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Why In The World Would Trump Tap Perry To Be Energy Secretary?

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Why In The World Would Trump Tap Perry To Be Energy Secretary?

Rick Perry, Energy Department, Trump Cabinet

Perk up people – for I bring you tidings of great joy: Gov. “Oops” is back!

Yes, Rick Perry, the former Texas governor who specialized in putting the “goober” in gubernatorial, is being brought back from well-earned obscurity in rural Texas to join the menagerie of characters in “The Donald Show.” For us lovers of low political comedy, Perry is literally an early Christmas gift from on high — not from heaven (not that high), but from the dizzying heights of Trump Tower. That’s where the orange-haired Impresario-in-chief has been holding tryouts for his Washington cast, and Perry is a slapstick-perfect choice for Trump’s bizarre cabinet.

Who can forget Perry’s classic “oops moment” during his first failed run for the White House? Campaigning as a far-out, right-wing slasher of government services, he boldly declared in a televised debate that — by gollies — he would eliminate three federal agencies entirely, dramatically reeling off the names of his three victims: The Department of Commerce, Department of Education, and… and… and, alas, as a national TV audience watched in horror, Rick’s brain just could not recall the third federal department he planned to kill off.

He was roundly ridiculed as being dumber than a dust bunny. But now — proving once again that being even quasi-smart is not a requirement for getting a high political job — Perry has been hired by Trump to be our next Secretary of Energy. Yes, that is the very agency that was third on the Goober’s elimination list! He is actually being appointed to head the $32 billion department he couldn’t name during the 2012 presidential race.

Here’s another comic twist in Rick’s appointment. While briefly running for president again this go ’round, Perry assailed Trump as a “barking carnival act.” And now he’s a tail-wagging dog in Donnie’s carnival.

Dubbed “Gov. Good Hair” by the late great columnist Molly Ivins, Perry tumbled from his peak of being governor of Texas to being a twice-failed GOP presidential wannabe, then to ending up as a reject on the television show for has-been celebrities, “Dancing with the Stars.”

But — resurrection! — having kissed the ring of president-elect Trump, Perry is now to be lifted from the lowly role of twinkle-toed TV hoofer to being in charge of our national government’s nuclear arsenal!

That’s a position that, in previous administrations, has required some scientific knowledge and experience, but as we’re quickly learning from The Donald’s other cabinet picks, the key qualification he seeks for public service is a nominee’s commitment to serving the private interests of corporate power over workers, the environment, local communities and everyone else.

That is why Perry — a devoted practitioner of crony capitalism and an ardent champion of oligarchs — has been rewarded with this position. As governor, for example, he went to extraordinary lengths to let the giant Energy Transfer Partners run a pipeline through the ecologically-fragile, natural wonders of Big Bend — ramming it right down the throats of near-unanimous opposition of local people. Perry then accepted a little $6 million campaign donation — ie, “payoff” – from the corporate boss, who also later put Perry on the pipeline corporation’s board of directors.

He also privatized a state-run, low-level, nuclear waste facility, turning it over to Waste Control Specialists, owned by his largest campaign contributor. Then he let the corporation double the amount of waste dumped there, while reducing its legal liability for damages. Then, taking even more cash from the owner, Perry pushed to let him put high-level nuclear waste in the dump.

Rick Perry has zero expertise or experience for the job he’s being handed, but he has beaucoup of both for the “job” he’s actually being empowered to do on the American people and our environment.

IMAGE: Former Texas Governor Rick Perry exits after meeting with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York City, U.S., November 21, 2016. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Jim Hightower

Jim Hightower is a nationally syndicated columnist and one of America's most prominent progressive voices. His column carried by more than 75 publications across the country. Prior to becoming a writer, Hightower served as Texas Agricultural Commission from 1982 to 1991.

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  1. Godzilla December 14, 2016

    Perry will get all those closed spigots on oil and gas wells opened up again that will help bring even more jobs back to the US. Our business’s need cheap energy to prosper, as we the people could use a boost by getting traveling and home heating costs down to an affordable level, where people won’t need government handouts to stay warm. Every year we hear about poor elderly freezing to death because their heat is turned off. It’s long past time to become energy independent and off the OPEC oil teat.

    For those of you old enough to remember the term “peak oil”, it, like Climate change is pure nonsense put out by Liberal enviro-nuts. Many of you would do yourself and family a favor and change sides and join the RIGHT side of the political spectrum. It’s where the winners will be!!!!!

    Merry Christmas!

    1. browninghipower December 14, 2016

      Yeah..that’s what a lot of Germans and Italians and Spaniards said in the 1930s. Didn’t work out too well for them in the end. So as my Christmas gift to you, Zilla…I fart in your general direction and have the patience to await your karmic payback.

      1. Godzilla December 14, 2016

        You have a Merry Christmas Ya hear! I see you like guns as well. The Ruger Super Redhawk chambered in 454 Casull is a fine deer gun if you like hunting with a pistol. I’ve become bored with deer hunting with a high powered rifle as of late, rather bow hunt with my PSE Fang or pistol. Upcoming is flintlock, another challenging weapon to take a deer with. Good luck in your future hunts!

