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The Death Rattle Of A Fake Scandal

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The Death Rattle Of A Fake Scandal


To hardly anybody’s surprise, it turns out that the “vast right-wing conspiracy” has been right in front of our eyes. Always was, actually, as Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s politically disastrous on-air admission made plain. Or maybe you thought a seventh Benghazi investigation lasting as long as the Pearl Harbor and JFK assassination probes combined was exactly what America needed.

And no, McCarthy’s gaffe wasn’t wrung out of him by a trick question.

“The question I think you really want to ask me,” he volunteered to Fox News lunkhead Sean Hannity, “is how am I going to be different?”

As Speaker John Boehner’s presumed successor, that is.

McCarthy answered himself: “What you’re going to see is a conservative speaker that takes a conservative Congress that puts a strategy to fight and win. And let me give you one example. Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable.”

No, “untrustable” is not a word. But then words aren’t McCarthy’s strong point. His meaning, however, was clear enough. The man was bragging. The only purpose of the House Select Committee on Benghazi is to inflict political damage on the leading Democratic presidential contender.

Your tax dollars at work.

Never one to miss a chance, Hillary pounced on the Today show:

This committee was set up, as they have admitted, for the purpose of making a partisan, political issue out of the deaths of four Americans,” she said. “I would never have done that, and if I were president and there were Republicans or Democrats thinking about that, I would have done everything to shut it down.

Her campaign has already released a 30-second TV ad featuring McCarthy’s boasting. She added that having admitted the committee’s partisan agenda, Congress should shut it down. Everybody knows that’s not going to happen.

“Look,” Clinton added, “I’ve been around this whole ‘political situation’ for a long time, but some things are just beyond the pale. I’m happy to go, if it’s still in operation, to testify. But the real issue is what happened to four brave Americans.”

Chairman Gowdy would be well advised to invest in a pair of super-absorbent Depends when Hillary testifies before his committee on October 22. All he’s got is a handful of long-disproved conspiracy theories and selectively edited witness transcripts leaked to the news media to create a false impression.

So he’s an ex-federal prosecutor. Whoop-de-doo. Arkansas was overrun with them during the late Whitewater investigation. All but one of Kenneth Starr’s leak-o-matic staff turned out to be subpar trial lawyers. That one was clever enough to give a closing argument pointing out that Bill Clinton wasn’t on trial because the defendant — his former real estate partner — had swindled him and Hillary.

“The office of the Presidency of the United States,” he thundered “can’t be besmirched by people such as Jim McDougal.”

Any chance of prosecuting either Bill or Hillary over Whitewater pretty much ended right there in May 1996. (The whole story’s told in Joe Conason’s and my e-book The Hunting of Hillary, available for free from The National Memo.)

But no, of course it wasn’t in the newspaper because Washington scribes were stuck to Starr like ticks to a dog’s ear. He successfully diverted attention to subsequent Whitewater trials, every one of which they lost.

Until Bill Clinton bailed them out by taking his pants down in the Oval Office, that is.

But I digress. As the Washington Post‘s GOP-oriented columnist Kathleen Parker points out, Rep. McCarthy has “tried to cram the bad genie back into the bottle, but the damage has been done and can’t be undone….any previous suspicions that Republicans were just out to get Clinton have cleared the bar of reasonable doubt.”

Meanwhile, if Trey Gowdy doesn’t already know that Hillary Clinton’s a lot smarter and tougher than he is, he’s about to find out. Truthfully, they’d be better advised to fold the committee and file some weasel-worded report.

Then there’s our esteemed national news media, repeatedly burned by inaccurate leaks from Gowdy’s committee. The New York Times has run one phony exclusive after another. First, her famous emails were illegal, except they’re not. Then they were contrary to regulations enacted, oops, 18 months after she left office. Next Hillary was the subject of an FBI criminal probe. Except that too turned out to be false. Now they’re making a big deal out of the exact date she changed email addresses. Seriously.

And why? Because as Bill Clinton recently explained to Fareed Zakaria, they’re essentially fops and courtiers, “people who get bored talking about what’s your position on student loan relief or dealing with the shortage of mental health care or what to do with the epidemic of prescription drugs and heroin out in America, even in small towns of rural America.”

Any questions?

File Photo: House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) speaks at the John Hay Initiative in Washington on September 28, 2015. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Gene Lyons

Gene Lyons is a political columnist and author. Lyons writes a column for the Arkansas Times that is nationally syndicated by United Media. He was previously a general editor at Newsweek as wells an associate editor at Texas Monthly where he won a National Magazine Award in 1980. He contributes to Salon.com and has written for such magazines as Harper's, The New York Times Magazine, The New York Review of Books, Entertainment Weekly, Washington Monthly, The Nation, Esquire, and Slate. A graduate of Rutgers University with a Ph.D. in English from the University of Virginia, Lyons taught at the Universities of Massachusetts, Arkansas and Texas before becoming a full-time writer in 1976. A native of New Jersey, Lyons has lived in Arkansas with his wife Diane since 1972. The Lyons live on a cattle farm near Houston, Ark., with a half-dozen dogs, several cats, three horses, and a growing herd of Fleckvieh Simmental cows. Lyons has written several books including The Higher Illiteracy (University of Arkansas, 1988), Widow's Web (Simon & Schuster, 1993), Fools for Scandal (Franklin Square, 1996) as well as The Hunting Of The President: The 10 Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton, which he co-authored with National Memo Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason.

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  1. Dominick Vila October 7, 2015

    What is important to remember, when we consider what the Republican sponsored select committee that is investigating the terrorist attack against our consulate in Benghazi, is that its real goal is to deflect attention from the dismal Republican record, particularly in the area of terrorism during W’s tenure, and to hide the absence of a comprehensive and pragmatic socio-economic and foreign policy agenda from the American people. For those who have nothing positive to offer to solve the many problems or challenges we are facing, the only recourse is to engage in with haunts with pitch forks ready to strike at their own paranoid an devious shadows.

    1. Daniel Jones October 7, 2015

      Because we have a congress of hired-on Zaphods.

    2. latebloomingrandma October 7, 2015

      Imagine all the money spent on ridiculous investigations and gov’t shutdowns that could have gone toward infrastructure. The Republicans are in the majority and are so stupid. They could have owned infrastructure and been responsible for rebuilding America and a booming economy, but it’s all for naught because of —you know–Obama.

      1. John Murchison October 7, 2015

        For the party that is supposed to carefull with tax money they seem to be amazingly frivolous. What DO they stand for now?

        1. Thomas Martin October 11, 2015

          Absolutely nothing. They are button pushers, not doers.

      2. FireBaron October 7, 2015

        That has a lot to do with the campaign rhetoric they post back home. You almost have to wonder if CSPAN is banned in their home districts, otherwise their constituents would see how little they actually accomplish.

        1. 1standlastword October 7, 2015

          cspan ,….DUCK DYNASTY…!!!

          Let’s watch DUCK DYNASTY everybody, then let’s checkout them Duggart bitches…DUUUGGARTS, DUUUGGARTS…DUUGGARTS!

          Then we gotta see AMAZING AMERICA…see what sista Sarah done cooked up…YEA!!!!!!!!!

          CSPAN….????? ROFLMAO!!!!!!

          Well…it’s time to vote again.

          Who we gonna vote for I’m just gonna go straight ticket republican…just tick the box and get home quick back to FOX

  2. Polana October 7, 2015

    They need to do something to earn their paychecks, and Benghazi is a good thing for them to harp about, it gives them a lot of exposure for future promotions and more money in the bank and for stupid, gullible Faux News viewers more crap to believe that they work for their safety and freedom. I wonder why nobody investigated all the attacks on US Embassies and Consulates on Dubya watch??? Why nobody investigated for the truth about the weapons of MD in Iraq. How about that truth?? Dubya and his ilks and some dem ( incl. Clinton) voted for the war in Iraq and created ISIS.
    Why, why, why????

    1. latebloomingrandma October 7, 2015

      Why indeed. For those of us more liberal minded who follow politics, as soon as the first Benghazi investigation came out, I thought–uh oh, here we go. Let the smearing of Hillary begin.

    2. Dominick Vila October 7, 2015

      Why aren’t Republican foreign and domestic policy failures not investigated? In part because we are not supposed to blame Reagan or W, and to a large extent because Democrats have failed to respond to GOP attacks the way they do it.
      I would add to your list Reagan’s Iran-Contra, the cut and run in Lebanon after almost 300 U.S. Marines were slaughtered near the Beirut airport, economic policies that almost destroyed the S&L industry in the 1980s, and that brought the U.S. economy to the verge of total collapse in 2007-08, among other issues.
      I am glad that our politicians don’t lower themselves to the intellectual vacuum that seems to be a requirement to be a Republican, but there are times when there is no choice but to fight fire with fire. We have to stop playing defense.

      1. Polana October 7, 2015

        Dominic, I don’t even go that far back, it’s depressing to know that some people did not learn anything from the past.
        “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” Sir. W.Churchill.
        Unfortunately most Americans have a short memory and vote for whoever puts out more commercials and lies that go w/it. Hardly anybody is using their common sense, Common sense is in coma now.
        Imagine Marco Rubio/another Bush/Fiorina/Carson etc as your President, it gives me the jibbies. Is anybody out there worth my vote?? I don’t care if it’s he/she/gay/or silver back gorilla, (LOL), we need somebody who puts the COUNTRY FIRST and it’s CITIZENS #1, not security of Israel and their own glory and power.
        “I hope I shall possesses firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man” G. Washington. Maybe we need another G. Washington??
        YES we do NEED an HONEST man/woman.
        Some of them (both parties) are way too long in their job, and they do nothing but bicker.
        “They basically killing each other to see who’s got the better imaginary friend”
        R. Jeni,
        I am not a Dem/Rep/Lib – I am little bit of each but i am registered as a Dem.
        I vote on issues not party.
        The world is watching and laughing. What a mess.

        1. Dominick Vila October 7, 2015

          We have had several good presidents, both Republicans and Democrats, through the course of history. Among them Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and FDR, Eisenhower, Clinton, and Obama.
          Unfortunately, a large segment of our population is not ready for the social and economic changes that are taking place, and by the fact that we are no longer the undisputed number one. The uncertainties associated with the changes that are taking place, the challenges of the 21st century, and fear of things we cannot control, have convinced millions of Americans that something is terribly wrong, and that drastic changes, including considering charlatans who are, clearly, unqualified for the presidency.
          I also prefer to look at the whole package, rather than a single issue. Realizing that nobody is perfect, that we don’t all think alike, and that we must learn to compromise if the goal is to move forward and live in harmony.

          1. @HawaiianTater October 7, 2015

            There were some damned fine pre-Nixon Republican presidents. It’s a shame those guys aren’t around anymore. I could see myself voting for some of them.

          2. johninPCFL October 11, 2015

            Interestingly, Ike was approached by both the Dems and the GOP. As a lifetime Army general officer, he belonged to no political party (since either may control the White House.) The GOP promised that he’d invest none of his own money in his campaign.

          3. @HawaiianTater October 11, 2015

            It’s a shame, really. These days he’d get called a commie leftist by the GOP.

