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Monday, December 09, 2019

Tag: axios interview

#EndorseThis: In Axios Remix, Trump Loses Argument With Himself

It isn't easy to imagine anything funner -- and at the same time, scarier -- than Trump's blundering interview with Axios reporter Jonathan Swan. But a witty film editor named Justin T. Brown has cut that tape to let the president argue with himself over coronavirus data. And although Donald Trump Is The Dumbest Man In America doesn't exactly clarify the issues of testing and death rates broached by the intrepid Swan, it does transform a depressing reality into a hilarious fantasy for at least a few moments.

It is sure to make you laugh out loud. Unless your name is Trump.

WATCH: The Very Worst Moment In Trump’s HBO Fiasco

Reprinted with permission from Alternet

A new interview of President Donald Trump with Axios' Jonathan Swan garnered much attention and acclaim for the reporter on Tuesday, with many stunned at the level of ignorance, incompetence, and callousness on display in the White House.

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