enterprise.

          2. idamag February 18, 2013

            Fern, some people are born caring about other people and some people are born caring about number one. You are a caring person.

      4. KDJ54 February 14, 2013

        Your statement that 47% the people pay no taxes is completely wrong. Everyone who has a job pays payroll taxes. Everyone, in most states, pays sales taxes, which taxes go to pay for local schools and other state projects. If you are buying a home, then you are paying property taxes. When you purchase gasoline you are paying highway taxes. However, the payment of income taxes is another question and many may not pay or pay differing amounts. In fact, most people, including your 47% pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than the wealthy. Sales taxes are highly regressive and a greater burden to most middle class taxpayers, than to the wealthy. So, if a majority of people are not paying income taxes, then the problem is not with the “muchers” but with the “job creators” who seem hell bent on making sure everyone works at Walmart wages and hours, all the while excoriating those who talk of union organizing. By the way, anyone who has studied economics, understands that companies like Walmart who pay miserable wages and few, if any benefits, rely upon the public sector to cover the true costs of business. Walmart socializes its costs, so that we as taxpayers cover medical expenses, food stamp costs, etc. for the working poor, while they reap greater profits by passing these costs on to the public. Walmart is a classic example of the use of negative externalities to create profits. So every time you buy those “cheaper” products at Walmart, remember that is your tax dollars that make it possible for Walmart to offer lower prices by lowering its overhead at the expense of the taxpayer.

        1. plc97477 February 14, 2013

          that is just part of why I never shop at walmart

      5. Dominick Vila February 14, 2013

        I worked 44 years, was never unemployed, paid taxes my whole life, never got a government handout. The same goes for my children and grandchildren.
        The only people I know that get SSI, use MEDICAID, get foodstamps and spend the day talking to friends on their cell phone, texting, watching TV or playing video games are REPUBLICANS!
        I am fully aware of the fact that recipients of government assistance include both republicans and Democrats, but I honestly don’t know who that 47% of people who depend on government handouts are, and I can tell you for the fact that those who do get government assistance include Republicans too.
        Regardless of percentage, I much rather help a person in need, than give more breaks to people who do not need our help. Stop corporate welfare and millionaire welfare, and focus on programs designed to put the middle class and the poor back to work. The key to sustainable growth and low unemplyment is not welfare – regardless of who the recipients are – but putting people back to work.
        President Obama understands that better than most, and towards that end he proposed investment in infrastructure, modernization, R&D and education designed to help ALL Americans by lowering unemployment, improving our abillity to compete, maintain our standard of living, and at the same time reduce unemployment costs and increase revenues through higher taxation.
        In contrast, the GOP insists on on austerity, lay offs, and a message of doom and gloom.
        BTW, socialism entails the transfer of property and services from the private to the public sector. Our financial institutions, corporations, and even the much maligned Obamacare rely on for profit insurance companies to administer those programs. If you want an example of socialized medicine, for example, take a look at Great Britain’s system. Ours is capitalism on steroids. Oh, and I have read Karl Marx and Engels opinions. Barack Obama is no socialist.

        1. Bob Brindell February 14, 2013

          Your well thought out response falls on deaf ears. These people only hear that which supports their uninformed ideas. Do not bother them with facts and figures, I too have over 40 years in the work force been retired collecting SS for 10 years and will not live long enough to collect what was put into my SS account. Also, as all of us in the Medicare program I pay a monthly premium. These young dumb kmow it alls who think we are leaches on society have their head where the sun don’t shine.

          1. Dominick Vila February 14, 2013

            Not onlhy did we contribute into Social Security throughout our professional lives, we continue to pay high MEDICARE fees after we retire, and since that program only covers 80% of cost we also pay high insurance company premiums to cover the remaining 20%. Like you said, Social Security and MEDICARE have absolutely nothing to do with welfare. We paid for what we are getting.
            What some of our young don’t understand, or don’t know, is what happened before those programs were in place, the plight of the elderly, and the burden they became on their children and grandchildren. They should be thankful for the independence we enjoy, and should be glad we can enjoy the sunset of our lives with a modicum of dignity.

        2. neeceoooo February 14, 2013

          Athough, I really apprecitate your response.

      6. Fiona Mackenzie February 14, 2013

        What your bloodsucking industrialist forgot to mention, itsfun, is that most of those people are simply receiving insurance–social security and medicare–that they paid for out of every paycheck for 40 or 45 years. So right away, the number of people receiving actual government benefits from our taxes is dropped by more than half. And, of course, the bulk of government benefits goes to corporations and the very rich–check how many hundreds of billions we give to operations like GE that pay zero taxes.

        Did you realize that as this country has sunk into the swamp until over 50% of Americans are either in poverty or at immediate risk of poverty, the average per capita income of Americans has remained stable? In other words, the middle class has been dropped into the poor class while their appropriate salaries have been stripped from them and given to a handful of CEOs whose incomes are around 400x that of the average worker (unbelievable even during the obscene gilded age when the disparity was 150:1). Those few have been given enough of the pot to throw the rest of us into poverty or near-poverty–and exacerbated the problem by paying no tax on most of it and taking it out of circulation in the American economy. Wealth is created, you probably know, only when money circulates within the economy; so wealth is not being created in the U.S.

        Perhaps watching others become much poorer than you are is satisfying to you, but when you look back you will see that it’s just a matter of time until you are included in those. You are lucky you still work every day, and still are paid a living wage, but not everyone has had that luck.

      7. Fiona Mackenzie February 14, 2013

        By the way, if you are one of the dwindling few who has a job that supports a family, pays for medical insurance, and enables a middle class life, it is sickeningly ungracious to look down on those who are not so fortunate. I’m sure you are a wonderful worker, but so are many, many people who cannot get jobs.

