Sarah Palin’s New Book Is The ‘Pinnacle Of Western Civilization,’ Says Amazon Reviewer

Sarah Palin’s New Book Is The ‘Pinnacle Of Western Civilization,’ Says Amazon Reviewer

Sarah Palin’s new book Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas may not be worth reading, but the reviews of it on are.

The best are effusive in their praise of the half-term governor’s effort to save Christmas from the Grinch and/or the Pope. The top review on the page is the most generous:

“The pinnacle of Western Civilization” by Arken

Finally after millennia of trying to get to the crux of our human condition, a mind of ultimate wisdom powered by a voice of persuasive eloquence brings us the single greatest work to come out of the Western tradition. When you were sleep-walking through school and wondering what was the point of all those hard books — why read Aristotle, why read Sartre, why read Shakespeare? Well, here is the answer. All of those lesser lights were preparing us for this. My only regret is that I have now experienced the highest point of my intellectual life without having prepared myself adequately for it. I will need to revisit the entire Western canon and re-read and re-imagine each classic in light of this truly greatest of classics. What the name “Einstein” meant for the 20th Century as an icon for ultimate intelligence, the name “Palin” will mean for this and for every succeeding century as the ultimate in human achievement. I thank God that I walk the earth in the same era as this greatest of the great. The Palin Era is upon us.”

If that doesn’t convince you to press “Add to Cart,” keep reading.

“My liberal neighbors and friends here in Los Angeles decorate their homes and shop like crazy every Christmas, but I know that it is just a facade. They really are plotting against Christmas,” writes Gilbert Davila. “The shopping and decorating is just to blend in like the 9/11 terrorists. Thank you Mrs. Palin for writing this book and thank you Senator McCain for bringing her into the limelight.”

Clive Hazell wants you to know that Mrs. Palin’s book is “not just for remedial readers.”

Inspired yet?

“I loved every gut-wrenching moment of this book,” says Jeff Wagner. “Sarah has convinced me that this is the year that we just might be able to fight and WIN the war on Christmas!”

(h/t Sko Hayes)

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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