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Rep. Steve King: Nikki Haley Isn’t A ‘Principled Conservative’ — But She Looks Good!

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Rep. Steve King: Nikki Haley Isn’t A ‘Principled Conservative’ — But She Looks Good!


Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) is getting some very peculiar backlash for her State of the Union response speech Tuesday night — this time from right-wing Rep. Steve King (R-IA), a vocal foe of immigration reform.

Erica Werner of The Associated Press reports:

Haley delivered the GOP’s official response to the president’s speech. But in addition to countering President Obama, she was also sharply critical of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim rhetoric in the current political campaign, while touting her own background as the daughter of Indian immigrants. “During anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. We must resist that temptation.” She did not mention Trump by name, but admitted on The Today Show Wednesday morning that Trump was one of the people she was referring to.

Steve King was not impressed.

“I’m concerned that if anybody intimates that we have to allow for… unlimited immigration into America,” he also told reporters, according to The Hill“we have to say no to some.”

King has endorsed Ted Cruz, also an immigration hard-liner (and now ironically the target of attacks from Trump, over his own Canadian birth). When he announced his endorsement, King declared that the Texas senator was the answer to his fervent prayers “that God would raise up a leader, whom He would use to restore the soul of America.”

Photo: Rep. Steve King (R-IA) via Facebook.


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  1. Otto Greif January 13, 2016

    He’s wrong, she doesn’t look good.

    1. The lucky one January 14, 2016

      Better than any of the GOP candidates.

  2. charleo1 January 14, 2016

    I think folks like Senator Cruz, Congressman King, and the rest of their ilk have made it pretty clear what they would like to see in terms of immigration. That’s not to say they would not bring themselves to support some migrants, as long as certain limits were put in place. First, no citizenship status ever for the migrant, or their offspring that happen to be born here. Secondly, as a matter of security, and in keeping with taking back our country while still providing big ag, the construction, and hotel industries with all the cheap labor and huge profits they want. All migrants must be kept in secure locations. And keep the government regulators out of it. Schooling, and healthcare, is not the responsibility of the taxpayer. But may be provided by their employer at his discretion. In fact, in the wet dream of lawmakers, and corporate shills like Cruz, and King, no minimum standards of any kind may be imposed on the employers. No minimum wages, hour laws, child labor laws, regulations on safety, housing, equal opportunity, or disability regulations will apply to the migrant, or his offspring. As the migrant is in our country by his free will, all taxes will be the sole responsibility of the migrant, and be paid at the rate assessed to a private contractor. And the migrant shall be subject to all fines, penalties, and imprisonment, or deportation for nonpayment. This is not, I repeat not, slavery. As the migrant is free to leave the country at any time, so long as his/her taxes are paid in full, and their employers are fully reimbursed for any expenses outstanding.

    1. Corey Mondello January 14, 2016

      I think all anchor babies, like Cruz, should be sent back to where their parents came from.

      1. charleo1 January 14, 2016

        And why would you wish Cruz to go to his Mother’s birthplace of Wilmington DE. or his Father’s in Cuba? I know it’s tempting to say this because of Cruz’ own politically motivated demagoguery, and prolific hypocrisy of at once being a child of an immigrant, while advocating locking the doors on those coming from backgrounds just like his. But the fact is, we the people of the World are quickly becoming a global community, and there’s nothing anyone can do about that. Regardless of how this distresses, and frightens some. We can only hurt ourselves by blindly objecting to the inevitable.

        1. TZToronto January 14, 2016

          My kids were born in Canada, and I registered their births abroad within the five-year window. I don’t know that Cruz’s mother did the same thing when he was born. Since he’s renounced his Canadian citizenship, and since his birth abroad to an American citizen may not have been registered, perhaps Homeland Security should be looking at Ted Cruz as an illegal immigrant and now a stateless person. Maybe they could cancel his passport and deport him back to Canada (as if Canada would actually want him) or the last country he visited.

