This Week In Crazy: Santa Claus Is A Real White Person, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. WorldNetDaily

WND worse than a communist

WorldNetDaily, home to countless This Week In Crazy items — and one 2014 Senate campaign — published a surprising take on President Barack Obama over the weekend. According to author Bob Unruh, the president is not a communist (despite what the website may have repeatedly told you).

As it turns out, he’s actually a Nazi.

Unruh comes to that conclusion via an interview with right-wing radio host Chuck Morse, who insists that “I’m not suggesting [Obama] is an anti-Semite. I’m not suggesting he’s going to set up a Holocaust. But putting all that stuff aside, when you strip that away from historical Nazism and look at the political philosophy of Nazism, this is very much what Barack Obama is into.”

Noting that “among Hitler’s themes were the now-familiar “hope” and “change,” Morse insists that “Hitler personally adopted many leftist positions that also appear today, including a vegetarian diet, opposition to smoking and a veneration of organic food.” Just like Obama! (Aside from the smoking and vegetarianism.)

“Let’s be clear,” Morse writes, “Left-progressives today are not responsible for the Holocaust, nor were most well-meaning left-progressives at the time of the Holocaust responsible. Yet, and unquestionably, left-progressivism, as a political philosophy and theory, when enthroned and when holding the reins of absolute power, is largely to blame not only for the Nazi Holocaust but also for most of the programs of Holocaust, Genocide and Democide that have been implemented in the modern era.”

Of course, if you disagree with this crazy theory, WorldNetDaily wants to hear your opinion. A helpful poll at the bottom of the article asks “Which label most accurately describes Barack Obama?” As of Friday afternoon, “Concentrated evil” led with 25 percent, “America-hater” was second with 14 percent, “Fraud” and “Dictator” were tied for third with 7 percent, and “Destroyer,” “Antichrist,” and “Socialist” were next with 5 percent. Exactly one person had voted “President, and that alone deserves honor.”

Sandy Rios

Sandy Rios

American Family Association radio host Sandy Rios takes the number four spot this week, for finally proving Godwin’s Law with respect to the War on Christmas.

Speaking to AFA head Tim Wildmon, Rios insisted that the War on Christmas — which is totally a real thing — is “exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany.”

“He told the churches you can practice what you do in your homes…but I will be in charge of the country,” Rios explained. She added that “it’s also what the communists said in Russia.” She did not explain, however, what any of that has to do with the War on Christmas.

Still, now that we know that Barack Obama is a Nazi, and the Nazis started the War on Christmas, doesn’t Fox News make much more sense?

Audio of Rios’ comments is available at Right Wing Watch.

Mo Brooks

Although polls suggest otherwise, U.S. Represenative Mo Brooks (R-AL) is certain that the Affordable Care Act will be an apocalytic disaster for the Democratic Party. In fact, he told radio host Steve Malzberg on Monday, the law will be so catastrophic that President Obama is going to start a war to distract America from it.

The midterm elections are “going to be a disaster and so the Democrats, they need a shutdown, they need something dramatic — perhaps a war — something that will deflect public attention from how bad this socialized medicine is, this scheme that they have set forth,” he explained.

Of course, if President Obama does need a well-timed war, then Brooks has some suggestions. One day after warning of a false-flag operation, Brooks returned to Capitol Hill to warn that President Obama’s efforts to bring Iran’s nuclear weapons program to a peaceful end could start World War III.

“What can you say to Israel and the rest of our allies in the Middle East to convince them…that America is not ignoring history and repeating the 1930s Neville Chamberlain-like pattern of appeasement and retreat that helped trigger World War II and the death of tens of millions of people around the world?” he asked Secretary of State John Kerry.

H/t: Right Wing Watch.

John Shimkus

Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius appeared on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, to testify about the Affordable Care Act before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Health. It didn’t take long for her to remember why she was reduced to begging “Don’t do this to me” the last time she testified before the House.

When Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) got his turn to interrogate Sebelius, he immediately became frustrated with her infuriating tendency to try to answer his questions. After repeatedly interrupting her, an exasperated Shimkus set off a shouting match by lamenting “It’s like talking to the Republic of Korea or something.”

As Shimkus should know, the Republic of Korea — better known as South Korea — is a close American ally with whom we don’t have much trouble talking. But the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, better known as North Korea, is a different matter.

In any case, someone should be offended by Shimkus’ jab.
Megyn Kelly

This week’s “winner” is Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who made history on the Wednesday edition of her show by becoming the first person to ever take up arms in the Race War On Christmas.

While discussing a Slate article in which author Aisha Harris questions Santa Claus’ image as a white man, Kelly — who is 43 years old, and should presumably understand that Santa is not a real man who flies magic reindeer and slides down chimneys — decided that she had to push back.

“For all you kids watching at home, Santa just is white,” Kelly insisted. “But this person is maybe just arguing that we should also have a black Santa. But, you know, Santa is what he is, and just so you know, we’re just debating this because someone wrote about it, kids.” Somebody think of the children!

Just in case you weren’t clear on the whole “white = good” thing, Kelly also claimed, “You know, I mean, Jesus was a white man too.”

One could easily explain to Kelly why that’s probably not true, but questioning religion usually doesn’t go well on Fox News.

Check out previous editions of This Week In Crazy here. Think we missed something? Let us know in the comments!


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