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Trump ‘Charm’ Offensive Will Not Work With Women

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Trump ‘Charm’ Offensive Will Not Work With Women


“You know, it really doesn’t matter what (the media) write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass,” Donald Trump philosophized during an interview with Esquire magazine.

The Republican presidential nominee has made many far less gentlemanly references to women’s anatomy, all easily found online. This one ranks in the middle of the pack as measured by the vulgarity meter — and quite low on the maturity scale.

Guess what. Women don’t appreciate that sort of commentary. That would include many white Republican women who, in presidential elections past, could be counted on to vote for the Republican.

The Democrat usually wins the female vote as a whole, but Republican women have prevented such deficits from turning into a rout. That is not a given this time. One more consideration: In the 2012 presidential election, some 10 million more women voted than men. That’s all women put together.

Trump’s recent “charm” offensive — which in his terms means talking about Latinos and blacks without racist smears attached — will not make many educated women think, “Well, maybe he’s not so appalling.” That’s in part because this group has been following the Trump trajectory and in part because the Clinton campaign will replay the tapes again and again.

More to the point, women will rehear the lava flow of Trump’s narration on women’s appearance and on genitals — his own and others’. They will hear over and over about his “adult” lifetime of salivating over models and beauty queens and, on at least one unpleasant occasion, his daughter. This memory lane is longer than the Pacific Crest Trail.

Here’s another sampling, provided by Tucker Carlson: After Carlson made fun of Trump’s hair on CNN, Trump left him a message. “But I get more pussy than you do.”

Trump’s problem with many Republican women is not political incorrectness. It’s not some largely harmless bit of ribaldry. It’s that any woman who’s been around the block once or twice can see the guy’s got a screw loose.

Note that in Trump world, women are not necessarily bad. They’re just not players. The women are there to be seduced and discarded as a way to score points against other wannabe alpha males.

As for the so-called security moms, one can’t see those women wanting Big Hands anywhere near the nuclear button. That’s in addition to his obvious ignorance of foreign and domestic issues, something that would disqualify even a totally nice fellow from the presidency.

Trumpsters, please spare us the comparisons to Bill Clinton. Clinton strayed from his marital vows in conventional ways. No one is pinning a medal on his chest for these liaisons, but they were intended to be private matters. Clinton did not publicly brag about his escapades.

Back to Trump’s demographic problem: Mitt Romney won 93 percent of Republican women’s votes four years ago — and lost. After the recent Republican convention, only 72 percent of Republican women polled said they’d vote for Trump. And since then, Trump’s lead over Hillary Clinton among Republican women has actually shrunk by 13 percentage points.

This is understandably of great concern to Trump’s new campaign manager. The new toxic-lite Trump is intended to settle the stomachs of more Republican and independent women, especially in places like the Philadelphia suburbs in the swing state of Pennsylvania.

Thing is, Clinton is all over places like Philadelphia ready to refresh women’s memories of the pre-charm-offensive Trump — assuming the erratic Trump does not do it for her.

In any case, Trump never did charm very well. The offense part is down pat. And as they say, the bell cannot be unrung.

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Photo: Michael Coghlan

Froma Harrop

Froma Harrop’s nationally syndicated column appears in over 150 newspapers. Media Matters ranks her column 20th nationally in total readership and 14th in large newspaper concentration. Harrop has been a guest on PBS, MSNBC, Fox News and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and is a frequent voice on NPR and talk radio stations in every time zone as well.

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  1. FireBaron August 25, 2016

    Trump? Offensive to women? Why, he loves women, especially the ones he describes as “hotties”! And, as more Republican women consider themselves “hot” than do Democratic women, they should be his natural constituency! I mean, as long as they don’t mind being the subject of his bragging rights.

    1. Mama Bear August 25, 2016

      Women who have no or very low self-esteem think that being the object of a man’s “bragging rights” is flattering to their “womanhood”. Think Dugger women.

