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Trump Slams The Voters: I Will Keep Self-Financing, ‘But Not Worth It!’

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Trump Slams The Voters: I Will Keep Self-Financing, ‘But Not Worth It!’


Donald Trump is finally speaking at length on his second-place finish in the Iowa caucuses — and where else, but on Twitter?

The Donald started off seemingly gracious, in a series of tweets on Tuesday.

But then he started to get a little resentful:

And finally, he unloaded on the real culprits: The voters, who don’t truly deserve him and all his money.

Photo: U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks in the Orpheum Theatre during a campaign event in Sioux City, Iowa January 31 2016. REUTERS/Dave Kaup



  1. Paul Bass February 2, 2016

    Wow, truer words were never said, his campaign IS “Not worth it”!

    1. stcroixcarp February 3, 2016

      You know, he tells it like it is.

      1. plc97477 February 3, 2016

        He is telling us what the gotp is and the republicans do not want us finding out. It is a service he is doing.

        1. dpaano February 3, 2016

          This is why I’ve always said that he’s a “closet” Democrat and is only running this campaign as a Republican to point out how REALLY bad the GOP is. I wouldn’t put it past him to suddenly drop out as we get closer to the final elections and tell everyone that he never actually planned on being elected president and was only doing this because the Democrats “paid” him to be their shill….it would be just like him to do something like that rather than declare himself a loser!! Just a thought…..

      2. goodmandawn February 3, 2016

        Trump tells how a particular perspective is however there is more then one perspective among American voters. He’s not telling their perspectives like it is he just claims they will all vote for him anyway. Bull.

    2. FireBaron February 3, 2016

      Actually, Paul, it is working to expose the underbelly that the GOP does not want us to see among its rank-and-file. We get to see their naked racism and sexism, their flouting of authority and common decency, and their belief that they are above the laws that the rest of us must obey. So the opposition to Trump appears to be more of a reaction against a thug trying to bully his way into office.

  2. Dominick Vila February 2, 2016

    Donald Trump got more media coverage than all the other candidates combined. The reason for his second place finish has nothing to do with money or media coverage, it has to do with his failure to put together an organization to find and mobilize followers. If he runs his business the way he ran his campaign in Iowa it is not too difficult to understand his bankruptcies, or his defeat in Iowa. The man is an empty suit who relies on fame, bombast, and immature rhetoric to remain on the spotlight, at a time when some of his opponents are articulating tangible solutions to issues of concern to the electorate. Only the gullible can support a man like him for anything higher than managing the local Humane Society shelter.

    1. ray February 2, 2016

      good to have you back. hope all is well.

    2. The lucky one February 3, 2016

      “The man is an empty suit who relies on fame, bombast, and immature rhetoric to remain on the spotlight” Bullseye. Except that I wouldn’t want him running the Humane Society shelter. I like animals.

      1. Dominick Vila February 3, 2016

        You are right. Maybe the local trash collection company would have been a better choice, but since we need them that’s not a choice either. I am going to have to think about this one long and hard…

        1. geaaronson February 3, 2016

          That’s an insult to the garbage.

        2. The lucky one February 3, 2016

          How about Town Crier. He’s got the mouth for it.

    3. geaaronson February 3, 2016

      Oh no, poor animals. They will all end up as temporary replacements for his squirrel.

    4. dpaano February 3, 2016

      Poor animals…..give them a break, Dom!!!

    5. nana4gj February 3, 2016

      And it was ALL free, 24/7, interrupting regular programming to air is nonsense and give legitimacy to his “candidacy” and to the unjustifiable “anger” he represented, ie, misogyny on behalf of neo nazis and white supremacist groups.

    6. goodmandawn February 3, 2016

      Dominick Vila: I wouldn’t want to wish Trump on dogs and cats either. He would probably put them out for getting more attention then him or not barking or meowing on a butt kissing pitch

      1. Dominick Vila February 4, 2016

        I am still trying to find an appropriate job for the GOP’s political apprentice. Maybe the best choice is to keep him where he is at permanently, and encourage 47% Romney and fraudulent Cruz to join him.

  3. Charlotte Sines February 2, 2016

    This man (I use that term loosely) Is nothing but a whiner. No matter what happens, it is never his fault. If he is so thin skinned that he can’t take the heat and some criticism, he needs to go home and get out of our faces.

    1. JPHALL February 2, 2016

      What a total loser! Dump Trump!

    2. goodmandawn February 3, 2016

      That’s why the Psychologists who weighed in on Trump said he is a classic example of an abusive Narcissist and shouldn’t be elected to the Presidency.