      8. old_blu February 14, 2013

        You do know that trickel down crap has been going on for 30 years and it hasn’t worked yet. So why stick with the status quo that’s not working? Just open your eyes.

      9. lana ward February 14, 2013

        People on this site are hyponized, brainwashed by Omuslim. You will never get through to them. Never. Omuslim learned well from his father, Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky,, Cloward&Piven

        1. neeceoooo February 14, 2013

          So why don’t you just leave then

          1. Fern Woodfork February 14, 2013

            Cause She’s Stuck On Stupid Just Like The Rest Of These Trolls!! A Bunch Of Shit Starters, When They Get Their Asses Cussed Out Then They Go To Whining Like Like Little Bitches!!! They Know I’m Going To Rip Them A New Asshole Everytime They Talk To Me I Believe They Like It Too!!! Well I’m Happy To Let It Rip!!!

          2. idamag February 16, 2013

            draw anal, the former welfare queen learned well from her parents, too.

        2. WhutHeSaid February 14, 2013

          Obama has TWO fathers? This must be very confusing for him. Luckily for you, Satan is your one and only. He is very proud of you indeed!

      10. neeceoooo February 14, 2013

        This statement about the 47% is from the mouth of Romney and we were not buying it then and we are not buying it now.

        1. Fern Woodfork February 14, 2013

          As You Can Plainly See They Are Stuck On Stupid And They Will Never Change Same Old Refried Bullshit!! Over And Over And Over Again!!!

          1. BDC_57 February 14, 2013

            Plus they will never say how they will fix the problem.

          2. Fern Woodfork February 15, 2013

            More Trickle Down Is What Got This Country In The Shape It’s In Now!! That’s All They Talk About And It Don’t Work For Nobody But The Rich!!

          3. idamag February 16, 2013

            Absolutely, Fern. Trickle down was in place from 2001 until January of this year. If it worked, we would never had had unemployment at all.

            It really did make jobs – in India, China, Sri Lanka, Mexico, etc.

        2. plc97477 February 14, 2013

          of course, he just made a mistake about where the 47% were. He only got about 47% of the vote.

      11. Ed February 14, 2013

        My freind, the facts are that many of those on food stamps are there because so few employers pay a living wage. The decline of unions has lowered the standard of living for all of us. Agravated by the people like you who believe the republican crap about the 47 %. Would you like to get a few hundred thousand off of food stamps? Tell your congressman to raise the pay of our military families. As for tax breaks for millionaires, if you had been paying attention you would know that the “47%” that Romney spoke of includes a LARGE number of multimillionairres. As for “free housing. ” you had bettercheck your facts. Yes there are subsidised program for housing. But none come near to being free. I guess you are an Ayn Rand fan and believe if a person is disabled and unable to work they are not entitled to health care. That is the only way any one gets it for free. And believe me the services offered are limited. As for free education that is the right of every American, even your own kids. But I expect you are a home schooler.

        1. idamag February 16, 2013

          Maybe, itsfun has a final solution for those who cannot work.

      12. Doctor T February 14, 2013

        Wa Wa Wa…cry baby!

        1. robert February 15, 2013

          Hey Doc, she said “Read Karl Marx’s book.” I doubt if she ever even saw any of Karl Marx’s books! Books to trolls is like a cross to Dracula! They like sound bites and blerbs to base their comments on!

    2. MARK February 14, 2013

      Amen To That,Brother!

      1. labrown69 February 14, 2013

        Again his adoring fans cackle instead of analyzing!

        1. Dominick Vila February 14, 2013

          Would you mind sharing the results of your analyses with the rest of us? Do you believe helping those who already own 2/3 of our financial wealth accumulate more is preferable to helping people who are struggling to make ends meet? Are you suggesting wasting trillions of dollars in crusades that only helped certain special interests is preferable to improving OUR infrastructure and educating OUR children? Why do Republicans believe extending medical care to 40 million uninsured Americans is evil, and don’t hesitate to support corporate welfare in the form of looholes, deductions, and subsidies? Should we assume that the conservative policies embraced by the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ike have evolved to a mindset that starts and ends with a focus on intolerance, lack of compassion, greed, anarchy and a rejection of American values?

          1. labrown69 February 14, 2013

            The “results of my analysis” are that subsequent to the theft of approximately 8 trillion dollars from our economy and having broken the bank of the entire free world, after a magnitude of fraud, forgery and lies such as the world has never seen leading up to the largest rip off in the history of the world, this president’s justice department has not brought one single prosecution for hundreds of thousands of counts of felonies you or I would do hard time for. The reason for that is that he and Geithner are just as slimy as the rest of em. There ya go. I hope you enjoyed my analysis and I challenge you to refute the facts therein.

          2. Ed February 14, 2013

            Yeah mean the folks aren’t perfect? You do know that money means power don’t you? Ask Dan Rather where you get pointing out the truth.

          3. Doctor T February 14, 2013

            Am sure Dom has a reply, but what “facts” did you outline in your remark? None as far as I can see but pure personal opinion.

          4. labrown69 February 14, 2013

            Here is a fact: IN FIVE YEARS the Obama Administration has not indicted one single corrupt banker. If you people were any more partisan you would try to lick Obama’s legs.

          5. robert February 15, 2013

            labrown69, none of the bankers were incicted because they actually did nothing wrong. It was the same with the auto-industry. When they thought they had won the lottery in the bail-out, they rejoiced like business as usual until Obama/Biden threatened them with sanctions. IT SAVED THE COUNTRY, and the money allocated to the banks and the auto-industry has been repaid with interest. The majority of bankers and auto-industry CEO’s are Republican/Tea Bags, and even they has praised President Obama for such an insightful decision. Onlt imps, trolls, zombies, and drones are still funking up the air with unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. I guess your alcoholic daddy beat the living shit out of you to stunt your maturity too.