      2. @HawaiianTater October 7, 2015

        There needs to be a balance between being dragged down to their level and not firing back at all. The term “surgical strike” comes to mind. Don’t hit often but when you do hit, hit hard and hit as effectively as possible. The Dems do let the other side get away with far, far too much BS. They should expose the right as loudly and openly as possible when they do it but then get back to the business of governing. That’s the kind of backbone that people would appreciate. I think a lot of stupid voters side with the right because they like the tough and gruff. Maybe the Dems need to show a little tough and gruff of their own, without sinking to the full Republitard level of the right, of course.

        1. Dominick Vila October 8, 2015

          I agree. Hopefully some of the Democrats running for the nomination will show some of that backbone. I credit Bernie Sanders for Hillary’s decision to fight back.

    3. Allan Richardson October 7, 2015

      For that matter, how did 9/11 ever happen in the first place? How did the terrorists manage to schedule their actual attack for the very morning the US defense establishment was TESTING the response to a SIMULATION of the exact SAME scenario (a scenario which they later claimed never to have even anticipated), so that pilots and other military people were not sure whether the distress messages were real or not? Why was the intelligence passed on by the outgoing Clinton administration IGNORED for eight months (or was it)?

      The whole Benghazi “scandal” hinges on whether the State Department called the attack a “terrorist attack” in news briefings made BEFORE THEY KNEW FOR SURE that it was! And claiming that State was “lying” because they BELIEVED at the time of those first reports that it was a “copycat” of the riots in other parts of the Middle East ignores the fact that the Benghazi attack was nearly simultaneous with those riots, which were prompted by a very stupid and offensive video. Which, by the way, the GOP says not enough people saw to be offended; how many negative reactions to other artistic creations, in THIS country with a well developed news media, have been based on “I know somebody who was told by somebody who was told that it says such and such and insults so and so?” The fact that only a small number of people saw the video, felt offended, and spread rumors about why they were offended, is an even better cause for riots. And did they ever think that the REAL hard core terrorists waited UNTIL there was a riot and blended in WITH the rioters, so that we would be off guard (they’re just rioters, after all) until it was too late? Is it possible that the video was released in cooperation with terrorists by someone who wanted to further harm America’s reputation and assist an attack on our consulate? OR by someone who specifically wanted to harm OBAMA’S reputation for domestic political purposes? It is consistent with the demonstrated ETHICAL standards of the GOP today, after all.

      1. Polana October 7, 2015

        For most hard core Republican’s and gullible Americans Obama is still a Muslim and born in Kenya. Yes they R out to get Obama no matter what, If I were Obama I would take a tougher stance on all this. I am grateful that he did not start any more wars. NO American soldier should die for another country/people freedom.
        Have U notice that all these refugees from Iraq, Syria etc all Young men??
        If they want freedom and good life?- go and fight, don’t expect American soldier to give u a gift of his life for what?? France learn it the hard way and now Germany also.
        U can’s spread democracy in Middle East. Koran does not promote democracy.

  3. yabbed October 7, 2015

    This is not a smart man, clearly. He’s perfect for the Republican leader. The dumber and more inexperienced, the better. Democrats are going to win big in the upcoming election.

    1. Hugh Everett October 7, 2015

      The FBI has now recovered all Hillary emails from cloud backup. Let’s hope there’s no evidence of quid pro quo with respect to the Clinton Foundation, or any other wrongdoing.This is Obama taking down the Clinton Machine.

      1. cat October 11, 2015

        Since Obama can never run again, why would he do that? He doesn’t have enough on his plate?

        1. Hugh Everett October 11, 2015

          Obama wants the Democrat Party to nominate a candidate who can win the general election, so that his legacy is not completely erased in Jan 2017.

          1. cat October 11, 2015

            And who would that be? Biden? Do you really think he could win even with Obama’s help?

          2. Hugh Everett October 11, 2015

            I think Biden has a chance of winning next November, and that’s why I’m voting for Hillary in the Texas primary.

            I’m a loyal Republican.

          3. cat October 12, 2015

            Good for you. Are you voting in both primarys? I don’t think that’s allowed in my state, though it doesn’t matter to me. I am an Independent. The Republicans and Democrats can duke it out.
            I don’t view politics as sports teams.Gotta beat that other team no matter what. I always used to split my vote, believing that neither party should have too much power. I guess it no longer matters.

            Things have changed. And not for the better.

          4. yabbed October 11, 2015

            That’s Hillary Clinton. Both Obama and Biden are going to endorse her.

          5. Hugh Everett October 11, 2015

            That’s a highly-unlikable, thoroughly-corrupt, morbidly-obese throwback to the last century, who is the worst politician in American history. She is no Bill Clinton or Barack Obama when it comes to campaigning.

  4. FT66 October 7, 2015

    At the first place I had a thought that HRC has to boycott the hearing on 22nd Oct. all together. After thinking twice or thrice, I changed my mind. She has to show up while well prepared. Let everybody know what the republican committee has been doing to her. It is like putting sand in her delicious food and tell her to eat. This is totally unacceptable.

    1. JPHALL October 7, 2015

      You really think the Republicans are going to hold an open meeting? We will only get chosen snippets of the testimony just like before and
      with unsubstantiated leaks.

      1. FT66 October 8, 2015

        Hillary wants an open hearing where everybody can hear themselves without being told by anyone and be the judge. Remember since Benghazi debacle started. Boehner has been saying “People want to know what happened”. Carrying a meeting in closed doors, won’t be accepted by Hillary.

        1. itsfun October 11, 2015

          The hearings should be open to our whole country.

          1. johninPCFL October 11, 2015

            Then can they discuss the “classified” information?

          2. itsfun October 11, 2015

            Great Point. I guess some things need to be behind closed doors.

          3. cat October 11, 2015

            Why would they need to discuss the content of the “classified” documents? They could use document numbers , dates she sent or received them and dates they became classified.

          4. johninPCFL October 11, 2015

            Then they can lie about the contents. If they’re going to be “open committees” then they should be open.

          5. cat October 11, 2015

            Who would like about the contents? The Republicans or Hillary? It should be easy for a couple of congressmen from both sides of the aisle to verify without revealing the contents. They are going to see them anyway. It could still be open.

  5. Böcker October 7, 2015

    McCarthy and co bring new meaning to dumber then a post!!!

  6. Rebecca Gardner October 7, 2015

    When I hear Benghazi I always think of this, very apropos, bit from Rocky Mountain Mike.

    1. Allan Richardson October 7, 2015

      I just heard this for the first time, and I love it! I remember those CONELRAD alerts from my childhood (they still have them under the new acronym EBS). At least they served a useful purpose.

      I think CONELRAD (Control of Electromagnetic Radiation, believe it or not!) was the factual bud on which Fletcher Knebel’s fictional ECOMCON unit in “Seven Days in May” was based. The military and right wing Senators and Congressmen in the novel (1962) had this line item in the budget, which the President and innocent people in the Congress and the armed forces were told was Emergency Communications Control, a way to prevent the Soviets from capturing the long distance and radio/TV network switching centers, and the President was persuaded to go to his secure hideout for a full scale test of it. What ECOMCON really did was to give the conspirators’ rogue Army and Air Force units orders to INVADE the civilian controlled switching centers and flip the switches so that Air Force General Scott (Chairman of the JCS, a character loosely based on Douglas MacArthur’s behavior during the Korean War, but far worse) could get on TV and announce that, due to a national emergency, he was the new acting President. With the real President under “house arrest,” there would have been no stopping him.

      Please go find the book, or a tape or DVD of the 1960s film, and check it out for yourself. I won’t spoil it by saying whether the Constitution survives in the book. Anyway, reading that for the first time reminded me of CONELRAD, and made me check every year the day after the Preakness to see if we still had a legal government.

  7. pisces63 October 7, 2015

    Carson said on TV that the gunman in Oregon succeeded because the victims did not
    charge him. I
    was always adamant that this was a frivolous investigation when you look at the
    10+ under G. W. Bush, alone with close to 100 dead, including in a friendly
    nation, Saudi Arabia and nothing said!!!!

    1. Independent1 October 8, 2015

      Carson said ‘no one charged him’?? Well as usual, Carson was wrong. An ex Army man charged him and was shot 7 times, actually diverting his attention and saving who knows how many people’s lives.

      Oregon Shooting: ‘Heroic’ Veteran Chris Mintz Was Shot 7 Times


      1. Marie Mitchell October 8, 2015

        Saw that this morning on the news. I guess Ben Carson owes someone an apology?

  8. Eleanore Whitaker October 7, 2015

    These GOP Hitler Youth and the Good ole good ole Mutton Chops and Corn Pone Boys never get it. First, they thought they had our President under their thumbs because he was a “stupid black man.” Now, they are showing how little they know about educated, accomplished women.

    Trey Gowdy isn’t smarter than a sand flea in heat. Taking on a dynamo like Hillary Clinton was a boys’ foolish game. They lost big time and can only been seen for what they are: the good ole boys network of fools.

    1. Allan Richardson October 7, 2015

      The only reason they can fool anyone is that the people they are really trying to fool (and recruit) WANT to believe, and they WILL THEMSELVES TO BE STUPID enough to believe it.

  9. Cracking Ceilings October 7, 2015

    Bullies bully because they can’t win on merit. Now that their scheme has been exposed, the worms are squirming in the dry dirt looking for a wet spot to save them. There isn’t one.

    1. Independent1 October 8, 2015

      I couldn’t happen to a more vile, disgusting bunch of lowlife politicians.

  10. Whatmeworry October 7, 2015

    If Hilary has an ounce of honor she would have resigned

    1. Whatmeworry October 7, 2015

      Hilary has more than an ounce of honor she shouldnt resigned

      1. Daniel Max Ketter October 7, 2015

        Don’t worry, she wont.

      2. Marie Mitchell October 8, 2015

        Why? Your teapublicans have proved nothing, found nothing, even after 9 hearings. If there was something to find, then they are grossly incompetent if they couldn’t produce it after 1 hearing. FAIL!

        1. Whatmeworry October 8, 2015

          Did you read what I wrote?? I said she is honorable and shouldn’t resign. I’m a solid democrat, not a teabugger

        2. itsfun October 11, 2015

          What about the 2 documents classified as “TOP SECRET” That were found on her private server?

          1. johninPCFL October 11, 2015

            Do you know how classification works? I worked for the DOE, wrote a report for the mayor of our local community, passed it out to him through our local classification group, and then had it classified as “Secret” about a year later. Yes, our local professional classifiers decided it was fine, but a later group decided it was not.

            The same report is now available for review in the Atomic Testing Museum. I guess it’s no longer classified.

          2. itsfun October 11, 2015

            Yep I know quite a bit about classifications. In the Navy I had confidential and secret, did not have top secret. You know then that markings do not make documents or materials classified. The information in the documents and materials does. As SOS Hillary knew this and was her responsibility to handle all documents in a secure matter. She probably broke the federal records act passed on 1950 and 18 USC!1924. She had her email system set up to route 100% of her emails to and through her unsecured server.

          3. johninPCFL October 11, 2015

            Then I’ll join her in jail right next to Condi and Colin (who used Google and AOL servers for their classified emails.) She didn’t have anything “set up”. She used an existing server that was already operating, and she had no government-sponsored email address. All of the emails that she sent or received for State Department business went to or from government users, so they were all maintained. Sometimes convenience has a hidden price.

            The primary classifier in the US is the President. All other positions (including all those in the military) are derivative classifiers. Derivative classifiers may overrule each other, and do all of the time (for instance, my report.) GWB declassified Valery Plame’s name so that she could be outed to punish her husband’s not finding Sadam’s non-existent yellowcake connection and having the temerity to report it. Are operative’s names classified? Absolutely, and probably top secret. Illegal? No -the President did it.

