Trump Smears Smith, Lies About Ukraine And Boasts Of Raising Gas Prices

Trump Smears Smith, Lies About Ukraine And Boasts Of Raising Gas Prices

Former president Donald Trump at Georgia Republican convention

Twice-indicted, twice-impeached Donald Trump spoke yesterday to North Carolina and Georgia Republicans.

His speeches have always been gibberish, and these have been no different.

Here he tries to play lawyer. Maybe there’s a reason he keeps losing lawyers as he law-splains’ to them what is going on.

Hillary Clinton’s emails!

Shockingly, the crowd doesn’t chant “lock her up!” Maybe they’re realizing that it’s their guy getting locked up.

Anyway, the real criminal here is Mike Pence. And President Joe Biden. And he literally accuses Biden of doing exactly what Trump’s indictment says he did.

Now he’s lying about Ukraine using up “all” of our ammunition, and then accuses Biden of getting “large amounts of money from Ukraine.” Trump will never get over Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelenskyy refusing to go along with his scheme to frame Hunter Biden in a non-existent investigation.

Also, he would have a peace deal in 24 hours.

Ha ha ha! Fox News cuts in mid-speech to fact check Trump’s claims of election interference. They're feeling the sting of their Dominion Voting Systems legal settlement.

You can sense Fox News dwindling viewers changing channels to one of those non-woke networks like Newsmax or One America News. I do wonder when the libel lawsuits will eventually destroy those two.

There was also a North Carolina speech, where the fun continued.

Here he says that we should’ve gone to war against Venezuela to “take their oil,” and then brags about getting Russia and Saudi Arabia to raise gas prices.

He literally brags about raising oil prices to “save the oil companies”!

Let’s pause a moment to appreciate that the Republican Party, crying about high gas prices during the midterm, worship their cult hero who brags about demanding higher gas prices.

Then he complaints Biden lowered gas prices by releasing strategic oil reserves before the election.

Uh, thanks for the campaign ad material, Donnie boy!

Now he wants to kill American tourist industry.

Anyone have a clue about what this 15 percent would apply to? We already make a fortune from tourists. Pre-COVID, foreign visitors spent $233.5 billion in the U.S., or $640 million every single day. I suspect we’re close or back to those pre-pandemic levels.

So anyway, yes, Trump is back. But I certainly like it a lot better now that he’s under double-indictment. Regardless, beating him won’t be easy, so we need the reminder that he is an existential threat to this country we love so much. And while it’s fun to watch Republicans beat up on each other, and there’ll be plenty of that in the coming months, we’ll need to be ready to gear up soon to challenge this grave threat.

Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos


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