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Trump Is Like King Henry VIII Revived — Without The Charm

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Trump Is Like King Henry VIII Revived — Without The Charm

Trump, King Henry VIII

WASHINGTON — It’s a good thing to be king, holding court high in a gold tower. And the 45th American president, Donald Trump, reminds me of one English Tudor king, known for his reddish hair, huge body heft, six wives of various nationalities and, um, forceful personality.

Trump is like King Henry VIII revived — without the charm the early Henry famously had. But there are parallels: Henry had France across the water to warily watch and, of course, Trump has Vladimir Putin’s Russia and his reckless wish to start a nuclear arms race. Is he going to make an enemy out of a friend before he takes office? One difference, however, is that Henry set sail to lead his men in battle. That’s what kings did.

The history major in me feels compelled to note this male bonding over the span of five centuries and a mighty ocean.

Let’s get used to it. Donald Trump behaves much like the first American king. With his mean-spirited tweets, threats and contradictions of U.S. policy as president-elect, he’s messaging to the American people that there will be no limits as ruler. What about losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by nearly three million votes? No problem! We will all be his subjects, forced to endure outrages at all hours as he tweets from his tower — and when he deigns, the White House.

Trump resembles King Henry VIII in his ferocity and willingness to follow his whims wherever they go. Once the 6’2″ Henry cut a fine figure on a horse hunting a hart. Can the same be said of Trump on a golf course? (Let’s not answer that.) Henry also was a lover and player of music, even a composer. Enchanting poetry wafted through the halls of his court, notably that of Sir Thomas Wyatt, author of “To His Coy Mistress.”

Our man has neither poetry nor music to compensate for his rough edges.

A real Renaissance man in his time and prime, Henry VIII is characterized as a “supreme egoist” by the Columbia Encyclopedia. He did pretty much as he pleased, in epic proportions. To marry the clever, witty, beautiful Anne Boleyn, he defied the pope’s decree to keep his marriage vows to the Spanish Catherine of Aragon, setting off the Protestant Reformation.

In my book, headstrong Henry gets credit for breaking with Rome. But as the same source tells us: “He advanced personal desires under the guise of public policy.”

Practicing personal desires and goals in public policy: Would Trump ever do such a thing? My fear is, that’s all he knows. Pursuing his own enrichment, power and glory is all that he’s ever done. Public service is a whole new concept.

Henry had two queens arrested and beheaded in the Tower of London. It was not right or just, but he was king. To show women he wasn’t all bad, he educated his daughter Elizabeth so she was ready to take the crown when he died — morbidly obese and mad — at age 55.

Perhaps this is most intriguing parallel is, that both the once and future monarchs had a daughter that mattered greatly.

Trump is already treating his two sons and son-in-law like princes with security clearances to the court and his personal treasure. Yet he proudly lavishes the most attention and responsibility on his daughter Ivanka, as if grooming her for leadership on the national stage. Sure, Ivanka is no Elizabeth — Elizabethan England still shines as a golden age. But she’s not as bad as her dad.

“King” used to be a hated word, for Thomas Jefferson and other founders of our democracy. But the times, they are a-changin’.

Short may Trump reign.

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IMAGE: Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump poses for a photo after an interview with Reuters in his office in Trump Tower, in the Manhattan borough of New York City, U.S., May 17, 2016. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson 



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 1, 2017

    The king is dead-Not long may he reign

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 1, 2017

    Henry the Eighth is dead and America doesn’t need a king, least of all an unprincipled, greedy, narcissistic, and lewd one.

    The Founding Fathers made a serious mistake in contriving an illegitimate electoral system fashioned on the basis of an immoral practice—slavery. By planting the seeds of this time-bomb called the Electoral College, an illegitimate President has been anointed, with a lot of illegitimate help from an illegitimate regime from abroad.

    Going forward, America will have put on a throne its first thoroughly illegitimate President and emperor—King Trump I.

    1. Shanarhernandez January 1, 2017

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    2. dbtheonly January 1, 2017

      Not as much Henry VIII as maybe James II? Henry was indubitably legitimate and well thought of by most of his subjects. James was fanatically loved by some and treated with suspicion by most.