          4. itsfun October 11, 2015

            Condi and Colin did NOT have a private server in their homes. What I said about her email “setup” was she had her userid (email id) configured to route her email to and through her server. It is very easy for any email user to do.

          5. johninPCFL October 11, 2015

            Yes, Condi and Colin used Google and AOL. Colin has already admitted to deleting all of his emails, so should he go to prison first?

    2. Daniel Max Ketter October 7, 2015

      I agree she should never resign. Me & my Linda Rae will proudly give Ms Clinton our votes in the primaries, although Bernie will still get our vote if he makes it to the general election. Its sad the republicans are so desperate to defeat her. Shes a very smart woman!

      1. Marie Mitchell October 8, 2015

        Bernie’s got this!

        1. Whatmeworry October 8, 2015

          You are probably right

          1. cat October 11, 2015

            Nah, if he did the RW would be making a real effort to discredit him. Until they do, I’ll be pretty sure they aren’t afraid of hi like they are Hillary.
            I like him though he can’t win.

        2. yabbed October 11, 2015

          Bernie is more warmongering than any GOP neocon.

          1. Lyle52 October 12, 2015

            You have no credibility!

    3. fortunev October 7, 2015

      You are full of shyt and have no honor to post such a ridiculous statement. What planet do you inhabit?

      1. Whatmeworry October 7, 2015

        He FBI jut got 4 more of her servers and her other email addresses

        1. Marie Mitchell October 8, 2015

          So what?

          1. Whatmeworry October 8, 2015

            So FBI is gonma frame her with more fake evidence

          2. Whatmeworry October 11, 2015

            Means I hope she looks good in a orange pant suit

        2. Whatmeworry October 8, 2015

          He FBI jut got 4 more of her servers and her other email addresses to frame her with ther phony evidence

          1. Daniel Max Ketter October 8, 2015

            Where did you read that? What source?

        3. Daniel Max Ketter October 8, 2015

          Nonsense. Why would the FBI frame her with phony email? She’s a fine lady, is presidential, and has me & Linda Rae’s vote. Of course if Bernie wins the primary from her, he will most certainly get our vote. Heck, Ms Clinton may go down in history as the best president we had since Jimmy Carter.

      2. Whatmeworry October 8, 2015

        Williamsburg, VA, Earth. Where are you from??

    4. Böcker October 8, 2015

      Did you read the article?? See the idiot on Fox?? Guess not, new meaning to dumber then a post.

      1. Whatmeworry October 8, 2015

        Yes I skimmed the article, and yes Fox has plenty of idoits. Which idiot are you speaking of

    5. Jinmichigan October 8, 2015

      Troll alert.

    6. Insinnergy October 8, 2015

      Was this before or after Hastert, Gengrich, Cheney, and various other tools in the Republican party should have resigned for their ACTUAL illegal activity?

      1. itsfun October 11, 2015

        All politicians Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc. should be forced to resign and be prosecuted for illegal activity.

        1. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

          Our ONLY, convicted, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!
          Wasn’t he a REPUBLICAN?

          1. itsfun October 11, 2015

            Yep and he got what he deserved.

          2. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

            Did Nixon?

    7. itsfun October 11, 2015

      Honor is not in the Clinton vocabulary.

      1. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

        The party, of Nixon, is talking about honor?

        1. plc97477 October 11, 2015

          If the party of w can talk about fiscal responsibility i guess the party of tricky dick can talk abut honor.

        2. itsfun October 11, 2015

          Eisenhower, Lincoln

          1. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

            Lincoln was assassinated AFTER he bolted from the Republican party!
            He formed the UNION party!
            He chose Andrew Johnson to be his VP!
            The Radical Republicans, their designation, impeached Lincoln’s VP!
            Eisenhower was proud to follow the orders of FDR and Truman!
            Was he proud tofollow the orders of Hoover during the BONUS MARCH?
            President Teddy Roosevelt was shot when he bolted.
            He formed the Bull Moose Party!

          2. johninPCFL October 11, 2015

            Ike became a GOP when they offered him a better deal than the Dems to run.

            Sitting general officers don’t profess political party affiliation. Something about the president being the commander-in-chief and not wanting political disagreements to cloud their carrying out their orders, or some such nonsense. /sarc off

    8. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

      Nixon resigned!!
      He had honor??

      1. cat October 11, 2015

        Not that I noticed. And I was paying attention before Watergate.

        1. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

          You were paying attention and you didn’t notice that?

          1. cat October 11, 2015

            I was paying attention. I saw no evidence of honor. I was most angered by his claim he could exit Viet Nan, he only needed a tiny bit more time. We just had to ‘re-elect him. Right, who couldn’t see right through that.

      2. petemobtv October 11, 2015

        More than Hillary and Obama…and what they have done to the country is far more egregious.

        1. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

          Do you REALLY believe that Dorothy Hunt’s plane crash was an accident?
          That Nixon did not order the Diem Cable forgery?
          Are you sure you are on our side?

        2. greenlantern1 October 12, 2015

          Americans don’t think so!
          We, not YOU, rule ourselves!!

      3. Whatmeworry October 11, 2015

        Did Bill Clinton who’s crimes were much worse

        1. greenlantern1 October 12, 2015

          Worse crimes than Nixon?
          The Senate found Clinton not guilty!
          Nixon resigned!
          Do you REALLY believe Dorothy Hunt’s plane crash was an accident?

    9. yabbed October 11, 2015

      Did you ask Bush to resign when 60 diplomats were killed during his bloody administration?

      1. Whatmeworry October 11, 2015

        No because it didn’t happen

    10. Daniel Max Ketter October 28, 2015

      ex-ford motors desk clerk Dan M Ketter’s deary “Linda Rae” is so ugly she should model as a jack-o-lantern

  11. itsfun October 11, 2015

    The author of this may find out that Gowdy is very smart too. There are answers we need to know. Why was security so bad? This wasn’t a spur of the moment attack, we need to know why we were so surprised. We need to know why Hillary and the Obama administration told the whole country on Sunday Morning news show that it was caused by a u-tube video. We need to know why help wasn’t sent immediately when asked for. Not sending help immediately tells the whole world we won’t respond, so go ahead and kill more Americans. The terrorists were allowed to party and make videos showing how they defeated the United States. Even if help would have been to late, at least the world would know we will respond and kill anyone that attacks our people. There are more questions that need to be answered. If we are to remain (or get back) government of the people, by the people, for the people, we need to get answers.

    1. johninPCFL October 11, 2015

      Security was bad because it wasn’t an embassy, and it was essentially a house. The initial information from the intelligence community was that the crowd was enraged by the video. The others who ultimately attacked the consulate may have targeted the consulate, but they were not “ringleaders”, they likely took advantage of an existing situation. “Help” (as said by he admiral) was four or more hours away.

      1. petemobtv October 11, 2015

        The ‘video’ excuse was proven to be an out and out lie. Raise a flag?

        1. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

          Did Pastor [?] Terry Jones screen it or not?

        2. johninPCFL October 11, 2015

          Sorry, no it wasn’t. There were dozens of demonstrations all over the region against the film across several days’ time. Was it the specific trigger for this attack? No, but the demonstration provided cover for the assassins, and that data wasn’t known until two days after the attack.

          So, in particular, if this attack was specifically against the ambassador, why wasn’t he caught and dragged through the streets? Why weren’t the details of his death broadcast across the region until AFTER our folks got to the consulate? If the purpose was to kill the ambassador, how did he die of smoke inhalation instead of gunshot wounnds?

    2. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

      Who PLANNED the murders?
      Rush Limbaugh CLAIMS to have stand down cables.
      PRODUCE them!
      PERFECTLY clear?

      1. itsfun October 11, 2015

        Who planned the murders? You are probably going to blame George Bush. Rush is just a talk show host . If he did produce them, you would just say they were fakes.

        1. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

          Would not be the first time!
          Ever look at the forged Diem Cable?
          The forged Canuck Letter?
          Who PLANNED the BAY OF PIGS debacle?
          Nixon or Kennedy?
          Remember G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt?

          1. itsfun October 11, 2015

            I said all politicians, of all parties should be prosecuted when they do illegal deeds.

          2. cat October 11, 2015

            Sure, why not? But it needs to be proven in a timely manner. If you can’t do that in 3 or fewer investigations, we have to let it go.

          3. itsfun October 11, 2015

            You’re right, but since when has our government ever done anything like that in a timely manner.

          4. cat October 11, 2015

            They have unlimited funds and access to information. There should be no reason they can’t do it. Truth is I don’t think they want to. For lots of reasons.

        2. cat October 11, 2015

          A very influential talk show host. With followers that hang to every word and believe everything he says. No critical thinking needed. So did he lie or does he have access to the cables?

          1. itsfun October 11, 2015

            He is influential, but only he knows if he has the cables or is lying. If he does, it seems he would make them available.

        3. greenlantern1 October 12, 2015

          Pastor [?] Terry Jones, and others, have already been tried, convicted and sentenced to death for the murders at Benghazi@!
          When is a REPUBLICAN committee going to ask for their e-mail?

      2. petemobtv October 11, 2015

        Ha! Rush must have a secret clearance (you nut job!).

        1. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

          Secret clearance?
          From who?
          Darrell Issa?

    3. yabbed October 11, 2015

      The CIA had a secret interrogation prison on the grounds of this compound and that was the target. Let’s notice, too, that the CIA did nothing to aid the ambassador and his staff when the attack began.

      1. itsfun October 11, 2015

        I haven’t seen that, could you send the info to find this on the internet.

        1. yabbed October 11, 2015

          It’s easily available. Just google CIA compound at Benghazi. Even Wikipedia addresses it along with many other sites. Paula Broadwell of General Petraeus fame in her videoed speech revealed the CIA black hole interrogation pen in Benghazi. CIA operatives were killed there in the same attack.

  12. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

    Meanwhile; Pastor [?] Terry Jones has already been tried, convicted and sentenced to death for the murders at Benghazi!
    Why did he burn KORANS?
    Why did he screen the movie; THE INNOCENCE OF THE MUSLIMS?
    Why was his e-mail NEVER asked for?
    Which party WANTED murders at Benghazi?

  13. petemobtv October 11, 2015

    Four Americans are dead. We were lied to as for the reason of the attack (phony video), a man was falsely imprisoned, Obama ignored the whole thing – went to be early so he could party the next day in Las Vegas. Hillary lied to the deceaseds’ families an never owed up to what happened that day. NO SCANDAL?

    1. yabbed October 11, 2015

      Please stop the nonsense. Have a look at the number of diplomats killed during the Bush administration and his two failed nonsensical wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Look it up. It’s fact.

      1. petemobtv October 11, 2015

        Just keep on believing their lies. You are exactly the type of American voter Jonathan Gruber referred to: stupid.

        1. cat October 11, 2015

          Can’t come up with anything better than a consultant that never held any political office?

          1. petemobtv October 11, 2015

            It’s not Gruber who is lying….he’s just a confidante of the Dems….and he would know since he is the architect of ObamaCare. They feed you $#it….and you eat it.

