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Trump Has To Rescue Obamacare Or Admit He’s A Liar

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Trump Has To Rescue Obamacare Or Admit He’s A Liar

Bernie Sanders, Obamacare, Trump

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

It didn’t take long. During the first week of 2017, the new Republican Congress has begun efforts to dismantle America’s health-care system. Their long-standing goal, consistent with their right-wing ideology, is to take away health insurance from tens of millions of Americans, privatize Medicare, make massive cuts to Medicaid and defund Planned Parenthood. At the same time, in the midst of grotesque and growing income and wealth inequality, they’re preparing to allow pharmaceutical companies to increase drug prices, and hand out obscene tax breaks for the top one-tenth of 1 percent.

Let me be absolutely clear: The impact of repealing large pieces of the Affordable Care Act, which Republicans are planning to put on Donald Trump’s desk his first day in the White House, would be devastating.

If Republicans get their way, 30 million Americans, 82 percent of whom are from working families, will lose their health insurance. With Medicare privatized, seniors will see their premiums increase by as much as 50 percent while their benefits are cut and funding for nursing-home care dries up. Underfunded hospitals around the country, particularly in rural areas, could be forced to close their doors, leaving millions of Americans with nowhere to turn for critical medical care. Patient protections, like preventing insurance companies from denying coverage because of preexisting conditions, removing the cap on maximum health-care benefits, allowing children to stay on their parents’ health insurance plans until age 26, and preventing discrimination by insurers would all be eliminated.

Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry’s greed will be rewarded as prescription drug costs for older Americans will likely rise by as much as 50 percent, and the wealthiest 2 percent can look forward to a $346 billion tax break.

Not only is the Republican plan immoral and bad economic and social policy, it violates numerous promises Donald Trump made to the American people during his campaign. Trump told senior citizens and the American working class, many of whom ended up voting for him, that he was a different kind of Republican, and that he would not cut Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.

In a May 2015 tweet, Trump said: “I was the first & only GOP presidential candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid.” In September, he told “60 Minutes” that if he was elected president, his health-care plan would take care of “everybody.”

Trump now has a choice: He can tell the American people that these campaign promises were lies and that he never intended to keep them. Or—and I hope this is the case—he can instruct his Republican colleagues to end their efforts to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and inform them that he will veto any bills cutting those vital programs.

Those are Trump’s options. As we enter the new year, our message to Republicans is simple and straightforward: We will not allow you to punish the elderly, disabled veterans, children, the sick and the poor while you reward your billionaire friends. Instead, we will fight back. We will rally millions of Americans to make it clear to Republican leadership that we will not accept this vicious attack against senior citizens and working families. We will demonstrate in their communities, jam up their phone lines and throw them out at the ballot box if they go forward with their plans.

That is why on January 15, I and Democratic members of Congress, trade unions, senior citizen groups, health-care activists and all those who believe in economic and social justice are organizing a day of action called Our First Stand: Save Health Care. Rallies will be held around the country, including one in Michigan that Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) and I will be attending along with Michigan’s U.S. senators.

If Trump allows the Republican Party to go ahead with its plans, the GOP will dismantle the health-care system and jeopardize the economic security of millions of Americans. Democrats in Congress will resist, but real change never starts from inside the Beltway. It always comes when millions of Americans at the grassroots level stand up and fight for justice. We always win when we stand together. We lose when we are apathetic or allow demagogues to divide us. That’s why it’s more important than ever to recommit to building a progressive movement that transforms the economic and political life of our country.

Otherwise, we’ll be back where we were eight years ago, when millions of American families struggled to make a living without any way to pay for health care if family members got sick. Elderly people, children and disabled veterans will be denied access to doctors and medication, and many will suffer or die prematurely.

Fifteen years ago, Donald Trump said he was for universal health care. I hope he still is. The truth is, we shouldn’t be debating whether to take health care away from 30 million Americans. We should be finding ways to join the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee health care to all people as a right. This is the conversation American policymakers need to be having right now. And we’re not going to let Trump or Congress forget it.

