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Murdoch Media Push Fake Story Blaming Migrants For Eviction Of 'Homeless Vets'

Right-wing media figures uncritically amplified a now-debunked New York Post story to demonize immigrants and attack Democratic lawmakers.

On May 13, the New York Post published a story alleging that a group of 20 homeless military veterans had been “evicted” from two upstate New York hotels to make room for immigrants who had settled in New York City. The Post claimed the supposed migrants were part of New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ plans to secure temporary housing for immigrants entering the city.

After the Post published its story, the local outlet Mid Hudson News spoke with hotel management and service providers the Post claimed were involved in the removals. On May 18, the paper reported that not only had no homeless veterans been removed, but they were never there to begin with — one hotel manager “had never heard of” the veteran's group supposedly involved, while another said it “had not put any veterans in the hotel for ‘a long time.’”

The report also discredited a receipt presented by State Assemblyman Brian Maher as supposed evidence that the group representing the homeless veterans had paid for the rooms. The Post later reported that the group’s longtime advocate had lied to the newspaper about the entire situation, and on Friday the Mid Hudson News revealed that 15 homeless men were paid to pretend they were veterans who had been staying at the hotel.

By the time the story fell apart, right-wing media had already latched onto the now-debunked narrative and immediately weaponized the shoddily reported story as part of their ongoing fear campaign over a so-called “invasion” of migrants coming across the southern border.

  • Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt said it was “astonishing that some of these hotels are getting migrants” and having to cancel other reservations, adding, “There are two couples that booked rooms for their wedding … and 20 vets also were in that hotel, they all had to move out because these migrants moved in.”
  • Later on Fox & Friends, guest co-host Will Cain claimed that a “flood of illegal immigrants” are taking up hotel rooms and other resources in New York. Cain went on to remind viewers “about homeless veterans booted from a hotel so that rooms could be given to illegal immigrants,” with Earhardt adding that “Eric Adams says they’re gonna stay there for four months, so 20 veterans had to move to another hotel.”
  • Fox anchor Harris Faulkner claimed the story showed “the disgraceful treatment of our military veterans played out in Orange County, New York,” as the nonexistent group of “at least 20 homeless veterans, some reportedly suffering from PTSD, had to give up their hotel rooms for illegals.” Fox contributor Johnny “Joey” Jones added a jab at the Biden administration, stating, “A president that would leave Americans stranded in Afghanistan probably doesn't see the onus to take care of 20 veterans in a hotel. And I hate to say it, but that's just the absolute truth of it.”
  • Outnumbered co-hosts Emily Compagno and Kayleigh McEnany expressed outrage over the New York Post story, with Compagno claiming “America's heroes are now paying the price” for the “Southern border crisis.” McEnany lamented, “I can't help but notice the contrast when you have a 24-year-old — a veteran, had been in Afghanistan — kicked out of his hotel room as an Afghan national on the terror watch list is crossing the border in San Diego.”
  • Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum complained, “You’ve got the hotels in New York that are having to take folks in. You had one in Newburgh, New York, where they had to cancel a wedding and kick out some homeless veterans to make room for incoming migrants.”
  • Conservative moving company owner John Rourke appeared on One America News and ranted, “It just drives me nuts when we have veterans sleeping on the streets of this country and committing suicide in record numbers … and here we are filling up hotel rooms with illegal aliens, giving them cell phones, giving them medical attention, giving them food and water, and then putting them on planes.”
  • On Twitter, Donald Trump Jr. used the story to attack Democrats, stating, “Honestly, this is just infuriating! Homeless vets are being booted from New York hotels to make room for migrants. Fuck Democrats & their bullshit policies! America last isn’t hyperbole it’s their goal.”
  • Students for Trump founder Ryan Fournier tweeted, “Unacceptable. Nearly two dozen struggling homeless vets have been booted from NY hotels… So illegal immigrants can have space. WHAT?!”
  • Conservative radio host Bo Snerdley tweeted, “This is about as ruthless, coldblooded, and incredibly heinous as anything Biden and Democrats have ever done. Kicking American veterans out of their lodging to make way for illegal immigrants? What country IS this?”
  • Newsmax contributor Tony Shaffer later tweeted, “This tells you everything you need to understand about the progressive left cult - they are out to expand political power and a permanent underclass that will vote for them even if it means sacrificing veterans.”
  • Fox News contributor and former Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted, “What could be more backwards than putting illegal immigrants ahead of American veterans? An insult to American sovereignty.”
  • 2024 Republican presidential candidate and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley tweeted a link to the New York Post’s story, adding, “Liberal insanity at work.”