          6. labrown69 February 15, 2013

            Just re-read your idiotic post. “It saved the country”? I’m not talking about the bail out you jack ass. I’m talking about the criminal things the banks did to cause THE NEED for the bail out in the first place. Jesus .. the readers of this site don’t seem to be able to look critically at anything and as long as you scream Tea Bagger you never have to look at your own team. I will be the first to tell you the Tea Party are a lot worse and Romny would have been worse too but Obama is no Elizabeth Warren and she is first now starting to reveal the real criminality of the banks. Part of the bail out agreement was that the banks modify loans and instead the lied and cheated and stole the homes of millions of Americans while Obama sat with his thumb in his ass and watched.

          7. robert February 16, 2013

            labrat69, now you change your tune, zombi? You can’t make your mind up about anything, can you? That mortgage thing that caused the collapse started at the end of the Bush/Cheney administration from deregulations of the lending institutions that started early in the Bush/Cheney administration. Where were you when it was happening, in prison or in a psych-ward or something? You sorry suckers are so focused on President Obama, I bet you bitches are blaming him for that meteorite exploding over Russia. You fools can’t see the forest for the trees. President Obama didn’t bail those clowns out to help them, he did it to save this country’s economy from a great depression. . . Look, go fuck with somebody else. I’m tired of teaching something to a fucking pin-head.

          8. labrown69 February 17, 2013

            Bill Clinton signed deregulation of banks in 99 and Bill Clinton signed the deregulation of derivatives in 2000! Sorry, it was NOT Bush and/or Cheney!

          9. idamag February 16, 2013

            Sorry, Robert, they did do something wrong. I think they will be indicted sometime in the future.

          10. robert February 14, 2013

            labrown69, how can anyone answer such stupendous stupidity? No one can answer stupidity of that magnitude! The Obama/Biden administration has invested those trillions into America and Americans, including your dumb ass. But due to Republican/Tea Bag obstructionism while secretly begging for billions to be poured into their own states,, they are sucking up the majority of the trillions.The Republicans/Tea Bags know this, so why haven’t you trolls, zombies, imps, and drones gotten it? Bush/Cheney robbed this country of billions of dollars right before our fucking eyes for eight years, and not one of you bitches said a mumbling word about it. Why haven’t Bush/Cheney been prosecuted? They haven’t been prosecuted because of republican/Tea Bag blocking. Why? Because were they to have gotten into office they would have finished the job of robbing America and Americans! Your analysis only proves you need psycho-analysis, and your facts sound like you’re having a psychotic episode.

          11. labrown69 February 14, 2013

            Robert – you have no comprehension of what you are speaking about and that is why you speak in bumper stickers. I have some real bad news for you. Nobody has even proposed or considered charging Bush and Cheney with anything, least of all Obama and it has nothing to do with Tea Baggers. In your boundless partisan stupidity you have gone off on a tangent. Obama ran on a platform of reforming the financial services industry that broke this county first in the final days of the Clinton administration and then for 8 painful years of Bush. Now Obama has allowed Tim Geithner and Eric Holder to call the shots FOR FIVE YEARS and his justice department has not charged one single banker with anything. You are not having a psychotic anything. You are just plain stupid.

          12. WhutHeSaid February 15, 2013

            Really? If what you said was true, George Bush would never cancel a trip to Switzerland because of the possibility of being arrested and tried for war crimes, and Malaysia would never convict Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their legal advisers in absentia for those same crimes.

            Sorry for the interruption — please proceed with your lying.

          13. labrown69 February 15, 2013

            You can be put to death for smoking a joint in Malaysia. I was speaking about realistic things that actually might take place besides which Bush has not committed a single war crime that Obama has not duplicated or do you only object when Republicans commit war crimes? What do you say about a drone taking out 70 people at an Afghan wedding party including the bride and groom and their family? “Oops, sorry, it was an accident and therefore it’s not a war crime”. You people are so stupid you are every stereotype right wingers say about liberals. Thank God most of us liberals are a lot smarter than you morons. The National Memo is like a coloring book for liberals. Pass the crayons.

          14. WhutHeSaid February 15, 2013

            Obama has not duplicated Bush’s torture policy — so upon challenge your claim vanishes faster than a fart in a windstorm.

            I made no claims or defenses related to Obama, rather, I merely challenged your claim and demonstrated that it was false. I know the reason you make such false claims, but feel free to explain it for yourself.

            Lastly, I have a bit of friendly advice for you: Before you brazenly boast about having an intellect superior to anyone, it would be helpful if you could win at least one point in the debate.

          15. labrown69 February 17, 2013

            WhutHeSaid – do you wait for Santa Clause? Obama has beefed up The Patriot Act and continued or expanded upon all of Bush’s policies and here, you moon over him like a school girl who is smitten with a rock star. You are sickening and there is “no winning points” with you because you are too blind to see anything. Partisans like you see men in white hats and men in black hats and view politics as a Western in which some are good guys and some are bad guys. In the mean time see this from PBS Frontline:

            Top CIA Official: Obama Changed Virtually None of Bush’s Controversial Programs
            September 1, 2011, 11:02 am ET

            As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama pledged “a top to bottom review of the threats we face and our abilities to confront them.” He promised a sweeping overhaul of the Bush administration’s war on terror, which he criticized for compromising American values.