IMAGE: Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders speaks to supporters on the night of the Michigan, Mississippi and other primaries at his campaign rally in Miami, Florida March 8, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri 


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  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 10, 2017

    Since Trump’s electorate lack the will-power and alertness to understand the impact of easing the way for the GOP via Trump to stomp all over them, with numerous trolls and assorted ninnyhammers in this forum having infested the internet like roaches in defense of their beloved Trump, it falls on the rest of us to speak up on their behalf and for others.

    The GOP and its flunkies in industry and in the media must be barraged regularly with messages reminding them of their culpability in playing a con game with the healthcare of the country.

    Then maybe the GOP will come to realize that governance is not a career simply for the purpose to fleece taxpayers and draw handsome salaries, and get wonderful and reliable healthcare in the process.

    As for Trump lying, that has already been firmly established for decades now and there is no reason to expect him to change in midstream. It’s a learned response which he can’t unlearn at this late stage in his life.

  2. 1standlastword January 10, 2017

    I read this thread carefully. The breakdown is the GOP has a “chance” with Trump to commit political malpractice ( something they’ve always wanted to do and have done whenever in power) to the American people. It then goes on the acknowledge Mr. Trump has an obligation–by virtue of his promises to the people– to stop the GOP with his veto power.

    I think we are going to have to wait to see what happen when he sits down behind that big square desk.

    The enfeebled democrats are going to attempt to hold him accountable but I notice the author is not a democrat: I’m on his side!

    I believe after one term of Trump we all will be on his side!

    1. I Am Helpy January 10, 2017

      Well, obviously – once the purges begin, everyone that’s not on his side will be in a camp.

      The idea that Trump is going to do anything other than enrich himself and help out his Russian masters once in power is hilarious.

      1. 1standlastword January 11, 2017

        Oh Crap!!!!!
        To all of the above who think I am endorsing Trump…NO…I’m with Sanders!

        I apologize for not being clearer…more explicit–

        1. dbtheonly January 12, 2017

          Actually, I believe it’s Michael Gerson, who writes that Trump’s very hypocrisy and unpredictability is our last line of defense. Without him, the Cruz, Rubio, Pence, competent Ultra-Conservatives will run things.

          And I see the point. Carson, Perry, are absurd Cabinet appointments. But imagine a competent ideologue instead. So for four years, I’m preparing to be pro-Trump and anti-Republican Establishment.

    2. Dominick Vila January 11, 2017

      Trump’s main objective is not to Make America Great Again, but to turn himself into something larger than life. Towards that end, he is likely to engage in a good cop bad cop strategy, with his minions in Congress advancing a far right socio-economic agenda, and Trump using his veto power to either reject it or moderate it.
      What remains to be seen is how is he going to satisfy the wishes of those who made him President, including foreign masters who expect a pay for play return for their involvement in the outcome of the 2016 election.

      1. dbtheonly January 11, 2017

        Maybe, you’re assuming Trump is predictable or will act rationally.

        1. Dominick Vila January 11, 2017

          Not really. I think he is unpredictable, and everything he says is subject to change in a matter of days, if not hours. My point is that as a narcissist enamored with himself, and as a man determined to exact revenge against anyone who dared criticize him, he is likely to make people like Speaker Ryan and Sen. Mitch McConnell do the dirty work to satisfy the far right, and then exercise his veto power to get even with them, and convince the American people that he is the personification of God on Earth. Let’s not forget that he is the greatest job creator that God ever made. 🙂

          1. dbtheonly January 12, 2017

            Pharaoh has nothing on Trump.

      2. 1standlastword January 11, 2017

        I’ve been hoping in vain for 8 years that the Democrats would make the GOP pay for their moral crimes against humanity (here and afar).

        It hasn’t happened as they keep winning and vacuuming up more power with every election season.

        I’ve now come to think Trump is the Trojan Horse in the GOP strong fortress!

    3. pisces63 January 11, 2017

      Sorry, I do not vote for amoral miscreants. I was raised with morals and try my best to follow them. IF anything in the latest dossiers on him is true, he is worse than a deviant morally. He’s gone from accused sexual assaulter, pedophile to sexual depravity beyond comprehension. Of course if you are a baseless amoral, he is right up your ally. Sad. I will NEVER be on his side as lying right was NEVER on President Obama’s side for no reason other than he is black. What financial blackmail is there, also? blackmailed by his friend Putin. No wonder he is his friend.

