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The 2016 Campaign Joke That’s No Longer Funny — Just Violent

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The 2016 Campaign Joke That’s No Longer Funny — Just Violent


Let’s be honest: We’ve all been kind of enjoying watching Donald Trump, even if the prospect of him becoming the next president makes many of us shudder in horror.

But as he continues to lead in national polls, Trump’s campaign is giving us all another reason to pause: As of late, physical violence has been following the candidate on the campaign trail, and leaving those who dare challenge his offensive remarks and policy positions shaken up at best, banged up and bruised at worst. The common thread among those attacked by Trump’s goons (both hired and not): They’re all Latino men.

On Thursday, while Donald Trump was signing a GOP loyalty oath, promising to back the winning Republican presidential nominee and not run as an independent should he lose the party’s nomination, one of his security guards ripped a sign away from protesters outside Trump Tower in New York City and then hit a protester in the face after the man attempted to retrieve the sign.

The large blue banner read, “Make America Racist Again,” a play on Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

In news video footage, the protester who was hit, Efraín Galicia, is seen chasing after the security guard. As Galicia attempts to take back the sign, the guard turns and hits him in the face.

“These men are acting just like their boss, Donald Trump, pushing Jorge Ramos from Univision out,” Galicia said of the guards. “This man thinks he can do whatever he wants in this country, and we’re going to stop him.”

“The Trump campaign said that the security team member on Thursday was ‘jumped from behind’ and that the campaign would ‘likely be pressing charges,'” The New York Times reports.

This week’s strong-arming follows an August incident in which journalist Jorge Ramos was physically removed from a Trump campaign event by a security guard — who appears to be the same man who struck the protester outside Trump Tower.

When Ramos attempted to ask Trump a question about immigration, without being acknowledged to speak by The Donald, Trump told him to sit down and “Go back to Univision.” Later, Trump said he was not a bully, and Ramos “was totally out of line.”

In the most physically violent example of what Trump and his campaign have wrought, two of the candidate’s supporters in Boston allegedly beat and urinated on a homeless Latino man, after which one of the attackers reportedly told police, “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported.”

The survivor of the assault, a 58-year-old man who had been sleeping on the street, had his nose broken and chest and arms beaten by the suspects, two brothers who were leaving a Boston Red Sox game.

Adding insult to significant physical injury, Trump’s immediate comment on the attack was callous and cruel. The Boston Globe reports:

Trump, told of the alleged assault, said “it would be a shame … I will say that people who are following me are very passionate. They love this country and they want this country to be great again. They are passionate.”

Later, he tempered his original statement, claiming on Twitter that he “would never condone violence.”

He “would never condone violence,” Trumps says, but he would, and has, proposed deporting millions of undocumented immigrants, stripping citizenship rights from the American children of undocumented immigrants, and building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to keep out immigrants, refugees, and political asylum seekers fleeing poverty and violence in their countries. He has also said he would bomb nations in the Middle East and take their oil by military force. But, again, he “would never condone violence.”

While Trump himself has not put his hands on anyone, his rhetoric against undocumented immigrants, his choice of words, which dehumanizes Latino immigrants as “illegals,” and his responses to the violent altercations occurring in his name make him responsible.

What began as comical media fodder that has kept us smiling in disgust during the start of the long 2016 presidential campaign season has devolved into violent hate with bodily consequences. And with five months to go until the GOP primaries begin, Americans should be worried about how politics, sometimes described as the civilized exertion of power, is turning into a blood sport.

We need to stop chuckling and start fighting the urge to watch Trump. It may be the only way to resist his brand of violence.

Photo: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reacts as he speaks at the 2015 FreedomFest in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 11, 2015. REUTERS/L.E. Baskow/Las Vegas Sun



  1. bcarreiro September 4, 2015

    The reason America (We the people) are in such a demise is because of 1% fools like u who pull weight in politics with money not charisma and who block anyone from furthering their ideas to which could open the window of business opportunities just because your afraid of losing. U will never be MY President!!!

    1. Dominic Vierra September 4, 2015

      Bcarreio I couldn’t agree with you more!

      1. joe schmo September 4, 2015

        WRONG, Dominic!

        1. Independent1 September 5, 2015

          Why are you wasting your time here LOWLIFE?? You can’t seriously believe that even one sane poster on the NM cares one iota about what you think!!!

          1. Paul Bass September 5, 2015

            Pretty sure he gets paid per each insulting stupid remark he posts. He is practically unending in his stupidity and mendacity.

          2. Independent1 September 5, 2015

            You’re probably right that he’s a paid troll like paulyz, itsfun, mike and a number of others.

          3. paulyz September 5, 2015

            Yes, we make millions commenting on these Socialist sites. Thanks dummy.

          4. Looner September 5, 2015

            Joe Schmo and all his alias’ are on several websites, and for a very long time. Just ignore the stupid Fascist.

      2. Mark T September 6, 2015

        Could t disagree with you more, Dom.

    2. joe schmo September 4, 2015

      Looks like the joke is on you fools. The 1%er’s are not the conservatives. It’s the liberals.


      Sorry, it is YOUR side that has created the demise along with those disgusting RINO’s in the WH. We no longer want the status quo. We need to scrap the WH and start over.

      1. JPHALL September 5, 2015

        You actually believe that BS? No wonder you spout so much nonsense. What a loser!

      2. Sk Johnson September 5, 2015

        Hahaha, that article claims that places like California and New York are full of rich socialist liberals who don’t “make things” or “provide resources” that people need but instead are all rich off of “media, television, newspapers, advertising, fashion or the arts. They are movie producers, TV producers, movie idols and TV stars. They are involved in publishing, communications and information”

        Hmm, well if that’s the case then explain why California is the #1 U.S state in GSP (that’s the exact same metric as GDP only by state instead of country) and New York is #3:


        And as you can see here:


        California is the #1 state in production in the industries of Agriculture, Manufacturing, Wholesale trade, and Retail trade (in, fact it’s #1 in nearly all industries of any kind) and the #2 state in the Construction industry so that author completely full of bull$hit!

        1. 'Tis Moi September 6, 2015

          Then why are all of their roads literally crumbling? I just spoke with an older couple here in AU, native CA’s, who left only recently, & said the roads were worse in areas near LA than what they saw– in Mexico! WTF is happening there if CA is so highly-rated in construction.

          Not a dig at you- I’m curious.

          1. Sk Johnson November 18, 2015

            One couple tells you about one small neighborhood in CA and one reason they gave for why they left it and somehow that is evidence of the condition that the whole state is in? Get real.

          2. Sk Johnson November 18, 2015

            One couple from one little neighborhood giving one of the reasons they moved away doesn’t, in any way, reflect the condition of the whole state.

      3. Independent1 September 5, 2015

        You’re right that the majority of the 1% are in fact not conservatives – that’s why it’s Democrats in the House who represent the wealthiest Americans who are the ones smart enough to know which party is really beneficial to ALL AMERICANS, including them.

        UNFORTUNATELY, there’s a small segment of the .1% like the Koches and the Waltons, and the Adelsons and on and on – who are so evil and devious, that they have this misguided notion THAT THEY CAN BUY OUR DEMOCRACY WITH THEIR ILL GOTTEN GAINS. ILL GOTTEN by running shady businesses, by hiring and promoting crooks to run devious political organizations that are working to corrupt the governments of each state; that create and fund the publication of reputation killing ads to try and sway elections; that provide kickbacks to crooked Republican and even some Democrat legislators to get legislation after legislation passed that ships billions in taxpayer monies directly into their crooked businesses and pockets.

        Businesses that even short change their employees of wages they’ve earned. Businesses that refuse to pay their workers an honest living wage. That manipulate their workers’ hours so they can deprive them of benefits they should be due and on and on.

        Yes, the majority of the 1% are actually intelligent, honest people – but there are just enough corrupt, devious and evil fools among the 1%ers that are working 24/7 to corrupt the minds of evil, devious people SUCH AS YOURSELF – and doing everything they can to DESTROY DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA!!!!

        1. paulyz September 5, 2015

          Hey dummy, read my reply just above about the real 1%ers, all ultra-leftist Democrat/Socialist supporters that you always “forget” to mention.

      4. Paul Bass September 5, 2015

        “scrape the WH and start over”.

        Ha Ha, what a lie, you want to turn the WH into a monarchy complete with slaves and absolute rule. Grow up, us “losers” have rights also.

      5. The lucky one September 5, 2015

        I imagine the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson will be surprised to hear that you have outed them as closet liberals. Geez what a moron!

      6. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2015

        2 Waltons are No. 4 and No. 5 of the top 10 wealthiest in the US. Check the list again. All but Buffet and Gates are not conservatives. Boy do you love to slather on the lies. Is that what mental cases usually do?

        1. paulyz September 5, 2015

          AGAIN you left out the huge leftist donors like George Soros, Thomas Steyer, Michael Bloomberg………the true 1%ers of the Democrat/Socialists.

  2. Dominick Vila September 4, 2015

    It is also immature and vulgar.

    1. joe schmo September 4, 2015

      OK, Dominick…..the pendulum is beginning to swing. What comes round goes round. WE ARE SICK OF PC. WE DON’T HAVE TIME FOR IT. TOTAL ANARCHY.

      1. Dominick Vila September 5, 2015

        I understand impatience and frustration, but I can’t accept vulgarity, immature gestures, inhumanity, or crazy behavior.

      2. Paul Bass September 5, 2015

        Joe, who the f*ck cares if you are tired of PC!
        You are tired of woman’s rights, gay rights, immigrant right, and pretty much everyone who isn’t an old white male. Grow up.
        These groups have the same rights, now, as you do. Go live under a rock if you don’t accept this.

        1. paulyz September 5, 2015

          Such a tolerant, anti-White racist you are.

      3. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2015

        You are sick of honesty, common decency, common courtesy, equality, government, women who don’t obey like trained puppies, rules and regulations that you can’t bash apart….to skank away like the crook you are.

        So..Schmomo…I do believe you can be classified, certified and verified as a mentally ill man who lives in a world of hate and wallows in your Goth death realm.

    2. Mark T September 6, 2015

      You mean he’s not politically correct?

      Since when did we become such a nation of puss!es? Since when did we start being afraid of offending people at the expense of the first amendment?

      Personally I think it started when Don Imus was lynched because he made a joke about a Seton Hall or Rutgers basketball player. It was a sad day for America when a satirist was no longer able to exercise his right to free speech.

      These f!cking liberal Twitter thought police types are partially responsible for wrecking this country.


      1. Dominick Vila September 7, 2015

        Since when has satire been considered a positive attribute to become President? Needless to say, if you find Donald Trump’s behavior, insults, threats, demonstrations of immature, and vulgarity acceptable, you should vote for him.
        I prefer people like the overwhelming majority of our former and present Presidents. I guess we will all find out what the preferences of mainstream Americans are in 2016.
        Have a nice day.

        1. Mark T September 7, 2015

          Hi Dominick –

          I was talking about Don Imus…a radio talk show host who used to be similar to the way Howard Stern used to be. Now they are both so scared of offending people they are no fun to listen to.

          But I wasn’t saying that a satirist should be president.

          I was saying I think political correctness is absurd and it supresses our first amendment rights.

  3. Otto Greif September 4, 2015

    Let’s be honest? If you were honest you would talk about how Obama supporters murder innocent people every day.

    1. Dominic Vierra September 4, 2015

      Otto greif your one of the nut cases that needs to be put in a mental institution! You are a sad excuse for a human!

      1. joe schmo September 4, 2015

        Aliens each and every one of you liberals. We need to send you back to that Marxist planet that you came from.

        1. charleo1 September 5, 2015

          Maybe if you had been born here joe, instead of being raised under a totalitarian regime, you’d have a better understanding of of how our Constitutional Republic works here. I would inform you that in this Country, unlike other places you may have lived, all individuals, including immigrants, have guaranteed Rights. These Rights are neither liberal, nor conservative. But are upheld by all, and with the force of law, in order to promote, and respect the necessary protections of the common individual to speak his or her interpretation of the truth to power. And to be able to do so openly, and without threat. That’s irrespective of how others, including you, may judge their political bent. And therefore may not be silenced. Neither by the government, nor by lawless thugs. No, joe. True, freedom loving Americans, don’t put up with such behavior. So, I urge you to put down your torch, and pitchfork, and start believing in American ideals! And leave those old, stilted, European style, aristocratic ones you grew up with behind where they belong, in your childhood. You’re in America now!

        2. Independent1 September 5, 2015

          Say! Who opened your cage door?? I Bellview Sanitarium aware you’re back on the loose?? Anyone who believes all that right-wing propaganda that you speak and even post as references – has such a low IQ that they belong in some kind of cage!! Someone needs to inform Bellview to come and return you to where you belong – in a cage somewhere for the mentally retarded!!!

          1. paulyz September 5, 2015

            Such compassion, calling people with mental disease retarded!

        3. greenlantern1 September 5, 2015

          Was Elian Gonzales an illegal alien or not?
          Where were the Republicans when Attorney-General Janet Reno was ENFORCING our immigration laws?
          Bush, not Obama, golfed with his comrade, Vladimir Putin!
          The Koch brothers built Putin’s oil wells!
          Should an ACTUAL foreign born, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, be allowed to run for president?
          Perfectly clear?

          1. FireBaron September 5, 2015

            Actually, no Cuban is considered an illegal alien regardless of how they got here. Gonzales mother died in the crossing to the US. His father, a Cuban resident, demanded he be returned to his closest blood relative (i.e. himself). The Cuban community of Florida fought against what would have been a done deal anyplace else in the world.

        4. Carolyn1520 September 5, 2015

          Sewers overflow?
          You’re back.

          1. BillP September 5, 2015

            A more appropriate comment could not be made regarding Joe Schmuck

        5. Looner September 5, 2015

          Well, if it isn’t joe schmo …. Fascist scumbag. I see you accidentally used this name instead of your current name you are hiding under .. Otto Greif.

          1. Joyce September 5, 2015

            He does that a lot, loner. He’s such a moron he thinks no one is on to him He has a few more aliases but his comments all reflect the ‘schmo’

        6. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2015

          Actually schmomo, you righties on hitting bottom. The next GOP president has NOT been born yet. Thank yourselves for your ignorant contributions to being a bunch of losers in everything you do.

    2. Independent1 September 5, 2015

      Really, would you care to try and prove that idiotic statement!!

      I can give you some evidence that hundreds die prematurely every day in especially red states because Republicans refuse to extend Medicaid, and provide adequate health care for millions of people living in those states.
      And by providing inadequate police services or regulating driving in their states such that 24 of the 27 states that have auto fatality rates higher than the national average ARE ALL GOP RUN STATES!!

      So let’s see some proof on this idiotic comment about Obama supporters -and you may want to send that list to the approximately 100,000 people who are alive today ONLY BECAUSE Obama was successful in getting Obamacare the law of the land.

      State/Fatalities per 100,000 population – 2013

      ——-NATIONAL AVERAGE 10.3

      -11 of the 12 states that have the highest infant mortality rates in the nation are RED STATES? With Mississippi having the highest infant mortality followed by Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, S. Carolina, Delaware, North Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, Indiana & Ohio.

      1. paulyz September 5, 2015

        There goes the dummy with his meaningless stats again, LMAO.

        1. Independent1 September 5, 2015

          Why am I not surprised that a RWNJ like you would brush off facts that show the GOP has become the party of PREMATURE DEATH, and you call the statistics that prove that ‘meaningless’!! Talk about DENIAL!! That’s all you worthless people can do is deny that facts are facts!!!

          1. paulyz September 6, 2015

            How about the premature deaths in most inner-cities, usually in Blue States. Liberals like you always like to divide the Country by race.

          2. Independent1 September 6, 2015

            Problem is 1) most of those inner-city homicides are black on black and aren’t dividing anything. What’s dividing America is the apparently Republican leaning cops who are so trigger happy that they shoot unarmed blacks for sport. (And I actually saw an article recently on just that happening – whites shooting blacks like it was for sport.)

            But beyond that 2) your premise is all wrong, most of those inner city homicides are actually occurring in red state cities like Memphis, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans (LA leads the nation in homicides), etc. And part of that is because red state cities are the most miserable to live in – and that’s according to the survey group 24/7 Wall Street.

            See this:

            9 of the 10 most miserable cities in America are in RED STATES:
            Huntington/Ashland, WVA, Charleston, WVA, Redding, CA, Spartansburg, SC, Hickory–Lenoir-Morganton, NC, Beaumont/Port Arthur, TX. Columbus, GA/AL, Shreveport/Bossier City, LA, Mobile, AL, Evansville, In/KY.

            On top of that, all 10 of the country’s poorest cities, which lends itself to violence because so many of a city’s population are unemployed and have nothing to do but get into trouble:

            All 10 of America’s poorest cities are in RED STATES: Brownsville-Harlingen,Texas, Dalton, Ga., McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas, Gadsden, Ala., Lake Havasu City-Kingman, Ariz., Albany, Ga., Monroe, La., Cumberland.W.Va., Fort Smith, Ark.-Okla, Pine Bluff, Ark;

          3. paulyz September 6, 2015

            AGAIN with the stats & crap from the daily kos. But it is Obama, the MSM, & Democrats that are dividing this Country by NOT discussing black on black crime & incorrectly blaming Police Officers while ignoring the actions of the thugs.

          4. Independent1 September 6, 2015

            And here’s just a very recent example where police in San Antonio shoot a Hispanic man who’s standing with his hands in the sky – and clearly not posing any problem. (Note what city it was in – talk about fomenting division!!!)

            From the Daily Kos:

            Police in San Antonio fatally shot man with hands up, unaware they were being filmed


      2. Otto Greif September 7, 2015

        There are race differences in infant mortality. Did you look up the ecological fallacy and fail to understand it, or have you still not looked it up?

    3. greenlantern1 September 5, 2015

      I am a Caucasian!
      I am proud that I voted for Obama!
      I USED to be a Republican.
      Our ONLY, jailed, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!!
      I BOLTED, from that party, of criminals!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2015

        You reminded me of how John Mitchell lost his political power: his wife Martha’s loose lips…rofl. How appropriate is that?

      2. paulyz September 6, 2015

        Soon you can add Hillary to your list. LMAO.

        1. greenlantern1 September 7, 2015

          Anything RESEMBLING an ACTUAL charge?
          In THIS country; we still have trials!

          1. paulyz September 20, 2015

            It’s coming, just takes time when the Federal Government is controlled by Obama, especially the State Dept. Please apoligize when it happens though, K?

    4. The lucky one September 5, 2015

      Name one

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2015

        Right Wingers and Obama haters can’t name their own mother’s first names. These people are about as mentally ill. This one must be one of the ones released when Reagan, himself suffering Alzheimers, released their creepy freaks onto the streets in droves.

      2. paulyz September 5, 2015

        How about Thousands of Illegal Trespassers, Black lives matter, planned parenthood, & the Black Panthers to name just a few.