  4. Mr Corrections February 2, 2016

    who would have thought that a man who once lost to Dan Quayle wouldn’t be a natural winner?

  5. bobnstuff February 3, 2016

    If he is self funding why is there a Donate Now button on page one of his web page?

    1. goodmandawn February 3, 2016

      For the same reason Trump has tried twice to receive $5 million from CNN he really can’t afford this expense without help. Pride goeth before destruction.

      1. itsfun February 3, 2016

        He asked that CNN donate the 5 million, not give to him.

        1. dpaano February 3, 2016

          Same difference!

        2. goodmandawn February 3, 2016

          Itsfun: We are talking about a man who filed bankruptcy 3 times, got his Dad to disinherit his older brother and leave the money to him. Got 5 military deferments for a foot spur (can’t remember what foot it was on) and is currently being sued by both New York and California for defrauding students who enrolled into Trump University out of thousands. If you review CNN’s statement you would come to the conclusion that CNN didn’t believe that any of the money they donated would find its way out of Trump’s hand to a charitable organization either. Trump said he’s worth 10 million and has spent 5 million on the campaign. Out of the remaining 5 million he has other expenses to maintain. Do the math the campaign expenses are kicking his butt he needs some donations. That could be the reason he allowed his wife’s crotch to be photographed. Being happy about Trump’s racist statements shouldn’t dull anybody’s senses this low.

          1. itsfun February 3, 2016

            His worth is in the billions, not millions

          2. goodmandawn February 3, 2016

            itsfun: Not according to Forbes and Fact Check.com

          3. itsfun February 4, 2016

            Guess it depends on what articles we read

            Donald Trump Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth


            Donald Trump net worth: … Donald John Trump Sr., The Donald, donald_trump, Donald John Trump, DJT, The Trumpster, The Don, Mr. Donald Trump. Currently Trending.

            Donald Trump – Forbes


            Real estate mogul turned presidential hopeful Donald Trump has … worth at $4.5 billion; Trump … Cruz uses Trump’s own words to compare the Donald …

      2. dpaano February 3, 2016

        Maybe he’ll try to file bankruptcy again once the campaign is over and he loses!!! He’ll claim he spent ALL his money on the campaign and can’t pay his many bills……seriously?

        1. goodmandawn February 3, 2016

          You are right.

  6. bobnstuff February 3, 2016

    Is Trump going to give back the $20 million dollars he has raised or is he going to keep it like the money for the Vets.

  7. pmbalele February 3, 2016

    Trump should understand is fighting many fronts – GOPers elites, GOP hired cheaters and right wing media. They hate him. Dr. Carson has found the hard way too. GOPers are enjoying every minute that Trump and Carson lost. But I told Carson to leave GOPers. These hate Blacks and smart White women. Trump also should have rejected Sarah Palin endorsement. It was a joke.

    1. itsfun February 3, 2016

      The GOP does NOT hate blacks and smart white women any more than the Democratic Party. Remember Harry Reid saying he was ok with Obama being black because he didn’t speak getto. How about the long time Democratic Party leader that was a member of the KKK. Both parties have their faults.

      1. A_Real_Einstein February 3, 2016

        Yeah, right.

      2. FireBaron February 3, 2016

        Gee, “fun” the impression the rest of the US has is the Republican Party only wants ignorant white men and women who believe that the earth is flat, Fred Flintstone was real, and the reason they are still poor and ignorant (despite their regular government assistance checks) is because the federal government is trying to make every black and brown person wealthy by providing them with public assistance.

      3. Cloudherder February 4, 2016

        Reid DID NOT SAY GHETTO. Harry Reid said “Negro Dialect”. See how your right wing sources just twist something just enough? Harry Reid is from a much older generation and he was discussing how Barack Obama will find it easier to get elected because be doesn’t have a Negro Dialect (which is true for god’s sake) When he realized that what he said was offensive in this generation, he apologized right away before it even hit the papers.
        Regarding Sen. Robert Byrd (Dem), who used to be a head of a chapter of a KKK in his area? The parties you might have noticed did a flip during the Nixon Admin. You guys have all the racists now. Sen Byrd was such a reformed racist he was a good friend of the Jr Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama.
        Learning is FUNdumental. Try it.

        1. itsfun February 4, 2016

          So; its okay for Reid and other Democrats to be and make racist remarks, but terrible if a Republican does it.