      Trump is legitimate. We’ve had that discussion. Say rather, unfit.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 1, 2017

        Since it is hard to quantify the impact of false information dissemination on the minds of voters, and with the jury still out on the extent and full nature of hacking activities, I would be very hesitant to declare Trump legitimate. Especially when we consider that an artifice contrived to appease slave-holders in the past was the final arbiter.
        Maybe he’s legitimate technically according to the electoral college, but the popular vote indicates that he lost. One man/woman, one vote should be the sole qualifier in a modern-day democracy—still a novel concept in America.

        1. dbtheonly January 1, 2017

          I took care of flagging the spam response.

          The 3/5 rule was adopted to satisfy the slave holding States. The Senate and Electoral College were the price of getting small States, specifically Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Delaware, as I recall, to join the Union.

          So, James II, Henry VIII, or Ethelred, the Ill Advised?

          1. Elliot J. Stamler January 1, 2017

            It is precisely the sop to the small states at the constitutional convention that you reference that will prevent de facto the adoption of any future constitutional amendment to end the electoral college. I regret this but it’s true. The small states including the Democratic states are sufficiently numerous to prevent the required 3/4th ratification of such an amendment were it to pass in Congress.

          2. dbtheonly January 1, 2017

            Sop? Your attitude is shows the very reason that small States needed protections against the arrogance of the larger and stronger States.

            Look at the name of the country: United States of America. Did you catch that “States” part? The Declaration of Independence? Free and independent States, plural. Amendment 10 to the Constitution?

            It strikes me that your argument might better be taken up with Madison, Franklin, and Washington. You’re dissatisfied with the job they did.

          3. Elliot J. Stamler January 2, 2017

            Of course I, and every witting and educated person, is now and has long been, dissatisfied with SOME of what the founding fathers did…that is WHY the constitution has been amended about 29 times since the original articles were passed.
            Where did you get your education….Liberty or Regent University or maybe…Trump University????

          4. dbtheonly January 2, 2017

            All of which Amendments were vital and necessary. See 3rd & 18th. Mr. Madison’s work has held up quite well.

            You can waste your time making mindless insults and think yourself erudite.

            You can waste your time complaining about a system that worked pretty much as designed, although not to your desires.

            You can waste your time watching “Suicide Squad”.

            Or you can quit wasting your time.

          5. Elliot J. Stamler January 2, 2017

            You are just another Trump neo-fascist, self-important jerk.

          6. dbtheonly January 2, 2017

            Mindless insults.

            Last refuge of the incompetent.

          7. Elliot J. Stamler January 2, 2017


          8. dbtheonly January 2, 2017

            Obscene mindless insults!

            You dazzle us with your vocabulary and your brilliance.

            Apparently incompetent was being generous.

  3. FireBaron January 1, 2017

    OK, GOP. Your guy won. Now get over it. Once he starts taking away the things your Great-Grandparents, Grandparents and Parents fought for you to have the right to, you will understand what I mean.
    Remember, this guy’s grandfather was a Brothel keeper. His father fought to keep “redlining” in place, especially in regard to Jewish, Black and Hispanic property buyers. Now, we have the serial sexual assaulter ready to assume leadership of the “Free World.” And to think, many of you ran screaming in terror when George H. W. Bush articulated “the New World Order.” Get used to the Teflon Donnie method of doing things.

    1. Budjob January 1, 2017

      To the people that you know voted for this scumbag,just say,”I TOLD YOU SO” !!

      1. TZToronto January 1, 2017

        Yes, but say it in a whisper. You’ll never know who’s listening.

        1. Budjob January 1, 2017

          I can assure you,they WILL hear it! This mouth is always locked,and loaded!

          1. Melissarseymour January 2, 2017

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          2. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

            Budjob…Mine too. I am too old now to hold my tongue. Actually, I earned the right to let fly. I figure when you pass 50, you earned the right to speak your mind and make sure those in hearing distance get it before you shove a foot up their moron butts.

          3. Budjob January 2, 2017

            Eleanore,You sound as if you have your head screwed on straight! Fight the fight girl!

          4. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

            You know how writers are…we are most dangerous when we are writing. That’s how WaterGate was outed. The difference is that the Republicans burglarized the DNC headquarters at the WaterGate Hotel but the seriousness of the Republicans burglarizing the DNC emails using the Russians to do it, doesn’t get more dangerous than that.