        1. The lucky one September 6, 2015

          Black Panthers? Wow, you been in a coma for the last 40
          years? Actually it was mostly Panthers being murdered by police but whatever you want to believe they have been pretty much extinct for a long time. Black Lives Matter has murdered no one. Some undocumented immigrants have killed people but thousands is a ridiculous estimate and since none vote calling them Obama supporters is just as absurd. If you want to call a bit of fetal tissue a person fine, but that’s another discussion having nothing to do with Obama.

          1. paulyz September 6, 2015

            Oh, excuse me, the “NEW Black Panthers” , that are very racist & promote violence against Whites, Jews, & Law Enforcement. Your new boss, worse than the old boss. So what number of American Citizens that are murdered by Illegals is acceptable to you?

          2. The lucky one September 6, 2015

            Well what number of murders by policemen is acceptable to you? (most police are good people doing a tough job but too many are thugs). Of course the easy availability of guns has nothing to with it, right? What number of people dying in a war based on lies is acceptable to you?

          3. paulyz September 6, 2015

            The number of bad police officers is miniscule, and seeing the violence & scum that they have to deal with everyday, it’s actually surprising there isn’t more. There are Laws on the books already for years making it harder for “good” people to obtain guns, but tell me how well them gun control Laws are working in the hood? Again, typical, knee-jerk, Liberal reactions without understanding causes or ramifications, just “feel-good” legislation. But you answer a question with a question, what number of Americans murdered by Illegals is acceptable to you I would like to know?

          4. The lucky one September 6, 2015

            Bad cops are a minority but the number is far from
            miniscule. Really, hard to get a gun? How many “good” people you know who have been unable to get a gun. Yours is a ridiculous question, no number of murders
            is acceptable. A question for you might be what percentage of total murders are committed by non-citizens? I’d say the number is miniscule, to use your term. Might resources be put to better effect in reducing violent crime than chasing them.

          5. paulyz September 20, 2015

            Well we could start reducing violence by stopping Millions of Illegals in, deport the criminal ones, & stop black on black violence, all of which the Left ignore, promote, & blame sonething else for.

          6. The lucky one September 21, 2015

            The overwhelming majority of crimes, violent and non-violent are committed by citizens. How exactly does the Left promote black on black violence? Ask Rush, no doubt he has the answer. I’ll ask you again. How many “good” people do you know who have been unable to get a gun? Well never mind, I know the answer, zilch.

          7. The lucky one September 6, 2015

            I strongly doubt that the “NEW Black Panthers” would be supporters of Obama. Obama may have a dark skin tone but he is as culturally “white” as his peers.

      3. Otto Greif September 7, 2015

        Vester Flanagan is one among many.

        1. The lucky one September 7, 2015

          And we know he is an Obama supporter how? Oh yah he’s black so must be, right? it’s of no consequence how an insane murderer voted in thelast election. Do you blame every president for the crimes of any of those who voted for them?

          1. Otto Greif September 7, 2015

            He was reprimanded for wearing an Obama button on air while reporting on the 2012 election.

          2. The lucky one September 7, 2015

            OK I’ll take your word for it but so what? As I said “it’s of no consequence how an insane murderer voted in the last election.” Bu t I am Curious how you could draw a connection between the two.

          3. Otto Greif September 7, 2015

            Tell it to Matt Surrusco.

          4. The lucky one September 8, 2015

            A usual your post makes no sense at all.

          5. Otto Greif September 8, 2015

            It does if you read the article we are commenting on.

          6. The lucky one September 8, 2015

            I even re-read it. Let me repeat myself: “As usual your post makes no sense at all.”

          7. Otto Greif September 8, 2015

            You really suck at reading.

          8. The lucky one September 8, 2015

            No mention of Matt Surrusco in the article, so apparently you suck at rational thought.

          9. Otto Greif September 8, 2015

            Matt Surrusco wrote the article. Learn how to read.

          10. The lucky one September 8, 2015

            I don’t look at the author’s name or care who he/she is. I comment on the content, you should try it sometime.

          11. Otto Greif September 8, 2015

            I did comment on the content, you should try learning how to read.

          12. The lucky one September 8, 2015

            I can read well enough to see that your comments are mostly nonsense.

          13. Otto Greif September 8, 2015

            You’ve demonstrated that you read poorly.

  4. Böcker September 5, 2015

    Trump has a hired team to protect his lily white hide, I doubt the man has ever been in a physical fight, he can provoke one though.

  5. Blueberry Hill September 5, 2015

    He acts more like a Mafia Don than a president. He is cruel, vicious, knows nothing about running a government, like putting a 1st grader in charge of the College. All he has done is call people names and seek relentless vengeance against those who are brave enough to stand up to him. He is a first class bully. These are not Presidential qualities. Besides all that, he knows totally nothing about foreign policy. He has no negotiating skills unless they are to benefit himself. The way he acts should raise many red flags; just a loudmouth know it all who knows only how to run his business and screw people out of their money. The thought of him having his finger on the button is frightening with his short, vicious temper throwing tantrums on a daily basis. He’s more like a 3-year old wanting his own way about everything and to hell with the rest of the people. We need a President for ALL the people, not this overbloated egomaniac.


    1. 'Tis Moi September 5, 2015

      You have perfectly described “narcissistic personality disorder”:


      Read the entire site. You’ll soon see them in your every day life. These emotional vampires are everywhere.

      RIP, Joanna

      1. Blueberry Hill September 5, 2015

        Isn’t that the truth! Need to get them out of our government! They are totally lunatics and crazies. Domestic terrorists describes them pretty well, I think. This one is a real piece of work, and should be scaring the daylights out of his stupid followers.


    2. Mark T September 6, 2015

      Excellent, outstanding post about our current president!

  6. docb September 5, 2015

    Thugs hire thugs to ‘protect’ them..He dresses like a 1970’s mafia member….

    Trump incites violence and then whines about being in jeopardy..He is a parody of the illiterate, violent, hating, racist, bigoted right!

    1. bikejedi September 5, 2015

      What Chutzpah . With the lefts war on Law Enforcement and their ILLEGAL support of Sanctuary City’s who’s residents are murdering Americans the Memo wants to put violence at Trumps feet .I mean this is just too much Liberal Hypocrisy even for hardcore Liberals . How do you people look yourselves in the mirror being such hypocrites . Obama Holder Sharpton Liberal Media and cult like devoted Liberals have used the Police as their whipping boy to further their racial divide . Every case that the Liberals and their media have been proven wrong they have not even apologized for their charged rhetoric . Rhetoric that has resulted in riots and Police officers who now are targets . How many have been murdered in recent days ? Where is Obama on the issue ..Nowhere to be found . Next you have Liberals claiming a Clerk in Kentucky deserves to be jailed for knowingly not adhering to Federal Law and no one is dying down there . Yet your hypocrisy shows when you are all silent on Sanctuary City’s and the Dem Leaders who sanction that . We are being forced to finance their open disregard of the law while their Illegal Aliens are murdering Americans … Sweet mother of hypocrisy … You Liberals take the cake….Sweeeeeeet

      1. Joyce September 5, 2015

        Chutzpah. Is that the only word in your pea-brain? You’ve used it on every ent so far , with no substance to the rest of your post. Take a hike biker boy

        1. bikejedi September 5, 2015

          Truth hurt

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          ——– Original message ——–

          1. JPHALL September 5, 2015

            Lie Joyce said you have presented nothing of substance troll.

          2. bikejedi September 6, 2015

            Truth hurt …JP…I thought you were gone after I spanked you in that last debate

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            ——– Original message ——–

          3. JPHALL September 6, 2015

            Still delusional I see. You are still a loser. Goodbye!

            Subject: Re: Comment on The 2016 Campaign Joke That’s No Longer Funny — Just Violent

          4. bikejedi September 6, 2015

            Name calling how stereotypically liberal and how cliche

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          5. JPHALL September 6, 2015

            Subject: Re: Comment on The 2016 Campaign Joke That’s No Longer Funny — Just Violent

          6. bikejedi September 6, 2015

            Said the guy who has offered nothing on this thread but attempting to insult someone who he is incapable intellectually of debating …Are you going to play the race card now ????

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            ——– Original message ——–

          7. JPHALL September 6, 2015

            Goodbye loser!

            Subject: Re: Comment on The 2016 Campaign Joke That’s No Longer Funny — Just Violent

          8. bikejedi September 6, 2015

            Don’t do it JP . Don’t commit suicide call someone . You aren’t a loser to your mom…

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          9. Mark T September 6, 2015

            I bet he calls you more childish names….

          10. bikejedi September 7, 2015

            He usually does

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            ——– Original message ——–

          11. Mark T September 6, 2015

            Ok so anyone who disagrees with a liberal here is a troll, racist, bot and/or a bigot.

            JPHALL, youre nothing more than one of PAVLOVS DOGS…trained in contemporary public schools to attempt to silence the lefts detractors by calling them racists or bigots or trolls or bots. This behavior exemifies the liberal thought police: No opposing views are allowed to be voiced. Silence opponents by all means.

            I have news for you. I don’t care if you call me a racist, bigot, troll or bot. I’m sure you’ll call me all four.

          12. JPHALL September 6, 2015

            I know old fogies like yourself think you are so smart, but you are not. Your time has passed. Get real and a life. No one cares about you right wingers and your imagined complaints. The past is just that, the past! Jim Crow and White supremacy are dead and not coming back. Join the 21st century and forget the 19th.
            Subject: Re: Comment on The 2016 Campaign Joke That’s No Longer Funny — Just Violent

          13. Mark T September 6, 2015

            Jim Crow and slavery were democrat policies.

            As LBJ said, and I’ll paraphrase because he used the N word…LBJ “Ill have these negros voting democrat for the next 200 years”.

          14. JPHALL September 6, 2015

            You know a little history. Now finish the story. LBJ basically ended JIm Crow and transformed the Democratic Party. Unfortunately Nixon did the same for the Republicans. He got most of those Dixie Democrats to become Republicans. History is a bitch isn’t it? Subject: Re: Comment on The 2016 Campaign Joke That’s No Longer Funny — Just Violent

          15. Mark T September 6, 2015

            Yes I know a lot of history, and it’s not the revisionist US history that they teach in public schools today.

            If YOU knew history, you’d know that LBJ didn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart. He was a political mastermind, probably without equal. He knew he was helping his cause, probably forever, by ensnaring a complete voting block (history repeats: democrats see Latinos as the new negros). Get back to me after you’ve read the first four Robert Caro LBJ books.

            On the same subject, how has the civil rights act and welfare been for African Americans? i believe it (welfare in particular) has led the black community to go backwards. More crime. More illegitimate kids; few marriages; no father figures; less hope for the future; and exploitation by democrats.

            Democrat policies have created a vicious circle that few are able to escape. So go ahead and take responsibility for destroying a couple of generations of African Americans.

          16. JPHALL September 6, 2015

            You really believe that nonsense don’t you? Too bad. You sounded intelligent before this right wing rant. Subject: Re: Comment on The 2016 Campaign Joke That’s No Longer Funny — Just Violent

          17. Mark T September 6, 2015

            bikejedi was right about you, JPHALL.

            Here’s you and I differ. I’m able to admit and appreciate when someone like Dom or you or kip Kinkle/JonasPlanck say something intelligent.

            To you, anyone who disagrees with you is a loser or stupid.

            Instead of acting like a spoiled child, why don’t you respond with a reasoned rebuttal as to how welfare has benefited the African American community? I’d love to hear your side. It’s called a debate.

    2. Dominick Vila September 5, 2015

      You touched on my greatest concern about Trump’s discourse and political agenda: the fact that is serves as a catalyst to incite violence. Even if we dismiss the irrationality of mass deportations, the unconstitutionality of punishing children for “crimes” committed by their parents, and comments about handling an entire ethnic/cultural group like FedEx packages, the most dangerous part of Trump’s, Cruz’, and Christie’s incendiary rhetoric is that it is designed to take advantage of the prejudices and emotions that prevailed in certain segments of our population to get the support they need to succeed politically. When that happens, it is not unusual for such rhetoric to degenerate into out of control violence, social unrest, and even anarchy. The fact that those responsible for inciting violence are well aware of what they are doing, and why, should serve as an example for every rational person in the USA to reject them.
      If they have a problem with some of our laws, or what they perceive as social or economic shortcomings, address them in a civilized, professional manner, but don’t act like immature bullies or thugs.

      1. Mark T September 6, 2015

        Don’t give me the “children are going to suffer” excuse. The children of Enrons executives suffered too, and I didn’t hear anyone crying for them. It’s a tough world, and when you break the law in a country built on the rule of law, you pay the price. These people knew what they were getting into. They knew it was against the law. Otherwise they wouldn’t have SNUCK across the border. So the “oh no what about the children” argument is moot. If I became a crack dealer and went to jail my children would suffer too….so what do you propose…not arresting crack dealers with kids? Not arresting law breakers who have kids? You need to learn that the U.S. is not a teat for Latin America to suckle on and bleed out until we die. Not any more. The civil rights acts of the 60s doesn’t apply to you.

        As for the deportation of 30 million law breakers, it isn’t irrational at all. It’s the law. They are law breakers. They should either be arrested for tax evasion and for being here illegally or they should be repatriated deep into the country from where they came. I care about legal U.S. citizens. I don’t give a crap about illegal immigrants. They broke the law and think they are entitled. And mass deportation has been done before. Ike’s “Operation Wetback” was highly successful and can be used as a model.

        Finally, the only violence I see is the violence perpetrated by illegals – who by definition are already law breakers – against US citizens. Rapes. Murders. Robberies. Drunk driving. Drug smuggling. Human trafficking. Not acceptable. But even if zero illegal immigrants were guilty of violent crimes against US citizens, they would still have to go.

        1. Dominick Vila September 6, 2015

          Most people don’t advocate another Reagan style amnesty, which in addition to a full, irrevocable, pardon granted a path to citizenship to almost 3 million illegal immigrants, and encouraged more to come. I prefer Sen. McCain’s “Guest Worker Program” or President Obama’s TEMPORARY WORK PERMITS, to a large extent because it does not deprive U.S. employers from the labor the need to plant and harvest their crops, work in hospitality, meat packing plants, and do some construction jobs that most Americans don’t want to do, in part because those jobs don’t pay enough, and also because the education and skill level of most Americans allows us to look for and get better paying jobs and better working conditions.
          What is important is to determine the root cause of this problem, which has been with us for many decades. The reason Mexican aND Central American immigrants enter the USA illegally is because our immigration laws do not make provisions for semi-skilled or unskilled workers to get an entry visa. With that in mind, and knowing that there are plenty of U.S. employers eagerly awaiting their arrival, thousands of people risk it all to come to the USA without the documentation needed to do it legally. Want to stop this problem? Change our immigration laws to reflect our labor needs, or fine the employers that hire illegal immigrants. Do you know why that is not being done? Because those who benefit from the status quo are profiting from it, and do not want LEGAL immigrants because they would be entitled to the protection and benefits afforded by our labor laws.
          As for the children of illegal immigrants, the 14th Amendment is unambiguous on this issue. Anyone born in the USA is an American born citizen. Period. Moreover, since when are the children of someone who has broken the law been punished by the crimes committed by their parents? To the best of my knowledge, that only happened during the Third Reich, and in a few other countries where ethnic cleansing took place.

          The real issue when it comes to the so-called anchor babies is that the Constitution is clear on the issue of citizenship. The 14th Amendment, section One, states that every person born in the USA is a U.S. citizen at birth. Period.
          Even if we ignore the Constitution and deport children living with their parents based on, alleged, humanitarian concerns, what would you do with the children of illegal immigrants who are no longer dependents, live on their own, and have children of their own born in the USA?

          What is really behind all this is what David Duke articulated: send all African-Americans to Africa, send all Hispanics-Latinos to Mexico. It is pure, unadulterated, racism at a time when other civilized, developed, nations are opening their doors to undocumented refugees seeking asylum. Do you remember what happened to the 3,000 or so Central American children, most of them from Guatemala and Honduras, that came to the USA seeking asylum trying to escape the violence that exists in those countries? We sent them back.

          1. Mark T September 6, 2015

            This has nothing to do with David Duke. You liberal/progressives are like broken records with this stuff.

            One more time: THEY BROKE THE F!CKING LAW. They shouldn’t even be here yet they are collecting welfare and other government assistance, evading taxes and committing voter fraud.

            It is not racist to want people who have NO RIGHT TO BE HERE kicked out. And this has nothing to do with African Americans. Nothing at all, except for the fact that illegal immigration is hurting their employment chances. In addition, and perhaps more ominous for blacks in this country, is the fact that democrats/progressives have seemingly found a new pet ethnic group to mine votes from. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see affirmative action no longer apply to blacks. They are being left behind by their benefactors. Sooner or later they will wake up to it.

            Dominick, I’m actually disappointed with you. You sounded intelligent in your initial post. Besides calling deportation a racist policy, and bringing David Dukes and African Americans into this, your rebuttal has another flaw – we don’t need new immigration laws. We need a new executive branch that will actually instruct border patrol and ICE to do their jobs and enforce the laws on the books. We wouldn’t be in this situation if BHO didn’t instruct border patrol to hand out water and help these immigrants into our country.

            And once more, I don’t care if there are children involved. Blame the parents. Don’t put an anchor around our countries neck because their parents are law breakers. Lets face it, this country isn’t sufficiently primed as a whole to get rid of anchor babies. But it’s going to happen. Wait until France and Germany have infitadas….wait until a bunch of new immigrants start blowing themselves up on trains or in night clubs. Wait until they behead some Germans. And wait until they start taking over the political system. Thats the important thing. Whatever the tipping point is, it will happen sometime, and the rest of this country will wake up to this invasion. Your dreams of la reconquista and La Raza are going to die in failure and deportation. Immigration should not appreciably change a country’s demographics. Latin American immigration HAS changed our demographics. It’s a bad policy. And they have to go. They are law breakers by definition. Bye bye.

          2. Dominick Vila September 7, 2015

            Deportation solves absolutely nothing. It simply means that those deported will have to find a different way to come back. Higher fences means taller ladders or tunnels. More border patrolmen on our Southern border means Latinos traveling to Canada by ship and entering via our Northern border, or through our large coastline.
            If we are truly interested in solving this problem we must fix the root cause of the problem, which involves an immigration law, written and put in place in the 1930s, that encourages the entry of foreign professionals, and marginalizes semi-skilled and unskilled laborers, regardless of whether or not we need them. The other side of this is our refusal to punish the entrepreneurs that profit from this situation and are willing to hire illegal immigrants even when they know they are breaking the law.
            Illegal immigrants, in most states, are not eligible to receive government assistance. They are not eligible and cannot get Social Security, MEDICARE and MEDICAID benefits, ACA, and most government programs, even when SS benefits are deducted from their paychecks when they use fake SS cards, and even though they pay state and excise taxes every time they go to a store or fill up the gas tank.
            The problem with the so-called “anchor babies” is that (1) it is inhumane, (2) it violates the 14th Amendment, (3) and that it establishes a precedent that very few countries have embraced in modern history: punishing children, and adult children, for crimes committed by their parents.
            Regarding what is happening in Europe. Europeans are well aware of the risks they are taking, since they are geographically and historically, much closer to Islamic countries than we are, and they are willing to accept those risks as a result of their sense of humanity and social responsibility.