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters.

Right-Wing Media Joins Assault On Fox Over Dominion Revelations

Right-Wing Media Joins Assault On Fox Over Dominion Revelations

As Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation suit against Fox News brings to light more private messages between hosts and executives, others in right-wing media have begun to attack the conservative news giant over revelations from the filing.

The latest tranche of documents in Dominion’s defamation lawsuit has shown Tucker Carlson attacking former President Donald Trump and mocking his lawyer Rudy Giuliani; executives suggesting that they distance themselves from Mike Lindell; and infighting between the daytime news shows and the nightly opinion shows.

Here are some of the most prominent right-wing figures lashing out at Fox News:

  • Steve Bannon has repeatedly used the lawsuit as ammunition against Fox News, saying at the Conservative Political Action Conference that the outlet had “a fear, a loathing, a contempt” for conservatives and on his show that the Murdoch family is “trying to destroy the United States.” On the program, Donald Trump Jr. called for former House Speaker Paul Ryan to be fired from Fox’s board of directors. Bannon also hosted conspiracy theorist Darren Beattie, and the two of them decried what Beattie called “McConnell, … Murdochs, the whole institutional apparatus at Fox,” saying that “of course they’re opposed to Trump. They’ve always been opposed to Trump.” [CPAC, 3/2/23; Real America’s Voice, War Room, 3/2/23, 3/6/23, 3/7/23]
  • Giuliani called Fox “pathetic” and promised that “there will be a day on which I unload on Fox.” On his YouTube show America’s Mayor Live, Giuliani — who was mocked by Carlson and his executive producer in texts released in the lawsuit — told his audience not to trust the network because of what he perceived as disrespect toward himself. [YouTube, America's Mayor Live, 3/3/23]
  • Newsmax host Eric Bolling said he “just can’t get past” Carlson’s “really disturbing” admission of hatred for Trump. Bolling was exasperated as he attacked Carlson, saying he “can’t understand how a guy who can portray himself as a huge Trump fan on television, saying he hates him passionately, is very, very much looking forward to the day he didn't have to cover Trump being in the White House every day.” [Newsmax, Eric Bolling: The Balance, 3/8/23]
  • Islamophobic far-right activist Laura Loomer: “Anyone who still works for Fox News does the bidding of globalist Rupert Murdoch.” [Twitter, 3/7/23]
  • OAN host Dan Ball: “A lot of people are going to be a little upset with Fox ... as they should be.” Ball used his prime-time show on One America News Network to praise Bannon for attacking Fox at CPAC, bragging that “they’re not gonna find those types of texts and emails here at OAN when it comes to the 2020 election and President Trump, I can guarantee you that.” [OAN, Real America with Dan Ball, 3/6/2023]
  • White nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes attacked Carlson: It seems like “he’s really not with us.” On his livestream, Fuentes commented that Carlson’s comments were “pretty shocking” because “everybody thinks Tucker is, like, secretly our guy.” He said people think that Carlson is “just diluting our worldview for a mass audience” but it seems more likely that “he’s really not with us.” [America First, 3/9/2023]
  • On The Glenn Beck Program, former Fox host Glenn Beck commented on the Dominion lawsuit, saying, “I have heard more and more people say, ‘I just don't trust it anymore. I don't, you know, I don’t watch it like I used to.’” Beck also claimed he was “hearing rumblings that [Fox] is coming apart at the seams on the inside.” [BlazeTV, The Glenn Beck Program, 3/3/23]
  • Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said the lawsuit proved “there was some real, real bad stuff going on at Fox News.” On The Hugh Hewitt Show, Christie criticized the network’s hosts for their dishonesty, adding that “they think these people are crazy, and then they’re putting them on the air to be able to spout the things that they think are untrue and crazy. And, I think that that skirts towards the area of actual malice.” [Salem Radio Network, The Hugh Hewitt Show, 3/1/23]
  • Daily Wire’s Andrew Klavan: Fox News was “afraid of their audience.” Klavan noted that the lawsuit was “embarassing” for Fox News personalities who “were having people like Sidney Powell on” while “discussing among themselves the fact that they thought this was completely absurd.” [The Daily Wire, The Andrew Klavan Show, 2/25/23]
  • Newsmax host Rob Schmitt accused Fox of going “off the rails” by “deciding to stop covering Donald Trump at all.” Schmitt had no problem with Fox’s coverage of election conspiracy theories, but used the lawsuit to promote his network and claimed Fox is “pretending” Trump isn’t running for president while an on-screen chyron read “Fox trying to erase Donald Trump.” [Newsmax, Rob Schmitt Tonight, 3/1/23]
  • Former OAN and Newsmax correspondent Emerald Robinson: Fox News is an “anti-Trump outlet.” Robinson added, “Murdoch is not your friend.” [Twitter, 2/28/23]

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters.