            These hicks are asking for the butt kicking they will get.

          5. Budjob January 3, 2017

            Amen sister,AMEN!!

  4. Patrick Drazen January 1, 2017

    I thought Andrew Marvell wrote “To His Coy Mistress”… And I wish Comrade Tramp had a fraction of the Tudor class and learning. Ever since he started his mad dash to be President, I’ve felt that his story was best forecast in “Citizen Kane”, especially the desire for “Love on my terms”.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

      On New Year’s Day, this dipwad Trump actually had the gall to admit brazenly to treason. He said in his Tweet, “I know more about the hacking than anyone.”

      Right there he proves he KNEW about it before it happened. He knew because he and the RNC masterminded it.

  5. ivory69690@yahoo.com January 1, 2017

    didn’t thy chop off King Henry the 8th head ? to do that to DONNY DUMP you need a big toilet bowl to flush it in . then again just put it up THE DUMPSTER’S own AZZ that’s where it is all the time anyways

    1. Mama Bear January 1, 2017

      great visual:)

    2. TZToronto January 1, 2017

      No, he kept his head when he died. He died at the age of 55, probably of chronic heart failure.

      1. dbtheonly January 1, 2017

        Henry did the chopping. It was Charles I who went to the block.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

          I read the bio on Charles I. They hated him because he married a Spanish princess who was Catholic.

          1. dbtheonly January 2, 2017

            I thought Henrietta Maria was French. I’ll look it up tonight. James II married a Spaniard, didn’t he? But yes, the Catholic threat to Britain was a major concern well into the 18th Century.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

            I am wrong. It was Charles II, who married a Spanish princess, Katherine of Briganza.

          3. dbtheonly January 2, 2017

            Who’s biography did you read? There are several good ones.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

            Db…I am terrible at remembering author’s names. I think it might have come from a book entitled “America Enters the World.”

            I’m a definite lover of all things British History. I find the study of each of the royals so interesting. Charles II was not exactly a “one woman man,” if you know what I mean. He had several mistresses and yet, it was his wife, Katherine, to whom he paid most honor and loyalty. I believe during his reign there was a terrible fire that nearly burned London to the ground. It was Charles II who not only helped put the fire out; but, he also spent every dollar in his meager treasury to rebuild it in stone rather than the wood it had been constructed from.

          5. dbtheonly January 2, 2017

            There are several biographies of Charles I. Lady Antonia Fraser did one and CV Wedgewood did another. If I recall, Wedgewood’s was extremely pro-Charles. Fraser also did a biography of Oliver Cromwell, so reading the two together ought to give you a balanced view. The Oxford History of England, Early Stuarts, is the “go to” book for a detailed, but readable overview of James I, Charles I, and the Protectorate. Later Stuarts cover Charles II, James II, William and Mary and Anne. I still remember getting the complete set from the UK. Cost me more to have them shipped than the actual cost, but all 17 volumes in one bite was extremely appealing. Flexner’s Vol III of his biography of Washington cost me more than the other three put together.

            I don’t recall that Charles II was hated, but my suggestion that Trump resembles James II ought to give you my ideas there.

          6. Elliot J. Stamler January 8, 2017

            Eleanore, saying King Charles II had “several mistresses” is like saying that Jenna Jameson had several sexual partners. He wasn’t called the Merry Monarch for nothing.

          7. Elliot J. Stamler January 8, 2017

            Yes, Henrietta Maria was the sister of the French king. I think James’s wife was Italian: Mary of Modena.

          8. dbtheonly January 8, 2017

            Quite right.

    3. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

      No. King Henry the Eight died of obesity. He was grossly overweight and also suffered painful gout over the years.

      Donald Trump could get down on his knees and beg for cooperation and he still wouldn’t get it.

  6. Mama Bear January 1, 2017

    Even when he produces disaster for his followers no one…NO ONE will admit it. He will make a recession sound like boom times and his followers will say “yes…it just hasn’t hit my hometown yet but it will” 2017 marks the beginning of the neo-dark age.

    1. dbtheonly January 1, 2017

      Mama, I doubt any section of the country will escape the Trump disaster. The pollution resulting from destroying the EPA if nothing else.

