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Trumps Roasted For Attacking Manhattan Judge's Daughter

Hours ahead of former President Donald Trump's Tuesday arraignment on 34 felony charges filed by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, the right-wing outlet Breitbart published a story about New York Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan's daughter Loren's history as a staffer for Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden's 2020 White House runs.

"According to Merchan's archived LinkedIn account, she worked as the 'Director of Digital Persuasion' for 'Kamala Harris For The People' from February 2019 through December 2019 — which was during the 2020 presidential election," wrote Breitbart. "And according to the company's website, the 'Biden-Harris' campaign was also a client."

Merchan is overseeing Bragg's case against Trump, and there is no indication that he is biased.

Nonetheless, at 9:52 a.m., Trump fell into a digital rage:


Democratic strategist Larry Huynh noticed Trump's rant and shared it on Twitter.

"WOW: Trump just posted this picture from mud rag Breitbart of his own judge's daughter," Hyunh stated, condemning Trump's attack as "Corrupt. Damning. Disgusting."

Trump's sons also reacted to Breitbart 's piece.

"They are all hand-picked. It is all pre-arranged. This corruption is on a different level," Eric complained.

"Seems relevant… yet another connection in this hand-picked Democrat show trial," Donald Junior whined. "The BS never ends folks."

Observers on social media were unsurprised by Trump's antics, which fit into his long-established pattern of hostility toward Merchan and other jurists. The comment threads thusly reflected that.

2023 Better not suck: "My thought: He's trying to get the Judge to withdraw for conflict of interest. If Trump's lawyers can prove the Judge now has personal feelings towards Trump, that judge is gone and the case is delayed. Totally disgusting mob-boss behavior."

FARCE NEWS CHANNEL: "Not sure if you're aware, your dad committed a lot of crimes. Kind of like your charity crime, but many more than that and way worse."

Pittsburgh Liberal: "Nah your Father is just a criminal."

Just Mary: "Do you never shrink from lying? You're too late cupcake..... daddy's getting indicted & there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. Now let's talk about stealing foundation $$$......"

Luke Zaleski: "The same playbook every time Trump's 8 stages of guilty: 1) I didn't do it. 2) I didn't do anything wrong. 3) I didn't do anything illegal. 4) The people accusing me are guilty. 5) The law is illegal. 6) Prove it! 7) What happened didn't happen. 8) It's fine, I did it; I'll do it again."

Scott Carty: "You are 'very sad. very, very sad.' Put the cocaine down. (But thank you for doing one more idiotic thing that doesn't help yer daddy)."

Matt Ortega: "Totally weird that Clarence Thomas' wife was part of the attempt to overthrow the government and involved in the cases Thomas rules on, huh? Oh, you're not talking about that?"

RealHouseWifeOfMichigan: "She has nothing to do with this and it's not her fault. Maybe daddy shouldn't have broken the law… you drugged-up clown."

Jules Morgan: "This is sickening, but typical of you and your criminal family. Instead of attacking the merits, you're attacking the judge's daughter. Your behavior is shameful and disgusting. You and your family will never see the inside of the White House again."

Jan Ebbinge: "I know of a daughter who got a job in the White House, because her dad was president. And she then abused that job to make millions for herself and her family."

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

Bidens Report $600k In 2021 Income, Paid $150K Taxes

Bidens Report $600k In 2021 Income, Paid $150K Taxes

Washington (AFP) - US President Joe Biden -- who pledged transparency around his personal finances while in office -- and his wife Jill Biden reported a bit more than $600,000 on their federal tax returns for 2021, the White House said Friday.

The couple paid $150,439 in taxes on $610,702, for a tax rate of 24.6 percent, the White House said.

In publishing their tax information, the president and first lady -- the first to work outside the White House, as a professor -- are bringing back a custom dating back to the 1970s but interrupted by previous president Donald Trump.

Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff declared a 2021 income of $1.6 million on their federal returns, and paid a tax rate of 31.6 percent, or $523,371.

Carlson Scapegoats Harris To Justify Craven Flip-Flop On Ukraine

Carlson Scapegoats Harris To Justify Craven Flip-Flop On Ukraine

Fox News host Tucker Carlson previously defended Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin’s aggression against Ukraine, and his work has been promoted by Kremlin-backed media as he’s opposed economic sanctions and denigrated Ukraine. But amid continued Russian atrocities, such as the attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, Carlson is now trying to find a scapegoat for his having gotten the entire situation completely wrong.

