'They're Cloning People Now': QAnon Is Ready For First 2024 Debate

'They're Cloning People Now': QAnon Is Ready For First 2024 Debate

President Joe Biden

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I like to check in on QAnon’s current home (I’m not linking to or naming the site on purpose), so imagine my delight when their attention was focused on the upcoming presidential debate between President Joe Biden and the dangerous insurrectionist Donald Trump.

Trust me, this is good.

The post was titled “Joe Biden Will Be Forced to Stand for 90 Minutes with No Notes, Props, Pen, or Paper and No Interaction with Staff during Presidential Debate,” and yes, that’s how it was capitalized.

Note: These are the rules Biden asked for. But yes, the conservatives who buy into the “cognitive decline” nonsense have convinced themselves that the lack of notes will somehow hamper the president.

Yet they’ve seen Biden in action, like at this year’s State of the Union address, which is why they’re preemptively making excuses. Here’s one:

Good points, though I would guess he will be wired up in someway with answers and responses being fed to him. Also remembering that DJT suggested he have a drug test before hand … pretty sure he will be ‘bumped’ up :)

Truly, “he’s taking magical drugs to perk him up … but only part of the time” is among the dumbest right-wing conspiracy theories of the day.

1. Biden will find excuse/reason to terminate2. Biden camp will be provided the questions ahead of time
3. Biden camp will be provided the questions ahead of time and assistance in the form of a special communication device

Indeed, it is the Trump camp that is terrified of the debate and looking to convince Trump to bail, from Fox News host Sean Hannity to former Trump adviser Steve Bannon.

And remember, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was also accused of getting the questions ahead of time when she plastered Trump in their first debate in 2016, all because she was able to answer such hardball questions as “Why are you a better choice than your opponent to create the kinds of jobs that will put more money into the pockets of American workers?” and “How do you bring back … jobs, American manufacturers?” and “So how do you heal the [racial] divide?”

Trump and his backers think that because he never prepares for anything, other people must also show up unprepared to important events.

But hey, CNN secretly revealed their questions to me, so Trump can get a heads-up as well:

  1. Mr. Trump, you said in 2016 that someone under potential criminal indictment shouldn’t run for president. You’ve now been convicted of multiple felonies and will soon face three additional trials. How do you reconcile your past criticism with your current reality?
  2. Mr. Biden, Americans are feeling the pressures of inflation. What would you say to those who think you haven’t delivered on your promises of economic prosperity?
  3. Mr. Trump, Republicans have suffered electorally since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and eliminated federal protections for abortion. What’s your position on abortion?
  4. Mr. Biden, there are ongoing concerns about your age and your ability to continue performing this demanding job for the next four years. How do you respond?

It’s freakin’ obvious stuff. It’s not our fault that Trump and his QAnon buddies are too lazy and/or ignorant to read the room (or anything of substance, really).

Biden definitely needs a drugs test prior to the debate AND he needs to be physically checked to insure there’s no hidden ear piece.
They will only send the “smartest Biden.”
It will be a double of some sort because that man isn’t able to stand long, talk without notes, or think for himself. He can hardly read a teleprompter.

So when Trump goes on stage and acts perfectly normal and competent, it must also be because of an earpiece, drugs, or a body double—right? Of course not. These people believe a narrative so easily disproved by reality.

I believe that is why he is taking 10 days off ....SO that they can go over the way they want him to answer every question and you know they already have the list of questions) ad nauseum. What is going to be funny is when he answers one question with the answer to another of course the moderators will be instructed to ask the questions in a specific order). You just gotta know they are going to drug him up and put a bug in his ear for sure.

Now the big conspiracy is that Biden is preparing …

President Trump should this say on his first question: ...."First, Thank you for this opportunity. Joe, are you wearing an ear piece?" Even if he isn't, that question from Trump will completely throw him off and he'll be agitated from the beginning! Epic!

Uh, Biden would say, “No. Are you?”


This is a movie. The real Joe is dead, due to a neck stretching at Gitmo and the current Joe is an actor doing his part to make the left believe he's in command. If the debates happen I suspect the current Joe will act just fine. He might show some signs of dimensia, but overall he'll do what he is suppose to do, act right, and not make any gaffs. He will be cognizant of all issues put forth and have some good points to make. Once or twice he will stare off into space just to keep the facade going, but overall he will do just fine. Remember, the movie has been produced and is now being watched by millions. It cannot go off the rails, Q and his team have already figured out what can go wrong and have put failsafes in place. Let's just watch the debates and enjoy a good brand of popcorn. Plus, how else can Q prove to the left that Joe isn't all there than by showing him for ninety minutes flubbing words, and staring off into space. Not too much, but just enough to have the hard Lefties begin to question his capacity to be President.

This is really a phenomenon among QAnon adherents: There are many who believe that Trump is still president. In short, the idea is that Trump saw that the election would be stolen, so he declared a state of emergency and, as a result, is still president, and that everything we’ve seen since 2020 is a continuation of the Trump administration, including the puppet Biden actor obscuring Trump’s real role as president. If you want the full and very crazy story, you can check out this Substack.

Interestingly, this comment goes unanswered. Even some of the most ardent Q supporters are like … “nah, dude.”

Could the demonrats be setting him up to fail, so they can replace him?

Biden challenged Trump to the debate so that he could fail and be replaced. Brilliant!

