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Trump's Massive 2022 War Chest Comes With One Caveat

Trump's Massive 2022 War Chest Comes With One Caveat

  1. Former President Donald Trump's sphere of influence reportedly has a staggering $122 million stashed away; a financial war-chest that could impact the outcome of elections for many Republican candidates.

The Trump-led Save America PAC has garnered more than 1.5 million donations by way of Facebook, text message marketing and other forms of solicitation.

A new report by Meridith McGraw, Alex Isenstadt, and Scott Bland sheds light on the former president's "leadership PAC," breaking down the donations his organization has received — and how they could be used to advance his long-term political agenda.

Per the report:

"Trump’s finance report, which reflects the second half of 2021, provides clues as to how his political operation is shaping up ahead of the next election, pulling back the curtain on which consultants he’s paying, how he’s using social media, and which down-ballot allies he’s rewarding."

Trump, Politico notes, has managed to harness the power of "small-dollar donors" who reportedly contributed most of the more than $100 million already raised by Save America. According to the report, Trump will likely harness that political support for a "comeback bid" in 2024 — though it cannot be used directly for a Trump presidential campaign.

"Most of the money — over $105 million — is in Save America PAC, which wouldn’t be able to transfer that money into a prospective future Trump campaign," Politico reports. "But the former president can spend it at will to affect the 2022 midterms, and his ability to raise so much money in the first place highlights his singular position in the GOP."

The funds are also being used to promote Republican candidates endorsed by the former president. In short, these are the candidates that have had no problem echoing his conspiratorial beliefs about the presidential election.

Trump Can't Use Any Of Those Funds On A 2024 Presidential Bid

Per Politico:

"Save America PAC unloaded some of its money to Trump-backed candidates for the first time in the last six months of 2021. All told, the group spread $205,000 to 41 candidates for House and Senate, including a number of incumbents and several notable challengers running against Republican incumbents who supported Trump’s impeachment last year."

Trump-supporting political organizations have also benefited from donations. "Out of $1.35 million the PAC spent on 'like-minded causes and endorsed candidates,' $1 million went to former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows’ new nonprofit organization, the Conservative Partnership Institute," they wrote.

Reprinted with permission from Alternet