      1. 1standlastword January 11, 2017

        Look down–

        1. pisces63 January 11, 2017

          OOOPS!! Sorry, I didn’t see you there. My bad. Did not mean to step on you head.

    4. plc97477 January 11, 2017

      Of course we know for a fact that the rump lies when the truth sounds better so there is that.

  3. TCarlucci January 11, 2017

    To all the “non-one-percenters” who voted for DRT – congratulations. You will now get what you deserve. Screwed.

  4. itsfun January 11, 2017

    I have been reading from the left how great the Obamacare tax has been working. Why then does the writer of this article believe the Obamacare tax needs to be rescued.

    1. jmprint January 11, 2017

      ACA need to be fixed, not rescued, not abolished, just fixed.

    2. johninPCFL January 12, 2017

      “The Obamacare tax” only applies to those freeloaders who use hospital emergency rooms for their primary-care needs (and then don’t pay them either.) For everyone else, it’s an “insurance premium”.

      1. itsfun January 12, 2017

        Nope it is a tax. The Supreme Court ruling says that. It is only legal as a tax. The government according to the Supreme Court can not force anyone to buy a product. The government does have the Constitutional power to levy taxes. It is only legal as a tax. Also the IRS is the administrator for the Obamacare tax. The IRS only administers tax programs. The Obamacare was suppose to ease the use of emergency rooms for care, however now emergency room use has gone up.

        1. johninPCFL January 12, 2017

          Tax payment checks are written to the IRS. Insurance premium payment checks are written to the insurance companies.

          If you’re writing your Obamacare checks out to the IRS, congratulations. You’re a freeloader.

          1. itsfun January 12, 2017

            The ACA is a tax and it is administered by the IRS. If you disagree with the Supreme Court its up to you. If you purchase a new auto, do you write out a check to the dealership and a check to the state for sales tax or do you write just one check to the dealership?

          2. johninPCFL January 13, 2017

            I usually write out two checks.

            Odd that you think that payment for a car is “sales tax”. I always thought it was an exchange of money for another physical object, you know, a car.

            See, I think that when you pay an insurance company, and they send you a policy, and then you can take that policy paperwork to a hospital and have the insurance company pay for your surgery that you’re actually buying insurance. If, on the other hand, you buy no insurance, then under ACA, the IRS can collect the penalty for not having insurance from your tax return monies. They cannot dun you, they cannot sue you, and if you never pay income tax, they can never collect the penalty.

            In short, you’ve bought into a line of bullshit, and now you have to do whatever strikes your brain to justify such a lamebrained position.

        2. Independent1 January 12, 2017

          Wow!! You are such a lying sac of crap. Emergency room use has plummeted across the nation in line with the plummeting uninsured rate. Which is why hospitals across the nation have saved over 7 bllion dollars under ACA. Responding to you is a worthless effort. Like responding to a one-year old!! Go get lost you lying piece of garbage!!!

    3. Independent1 January 12, 2017

      Are you talking about the penalty a very small percentages of Americans may be subject to pay if they earn above a certain income and choose not to buy insurance? If so, what does that have to do with anything??

      If you own a car and choose not to insure it, in most states the car will be impounded and maybe taken away if the law finds out you’re driving without insurance – which could be far worse than paying the ACA penalty. Why are you not griping about that??

      And by the principle is the same for both. States require people who drive cars to buy insurance so if the cause an accident their libel for costs of fixing the damage they’ve caused not foist the costs on other peoplee. The ACA penalty is designed to encourage people to buy health insurance so if they get in an accident or require expensive medical care, they don’t continue foisting the cost of fixing them up on other people.

  5. nicole.davis January 11, 2017

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  6. johninPCFL January 12, 2017

    Actually, Agent Orange has a third choice that he uses more frequently than anything else. The article says he must “admit that he lied or tell the GOP…”, when he most often says “I never said that!!”


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