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Rep. Gosar ‘Jokes’ About Giving COVID-19 To Justice Ginsburg

A Republican congressman joked on Tuesday evening about intentionally infecting Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with coronavirus. Republican leaders who vocally condemned “threats” against other Supreme Court justices by a Democrat just last week have thus far been silent.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) announced Sunday that he would self-quarantine after interacting with an individual at a conservative political conference who was later hospitalized with COVID-19, the disease associated with the novel coronavirus.

On Monday evening, he tweeted a joke, which he attributed to a right-wing radio program.

“Fact check: there is no truth to the rumor that [Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)] and I asked for a joint meeting with Justice Ginsburg,” he said. “Good one. #thatsnotnice.” Cruz is also in self-quarantine for the same reason.

Ginsburg, age 87, received treatment last year for a cancerous tumor on her pancreas. COVID-19 is especially dangerous for older people and those with serious chronic medical conditions.

Gosar’s joke comes just days after he and other Republicans lambasted Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for comments they framed as threats against Donald Trump’s two Supreme Court appointees. Gosar’s office did not immediately respond to an inquiry about his tweets.

Schumer (D-NY) told fellow abortion rights supporters at a rally last Wednesday, “I want to tell you, [Justices Brett] Kavanaugh and [Neil] Gorsuch, you have unleashed a whirlwind, and you will pay the price.” He later clarified that he meant political consequences for Trump and the Senate Republicans who voted to confirm his nominees and said he “should not have used the words”

But Donald Trump responded to Schumer’s comments forcefully, tweeting, “There can be few things worse in a civilized, law abiding nation, than a United States Senator openly, and for all to see and hear, threatening the Supreme Court or its Justices.”

He urged that Schumer should “pay a severe price for this!” The White House did not immediately respond to an inquiry about whether Gosar’s comments are acceptable.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy led the attacks on Schumer’s remarks, even going on Fox News over the weekend to suggest the New York Democrat be removed from his leadership position.

“In America, we believe in the exchange of ideas. He wants to intimidate them because he doesn’t agree with their ideas. That’s wrong. [The] question to me is why do Democrats keep him as a leader?” the California Republican asked. His office did not immediately respond to an inquiry about Gosar’s comments.

Neither did the office of House Minority Whip Steve Scalise. Last week, he called Schumer’s comments “unhinged.”

“This rhetoric has dangerous consequences. Where’s the media outrage?” Scalise (R-LA) tweeted.

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Arizona GOP Rep. Demands Treason Charges Against Comey And Rosenstein

Reprinted with permission from Shareblue.

With the long-anticipated release of House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes’ memo on purported FBI abuses, the overwhelming consensus is that it is a complete bust.

Even House Speaker Paul Ryan appears to have given up on getting any political mileage from it, with his admission that the Democratic memo refuting Nunes should be released too.

“The full-throated adoption of this illegal misconduct and abuse of FISA by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein is not just criminal but constitutes treason,” said Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) in a statement Friday.

Gosar concluded that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should pursue “criminal prosecution against these traitors to our nation.”

But Gosar clearly has a warped sense of what constitutes the rule of law. Earlier this week, he made headlines for demanding the arrest of immigrants attending the State of the Union address as guests of several Democratic lawmakers.

Last year, Gosar also drew attention for claiming the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville that ended in the murder of a woman was a “false flag” attack by an “Obama sympathizer.”

The fact that a sitting congressman has this degree of authoritarian hostility toward other human beings, and is this detached from any semblance of objective fact, should be terrifying. But mostly, it’s just pathetic.

Late Night Roundup: A Good Time For Ahmed

Larry Wilmore welcomed a very special guest: Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas high school student who was falsely arrested after he brought a homemade clock to school. And Larry couldn’t help but ask the question: Wasn’t it kind of cool to get arrested?

Stephen Colbert skewered Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who has declared that he will boycott Pope Francis’ speech to Congress because of the latter’s focus on the issue of climate change.

“This is the Vicar of Christ you’re walking out on. I don’t give a flying flock what your personal doctrine is — you do not disrespect the Bishop of Rome,” Stephen declared. “And if you’re so stuck on your ways — and yes, it’s hard for me to talk, I’m so angry. And if you’re so stuck in your ways that you would give up your chance to hear words of our Holy Father — then can I have your tickets?!”

Conan O’Brien showed the further adventures of the Internet’s latest viral sensation: “Pizza Rat” — and it’s a busy day at work for a New Yorker.

GOP Congressman To ‘Boycott’ Pope Francis’ Speech

Pope Francis is getting a big welcome to Washington, DC, where he will deliver an address to Congress next week. But one Republican congressman, Paul Gosar of Arizona, says he won’t be going — because the pontiff will reportedly be talking about climate change.

“More troubling is the fact that this climate change talk has adopted all of the socialist talking points, wrapped false science and ideology into ‘climate justice’ and is being presented to guilt people into leftist policies,” Gosar writes in a guest post at Town Hall, entitled “Why I Am Boycotting Pope Francis’ Address to Congress.”

Instead, Gosar writes, the pope should’ve used this opportunity to talk about other issues — like radical Islamic terrorism, as well as “the current intolerance of religious freedom.”

If the Pope stuck to standard Christian theology, I would be the first in line. If the Pope spoke out with moral authority against violent Islam, I would be there cheering him on. If the Pope urged the Western nations to rescue persecuted Christians in the Middle East, I would back him wholeheartedly. But when the Pope chooses to act and talk like a leftist politician, then he can expect to be treated like one.

Gosar also describes himself as “a proud Catholic” who chose to go to college and grad school at a Jesuit college to earn his degree in dentistry, “and where I was taught to think critically, to welcome debate and discussion and to be held accountable for my actions; a trademark of a Jesuit education.”

And finally, I am a Conservative, a member of Congress, a constitutionalist and adamant defender of our Republic; an American that believes in strict adherence to the rule of law and a firm believer in our First Amendment protections, in this particular discussion, the freedom of religion.

Photo: Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ), via Facebook.