            But FRONTLINE has learned from a former high-ranking CIA official that even before he took office, Obama’s team “signaled” they had no intention of rolling back secret programs begun under the Bush administration. In his first televised interview, for next Tuesday’s Top Secret America John Rizzo, a 34-year agency veteran described as “the most influential lawyer in CIA history,” tells FRONTLINE:

            I was part of the transition briefings of the incoming Obama team, and they signaled fairly early on that the incoming president believed in a vigorous, aggressive, continuing counterterrorism effort. Although they never said it exactly, it was clear that the interrogation program was going away. We all knew that.

            But his people were signaling to us, I think partly to try to assure us that they weren’t going to come in and dismantle the place, that they were going to be just as tough, if not tougher, than the Bush people.

            YOU ARE A WISHFUL THINKER AND NOT A VERY SMART ONE AT THAT but you will never formulate an intelligent vote based on idolatry or hero worship! Lastly, there is no question whatsoever that my intellect is vastly superior to yours, not because I am so smart but because you are so dull!

          16. WhutHeSaid February 17, 2013

            Pointing out that you are lying isn’t ‘hero worship’. You may feel that you have a great education, but my opinion is that you should demand that they refund your tuition. Apparently you are the only one who believes it was a good deal.

            As for being on a ‘transition team’ (or getting briefings by one), the only team you’ve been on is the Glenn Beck leg-humping team. You didn’t really expect me (or anyone else) to believe that bullshit — did you?

          17. robert February 15, 2013

            labrown69, now who sounds stupid? Read your post before you send it out. You are so out of touch it’s incredible

          18. labrown69 February 15, 2013

            Robert – “now who sounds stupid”? that’s easy … YOU DO! LMAO Elizabeth Warren for president in 2016. REAL “hope and change” instead of false hope and chump change!

          19. robert February 15, 2013

            labrat69. . . 69? Don’t know whether you’re up or down, huh, schitzoid? Don’t know which end to choose from, huh, zonkie? Just the fact that you’re a Republican/Tea Bag douche makes us all know you’re confused. Bet you’re a fag too. 69? You can take it from either end, can you? Head and tail or both at the same time? . . Oh, my bad. You labrat69. You don’t know. You can’t tell your asshole from a mudhole, can you poopie? I bet your daddy beat the living fuck out of you with a belt, huh, ding-bat? Burned you with cigarettes on your little trembling belly and your pink little rump huh? You hate yourself, don’t you? Everytime you look in the mirror it sends an unholy emotion through you. So you have to hate something because your daddy died from being eaten up by cancer in the trailer you live in down by the river. So you hate what appears to you as a father figure, President Obama. But the problem with that is he’s African, and that really doubles your pleasure, don’t it sicko? The thing that would cure you is to suck on your thumb and go and crawl into a dark corner in your trailer down by the river and curl up into a fetal position and weep it out. It’s okay. You can cry. If that don’t work, swallow one of these ((o===8 and you’ll feel better in the morning.

          20. idamag February 16, 2013

            Lab, don’t insult homosexuals. I have several homosexual friends and all of them have superior intellect.

          21. labrown69 February 17, 2013

            Robert – get help buddy.

            In politics, just because one is marginally better than the other, that does not mean it is good enough.

            I don’t use the word “fag” because even though I am a hetero I support my LGBT Brothers and Sisters in their quest for equality and


            I will allow those who read your bizarre comments to decide who is the sick one for themselves!

          22. idamag February 16, 2013

            lab, had you been paying attention you would have known that Waxman was gung-ho to charge them with fraud and war crimes and Obama tried to be a peacemaker. His words were we should go forward and work together. Was he right? I thought they should be charged, but maybe he knew something I did not.

            I still think they should be charged. There are several countries who have put forth charges against Bush, Cheney, Rove and Rumsfeld. If they go to those countries they will be arrested.

          23. labrown69 February 17, 2013

            I am aware that there is some chatter everyone now and then from one corner or another but nobody can seriously believe that Bush and/or Cheney are going to be charged with war crimes and if they were, Obama would have to be too as there is virtually nothing to first two bozos have done that Obama hasn’t done also. I voted for Obama twice and I still prefer him to anything the GOP has to offer but unlike most of the cheer-leading fan clubbers on this site, I am pretty disgusted with his performance. As for Bush, staying out of those piss ant countries that make impotent noise about charging them with anything will be about as difficult as giving up Rutabaga from their diet. It’s a joke.

          24. Madelaine Ayers Henne February 18, 2013

            Labrown – and you think the GOP is doing anything about that?? They could bring charges of their own! I haven’t seen it! Both sides are just as guilty! Money talks to anyone!

          25. labrown69 February 18, 2013

            “I think” the GOP are the “scum of the earth”.

            That does not mean I do not expect more from the candidates I vote for.

            I truly don’t understand the mentality of those who post on this site and all seem to think that as long as the Republicans are not in control everything is hunky dory! LMAO

            I don’t like getting screwed by either party and the simple truth is, this economy is NEVER COMING BACK until the investors and the businessmen know they can sit down at the table and get an “honest game”. There is no confidence from investors for very good reason. Criminals in both parties are running the show and they refuse to stop stealing. B of A alone has more worthless paper on the books that the combined currency of all aggregate countries in the world and there is a 700 trillion dollar derivatives market in a world in which the GDP of all countries combined is around 60 trillion. Obama and Holder and their clowns are destroying our country and I take very little joy in the realization that they are doing it slower than the Republicans might. Obama had an opportunity to eliminate the insurance companies and really solve our health care problems in the way that every other civilized county has solved them and instead he allowed lobbyists to write the law. Employer based health care will never work. It is the worst of both worlds. Sorry folks, you may love Obama and the rest of the Democrat clowns but they are going to have to do more than just “be the captains of my team” in order to win praise from me.