          3. 'Tis Moi September 21, 2015

            Gee, sounds a lot like the vitriol blathered on about when the jews, catholics, irish, chinese, etc…were trying to immigrate the the USA turn of last century…of course, bigotry always blows the same tired horn…

          4. Mark T September 7, 2015

            Dominick – I can’t find your latest response but surprisingly I do not disagree with you on everything.

            It’s difficult to do a point by point response when I can’t see it in front of me and instead have to go back to my email to read what you wrote.

            Off the top of my head, I agree with what some of what you wrote about anchor babies. I personally think birthright citizenship should be abolished. And there are some parts of immigration law that should be changed….that are abused. For example, the US has always been a haven for people seeking true political asylum. Usually this involved people who were being persecuted by their governments. Experiencing crime or poor economic conditions does not equal political asylum, but the government is allowing this group in on grounds of asylum. It’s a stretch…and is being abused. As long as you know the magic word, you’re in. It needs to stop.

            I disagree with what you wrote about what’s happening in Europe. The people as a whole apparently don’t want it….even some of the governments don’t want it anymore…it’s the EU and Angela Merkel who are cramming this down the people’s throats. I see people on here saying they think Trump is a Hitler….well in Germany they have tried to suppress their past but there are already stirrings of nazi type movements centered around stopping immigration. Anti immigration parties are popping up and making parliamentary gains in pretty much every Western European country. Once they find their thousands of years of history and culture at risk from an invasion, I believe there will either be mass deportations or something very ugly. I’ve read a lot about the Islamification of Europe…and it was past the tipping point in many countries even before this latest wave. It’s the whole reason why Great Britian is having a national referendum to determine whether to stay in the EU or not.

            The part that I disagree with regarding the US is that immigration law is the root cause. It may be part of the cause – I’m not an expert on immigration law so I don’t know….I suppose it depends on who you listen to, and since you’ve been reasonable I’ll take your word for it for now. But one of the other causes are the economic conditions in some of these Latin American countries. Changing the law in the US alone won’t fix things. And it’s beyond the purview of the US government to fix Latin America so the people that live there would rather stay home than illegally sneak into the US.

            Regardless of the cause, it’s the duty of every country to protect its sovereignty. The first steps are finding out who we actually have in our country, and preventing new ones from coming here. Then our country can decide which ones to allow in. It is not a God given right for Latin Americans to come to the US. The only sure fire way for them to come here and stay is for them to either be an anchor baby….or for them to get in line with everyone else who wants to enter the country and become US citizens legally.

            Getting back to the article…ie Trump…it sounds to me like he plans on allowing many of the illegals back into the US, after they have been counted, had background checks, and been given real identification. They won’t be given a path to citizenship – you need to get in the legal line for that – but they will be allowed to work…while new ones will not be allowed in.

            Your posts are always very well thought out, Dominick. I admit that I am not an expert on immigration….while I have my opinions, you are obviously much more knowledgable. I appreciate you keeping this a debate…..and not personally attacking me like so many of the other people on this forum have done.

          5. Dominick Vila September 7, 2015

            The real problem with changing our immigration laws to allow semi-skilled and unskilled workers to get an entry visa and work legally in the USA is that doing so would afford them the full protection of U.S. laws. That is, that instead of earning 50 cents a bushel for fruits and veggies collected, they will be eligible to earn minimum wage, and enjoy the same labor protections as everyone else. Needless to say, the business sectors that are profiting from the status quo don’t want that, and they have conveyed their opposition and preferences to their representatives in Congress, which is why nothing is going to happen for years to come.
            You are right, the reasons people migrate are usually (1) horrible economic conditions in their homeland, or (2) violent political or religious persecution. The issue for the host country, in this case the USA, is to decide whether we want to facilitate the LEGAL entry of immigrants, on humanitarian and labor needs basis, than leaving them no choice but to either starve, be killed, or enter the USA illegally.

        2. Sk Johnson September 26, 2015

          How about we repatriate YOU deep into the country from where YOU came? Correct me if I’m wrong but I sincerely doubt you are of 100% Native American blood. If you are, then fine… gripe all you want but if not then STFU and go back to YOUR roots.

    3. paulyz September 5, 2015

      I am sure you must realize that racial division, poverty, & hatred has grown tremendously under Obama, but ignore that as usual.

  7. 'Tis Moi September 5, 2015

    Trump is bottom, in the “race to the bottom”. He is making the USA appear very bad to the rest of the world. I thought Tony Abbott was an idiot- but he’s no where near the sub-human level of Trump. Where is the outrage in your country? This behaviour is despicable.

    1. bikejedi September 5, 2015

      Obama has already made us a laughing Stock .. Trump would restore America and people would respect this Nation once more as the greatest force for good on this Globe

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2015

        NO..wrong…Biker boy…that would be Cheney and Bush. YOu know? The 2 who sucked up to Hallibuton and Blackwater who paid for the presidency? President Obama saved your big wide butt from the mess you right wing crooks all caused.

        OH by the way, big mouth…did you hear? Nigeria is about to try Cheney for defrauding that country…and then? There were 3. First POland and then Turkey…now Nigeria. Clown boy…try again.

        1. bikejedi September 5, 2015

          Once again what does Bush or Cheney have to do with this topic ? Are you capable of reading or is this just your knee jerk reaction to everything …It’s all Bush’s fault .you are a racist …stop watching Fox ….that is all you ever hear when Liberals can’t explain their own hypocrisy ( as in the illegal Sanctuary Citys ) or they can’t explain away Obama’s and the left’s war on Police

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          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2015

            The ONLY thing your posts prove is that your are irresposible, reckless and want your own way. Most Big Babies do. Too bad you are too long in the tooth for being babied, least of all by a tough as nails woman like me.

          2. Mark T September 6, 2015

            bikejedi – they are like PAVLOVS DOGS: unable to formulate a coherent argument…while instinctively lashing out and accusing opponents of being racists or bigots. Sad.

          3. bikejedi September 6, 2015

            Yes and when they can’t refute or debate what you post they spin it to something else . I believe Eleanore is off her meds because I tried to explain to her she wasn’t even talking about anything relevant to t his article or this thread and she just couldn’t comprehend that

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          4. Louis Allen September 7, 2015

            Lenore might very well be off her med but she is definitely “on” her booze, the fact not withstanding that it makes her more belligerent and more Sstupid than usual (which is already saying a lot).
            Believe me, I know for a fact: favorite Caribbean rum is Appleton Estate, but she would rather die than admit to that, ….and to several “other” things.
            P. S. -And where is idamag when we need her to make us laugh with her stupidities?

          5. bikejedi September 7, 2015

            Hahahaha….I don’t know

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      2. 'Tis Moi September 6, 2015

        You obviously live in a self-made bubble. I have no idea where you get your misinformation, but the “rest of the world” actually likes Obama & thinks he’s done a good job. The trouble with most Americans is that they never travel to see the “whole picture”. They sit in their living rooms watching FOX, getting dumber while getting brain-washed. The “big fish in the small pond” -syndrome. The outcome is that even someone as bad as Trump can be fed to you & you swallow it whole. I mean, do you even understand how bad that man is? He is a scammer, a charlatan, a bankruptcy princess…good grief. shm…

        1. bikejedi September 6, 2015

          Negative the whole world thinks he is impotent and they disrespect him daily ….or did you forget about Assad Putin Kohemeni…etc

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          1. 'Tis Moi September 6, 2015

            Spoken like a true USA slave…You have no idea what you’re talking about. The irony is that the USA is interested in keeping it’s subjects as slaves- using lies of danger to inhibit travel abroad lest you become able to compare things yourselves. You rely entirely on what you get from your news, & it’s simply wrong. But, I won’t be able to tell you. You’d only ever find it out by being out.

          2. bikejedi September 6, 2015

            Great if it’s so much better somewhere else why don’t u ou go there and secondly you speak as if you think no one else has traveled the World …Thirdly what does any of what you posted have to do with this topic

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          3. 'Tis Moi September 6, 2015

            Poor darling, you have my utmost sympathy if you both cannot leave the US & also cannot follow relevant trains of thought- or rather that most times one topic is a combination of many as yet undiscussed.

            Secondly, I speak as a traveler who is well aware of fellow travelers & world opinion from the people themselves- not the news.

            Lastly (not thirdly), it is an American cliche to say, “why don’t uou go there”…& thus this is one of the issues which we find whenever a topic such as politics/politicians arises. Invariably, the comments become immature & combative. That, is when you know the other person has nothing more of value to add. I’m sorry to say, I’ve found that out again, with you, far too quickly. You are in a fishbowl giving opinions about what lies beyond. Your insistence of knowing things you have no experience with diminishes all you say. Get out into the world & see for yourself- you don’t have to take my word for it. You’ll be in for a shock.

          4. bikejedi September 6, 2015

            That is a very immature response …but I understand …when you can’t debate on merit just go for gratuitous insult ….I stated the obvious and that is from your own whiny post you don’t like it here and think somewhere else is better …So the obvious question to people like you who dont like America is why are you here ? ..You have my pity …it’s hard going through life as a whiny victim. You make immature unworldly assumptions of my experience to try to make yourself think you know better or are superior …No you are just an immature person who just got spanked by someone who called BULLSHIT on you .

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          5. Mark T September 6, 2015

            No its American cliche to say “come here illegally….we’ll treat you better than we treat our own tax paying citizens who are down on their luck. We’ll take all of you! Even members of ISIS who know the magic word of asylum! It doesn’t matter that we can’t afford it and that you’re breaking the law….we want you here as long as you learn to commit voter fraud in federal elections. And we don’t care if you cut in front of those who have waited years to come here legally…they were just too lazy to take initiative and sneak in.”

          6. Mark T September 6, 2015

            Oh sweet thing. A world traveler. How impressive. May I ask what countries you’ve been to over the last six years, and whether you used a scientific method to poll these citizens of the world? Or is it based on your own heresay?

      3. Mark T September 6, 2015

        Bravo! Someone “gets” it.

        1. bikejedi September 6, 2015

          Thank You

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  8. greenlantern1 September 5, 2015

    Never condone violence?
    Both police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo were murdered by Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller!
    Their gang leader was Cliven Bundy!
    Was Trump upset when Rand Paul met with him?

    1. David September 5, 2015

      W’eve been down this road. The Millers were from Indiana and were told to leave the Bundy Ranch scene because he was a convicted felon and their rantings were too extreme.

      1. greenlantern1 September 6, 2015

        Trump claimed that such felons should be reported so they could be sent to a mental institution.
        Why didn’t Bundy do that?

        1. David September 6, 2015

          Probably too busy trying to keep the Feds from getting his as-!

  9. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2015

    You know what’s so funny? …..That everyone outside the metro area takes Trump so seriously. Unless you live within driving distance of Manhattan, you miss all the juicy Trump gospels of BS. No one in this area takes this guy seriously as a politician. Trump is part of the big Money machine in NY. But and if there’s a but, he is not an “insider” with the biggest real estate guns. He just does what all the right wingers do…open his big mouth and bellows so loud that those who don’t know The Donald, think he must be a big big threat.

    The reality is that beneath that super aggressive nature lies a very unsure guy. One who could conceivably be a president whose loose cannon mouth could cost the rest of us our lives and our kids lives.

    The only politically naive people who vote for a loose cannon like him are people who don’t know that his reputation precedes him.

    1. bikejedi September 5, 2015

      wow…What Chutzpah . With the lefts war on Law Enforcement and their ILLEGAL support of Sanctuary City’s who’s residents are murdering Americans the Memo wants to put violence at Trumps feet .I mean this is just too much Liberal Hypocrisy even for hardcore Liberals . How do you people look yourselves in the mirror being such hypocrites . Obama Holder Sharpton Liberal Media and cult like devoted Liberals have used the Police as their whipping boy to further their racial divide . Every case that the Liberals and their media have been proven wrong they have not even apologized for their charged rhetoric . Rhetoric that has resulted in riots and Police officers who now are targets . How many have been murdered in recent days ? Where is Obama on the issue ..Nowhere to be found . Next you have Liberals claiming a Clerk in Kentucky deserves to be jailed for knowingly not adhering to Federal Law and no one is dying down there . Yet your hypocrisy shows when you are all silent on Sanctuary City’s and the Dem Leaders who sanction that . We are being forced to finance their open disregard of the law while their Illegal Aliens are murdering Americans … Sweet mother of hypocrisy … You Liberals take the cake

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2015

        If we liberals are taking the cake, why the hell are all of the Republicans states paying $1 in federal taxes and getting back anywhere from $1.35 to $1.87 while Democrat states make due with a lousy 55 cents for the $1 WE Pay.

        Another dipshit cotton ball Lil Abner with all the answers to forcing the rest of us to support him.

        1. bikejedi September 5, 2015

          Can you talk about the topic of this thread or are you just admitting you have nothing and I am right ?

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          ——– Original message ——–

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2015

            You are a loser. I posted facts I got from the GAO.gov site. Now, you’ll say….I don’t believe the government. Then, I’ll post the reports from the EPA on which Republican states cost the Dem states the most in oil spill fines and pollution clean up. And, you’ll say, the EPA is liberal.

            Get off your anti-liberal addiction. You righties are a tiny minority of big mouths, the angry mobs you are creating up here in the northeast will shut with ease.

          2. bikejedi September 5, 2015

            You aren’t talking about the topic of the article nor what I or anyone else has posted …are you simply too dumb to understand that simple fact ….What does anything you posted have to do with this topic or thread ?

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          3. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2015

            I said prove what you posted. You still haven’t. So..who’s doing the phony dodge here? I post the sources I used. You don’t. That makes you the idiot for posting what you can’t prove. The mentally ill live in their fantasy world. Get help.

          4. bikejedi September 5, 2015

            You are so retarded You aren’t even posting about the article and thread …get back to me when y our meds kick in

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          5. Mark T September 6, 2015

            I get the feeling that Ealanore Whitaker is a recent public school graduate. She’s kind of a victim here. She can’t help it she was brainwashed since pre-school. I’m not making excuses for her, just trying to figure out what’s going on with her.

          6. bikejedi September 6, 2015

            Yes …she also seems bitter and full of hate for other Americans just for the crime of having a different opinion . You know like an informed opinion

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            ——– Original message ——–

          7. Mark T September 6, 2015

            Please post comments pertaining to the subject at hand. Or RTFA. Thank you.

        2. Mark T September 6, 2015

          Focus, focus, focus. Or get your medications adjusted. But please stay on topic. Thank you Ealanore Whitaker.

    2. spktruth200 September 5, 2015

      he is hated in NJ (AC folks know his bs well), hated in Las Vegas treating his IMMIGRANT hotel workers so poorly…IF the media did their job and exposed this fraud…the sane people would look at him for what he is: a reality show joke.

      1. Patricia McCullough September 5, 2015

        he has his TRUMP TOWER in Las Vegas, but no casino. Do you know why there is no casino. The gaming commission in Nevada does not allow BAD BUSINESSMEN who file bankruptcy to own casinos. Too bad most of his followers are too stupid to do a google search and discover the truth.

    3. Mark T September 6, 2015

      You’re full of it. I live in the metro area and everyone I know loves the guy.

      You just surround yourself with liberal/progressive/leftist/communist sycophants.

  10. sunjune September 5, 2015

    If your intentions are to demonize Donald Trump, I am letting you know that you have failed big time. Donald Trump doesn’t have control of his followers. No one is responsible for what they do but them. If what they do is a crime, then they should be held accountable and punished accordingly.

    The things he is saying he will do is one thing; but if elected what he can do is limited to what the House and Senate will approve and support him in doing. Getting all upset about what he is saying is non-sense, as is some of what he is saying.

    The law makers in Government should be tackling some of the issues he brings up; but I know they are not going to do it, and so do the American public. He is loving the attention he is getting and the lead he enjoy in the polls. This is all thanks to a lack of action by the current and past administrations to address these issues.

    Donald Trump can win more voters than he is being given credit for, and may be the big surprise come election day. The republicans want Jeb as their candidate, and are upset that Donald Trump is having so much success at creating interest with his supporters. That is support that they will love for Jeb Bush to be getting; but it’s not happening and they are dumb founded. So, they would love to knock Donald Trump out of the race.

    The Pledge is as worthless as the paper it’s written on and they know it. Their hope was that he refused to sign the pledge, giving them reason to not allow him on the ballot without a bunch of bullshit. Politics is a dirty game and some play/fight it better than others. So much for my rambling. I like what is happening in this race. It’s fun to watch.

    1. spktruth200 September 5, 2015

      So your like this bigot, racist who has no polices…on any issue! Why aren’t you asking him why he married 3 times, twice to immigrant! Bankuptrcy 4 times, lies about his wealth? He doesn’t take donations a HUGE LIE…its on his website…knows ZERO on foreign policy…ONLY other narcissists…who don’t have a clue how dangerous his mentality is….remember he will be speaking to leaders around the world…with NUCLEAR WEAPONS…

      1. Debra Brooks September 5, 2015


      2. paulyz September 5, 2015

        You worry about a divorce but support homosexual marriages, harvesting live babies, & thousands of Illegals harming Americans? As for nuclear weapons, ask your Supreme Dictator why he is allowing Iran to keep developing them. Typical gullible Liberal dummy.

      3. Mark T September 6, 2015

        I’d rather Donald J Trump be in control of our nuclear weapons than BHO, who would never use them even if we were Pearl Harbored with them.

        And let’s look at some other liberals and how well they handled the responsibility of possible nuclear war. Bill Clinton LOST his nuclear launch codes for over a year during the Monica Lewimsky debacle.

        And Joe Biden is so concerned about his vanity, about appearing like a “normal” guy, that when he takes Amtrack home to Delaware every week, he won’t allow the guy with the nuclear suitcase within a mile of him.

        Our nuclear weapons are our Crown Jewels. Let’s hope they never have to be used. But if they do, I want someone decisive. Not someone who is going to allow all our land based missiles to be wiped out before he realizes that we are really under attack,,or something much worse. And I don’t want someone of the ilk that’s so naive that he thinks unilateral disarmament will cause our nuclear rivals to also disarm. Of course it won’t. It will only increase the chances that we are attacked. And I absolutely don’t want someone who takes the responsibility so lightly that he loses his launch code card or won’t allow the nuclear football near him. It’s arguably their greatest responsibility and having weak people like Clinton, Biden and BHO only increases the chance we are attacked.

      4. Mark T September 6, 2015

        His divorces are bad, but homosexual and drag queen marriages are good? Government supported baby part auctions don’t even get mentioned? And you spoke of his business bankruptcies but you fail to mention that we as a nation are about to bankrupt the entire world because of this presidents out of control spending.

        This country is now at its all time low point. Our culture and history has been destroyed. We are no longer a white, Christian country. Half the whites identify with blacks and homosexuals and muslims. We are screwed. It’s only a matter of time before cities allow sharia law and jizra to be collected. Maybe it already is in Detroit and Flint…I don’t know. I don’t want to know to be honest.

        I’m an eternal optimist and think electing Trump will at the very least slow the moral and societal decline, and at most turn things around. But as of right now we are at rock bottom. The founding fathers – the ones who “raped and pillaged” (sarcasm) – must be rolling over in their graves.

