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Trump Flack: He's 'Confused' By His Lawyers' Guilty Pleas In Georgia (VIDEO)

Trump Flack: He's 'Confused' By His Lawyers' Guilty Pleas In Georgia (VIDEO)

Former President Donald Trump is “a little confused” by several of his former associates accepting plea deals in the Georgia election interference case, according to Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington.

Harrington spoke on The Absolute Truth program on [Mike] Lindell TV Sunday after four of Trump’s associates — bail bondsman Scott Hall and attorneys Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, and Kenneth Chesebro — pleaded guilty in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ RICO case against the president and 18 co-conspirators.

As part of their plea deals, the four defendants have agreed to cooperate with prosecutors and write a letter of apology to the state of Georgia.

“I think [Trump’s] a little confused, because look, if you’re a lawyer, you know that there’s no crimes here. According to the law, there’s literally nothing to plead guilty to, because there’s no laws that were broken,” Harrington said on The Absolute Truth. “And speaking out against a fraudulent election and telling people to watch hearings and petition their elected officials about fraud that was happening, on camera — so it’s just surprising.”

Bail bondsman Hall was the first Trump co-defendant to plead guilty to five misdemeanor charges of “conspiracy to commit intentional interference with performance of an election.” Hall “originally faced seven felony charges … based on allegations he helped breach election equipment in rural Coffee County, Georgia, in a failed effort to prove Trump’s false claims of voter fraud," as Al Jazeera reports.

On Friday, Oct. 20, Chesebro pleaded guilty to a single felony charge of conspiracy, the New York Timesreported. That same day, Powell pleaded guilty to six misdemeanor counts “to commit intentional interference with performance of election duties,” according to CNN.

Ellis on Tuesday pleaded guilty to “one felony count of aiding and abetting false statements and writings.”

For Trump, according to Harrington, these plea deals are outside the scope of the law.

Watch the video below or at this link.

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Trump Spokeswoman Says Murdoch And Fox Aim To 'Damage' Him (VIDEO)

Fox News is hosting the first Republican presidential debate on August 23, and former President Donald Trump has yet to agree to participate, defying the Fox hosts who are pushing him to. This follows Trump telling Reuters recently that Fox is a “hostile network” and that he is considering offers to counterprogram the debate. This comes as reports indicate that the Murdochs have soured on Flordia Gov. Ron DeSantis and instead are turning their attention to Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin; mentions of Youngkin have spiked on Fox lately as hosts have touted Youngkin and encouraged him to jump in the race. Additionally, mentions of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are crowding out opportunities for others on the network.

Meanwhile, Newsmax personalities are urging the former president to appear on their network instead; others in right-wing media are broadly understanding of Trump's inclination to skip the debate. Gabriel Sherman has also reported that Tucker Carlson may book Trump to counterprogram the debate.

Amid this, Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington appeared on Steve Bannon's War Room and agreed with Bannon that the Murdochs and Fox were trying to take out Trump; she additionally called Fox a “fake news network” and noted that viewers are “fleeing” in favor of independent outlets.

STEVE BANNON (HOST): He just put out a tweet about, or Truth Social, about the debate. And he took a poll at the debate at the time that was happening. Now he's saying he may watch for VP candidates. I want to make sure President Trump knows that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Kari Lake will not be on that stage. I don't know if it's – I don't know if it's going to be a really productive thing to watch if it is for VPs.

But is President Trump now coming? Do you agree that Murdoch's trying to set a trap for Trump over at Fox and all he cares about is whether it's Tim Scott or Youngkin or – or you pick them. All they want to do is damage President Trump. Maam?

LIZ HARRINGTON (TRUMP SPOKESPERSON): It's obvious, but it's not working. And it didn't work in 2016. And the people have learned a heck of a lot since then. They know what's going on. And look, he poured, what, over a million dollars into Ron DeSantis pockets for his book deal. How's that working out for him?

I mean, they've already moved on basically over there at that fake news network. So, look, it's not working and people are fleeing that station. They've gone to alternative media. They go directly to the source. They go to the truth. That's why they're thousands of people breaking records in Erie, Pennsylvania. They're watching directly on our livestreams, RSBN, Real America's voice, all of these different outlets. That's what they're going to. So they think that it's still business as usual. They think that they still have the power. They don't. The people have the power. And the people are fully behind President Trump.

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters.

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Fox Uploads Two Versions Of Trump — With Or Without Election Lie

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters

Fox News was publicly caught over the weekend attempting to edit out false claims that former President Donald Trump made in a phone interview — ironically enough, on a program called Unfiltered with Dan Bongino — from the version the network posted on YouTube and its own site. And now, faced with backlash from a problem of the network's own making by even having Trump on the air in the first place, Fox has set up a Choose Your Own Adventure pathway: A person can watch Trump with his election lie, or without it.

Fox is currently being sued for billions of dollars by two voting machine companies over the network's role in helping to spread lies about the 2020 election. In addition, YouTube has previously banned content that spreads baseless claims of voter fraud to deny the 2020 election's legitimacy, in the wake of the January 6 attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters. (YouTube's enforcement has been spotty, though.)

As Mediaite documented on Sunday, Fox News clearly edited out Trump's claims of a "fake election" from the videos it posted online — otherwise posting the entire interview, but cutting out approximately five seconds.

Here was Trump during the live broadcast on Saturday, threatening that the country would not "stand for it much longer" against the "fake election":

FORMER PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: It's a disgrace what's happening, and I don't think the country's going to stand for it much longer, they are disgusted. You have a fake election, you have an election with voter abuse and voter fraud like nobody's ever seen before, and based on that, and based on what happened, they are destroying our country, whether it's at the border, whether it's on crime, I could say in plenty of instances, including military.

And here is the edited version that Fox posted to YouTube, as well as on its own website, in which Trump's words became a more generalized complaint about conservative grievances:

FORMER PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: It's a disgrace what's happening, and I don't think the country's going to stand for it much longer, they are disgusted. They are destroying our country, whether it's at the border, whether it's on crime, I could say in plenty of instances, including military.

Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington, who has vocally promoted the defeated president's election lies, then took to Twitter to attack both Fox News as a company for having put Trump's "honest statement" down an Orwellian "Memory Hole" — and host Dan Bongino personally, telling him in a since-deleted tweet (preserved in screen grabs by Mediaite) that his show ought to be called "FILTERED" instead.

Bongino then responded to Harrington, promising that he was "looking into it," and complaining that he "wasn't even contacted BEFORE" Harrington attacked him. "I've been a staunch ally to President Trump from the beginning, even when others sold him out," the Fox host wrote.

Harrington followed up on Twitter Sunday night — interestingly enough, by taking down and then posting a new version of her "Memory Hole" tweet — shifting the blame entirely onto the network. "This had nothing to do with @danbongino," she wrote, further adding: "It was @FoxNews who cut out President Trump's statement about the Fake Election, just like they have cut out coverage of election fraud ever since."

screen grab

Whether in response to the general right-wing outrage, or even a specific inquiry from Bongino, Fox has now given in — as it now provides versions of the interview both with and without Trump's election lie.

Following the video originally posted on Sunday, with a length of 16 minutes and 12 seconds, Fox has now posted a new version on Monday at 16 minutes and 17 seconds, restoring Trump's election lies roughly nine minutes into the interview.