  8. goodmandawn February 3, 2016

    Trump is finding out the hard way that money and insults can’t buy you love.

    1. itsfun February 3, 2016

      He was out spent by both Cruz and Rubio.

      1. paulyz February 3, 2016

        Right, people forget the Big Money invested in Cruz, Rubio, & Bush. ALL obligated, same as Hillary or Sanders. 2nd. in Iowa for Trump is quite amazing, especially when his National Numbers are Huge.

        1. edwardw69 February 3, 2016

          Sanders? Obligated?

          1. paulyz February 5, 2016

            Of course, Sanders gets Millions in PAC money & Special Interests like all the other candidates, EXCEPT Trump.

      2. Robert Eckert February 3, 2016

        Both of whom were massively outspent by Jeb!

      3. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 3, 2016

        the cheap sob isn’t spending because the press is going for his clown show and giving the blow hard the attention he seeks he’s pinching his penny’s the clown car driver

        1. itsfun February 3, 2016

          Wish I had just 1/10 or less of his money

          1. dpaano February 3, 2016

            Me too, but most of his money was gotten by ill-gotten gains. He was able to file bankruptcy 4 times….each time costing the taxpayer money. He seems to think that this is a laudable thing as he brags about it constantly…..how he can outwit the government and make money!

      4. Cloudherder February 4, 2016

        You know, in reality we really don’t know how much Trump has spent, because I am sure he would not admit to the public the truth at this point. He could hide most of his spending in other projects. And he really hasn’t had to spend as much in advertising because the media has become Trump’s butt-buddy and fan-boy. Oh and I bet there are bribes and threats because that is how he does things. And the bribes don’t go on the books.

        1. itsfun February 4, 2016

          Just keep making things up. Maybe someone will even believe you fantasies. By the way what is a butt-buddy and fan-boy?

  9. greenlantern1 February 3, 2016

    How much, would it cost, to build an ACTUAL wall at Trump Taj Mahal?

  10. itsfun February 3, 2016

    Not a Trump supporter, but he didn’t tell the voters to drop dead. In this caucus money did have a huge influence. Look at how much Trump was out spent by both Cruz and Rubio.

    1. johninPCFL February 3, 2016

      And then Cruz still had to cheat to win.

      1. itsfun February 3, 2016

        Between cheating and flipping coins to determine a winner makes one wonder just how corrupt our system has become

  11. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 3, 2016

    when it is all and it’s his loss he can always go back to show-biz his new show can be the BIG LOSER

  12. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 3, 2016

    he spends very little of his own money ( but im sure he will clam his time alone on his taxes ) the reason he spends so little is because the brain dead press follows his clown show all over the place right DONNY DUMP ?

    1. nana4gj February 3, 2016

      How much of the 6 million dollars he purports to have raised on behalf of veterans went to defray his personal costs of campaigning with only $100,000 being given to those veteran groups out of his “foundation”?

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 3, 2016

        what dose Donny Dump care about Vet’s ? he is a coward 5x5x draft dodger s for what he says about the Vet’s these days is just trying to fool them to vote for him the POS

      2. dpaano February 3, 2016

        That’s the most that he EVER gives to veteran causes out of the Foundation monies. Instead of having the proceeds of his fundraisers go directly to the veteran’s organizations, he has the money go into his Foundation. God only knows where the most of that money goes, but I can bet it ain’t the veterans or any organization of theirs.

  13. nana4gj February 3, 2016

    I am not convinced that a candidate’s ability to self fund his political aspirations is such a good thing. It presents the same corruption and threat to government by and for the people that the concept of huge corporations with unlimited funding does. Any really wealthy candidate can buy his way into office; any big corporation can buy an election for their candidate; and, either way, it takes the voice of the people away from the people.

    Campaign finance reform should be the kind of reform that puts electoral outcome in the hands of the people. Campaigns should be funded by the people, whose lives are affected by those elected to office. Elected officials are accountable to the people they serve. They should not be accountable to those who purchased their office, be it themselves or a corporation or industry.

    In the days before Citizen vs United, there was more of this accountability. There is a definite correlation between the decline of responsible government performance that is of, for, and by the People since the contamination of campaign finance. The best example of this is Trump’s foray into politics for the highest office in the land. For months, we suffer his ignorance of the subject matter; his personal pathologies; his damaging rhetoric; and his willingness to give permission for every misogynist in this country to flaunt their “anger”, as if the basis of that anger is justified, when his campaign is really as legitimate as the circus that comes to town, but as threatening as an invasion of an army of throwbacks from 1930s Germany.