    2. Debra Brooks September 5, 2015


    3. paulyz September 5, 2015

      Yes, Liberals, special interests, the Rino “leadership”, & of course, the National Memo with yet ANOTHER post about Trump, show their utter fear & desperation of giving OUR government back to the People. They are all using the growing Federal Governnent for their own selfish isterests, & really hate to see it end. LMAO.

  11. The lucky one September 5, 2015

    Trump never will put his hands on anyone. Like most bullies he is a coward who hires mercenaries to do his dirty work.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2015

      Actually, you are correct about that. When he was still married to Ivana, he and she were going to a “do” at a top NY City gala. He hired an army of body guards to protect them. You’d have thought they were royalty when they walked down that red carpet.

      1. spktruth200 September 5, 2015

        He will name AF 1….Trump 1, he will put Trumps White House, set himself up as wonder man of the world, and refuse to leave office…this IS Mussolini mentality…TRUMPOLINI is a fraud.

      2. Mark T September 6, 2015

        Have you ever seen George Clooneys bodyguards? Or Angelina Jolie’s? Just as bad. And they are both as progressive as they come.

        They all have bodyguards. It doesn’t make any of them bullies and you know it.


    2. Mark T September 6, 2015

      The lucky one: Please explain to me EXACTLY how Donald Trump has been a bully.

      Thank you.

      1. The lucky one September 6, 2015

        Have you ever watched Trump when he is asked a question he doesn’t like or is challenged by someone who disputes his statements? If you don’t see his behavior as bullying then there is no point arguing it with you.

  12. Carolyn1520 September 5, 2015

    Trump is enjoying the show he’s created. The same people who watch all the reality shows, are fueled by hate and profess to be Christians ( only because they can hate those who aren’t) are supporting him. If a candidate on the left had an ex wife who made an assertion of rape in a deposition even though she’s now tried to walk it back, they would still be all over it. The reason it doesn’t bother the right is, women remain second class citizens in their minds too. They hyper-focused on his ridiculous plan to deport all illegals and ignore everything else he says or does that make no sense at all. He’s a member of the 1% and they’re use to being controlled by them. He plays to their fears and feelings. There’s no point in even stating facts or attempting to appeal to intellect in their world.
    His is the crazy political reality show that will be remembered as playing for one season.
    Intelligent people have already changed the channel.

    1. spktruth200 September 5, 2015

      This man is a creation of the corporate owned media. His face is on 24/7…PUSHING hi violent, racist bigoted tendencies. This hatefilled war monger would have this country in a nuclear war in 6months. ONLY Bernie Sanders is supported by WE the PEOPLE, who want our country back from corporate owned media, wall street bankster gangsters, an international criminal banking, and military empire. Bush spent $6 trillion! Illegals are coming in all over the country and its not across the Mexican border… multinationals are bringing in on Hb2l visas and they take the best paying jobs…working for cheap INSIDE this country. We need the Mexican and central americans to PICK our food otherwise we would all be starving to death…americans WONT do those jobs.

      1. Mark T September 6, 2015

        spktruth200 – how EXACTLY has Donald J Trump been violent or racist? Please explain your comment. Thank you.

  13. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2015

    When you are all ready to stop griping about the illegals and start bitching loud and long about the employers who hire them and refuse to conform to E-Verify. Let me know.

    In NJ, some of the largest, well recognized companies are using undocumented recruiters to hire undocumented workers. You can guess why. That way they don’t have to admit they actually broke the law and didn’t check their new hires with E-Verify and of course, by using an undocumented recruiter to hire scores of undocumented workers, these employers avoiding paying corporate taxes AND also their share of employee payroll impounds. But in once case, a young undocumented worker was threatened with deportation if he refused to work overtime at his hiring salary after he’d had two hourly wage increases in 3 years.

    But, the newest skankage these employers are using is something call “Rapid Pay” cards. These are cards issued by a bank chosen by the subcontractor/ recruiter who pays these workers through direct deposits that are not always “accurate.” But, these workers are threatened with deportation if they blow the whistle.

    Honesty and all sense of fair play betyween employers goes right out the window. But, it does explain why these skanks won’t hire Americans. They can’t get away with the BS they can with undocumented workers.

    1. Sk Johnson September 6, 2015

      That’s always my immediate reaction to people so mad at immigrants all the time, too, Eleanore, The employers are the ones driving the problem (if it even IS a problem, which I don’t actually believe it is). If there’s anyone to blame for anything in this situation, real or perceived, it’s the dirty dealing, slave driving, farmland dynasty overlords, not the people answering to their call for hard labor. Of course we shouldn’t be surprised that the right likes to attack the wrong targets, victim blaming has been a part of human history since the oldest profession was still new.

      1. Mark T September 6, 2015

        The problem is caused by BOTH big business wanting cheap labor AND liberal politicians wanting a new group to mine for votes. I don’t know which was the first group to encourage illegal immigration and I don’t care. All I care about is that they leave, and that in a year or two I can take a vacation to see THE GREAT WALL.

    2. paulyz September 6, 2015

      It is the politicians, 100% of Democrat/Socialists, the GOP “leadership”, & Obama that constantly OPPOSE mandatory E-verify or a really secure border. Of course we need E-verify & huge fines & imprisonment for those that hire ILLEGALS, but businesses are usually forbidden to ask for “documents”. They have that covered as well under (profiling). Regardless, the Illegals themselves are at fault for sneaking in against our Laws, & hurting American Citizens in many ways.

      1. Mark T September 6, 2015

        Bravo, paulyz…terrific post!

        1. paulyz September 6, 2015

          Thanks Mark, just can’t get a knee-jerk Liberal to understand the ramifications of their stupidity & gullibility.

          1. Mark T September 6, 2015

            Yeah….I’m pretty disappointed with the quality of debate on here.

            I guess it’s to be expected. Brainwashing etc.

            Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to explain to a bunch of North Koreans that Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il were people and not gods. It’s like talking to a brick wall.

            How is it that I can admit that the republicans have done damage and have, among other things, enabled illegal immigration through inaction? Yet no matter what, these liberal/progressives/leftists cannot admit their side has done one thing wrong. I honestly think they have been brainwashed.

    3. Mark T September 6, 2015

      You sound awfully familiar with the way illegal immigrants are paid.

      I’m beginning to wonder if that’s why you are so defensive about illegal immigration….and THE GREAT WALL OF TRUMP….maybe you’re worried you won’t be able to figure out how to sneak back in after your repatriation and the erection of THE WALL….

  14. bikejedi September 5, 2015

    What Chutzpah . With the lefts war on Law Enforcement and their ILLEGAL support of Sanctuary City’s who’s residents are murdering Americans the Memo wants to put violence at Trumps feet .I mean this is just too much Liberal Hypocrisy even for hardcore Liberals . How do you people look yourselves in the mirror being such hypocrites . Obama Holder Sharpton Liberal Media and cult like devoted Liberals have used the Police as their whipping boy to further their racial divide . Every case that the Liberals and their media have been proven wrong they have not even apologized for their charged rhetoric . Rhetoric that has resulted in riots and Police officers who now are targets . How many have been murdered in recent days ? Where is Obama on the issue ..Nowhere to be found . Next you have Liberals claiming a Clerk in Kentucky deserves to be jailed for knowingly not adhering to Federal Law and no one is dying down there . Yet your hypocrisy shows when you are all silent on Sanctuary City’s and the Dem Leaders who sanction that . We are being forced to finance their open disregard of the law while their Illegal Aliens are murdering Americans … Sweet mother of hypocrisy … You Liberals take the cake

    1. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2015

      You better damn well prove what you just posted, asshat. Because it was the left who made $350 billion in profit for Halliburton. That would be YOUR right wing evil SOB Cheney who duped you asshats of the pea brains into believing you actually got Bush for president.

      The next GOP president has not been born yet. First, there will be Hillary, then Cory Booker and ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh don’t you Stars and Bars CONs hate that?

      1. bikejedi September 5, 2015

        Man that is one dumb reply …your ex is 100% correct …what the hell does Bush or Halibuton have to do with this topic ???? …And please explain why you support the illegal Sanctuary Citys and why you support obama and the left promoting violence against Police …Do you think you can address my post without attempting to spin it to someone else or are you incapable of debating on merit

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        ——– Original message ——–

        1. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2015

          That motorcycle under your butt has your brain damaged. Try again. YOur can’t get any woman to get within 5 inches of you. Men like you are just big mouth crooks who got all too used to getting it the “easy” way by ripping off everyone around you.

          Time for you to support yourself and stop living off your parents Biker Boy.

          Real men with any sense of intelligence don’t make up lies like you do in your posts. I said prove what you posted and I meant it. Now…get busy and show me facts that come from sources that are credible. not more right wing BS biased.

          1. bikejedi September 5, 2015

            There you go …First it’s Bush’s fault and then you go full liberal and just start name calling …So you have nothing to say on the Topic of the thread you can’t debate or refute a thing I said but you are immature intolerant and ignorant . You are the postee child for every stereotype of liberals .I am sure the more reasoned liberals are embarrassed everytime you post . By the way I post my picture and you can probably tell just by that that I am not hurting for girl friends . Also I do support myself ..I am not one of your entitlement voters …I do pretty good for myself because I work hard ..

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            ——– Original message ——–

          2. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2015

            How can it be Bush’s fault when Cheney, not Bush was the president you asshats elected? Which president in January 2001 destroyed millions of classified documents that linked Daddy to Iran ContraGate? Was that Obama?

            Which president spent January 2001 to January 2003 campaigning for a stupid, irresponsible, reckless war in Iraq? Was that Obama? Which president had the “information that there were WMDs in Iraq hand carried by Cheney to be used as proof of need to war in Iraq? Was that Obama?

            Which president allowed one Alberto Gonzalez, Chief of the Justice Dept. to hire ONLY Republican US Attorneys for which Gonzalez had to resign? Was that Obama?

            Come big mouth…open your yap…Who was president when the Sept. 2008 Financial Meltdown which the Federal Reserved and IMF all warned that a 2nd tax cut would cause a Recession?

            Admit what you haven’t the balls to admit and any US history book has recorded…Every GOP President had a recession in their 2nd term…Bush ’41 only had one term and he managed to drum up that stupid Gulf War for his oil buddies and cause a 1-term recession. Boy…men like you have your brains in your trailer sized butts.

          3. bikejedi September 5, 2015

            Look we all know the financial collapse was caused by all the bank’s holding too much bad debt …and we all know that was caused by the Community Reinvestment Act …Just as we know TARP passed by Bush stabalized the banks and made a nifty profit for y he treasury …So how does that relate to anything in the article or in this thread ? Have you forgotten the topic …and as for mu ass you can see from my pics it is in tip top condition and I date intelligent pretty Conservative women not Liberals …Have you seen Liberal women ? They are hideous …Debbie washername Schultz …Rachel Madcow…Rosie …Joy ..all ugly on the inside and the outside …ugh …maybe that is why you are so unhappy Eleanore …are you beastly ? You know if you were happy on the inside it might help…you could maybe work out too…improving u our appearance and physical fitness does wonders …or you can fester in your hate …and look like Ginsburg

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          4. itsfun September 5, 2015

            Her name calling is just her weak mind trying to express its self.

          5. bikejedi September 6, 2015

            Good one

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            ——– Original message ——–

          6. Mark T September 6, 2015

            Great post, itsfun! Good to know there are a few good, patriotic Americans left! Gives me hope!

          7. Mark T September 6, 2015

            Elaenore Whitaker,

            Pretty much everyone who has gone to college had to take an undergrad psych class. One of the only things that stuck with me from that class was the section on schizophrenia. They showed an artists paintings pre and post schizophrenia. The pre schizophrenia paintings were focused and made sense. The paintings made after this artist developed schizophrenia were scattered, unfocused, not based on reality….they were what I imagine being on LSD would be like.

            You’re probably wondering why I bothered to write all that. It’s because your posts remind me of the post schizophrenia paintings. Each and every one of your posts. They don’t make sense. They are unfocused. They are stupid. Childish. Even knowing they were written by a liberal/progressive/leftist and all that implies, Im almost embarrassed to read them. Personally, I’d be ashamed to write responses like yours. But I probably hold myself to a much higher standard than you hold yourself.

            I have a few rebuttal writing tips for you, Ealanore Whitaker. Focus. Focus. Focus. Stay on topic no matter how hard it is. If you absolutely can’t help yourself and must change topics, provide a good segue to the new topic. Don’t just begin with a random unrelated topic, like you have been. It doesn’t make sense, and no one understands what you are writing about.

            I sincerely apologize if I appear to be arrogant or condescending to you. That wasn’t my intention, Ealanore Whitaker. I’m just trying to help you. I don’t want you to continue making a complete fool out of yourself on here.

      2. Mark T September 6, 2015

        That was so scattered, so unfocused that I’m not even going to touch it.

        Time to get your Meds adjusted, Elaenore Whitaker. Sounding a bit schitzo.

    2. DogmaDestroys September 5, 2015

      Fact: Most “sanctuary cities” were first established during the presidency of, you guessed it, Ronald W. Reagan, who did nothing to reverse this trend, as have none of the other presidents to follow. Once again you idiot conservatives attempt to demonize Obama for doing the exact same things as every other president – with the result of only making yourselves look ridiculous. As far as your alleged leftist “war on law enforcement” – those weren’t liberals lying in wait on an overpass aiming their rifles at BLM law enforcement agents in Nevada last year in support of deadbeat racist rancher Cliven Bundy. Idiot.

      1. bikejedi September 5, 2015

        No one was murdered in the Bundy thingy …And the World was much different during Reagan …He never could’ve envisioned a political party with so little regard for this Country they would encourage illegals to break int o our Country and then reward them for their criminality …Did an Illegal Alien who was deported several times for criminal activity get invited back into the Country and offered Sanctuary so he can murder an American when Reagan was President ? No that happened under Obama and it has also been established that Sanctuary Citys are breaking Federal law…..oh those pesky facts

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        ——– Original message ——–

    3. Debra Brooks September 5, 2015


      1. bikejedi September 5, 2015


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        ——– Original message ——–

      2. The lucky one September 6, 2015

        Apparently he didn’t protect you from being brain dead.

      3. Mark T September 6, 2015

        Debra, you’re a good, patriotic American. Thank you.

        1. Independent1 September 7, 2015

          You’re lying!! What Debra said is a flat out lie. It’s only because of Obama, that America isn’t in a depression right now – and virtually every honest economist will testify to that.

          Had Obama not insisted on a stimulus in 2009 and also pushed to keep the auto industry from bankruptcy, America and the world would be in a depression right now.

          And no president has ever had 66 contiguous months of jobs growth with more jobs created in 6 years than both Bushes could create in 12. And with an unemployment rate that is lower than anything that America’s worst president Reagan could accomplish in 8 full years!!

          Just agreeing with all the FLAT OUT LIES Debra is posting MAKES YOU A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!!!!

        2. Debra Brooks September 7, 2015


        3. Debra Brooks September 7, 2015

          little twit is pure quack hatred on the loose 10/4?

    4. dog lover September 5, 2015

      I agree with you 100%. These sheltered a.h’s righteous pundits in there twittering world can cure the world’s ills believing they are so righteous & self cleansing they believe there own bs. Bunch of gutter Scun. Enjoyed your post.

      1. bikejedi September 6, 2015

        Thank You

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        ——– Original message ——–

      2. Mark T September 6, 2015

        Phenomenal post!

        Thank you dog lover for showing me that there are a few good Americans left.

        1. dog lover September 7, 2015

          Not according to the negative fer back I got from the Trump haters who don’t have a grip on reality.

    5. Independent1 September 6, 2015

      Why am I not surprised that you’d post just one more crock of crap!!! Fact is that immigrant sanctuary cities are the safer cities in America, Both El Paso and San Diego are two of the safest cities in the nation, and they have the highest concentrations of illegals in America. As usual, you’re post is based on one blatant lie after another. But that’s normal coming from a pathological liar such as yourself.

      Even Ruppert Murdoch who owns Faux News agrees with me.

      See this from NewsMax:

      Rupert Murdoch: ‘Trump Wrong’ on Mexican Immigrant Crime

      Conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch called out Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Twitter Sunday, saying the real estate mogul is wrong to say Mexican immigrants – or any immigrants – commit more crime than legal residents.

      Rupert Murdoch ✔@rupertmurdoch
      Mexican immigrants, as with all immigrants, have much lower crime rates than native born. Eg. El Paso safest city in U.S. Trump wrong.
      6:03 PM – 12 Jul 2015

      1. bikejedi September 6, 2015

        Hey idiotone….how safe is San Fran or Chi Town You….

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        ——– Original message ——–

        1. Mark T September 6, 2015

          Thank you bikejedi for showing me that there are a few good Americans left.

          1. bikejedi September 6, 2015


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            ——– Original message ——–

      2. Mark T September 6, 2015

        How about Bridgeport, Hartford and New Haven?

        Last I checked they were all on the WORST crime list.

        And San Francisco. Who wants to live there….unless you want to accidentally step in human feces or urine in the park or walking down the street.

    6. The lucky one September 6, 2015

      “Next you have Liberals claiming a Clerk in Kentucky deserves to be jailed for knowingly not adhering to Federal Law” She shouldn’t be jailed, just removed from office.

      1. bikejedi September 6, 2015

        Exactly ….

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        ——– Original message ——–

  15. spktruth200 September 5, 2015

    Its obvious… man is a total narcissist and dangerous. He is the American version of Mussolini….I now refer to him everywhere as: Trumpolini. feel free to steal the term.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2015

      Anyone who has had the misfortune to buy NY papers for more than 3 decades could tell you that Trump’s Daddy Fred also had his greed problems. Freddy and the Helmsley’s were not exactly bosom buddies. And Silverstein loathes Trump and Silverstein is a Biggie in the real estate industry,Trump’s major claim of inheritance.

  16. dog lover September 5, 2015

    All you Trump haters have a very short memory span. We are completely over run with illegals from around the world. They are draining our gov’t entitlements that belong to American citizens who depend and need the help to survive including medical and education. Now we have a 19 trillion debt thanks to Bush and Hussain Obama. Even if you have a pea sized Braun and no common sense looking at the current candidates include Biden & Romney they have no understanding of how business and negotiate with world countries & at home. Our military is weak. Our infrastructure is deplorable and unsafe. We need change . Not another career politician backed by rich lobbyist friends who they work for. Wake up America Trump will make great changes for America and it’s citizens.


    1. DogmaDestroys September 5, 2015

      You’re an idiot. And stay the hell away from my dog.

      1. dog lover September 5, 2015

        I touched s soft spot huh! The idiot is you. The free ride is going to be over.

        1. Patricia McCullough September 5, 2015

          FREE RIDE?? Yep, you are an idiot. If you think violence is the way to handle things, then you are nothing but a thug!! Bombing other countries, or ISIS, which is NOT a country is the dumbest damned thing said. T-Rump has no clue how to run a country & if you think he will do it like he ran his companies, please note that he has filed bankruptcy several times, has been sued and LOST. He is a joke and his followers are ignorant fools.