      1. dpaano August 25, 2016

        The big problem with Trump is that he doesn’t realize that some women will sleep with any man with money! It has to do with “power” and not because of any other reason! Unfortunately, these women are not the most intelligent in the pack! They’re just there to get what they can from the man and then when he dumps them for a “younger” model, they can at least brag that they slept with “Mr. Big!” Sorry, folks, but that ain’t my bag…..I wouldn’t sleep with Trump if he paid me millions of dollars (even in my younger, stupider days)!! I just don’t truly understand why any woman would want to get anywhere near this narcissistic idiot!!! It does NOT bode well for any of them in the long run!

        1. idamag August 25, 2016

          Trump hunk report card – looks = F, charm = F, intellect + F, money = A. Some men know their women love them for who they are. Trump, not so much. If he was Joe the Plumber, his type of woman would go “EEuw.

  2. Mama Bear August 25, 2016

    Trump is absolutely NOT an alpha-male. My 8 pound Yorkie is more an alpha male than he is. Alpha males don’t have to brag that they are alpha males, they just quietly take their place at the front of the pack….

    1. idamag August 25, 2016

      I used to have a Yorkie. He didn’t know he was little.

      1. Mama Bear August 26, 2016

        fearless, mine was fearless. He would stand up any anything and anyone if I didn’t have control of him. I had an Irish Wolfhound at the same time and he did whatever the Yorkie ordered him to do.

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 25, 2016

    Trump is stupid enough to think that he can refer to a woman as nothing more than sexual property one day, and expect women(and real men) to forget that statement and attitude the next day.

    This dark side of his(there are so many) proves from another perspective that he is as dense as a cement block, and obviously this alone disqualifies him from any position of authority, except perhaps dog-catcher.

    It should be as obvious as the noon-day sun on a clear day that most woman on the face of the planet are individually more intelligent and wise than he, plus any of them possess far more intelligence than he, the “informed voter”, “The Goat”, and “Ms. AgLander” COMBINED!

    1. idamag August 25, 2016

      Didn’t we use to call horny, crude men goats?

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 25, 2016

        Come to think of it, yes. I just love seeing Donald and company getting so desperate. Beats Reality TV any day.

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 25, 2016

    On another note—A Toxic Lite Trump is the same as pouring out half a beaker of sulfuric acid and expecting what’s left to be okie dokie.
    Unfortunately for Trump, the laws of chemistry don’t work that way and he’s still stuck with a corrosive make-up that will dissolve him, like water did to the Witch of the West.

    Sorry, Lord Fauntleroy—you’ve made your acid bed and now you have to sleep in it. Maybe, you’ll be kind enough to make room for Putin, the Goat, and other assorted barn yard animals.

  5. Dan S August 25, 2016

    So now we have the first narcissistic playboy candidate for President. Honestly GOP is this the best you can offer us as your best nominee ? ????

    1. Mama Bear August 25, 2016

      ‘fraid so, and most of them just adore him.

    2. idamag August 25, 2016

      Trump and Breitbart is who they are.

  6. Otto T. Goat August 25, 2016

    Trump is disliked by ugly women and emasculated/gay men.

    1. Bill P August 25, 2016

      So you admit that you really do dislike Trump!

      1. Otto T. Goat August 25, 2016

        It’s funny you can’t handle the truth.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 25, 2016

          It’s not funny that you and Trump wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face.
          Other than that, you probably have derogatory attitudes about your mom, female relatives and other women the same as Trump
          Which begs the question” “Do you agree with Trump’s assessment that women are simply “a piece of ass?” If so, then it follows logically that you think of your own mother with the same disdain.

        2. Jon August 25, 2016

          Is it true that Ann Coulter doesn’t charge Trump for being one of his servants?

        3. Bill P August 26, 2016

          Just commenting on your reason for disliking Drumpf. Your sexual preference is your own choice. Your comment is a bad impression of Jack Nicholson in A few Good Men and doesn’t make any sense.

  7. idamag August 25, 2016


  8. Joan August 25, 2016

    Most women have one thought when confronted by Trump eeu.


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