          2. cat October 11, 2015

            What about RomneyCare? Was he an architect of that as well? Since that is what Obama Care resembles. You would think Gruber was the only consultant that was hired. Got any great quotes from the rest of them?
            Besides, I hear a lot of people are happy that they can now get health insurance. You don’t really hear that much about it from the right anymore. There are some still beating that dead horse, but not as many and not as often.

    2. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

      Rush Limbaugh CLAIMS to have stand down cables.
      Why hasn’t he been asked to PRODUCE them?
      The video was titled INNOCENCE OF THE MUSLIMS.
      Why did Terry Jones screen it?
      Why wasn’t his e-mail asked for?

      1. petemobtv October 11, 2015

        I didn’t realize Rush has top secret clearance. Wow…..

        1. cat October 11, 2015

          Does he or does he not as he seemed to say have access to cables?

        2. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

          Where did he get HIS cables from?

    3. Eleanore Whitaker October 11, 2015

      4,000 Americans died on 9/11 because Rice decided to ignore all of the prior warnings. Do tell us how, when there was already one attack in NY City by terrorists in 1993, how the hell you or any dipwad right wing hater boy can tell us that Iraq was so much more important to go marching into?
      Some of you right wing men are such bad liars, crooks and cheaters. Don’t try to justify the fact that ONE of your OWN GOP men was a whistlerblower on Benghazi.

      Now, tell us why 4400 military were killed in Iraq…a war that was for Halliburton and that 2003, Cheney deal to hand them a no bid war contract.

      1. petemobtv October 11, 2015

        Would have never happened had Clinton killed Bin Laden when he had the chance. And he didn’t.

        1. cat October 11, 2015

          Before. 911? I believe he was watching him and urged Bush to do the same. I even remember him warning us all in one of his speeches. I thought at the time, who is this Bin Laden and why have I never heard of him before?

        2. Eleanore Whitaker October 11, 2015

          As opposed to what Bush said when asked when he planned to capture bin Laden? “He is no longer important.”

          And how about that photo op of Bush holding hands with that Saudi Prince invited to the Crawford ranch? Not Big Oil schmooze?

          How about you stop trying to blame Clinton for not capturing bin Laden when it was Bush who ignored all the warning signs.

          It took the 9/11 Commission to ream Rice’s butt for ignoring what all of the national security agency said was going to happen: the deaths of 4,000 Americans incinerated on 9/11.

          Sorry, you don’t get to absolve yourself or your right wing GOP for sticking their noses into Iraq when no Iraqi was involved with 9/11 and there were NO WMDS as the 9/11 Commission proved in Iraq.

          Do you men always live in denial? I am so fed up with you little boys being told truth and being handed facts you just insanely refuse to accept. You can keep insisting you are right till the long horns come home. You’ll still be as wrong as we all know you are.

        3. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

          Wasn’t Bin Laden a guest of Reagan?

      2. plc97477 October 11, 2015

        Especially since the majority of the terrorists on 9/11 were from saudi arabia. Apparently good friends with the bushies.

    4. Chisna October 11, 2015

      That’s right Pete, NO scandal….. Millions of dollars and multiple GOP led investigations have shown that the nonsense you are parroting here. And the initial false allegations and rhetoric from the republicans is nothing but a bunch of B.S.

      1. petemobtv October 11, 2015

        Just keep on believing their lies. You are exactly the type of American voter Jonathan Gruber referred to: stupid.

        1. cat October 11, 2015

          And Richard Nixon said “I am not a crook”. So?

        2. yabbed October 11, 2015

          You keep saying the same stupid thing. Let me give you something smarter to practice saying: Madame President. 🙂

    5. Eleanore Whitaker October 11, 2015

      If all you right wing men have is schemes, investigations that prove nothing and waste taxpayer dollar all so you little tantrum pulling little minds can get even for your imagined wrongs, you are not worth being a party.

      1. petemobtv October 11, 2015

        Just keep on believing their lies. You are exactly the type of American voter Jonathan Gruber referred to: stupid.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 11, 2015

          I don’t believe YOURS….You are a liar who can’t admit your party has to make up stories and lies to get investigations. When do you right wing men grow the hell up?

          Shaving your heads to hide your baldness isn’t working anymore. Neither is pretending that beer belly isn’t there.

          Your Republican states suck up more of our federal tax dollars than any blue so called Liberal states. The only thing liberal about Democratic states is we are too damn liberal with handing your GOP states our tax dollars. Get off the federal welfare and the DogPatch porch.

        2. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

          I USED to be a Republican.
          I USED to believe the likes of Nixon.
          I WAS stupid.

          1. cat October 11, 2015

            I thought Nixon should have beat Kennedy. I too was stupid. Nixon’s first term changed my mind.

          2. petemobtv October 21, 2015

            And now you are ‘stupider’.

        3. yabbed October 11, 2015

          Enough of Jonathan Gruber. He’s a tool.

      2. yabbed October 11, 2015

        The House Ethics Manual says it is a serious ethical offense to use taxpayer monies to further a political agenda, especially in a presidential election cycle, and that Members can be charged with ethical violations for doing so. I would like to see Nancy Pelosi bring charges in the House.

        1. cat October 11, 2015

          So would I.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker October 12, 2015

          I think the Dems have already called for a letter to be written to the GOP House that pretty much states this intention to call the GOP on ethics violations.

          But, given that the GOP bullies pretend to go deaf at the sound of a Dem voice, it is going to take a whole lot more than bringing up charges.

          The majority of common sense Americans are so fed up with the GOP, that the old guard GOP knows they can’t be re-elected in their states which are not purely red.

    6. yabbed October 11, 2015

      January 22, 2002 Consulate at Kolkata: 5 killed

      June 14, 2002 Consulate at Karachi: 12 killed

      February 28, 2003 Embassy at Islamabad: 2 killed

      June 3, 2004 Embassy at Tashkent: 2 killed

      December 6, 2004 Compound at Saudi Arabia: 9 killed

      March 2, 2006 Consulate at Karachi: 2 killed

      September 12, 2006 Embassy in Syria: 4 killed

      March 18, 2008 Consulate in Yemen: 2 killed

      August 9, 2008 Consulate in Istanbul: 6 killed

      September 17, 2008 Embassy in Yemen: 16 killed

      Can any anti Hillary freak please add up the total number of diplomats killed during GWB’s term in office? Thanks so much.

      1. petemobtv October 11, 2015

        But THEY didn’t lie! How foolish can you be? You are lied to CONSTANTLY by this administration, et you keep believing. His own man, Jonathan Gruber, said the American voters are stupid. He is right.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 11, 2015

          Yes, the DID lie. Are you a nut or what? Your own GOP McCarthy admitted the entire Benghazi investigation was to GET Hillary. How do you are any right winger tell us that your own party has the right to make decisions for us? Who the hell do you men think you are?

          1. petemobtv October 11, 2015

            Oh, you really are an idiot.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker October 11, 2015

            Oh you are really a moron. You can’t win an argument with lies, distortions and BS. Don’t like it do you? How about get some mental help.

        2. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

          Nixon told the truth?
          Would his party lie?

      2. David October 11, 2015

        The Ambassador in Benghazi asked for help–wasn’t given. Oh I know why Hillary is innocent, it was a movie that incited the violence!

        1. yabbed October 11, 2015

          Look! There’s a squirrel! Look over there!

      3. Renellin October 25, 2015

        How many lies do we have on record about people killed in GWB’s term? Will or has Hitlery spent any time with the troops coming home like GWB and his wife have? Hitlery hates the military. Stevens sent 600 requests for help, Hitlery claims none ever made it to her desk. She declines to point whose desk they went to, but maybe Stevens was sending to a State Department account that Hitlery simply never used. Couldn’t you please try to consider Americans and forget the skank?

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 26, 2015

          There were over 4,000 people killed in NY, PA and at the Pentagon…Where the hell were you when al Qaeda attacked right under yours and Bush’s nose? That record is not going to be erased by you, you two bit troll

    7. Paul Larkin October 11, 2015

      your just another shitsucker looking for aholes

      1. Renellin October 25, 2015

        Looks like he found one!

  14. yabbed October 11, 2015

    The investigator who quit the committee in revolt against the lies said this: “illegal use of taxpayer funds for partisan political purposes”.

  15. yabbed October 11, 2015

    Hillary Clinton is going to be the next President of the United States of America whether the neocon misogynists like it or not. They can just transfer their hate from the black guy to the woman and spend the next 8 years yammering their lunacy. President Hillary Rodham Clinton won’t give a hoot.

    1. petemobtv October 11, 2015

      How do you like Socialism?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 11, 2015

        How do YOU and YOUR Republican STATES like it? According to the last GAO report, Republican states get anywhere from $1.35 to $1.87 in return for the lousy dollar you scumballs pay in federal taxes. How is that NOT socialism?

        How is it not socialism when blue states average 55 cents for their dollar and have to contribution to your Corporate socialists who suck up $15 billion a year for Big Oil while you ballfaced morons of the right deny our states sufficient tax subsidies for the industries in clean energy.

        Why the hell does Big Rich Texas, That Whole Other Country need $15 billion every year fo Big Oil? What? Not enough corporate socialism for you? Get off your lazy GOP butts and stop expecting us to make your pathetic lives easier while you make the rest of us work harder, longer and for less just to keep feeding your asshat states.

        1. David October 11, 2015

          Eleanore!!! My, my, my. Nasty today, aren’t you? 15 billion for “big oil”? What is your source for that statement?
          Don’t you just love to think about Texas when you are filling up your car with gas?

      2. greenlantern1 October 11, 2015

        Bush played golf with his comrade, Vladimir Putin!
        Putin’s oil wells were built by the Koch brothers!

      3. yabbed October 11, 2015

        I’m not voting for Bernie Sanders.

      4. drdroad October 11, 2015

        When it results in policies, widely popular in the USA, like Medicare and Social Security, quite a bit. What part of Socialism do you not like?

        1. Paul Larkin October 11, 2015

          yep I like my SS like most socialist ,and I cash my check !!

        2. Renellin October 25, 2015

          While we all complained that they took our money without permission for forty/fifty years and now they want to try and claim it is an entitlement or part of a socialist government, you appear to support the government taking over the means of production, and direct it as they see fit. We already know government if horribly flawed. We need to be pushing for more ways to help people become productive, not more ways to take care of people that aren’t. I am all for taking care of the disabled, but would fully support methods of helping them to be helpful in whatever ways they can. It’s a matter of self respect and giving each American a part of the American dream.
          You think some benevolent leader will administer our income and power to those who need it most. But we have seen during this administration (no doubt not the first) abuse their power for their personal advantage repeatedly and across the board. Homeland Security alerts agents to harass anyone with a Ron Paul bumper sticker. Really??? God references surreptitiously removed from government monuments under the guise of cleaning them. The IRS preventing political opponents from engaging in lawful activity, while others get their clearance and unheard of benefits within a matter of days.
          I know democrats who are good people engaged in a struggle they consider as the good fight. Except for the way it is presented to them, they would never support this kind of behavior from their party, and if the other party was doing it, they would be all over it. Except democrats have been infected with a kind of groupthink psychosis.

    2. Renellin October 25, 2015

      What has a misogynist to do with Hitlery? Are you really going to fall into lockstep that anyone who objects to Hitlery is a misogynist, just like you insisted anyone who questions O is racist? Do I hear you calling out for Dr. Carson when Seth Rogan prints out a headline like F*ck you, Ben Carson? Will you try shaking your head and see if you can make it back to earth?