          26. Doctor T February 14, 2013

            Thank you, Dominick. I just had a “go round” with a few rightists who think those who served in the Peace Corp are “takers” and paid through their taxpayer dollars. I challenged with the following: Why are you not griping about paying for our military with taxpayer dollars? No answer from them. Guess spreading war is ok and peace is a no-no.

          27. idamag February 16, 2013

            Dr. T, we have always had a war department, why have we never had a peace department?

        2. MARK February 14, 2013

          Analyze this mother fucker,eat shit and bark at the moon!

          1. labrown69 February 14, 2013

            Mark – while I take your mother from behind?

          2. MARK February 15, 2013

            At least I have a mother.You were shit on a log and the sun hatched you.You are lab brown alright just like shit.

    3. Fiona Mackenzie February 14, 2013

      Perfect response, Dominick, except that a few years ago, this would have been center, not center left. The rush to the right has skewed our perception of what a country should look like.

    4. Fern Woodfork February 14, 2013

      And What Obama Don’t Get Passed In Office I Believe He Will Use His President Seal Signing All Want He Wanted To Get Done Going Out Of Office!! Obama Should Know By Now The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Is Not Going To Work With Him!!! They Have Declared War On America And The 98% Of The American People And These Fools Who Support Them Are Stuck On Stupid Cause They Are Part Of The 98%!!

      1. stugatz February 14, 2013

        fernita, parese que tu eres una pendeja que estas conectada con la partida que sabe una sola parabla =====NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Fern Woodfork February 14, 2013

          ENGLISH!!!!! FUCK YOU TOO!! And If You Got AnyFriend FUCK THEM ALSO!!!

        2. Dominick Vila February 14, 2013

          If you want to address someone in Spanish, in this forum, you may want to at least make an effort to use proper grammar and spelling.

          Los que dicen NO a todo son los Republicanos. Si quieres insultar a alguien, trata de hacerlo con objetividad o arriesgas perder tu credibilidad. (The ones that say NO to everything are the Republicans. If you feel compelled to insult someone try to be objective, or you risk losing credibility)

      2. lana ward February 14, 2013

        stugatz says you’re an asshole, you’re the problem!!! : )

        1. Fern Woodfork February 14, 2013

          You Low Life Toothless Cat Shit Eating Cock Sucking Cave Dwelling Inbred !!! FUCK YOU BITCH!!!!

          1. lana ward February 14, 2013

            : )

          2. Fern Woodfork February 14, 2013


          3. lana ward February 14, 2013

            Have a good day!! : )

          4. Betta February 14, 2013

            Pay no attention to her, lana. Fernfork is an ignorant low life obamabot with a sewer mouth. Probably gets a check for paranoid bipolar schizophrenia. And they gave this crazy bitch a gun? (so she says)

            She is where they need to start when it comes to confiscating guns. People like her need to be in a rubber room she can bounce around in.

          5. Fern Woodfork February 14, 2013

            Stop Talking To Me Stupid Ass Bitches!!!

          6. WhutHeSaid February 14, 2013

            Get her, Fern!

          7. Doctor T February 14, 2013

            May not be my choice of vocabulary, but Fern will skewer you ignorant people every time! And deservedly so because you folks are totally wrong and she is right….

          8. lana ward February 14, 2013

            Thanks, we see why our America is in so much trouble. Pat Dollard, WND, The Captians Quarters and Alex Jones are good sites- God Bless America!!!!

          9. Fern Woodfork February 15, 2013

            Take Your Dumb Ass There And Stay Stuck On Stupid Cat Shit Eating BITCH!!!

          10. lana ward February 15, 2013

            Obamas drones are allowed to kill Americans, watch out!! He might drop a bomb on you

          11. Fern Woodfork February 14, 2013

            Go Eat More Cat Shit!!!

          12. lana ward February 14, 2013

            I saved some for you, it’s pretty good

          13. Fern Woodfork February 15, 2013

            Bitch I Don’t Eat Cat Shit You Can Share With The Rest Of Your Troll Ass Friend Just Stop Talking To Me With Your Bullshit Ass Comments I Don’t Want To Hear Nothing From Your Racist Ignorant Ass!!!

          14. Ed February 14, 2013

            Tch Tch, such language. Well deserved truly!

        2. idamag February 16, 2013

          Lana, the former got-pregnant-in-high-school-dropped out-and let we, the taxpayers support her. She sat on her draw anal with her hand out. The only reason she got off welfare is welfare reform forced her to go to work.

          1. lana ward February 17, 2013

            Grow up. Quit living off the Government!!!

          2. lana ward February 17, 2013

            idamag (maggot) doesn’t want anyone to know her mouth is on the Governments’ tit, so she says others are!!. Theres nothing to be ashamed of, sometimes people really do need help. With Omuslim in office, millions more need help, probably half of the people on this site are getting help

          3. idamag February 18, 2013

            draw anal with the upside down digestive system. Everything you say is a lie so why should anyone believe you, you hateful nut job. I never went of welfare because it was not a way of life in my family. I went to work. The only way you went off it is because of welfare reform. My family would have been embarassed if any of us went on welfare.

          4. lana ward February 18, 2013

            Your whole family needed help! Like I said , sometimes people do need help, it’s nothing to be ashamed of!!

      3. Betta February 14, 2013

        You are pure garbage, Fernfork. Clean up your act and your filthy mouth.

        1. Fern Woodfork February 14, 2013

          Just Like Your Low Life Inbred Mother You Pussy Sucking Ignorant KKK Stuck On Stupid Tea Bagging BITCH!! FUCK YOU!!!