          1. dog lover September 5, 2015

            Who mentioned anything about bombing other countries. Get you’re head out of where the sun don’t shine and read what’s posted a.h.

          2. Mark T September 6, 2015

            Are you a child? Can’t you make an intelligent comment without calling someone names?

            Oh by the way dog lover never said anything about violence. Not once. Neither did Trump, the Tea Party, or the Republican Party.

        2. DogmaDestroys September 5, 2015

          Had you bothered to read my profile before you spewed your infantile, butt-hurt reply, you would have seen that I am in fact a Veteran of the great US Navy, and subsequently have worked for many years now as an engineer. At no point have I ever been on a “free ride”. THAT is quite obviously pure projection on your part. You’re nothing but a sponge on society who molests dogs.

          1. looklikeaq September 5, 2015

            ARE complete idiot, you didn’t mind taking that free ride from the government for your education! don’t impress, you just insult and prove that trump supporters are the lowest common denominator when it comes to educated voters

          2. dog lover September 5, 2015

            You’re clueless. Do a little research if you can stible through the process and see where your tax dollars go if you pay taxes. Sounds like another sponge soaking up entitlements thinking the gov’t owes you a living.

          3. dog lover September 5, 2015

            So you say you were in the navy. I served in Nam. You didn’t see any fighting did you. Shove it where it belongs. Navy fairy land.

          4. Mark T September 6, 2015

            We know POTUS “cleansed” the military….it’s no surprise you’re here, f!cking squid.

        3. Mark T September 6, 2015

          They are all afraid of being deported.

          It’s nice to see them lose their complacency and actually start worrying about ICE again.

    2. Budjob September 5, 2015

      Trump is alright,ifyou are a fascist,a bigot,or,a racist!! By your post,it appears that the best part of you ran down your Mother’s leg.You are totally,and irreparably FUCKED UP!!

      1. dog lover September 5, 2015

        blojob Not as good as your mom’s sweet juice that gushed down both my legs.

        1. Mark T September 6, 2015

          i heard it wasn’t that sweet.

    3. Budjob September 5, 2015

      One other thing fuckface,If you were twice as intelligent as you think you are,you would still be STOOOOPID!!

    4. looklikeaq September 5, 2015

      wow, you are an idiot z waste you’re vote

      1. dog lover September 5, 2015

        You said it MY VOTE. What makes you the genius of of anything imbisil. You are in capable of correctly forming a sentence. Go back to school a.h..

        1. looklikeaq September 6, 2015

          lol, yup, you’re a trump supporter. childish attacks and no substance! and the term is “incapable”! loser! LOL

          1. Mark T September 6, 2015

            i can’t deal with this place anymore. Just a bunch of stupid bots with faulty AI. Unreal.

    5. charleo1 September 5, 2015

      P.T. would have loved you!
      “Clowns are the pegs on which the circus is hung.”
      P. T. Barnum

    6. Mark T September 6, 2015

      Bravo, Dog Lover!

      Absolutely terrific post!

  17. Michael Ross September 5, 2015

    The problem is that this isn’t Trump’s brand of violence. This is the Tea Party’s brand of violence. All Trump did was slap his name on it and try to support an entire campaign on it.

    1. looklikeaq September 5, 2015

      no, this trump

    2. joe schmo September 6, 2015

      LOL, yah right…How stupid can you be.

    3. paulyz September 6, 2015

      Somehow I haven’t seen any news of violence by Tea Party Patriots in the news. Maybe you have your own Leftist news site to share with us all this violence. (Dummy!)

    4. Mark T September 6, 2015

      What violence are you talking about?!?! Neither the Tea Party or Trump have ever been violent, nor have they espoused being violent.

      You’re making things up.

      In fact, POTUS’ staunchest supporters are the only group being violent in this country.

  18. Nick September 5, 2015

    People do feel frightened by Mr. Trump, that he could actually become president of the U.S. People are really afraid that Mr. Trump once in office will implement his ideas and views that he campaigns on. Mr. Trumps has given us no reason why he wouldn’t. We all know who he is and his background. This is something the country is not used to seeing. Both parties know that he’s a threat to their political system. They do not know how they’re going to contain him in our puppet political system if he makes it there. People have to stop fueling the

    1. looklikeaq September 5, 2015

      trump can not implement any o the thing he claims, this is not dictatorship, and he would no have to support of the majority of the rest of the government!

      1. Nick September 5, 2015

        Of course he can not due to separation of powers

        1. Mark T September 6, 2015

          So you mean it’s ok when the SCOTUS doesn’t follow the constitution…as long as the vote went your way? And it’s OK when the POTUS doesn’t follow the constitution, because it went your way?

          No, precedent was set. We will never go back to following the constitution and you know it.

          1. Nick September 8, 2015

            It is never ok for a nation to not follow it’s own constitution. What the Supreme Court did, was just

          2. Mark T September 8, 2015

            I agree with you 100%.

      2. joe schmo September 6, 2015

        We have a dictatorship now. Nothing wrong with following the laws that are on the books.

        1. Irishgrammy September 6, 2015

          Out of the loony ben again Schmo…..Here we go again, “dictatorship”, blah, blah, blah…. can’t you come up with a new insult line, this one is getting old and tired…..a little truth here, and hope your head doesn’t explode…..if we lived under a dictatorship, you would have been found, arrested, jailed and hung years ago, that’s the way dictatorship operate…….but alas here you are, still typing your insane drivel…

    2. itsfun September 5, 2015

      He is a huge threat to lobbyist. That has the political party leaders scared to death. Think about all the money the party leaders won’t have in their pockets after being bought by lobbyists. Trump doesn’t need the lobbyist and won’t be bought by them.

      1. Nick September 5, 2015

        That means that the lobbyists will have to buy off more congressmen. I don’t think they got enough money to go around to do that. Looks like trouble is brewing.

        1. itsfun September 6, 2015

          Just follow the money trail. How many congressmen have their bank accounts doubled and tripled after getting into office? Where are they getting the money?

        2. Mark T September 6, 2015

          Don’t be naive Nick. They already own all of them. It’s not even hidden anymore….it’s flaunted. The will of the people hasn’t mattered in a long time.

          1. Nick September 7, 2015

            Yes, that may be true but no one lobbyist group owns all of them. A single lobbyist group only target the committee members of a particular committee that has oversight of their special interest and plus have the president (executive branch) in their back pocket. It would take a lot of money for one lobbyist group to own all of them. So, what they do is keep it a two party system. It is cheaper that way. If you take the president (executive branch) out of the situation, the single lobbyist group will have to scramble for more congressman in the committee and outside the committee. This will create trouble for both parties. We will have to see how this election plays out. I definitely see cracks if Mr. Trump happens to get the nomination.

    3. looklikeaq September 6, 2015

      he insane, racist, and incapable of doing anything he claims, he is like a childish school yard bully with no substance and just name calls! nobodys afraid of trump, he’s a complete wuss who hides behind others and threatens to sue everybody, he’s a joke

      1. Nick September 6, 2015

        He must be a threat if people keeps attacking him and trying to discredit every thing he does. Think about Ron Paul in 2012; the media and the other candidates did not entertain him much. Even though he had a massive following, they never felt like he could get far.

      2. Mark T September 6, 2015

        Let me make TWO things clear to you. Advocating the deportation of people here ILLEGALLY is not racist, and it DOES NOT make him a bully. These people are CRIMINALS.

        And please STOP acting like one of PAVLOVS DOGS. Resist the progressive URGE to call anyone who disagrees with you a racist.

        BTW, unlike career politicians, Donald J Trump is IMPERVIOUS to your ridicule.

      3. Mark T September 6, 2015

        How is he a bully? Because he wants to deport a bunch of people who HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE HERE? WHO DONT PAY TAXES? WHO ARE HERE ILLEGALLY?

        That doesn’t make him a bully and you know it.

        1. Independent1 September 7, 2015

          And there you go with the pathological lies starting again!! Fact is lowlife, illegal immigrants not only pay billions of dollars in income taxes they pay more than 12 billion into Social Security which they can’t even use and which is helping extend the life of SS. And I’ll guarantee you, anyone of those illegals does more to benefit America each day than you or anyone of you’re mindless idiot buddies.

          You’re just as much a mindless idiot as the rest of your RWNJ friends. Why don’t you take your fabricated jibberish somewhere else!! We don’t need another pathological lying nincompoop harassing us for no good reason on the NM!!!

      4. Hornytoad September 16, 2015

        Little people love to snipe at their betters!

  19. Debra Brooks September 5, 2015


    1. Irishgrammy September 5, 2015

      You are crazy! Plain and simple!

      1. Debra Brooks September 5, 2015


        1. Independent1 September 5, 2015

          Talk about mentally ill – does Bellview Sanitarium know that you’ve escaped and our out here harassing us bloggers???

        2. looklikeaq September 6, 2015

          you use caps and support groups who are racist and oppressive, YOU are truly a lesser kind of human, you are actually pond scum!

          1. Mark T September 6, 2015

            Jesus how is she a racist you Pavlov dog? Because she disagrees with you? Because she’s not a liberal/progressive/leftist?

            I find it hilarious that you people are so scared of the boogeyman Donald J Trump. You guys are acting as if Freddy Kruger himself is chasing you. Or a skeleton wearing armor or something. I realized how scared you guys are when I was looking at JonasPlancks “art”…he’s got pictures of armor wearing skeleton bots climbing all over the Death Star. He’s terrified of Trump. Even Mr La Raza, Jorge Ramos is running scared. It kind of reminds me how scared the Iranians were when Ronald Reagan was being sworn in.

        3. The lucky one September 6, 2015

          No you are not a lesser kind of human, just a less intelligent one.

        4. Mark T September 6, 2015

          I’m waiting for them to call you a “bot”.

          They not only called me a bot on a different thread, but said I’m going to “bend to their will” and that that my “faulty code is going to be rewritten”…among other things.

          And they call you crazy.

          1. Debra Brooks September 7, 2015

            name calling & no substance kind of ridicule is of no value nor gain

    2. looklikeaq September 5, 2015

      could you possibly be a more uneducated so called voter?

      1. joe schmo September 6, 2015

        Sorry most liberals are less informed: Pew poll….

        ‘On eight of 13 questions about politics, Republicans outscored Democrats by an average of 18 percentage points, according to a new Pew survey titled “Partisan Differences in Knowledge.”

        The Pew survey adds to a wave of surveys and studies showing that GOP-sympathizers are better informed, more intellectually consistent, more open-minded, more empathetic and more receptive to criticism than their fellow Americans who support the Democratic Party.’

        1. looklikeaq September 6, 2015

          WRONG, its a fact that over 30% of republican voters don’t even have a high school education, its also a FACT that liberals hold higher lvl’s of education than republicans! 99 % of most republicans base their voting habits on conspiracy, like the fact that 69% of republicans think Obama is a Muslim, joe, you are a complete idiot

          1. Hornytoad September 16, 2015

            Obama is no longer a Muslim. He converted over to the “God Damm America”Preacher Man long ago.

        2. Independent1 September 6, 2015

          Yeah! Joe, is that why Republicans who watch virtually nothing else but Faux News, ARE DUMBER than people who don’t even watch ANY NEWS??? What a laugh you are – and all you can do is publish BLATANT LIES!!!!!

          1. Mark T September 6, 2015

            It’s funny. I agree with everything Joe Schmo and Debra have been saying….and I never watch Fox News. I didn’t watch it before the hidden liberal Megyn Kelly tried to Pearl Harbor Donald J Trump, and I haven’t since.

            Find a new argument.

          2. Independent1 September 7, 2015

            And we just added one more pathological lying RWNJ to the NM list of mindless idiots!!!

        3. The lucky one September 6, 2015

          Hahahaha, keep on believing what Rush is telling you.

      2. Mark T September 6, 2015

        You mean more low info than the blacks who as a group gave BHO 99.9% of their votes in not just one election, but two.

        How much less informed can a voter be if all they are voting for is skin color?

        1. jmprint September 6, 2015

          I am not black and I voted twice, and would do it a third time if only I could.

          1. Mark T September 6, 2015

            My post wasn’t about you being a low information voter, which you just admitted to by the way.

            It was about an ENTIRE ethnic group being low information, and voting for someone based on skin color versus competence.

            If you’re incapable of responding to my posts, then please don’t. Otherwise stick to the topic. Thank you.

          2. Budjob September 7, 2015

            Marky,Will you and Joe the Schmuck please start using punctuation in order to have people think you are not semi-literate

    3. charleo1 September 5, 2015

      “As far as single payer, it works in Canada. It works incredibly well in Scotland.” Donald Trump….It sounds like Trump will lead us in which direction?

    4. itsfun September 5, 2015

      Outstanding post.

      1. Independent1 September 5, 2015

        And you’re just as much an ignoramous and totally twisted person as the idiot you’re praising!!

        1. Mark T September 6, 2015

          This is an easy crowd….all they do is call people names….incapable of any intelligent rebuttal whatsoever.

          1. paulyz September 6, 2015

            That is exactly my observation as well. When faced with facts that differ from their leftist gullible ideology, they just resort to name-calling, usually it’s “Liar, or Racist”. Really quite hilarious if these useful idiots didn’t ruin the lives of others.

          2. Independent1 September 6, 2015

            You’ve never posted on thing thing that could ever be classified as a fact and you know it lowlife!!!

          3. paulyz September 7, 2015

            Thanks for proving my point, AGAIN, dummy.

          4. jmprint September 6, 2015

            You guys like to turn facts around to suit your believes, It’s no different then calling Preident Obama a muslim, a traitor. And you guys are racist, you do own it.

          5. paulyz September 7, 2015

            Nope, wrong again, why Ben Carson is so popular among Conservatives, as well as Ted Cruz. We, like Dr. MLK, judge a person by the content of their character, not the color of their skin, like you Liberals proved in voting for Obama. On the other hand, Whites like Hillarious or Socialist Sanders are completely unacceptable. Congratulations on dealing the race card AGAIN.

          6. Independent1 September 6, 2015

            Sorry, it’s a total waste of time to try to have a really intelligent conversation with right-wing trolls who call facts propaganda. And who respond with nothing but right-wing ideological lies that they glean from one right-wing propaganda website after another just like Faux News which has been estimated to lie 60+% of the time..

          7. jmprint September 6, 2015

            Intelligent rebuttal is way ober your head, let it go.

      2. The lucky one September 6, 2015

        For a moron maybe.

        1. Mark T September 6, 2015

          I’m surprised you didn’t call itsfun a racist.

          1. The lucky one September 6, 2015

            Hard to say for sure on that and I don’t use the word lightly, unlike itsfun. However the intelligence behind posts like his, schmo, debra brooks and some others is obvious.

          2. Mark T September 6, 2015

            Pot calling the kettle black.

            Calling someone names instead of making a well thought out rebuttal isn’t exactly a sign of intelligence.

          3. Independent1 September 6, 2015

            Yes it is, when the recipient of those remarks are right-wing trolls who call facts propaganda – and can post nothing but regurgitations of the lies that the propaganda website Faux News broadcasts 24/7.

          4. Budjob September 7, 2015

            Marky, then why do you refer to individuals as “idiots”? I understand that you are an officer.Your rank is just plain rank!

    5. Independent1 September 5, 2015

      ‘We’ the majority meaning idiots like Trump that like you belong to the the Devil’s Party?? SERVE GOD??? Really?? The party that worships money and the golden calf just like Trump?? Wow!! Can you really be that much of an ignoramous and totally clueless person???

      Nothing!! Absolutely nothing!! The GOP stands for relates to God in any way shape or form!!! Conservative Christian is an OXYMORON!! Conservative and Christian are polar opposites!! Wake up!! You’re being led to DAMNATION!!!

      1. joe schmo September 6, 2015

        Your side is losing dude. Hillary is corrupt as hell.

        1. Independent1 September 6, 2015

          In your dreams loser!! Only in the minds of gullible low IQ people such as yourself. No politician is a saint – but compared to the 17 outright crooks running for the Republicans – Hillary is FAR LESS corrupt than any of those mafia types!!!

          1. Mark T September 6, 2015


            A quick look at THE BELL CURVE shows which side has a higher IQ. I’ll leave it at that.

          2. Independent1 September 6, 2015

            I really couldn’t care less what some ‘bell curve’ is supposed to show. I’ve seen study after study which shows that the main reason people are HONESTLY CONSERVATIVE is because they have a lower IQ than normal and are resistive to change; and think everyone should be like them making them also racist.

            It’s my sense that many people who ‘claim to be conservative’, really aren’t true conservatives, but vote conservative,Republican, because they’re basically devious, evil people (like the Koches and Adelsons and Waltons and Romnies, and on and on); who on top of that – LOVE MONEY AND FILLING THEIR LIVES WITH WORLDLY THINGS (Devil worshipers). Which probably fits many of the RWNJs posting on the NM.

            And they vote for GOP Politicians because that’s what Republican politicians are all about – doing everything they can politically to suck as much taxpayer dollars into the pockets of the already wealthy as they can – being nothing less than the American Mafia!!!

            Here’s just one of the studies that substantiate what I just said – From LiveScience:

            Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

            There’s no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy.

            The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice, Hodson wrote in an email to LiveScience.


            Did you happen to notice from their study: ” Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found.”?

          3. Mark T September 6, 2015

            Unfortunately for your argument, its proven science.

            You might as well argue the Earth is flat.

          4. joe schmo September 6, 2015

            LOL, yes and they believe there is ‘Global Warming,’ oops! I meant to say ‘Climate Change.’

            Here’s just a snippet of why it is not true. Using the California Drought for an example:

            ‘A glance into the history of the Southwest reminds us that the climate and rainfall patterns have varied tremendously over time, with stretches of drought many decades longer than the one we are experiencing now.

            Long dry stretches during the Medieval centuries (especially between 900 and 1350 CE) had dramatic effects on the native peoples of the Southwest (the ancestral Pueblo, Hohokam, and Sinagua), including civilizational collapse, violence, malnutrition, and forced social dislocation.

            These earlier Americans are a warning to us.

            The past 150 years, which we have used as our baseline for assumptions about rainfall patterns, water availability for agriculture, water laws, and infrastructure planning, may in fact be an unusually wet period.’

            The rest of the story if you wish to read and share with all your liberal climate changing friends….LOL


          5. Independent1 September 6, 2015

            And just more crock of crap created by some idiot in a Red State university that’s just one more climate denier…go up and tell all that to the native Alaskans who are being driven from their homes because the permafrost that hasn’t defrosted in thousands of years is suddenly defrosting – and glaciers that were normally resceeding a few feet a year have receeded hundreds of feet in a couple years!!!

            If you have a masters degree it must be in ‘HOW TO BE STUPID”!!!

          6. Independent1 September 7, 2015

            Here loser, watch this video showing glaciers melting far more in 3 years than they’ve melted in the past 10,000 years. And then come back and try to convince me there’s not global warming!!

            Massive glacier melts with fresh water pouring into the Gulf of Alaska


          7. joe schmo September 6, 2015

            Why don’t you tell me WHY liberals cannot think for themselves?