        1. browninghipower December 14, 2016

          Thanks for the references. 454 Casull is a bit hard on the shoulder. Merry Christmas back at ya. I hope you put a little starch in your black and brown shirts. BTW I respect your bow hunting deer. Very cool. Really.

          1. dbtheonly December 16, 2016

            But does he have to kill a deer to prove his manhood?

          2. browninghipower December 16, 2016

            No. I don’t hunt, but I have relatives that do. And they live off the meat. I don’t judge them for that. It’s trophy big game hunting that I despise.

          3. dbtheonly December 16, 2016

            Killing to eat and killing to kill are completely different.

            If you wish to stalk game a camera serves just as well to shoot.

        2. Curtis Mamzic December 15, 2016

          Anonymous troll; ignore.

          1. dpaano December 15, 2016

            It’s interesting that Godzilla wishes us a “Merry Christmas,” yet in of his posts (which, BTW, I have blocked), he apparently says you “didn’t care” about how his fellowman/woman dealt with higher costs or higher taxes and he ONLY cared about himself.” Isn’t that a bit hypocritical?

    2. TZToronto December 14, 2016

      Learn how to spell businesses, and some people might listen to you.

      1. Godzilla December 14, 2016

        Thanks for the correction, happens when typing fast. Please have a very Merry Christmas and may the good Lord shine happiness on you and your family.

        1. TZToronto December 14, 2016

          And to you and yours as well. Some things we can all agree on.

          1. dbtheonly December 15, 2016


            Many years ago, the Episcopal Church had a real divide between the “High” and “Low” Churchmen. Lows didn’t like much ceremony, Highs did. Two churchmen approached an altar. The High Churchman, knowing that his Low colleague opposed the practice of genuflecting didn’t follow his own practice and didn’t genuflect. The Low Churchman, knowing that High Churchmen did genuflect, set aside his own desires and did.

            That always struck me as a real lesson in living the Christian life.

        2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 14, 2016

          There’s more correcting to be done besides your spelling. Question—Was Jesus a weapons advocate and does “he” inspire you to hunker down in your bunker and mow down any who cross your boundary?

          As you celebrate Christmas, I hope you will take the time to reacquaint yourself with the Spirit of Jesus and try being less hostile, belligerent, and juvenile in your postings in the coming year. And ask God to dissuade you from being a worshiper of God, the Trump, and the Holy GOP. That’s not what the Trinity is about you know, and the apotheosis of any political Party as you’ve committed yourself to is akin to idolatry and polytheism.

          Your belligerence this season shows a extreme deviation from the principles of the Religion you profess to adhere to.

        3. dtgraham December 15, 2016

          I guess the good Lord doesn’t shine too much on those deer that you drive an arrow into. The death would be neither quick nor painless.

    3. RED December 14, 2016

      Hey, stay in touch ’cause I’m sure lots of us would like to thank you for your stunning insights and contributions to our coming future. After all we wanna be able to thank you for knowing that if we just polluted our environment a whole lot more and just gave the oil companies some more profit then they will most assuredly make our world a veritable paradise!! I mean just forget the fact that these oil companies already make billions much of it from government subsidies, i.e. corporate welfare, socialism for the wealthy, but now this time is the trick. As far as climate change, I have absolutely no doubt that you must certainly be a studied and learned expert who has spent your career both monitoring and understanding our global climate and now thankfully are here to tell us the truth the governments, corporations, insurance companies, and people all around the world aren’t smart enough to figure it out like you are!! I mean only crazed liberals would believe that just because you dump a lot of poison and garbage somewhere that it would make that place full of poison and garbage, clearly a conspiracy. And I am so pleased to hear about your concern for the poor elderly freezing to death, it’s good to have a heart. And thankfully you have provided us a solution to this and that is more drilling, more oil, ’cause then we can be assured that oil companies and other corporations will just be giving away heat, right? ‘Cause that what corporations do, right? After all we have lowered their taxes for the last 50 years and just look how much prices have DECLINED!! Woo hoo! For real though, it takes a seriously ignorant, deeply misinformed moron to actually believe the garbage you spew and the truth is that you are the problem. We are not surprised that the wealthy 1% try to take more and more and more and leaving less and less for the rest of us, that’s normal that’s what sick greedy scum does. But you are the problem because you are so totally and completed fooled by such obvious lies and propaganda that you are responsible for all that is coming. And it isn’t going to be pretty. Stay stupid, apparently that’s you’re only choice! Have a nice day!!

      1. Godzilla December 14, 2016

        I’m not concerned with what others pay in taxes. My concern is what I pay in taxes and am I getting the service I pay for. I call it, minding my own damn business. I know, it’s so hard for the average Liberal to do that, but, trying never hurts.

        You have a Merry Christmas and may God shine his love upon you in every possible way.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 15, 2016

          Godzilla, let’s consider this interesting side of you you’ve expressed:
          “I’m not concerned with what others pay in taxes. My concern is what I pay in taxes and am I getting the service I pay for. I call it, minding my own damn business. I know, it’s so hard for the average Liberal to do that, but, trying never hurts.”