          1. WhutHeSaid February 14, 2013

            You go girl — nobody let’s the mutant redneck bigots have it like you do. Go get ’em, Fern!

          2. Inthenameofliberty February 15, 2013

            Really? You support her hatred?
            Obama would be SO proud of both of you.
            BTW – what’s your IQ? From your juvenile comment, can’t be too high.
            YOU and FERN – not the Dems and Repubs – but people like you two, with your intolerant and ignorant ways, are why this country is in so much trouble.

            YOU are EXACTLY like the people you claim to hate so much. Those intolerant, stupid, ignorant, tea baggin’, repugs – good going!

          3. MARK February 16, 2013

            You got it all wrong boy.We are smart enough to know that when we are fighting the devil,we have to stab him with his own pitchfork.What you fail to understand is that Fern hates lies and bullshit just like the rest of us.That is why you and your lousy troop will make no headway here.

          4. Inthenameofliberty February 17, 2013

            Whatever you say.
            You can’t possibly be wrong.

          5. WhutHeSaid February 17, 2013

            Fern responds to people’s posts, unlike the drooling bigots who respond to the color of people’s skin. If Fern ‘let’s you have it’, it’s because you either a) insulted her, or b) insulted the rest of humanity with bigoted or outright racist comments.

            By the way — why did you shorten your screen name? Wasn’t that supposed to be ‘liesinthenameofliberty’?

          6. lessthantolerant February 16, 2013

            spoken like a true porch monkey!

            do you know who mooshelle pimped out her two little breeders to after the STOU address, I have Grayson in the pool.

        2. WhutHeSaid February 14, 2013

          You aren’t very smart at all. Fern will rip you a new one — no doubt just as quickly in person as online. You really asked for it now!

        3. idamag February 18, 2013

          Sure Fern uses some colorful language, but she differs from you in that I have never seen Fern tell a lie.

      4. lessthantolerant February 16, 2013

        Typical porch monkey still looking for all the handout it thinks it deserves. This is what happens when you do not expect your parasitical quota picks to earn their way.

        1. Madelaine Ayers Henne February 18, 2013

          Porch monkey??? You are a mean, small minded, ignorant redneck! What a poor excuse for a human being!!!

          1. lessthantolerant February 19, 2013

            Do you prefer “groid”? I find that porch monkey fits this affirmative action quota pick better. Groids are at least aggressive and sometimes dangerous, especially in packs.
            But the porch monkey simply likes to be buggered and loan out his two little breeders to the media for entertainment, not very dangerous.

    5. lana ward February 14, 2013

      You know so much that isn’t so!! Pitiful

      1. frida February 14, 2013

        Lana the Ward, were you born negative, remain negative and die negative?? You are always pathetic.

    6. Progressive Patriot February 14, 2013

      I love it Dominick!


    7. labrown69 February 15, 2013

      You would get a hard on at a high school commencement speech!

    8. lessthantolerant February 16, 2013

      yes Dom, everyone deserves someone else’s money, heaven forbid you be expected to provide for yourself.

      How long have you been a parasite?

      1. idamag February 18, 2013

        I am sure you have a final solution for those who have disabilities and can’t work.

        1. lessthantolerant February 19, 2013

          yes, let them care for themselves.

          1. Nate February 19, 2013

            Most of these so called parasites paid into social security, so I fail to undrestand what your problem is>?

          2. lessthantolerant February 20, 2013

            Let me see if you understand. Say you paid into SS for 30 years, and you collect SS for 25 are you even or ahead?
            Now given that SS was set up as a Ponzi scheme with not thought for how it could sustain itself, how can you pay out more than you take in and remain viable?
            Too many parasites believe they are owed more than they contribute.
            Sounds like you are included.

  5. labrown69 February 14, 2013

    “UNLEASHED”? LMAO Maybe you mean he has unleashed Wall Street or did you fail to notice there was not a word about reforming the only issue upon which EVERY OTHER issue depends?

  6. clarenceswinney February 14, 2013

    1945 -1980 we taxed high incomes and estates to pay down WWII debt.
    In those years we had fabulous economic growth.
    The Middle Class had much economic growth.
    Now, it is payoff time.
    We need to pay down the Republican Tax Cut Debt.
    Our income is $14,000 Billion.
    The 2013 budget calls for $2900B in revenue and a $900B deficit.
    It is a disgrace that we will not pay our way instead of leaving it for our kids to pay.
    We rank 4th on Inequality in OECD nations. Richest on earth. Yet! We rank third as Least taxed in OECD nations. Only Chile and Mexico tax less of GDP than America. Yes! We rank number two on taxing our corporations even though our top rate is highest. Obviously, something is crazy in America.
    Since 1980, our tax rates have been cut cut cut to favor the wealthy.
    In 2008, the top 50% got 86% of all individual income and paid 12..5% tax rate.
    That ratio has been similar for years.
    70,00,000 workers took home 14%.

    We Must return to taxing Wealth and high incomes. Would a higher estate tax hurt the ONE family which owns more wealth than 90% of our families. Romney wants to zero it not raise it to help balance our budget and pay down some of the debt that helped him get very rich.

    We CAN balance our budget. We CAN pay down our debt. The rich will fight any change.
    The Middle Class needs help to regain a good Standard Of Living. Help them. Clarence Swinney

    1. idamag February 16, 2013

      Clarence, the country that has the highest taxes is Norway. They also have the highest employment rate, socialized medicine, and no poverty. Their people also enjoy the highest standard of living.

      1. clarenceswinney February 18, 2013

        Thanks So true


        The USA has been on self destructive streak since 1980s?