  16. Eleanore Whitaker October 11, 2015

    You know what the GOP boys are today? The least credible men in this country. Their party is falling apart and they did this to themselves. Their male egos brought them as low as their corporate campaign donors who screw up and then beg bailouts.

    As it turns out, now not even Ryan, Primero GOP Attack Dog, wants to be Speaker. So who do they dredge up? Newt Gingrinch that good ole good ole good ole GA boy who shut down government, bashed hell out of Hillary’s Healthcare reforms and then had the gall to call it a “Contract FOR America?” What the hell contract was that if not a Contract ON America.

    1. john Baldwin October 11, 2015

      Thank you for emphasizing that this has never been a search for truth about Benghazi or a search for ways to prevent another Benghazi . Thank you for you sincere effort to remind all thinking people that this is just another GOP smear campaign done at the public’s expense to get more scumbag GOP candidates elected .

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 11, 2015

        Thank you. When we see a duck and hear it quacking, we call it a duck. The GOP calls it an “elephant.”

        If Americans can do nothing else for themselves, their children and their country, they must tell the truth and make sure the GOP does the same.

        1. Renellin October 25, 2015

          Haha I thought he was being sarcastic. It’s not just about 4 Americans dying, or even an American Ambassador being anally raped and dragged through a city. It’s about politicians lying and considering politics more important than saving Americans’ lives and making up a story to cover their own culpability while trying to take over the middle east. supplying arms and treasure to people who would soon name themselves ISIS and start taking the heads off Americans, Christians, enslaving young girls by the hundreds, and publicly showing their hatred for our country, and, using our supplies and equipment (including warfare like tanks and jeeps and other armed transportation vehicles).

    2. Renellin October 25, 2015

      The establishment GOPers are as credible and as guilty as the democrats. Charlie Rangel, Shiela Jackson Lee, Chuck-you Schumer, Harry Reid, all out for number one, lie to the American people all the time. NO doubt, plenty on the right to add to the list. I never supported any bailouts. Why bail out a bank who doesn’t in turn bail out those they are holding mortgages to? The bank was profiting all along, the homeowner gets caught and evicted from their investment, the BANK gets a bailout? I don’t care what party you are, that is wrong. Or Barney Frank and Chris Dodd fighting to retain control of their useless policies for personal profit while setting the stage for the collapse, which coincidentally happens at the best possible moment to propel Obama into office? Can you not figure out Americans need to stop blaming one party or another and get on the side of Americans????

  17. Eleanore Whitaker October 11, 2015

    The GOP only spends our taxes on their own Republican states or investigations that might reduce the amount of tax dollars flushed to Republican states.

    These are middle aged GOP males who are programmed by CEOs in how to take over and control. Until we get fed up and abolish the entire GOP. Then, what will they do?

    It is always the right of Americans to get rid of enemies of the government. Right now, the GOP is the worst enemy this government has seen since the days of the power freak Robber Barons of the 1900s.

    1. Renellin October 25, 2015

      The GOP might as well be democrat. Those who have been in Congress for twenty years or better have remained by feathering their own nests while completely ignoring the good of the country or of American citizens. Many of us have been trying to make a change. Back in Bill Clinton’s day, lying to the country was not taken well. Now that his wife or a black president acts, lying is perfectly fine, reasonable, and fair, as long as it ultimately hurts republicans. I am not a republican, but I see through your farce of a comment.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 25, 2015

        Renellin, you can stop waving your Stars and Bars and whistlin’ Dixie. Did President Obama lie about capturing Obama? Did President Obama who campaigned in 2007 lie about healthcare reform he promised?
        Your post is yet another bigoted, gender biased pack of lies. Let’s look at who YOU YOU YOU voted for sugar bun…Twice you and your lying attack dogs of the GOP elected a drunken lush who only got his Harvard MBA like all GOP jerks do…cheating. Otherwise, you better explain how the hell he finishes off the US economy with his Sept. 2008 Financial Meltdown.

        Let me guess. Either you are a Dixie Belle or Corn Pone Queen who is now faced with the fact that we Dems in Dem states are no longer going to be your state’s sole support.

        Did Obama lie about WMDS? Did he go around the country for 18 months lying about the need for a needless war in Iraq?

        As for Hillary, she is chewing up and spitting out the dipshits from SC, AL, TN, IN and IL…all Dixie and Corn Pone states with politicians who have big mouths and sit on their butts bitching and blaming.

        That all you do. Time for you to work that jiggly butt off Tootsie.

  18. petemobtv October 11, 2015

    What is it about you incredibly foolish and naïve Democrats that you are so
    willing to destroy your own country for the sake of your ideology? Our country
    is circling the drain and you are too dumb, lazy, ill informed or purposely
    ignore what this administration has done and continues to do. And they lie to
    you, and you ignore them, even when they are proven. Wake up! You love to
    throw out that under Bush so many Americans were killed….well, here’s one for
    the record, nut cases…..the biggest debacle in America’s war was Viet
    Nam…and KENNEDY….yes, Kennedy, started that. You people are soooo foolish.
    Yeah, keep going back to Bush. No doubt, Benghazi was his fault, too. FOUR
    DEAD AMERICANS AND NO ANSWERS!!!! I think half of you are traitors!

    1. johninPCFL October 11, 2015

      Yes, Eisenhower put men into Vietnam in 1954 and Kennedy followed up that initial deployment. So did Johnson, and Nixon.

      Yes, and as you say, a dozen embassies attacked, 36 dead Americans under GWB and NO ANSWERS? 283 dead Marines under Reagan and a RETREAT? Given your posts, it seems like the GOP has some major problems knowing anything.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 11, 2015

        johninPCFL…petemobtv is an elephant who looks like a duck and quacks. This is the state of some minds in the US today who refuse to accept truth and facts. Ever see an elephant quack? Most of us haven’t. Pete and others obviously have.

      2. Paul Larkin October 11, 2015

        yep all true ,read the ugly American ,good story about that crap usmc vet 1957

      3. Renellin October 25, 2015

        All of this is relevant to current crimes, how?

    2. john Baldwin October 11, 2015

      Kennedy did not start the Vietnam war , he inherited it from the previous administration . Check your history on America’s involvement in Vietnam after the French defeat of 1954 at Diem Ben Pu .

    3. Joseph R. Davis October 11, 2015

      And…I think ALL of you far-far right Bolsheviks are a bissel meshugah. You’d HAVE to be, in order to believe the tripe you just posted. And by the way, it was NIXON who sold out the South Vietnamese at the table in Paris, ably assisted by Henry Kissinger.

      1. Renellin October 25, 2015

        That says nothing of Hitlery’s crimes, or BO’s. You digress.

    4. yabbed October 11, 2015

      During the Bush administration, 60 American diplomats were killed on the job. And there was no Republican outrage whatsoever.

      1. Paul Larkin October 11, 2015

        don’t forget the marines killed in beruit Lebanon oct 23 1983 ,that blood is on reagens hands ,as he didn’t want marines on post to have their weapons loaded .,might cause an incident ,yep sure did 221 marines and 80 other service members killed

        1. raoul contreras October 17, 2015

          Twice you used “marines” in you rant. As they were U.S. Marines, you should have capitalized them. That is my rant. As to what happened in Beirut, don’t get me started.
          That is what happens when you put Harvard men in charge of foreign policy.

        2. Renellin October 25, 2015

          Reagan did not make up a jaywalking event to explain the attack.

      2. Renellin October 25, 2015

        Regardless of party, outrage was in plenty. However, the government did not issue horrible lies about what happened, lying on the talk shows, lying to the families, and lying to the united nations.

    5. Jmz Nesky October 11, 2015

      Another lie from an ill informed fool. Kennedy was against that political farce masquerading as a potential war and that’s what got him killed.. The hawks didn’t want ‘advisers’ they wanted boots on the ground and at his most venerable moment they convinced Johnson, not Kennedy, to do just that and beguiled him into believing it would all be over within 6 months and he would come out of it a national hero.. Once committed the old man had to continue beyond that 6 month deadline and passed it on to another idiot who got elected by promising to end that war then like most cons, used that same scam to get re-elected and in the end, ending the war by turning tail and fleeing the chaos.lt’s truly uncanny how many times pubs blame their opponents when things don’t good specifically their way. Liberals can bring up many sins that the GOP leaders have and are doing and every time the pubs say “Talk to the hand” while doing the exact same thing.. This country is insane and it’s not all the fault of our self-serving politicians.We’re ALL traitors because we’ve turned our backs on our own people while gravitating toward being either Dem or Rep. We’re Americans who need each other instead of blaming entities that we’ve decided to use to hide our true shame.

      1. joe schmo October 19, 2015

        Well, hate to tell you this but Kennedy wasn’t the bad part of that period. Even worse and a huge supporter of the war was your good friend President Johnson who’s wife owned Huey. Funny thing. A Republican had to get us out of that thankless war.

        1. Jmz Nesky October 20, 2015

          Yep, he said he would (that’s part of what got him elected) then he used the same ruse to get his second term.. THEN he decided to turn tail and run leaving the Vietnamese to fend for themselves.. Yesser, that was a republican all right.

          1. Renellin October 25, 2015

            It was certainly tragic, regardless of party. I think the current administration has done worse with the middle east. I am not sure that party makes a difference when one claims title to most powerful man in the world.

          2. Jmz Nesky October 26, 2015

            Of course you’re correct in that respect but it was Dickey’s lure chant that he’d end the war that got him elected then when he fuzzed out of it (for what ever reason) he used the same sham for re-election and this was what I referred to.. Whether he was a Pub, Dem or Indy is irrelevant, that he conned his way in is. And you’re right, I had no right calling out traitor, let’s just hope my apology seeps over to those who also call us socialists, commies, Nazis and fascists.. They have no right in calling their fellow Americans such names simply because they don’t agree with their politics.

          3. Renellin October 27, 2015

            We could make plenty of claims about what people ran on and what they did. i used to think that if you caught public figures in an out and out lie, there were consequences. Both BO and Hitlery have been ‘caught’ in extensive lying and people on the left answer this with< "well, all politicians lie" or "this whole thing has been debunked". However, I am interested in your comment about calling y'all socialists. Regardless which of the four terms you use, essentially you are referring to tyranny. Am I correct? Top down government who controls the means of production, and has exclusive power to 'control' the people, no private property that the government is not capable of usurping and using for their own purposes for the good of the government? Lots of democrats are now claiming that democrat socialism is a good thing, and they are flocking to Bernie. Should we not consider at least a part (it seems, perhaps, a large part) of democrats are at least socialist-sympathetic?

        2. greenlantern1 October 20, 2015

          The one that called charge was Eisenhower!
          Remember his Domino Effect argument?
          The one that called retreat was Nixon.
          Nixon was the military expert?

        3. Renellin October 25, 2015

          What we are all trying to get across is that politics is a dirty business and maybe this is all too much to put in the hands of a single person. I would like to see representatives from regions of the country. The South, the Midwest, New England–I don’t care what the groups would be, but each area should send an elected representative–I know, unconstitutional. Something big has to change.