          1. charleo1 January 14, 2016

            I do agree, since the issue of what constitutes a natural born citizen has never been fully articulated by the High Court. It’s probably time, given this shrinking World we now live in, they make a ruling. That said, I tend to think we should throw out this antiquated idea that a person’s birthplace necessarily has any bearing on who they fundamentally are. Perhaps, in a 3 mile per hour World, once upon a time in a very new nation, it might have had it’s place. Now, we have American citizens working, and living in far-flung places the World over. Are we going to unjustly hobble all their children, over an unfounded fear of other people, and other cultures? Does that make any sense? It just doesn’t seem to make much sense.

          2. TZToronto January 14, 2016

            The funny thing is that I vote in Connecticut, where I was born, and my kids can vote in North Carolina, where they went to school. I no longer live in Connecticut, obviously, and my kids really have no connection to North Carolina. But we’re all allowed to vote. I don’t think Cruz should be allowed to vote anywhere, not even in Canada.

    2. homegirl January 14, 2016

      Thank you for revealing the dark recesses of the Conservative soul. They may deny it but their actions show it.

      1. charleo1 January 14, 2016

        Their problem is, many of their Capitalist financiers, haven’t kicked the stubborn 450 year old slave labor habit. If the imported Africans are off the table. Then other means, and other places must be created to steal labor. Labor camps, the company stores, and worthless company script to be paid out for squalid company housing. When that source of labor exploitation was limited by Federal work laws, and union shops. They turned to the non-citizen, who’s Rights could not be defended nearly so easily. Although cleverly disguised now by what are no more than well paid pitchmen posing as elected public servants. That dark soul has left a path of misery throughout our history, I only wish more of our adults remembered it, and more of the kids learned about it.

    3. TZToronto January 14, 2016

      Thank you for giving them ideas. It probably would have taken a little while for them to come up with these regulations on their own. Now they have the rule book to work from. (Just kidding.)

  3. Corey Mondello January 14, 2016

    I wonder when she will realize, at this time in history, she is not going to get respect from Conservatives. She can spew all her “I’m a Christian” crap around, she is still not a man and not white….those who meet both that criteria, are unworthy, stupid, weak, whores, in the eyes of the Conservative Christians that have taken over the Republican Party.

  4. Thomas Martin January 14, 2016

    Steve King couldn’t carry Nikki Haley’s book bag – just another fascist Party of Red radical who is destroying the credibility of their party.

  5. stcroixcarp January 14, 2016

    If Ted Cruz is the answer to King’s fervent prayers to raise up a leader, either God has a very warped sense of humor, or King prayed some very warped prayers.

  6. jakenhyde January 14, 2016

    Why can’t Haley open her mouth when she talks? She had her teeth clenched throughout her little talk. It was difficult to watch. Maybe she could use a speech therapist.

    1. CrankyToo January 14, 2016

      If you had an idiot stick up your a$$, you’d be tight-jawed too.

  7. latebloomingrandma January 14, 2016

    I’m sure Steve King liked this Indian American. She surely does not have calves the size of cantaloupe s. His leering eyes check these things out.

  8. LCR78 January 14, 2016

    I’m sure King’s ancestors were immigrants too. Apparently, our immigration standards weren’t too strong then either. (Sarcasm)

  9. Tony Zoars January 14, 2016

    The term “principled conservative” is an oxymoron. In my book, it doesn’t compute least of all when describing Rep King,

  10. rome44 January 14, 2016

    King is symptomatic of what ails his generation of republicans. These conservatives are so tight they squeak when they walk. These guys tow a very hard line as if America was all white conservative and religious, of which I”m none of the above.
    Nikki floored me I thought she was one of them. Perhaps if more of these young republicans will step forward to counter the old guard and work with Dems. for the betterment of our country we will again be able to work together “IMAGINE”.

  11. joeham1 January 14, 2016

    The wacko right worries to much about being a true conservative, whatever that means in the mean time the wacko left worries to much about letting terrorists in the country! Your both fuc#*d up

  12. Jinmichigan January 15, 2016

    Yeah, and look at those calves, right congressmen. /s

  13. Sheryl1235 September 11, 2016

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