        We have been shipping our industries overseas and now use cheap labor to do those jobs that once paid a middle class income. We have divided the masses. One against the other like our political Congress and the White House. The rich are now shafting the middle class. We have chosen to engage in unneeded wars and attempt to be the world peace keeper. We know economic disparities endanger democracy. The Supreme Court did great damage to our democracy with calling a Corporation a human. In OECD nations we rank fourth on Inequality. Will we change course? When? By Whom?

        —– Original Message —–
        From: Disqus
        To: cswinney2@triad.rr.com
        Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2013 7:09 PM
        Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Obama: The Audacity Of Freedom

        idamag wrote, in response to clarenceswinney:

        Clarence, the country that has the highest taxes is Norway. They also have the highest employment rate, socialized medicine, and no poverty. Their people also enjoy the highest standard of living.
        Link to comment

  7. Nate February 14, 2013

    The Democrats learned that polotics of the extreme Left can’t get you elected and until the Republicans learn the same thing about polotics of the extreme right, they’re going to be left outside looking in.

  8. frida February 14, 2013

    For Pres. Obama to talk whatever he wanted during the State of Union worked out very well. I really doubt for the rest of us . We are using our freedom to talk nonsense and at the same to show how ignorant we are. I do not think, this should be encouraged to continue. It doesn’t serve anyone. Neither the talker Nor the listener.

  9. Betta February 14, 2013

    The email subject line said “What Can Obama Do.” I’ll tell you what he can do. He can go straight to hell with gasoline drawers on.

    1. neeceoooo February 14, 2013

      Your bigotry is showing

      1. idamag February 16, 2013

        Neeceoo, wouldn’t it be apropos if the Buddhas are right and everytime you are hateful, Karma gets you? Maybe, not right away, but it does.

    2. ObozoMustGo February 14, 2013

      Don’t you know, Betta, that to disagree with Obozo means you are a racist? You’re not allowed to think differently. So say the “open minded and tolerant” leftist freaks who cannot tolerate dissent because they don’t understand it.

      Keep up the good fight.

      Have a nice day!

      “Societies biggest failure is it has allowed authority to be its truth; and prevented truth from being its authority.” — Mobius Nemesis

      1. Siegfried Heydrich February 14, 2013

        Yup, we loves to hear the losers snivel, we does . . . Keep preaching to the choir and pretending that you have anything of value to say.

        1. idamag February 16, 2013

          I would never have believed this before, but now I do – Republicans are liars and that includes bozo. He was printing a supposed quote from a foreign newspaper and it turned out not to be true. Or like the former welfare queen challenging people to look up something she said. She cited Gallup poll. I looked it up. Either she is the world’s biggest liar or she cannot read.

  10. ObozoMustGo February 14, 2013

    EJ Dionne, useful idiot du jour yet again, attempting to carry the water for the Marxist Obozo. Now that Obozo doesn’t have to face reelection, he’s free to expose his real intentions — that is, to convert America into some sort of turbo charged Euro-socialist state with ever growing dependency on government control for more and more aspects of our lives. Obozo’s speech was nothing new. It was repackaged Marxist clap trap of “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” You need not listen to anything else that falls from his fetid pie hole.

    Have a nice day!

    “In the end, more than freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life and they lost it all – security, comfort, and freedom. When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society but for society to give to them, when the freedom they wished for most was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free and was never free again.” — Edward Gibbon, the great British historian who chronicled the rise and fall of the first great Western civilization, The Greeks in Athens

  11. Doctor T February 14, 2013

    Spot on, EJ! He gave a great SOTU address much to the dismay of the GOP and Rubio was pathetic in his rebuttal. Seemed to be a “canned” reply, and certainly not representative of the message points the President gave. To top it all off, he was sweating bullets and wiping his face frequently, a sure sign of lying. Am all behind the President and I say “Get it Done!”

  12. robert February 14, 2013

    Damn, itsfun, that’s some really sharp math! “If I own a company with over 50 employees I lay off all but 50 full time employees and hire part time workers only.” Whew!!! That blew my mind! . . Way over my head, man! Hot-damn!

  13. robert February 14, 2013

    Doctor T, sympathies from all of us, brother.

  14. Progressive Patriot February 14, 2013

    If The President can be free, so can we. It’s time to come together and take back our government from the corporate and aristocratic moochers. I’m not sure how long this will remain on the site, They’ll let people cuss and threaten, but when a patriot talks about engaging in our franchise as American’s they take it down, or burry it.

    MovetoAmend! Go there!

    1. robert February 15, 2013

      You got that right, brother!

  15. Sandie February 15, 2013

    Same old platitudes.

  16. kounjd February 15, 2013

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  17. labrown69 February 15, 2013

    Robert – “the bankers actually did nothing wrong”? You are clueless. They violated EXISTING law at every phase of the loan process! Try this on for size:

    A creature of Wall Street, Geithner assumed that the money making machines on Wall Street were essential to stabilizing the financial system. He merely took over where Hank Paulson left off. At the point where the investment banks were converted to commercial banks, THAT was the time to strike with receivers, resolution of the megabanks that were holding trillions out of the U.S. economy and doing the same around the world.

    The assumption by Paulson was that with a capital infusion the banks would lend more thus propping up the economy. It never happened. Instead people got notices in the mail freezing their home equity lines of credit and lowering their borrowing limits on all sorts of loans including credit cards. If the proof is in the pudding, then Geithner and Paulson were dead wrong.

    The fraud extended from the closing tables where fictitious loans were documented and real loans were undocumented, to the diversion of investor money from the investment pools and to the investment banks. In short, the money was sucked out of the economy and the government, regulators and courts are either not doing doing anything about it, or making it easier for banks to get away with it, encouraging the moral hazard that occurs when greed fails to meet consequences.