      2. Renellin October 25, 2015

        Don’t care what your party is, you have a lots of things right. Except for calling us traitors. We were lulled to sleep by a concerted effort to undermine us into making us so busy we didn’t have the time or recognize the needs our founding fathers put on us. I recognized this in the early seventies–so blame doesn’t go to any individual or party. Though I recognized it, I felt powerless to do anything about it. There are a number of actions required at this point. The education system needs to be changed. Our children are being educated to be sheep, indoctrinated instead of thinking for themselves. While this works for those who would impose tyranny, those wanting to maintain freedom know they must risk the thinking people who may make wrong choices or choices perceived as wrong. Next, we need to take back from the government the power they have gradually given themselves. Make serving a part time job with limited retirement and benefits and stop treating them like dukes and princesses. Term limits. Party id not required.

        1. Jmz Nesky October 25, 2015

          Who is ‘us’.. When I said us who did I involve? Not a party, not an individual but voters.. the ones who supposedly voted these vultures in.You know it to be true so quit taking it personal. You say the education system needs to be changed, well this can’t happen unless we first change leadership but changing leadership for others who would do the same is not changing, it’s only re-positioning. To really change we’ve got to take a chance and disregard our beliefs that the current process (liberal/conservative) is working. Capitalism works but unfortunately only for the few and even today what benefited the general public no longer applies.. There’s no more gas wars, no more competition between retail shops other than boosting the price of msrp then lowering it by 10% capitalism no longer works for the consumer who uses it every day. That’s why I’m voting Bernie Sanders.. I’m not afraid of words and the word socialist doesn’t scare me after all we experience socialism in many ways, have been for generations and will for more.. that it’s not communist socialism is the point as all socialism isn’t only communism or fascism so if a socialist democrat says he will do his best to improve our way of life I’ll take it any day over those who prove they’re not in it for our benefit.

          1. Renellin October 26, 2015

            It is not the word ‘socialism’ you should be afraid of. The rest of the world just continues to watch America spiral downward out of all reason, and the thought that any American doesn’t know enough to reject socialism truly does mean that our educational system is an utter failure. Instead of teaching you how to put a condom on a banana, they should have tried a little history.

    6. greenlantern1 October 12, 2015

      Ever hear of Dien Bien Phu?
      Who was president?
      Who was VP?
      Ever hear of Pastor [?] Terry Jones?
      Who PLANNED Benghazi?

      1. Renellin October 25, 2015

        What was planned was the secret arms dealing to what would later become ISIS. This administration was behind the Arab Spring, no doubt Obama didn’t want to have to go up against the ingrained rulers and using social media, managed to get the uprisings and ultimately many deaths. Benghazi wasn’t planned by us, but by those who hate us yet were working for us and receiving weapons and other goods and money from us to secure this project. It all backfired because THOSE PEOPLE HATE US. Obama has been led all his life to believe that those around him will succeed in bringing ultimate change to America replacing it with muslim totalitarianism. He’s not the first puppet, he’s not the first piece of slime running the government. But the sooner you see the big plan, if you are a patriot (want to see America prosper) the better.

  19. john Baldwin October 11, 2015

    I have seen in my life some really underhanded and evil political tricks by men in both parties to get themselves or their candidates elected to political offices . This GOP scheme to use tax payer money , to finance a GOP smear campaign , disguised as an investigation into the Benghazi affair , against whom they perceive as their strongest opponent, is criminal . Those who instigated this fraud of an investigation should be impeached and kicked out of political office for using lies and self interest to corrupt the political process . The country deserves better .

    1. cat October 11, 2015


    2. Renellin October 25, 2015

      Respectfully, you are wrong. Benghazi would have been listed as a tragedy that our nation could mourn together, except that the wh and the state department sent out an obvious lie campaign that almost seemed like they were hiding something, and they were–Obama had an election coming up, and they were running on Bin Laden is dead and we won in the middle east. For purely political reasons, they made up a horrible lie and went with it for a few weeks, before the lie broke down and the people starting asking why. This country deserves better than Hitlery or Obama.

  20. Name October 11, 2015

    The GOP just like the NRA are terrorist organizations whose mission is to destroy America while looting and raping it before it falls! And blaming OBama and the democrats.

    1. joe schmo October 19, 2015

      LOL, like we really care what you say, comrade. Listening to your media ‘collective’ again are you?

      1. greenlantern1 October 20, 2015

        Bush, not Obama, golfed with his comrade, Vladimir Putin!
        Putin’s oil wells were built by the Koch brothers!
        Perfectly clear?

        1. Renellin October 25, 2015

          Obama doesn’t really golf. He just goes out on the course to get high. Putin has used O as a doorstop from day one. Putin wouldn’t lower himself to golf with O. Hitlery gave Russians uranium!!

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 25, 2015

            Renellin, It was Obama who saved you Republican right wing asshats from losing your shirts. Not Bush.

            When Obama entered office in 2008, the US was flat broke. You are really jealous of a black man being more intelligent than you will ever be, aren’t you? You are a bigot like the rest of your KKK, White Supremacist BS artists.

          2. Renellin October 26, 2015

            Excuse me, Elasnore, but I am not a republican. I cannot imagine how O did anything about my shirts or other clothing nor has he helped my economic bottom line in any way. The democrats put in power in 2006 handed us the banking/mortgage scandal which plunged millions of Americans out of work. O, vowing during his campaign that the oceans would recede, everyone would be back to work and our debt would drastically be reduced, spent the next several years spending trillions, ignoring the working class (so we now have the smallest participation by those eligible in the workforce–this was not due to people (Nancy P) voluntarily quitting their jobs to take up painting or writing poetry, our national debt has almost doubled and the Obama administration has chosen to represent only those loyal to him personally and the democrat party while persecuting his enemies (the republicans and the tea party). He’s given away our land, rich in oil to Putin, he’s favored Iran over Israel, he has encouraged illegal immigration and released bloody murderers from jail, prison, and Gitmo. He has whipped up racism and shoved it into virtually every home in America, causing the deaths of a lot of police officers.
            What does a person’s skin color have to do with intelligence? For that matter, how does their sex enter into it? You see you reveal yourself not only to be a bigot, but also a racist and sexist.
            Where in the world do you get KKK (a democrat organization), or white supremacy? Where does that come from. Oh right. You’re a bigot.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker October 26, 2015

            Since you are another of the trolls who needs psychiatric help, here are your posts:

            “Obama doesn’t really golf. He just goes out on the course to get high. Putin has used O as a doorstop from day one. Putin wouldn’t lower himself to golf with O. Hitlery gave Russians uranium!!

            “Obama couldn’t negotiate a pea from an any, he is simply too arrogant and has always–all his life had the hard parts covered by someone else.”

            It just eats people like you up because you can’t fly that Stars and Bars, ram your fundamentalist religion BS and your Confederacy down the throats of those of us who pay more than our fair share of taxes.

            You posted those trashy BS remarks. Now do you have the courage to admit it?

            Get over it Toots. Hillary is a sure winner in 2016 and you hate, hate, hate hate it..No big surprise there. Take a look at your hater GOP attack dogs. Now, can we throw Nanny Rice in jail for her lies and the 4,000 Americans killed on American soil ON HER watch?

            Keep posting your troll lies you liar.

          4. Renellin October 26, 2015

            I am not a troll, and I stand by my remarks, except it’s a pea from an ant. What makes you think I have any religion at all, let alone a fundamentalist one, and if I did, what possible benefit would it be to you. Confederacy. You are convinced I am from the South. I certainly do like to visit there and enjoy their hospitality, but you are simply wrong on all counts. The GOP does not belong to me, I am not a republican. You’re just not having a good day, are you? I don’t hate anyone. Hitlery is welcome to run and win just as any candidate for the presidency. That is, if she is not busy in prison. Don’t worry. She is pretty certain laws don’t apply to her, and that seems to make you happy.
            I don’t imagine you really believe Benghazi is about four deaths only. I also don’t remember Condi ever lying about anything. Go figure.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker October 26, 2015

            Every word of your posts are your own personal take on who and what Hillary is and isn’t. Would you like to try and prove one word of your idiotic posts in a court of law?

            I’m having a wonderful day chewing trolls like you up and spitting you out. Your posts are those of the usual uneducated lurkers who have nothing but Doom and Gloom to predict.

            You obviously have some very serious problems.

            Condoleeze Rice didn’t lie? What the hell did you think the 9/11 Commission said her deliberately hiding 6 warnings about al Qaeda were if not lies of omission.

            And, so what? 4 people died in Benghazi..Your kind love to repeat that same BS over and over until you puke it out your dumbass guts.

            Condi Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush ALL caused the deaths of 4,000 Americans on American soil..got that dipshit?

            Not 4 Americans on hostile foreign soil where the US had to play by Libyan rules.

            You can’t validate your own existence. So you go after Hillary.

            Are you smarter than the CIA? The Justice Department? the NSA? All of whom have said that the 55,000 emails Hillary provided showed NO EVIDENCE OF CRIMINAL WRONGDOING.

            You are a class A dipshit. Go tell Big Daddy to change your bigot, gender biased Pampers.

          6. Renellin October 27, 2015

            ah, Elasnore. Really, I have to pity you. Your self-proclaimed hatred consumes you, and your insults hit the walls of your brains and drain down to infect your thought processes further.
            1) Guess what? My thoughts and opinions are generally my take on what has been going on. Often, however, my years and experience and body of knowledge find agreement or connection with others as evidenced by my followers and profile, but they remain my own personal take. That is why I have a name and a picture. Yours on the other hand, smacks of deceit. I suspect I may actually be responding to Nathan here.
            2) Why should blogging involve ‘courts of law’? We are here to discuss issues. If we have standing and the wherewithall to take those issues to court, we would.
            3) Regardless of your attempts to insult me personally, I don’t feel at all chewed up or spit out. Bring it on, mamma, even if you are Tyler. And it is quite clear I am not a troll, while it certainly appears you indeed, are one.
            4) No one can accurately call me uneducated, as I hold quite a number of degrees, so perhaps you could limit your insults to “stupid” or “ugly”.
            5) Condi. Show me the lawsuit, congressional hearing, or any court of law where it has been determined that Condi made up or disseminated any lie about anything that was any part of her job. Hitlery and BO have been exposed repeatedly to have lied to the country and constituents, and recently it was exposed that she lied right to the face of the families, while sharing the truth with her daughter and a few world leaders.
            6) Is it your assertion that no one died in Benghazi? If it did happen, it’s not B.S.
            7) Condi was not employed by the Bush administration until years after 911. I don’t think Rumsfeld was in place yet either. It was just a few months into the presidency. How did Cheney cause 911 again? What exactly have you got against these people?
            8) Nothing has been decided in Hitlery’s email case. Clearly she violated plenty of laws, including ones that put you in jail for 10 years or more each. The FBI is still investigating this criminality, but as I said, Hitlery doesn’t think the law applies to her, and she may be right. If Obama doesn’t ultimately want to prosecute her, she could shoot the white house dog and one on the kids on national tv and she would still walk. None of that makes you right. Instead you remain a very small minded racist bigot Christianaphobe who isn’t even very good at being insulting. Ok troll, I am done with you.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker October 28, 2015

            Renellin, you are the one to be pitied. Your self-proclaimed self-righteousness is as phony as a $3 bill. I insult you because you deserve to be insulted. You think you can feign your innocence, when your posts prove what a bigot you are?

            1. Guess what. Your thoughts and opinions are BS and fabrications of your fantasies and imaginations. In the sane world of educated people, you NEVER post that which you cannot prove in a court of law. You can’t. Therefore, your thoughts and opinions are not exactly law.

