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Why Trump Suddenly Urged Florida Voters To Use Mail Ballots

Reprinted with permission from Alternet

President Donald Trump and his allies have been waging a disinformation campaign about mail-in voting, aggressively trying to delegitimize the practice that has a history in the United States dating back to the Civil War. The plan, as I've argued, seems to be to lay the groundwork for challenging mail-in votes or stopping them from being counted if it looks like he's ahead with in-person ballots on Election Day.

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Trump Campaign Claims ’Twitter Polls’ Should Bolster Confidence

Jenna Ellis, senior legal adviser for Donald Trump's reelection campaign, cited unscientific "Twitter polls" as evidence that Trump is "doing incredibly well" against Joe Biden.

Twitter polls can be answered by any user on the social media service at random and can't be relied on to accurately assessing public opinion.

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Trump Campaign Official Went On QAnon Show To Recruit Volunteers

Reprinted with permission from MediaMatters

In a previously unreported appearance, Trump campaign official Erin Perrine went on a QAnon program to promote President Donald Trump's reelection campaign and recruit volunteers. Perrine encouraged the QAnon audience to "sign up and attend a Trump Victory Leadership Initiative training" and also said that they could "talk to their local GOP party, their state party."

QAnon is a violence-linked conspiracy theory based on cryptic posts to online message boards from an anonymous user known as "Q" that have spread rampantly on social media and among fringe right-wing media. QAnon conspiracy theorists essentially believe that Trump is secretly working to take down the purported "deep state," a supposed cabal of high-ranking officials who they claim are operating pedophile rings.

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Trump Campaign Urges Voters To Seek Mail Ballots Despite ‘Fraud’ Claims

Donald Trump's campaign is encouraging supporters to vote by mail, even as Trump himself rails against mail-in voting.

In Florida, Trump Victory, the joint operation of the Trump reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee, recently distributed what it called "absentee ballot" applications to voters, encouraging them to participate in the state's vote-by-mail system.

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