‘Terrified’ Trump On Newsmax

‘Terrified’ Trump On Newsmax Prompts New Witness Tampering Charges

Former President Donald Trump joined Newsmax for an interview that aired on Thursday morning in which he spewed out a laundry list of bizarre accusations against ex-White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, whose sworn testimony before the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol on Tuesday was absolutely devastating for Trump.

A visibly agitated Trump complained about Hutchinson's recounting of his behavior during the insurrection.

"Some whack job can stay this stuff and get away with it, and other things, that I wanted guns at my rally. Okay, now I'm speaking, why would I want guns? I don't want people having, standing with guns in my rally," he said on Wake Up America.

Hutchinson recalled that Trump believed that his armed supporters were "not there to hurt me."

Trump maintained that "this woman, she wanted to work for me after January 6. She was a big Trump fan. She wanted to work for me in Florida and we chose not to bring her down because I got very bad things."

Next, Trump repeated what he said on Tuesday – that "I hardly knew her," even though his and Hutchinson's West Wing offices were only a few yards apart. "And I said, 'well if she's no good, I got somebody called up, numerous people, that she's not good.'"

Trump then refused to say "why she's not good, plenty of reasons... she was not respected by the people in the White House. So they thought she shouldn't go down. I was going down to Florida with a group of people, great group of people, patriots, and her name was thrown out there and they said, 'stay away from her.' They said bad things about her."

Hutchinson's strange story about Trump trying to hijack his motorcade, which was told to her by Trump's then-deputy chief of staff Tony Ornato, made him particularly upset.

"And then I see her, and again, I hardly know who she is. And then I see this woman getting up and she's making up stories, like one after another, but the craziest of all was that I tried to commandeer – they used that word – I tried to commandeer a car with Secret Service agents telling them to take us down to the Capitol," Trump said. "It was totally false, and that a person can get away with it... and then I watch the Times and The Washington Post, and I get reviews on MSDNC, and CNN, they hardly even talk about the fact that she's been totally discredited."

That is untrue, given that so far, nobody has refuted Hutchinson's damning statements under oath.

Watch below via Vox's Aaron Rupar:

Trump's reaction rekindled widespread suspicions that he is attempting to engage in witness tampering in order to obfuscate the truth.

Those conjectures are not without warrant.

On Thursday afternoon, CNN National Security Reporter Zachary Cohen reported that "multiple sources" revealed to him, anchor Kasie Hunt, and Congressional Correspondent Ryan Nobles that Hutchinson told the bipartisan House panel "that she was contacted by someone who was attempting to influence her testimony."

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

Trump Unable To Answer Simple Question On Republican Agenda (VIDEO)

Trump Unable To Answer Simple Question On Republican Agenda (VIDEO)

When former President Donald Trump appeared on right-wing Newsmax TV this week, he was asked about the 2022 midterms and the things he would like Republicans to prioritize if they regain control of the House of Representatives. But Trump didn’t offer any specific policy recommendations should the GOP have a House majority in 2023 and seemed to ignore the substance of the question entirely.

Newsmax TV prides itself on being more right-wing and more pro-Trump than Fox News and Fox Business

"Sounds like the Republicans are going to take back control of Congress," the interviewer asked, "and what would you like to see them do?"

Trump responded, “Number 1: take back. That’s what has to be Number 1; we have to take it back.”

Obviously referring to the Democratic majorities in Congress, Trump continued, “These are radicalized, horrible people that hate our country — what they’re doing with the open borders and the judges and all of the things they’ve been doing is so sad. And then you look at Afghanistan is a topper…. We were coming out strong, with dignity. There’s never been a lower point than what happened with Afghanistan, in my opinion. So, we’ve gotta, Number 1, we’ve gotta win the House — and I think we can win the Senate also.”

Despite Trump's claim that Democrats have enacted an "open borders" policy, Biden has actually preserved many of his predecessor's immigration policies, much to the dismay of some critics on his left. The borders are in no sense "open." Here are some responses to Newsmax’s Trump interview:

Reprinted with permission from Alternet

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