          8. Independent1 September 6, 2015

            Oh! You mean unlike those totally contrived diatribes that you and your right-wing loser idiot buddies post that are one fantasy and blatant lie after another?? Or the ones that you post because you have your heads so far up your butts that all you can do other than make up your own lies – is regurgitate the lies you hear from Faux News or read on those right-wing propaganda websites??

            Why is it you right-wing nutcases have such an aversion to reading and believing the truth – which only comes from actual experience and not something that you mental retards create and fabricate out of your mentally delusional minds?????????

          9. jmprint September 6, 2015

            Followers IQ’s are smaller then leaders IQ’s, Republican haven’t been in able to lead in a long time, common sense trumps Bell Curve.

          10. joe schmo September 6, 2015

            Statistics show that Republicans are much more intellectual and empathetic than liberals. According to Pew:

            On eight of 13 questions about politics, Republicans outscored Democrats by an average of 18 percentage points, according to a new Pew survey titled “Partisan Differences in Knowledge.”

            ‘The Pew survey adds to a wave of surveys and studies showing that GOP-sympathizers are better informed, more intellectually consistent, more open-minded, more empathetic and more receptive to criticism than their fellow Americans who support the Democratic Party.

          11. joe schmo September 6, 2015

            🙂 I have a master’s degree, idiot. Unlike yourself, I am able to think for myself. You are just another ‘useful idiot.’ Another programmed robot for the collective.

        2. jmprint September 6, 2015

          Humans are not perfect, some make mistakes, but that doesn’t make them corrupt.

          1. joe schmo September 6, 2015

            Oh sweet Gezus. If we lived back in Nixon’s day. Both the Hildebeast and Obummer would be going to prison or being impeached:) It’s a sharp contrast to the laws and morals we once justified as normalcy. However, in this day and age, everything goes and everything is excepted. Sorry doesn’t wash with me!

        3. Mark T September 7, 2015

          You know Hillary is doing poorly when she only allows people into her campaign gatherings who have signed an “oath” to vote for her.

    6. Mark T September 6, 2015

      Terrific post, Debra!

      1. CrankyToo September 6, 2015

        Are you being facetious, or are you actually as demented as she is?

        1. Independent1 September 7, 2015

          He’s clearly as demented as Debra, Joe schmuck and the rest of the RW idiots posting on this thread!!

      2. Budjob September 7, 2015

        Marky,Make sure,that the mirror you have over your bed is firmly secured.I wouldn’t want to see you injured while having sex with yourself!

    7. Phil Johnson September 6, 2015

      … I will settle for this country serving God by being a “people-loving nation”.
      BTW, it’s “Capitol”, not “CAPITAL”.

      aures lupi

    8. Jan123456 September 6, 2015

      ….and the guy who never believes he has had to ask for forgiveness and can’t name a favorite bible verse will lead you, right?

    9. jmprint September 6, 2015

      We can’t lead, he lacks substance. How does your seed grow, on a rock?

    10. Budjob September 7, 2015

      Debby,Rush down to Walgreens,and buy a bottle of Summers Eve,take it home and gargle with it!

      1. paulyz September 9, 2015

        Well, well, what is this? The Liberal War on Women? Such obvious hate that you can’t even hide.

        1. Budjob September 10, 2015

          PaulyZ,Wrong Bucco,this was a sarcastic reply regarding her insane ultra conservative screaming!! Please take notice of her fucking rant,all in capital letters!! Thank you!!!

  20. latebloomingrandma September 5, 2015

    If Trump has always lived in NYC and did most of his initial building there, New York construction is notorious for mob ties. Has anyone looked into any of The Donald,s business dealings? Plus, with all this building going on, are there any illegals involved in any of his construction sites? Anyone that rich and with that big of a mouth, with all his personal security and body guards, and his bullying tactics, isn’t squeaky clean. How can we even contemplate him as POTUS? He would be an enormous embarrassment and the U.S. would not be great, but seen by the world as in decline.

    1. joe schmo September 6, 2015

      The mob is no longer as strong as you think. My father worked in gaming in Nevada when the mob was a big deal. That was in the 60’s. It slowly started to diminish from there. I believe Donald’s empire was not fully rolling at that time.


      1. Independent1 September 6, 2015

        Obama created!! Yeah right!! I guess that’s because Obama started a war on fraud against our government within a month of taking office, and has arrested, successfully prosecuted more crooks, and recovered more fraudulently charged monies (billions) than any other president in American history!!!!

        See this just about the war on fraud effort in the defense industry:

        From PepperLaw.com

        In March 2009 President Obama took aim at wasteful govern-
        ment spending, and defense contractor fraud was at the center of
        the bull’s eye. The President declared war on the “outright fraud”
        present in government contracts, causing losses in the billions of
        dollars. The President decried the “broken” contracting system
        and announced procurement reform and renewed enforcement efforts. The President stated:

        We are spending money on things that we don’t need, and
        we are paying more than we need to pay. And that’s com
        – pletely unacceptable. … In Iraq, too much money has been
        paid out for services that were never performed, buildings
        that were never completed, companies that skimmed off the

        One year later, the President’s war on fraud in the defense in-
        industry has gained momentum and will not slow down any time soon.


        1. paulyz September 6, 2015

          Oh yes, Obama has such a transparent government. How much money did he save us from fraud? Was it over $9Trillion in the added National Debt? Was it over $716Billion he took from Medicare for Obamadon’tcare? Was it more than the Pork in Bills he promised to eliminate? The answer is NO.

          1. Independent1 September 6, 2015

            And there you go with more of those OUTRIGHT LIES!! You lowlife GOP lovers just can’t own up to the fact that all the debt run up since Obama took office is because during Georgie Boy’s disastrous 8 years in office, IS BECAUSE, he and the other WORTHLESS Republicans in officer during his disastrous 8 years – RANG UP unfunded wars, unfunded tax cuts, unfunded drug benefit giveaways to Big Pharma, unfunded fed mandates to the states ALL OF WHICH GAVE JUST KEPT ON GIVING – RINGING UP DEFICITS FOR THE PAST 6 YEARS AND EVEN TODAY!!!



          2. paulyz September 6, 2015

            Seeing that you like to copy & paste stats so much, it’s amazing that you can’t admit the Obvious Fact about Obama’s adding already $9Trillion in debt since he became President, but since those kinds of Facts blow huge holes in your BS, you ignore them & resort to your default name-calling.
            You failed to explain the taking of $716 Billion from Medicare, the lack of transparency, & the huge amounts of Pork for Votes Obama “promised” he would eliminate. Hard to admit BO hoodwinked you dummy, the gullible fool, huh?

          3. jmprint September 6, 2015

            And take a look at all the money the republicans have wasted on frivolous investigations.

          4. paulyz September 7, 2015

            Even IF they were frivolous, which they aren’t, the amount spent investigating corruption is peanuts, but also necessary to maintain Liberty.

          5. Mark T September 6, 2015

            They can’t help it paulyz. They drank the Kool Aid. Took the red pill. Whatever you want to call it. The weak minded always fall for propaganda and end up brainwashed.

            I hate to say it, but I almost feel like this is a forum full of North Koreans, with the exception of four or five of us. Kind of sad, but predictable, considering what happened November 7, 2012.

          6. jmprint September 6, 2015

            We could have saved more if we didn’t support the oil industry, they don’t get cheap phones they get mega tax dollars.

          7. paulyz September 7, 2015

            Who’s we, Obama & the Democrats? Did you forget who is President & who controlled Congress until very recently?

          8. Mark T September 6, 2015

            Yeah he saved us -$9,000,000,000,000 in his first 5 years. Who knows what it’s at now since the debt clock has been “stuck” for months.

      2. Budjob September 6, 2015

        Joe Schmuck,Heaps sees,but fews knows,lots starts,but,nobody knows,make dates,but,can’t fill em,see snakes,but,can’t kill em! So,honk your horn,and toot your tooter,there goes Joe Schmuck on his motor scooter!! Hello world,it’s me!!!

        1. Mark T September 6, 2015


          1. joe schmo September 6, 2015

            Tell me about…. Think he’s got a screw loose? Maybe he’s jacked up on heroin….. The drug of choice nowadays, again!

          2. Budjob September 7, 2015

            `Joe Schmuck,Just a reminder,a hard on does not count as personal growth!Really,I would like to have insulted you,but,the sad truth is you wouldn’t understand me!

          3. Mark T September 7, 2015

            Out of curiosity, how old are you? And what’s the highest level of education that you have attained?

          4. Budjob September 7, 2015

            Mark T,I will be 97 years old very shortly,and I have two years of mechanical engineering under my belt!

          5. Mark T September 7, 2015

            Hi bud job,

            I can’t find your most recent reply, so this is in response to it.

            Thanks for replying! Very impressive. I wish you good health.

            However, I asked your age because your responses are infantile. I half expect you to use scatological humor next.

            Are/were you a union member? And were you a traitor/activist during the Vietnam War?

          6. Budjob September 7, 2015

            Mark T,Kind of inquisitive,if not just plain meddling,and nosy,aren’t you?As a footnote,anyone that told you to just be yourself,gave you some really bad advice! How about using some proper punctuation when you correspond with people??

          7. Budjob September 7, 2015

            Mark T,Someday,you’ll find yourself,and wish you hadn’t Notice the proper punctuation Marky boy?!

          8. Mark T September 7, 2015

            Im not going to waste my time searching thru all the posts to find your latest reply.

            Sorry for being so “inquisitive”, budjob. I promise that there’s a valid reason why I asked whether you were in a union, and whether you were a Vietnam protestor. I’m just trying to figure out why you turned out the way you did, that’s all!

            BTW no one told me to act a certain way. I’m not the kind of person to make fart or erection jokes on a political forum. I’m just trying to be civil and to engage in good debate without it devolving into childish name calling.

          9. Budjob September 7, 2015

            Mark T,MYOB,then you won’t be minding mine! Thank you.I can be a lot nastier,and poisonous with my texts,but I’ll pass this time around! However,thank you for being concerned about my past.Goodbye!!

          10. Mark T September 7, 2015

            So that’s the best you can do? Pointing out that I’ve missed a few apostrophes?

            I’m going to go easy on you….wouldn’t want one of my posts to be responsible for causing health problems in someone your age.

          11. Budjob September 7, 2015

            Marky,Very nice “cumback”!! did you scrape it from the back of your mouth?

          12. Mark T September 7, 2015

            Here we go….You use bizarre sexual humor and wonder why I asked your age. Lol

          13. Budjob September 8, 2015

            Marky,This time,it isn’t “bizarre”sexual humor,I am going to be completely honest,and down to earth with you,and,just say,that if you were twice as intelligent as you think you are,you would still be STOOOPID!! Are you practicing that safe sex that I told you about? Hmmm?

          14. Mark T September 7, 2015

            I’d like to say that it’s ok, budjob, that you read magazines and comic books. Not everyone knows how to read. Some of us were born to read the classics, while others were born to read comic books. I hope I don’t appear to be condescending regarding your reading skills, budjob. I’m just trying to help. There’s a series of books that you might be interested in. They were kind of easy for my 3 year old, but I thought I’d alert you to their availability. They are the Sesame Street Elmo teaching series of books. They have lots of pictures too, so you can make an easy transition from your comic books to these. There’s “What can Elmo Count”; “Elmo’s Big Surprise” and “Elmo Loves Words”. There’s actually one more that might be helpful for someone your age: “Elmo’s Potty Book”. You can ignore that one unless you’re incontinent. Hope they help!

          15. Budjob September 8, 2015

            Marky,You’re getting better with your punctuation,One other thing,remember to practice safe sex,from the book of Bud.Verily I say unto you,”go ye forth and,multiply with thyself”.

      3. Budjob September 6, 2015

        Hey Schmuck,Not all people are annoying,some are dead!

      4. Budjob September 6, 2015

        I imagine there are individuals,that wish they were better strangers with you!

      5. Budjob September 6, 2015

        Hey Schmuck,I think your Momma should have thrown you away,and,kept the stork!

        1. joe schmo September 6, 2015

          What a moron! I guess you are just another ‘useful idiot’ that the global elitists love to use.

          The term “useful idiot” is thought to have been coined by communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin. It describes naive communist sympathizers in the West (liberals). While Lenin and the Soviets held these stupidd liberals in utter contempt, they also saw them as useful tools for dispensing propaganda.

          You will often find useful idiots (aka liberals) lounging about in a Starbucks with friends, discussing the shortcomings of America over a frappuccino. Useful idiots are a mix of urban hipsters, brainwashed college kids, busy bodies, self righteous do-gooders, silver pony-tailed hippies, (now college professors), quirky wannabe-intellectuals, hysterical females, girly-men, and Michael Moore devotees.

          Useful Idiot Liberals aren’t necessarily bad people, and in many cases, are exceptionally warm and kind hearted. Many have high IQ’s and hold advanced degrees. They can hold files full of factoids in their brains, but lack the capacity to weave them together to find a coherent pattern. Though they fancy themselves as “free thinkers”, they are actually the most authority worshipping (politically correct) and servile creatures you will ever meet. When it comes to independent critical thought, they are astonishingly stupid …..and very dangerous! Liberals are “the unwitting hand maidens of the Communists.”

        2. Mark T September 7, 2015

          Good one…you really know how to hurt a guy.

          Joe, I don’t know about you, but I was expecting civility during these debates….an urbane conversation about the issues our country is facing. Instead,,we keep getting called childish names. Where’s the political correctness when you need it?

          People, please stick to the topic! And no name calling! Thank you.

      6. jmprint September 6, 2015

        I really didn’t think you were that dumb, but ok, thank you for pointing it out.

    2. itsfun September 6, 2015

      Obama has made the US the laughing stock of the world. He only enforces laws he likes. He has created a double standard in the US. He tries to jail white police officers every time a black is killed, but doesn’t say a word when a black kills a white. He is a racist and should resign.

      1. The lucky one September 6, 2015

        Obama was too late to make “the US the laughing stock of the world” Bush/Cheney beat him to it.

      2. Independent1 September 6, 2015

        It isn’t Obama that’s made America the laughingstock, it’s clearly the GOP Clownshow of 17 outright gangster types running for the GOP nomination that the entire world can see are nothing more than bigoted, hypocritical, pathological lying mobster types akin to the Italian Mafia!!!

        1. Mark T September 7, 2015


        2. paulyz September 7, 2015

          Mario asked me to tell you, “I gotta offer for a you, tomorrow you dissapear.”

          1. Independent1 September 7, 2015

            That’s kind of the way that Christie and his administration run New Jersey. Not only does he act like a ‘Don’, even others in his administration tried to give some pay-back to people who didn’t want to play by Christie’s rules. (Remember the Bridge fiasco??)

          2. Independent1 September 7, 2015

            And I’m sure you’re not going to believe this, but when I was posting a couple years back on Yahoo, I actually had foreign posters asking me why the American people couldn’t see that the GOP was just robbing us taxpayers!!

          3. paulyz September 9, 2015

            Already the dummy forgot the $9 TRILLION & growing debt BO & the Dem/Socialists robbed from us & our children.

          4. Independent1 September 10, 2015


          5. paulyz September 20, 2015

            Are you really that big of a gullible moron? There is no hope for you Obama lovers that believe he can do no wrong, just like BO, you ALWAYS make excuses. You are more than a Dummy, you are a fool.

          6. Independent1 September 21, 2015




          7. Independent1 September 7, 2015

            Hey, did you notice even Eleanore knows the GOP is nothing but a gang of crooks – checkout her post. If you think that’s a secret, you can be sure it’s not to 75% of the world. It’s only you RWNJs and a bunch of clueless American voters that don’t seem to have caught on yet!!!!

          8. hicusdicus September 8, 2015

            The problem with EW is the republicans turned their nose up at her camel toe. Now she is looking for some liberal who will share their moose knuckle with her. You better go find her before rigor mortise sets in.

          9. paulyz September 9, 2015

            Correction, Obama, the ENTIRE Democrat/Socialist Party & the GOP Establishment are a gang of crooks, we Conservatives understand that, but you blindly go on wanting even more of the same! Why don’t you spend about 2 weeks actually checking out true Conservative thought & wean yourself from Liberal sites during that time. Then I may be able to stop calling you a gullible dummy.

    3. Mark T September 7, 2015

      The mob is a fact of life in the Northeast. If you want to do business it’s a necessary evil to deal with them. It doesn’t make you a bad person. The guy that owns the corner pizza shop also has to deal with them. Doesn’t make him a mobster either.

      Anyway Rudolph Giuliani, a republican, broke the New York mob when he was a US attorney.

    4. Debra Brooks September 7, 2015

      Mobs look no further than Obama.

  21. Amy Weiss September 5, 2015

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  22. joe schmo September 6, 2015

    Apparently, you people are not liking what you are getting back. You have been bullying conservatives for the past decade, and you expected us to keep turning the other cheek?. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

    We are sick of your PC, your social programs, your anarchy, your Marxist ideology, your apology’s for being American, your ‘Black lives matter’ racists, the bias and bigotry displayed by your emperor and his court, the corruption of many politicians including the RINO’s in the WH and your pandering. The pendulum is beginning to swing……into your face!

    1. The lucky one September 6, 2015

      And we are sick of your incredible stupidity. Conservatives bullied??? You are right though that it’s probably not going to happen because it never has yet. I make no apology for being American but I do feel regret when I read the hate filled nonsense spewed by a POS such as yourself.

      1. hicusdicus September 8, 2015

        You should try some tumms for your tummy.

        1. The lucky one September 8, 2015

          Tummy is fine but thanks for your concern. The only pain I get from the “conservatives” that post here is from laughing at their cluelessness.

    2. greenlantern1 September 6, 2015

      I am a Caucasian.
      I used to be a Republican.
      Our ONLY, convicted, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!
      Our ONLY VP, to enter a plea bargain, was Nixon’s first, Spiro Agnew!
      Wasn’t he a governor of Maryland?
      Remember HIS “black panthers”?
      Our ONLY president, to receive a pardon, was Nixon!
      Law and order?
      Perfectly clear?

    3. Independent1 September 6, 2015

      If you’re looking for corrupt politicians, you don’t have to look any further than a Republican named Ronald Reagan. More people from Reagan’s administration were accused of crimes with many convicted than in the Administrations of all presidents in office since 1900 COMBINED!!! More than 130 of them!!!

      See this:

      “By the end of his term, 138 Reagan administration officials had been
      convicted, had been indicted, or had been the subject of official
      investigations for official misconduct and/or criminal violations. In
      terms of number of officials involved, the record of his administration
      was the worst ever.”

      1. Lyn Nofziger–White House Press Secretary – Convicted on charges of
      illegal lobbying of White House in Wedtech scandal. The lobbying would
      not have been illegal had he not been White House Press Secretary.

      2. Michael Deaver, Reagan’s Chief of Staff, received three years’
      probation and was fined one hundred thousand dollars after being
      convicted for lying to a congressional subcommittee and a federal grand
      jury about his lobbying activities after leaving the White House. Same
      as with Lyn Nofziger.

      3. James Watt, Reagan’s Secretary of the Interior was indicted on 41
      felony counts for using connections at the Department of Housing and
      Urban Development to help his private clients seek federal funds for
      housing projects in Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico and
      the Virgin Islands. Watt conceded that he had received $500,000 from
      clients who were granted very favorable housing contracts after he had
      intervened on their behalf. Watt was eventually sentenced to five years
      in prison and 500 hours of community service.