    The devastating effects on millions of homeowners and tens of millions of consumers, social services and taxpayers are not even on the table. Victims of fraud, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and individual retirement funds were stuck paying for Wall Street lies.

    The same fraud — appraisal fraud, ratings fraud, and fraud in the inducement, fraud in the execution occurred with each of the borrowers, who never saw the benefit of the bargain they thought they had reached with what turned out to be a series of nominees (fictitious lenders). The Geithner doctrine stopped the government from intervening, stopped anything that smelled of restitution for the pension funds, dismissed the claims and losses of homeowners as though they didn’t matter and prevented an influx of wealth and capital that was badly needed by the economy.

    ROBERT – there is no such thing as “robo-signing”. We ALREADY HAD a word for that and it is FORGERY. Hiring notaries to notarize stacks of blank documents, forging notes with fictitious bank officers etc IS ILLEGAL and under existing law carries the right of rescission or in other words the right to renegotiate the original loan and the right to sue for many times the loan amount. If you think crimes were not committed than you don’t know shit!

    BUT OF COURSE they only “did something wrong” if you count lying on loan docs, appraisal fraud, table funding loans, swindling investors and forging documents!

    1. robert February 15, 2013

      labrat69, what part of “business as usual” didn’t you understand. You dumb bitch: THOSE BANKERS AND CEO’s OF THE AUTO INDUSTRY ARE REPUBLICAN/TEA BAGS, YOUR KIND OF SCUM! They did that to embarrass the president, idiot. Obama/Biden called them out and stopped it. But that’s water under the bridge, and right now Senator Elizabeth Warren, our future VP, is making sure that if it ever happens again, prosecutions will be in order. . . Geez, clown, go to therapy. You’re sick. You need help. If you can’t afford it, go to Health and Family Services and apply for ACA and Medicaide. They are there for you too.

      1. labrown69 February 17, 2013

        This is not cowboys and Indians. Obama’s cabinet is replete with former Goldman Sachs employees and Eric Holder represented every one of those banks as an attorney at the white shoe Washington DC law firm of Covington and Burling. You are an ignoramus. Elizabeth Warren should be president, not VP, because your heroes are villains but you are not a constituent, you are a fan club. It is merciful that you are too stupid to know how stupid you are.

  18. Inthenameofliberty February 15, 2013

    Way to go Doctor T – why don’t you keep trying to tell me why intolerant, ignorant, hate-filled Democrats are just SO MUCH BETTER than the same of the Right.
    Good job – keep it up. Then the USA will sink even faster than she already is.

  19. Inthenameofliberty February 15, 2013

    Ok – so tell me why the auto industry was saved to the tune of thousands and thousands of jobs…..when thousands and thousands of small businesses (who didn’t have unions that had to be repaid for their presidential support) where permitted to go bankrupt to the tune of thousands and thousands of jobs.
    Favoritism, at its best.

    And the auto industry has NOT repaid the money. Not yet. It is projected to. Go read non-partisan websites. The real truth is there for those that would just but look.

  20. Inthenameofliberty February 15, 2013

    Fern – I actually agree with you on this one. NO ONE should be hungry.

    How about we stop ALL war. Cause you know, the truth is, if we did that, then we could eradicate ALL HUNGER and suffering on this planet.

    How are we going to do that when our leaders won’t stop taking us to war? Dems are just as guilty are Repubs on this one. Whether you want to hear it or not.

    Face it – the human animal is nasty and vile. It knows little compassion and can not control itself when provoked.

  21. Inthenameofliberty February 15, 2013

    Where I live, people use their WIC cards to buy soda, junk food, and all kinds of just wonderful things as they drive away in their brand new cars. Oh, yeah, and as they pull out their crisp twenties to buy their cigarettes. Almost forgot about that.
    Makes me bitter. Yes, it really does.
    How do we stop the scamming of the system so that the people who really need the help get it?
    Cause from where I sit – the fraud is a big problem and needs to be addressed, not swept under the carpet like it doesn’t exist and like it is not a VERY big strain on the system.

    1. idamag February 16, 2013

      Probably an urban legend. WIC only provides for babies and pregnant mothers.

  22. Inthenameofliberty February 15, 2013

    Dominick – they are all republicans? seriously? You need to meet more people.
    The fraud you speak of comes from all walks of life, all colors of skin, and all ages, just like you said.
    I object to it. I object to allowing fraud that destroys a system that was supposed to be a good thing.
    I am tired of working when I see people sitting at home, being given everything, when they are more than capable of taking care of themselves. Yet, I suppose, getting a job flipping burgers is beneath them…getting a government loan to go to school to better themselves and applying themselves to be more – that’s just too much work.

    Like the woman on the news that had 8 children by multiple fathers and they all lived in a one-bedroom hotel room. And a foundation found a way to get her a home to live in and to pay for all their needs.
    Great – I can barely afford the two kids that I have, yet some ‘individual’ who can’t pay for ANYTHING is permitted to have child after child. Let’s just encourage all humans to do this so that pretty soon we are all dependent on someone else to take care of our needs, shall we?

    So, I say, THAT needs to stop. Our children are too precious to be treated in such a way. Why is it ok that people do this? And hard working people, who are affluent, are hated? Many of the people I know, that have children on government assistance, are Democrats and hated Romney and supported Obama all the way.

    So – who really cares? The problems stem from both sides of the isle and no one wants to start from the GROUND UP to fix it. Fix the people – then the nanny government won’t have to.

  23. Madelaine Ayers Henne February 18, 2013

    To everyone that commented on the gun issue! No one is trying to “take” your freakin guns away! How many times does that have to be said!!! We want reasonable background checks and a ban on assault weapons! Keep your guns for God’s sake! Geez!!!


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