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Trump Ad In Ohio: John Kasich Is A Loser!

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Trump Ad In Ohio: John Kasich Is A Loser!


Donald Trump’s new campaign ad in Ohio makes the ultimate accusation against Gov. John Kasich.

“After John Kasich helped Wall Street predator Lehman Brothers destroy the world economy, he decided to run for governor of Ohio,” the announcer says. “John Kasich has been an absentee governor, spending most of his time everywhere but Ohio…”

And then, the knife goes in: “…especially Michigan, the latest disaster in his failing presidential bid.” Calling Kasich a loser in Michigan, where he came in third place behind the winner Trump and second-place candidate Ted Cruz despite his heavily targeting of the state with a regional Rust Belt appeal, seems to be purposeful slam.

This ad also pointedly undermines the GOP’s new national strategy of going after Trump with specific candidates in targeted states, as the race enters the phase of winner-take-all primary states, in order to trigger the complex processes of a brokered convention in which no candidate has a majority.

Trump’s message to the voters: Kasich is a loser, so why would you want to vote for him? Get with the winner.

The ad closes: “Kasich gave Ohio Obamacare, and increased our budget more than any other governor in the U.S. We don’t need him in Ohio — and we certainly don’t need him in Washington. John Kasich — just another all-talk, no-action politician.”



  1. Darsan54 March 11, 2016

    Lord, the election process is eating itself.

    1. blacktalk March 14, 2016

      No, we are fighting to keep our country from totalitarianism! Wake up!

  2. thebe59 March 13, 2016

    Thank you Donald for going after Kasich. He is far more electable than you in the Nationals and we don’t want another Republican president … EVER.

    1. blacktalk March 14, 2016

      Kasich isn’t eligible to shine Donald’s shoes, he practically destroyed the economics of the country, when he was a managerat goldman sachs. You are really a low information fool who knows nothing about this guy at all. People as poorly informed as you, shouldn’t be allowed to vote! If you had to take an intelligence test to vote you wouldn’t pass!

    2. blacktalk March 14, 2016

      He’s so far behind Donald Trump, it’s laughable! Maybe someone you know who can read, can help you out! He hasn’t won any states, Trump has won 13!

  3. blacktalk March 14, 2016

    Kasich such a loser, will give citizenship to all illegals within his first 100 days! Oh goodie just what we need more illegals on welfare paid for on the backs of the American working people! He was for Tpp, which will destroy the sovereignty of the US, cause millions of jobs to go to non Americans, lose millions of dollars in trade, a very dangerous bill! He sold Ohio down the river to the feds, if it wasn’t for the oil, Ohio would be in worse shape than it is!


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