            2. Blogging should involve a court of law to get rid of people like you who try to use their psychological bullying to force others to think in your pathetic, degenerate way.

            3. Regardless of your attempts to defend yourself from truth, your distortions do not go unnoticed by those of us who have access to facts on a daily basis. In other words, you post BS and then want credibility? Sorry…doesn’t happen

            4. And which phony “number of degrees” would that be Tootsie? The MRS degree you use to validate your existence? Or that simplistic Liberal Arts degree in art history you found out is useless in today’s hi-tech world?

            5. Condi Rice was hauled before the 9/11 Commission. Two months before the 9//11 attack, Condi was warned of an imminent al Qaeda attack; Here is the Washington Post, an ultra CON paper link: http://www.washingtonpost.com › … ›. Rice served as National Security Adviser and testified before the September 11 Commission on Thursday, April 8th. Here is the NY Times link where she testified that the al Qaeda threats “were always there.” http://www.nytimes.com/2004/04/08/politics/08RICE-TEXT.html. In her testimomy, she openly admitted that the Bush Administration knew of the threats and yet went ahead with a preemptive strike on Iraq.

            6. It is MY assertion that you want to ignore the 13 embassy attacks and 60 deaths at US embassies on Bush and Rice’s watch. Do you deny this? Here’s the link from Politifact: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2014/may/12/john-garamendi/prior-benghazi-were-there-13-attacks-embassies-and/

            7. You are a real dipshit aren’t you? According to Rice’s professional bio, her stint in government began in 1986, while an international affairs fellow of the “Council on Foreign Relations”, Rice served as Special Assistant to the Director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Meaning, she had experience with top US military advisers. You want to explain to us how she didn’t know about al Qaeda with that many years experience with the military? More…From 1989 through March 1991 (the period of the fall of Berlin Wall and the final days of the Soviet Union) she served in President George H.W. Bush’s administration as Director, and then Senior Director, of Soviet and East European Affairs in the National Security Council and a Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. In this position, Rice helped develop Bush’s and then GHWB’s Secy of State, James Baker’s policies in favor of German reunification.

            She impressed Bush, who later introduced her to Soviet leader Gorbachev, as the one who “tells me everything I know about the Soviet Union. (oh gee…poor lil Condi…didn’t know anything, did she? Do your damn homework the next time you post BS.)

            Wrong again about Rumsfeld, both her and Cheney served in the Ford administration. Read and weep Toots:

            Rumsfeld was an American politician and businessman. Rumsfeld served as the 13th Secretary of Defense from 1975 to 1977 under President Gerald Ford, and as the 21st Secretary of Defense from 2001 to 2006 under President George W. Bush. He is the youngest and the second oldest (after Leon Panetta) person to have served as Secretary of Defense. Additionally, Rumsfeld was a four-term U.S. Congressman from Illinois(1962–1969), Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity (1969–1970), Counsellor to the President (1969–1973), the United States Permanent Representative to NATO (1973–1974), and White House Chief of Staff (1974–1975).

            You’ll find this in any book or encyclopedia.

            8. Hillary has violated NO laws that Condi is not more guilty of. First of all, she testified that she had NO server in her home. Prior to this, during her husband’s presidency and in several of his speeches, he stated and I quote, “I do not want a server in my home.” Neither the NSA, FBI or State Dept. is holding Hillary accountable for those 4 deaths you are obsessing over. Why? Because if they do that to Hillary, Condi, Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney will end up in prison first.

            Do continue your BS. You can’t identify a single lie Hillary has told in her testimony. But, you will not like what will now happen to men like dipshit Gowdy who demanded to sede 55,000 emails, some of which will now indict Bush, Cheney and Rice for treason.

            You are one uneducated dipshit. Do you need help getting out of bed in the morning?

      2. Eleanore Whitaker October 25, 2015

        And the dipshit schmomo thinks he can play his indifferent card. Right now he is chewing his last used toilet tissue.

    2. Renellin October 25, 2015

      Remember when speaking of the GOP you are referring to the establishment Republicans which the Tea Party seeks to eradicate. I suspect the various war heroes of the GOP would object to your assessment. The Tea Party on the other hand, had gatherings with hundreds or thousands present, and left the area without litter or trash, paid their costs to the town where the gatherings were, and the press was upset that a lot of Brooks Brothers clothing was evident. Later, though people of lot of different ethnicities were involved, reporters (liberal of course) looked out and said that’s a sea of white. Wasn’t it Elijah Cummings who claimed someone called him a name and spit on him, though he was surrounded by cameras in every direction, with microphones, and none of it was caught on film or speaker. You are going to blame the GOP for Ferguson? Really? Baltimore? NYC? Was Trayvon a Republican?

      1. greenlantern1 October 25, 2015

        President Lincoln was assassinated, after he bolted, from the Republican Party!
        He formed the UNION party!
        He chose Andrew Johnson to be his VP!
        The RADICAL REPUBLICANS, their designation, impeached Lincoln’s VP!
        President Teddy Roosevelt was shot after he bolted!
        He formed the BULL MOOSE PARTY!
        Eisenhower, Patton and MacArthur were proud to serve under President Roosevelt and President Truman!
        Were they proud to serve under President Hoover?
        Ever read about the BONUS MARCH?
        By the way; wasn’t Spiro Agnew a governor of Maryland?

  21. Joseph R. Davis October 11, 2015

    I’ve been a Republican for decades, and I’m appalled at what the Koch brothers and their Sturmabteilung (aka The Tea Party), and the rabble-rousers Beck and Limbaugh have made of the Grand Old Party. The best you can say for it now, is that it’s a Gaggle Of Peckerwoods. One wonders if “fascio-servatives” describes them?

    1. Renellin October 25, 2015

      I seriously doubt your words. Most people had never heard of the Koch brothers until liberals decided to foist them upon us as your answer to George Soros. You stand by a man who delights in taking down whole countries and profiting on the experience. The Koch brothers would be nobody special except they deal in fossil fuels which the ignorant libs consider death-penalty-worthy. Why? Because it provides cheap fuel for industry growth, which makes libs crazy. I agree that dirty power is not what we hope for, but until somebody comes up with something better, I don’t wish to shut down society.

      1. greenlantern1 October 25, 2015

        The Koch brothers built Vladimir Putin’s oil wells!
        Perfectly clear?

  22. Joseph R. Davis October 11, 2015

    Another gem of far-far right wisdom:

    “What is it about you incredibly foolish and naïve Democrats that you are so willing to destroy your own country for the sake of your ideology? Our country
    is circling the drain and you are too dumb, lazy, ill informed or purposely
    ignore what this administration has done and continues to do.”

    Okay, Motor Mouth, the floor is all yours. Tell us exactly what sort of catastrophic events have been visited on the US of A by this Administration, considering that the Young Turks of the far-far right have practiced nothing but obstructionism since they came to Washington? Or…speaking in a euphemism, lay your (fill in the blank) out on the bar, and we’ll see if it’s as long as you say it is! No, wait. That may be a metaphor, rather than a euphemism. Oh, well, the Bolsheviks of Corn Dog Central won’t know the difference, anyway.

    1. Renellin October 25, 2015

      Obstructionism? Obama enjoyed a dem house and senate at his beginning, and instead of focusing on improving the job market, he decided a huge debt increase was better, even if he had to cheat to put it through. So the American people, at least those who could see the problems in the pudding, started electing people to make our voice heard. Not all of them delivered, but it is our election process. But as time and Obama pressed forward, and the country was put further and further into jeopardy by this administration, and this administration treated our country’s majority as the enemy, some took and some stayed. You want obstructionism? Look squarely at Harry Reid. The house passed bill after bill, Harry wouldn’t let them come to discussion let alone a vote. Obama couldn’t negotiate a pea from an any, he is simply too arrogant and has always–all his life had the hard parts covered by someone else.
      We’ve been telling you all along, and you ignore anything that hurts your party or candidate or individual. Corn dog central, as you call it, otherwise known as the moral majority, or simply the majority is aware of your bigotry. What you should be aware of is that you are a tool.

  23. Paul Larkin October 11, 2015

    the vast right wing plot started ,when hilliary pushed for health care for all ,in bills first term

    1. Whatmeworry October 11, 2015

      It started wither 1st LIE

      1. greenlantern1 October 12, 2015

        Was Nixon a crook?

        1. joe schmo October 19, 2015

          Nixon got caught and stepped down. He still had integrity. Not like the fools we have in office now. They are getting away with murder. Hillary needs to be indicted and Obama should have been impeached.

          1. greenlantern1 October 20, 2015

            Our ONLY, convicted, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!
            Our ONLY VP, to enter a plea bargain, was Nixon’s first, Spiro Agnew!
            Our ONLY president, to receive a pardon, was Nixon!
            Should Rose Mary Woods have been jailed for erasing the Watergate Tapes?
            Should Oliver North have been jailed for selling arms to Ayatollah Khomeini?
            Do you REALLY believe that Dorothy Hunt’s plane crash was an accident?

          2. joe schmo October 21, 2015

            Because they had the integrity to admit a mistake and the integrity to pay for that mistake. Unlike crooked Hillary. What a hypocrite. What a phony. What a liar. I will site the Whitewater scandal and the odd death of Vince Foster to name a few.

            All these lies and the crooked liberals protect these criminals. If this would have been Republicans, they would have been imprisoned, impeached and hung from the highest tree. Being in denial is an ignorant way to go through life.

          3. greenlantern1 October 25, 2015

            Who murdered Vince Foster and tried to frame Hillary?

          4. Renellin October 25, 2015

            I think there is cause for us to look harder at dozens of administrations, not just the white house, but politicians in general. How much do our politicians really get away with in order to retain power–regardless of party?

          5. greenlantern1 October 25, 2015

            We have had ONE, convicted, attorney-general!
            Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!

        2. Renellin October 25, 2015

          As a matter of fact, he was probably a crook in a lot of ways. But as far as Watergate, he had no idea. That was John Dean’s baby. Nixon was kept out of the loop until it was far too late. Did you notice, however, that Nixon resigned because he understood that whether it was his doing or his fault, it was certainly his responsibility, and as President, he put America before his own interests. The man who got us out of VietNam (with faults), went down on his own sword. Why can’t a democrat admit anything until the evidence against him is overwhelming?

          1. greenlantern1 October 25, 2015

            Had no idea?
            Ever hear of the BAY OF PIGS?
            Castro KNEW where the invasion would be!
            He KNEW when it would be!
            He KNEW the men involved!
            He even KNEW the amount of air support?
            Who better to tell him than Hunt and Liddy?
            Why did John Mitchell hire them in the first place?
            Didn’t John Mitchell report to Nixon?
            Are you kidding?

    2. greenlantern1 October 12, 2015

      Remember the Walter Reed scandal?
      Who was president?
      Who was Secretary of the VA?
      Ever read about Charles Forbes?
      He was our ONLY, convicted, Secretary of the Veteran’s Bureau!
      He absconded, with vet money, intended for hospitals@!
      Harding was president!
      The ONLY president, that ordered our troops to fire upon our vets, was President Herbert Hoover!
      Ever read about the BONUS MARCH?

    3. Renellin October 25, 2015

      Maybe it started with Whitewater, or the commodities trading, or travelgate, or the stealing/perusing of everyone’s FBI files, which she has used to blackmail everybody since. If ever there was a perfect candidate for a conspiracy, Hitlery would be the one. Bill Clinton, just as bad, a figure-head so to speak, is only in it for the party.