    1. geaaronson February 3, 2016

      More than the need for citizens to finance campaigns but for the public dole. The biggest mistake the US made in the 70’s was not to extend the presidential finance to congressmen and Senators. And even better would be to mandate free television, internet and radio advertising for all federally elected offices for the 2 weeks prior to an election.

      1. dpaano February 3, 2016

        What ever happened to giving “equal time” to each of the candidates? We’ve been inundated with shows about Trump and his family, etc., etc., etc., but we get nothing about any of the other candidates. Guess the media seems to think Trump is the most newsworthy…..or at least the most entertaining!

    2. Jmz Nesky February 6, 2016

      Actually I think it should be funded by the volunteer dollar(s) that’s on our tax return form and volunteer work which includes specific TV/radio air time, printing and distribution, free rental buildings, etc.. The rest like transportation, meals and hotels for the candidates should be paid for by the candidates just as it was in Roosevelt’s day. I mean, all it amounts to is a bunch of unemployed or self-unemployed losers seeking a specific job and when ever I sought employment there was nobody willing to pay my overhead even IF I told them I would owe them a favor.

  14. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 3, 2016

    First, some humor.

    “Lord Fauntleroy” tweeted the following:

    “The media has not covered my long-shot great finish in Iowa fairly. Brought in record voters and got second highest vote total in history!”

    Analysis—As I read that Tweet, an episode of “Ren & Stimpy”, that marvelous cartoon series in its first era, came to mind where the Russian counterparts(“Renovich” and “Stimpsky”) mistakenly board the first US satellite into space while US astronauts enter Sputnik during an orbital snafu.

    Renovich and Stimpsky land in the USA and are declared the first into space; the Russians land subsequently, in 2nd place, and are given a ticker-tape parade with throngs of spectators in Moscow shouting “WE’RE NUMBER 2!!”, “WE’RE NUMBER 2!!”.

    Trump must have watched that episode and therefore is elated that he polled 2nd.

    On a more serious note, the most recent farcical exercise in electing a President highlights the dim-witted nature of a clearly archaic concept whose time has come to be replaced, one that puts emphasis on who has the best make-up on, uses the right body-language, says the most outrageous things, and can spend the most inordinate amount of money in order to sway voters, many of whom are shallow and easily persuaded by “nothingness” to help them decide whom to favor.

    In the meantime, a nightmarish aftermath of the deadly drumbeat of “FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY” has to be dealt with in Flint, Mich. while the Party whose foundation is built on this chimera, gaily goes about ruining the lives of countless millions while destroying the social infrastructure and playing a huge hand in destroying natural resources and warming up the atmosphere in the process.

    And now, “ZIKA” is knocking at the door, and the suspected vector, mosquitoes, don’t need visas, passports, or border-checks to enter. Those “vectors” benefit greatly by said warming which the ignorant would rather dismiss than expend money “properly” to counter the warming trend.

    1. Barrett Benton February 3, 2016

      Nicely put, Arron. Bonus points for the R&S reference. 🙂

      On the subject of our “archaic” system of elections – or “electioneering” – we could add the spectacle of using a coin-toss to tie-break a voting count (thanks to understaffing) as if this was a soccer match as opposed to an ellegedly democratic process. They might as well have broken out a Magic 8-Ball.

  15. Nick February 3, 2016

    There is a scandal behind how the first place candidate won. Just saying!

    1. dpaano February 3, 2016

      The only scandal was between Cruz and Carson….had nothing to do with Trump’s loss.

      1. Nick February 4, 2016

        I would say that it would have be closer to

    2. Irishgrammy February 3, 2016

      From what I read and heard, Cruz used two unethical actions, started the rumor Carson was dropping out and to vote for Cruz and a mailer that looked official Titled “Voter Violation”, using a “social pressure” political tactic warning “your neighbors will all know who voted and who did not” and obviously get out and vote for Ted Cruz………..Ted Cruz using unethical tactics IS ABSOLUTELY NOT AT ALL SURPRISING…….he is a lying demagogue and will DO, SAY, ANYTHING TO GAIN CONTROL AND HAVE THE UPPER HAND, and anyone who votes for him clearly does not read, think or be informed by the facts to realize this man is the worst of the very worst, a lying, power mad extreme ideologue…….He has a well earned reputation in the Senate of lying about long time, well respected members of the Senate, to diminish them publically while he boasts about his own profile in his self serving demagoguery. There are good reasons he is hated in the Senate by one and all regardless of party affiliation. I am certain he will use another despicable tactic in the New Hampshire primary as well……..