It should come with little surprise that he picked out a woman of color to be that scapegoat: Vice President Kamala Harris.

Carlson has a long history of making disgusting sexist comments – while claiming that criticism of his misogyny is evidence of the decline of civilization. He is also the single biggest champion of white nationalism in the media landscape today. When it comes to his attacks on Harris, Carlson’s penchant for racism and misogyny often become intertwined.

Carlson declared Thursday night that Harris’ involvement in rallying America’s allies ahead of the Russian invasion of Ukraine “appeared to be proof this could not really be a big deal,” as “if things were dire, serious people would be involved in fixing them.” Carlson continued, “If the future of Europe and the world hung in the balance as now, so obviously, it does, of course, the Biden administration would not have sent Kamala Harris to fix it.” Apparently, Carlson seems to think the vice president of the United States is capable of engaging only in frivolities.

In the real world, two weeks ago, Harris had in fact warned Russia that the global community would “impose far-reaching financial sanctions” if it invaded Ukraine as she worked to rally America’s partners and allies to deter Russian aggression. She also informed the public in no uncertain terms about the seriousness of the situation, bluntly stating that it involved “the real possibility of war in Europe.” In the time since, the United States has led the global effort to impose economic sanctions against Russia and hold the line in defense of NATO allies.

Over the course of his ranting monologue, Carlson denigrated Harris’ efforts at diplomacy in starkly misogynistic terms. “Imagine being first in line for a shoe sale on Black Friday. Kamala Harris had that look: She knew what she wanted and she knew where to find it.” He also returned to his ongoing obsession with Harris’ love life, proclaiming “So if you're looking for someone to date Montel Williams, well, maybe she’s the person you would choose. She could be a solid choice for that, she has done it before. Dating Montel Williams, you know, is something that’s within her range of experience” then adding that he could not say whether or not she was “good at it.”

Carlson also told a blatant lie based on a selectively edited quote, claiming that Harris had “explicitly encouraged Ukraine to join NATO. Quote, ‘I appreciate and admire President Zelensky's desire to join NATO.’ She said that at a press event.”

Carlson went on to falsely allege that “the idea that Ukraine might join NATO obviously caused this crisis in the first place, whatever you think of it. … So obviously, no sane person would say something like that with Russian troops massed on the Ukrainian border. You'd have to want an invasion of Ukraine to say something like that.” (Russia caused this crisis, not NATO, and not Ukraine.)

Carlson quoted Harris saying, “I appreciate and admire President Zelensky's desire to join NATO,” while leaving out everything else she said while speaking to reporters in Munich, Germany, on February 20. Harris acknowledged Ukraine’s publicly established desire to join NATO’s alliance of democracies — in contrast to Russia’s attempt to dictate domestic and foreign policy to Ukraine — while also balancing that desire with NATO’s established processes of determining new membership. From the White House (emphasis added):

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Let me start by saying I appreciate and admire President Zelenskyy’s desire to join NATO. And one of, again, the founding principles of NATO is that each country must have the ability — unimpaired, unimpeded — to determine their own future, both in terms of their form of government and, in this case, whether they desire to be a member of NATO.
And I’ll put that in context, because the obvious is also the point, which is that: and therefore no other country can tell anyone whether they should or should not join NATO. That should be their independent choice. That is the point of sovereignty. So I respect President Zelenskyy’s desire to be a member of NATO.
NATO is a membership. It is about nations coming together as a group, making decisions collectively around, again, principles and what will be, then, the conditions and — and the standards of membership. And so that is the process.
It doesn’t happen overnight. No one country can say “I want to be, and therefore I will be.” And no one country can say “You can’t be.” And isn’t that at the heart of the very issue we’re presented with in terms of Russia’s aggression, or stated aggression, toward Ukraine?

Of course, acknowledging Harris’ full statement would not only have run completely counter to what Carlson was trying to allege she had said — it would also demonstrate the extent of her knowledge and involvement with the complex policies involved, thus disproving his entire attempt to turn her into a scapegoat for his own propaganda campaign in favor of Russian dictatorship.

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters