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Wingnuts Freaking Out Over Chauvin Verdict (Except Judge Jeanine)

Wingnuts Freaking Out Over Chauvin Verdict (Except Judge Jeanine)

While many observers welcomed the jury's finding on Tuesday that Derek Chauvin was guilty of murdering George Floyd, some conservative media figures seemed distinctly perturbed, unsettled, or outraged by the outcome. It seemed that though Floyd's murder was initially was widely condemned, the movement it stirred and demands for changes it spurred from progressives polarized the issue, making some conservatives feel the guilty verdict was a loss for their side.

For example, some pushed the debunked notion that Floyd died from an overdose, rather than the knee on his neck for over 9 minutes:

Some just proclaimed Chauvin's innocence on some or all of the charges:

If you're a white police officer in a city you should quit or move to a rural district. You could be next.— Cassandra Fairbanks (@Cassandra Fairbanks)1618956587.0

Poor Chauvin. This is awful. He is a political prisoner. Nobody can change my mind on this.— Cassandra Fairbanks (@Cassandra Fairbanks)1618952952.0

I believe Derek Chauvin is guilty of something, I do not believe it's all three charges. If police officers don't… https://t.co/4u5bo893ij— Brigitte Gabriel (@Brigitte Gabriel)1618954261.0

Others simply spent no time actually recognizing that justice was done and instead switched to attacking potential protesters or rioters for events they merely predicted would occur. Many suggested that the jury and the court felt undue pressure to find Chauvin guilty. And some sent frankly bizarre tweets.

On Fox News, host Greg Gutfeld had one of the most bizarre reactions, condemned from pretty much all sides. He said he thought Chauvin might not be guilty on all counts, but he was glad he was found guilty anyway to avoid potential violence and looting.

"And now I'm just going to just get really selfish," he said. "I'm glad that he was found guilty on all charges. Even if he might not be guilty of all charges."

Some of his own co-hosts, including Jeanine Pirro — who is often herself quite far to the right politically — pushed back on his comments. And she actually offered a surprisingly measured and thoughtful response to the trial.

"The verdict is supported by the facts," she said. "Make no mistake, the facts are solid on this verdict. This verdict will be upheld on appeal."

South Carolina's Sen. Tim Scott, the only Black Republican in the Senate, also supported the result:

Biden Says Systemic Racism Is A 'Stain On Our Nation's Soul'

Biden Says Systemic Racism Is A 'Stain On Our Nation's Soul'

Washington (AFP) - President Joe Biden called systemic racism a "stain on our nation's soul" in a televised address to the nation Tuesday after a white former police officer was convicted of murdering a Black man during an arrest. Biden spoke out after a jury in Minneapolis found Derek Chauvin guilty of intentionally suffocating handcuffed George Floyd as he lay defenseless, with the officer's knee pressing on his neck for more than nine minutes. The president called for "confronting head on systemic racism and the racial disparities that exist in policing and our cri...

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