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 4, 2016

        and Donny Dump is just teed off he did not think of it

      2. Nick February 4, 2016

        The republican party should take away one delegate from Cruz and give it to Dr. Carson to fix this to bring honor back to the party. That will send out a clear message to the citizens of the U.S.

      3. Polana February 4, 2016

        Irishgrammy – how could he lie and cheat???. He is a Evangelical, very religious person and they don’t lie, cheat, steal or borrow money from big banks. LOL Trump was right Iowans are stupid.

    3. Jmz Nesky February 6, 2016

      NO.. There’s a RUMOR of a scandal behind how the first place candidate won and you’ve got three guesses as to who started it and the first two don’t count. You should have gotten wise about underhanded rumors by now.

  16. geaaronson February 3, 2016

    Donald is absolutely correct. Spending his money on the voters is not worth it because he’s not worth it. He’d come to the WH and the first month he’d be having the help shine his shoes, iron his tie, tailor his suits and kissing his butt. He’s as prepared to govern from the WH as A. Neuman is.

    1. nana4gj February 3, 2016

      He has no interest in governance; it would be outsourced to who knows who? We’ve been there, done that with “W” and Reagan. He’s in it for the “bling” factor.

    2. Cloudherder February 4, 2016

      I would imagine it would take a while to put giant T R U M P letters in gold on the White House front façade as well.

  17. oldtack February 3, 2016

    First and foremost. I am not a supporter of the Republican Party nor the Democrat Party. I am an interested observer. Out of this crowd of clowns on both sides it makes me shudder to think what will happen to the good people of this Nation when one of these yahoos wins the Presidency.

    Iowa revealed that the “fix” is on. Follow the big PAC money trail. There are three bought and paid for people they want in their stable – Cruz, Rubio, and Bush.and Democrat – Clinton. The “fun” is about to begin. Lawsuits, allegations of lies and fraud – you name it. The next few months will be bloody. And WE the average citizens, the backbone of all that is good in this present day? We will suffer whatever the outcome may be.

    1. Cloudherder February 4, 2016

      How did the democrat get involved in that? They (Hillary & Bernie) had a tie, they flipped a coin. No big deal. No screaming about cheating.

      1. Jmz Nesky February 6, 2016

        May have just as said, “Enny, Minnie, Miney, Moe” ..Tossing a coin is spitting on 50% of the voters no matter how it comes out and who for chrissakes wants to see a ‘gamble’ win?.. They should have split the point(s) of those that drew a draw instead of leaving it up to a coin toss. At least my way would have sedated ALL the voters and it would have been more accurate as well.

  18. sunjune February 3, 2016

    I have not seen where Donald Trump is or have said “drop dead” to the voters. Did I miss it?

    1. dpaano February 3, 2016

      Yes….it was kinda implied in his last twitter message…..he’s blaming the voters now for not voting for him…..poor baby!

  19. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 3, 2016

    what dose Donny Dump care about Vet’s ? he is a coward 5x5x draft dodger s for what he says about the Vet’s these days is just trying to fool them to vote for him the POS. he just likes to hear himself blow hardding

  20. dpaano February 3, 2016

    Maybe if the Republicans are REALLY lucky, he’s get peeved enough to just drop out of the race totally!!! He’s such a narcissistic idiot!!! Blaming the voters in Iowa isn’t the reason he lost….the reason is that people are getting tired of his bloviating and his bluster! They don’t come to his fundraisers to actually “support” him, they come to see the comedy show…..after all, what more is he going to say that is going to be extremely hilarious!!! He should go on the road as a stand-up comic…..he’s a lot like Don Rickles!

    1. Deb Brouhard February 4, 2016

      No, no, no, let him stay and cause a fractured convention, then take his money and run independently to throw the GOP into chaos.

  21. DOC February 3, 2016

    That list he insults is getting longer and longer but you followers will stay loyal. LOL

  22. Raja Mitchell February 3, 2016

    Lol… grow up Donald. Shut up, sit down, or go home.

  23. geaaronson February 5, 2016

    Not only would the Don (of)All put his name in huge lettering on top of the WH but he would bring in all the beauty contestants for the WU to the oval office for photo shoots. Of course he would have to make sure he included all the contestants or else there would be diplomatic repercussions.

  24. Jmz Nesky February 6, 2016

    When is this self-important hangnail gonna realize.. Even only using his ill gotten gains, NOBODY WANTS HIM..!!


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