      Please tell me how you like Gallup NM, when you visit. I’m not opposed to retiring there myself.

      1. Mama Bear January 1, 2017

        I will let you know what I think, but from all I can read NM could be a very wonderful spot.

        1. dbtheonly January 1, 2017

          Have a safe trip, but carry a couple of extra gallons of water if you’re headed into the back country. The desert will kill.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

        DB…actually, think about this. The NY/NJ Metro area is now safer than any other part of the country from terrorist attacks. Trump Tower has the air spaces so glutted with US military planes and black ops that no terrorist would even bother to try and attack. And, the other reason is that the Metro area already recovered all too quickly from 9/11 and is all the more secure because of it.

        But, the states that are most vulnerable now are TX, OK, ND and the oil states since they are the least protected by national security. It is kind of amusing when you think about it. The same hicks who wanted Trump for President made our states up north far safer and their far LESS secure from terrorist attacks.

        My prediction is that TX will be No. 1 to be attacked. It is OIL the terrorists gripe that is their cause of their hostility. And, let’s be honest, Texas is also not exactly friendly to their religion. Yep. I’d say Texas will be next. If for no other reason, than that an attack can come out of the southern air ways that are far less protected by the FAA.

        1. dbtheonly January 2, 2017

          No particular argument here Ms. E. Though I don’t necessarily see the disaster as terrorist driven. A leak of toxic chemicals from a fracking site, for example. Nothing more needed than good old American greed and corner-cutting. Mine safety?

          The foreseeable “accident” is at least as likely as a terrorist action.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

            Trump’s biggest problem is what he thinks he will craft: That he will tell US what to do. That only works in corporations where employees live in fear of losing their jobs. We’ve already lost his rigged election and have nothing more to lose. So, if Trump and his bossy generation of malfunctionaly morons think they will just FORCE their will on us, they don’t know Americans. We already have a huge history of revolte behind us from the Revolutionary War colonials who fought for independence from King George to the southern rebels who fought for their states’ rights to keep and own human beings.

            Their biggest problem is that they know believe there are NO consequences for their moronic ideas of autonomous power. You know as well as I do, Trump is guilty of treason on several levels. What kind of American EVER sides with a murderer like Putin? What kind of Americans publicly bashed the President of the US and jacks the ego of his Russian pimp?

      3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 2, 2017

        Interesting that you should mention Gallup. I was in Albuquerque for a 2nd visit just this past June, and enjoyed it thoroughly. The entire state is enchanting like the state’s motto says. Arizona is less enchanting, unfortunately for now.

        1. dbtheonly January 2, 2017

          I spent some time in the four corners area a while ago. Mama Bear was asking about a “bluer” area to line in with National Parks nearby and a cheap cost of living.

          The coasts then not to be cheap. The Mid-Atlantic is cheaper, but aside from Civil War battlefields doesn’t have much in National Parks. So I suggested Gallup, as the closest city to the various reservations. National Parks galore. Monument Valley is a Navajo Park, but still counts. Meteor Crater is private, but still a fun day. It’s just the cost of living might be a problem and the desert is a killer.

  7. Elliot J. Stamler January 1, 2017

    First, as a lifelong avocational student of history I think the author has written a very perceptive and substantially accurate article.
    Second, although the institutions of law and parliament existed in Henry’s time he entirely subverted them..and of course at the time those institutions were far more anemic than today.
    Trump with the enthusiastic help of his Republicans in Congresss will probably get his way at least some of the time as did Henry who reigned for her near 40 years to die peacefully in his bed. Trump will enfeeble the rule of law as did Henry through packing the Federal courts with his sycophants although he won’t be able to behead any American Thomas Mores.
    But—it is not impossible nor improbable, that Trump, the worst extremist and most malicious human being to ever become president may meet a fate not dissimilar to plenty of other English kings. No, he won’t be deposed in a revolution like Charles I.
    But read of the fates of Edward II, Richard II, Henry VI and Edward V and you will see
    other monarchs who did NOT die peacefully in their beds.
    I think it quite possible if and when Trump begins to disassemble and trample on the Constitution, there will be not one but PLENTY of American Claus von Stauffenbergs to see to it that he is not as successful as was Henry VIII. (And as disclaimer to any Trump scum and vermin reading this: my last sentence is not in any fashion a threat-it is simply my constitutionally-protected opinion of an eventual possibility and if you don’t like it. Trump vermin, choke on it.)