      For more – go here:


      1. Mark T September 7, 2015

        We aren’t even talking about Reagan. We are talking about Trump. But since they have no responses re Trump that make sense, they have to bring up dead presidents like Reagan and Nixon. Pathetic debating.

        1. hicusdicus September 8, 2015

          He is pathetic beyond belief.

    4. Independent1 September 6, 2015

      Is that why Moody’s has predicted a Democrat landslide in 2016???

      From TheStreet:

      Democrats to Win in a Landslide in 2016, According to Moody’s Election Model

      NEW YORK (TheStreet) — Our Moody’s Analytics election model now predicts a Democratic electoral landslide in the 2016 presidential vote. A small change in the forecast data in August has swung the outcome from the statistical tie predicted in July, to a razor-edge ballot outcome that nevertheless gives the incumbent party 326 electoral votes to the Republican challenger’s 212.


      1. joe schmo September 6, 2015

        You win, America loses big-time. The Global agenda will be met. We will have total chaos in this country and continued anarchy. The Weimar Republic is a great example of what occurred when there was too much liberal control. Would you be happy with what occurred during that time?

        According to Survey USA if the election were held today, Donald Trump would win.


        If your communist, Bernie Sanders wins, suppression will be demolish our constitution. You do know how that system works, right?

        1. Independent1 September 6, 2015

          Wow!! If you really believe Trump would win any election at any time, you have to be DUMBER THAN A ROCK!!

          SurveyUsa is nothing more than a right-wing propagada outlet just like Faux News!! Get real!! Trump gets a totally negative impression from over 60% of the American population!!!

          1. joe schmo September 6, 2015

            You better hope you don’t win! Americans are very angry at this point…. I guess you haven’t seen the crowds following Trump and growing… If the liberals win this election, it is most certainly rigged!

          2. paulyz September 9, 2015

            Maybe after Trump deports the Illegals, he can deport the Liberals. Oh wait, many of them are Illegals.

          3. Mark T September 7, 2015

            The world is changing INDEPENDENT1….joe is right that the pendulum has swung. I guess it depends what side of history you want to be on. The winning side or the losing side.

            The world where we bow down to the will of the hypocritical liberal Twitter PC thought police is over. The world where we have open borders is over. The world where we have to sit and watch baby parts being auctioned off to the highest bidder is over.

            There’s a new world being born. You can join in or stay behind and pretend your world still exists.

            BTW, underestimate Trump at your own candidates peril. Even the republicans are starting to realize this isn’t just a summer thing….the guy is a media manipulator like never seen before. And he is impervious to your ridicule. And from what I have read he is taking a large slice of the national minority pie. Legal Latino immigrants aren’t stupid. They don’t want to live in the ghetto….and from what I’ve read, the black community is backing Trump in numbers never seen in a republican candidate. Goto webesisters.com and see for yourself.

            It’s shaping up to be a good year.

          4. paulyz September 7, 2015

            Excellent analysis.

          5. hicusdicus September 8, 2015

            Its going to be fun. I think I will start a wig factory an sell comb overs.

          6. paulyz September 9, 2015

            Probably sell millions of them. I already have Trump window cling signs, 2 for $12.50.

          7. hicusdicus September 10, 2015

            Independent 1 is a conglomerate of retarded folks sitting behind multiple keyboards where they are not required to wear their helmets.

        2. Independent1 September 6, 2015

          And here’s a blurb from BusinessInsider on 8/24 whch demonstrates just how right-wing biased SurveyUsa is:

          Though many initially scoffed at Trump’s run, Republicans are well aware that the current front-runner could spell disaster for the party. At the forefront of their concerns have been his controversial comments about immigration, which culminated in the release of his official immigration plan last week.

          The GOP itself has admitted that it will struggle to win elections if the party cannot make inroads with Hispanic voters, who are expected to make up 11% of voters in 2016, and will be proportionally higher in swing states like Colorado.

          Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/donald-trump-favorability-with-hispanics-2015-8#ixzz3kxyXP9wH

          1. joe schmo September 6, 2015

            LOL, well lets just say more blurbing for the ‘useful idiots.’

            The term “useful idiot” is thought to have been coined by communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin. It describes naive communist sympathizers in the West (liberals). While Lenin and the Soviets held these stupidd liberals in utter contempt, they also saw them as useful tools for dispensing propaganda.

            You will often find useful idiots (aka liberals) lounging about in a Starbucks with friends, discussing the shortcomings of America over a frappuccino. Useful idiots are a mix of urban hipsters, brainwashed college kids, busy bodies, self righteous do-gooders, silver pony-tailed hippies, (now college professors), quirky wannabe-intellectuals, hysterical females, girly-men, and Michael Moore devotees.

            Useful Idiot Liberals aren’t necessarily bad people, and in many cases, are exceptionally warm and kind hearted. Many have high IQ’s and hold advanced degrees. They can hold files full of factoids in their brains, but lack the capacity to weave them together to find a coherent pattern. Though they fancy themselves as “free thinkers”, they are actually the most authority worshipping (politically correct) and servile creatures you will ever meet. When it comes to independent critical thought, they are astonishingly stupid …..and very dangerous! Liberals are “the unwitting hand maidens of the Communists.”

          2. Debra Brooks September 7, 2015

            U R GOOD 4 THE SOUL. Until recently I fell under one of your perfect categories. I have been a dem all my life. Not dangerous just thought we could make a difference a long time ago. The love train picked up everyone back in the day. We elected the man that I thought would show up. He turned out to be nothing good. Just determined to undermine what it has taken my lifetime to build. Wrong was I indeed. Now I have looked at life from both sides now and I really no nothing at all. I changed to republican to vote for TRUMP only. Dems & Repubs alike are in the same corrupt black hole.

          3. paulyz September 7, 2015

            Was it Obama that you thought would be what you expected? I really like to hear people that voted for him to now understand they have been completely misled, but woke up to reality. Congratulations. Many years ago I was naive as well & fell for the Democrat BS until I seen the reality. I woke up at 30 years old. But Obama is a completely different story, as are the modern day Democrat/Socialist Party, compared to what it was like when I was younger, not even trying to hide their true intentions & ruining OUR Country. Better late than never, but so much damage happens before people get it. Congratulations.

          4. Debra Brooks September 7, 2015

            I thought Obama was just fabulous! Gradually over n over I saw anti American, traitor, liar, anti USA military & vets. Obama’s support for illegals, isis, enemies of the USA. Then there is the issue Obama is racist toward whites. The beat goes on. Hillary is not held accountable. Scotus not held accountable. Obama lawless not held accountable. I do not take lightly seeing Betsy’s Best get thrown to the side by pastel colors. For generations many have given their life for our freedom. I must do what I can. I owe to the past & the future until GOD takes me. GOD HAS BLESSED USA.

          5. paulyz September 9, 2015

            Certainly hope you tell all you know how wrong you were. Now make sure you never vote Democtat again, & always vote for what I call CCC’s, Christian Constitutional Conservatives. Trump, Carson, Cruz, Walker are all good, don’t really know enough about Fiorina, but I believe as MANY do, Trump is probably the only one that is forceful & knowledgeable enough to really solve the mess Democrats & the Establishment created.

          6. Debra Brooks September 7, 2015


          7. hicusdicus September 8, 2015

            People are not going to get it so prepare.

          8. paulyz September 9, 2015

            I sure am.

          9. hicusdicus September 8, 2015

            You mean illegal aliens? and liberal voter fraud?

        3. Phil Johnson September 6, 2015

          “when there was too much liberal control.”

          ???. What does “liberal control” mean in the 1930s?
          Ohhhh, you mean TODAY’s republic. In that case, what do you mean by “of what occurred”?

          Citations to authority for premises advanced are always helpful. Not hateful, bilious rhetoric. We have waaayyyy too much of that already.

          BTW, unlike Debbie Wasserman Schultz, I’ll bet your academic self could define the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist, correct? Because we all know, don’t we, that Bernie Sanders is the latter — not a Communist. Or do you know the difference between those two terms?

          I think it is important to get the facts correctly. That’s how the system works. RIght? I mean, just how does “suppression will be demolish our constitution” take place if Sanders should win?

          The thought of the thuggery that will overtake our country should Trump prevail is too awful to contemplate. Sorry. I just can’t envision that catastrophe without breaking into a sweat.

          aures lupi

          1. joe schmo September 6, 2015

            Guess you don’t know your history very well. I have a minor in
            history. I understand both communism and the socialism that was
            displayed before WWII and there after. . Specifically since my Dad
            escaped communist Europe.

            Since you are such a genius, why not tell me the difference between a democrat and socialism?

            Bernie Sanders is a communist.

            ‘Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been getting away for years with describing himself as a socialist, when in reality he is an outright America-hating communist.

            This belief in communism is reflected in the Sanders platform. Even a brief glance reveals his plan to be hopelessly utopian and insane. It will extinguish freedom and shutter businesses and cause widespread suffering especially among the poor people he claims to want to help. It is a program for exporting the best and the brightest to places that appreciate them.

            But identifying Sanders as a communist can be a risky proposition in modern-day America. The Left so dominates American culture that the word communist itself has become jarring, not because communism is badbut instead because leftists believe communism is good.’

            To people like Bernie, the economy is a plaything, a living entity that can be made subservient to government. Operating on the same assumption, communist countries created bureaucratically-administered “command economies” and millions of their subjects starved. The Soviet Union, which was supposed to live forever, disintegrated after just 74 years and all but a few communist countries followed it into the dustbin of history. Nazi Germany’s command economy didn’t save it either; the “Thousand Year Reich” perished after just 12 years.

            Bernie’s first lie is that he is democratic. He specifically describes himself as a “democratic socialist,” as if the word democratic somehow makes his belief in socialism more noble. Left-wingers like Sanders play word games, misusing the word democratic deliberately and constantly. If they win, it is a triumph of democracy. If they lose, democracy has been betrayed, greedy capitalists (WHICH ARE MAINLY LIBERALS:
            http://nikitas3.com/1083/why-are-so-many-rich-people-liberals/) rigged the election, the system is broken, and so on.

            Keep dreaming that ‘uber’ utopian dream. CoExist my a**!

          2. Mark T September 7, 2015

            Great analysis, Joe!

          3. Debra Brooks September 7, 2015

            I keep saying Bernie Sanders is an ole commie from way back!

          4. Phil Johnson September 7, 2015

            I lost my entire reply except for this excerpt:

            I preface this with a request to let me follow up. This is to point out that the website you proffered has problems.

            1. This site quote turns me off:
            “Nikitas3.com comment: ‘Climate change’ or ‘global warming’ are simply unproven theories. There is no evidence whatsoever that the climate is undergoing anything but natural changes that
            have been occurring for millennia. At the same time, solar and wind power are simple technologies that don’t work now and won’t work in the future. Nuclear power is the answer.”

            2. This individual quoted the site; his resume:

            “I am James Matsumoto. I’ve been retired for the last six years or so. That fact is double edged: on one side it is great and on the other it means one is old. I retired from WTTW-Channel 11, Chicago’s public TV station. Posted on August 19, 2014

            “I was just on a website called Nikitas3.com.

            “I read a few of her, I believe the writer is female, blogs and it’s full of right wing hate and vitriol and she has been doing this for seven years. She says uncategorically that Obama is a Muslim: she only thought he was a Muslim when she began now she knows it as a fact.”

            So, I fear for your objectivity. I don’t doubt your sincerity, but I need some more time to answer the critique. I truly think that the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist should be referred to the DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. (LOL).

            Briefly, I will start with the difference between a Socialist and a Communist. If I can retrieve my research.

            thank you for your patience.
            aures lupi

          5. hicusdicus September 8, 2015

            If one truly understands human nature then they know everything is short term.

          6. Mark T September 7, 2015

            PHIL JOHNSON: Jesus what planet do you live on? Thuggery already rules this country, and I’m not even talking about blacks executing white cops, or black lives matter people chanting “fry them up like pigs”.

            I’m referring to 30 million law breakers living here, ILLEGALLY. That’s what thuggery is….breaking the law. They have NO RIGHT to be here. ZERO. And don’t use the “what about the children” argument as I have dispelled it several times in this thread already.

            PHIL JOHNSON: I’m asking you what your philosophy is on illegal immigration. Please give me a detailed response. I want to know exactly why you believe it’s ok for 30 million Latinos (who have NO RIGHT TO BE HERE) to suckle on the teat of America when we are already $20 trillion in debt and our entitlement programs are running out of money for tax paying Americans. And I want to know why you want the demographics of the US to change. Do you hate where and black people? Even if we were to somehow give a pardon for the 30 million living here illegally, the US is supposed to be a melting pot….not Mexico. Please reconcile that. Thank you.

          7. Louis Allen September 7, 2015

            Complete, dumbass, “deafening” silence from this ydiot Phil Johnson….

          8. Mark T September 7, 2015

            More name calling. This is supposed to be a place where people of differing opinions can engage in a civil debate. Instead every time I try to engage one of you, you end up lashing out and calling myself or Joe Schmo childish names. Where’s the civility? Where’s the political correctness?!?! Because I see nothing but politically incorrect name calling that is frankly offensive to me.

          9. Louis Allen September 7, 2015

            I am sorry that you understood that I was calling YOU names!!
            Read my post again!
            I called Phil Johnson those names that you think were referring to you.

          10. Independent1 September 7, 2015

            Not when one side of the debate is posting outright lies and propaganda in an effort to promote their failed ideologies!!

          11. Phil Johnson September 7, 2015

            Why, thank you. However, the word should be “idiot”, not “ydiot”.
            Now, do you have something informative to share?

            aures lupi

          12. Louis Allen September 7, 2015

            No Phil. In your case it is “ydiot” for 2 reasons:
            1) Sometimes the censors at this NM website get too “touchy” and eliminate posts that contain such harmless words as “idiot” or “stupid” (both are nouns that describe not only you, but sooo many rrretards (Oops! I did it again!) on this cesspool of libturd (there I go again!) “thought”.
            2) Judging by your posts, the use of “ydiot” (a super-idiot) to describe you is more than justified.

          13. hicusdicus September 8, 2015

            He is from the south and can smell a bunch of yidiots from a mile away unless standing next to an overflowing port apotty.

          14. Phil Johnson September 7, 2015

            This took a while. So, I will confine myself to three responses, although there are more available.

            First: “Thuggery already rules this country… (t)hat’s what thuggery is ….breaking the law.”. No, it’s not. “Thuggery” is a crime committed by a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer. Immigrants and refugees are usually seeking sanctuary from such people, not committing them, Trump’s vitriol notwithstanding.

            Second: “I’m not even talking about blacks executing white cops, or black lives matter people chanting “fry them up like pigs”. Yes, you are. Why bring that scurrilous Faux News item up, then?

            Third, “30 million law breakers living here”. Citation to authority, please. I only found one: “stop Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from giving a blanket amnesty to 30 million law-breakers” from some off-the-wall I-net hysterical screeder. No news source. This makes your response less than credible, since you repeat it twice thereafter. And then you throw in “30 million Latinos” for good measure (do you have something that says that or are you just prejudiced?).

            Ok, I will take on a fourth, since you want a detailed response about immigration.

            My philosophy on yclept “illegal” immigration is common sense. Every country has the right — and the obligation — to safeguard its citizens by controlling its borders. What makes this country so great in an historical sense is that it has always been a beacon for those in Europe, Asia, Africa who have had to endure harsh persecution. We are all immigrants (which is why I don’t understand your leaving out the American Indians in your “melting pot” example).

            Engraved on the Statue of Liberty: “The New Colossus”, Emma Lazarus’ paean as she fled Spain as a Sephardic Jew:

            “Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, with conquering limbs astride from land to land;

            Here at our sea-washed, sunset fates shall stand a mighty woman with a torch, whose flame

            Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand

            Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command the air-bridged harbor that twin cities


            ‘Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!’ cries she with silent lips. ‘Give me your tired, your

            poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

            The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

            I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

            Now, seeing the recent tragic mess in Europe causing some 50 million people displaced in the Middle East and Africa in the past 20 years, don’t you have some twinge of sympathy for them? Do you really think the Statue of Liberty would — or should — turn a blind eye to at least some of them fleeing death and destruction — for being Christian, among other reasons — when other countries like Iceland, Britain, Australia, Germany, France, Italy are absorbing them as best they can? Do you not think our credit account in the rest of the world would be enhanced immeasurably if our government would allow the “melting pot” theory be expanded to permit Syrians, Iraqis, Kurds, Armenians, Libyans and other ME countries flee ISIS? Would you not agree that we are the reason why ISIS has wreaked so much damage, that, because of a useless, second invasion of Iraq under false pretenses of WMD, we laid the groundwork for this scourge? Thus, we have an obligation to heed Emma Lazurus’ plea and challenge.

            That is the philosophy that I adhere to — because that is what has made this country so exceptional. Not the moneymongers and oligarchs that are severing the head from the body of the middle class in America. Not the benighted politicians of every stripe beholden to Mammon, to TBTF financial centers who churn millions of stock trades a day to earn billions of dollars, to Big Everything Mfrs. polluting what is left of our natural resources for filthy lucre. Not those people. But Americans who want to do the right thing — and get their renewed energy from those out there who appreciate what this country has long stood for — even if they have to come here without papers. That is what the argument is about today: the 11 million (not 30 million) who have been here for so long that their children do not know what it is like to be elsewhere.

            In conclusion, this whole argument should be debated, rightly so. The Congress, on the other hand, has refused to join issue on it for years, now. Blanket amnesty has never been on the table, but, apparently, the moguls who do not like to at least honor the spirit of freedom in this country refuse to even discuss the matter in a legislative manner. So, what is one to do? We are, after all, a nation of laws (although Mr. Trump thinks that the 14th Amendment does not mean what it says and wants to change it. Good luck with that).

            I must take exception to your overbroad indictment of the debt and the entitlement program problem: we are in debt (without stopping to argue, a la Mr. Reich, that debt is not necessarily bad) in large part because of military adventurism for the past 20-something years which has added some $4 trillion to the tab, as well as the oligarchical disaster in 2008, plunging the nation into chaos. You think that we got out of that depression without cost? Of course, it costs money to recover. But Social Security (which, as an AF vet, I get now and have put my 50 years’ worth in) is secure for decades; Medicare and Medicaid probably should be under a single-payer system to keep Big Pharma and Big Medical at bay by allowing MD and MA to negotiate directly instead of being forbidden by Congress. And one can reasonably debate the possibility of imposing a transaction tax on the ubiquitous stock churning that goes on day and night. As well as lift the cap of SS so that those who earn more than $125k will add to the pot.

            But I digress.

            That is the philosophy that I adhere to. I welcome intelligent discussion, not hyperbole. And, oh, yes — citation to authority always helps. And I do NOT mean Faux Noos. That is not a news organization. That is an offshoot of Goebbels-like propaganda churning for low-information people who will vote, maybe, but not really think through what is at issue.

