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‘Facts Matter’: Vermont Urges Kavanaugh To Correct Major Error In Voting Rights Opinion

On Wednesday, Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos took an extraordinary step to set the Supreme Court straight with a letter asking Justice Brett Kavanaugh to correct a recent opinion.

In a court decision on Monday that ruled against allowing ballots to be counted in Wisconsin after Election Day, Kavanaugh wrote a concurring opinion that incorrectly claimed Vermont had not changed its election rules for the unprecedented challenges facing the 2020 election, despite obvious evidence to the contrary.

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WATCH: Barrett Refuses To Answer Voting Rights Questions

On the third day of the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearings on Judge Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court, Barrett refused to answer yet another question about voting rights, this time posed to her by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL).

"[The] 15th Amendment: The right of citizens in the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged on account of race," Durbin said. "For an originalist and a textualist, that is clear text as I see it, but when asked whether the president has any authority to unilaterally deny that right to a vote to a person based on race or even gender — are you saying you can't answer that question?"

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Despite Law, Few Ex-Felons In Florida Will Be Able To Vote

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Nearly two years after Florida voters approved a landmark constitutional amendment allowing felons to vote, state officials don't know how many have registered. They also don't know how many felons on the voter rolls owe court fees, fines or restitution that would disqualify them from voting under a subsequent state law that limited the amendment's scope.

Florida officials have not removed any felons from the rolls for owing fines or fees, and they're unlikely to do so before Election Day, Secretary of State Laurel Lee said in an interview Monday. It's unclear whether those whom the state fails to prune are entitled to vote after all — or may face prosecution if they do.

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Kudlow Says Voting Rights ‘Is Not Our Game’

Donald Trump's top economic adviser said Thursday that the White House and Democrats had not yet reached a coronavirus relief deal because Democrats want "voting rights" protections and aid for immigrants included in the package, and "that's not our game."

National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow made the admission in a CNBC interview, claiming Trump had issued several executive actions over the weekend purportedly because Americans needed help immediately and couldn't wait for a deal to be struck.

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