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 2, 2017

      Well said, and very helpful chronology and most insightful.

  8. jointerjohn January 1, 2017

    I think it is quite possible that if Trump persists in his egomaniacal one-man-show approach to the Presidency, Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell might take him aside and give him an ultimatum. Shut up, hand over your device and with it your Twitter access, or we will make you into the most quickly impeached president in history. After all, they have that lousy little weasel Mike Pence standing in the wings who will do what he is told, he has no backbone. It is not what they would prefer to do, but it may be the fastest way to save their party.

  9. Theodora30 January 2, 2017

    Actually Henry divorcing Katherine to marry Ann Boleyn was not just about his personal desires. He really did need a male heir to ensure his succession. Popes granting divorces for poltical reasons was not unusual but that Pope was aligned with Spain. Henry’s father had put an end to decades of civil war (War to the Roses) and had to continually contend with attempts to deligitimize his reign. Henry VIII would have been crazy to not worry about the instability a lack of a male heir would bring to England. It is ironic that it was his daughter who solidified the country, but no one could have predicted that a woman could have done that.
    That does not excuse Henry’s subsequent extreme, erratic behavior but up until his marriage to Anne he was not a horrible tyrant. There is speculation that Henry became much more erratic as a result of the very severe head injury he suffered during a jousting match after marrying to Anne. His unpredictable behavior after that time is consistent with that explanation. In addition he suffered greatly from a leg wound that would not heal.
    In contrast Trump has always been erratic, ignorant and concerned only with himself. Maybe he got hit in the head as a kid with a golf ball??

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

      King Henry the Eighth DID have an heir. Her name was Elizabeth I, the Queen of England’s Golden Age. A woman who learned how to deal with her enemies by slicing off their heads and getting rid of the Male Papal domination over religion.

      It was Elizabeth I, who brought over 3 decades of peace and prosperity to her country, At the time her father died, England was at war with France and had to resort to marrying a Spanish Queen in order to keep peace with Spain.

      So, history repeats itself. Hillary lost this election. Now the right wing should be satisfied that they got their way just like Henry the Eighths court of royals who never expected Henry’s rightful spouse to die and make his illegitimate bastard daughter Queen.

      Expect the next woman to be smeared. That’s what teenage male mentalities always do when they refuse to allow females in positions of authority. Their problem this time is they’ve been there and done that for 8 years to Hillary and Obama. Now, they face the reality that their extreme “tactics” have only fired up women more than ever. They try their smears now and women will become like Tokyo Rose and Mata Hari and expose every tiny detail of their dirty laundry.

      Women may have lost their chance to break up the male domination in government for now. But, take a look at how many women are in the House and Senate and once they outnumber the men, justice will have been served.

  10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 2, 2017

    Whenever and wherever Trump appears in the media, the first thing that comes to mind is an oaf with an imperious and haughty demeanor, short on intellect and courtesy, as though he’s aching to reprise the role of Napoleon for all of America.

    The Europeans(aside from the mentally impeded like the current Prime Minister of the UK who wishes to be a Trump toady from afar) are able to recall from their histories the havoc wreaked by Napoleon Bonaparte, Hitler, and other numerous despotic rulers, and can see those so-called humans reflected in every aspect of Trump.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

      To me, as a mother of two sons and a former dance educator of thousands of dance students, male and female? Trump acts like a spoiled two year old child in an old man’s body.

      He thinks government works just like a business…HE tells us what to do and we better not disobey or we are “fired.” See the joke in that? WE TELL him, not the other way round.

      He can strut, swagger, gloat, blow as hard as he likes. He will be obstructed at every turn. No decent, honest American can EVER feel any sense of loyalty toward a man who knowingly kisses the butt of a Russian dictator.