            By the way, I do subscribe to “Red State” and other right-of-center sources, so I get a feel of what is worth discussing from the other side. But my favorite left side news source is “RT”.

            grace and peace

            aures lupi

          15. Mark T September 7, 2015

            Phil I wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

            First thank you for your service.

            I understand some of your arguments, and appreciate that they are your opinions, but much of what you wrote differs from my opinion, as we both would expect. But some things, like your comment on social security, I agree on. I think it should be higher than $125k though, but it’s not the level that’s important.

            I think you will find that I am a pragmatist vs a dogmatic conservative on some issues.

            Since as far as I know there hadn’t been a census of illegal immigrants, there can only be estimates. I used the Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid estimate for my assertion that there were 30 million illegals here. I have also seen Ann Coulter on YouTube use the same number…apparently she researched it for her book. But it is all an estimate. The important part is that it’s significantly higher than the 16 million that was used at least 10 years ago.

            Yes, I have a heart. I feel terrible for some of the people who have come here and to Europe. But I have also studied the Islamification of Europe…and not everyone who is coming to Europe is a Christian. Most are Muslims. And once in Europe, they have no interest in following the laws of their new home…instead they practice sharia law and when challenged, demand that they be allowed to practice it. They also form vigilante groups that go around and harass European women who wear skirts, and threaten people who drink alcohol. They are unable to assimilate into society. That’s my problem with what’s going on in Europe. I hate to say it, maybe the Europeans should take the Christian refugees because they are truly on the run for their lives. But the Muslims….send them to countries with their kind of people….Saudi Arabia…Pakistan….Kuwait. I’m sorry if that’s harsh but the world is a harsh place, and bringing more Muslims in is only going to create an even bigger crisis in the future, when a far right wing government comes to power in Germany and rids the continent of Muslims. Maybe I’ll be wrong.

            And yes, I have a heart when it comes to our illegal immigrants. However, that doesn’t mean I think we should take them all in. I feel that the magic word of asylum is abused. Asylum is for people who have been politically persecuted. It isn’t for people who can’t find work or for people who want to have anchor babies or join our welfare state.

            Phil, in all honesty, there are a couple of things that make me uneasy about illegal Latin American immigrants. First of all, like the Muslims I mentioned earlier, they don’t integrate. They live amongst themselves. Many don’t bother to learn English. And they can’t leave Mexico behind….if I goto almost any state park in my state on the weekends, I am warned by park rangers to be careful as I will be one of the only gringos there. The park is filled with Mexicans, which is ok, but what bothers me are all the Mexican flags. My mom immigrated here as a child from Europe. Legally. She is bilingual – English and German, but she never drove around with German flags on her car. If she had any flag on her car it would have been a US flag. They had a giant flagpole with an American flag in their front yard. And she never ever spoke German with her parents in a grocery store or mall. She wasn’t allowed to. They wanted to learn the language of the land, English. They wanted to become part of our great country. And they did, through hard work. I’m grateful for them. If the Latino illegal immigrants did that, I doubt Donald Trump would be striking such an exposed nerve.

            My other problem with Mexican illegal immigrants is La Raza. La reconquista. Whatever you want to call it. There are all sorts of people who don’t recognize the Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo….who think the US Southwest was stolen from Mexico. I know that the US defeated Mexico in a war and that’s how we got that land. Ordinarily it wouldn’t matter what other people think about a treaty. But just like the Muslims in Europe, the Latinos realize that they can nullify that treaty by out reproducing the rest of the US. And they do. Who cares about the treaty when you can eventually take congress and make your own laws? And that assumes voter fraud, which is encouraged by immigration activists like Rep Guitierrez.

            That’s why I am against illegal immigration. I’m sorry I didn’t provide sources, but this is a personal thing for me, being the son of a legal immigrant.

          16. Phil Johnson September 7, 2015

            Well, the answer is well above my knowledge pay grade and I need more time to respond in any detail, since you have added so much more to the original post.

            aures lupi

      2. Mark T September 7, 2015

        INDEPENDENT1: I’m calling you out. Please show me one instance where I lied. Thank you.

        1. Independent1 September 7, 2015

          Go stick it in your ear LOWLIFE!! Everything you post is diatribe and propaganda!!!

          1. Mark T September 7, 2015

            Lol just as I thought….you couldn’t find a single instance on this thread where I lied. I win. You lose.

          2. Independent1 September 7, 2015

            I already did dirtbag! I pointed out your lies about immigrants on another one of your falicious comments and have no intention of wasting my time refuting any other of your distortions of the truth and blatant lies.

          3. Mark T September 7, 2015

            What’s with the hostility, INDEPENDENT1? This is supposed to be a forum for civilized debate. Yet unfortunately I continue to read your baseless name calling against joe (and me).

            And no you didn’t point out even one lie that I made, because there aren’t any. All you said was that I lied, twice now.

          4. Independent1 September 7, 2015

            I intensely dislike supporters of the Devil’s party (aka the GOP) who are content with political policies which show absolutely no concern for the fact that people are dying because of their idiotic ideologies and political decisions. So when you threw in your lot with Debra and Joe Schmuck, you inherited my hostility.

    5. jmprint September 6, 2015

      It’s not WE it’s YOU.

      1. joe schmo September 6, 2015

        LOL, NO WAY, JOSE!

  23. Gladys Bonilla September 6, 2015

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  24. Phil Johnson September 6, 2015

    I turned him off a month ago. Watch “RT” news. Please. The MSM is hopeless, both right and left, for pandering for credits and viewers. I admit I am independent, favor social reform but am conservative on moral issues, an apt area for intelligent debate. But this bread-and-circus mentality is making us look goofy to the outside world.

    aures lupi

    1. joe schmo September 6, 2015

      You are a conservative on moral issues? Doesn’t sound like it to me! You are pure and simple, a liberal.

      1. Phil Johnson September 7, 2015

        yes. conservative in the sense of morality. I am Roman Catholic, do not condone abortion or transgender issues. I think the death penalty, while not intrinsically evil, is still a carbuncle on the face of human justice (because it is administered by error-prone humans). I believe that equality in marriage does not extend beyond what the Church and Christ says it is. However, on a social basis, I try my best to adhere to the maxim, “hate the sin but love the sinner” (as we all are). I also believe in putting my money where my mouth is in keeping with the advice Our Lord gave, …”where your treasure is, your heart is also”; this means sharing my possessions and time and energy on behalf of those who are less fortunate.

        Above all, I am grateful on a daily basis to God for all the blessings He has give me — and all of us here in America. At least, I try to be. I know I am weak and prone to error and selfishness and all the rest — but I, like St. Paul says, “like a runner who falls, you get up and keep on running” (he must have been an athlete because of all his references to running).

        Nothing pure and simple about any human being. I don’t even know myself as well as I should, else I would not be making so many misteaks. But this life will pass someday and so I hope I will be liberated once I “shuffle off this mortal coil”.

        Grace and peace.

        aures lupi

  25. marriea September 6, 2015

    Sometimes, I think of Trump as a modern day Hitler. Not saying he’ll eventually led people to the ‘oven’, but many of his followers are seemingly hanging on to his every word. I think it’s because he’s a billionaire who’s also a known TV celebrity. Folks tend to go crazy around money and people with money. I think they believe that some will trickle down to them. I don’t think he will be the nominee even if he gets enough delegates to more than put him over the top. One thing is, Trump has been around for a long time. He knows where the ‘secrets’ are buried. I don’t think the GOP knows who they bargained with. But his rhetoric is both entertaining and scary. Hitler’s was also.

    1. joe schmo September 6, 2015

      LOL, Lord no!. But if we get another liberal in office and things keep going downhill like it has been. Similar to the way it was during the very ‘uber’ liberal Weimar Republic, the next time Americans vote, in 2020, you may get a Hitler running for office.. You better hope that doesn’t happen and you need to rethink your vote.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 7, 2015

        Poor lil Schmomo…It isn’t “if we get another liberal in office…” It’s WHEN…got that schmoe? WHEN…not if. You know you can’t impose more of that crook’s brand of mindless austerity on this country.

        Americans now realize you righties are dogs of war who need to put out there on the front lines in Afghanistan. But being the cowards you are, you war with those mouths, not your brains.

        Vets, women, seniors and college students are not going to vote for more GOP BS austerity while the GOP takes our hard earned tax dollars and feeds BS industries that cost taxpayers up the wazoo.

        Hate that don’t you? No surprise. You hate everything.

    2. Mark T September 7, 2015

      merriea –

      Saying that Donald J Trump supporters like him because they think the money will rub off of him onto us is something you MADE UP, when in fact your guy BHO actually had the philosophy of the takers stealing from the makers.

      And comparing him to Hitler….you should be ashamed of yourself. What is wrong with you?

      1. marriea September 7, 2015

        His rhetoric reminds me of the rhetoric of Hitler. No, I don’t believe that he would or could ever become a guy like Hitler whose ideology got so bad that he honed on .the Jews. From what I have read and my personal analogy of Hitler’s rage on the Jews is because with the Jews, in basic control of the banks and money, the Germans had borrowed money from them and didn’t want to pay it back.
        It kind of remind me of, REMIND me, of people who borrow money from you or me, then attempt to villainize the lender. It seems that in Germany, it was done on a large scale.
        In this country, many Americans likes the rhetoric of blaming someone else for problems of their own makings. In Trumps case, he is talking about Latino, specifically Mexicans. As with any POL, even if one doesn’t use certain words to say something, it’s what people hear.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker September 7, 2015

        Awww……Look folks…Little Markie Maypole (yes I know it’s Maypo…in your case, I think Maypole is more appropriate since you and your posts prove zip and go round and round the May pole)…has all the answers. His kind always do. They love to believe their aggressive deflections from facts they hate actually prove negatives.

        Donald Trump caused the loss of nearly 10,000 jobs in Atlantic City. His name is mud. It figures crooked men of your ilk use men like Charles and David Koch, Donald Trump, Adelson, Madoff, Icahn, Silverstein, Lansky and the rest of your RAT Packers as your idols.

        But, joy of joys…you boys are sinking into your own cesspool. If it wasn’t for Barack Obama, your 401K would be in the toilet.

        You can drop the BS Libertarian male egotistical values of feeling only you don’t have to pay back for the freedoms the democracy you were handed.

        Is it just a big time shame that men like you are recless, irresponsible twits who think take, take, take and no give is your entitlement?

        Trump would be a rich boy if Daddy Fred didn’t hand him a $350 million inheritance Freddy got by bilking half of the state of Noo Yawk. Stuff it big mouth. No one wants to hear your landfill of BS bias.

        1. Mark T September 7, 2015

          No, my 401k has nothing to do with Obama or anything he has done with regards to the economy.

          The only reason why my 401k is doing ok is because of the Fed doing multiple rounds of quantitative easing and keeping the federal funds rate at zero for the last 6 years. Big difference. Know what you’re saying before you open your mouth.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 7, 2015

            Really? So..tell us KNow it all creep. How well was your 401K doing in Sept. 2008? Don’t bother to keep feasting at the table of denial which fattens you all the more. Every media outlet in the US had Wall Street jitters and the execs at my former companies in Sept. 2008 were shitting in their pants over their 401K losses. Who was president then? Whose policies caused that Sept. 2008 Financial Meltdown. You don’t know as much as you like to pretend you do dipshit. You are just another big mouth male with no balls to tell the truth.

          2. Mark T September 7, 2015

            If you think I’m going to post my 401k or other portfolio on here you’re high, and it’s not because they don’t have significant assets in them.

            The writing was on the wall in 2007 and I raised cash on the bounces. I didn’t time the market bottom perfectly but few did. I re-entered within 300-400 points of the bottom and slowly rebuilt my positions.

            And you fell into my web with your post. It doesn’t matter who was president during the financial crisis. It was caused by something that happened during Bill Clintons presidency: the repealing of Glass-Steagall. Look it up. Learn something.

          3. kalpal September 8, 2015

            You mean you knew the GOP and the bankers were screwing over this nation well before the collapse and you kept quiet about it? I guess that makes you a typical RW sleazy weasel and shill.

          4. Mark T September 8, 2015

            Get a grip liberal. BTW the worst offender, Bernard Madoff was a big league Democrat. He even screwed your ilk over. I don’t mean you personally because I doubt you had sufficient assets for him to even talk to you…instead I mean liberal and progressive douchebags like you.

            And sue me loser. I was a finance major in undergrad, as an MBA student, and a double math/finance major post grad. I know how to read charts, understand the markets technicals. I guess that makes me a GOP bankster, right?

            Last but not least, learn some history and never talk about something you know nothing about. Read up on Glass-Steagall….which was repealed under Bill Clinton, the democrat champion of the people. It’s widely accepted as one of the root causes of the 2008-9 economic meltdown. Regardless of Glass-Steagall, however, if so many low info democrats (I’m not going to name the group but use your imagination) hadn’t taken out SUB PRIME mortgages…it never would have happened. Maybe you should tell the democrat low info voters to read the fuking fine print next time, because just last week I read that the number of sub prime mortgages in the US is dangerously high again. Oh but I forgot, democrats don’t believe in personal responsibility…it’s always someone else’s fault…it’s the mortgage brokers fault that I signed it, right? Isn’t that what you believe? Personally, after the actions of so many low info democrats brought the global economy to a standstill, I’m a strong proponent of having a mandatory IQ test before any type of contract is signed in this country. No mortgages below IQ of 100.

            I’m not sorry I spanked you so badly, kalpal. You’re kind of an embarrassment to the radical progressive/liberal tool cause.

          5. kalpal September 9, 2015

            Your hatred of Jews is clearly apparent. Your massive ignorance is just as apparent. Hatred is your personal and family value.
            Now point out a single piece of legislation composed and passed by the RW that has been benevolent towards the majority of Americans.

      3. kalpal September 8, 2015

        What’s wrong with marriea is that she has the gall to speak the truth.

  26. joe schmo September 6, 2015

    LOL, it was funny for you lunatics at first because you never thought Donald Trump would catch on. You actually believed he didn’t have a chance in he]]. Now that he is making so much headway…..you folks are a bit concerned…. and Hillary was just waiting for her coronation and she didn’t think she even had to work for it… ROTFL.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker September 7, 2015

      Donald Trump is NOT “catching on.” Anymore than Bernie Sanders is. Reason? Their own parties won’t stand for any of these guys. Remember what happened when the GOP thought Nixon was going to be a back room puppet?

      Seems like you hot shot ultra rot CONS hate being reminded that Nixon was forced to resign or be impeached and possibly tried for treason for refusing to provide those tapes that proved his involvement in Water Gate. When Nixon pulled that “executive privilege, Archibald Cox the government’s attorney for Water Gate gave Nixon an ultimatum. Nixon, like all of you bullies fired Cox and when his replacement did the same as Cox, Nixon fired him too. Not before the mobs in front of the White House were demanding Nixon’s impeachment.

      Thanks for the memories Schmomo….Now…eat “it” and die.

      1. Mark T September 7, 2015

        They are both totally catching on. You’re naive and blind to suggest otherwise.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker September 7, 2015

          “Catching on” is not sticking it out till November 2016. As I said, once the truth about how many people lost jobs thanks to Trump, he’s gone. The only politically naive Twerp here is you. Those of us who are older know Trump’s past and remember he is a tyrant. But then, a tyrant like you knows another tyrant and loves the idea of leashes on anyone you need to control right control freak?

  27. DIE_BankofAmerica_PHUKKING_DIE September 7, 2015

    The effeminate metrosexual trust-fund twit is too mobbed up to actually run. This is a gambit to get a gig on Fox, like all of the other GOP candidates except for Jeb whose brain damage preclude him from taking that kind of job.

  28. Eleanore Whitaker September 7, 2015

    The real joke isn’t just Trump. Think about it. The GOP back room knows The Donald is even more of a tyrant than Nixon ever was. Every GOP president after Nixon was never again going to be allowed to make their own decisions without the back room’s approval.

    Why do you think the GOP chose Reagan? They knew he already had the first signs of Alzheimer’s as Governor of CA. If Reagan did something the GOP boys wanted him to do and it grated on the American public’s nerves, all the back room had to say was, “he didn’t know what he was doing.”

    Bush ’41 was a GOP operative in the Nixon administration as a CIA chieftain and later a Nixon adviser with Cheney and Rumsfeld. Yet, Bush ’41, like ALL GOP presidents, dumped a needless war on taxpayers and ended his ONE term with a recession. At least, Reagan waited until his 2nd term for his recession.

    Bush ’43 was really the finale of the Bush’ 41 presidency. Bush ’43 was well known in TX as a guy with not much consistency, responsibility or leadership skills. Bush ’43 never could finish anything he started.

    So the CONS we are big time control freaks, knew Bush ’43 was a brand name, willing to hand over the reins while he drawled and swaggered around the US selling WMDs, tax cuts and anything else Cheney wanted. His 2nd term ended with a recession that would take nearly a decade to rectify.

    But, who expects CONservatives who lap up 65% of every tax dollar to be responsible? Shut downs, sequestrations, obstructions…this is not what Trump will do. He will no doubt pull out his “Trump” card and choose to refine the “Art of the Deal” as only The Donald knows how.

  29. Eleanore Whitaker September 7, 2015

    YOu know which Noo Yawkahs love the Donald? Men like Schmomo, Markie Maypole and the rest of the crooks in Noo Yawk.

    Ask anyone in NJ what they think of Trump and they will tell you they loathe him for what he did to NJ. He took huge tax subsidies to get Trump Taj Mahal built. He hired mostly undocumented workers. But men like Schmomo and Markey Maypole think that’s dandy.

    Why? Because men with mentalities like theirs are the Get Away With it Boys. If they can get us to pay for their business expenses and keep them in business, these crooks think that okay. That what THEY call CONservatism..Accent on the word “CON.”

    Paybacks for them are always such a bitch that they idolize guys like Madoff. To date, the US’s biggest crook yet.

  30. kalpal September 8, 2015

    Has the RW ever not been violent? In this nation’s history the answer is no. They are always violent, have always been violent and will always be violent.

  31. 13factfinder September 9, 2015

    So typical, the liberal lefties are trying to make “political hay” out of horsechit.

  32. StevetheHun January 10, 2016

    Saying illegal aliens are here illegally and thus should be returned to their home countries is not “dehumanizing”, it has been the law of the hand for over a hundred years and has been the law of most other nations as well. This story is full of “reasoning” like that, which only resonates with those who want to believe it and don’t mind the non sequitor.

    Note that the Trump supporters don’t try to use Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton’s paid for venues to protest against them. Democrats do this to Trump, and then pretend to be victims and not trespassers when they are ejected for crashing someone else’s party. It’s a win for Democrats either way and is an infamous Saul Alinksky tactic.

    1. dpaano March 7, 2016

      And you have proof of that where? I don’t remember seeing anything that said these protesters were Democrats! But, I guess you’ll use any excuse, much like Trump, to explain his actions!

      1. StevetheHun March 7, 2016

        So, Black Lives matter is a Republican organization funded by George Soros. That’s your argument, that I can’t prove BLM leans Democrat?

        Okay… I can’t argue that if you want to claim an alternative reality.

  33. dpaano March 7, 2016

    He’s a narcissistic bully!


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