I was thinking about the debate today. Don't they have devices nowadays that can continuously infuse medication into your body, like hormones and insulin? What if they do something like that to him, instead of injections and stuff that wear off?

If only …

Trump should wear gloves or coat his hand in nonpermeable and touch nothing Trump should eat out of cans for 48 hrs up to event Trump should NOT drink their water but bring his own bottled water Trump should NOT shake hands without nonpermeable coating. Trump should demand Biden take full panel drug test by independent lab like labcorps or better and refuse the debate if Biden declines Trump should let RFK Jr in the debate and be super respectful to RFK jr but not to Biden Trump should bring a fan and aim it at Biden and say the baby smell is distracting...do you smell a diaper change? I can't debate a guy who shit his pants

I’m telling you, “Biden did well because he’s on a drug that makes him sharp, but he takes it only some of the time” is a really weird conspiracy.

People have an earpiece and those special contact lenses.

Uh, what special contact lenses?

He might be a double wearing masks
They must've worked all of the pants-shitting glitches out of Chinese Robo-Biden 3000. Ha!

Ironically, it is Trump who is glitching these days. From a recent rally:

Trump: No water in your faucets. You ever try buying a new home and you turn on. You want to wash your hair or you wanna wash your hands. You turn on the water and it goes drip, drip the soap. You can't get it off your hand. So you keep it running for about 10 times longer. You trying, the worst is your hair. I have this beautiful luxuriant hair and I put stuff on. I put it in lather. I like lots of lather because I like it to come out extremely dry because it seems to be slightly thicker that way. And I lather up and then you turn on this crazy shower and the thing drip, drip and you say I'm gonna be here for 45 minutes. What? There's so much water. You don't know what to do with it. You know, it's called rain. It rains a lot in certain places. But, now their idea, you know, did you see the other day? They just, I opened it up and they closed it again. I opened it, they close it, washing machines to wash your dishes. There is a problem. They don't want you to have any water. They want no water

Damn, Trump sounds even crazier than the QAnon forum posters.

Fine has done nothing but give USA a good look at his condition. There's no drug available that will allow him to compete with a trump. My bets are they will dismiss debates over some sort of disaster

I’ll take that bet.

I believe 3 Bidens out there. The articulate one should be the one showing up for debate.
Isn't there a version of him that is articulate?They're cloning people now.
There are ways to determine if someone is a clone: missing wisdom teeth, flat-footed, abnormal genitalia. Also, their gait will be different from the original.

That’s oddly specific for a thing that doesn’t exist.

He's got at least two in front of him to help him. If Trump sees that Biden is not well, Trump will say we. Need to stop this so can get medical attention- it would be glorious

That makes no sense, and it still makes more sense than Trump on the stump.

He'll be full of Adrenochrome. I heard he literally can't get out of bed without it.

OMG, I just heard that Biden literally can’t get out of bed without adrenochrome. I heard it in a QAnon forum, so you know it’s legit.

Blood transfusion from children. Part of the days long preparation.
Many old, rich globalists are doing this just to stay alive and be able to move and talk.

You just knew antisemitism would eventually show up.

He'll go into the debate in a wheel chair. No way he could stand for 10 minutes.

There are videos of him standing for longer than 10 minutes every freakin’ day. At the State of the Union address, the lights were turned off in the chambers because Biden was standing around socializing—after standing for over an hour while he gave the speech. So what happens when he shows up acting all normal, like he always does? Clones, drugs, masked doubles, etc. …

My guess is the 10 days of no Joe before the debate is them implanting an ear device in him. Probably also a continuous medication pump to prop him up and adjust his meds as needed so he can live through the debate and sound somewhat coherent. The water they will let them have will be spiked with whatever they need and he will be directed at specific times to drink it in order to get the meds into him. He has a whole panic going on behind the scenes around him working to get him through this debate. I waited for him to fail the debates in 2020, and they limped him through. My guess is they will limp him through again and I will be disappointed in their effort when Joe doesn't say something idiotic.

For the record, Biden has been out and about. Not sure where they got the “no Joe for 10 days” thing.

Dude is right, though: He will be disappointed.

A more recent post on the site is titled “Trump should take the drug test before the debate regardless of whether Biden does, to win the worker vote while making Biden look 'elitist' (which americans hate). And here's what he should say too.”

Trump should say, "I want to be your employee. Like many of you around the country, who are subjected to drug testing, I till will submit to drug testing. It's what is fair."As per usual, My opponent thinks he's above this, and thinks he's above the law and the rules and the attitudes and values of our society. He lets his sons many international racketeering financial crimes slide. He himself is involved, but you can't expect the boss to police himself. No. Cheaters always cheat. Biden is probably being pumped full of performance enhancing drugs but you'll never know, because he won't LET you know."
"My administration will take a different approach. I want to tell you everything and let the chips fall where they may. I want to declassify everything and make some arrests, and since they went after me, I don't have to be polite with them anymore"

Yup, that’ll lock up the “worker vote.” I sure hope Trump doesn’t take this advice!

The comment thread to that post is kinda lame, but I did like this one:

I don't understand why he has agreed to debate on cnn but I imagine whatever they have planned is about to backfire spectacularly

There’s always one person who’s like, “wait a second…,” but is then drowned out by stuff like “‘The boss’ should be ‘the big guy’ instead to make a direct reference to the laptop messages,” because QAnon nuts think the rest of America is as knee-deep into their conspiracies as they are.

Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos

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