      You know why Trump has to sugar coat his relationship with the Russians…he owes those Russian Loan sharks tons of money and if he doesn’t pay up, they’ll have him walking around with a walker for the remainder of his life. And because they are Putin’s YES men and have access to the KGB, they can get to Trump better than any American ever could.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 2, 2017

        The things about Trump and his relationships with business connections are so twisted and are such deeply-held secrets that we may be unlocking Pandora’s Box if we were to peer inside.
        But some responsible people in DC need to force the issue instead of pussy-footing, and demand that Trump reveal his dark past, his IRS records, and other closet skeletons.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

          He blew it the minute he tweeted this: “I know more about the hacking than anyone.” While this may be the calm before the storm, you’ll notice not a single Republican is attempting to say one word against Trump. That means they are as complicit as he is in rigging an election.

          Other than Maxine Waters, Donna Brazile, Elizabeth Warren and John Conyers, I don’t think there is a single Democrat who has the balls to stand up to Trump.

          As for his tax returns, the onus of responsibility now falls on the IRS. There is NO valid reason to withhold information on his accounts since the IRS has no problem doing that with any other American.

          Trump is as evil as Cheney. The difference is that Trump is a two year old evil monster. Cheney was the adult of the two.

          I have no doubt that Trump in his two year old mentality fully believed being President of the US means he can direct as much money to his Trump Business Empire and not a single Republican or Democrat will utter a peep no matter how dangerous his conflict of interest becomes. You bet he wants war…you bet he wants the oil, coal mining and fracking to turn profits for his Wall Street Stock accounts.

          He has to sugar coat anything to do with the Russians. If you owed money to the most dangerous loan sharks on planet Earth, you’d want to make sure you are on their good side. Ask the NYPD how many body parts are found in NY City over the last decade thanks to Russian mobsters who are as savage as ISIS.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 2, 2017

            Your choice of complicit to describe Congress is quite appropriate. By their silence, they are as guilty as Donald for the door being opened for Big Business and Putin to act with impunity.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

            Here is the latest proof of their guilt. This was the NY Times headline early this morning: “With No Warning, House Republicans Vote to Gut Independent Ethics Office.”

            Of course, the Guilty Party is hot to gut the Independent Ethics Office …to prevent any investigations into the Russian hacking from going forward. These guys just do not learn. Americans are not going to sit back while Republican boys and their right wing rabid dogs get to commit all manner of criminal violations to the U.S. Constitution and then think, one by one, they’ll just remove anything that could possibly indict them. What next? Ban the Supreme Court in case an American fed up with Republican bullying calls them into the SC to investigate how much they knew about the hacking and when?

            You know this action they so “suddenly” took is because they know Paul Ryan and McConnell, the two biggest Mutton Chops and Corn Pone Kings knew all about the hacking and did nothing.

            Watch what happens next. The Senate will not approve the House vote and the investigations, private or governmental, go right ahead. Guess Speaker Ryan will be the 3rd Republican Speaker to be forced to resign from his job. First it was Gingrich, then DeLay…Ryan’s exit will be a major stab wound in Republican guts.

            What did they expect? When you play in the mud, you get dirty.

      2. JCluvsTrump January 3, 2017

        Sons who are now in prison for being serial rapists.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 4, 2017

          Wrong moron…My two sons are accomplished musicians and one of them has appeared several times on Law and Order SVU, the Sopranos and several other TV and movie spots.

          I’d worry about your own criminal activity. You have NO relationships or family. Who want a crook, a pedophile and a ManBoy Love member in their midst? You can’t be trusted around kids anywhere right Pedophile?

          1. JCluvsTrump January 4, 2017

            I’ll bet he fit right in with the Sopranos.

          2. JCluvsTrump January 4, 2017

            It’s OK. I understand that you are in mourning. You’re excused. For the time being.

      3. Elliot J. Stamler January 8, 2017

        Gee, Eleanore, after that excoriation of Trump, I’m afraid after he dumps Melania, he won’t consider you for #4.
        P.S. Re: Trumps financial dealings with Russia and Russians…that’s why he will NEVER release the tax returns. (Remember that issue–already forgotten by our conscientious media.)

  11. kathleen.scott January 2, 2017

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  12. cschicago March 18, 2017

    jamie stiehm: Obama more resembles the Egotistical Narcissist Henry the 8th. A failure who blamed his enemies for his failures. Your failure to recognize the comparison is telling


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