  24. joe schmo October 19, 2015

    Watch out dems: You think the RINO’s have it hard….


  25. Nypapajoe October 20, 2015

    Now that that the partisan committee to discredit Hillary has been exposed by members of their own party, which has produced nothing to date, just like the other bogus committees on Benghazi, when are the impeachments coming forth to discredit these conspirators, who misappropriated public funds in the Millions of dollars to derail a political career with criminal intent! This monumental effort by the Republicans must be impeached and those responsible criminally prosecuted, because the congress has been used to violate the constitutional rights of a citizen, which should scare the crap out of all of us citizens! If Congressman Issa couldn’t produce one shred of evidence after boosting and threatening and spending $12 Million Dollars, along with the other “Fact Finding Benghazi Committees”, then why are these fools still barking up the wrong tree?

    1. Renellin October 25, 2015

      The blame for the time and expenditures belongs exclusively to government officials who refuse to serve the people. Pleading the fifth, delaying or never producing requested documents, this administration is really special at subterfuge and delay–long enough so people will start complaining about the length of time. I don’t like Hitlery–not at all, but as an American I would stand to protect her, except I truly believe, and have mountains of evidence to support that belief. It’s not about her or Trey Gowdy or anyone specifically. I would stand to defend an American from an unfair charge, and unfortunately, that is simply not applicable here.

      1. Nypapajoe October 25, 2015

        Let’s not forget that the “Purpose” of the Benghazi Committee is to investigate matters regarding Benghazi, but the republican component of this committee has deviated from its intended responsibility to attempt to discredit and derail a fellow citizens political ambitions! No established committee on Benghazi to date has produced a shred of evidence that has in any way incriminated any specific person! Your statement is based on allegations again perpetrated by the very hypocrites, who have violated their oath of office by not defending the constitution, their malfeasance will forever be a blemish on our nation and democracy! The entire republican attempt to discredit Hillary is a sham and an absolute embarrassment! To further perpetrate this debacle only re-enforces the spectacle of hypocrisy! Let us not forget that while these same republicans in office are attempting to prosecute Hillary for her “Emails”, Wall St. Bankers and Cirporations have been engaging in criminal conspiracies that have been investigated, proven and allowed to continue perpetrating other criminal acts with impunity! And who are the ones benefiting from these criminal’s Super PACs, the republicans! The Republican notion of “Conservative Values” have long since been abandoned for a new and improved form of political corruption and malfeasance!

        1. Renellin October 25, 2015

          It has been reported that the republican component of that committee has been the only ones who ever bothered to show up. Can you show where your assertions are documented? Previous committees did not obtain information that this committee has, including Hitlery’s private email server, and her storage of government documents and her erasing in the face of a subpoena, not to mention leaving these government documents, classified and otherwise, as well as super top secret in the hands of lawyers and bathroom closets and plenty of people not authorized to handle them. A mountain of evidence has been discovered and Hitler’s lies have been revealed (no doubt not all of them) This need not be so much about Hitlery as about the shoddy running of government–certainly not confined to democrats, as certainly you will find waste and deceit among the pubs too.
          Regarding corporations, they are private entities. Hitlery was dealing in public documents that have their own set of rules, all of which she didn’t just violate, she acted as if the law does not apply to her. Typical. You speak of superpacs, but you know democrats have widely benefited as well, and I don’t hear you talking about Obama’s billion dollar warchest which in large part came from online donations where the website did not filter out donations from foreign countries, which is against the law?
          Can we at least agree that political corruption and malfeasance are something bad, or negative that Americans should stand against?

  26. joe schmo October 21, 2015

    My question to you all is, why didn’t she act on the situation right away? A little lax isn’t it?

    1. Renellin October 25, 2015

      The November elections. Remember when Bill C ran for office on cutting taxes? After he was elected, he admitted he only said that to get elected.

  27. totherock October 22, 2015

    Do any of you remember the commercial she ran against
    President Obama during the primaries where the red phone was ringing in the
    middle of the night and she asked who do you want answering the call to save
    America (paraphrasing…)? Sorry, by her
    own standards she is unfit for office.

    1. Renellin October 25, 2015

      Both of them. This is the very smear they used against Reagan? Remember Phil Collins the land of confusion? And yet, to my mind the real accomplishments of Reagan are how he protected our troops–in secret–Reagan got little political profit from them, but keeping our promises to the troops was almost a signature to them. I agree, in an emergency, I would not only not want H and O there, I imagine it might be them I should be protecting myself from.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 25, 2015

        She didn’t act on the situation right away because, as she answered, there were no US military security allowed by the Libyan government in Benghazi…Tripoli was the US embassy…not Benghazi you dipshits.

        And because there was NO US military allowed by the Libyan government, it was not possible to know about the attack until AFTER it occured.

        But I do have a question for you two dipshits. Before Clinton left office, he warned both Bush and Cheney of an al Qaeda attack…what the hell was THEIR delay.

        YOu bitches of the right would love to pretend that Nixon wasn’t guilty of Watergate, Reagan wasn’t guilty of IranContraGate and Bush wasn’t guilty of 9/11.

        Your party is flushing itself down the toilet and you did it to yourselves.

        1. Renellin October 26, 2015

          Not so fast, Elasnore. She did act on it right away. One hour into the attack, an agreement was reached about the lie they would eventually tell to cover this event, and both Hitlery and Obama made themselves scarce for plausible deniability. Why don’t you just try being honest for once? You don’t care what Hitlery or O do, you will support them regardless and sneer at anyone who questions them.
          911 happened just about seven months into Bush’s presidency. Whether he could have stopped it somehow instead of picking his cabinet is a matter of ‘what if’. Nixon wasn’t guilty of Watergate, he didn’t even know anything about it–he didn’t know his own guys did it, and they didn’t tell him. However, he did know how to be a president, or at least an executive, a leader, and he recognized that it was his responsibility regardless, so he resigned.
          Did I mention I am not a republican? You have a foul foul mouth elasnore, and like many democrats you like to call people names when you have no argument. *snore*

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 26, 2015

            Renellin needs to get off the Ritalin. Hillary did not plan Benghazi. It isn’t a US embassy. That’s located in Tripoli dipshit. I loathe people like you because you can’t stand to be proven wrong. When those diplomats took 5 security people with them, dipshit, that was ALL dipshit they were allowed by the Libyan government dipshit to have…DIPSHIT…do piss off someone else in your Dixie Belle and Queen of Corn Porn BS land.

        2. tbs January 1, 2016

          Again, you lie as she was asked for more protection and she did nothing to help out on this, for Ambassador Stevens.
          But she sure knew to call her daughter to tell her it was a terrorist attack (that night), then turn around and tell all the public and the parents of those killed, it was a video! How dumb do you think the American public was to hearing more of her lies. Her lies go way, way, back and once a liar, (and getting by with it), always a liar. Cry wolf too many times people get smart.
          Nixon, at east had the class and dignity to resign gracefully! A Democrat does not know the meaning of class and dignity by their dirty actions!
          But most of all stay on point and stop pointing the blame finger
          at everyone else but yourselves. That would be one way you could help heal this country. Your name calling is a real thing in your MO’s when you lose! Get use to losing and get a life where you can do some good like help your neighbor when they need help!

          1. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2016

            No you are the liar. Why did Issa bail after failing to prove ANY wrongdoing by Hilllary? Why did Chaffetz and several others admit the whole idea of Benghazi was to get even for Rice getting taken down by the 9/11 Commission for ignoring 6 memos about an al Qaeda attack in NY City?

            Chaffetz admitted that the GOP was only after Hillary to make sure she couldn’t run iun 2016. Eat her dust you lying sacksofshit.

            First of all, Benghazi doesn’t begin to make up for you liars of the right who effed up when Bush killed off tens of thousands in Iraq for Big oil.

            If you punkasses think I am going to allow your lies to bash Hillary when you can’t even be man enough to admit what Bush did in Iraq was the biggest sham for Halliburton, think again, shitbag.

    2. tbs January 1, 2016

      Absolutely I remember that ad. And to think the pot calling the kettle black..when the newly released Hillary emails, today, showed she slept in the morning after Benghazi (not too interested in the truth or the loss of Ambassador Stevens or the other soldiers) and missed a meeting (do we want a President with no energy to lead?)…

  28. Renellin October 25, 2015

    This is terribly confusing. Death rattle? Exposing Hitlery as a bigger liar than her husband is a made up scandal? This investigation wasn’t originally about the Hill. It started with Obama, and of course both refused to provide any answers to pressing questions. Both H and O lied to the families of the dead Americans. Within an hour of the attack and before it was over 1) they had already decided on their political strategy, and 2) both H and O mysteriously disappeared. Hitlery claims she went home, O’s whereabouts cannot be accounted for. They had the lie down, and held to it for at least nine days. Sent another American citizen to jail–where we have never heard from him again. If she wasn’t such an old democrat queen, I would almost guess it would be the democrats that would lead this charge. Kevin McCarthy–conservatives are just shaking their heads. He has had little if nothing to do, and frankly, I would be okay with kicking him right out. Only because his idiotic statements feed the democrat cause is he believed word for word. Come on libs, dems, progs, whatever you call yourselves–there are a number of smoking guns here, and it doesn’t fall all on Hitlery, but she is right in the thick of it, as is O. The FBI investigation? Very much alive.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 25, 2015

      Perhaps, you have forgotten that in 2002, your own Republican, Thomas Kean, headed that 9/11 Investigation into the attack that killed 4,000 Americans on AMERICAN SOIL? You’d love to forget that Secy of State, Condi Rice was blamed for ignoring 6 warnings of that attack?

      Perhaps you and your snake bite attack dogs think going after Hillary will force her to get out of the presidential race? Why not do yourselves a favor?

      All you CONs need to do is dig up your good ole good ole Jeffie Davis’s bones and stick him out ther for president.

      You people in the Republican states are ignorant, lazy and too stupid to see when your own politicians are ripping you off.

      1. Renellin October 26, 2015

        you are funny!! Condi was not secy of state until 2005. Kean worked closely with Bill Clinton and George Bush. Hitlery has got to face who she is. Democrats attacked Romney for being upset about Benghazi the day following the attack. They made up stories about his high school life, and his dog. Obama claims to eat dogs. I can’t imagine why you think we should dig up a dead person to run for office–aren’t there enough candidates now? Please show us your examples that people living in :Republican States’ are ignorant, lazy, and or stupid, and then explain why you call others bigots when you should be pointing directly at yourself.

      2. tbs January 1, 2016

        Not only are you wrong, but the point now is about Hillary, the election and this administration. Keep on point. But like most libs will try and distract everyone on to something else but the point! The Rep Kevin McCarthy was probably paid off as ALL politicians (BOTH PARTIES) are in Washington and need to be called out for it. Term limits would help it some.

    2. tbs January 1, 2016

      For sure and after seeing her emails, released today, she lied under oath and was in bed the next morning, after the Benghazi attack, and missed a meeting. How worried was she about them dying? NOT at all. These emails have been sequestered far too long by her and she kept dragging her feet to release them because she knew they were harmful to her and Obama. She was warned not nice but twice not to use the personal Blackberry and lied about that. She needs to be held accountable, as Obama should be as well because they both knew they were coving it ALL up!

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