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Endorse This! The Time The Troops Turned Their Backs On Robin Williams

Endorse This

Endorse This! The Time The Troops Turned Their Backs On Robin Williams



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Robin Williams was a great friend of the troops. He travelled to 13 different countries over the years to perform for them and they loved him for it. But one day they turned their backs on him during a performance in Kuwait. The reason why and Williams’ pitch-perfect reaction is today’s must see video.

Spread the laughter and share this video as we remember one of the all time greats and his devotion to those in uniform.

Video courtesy of YouTube.

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  1. MrApple March 1, 2015

    Robin William is a fine example of how you never know what personal demons someone is fighting behind their “public face”.

  2. John Gillis March 6, 2015

    This was an excellent piece! Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.

  3. Mike E. Cooney March 9, 2015

    Coke addicted liberal asshole-nothing more.

  4. Bill Birdis March 10, 2015

    Well said, Mr. Cooney.

  5. DrObvious March 11, 2015

    Beautiful. The man was all heart. A great American. RIP.

  6. Gadsden Purchase March 26, 2015

    In 1992, a US House Committee claimed there was ‘98% certainty’ that Iran had all the components for nuclear weapons.

  7. Evergreen Fields April 4, 2015

    Half the time, Obama seems like a lunatic.


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