          This shows a deplorable self-conceit and hubris on your part.
          Being concerned about yourself foremost and retreating into your shell of ” ‘Liberal’ versus ‘non-Liberal’ ” isn’t a Christian attribute—quite the opposite. You speak of Merry Christmas, but you approach your religion from a selfish angle peppered with “me” “I’m not concerned”, and the like.

          Like Trump, the “I” and “me” pronoun is used quite frequently in your decision-making—not unlike the instinct of a reptile or any other animal to consider itself first.

          What a troubling misinterpreted set of Christian values you have.

        2. Thoughtopsy December 15, 2016

          Oh you’re a religious nut as well.
          That explains a lot.

          1. dpaano December 15, 2016

            He may SEEM to be a “religious nut, but it’s apparently to most of us that he has NEVER read the bible, both old and new, in its entirety.

          2. idamag December 15, 2016

            With all the lies that has fallen from this low-educated person, no, he is not a Christian like the followers of Christ should be.

          3. dpaano December 20, 2016

            These people ACT like they’re religious, but apparently they haven’t bothered to read the bible or they would NOT go along with Trump! He’s more the antichrist than a savior!!!

        3. dbtheonly December 15, 2016

          Jesus did not seem overly concerned about paying taxes and what services he got for those taxes.

          I’m also not at all sure how Jesus would react to using a celebration about Him to denigrate, insult, or demean any of His children.

          1. idamag December 15, 2016

            Actually, Jesus did advocate paying taxes. He said, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s.” That also shows that Jesus was in favor of separation of church and state. One cannot be a true Christian and a Republican. Republicans are materialistic, hateful and liars.

          2. dbtheonly December 15, 2016

            As I read it, Jesus treated money as something between an irrelevancy and a distraction. He didn’t react well to linking businesses to the Temple either.

          3. idamag December 15, 2016

            You read it right. He did have a low opinion of the money lenders at the Temple. When a woman asked him what sin was, he responded with a parable about a lost coin called a talent. His story was about a woman who lost a coin. Without it she could not buy bread. She searched the entire house and swept out all the corners and finally found the coin. Since the money was meant for exchange, while it was lost it was in sin. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins.

          4. dpaano December 15, 2016

            Gee, isn’t there an IRS investigation going on now as to whether or not Trump committed tax fraud? Wonder how that’s going?

    4. johninPCFL December 14, 2016

      Hey dumbshit, the reason those spigots are closed is because oil is so cheap right now that they can’t put it out and make any money. It’s the same reason Putin had Agent Orange installed in the White House, and the same reason that Saudi Arabia has had to borrow money for the first time in decades.

      Oil is so cheap that Russia and Saudi Arabia are going bankrupt. SA needs oil above $50 to break even, Russia above $80. Frackers need it around $100 to make their $4T bond and loan payments profitably. The first thing on Agent Orange’s agenda will be to get oil prices back to $100 per barrel to repay Putin and the Kochs.

      But on the plus side, the idiot Perry will be in charge of nuclear weapons development and testing, so when Agent Orange calls for one, it’ll likely fail.

      1. dpaano December 15, 2016

        Also, Godzilla doesn’t seem to understand that if the price of oil goes up through OPEC, it’s we, the American taxpayers, who suffer the most since we need it to run most of our vehicles. Of course, with the cost of hybrid and electric vehicles dropping (even Tesla is manufacturing one for around $30,000), gas is going to go by the wayside! I know my husband and I BOTH drive gas/electric hybrids, and we fill our tanks about every 6 weeks or so…..and if more people buy these types of cars….can you imagine how much less gas will be needed?

    5. I Am Helpy December 14, 2016

      Yes there is an infinite amount of oil, somehow.

      1. idamag December 15, 2016

        Yes, but it won’t be ready for drilling for the next million years. It is still in the degraded vegetation stage.

    6. Curtis Mamzic December 15, 2016

      You show you have no clue about “peak oil,” anonymous phony.

      1. dbtheonly December 15, 2016

        I suggest that “peak oil” is variable based on price. As the price rises, the amount of extractable oil rises as well.

        If you accept this, much of the argument goes away and is replaced by a price argument instead.

    7. Thoughtopsy December 15, 2016

      You fail at understanding basic facts, and easily accessible news.
      Solar is now cheaper than oil and gas.
      Oil and coal are failing because the market is done.

      I guess you’re going to “pick winners and losers” by ruining the “free market” and paying massive “corporate welfare” to oil companies to hire people, drill for oil, and sell it at a loss?

      Great plan, dumbass.

    8. bobnstuff December 15, 2016

      You do relies that it is the low price of oil that caused the cut back in production. It wasn’t any other reason, just to low a price. So I guess Perry will double the price of heating oil and get production back going. Now more people can freeze to death and the good folks at EXXON can get their nice big bonuses..

    9. Jinmichigan December 15, 2016

      Apparently the current price of oil and gas eludes you. Maybe you should try to get out once in a while.

  2. Bill Smith 999935 December 14, 2016

    He can’t dance.

  3. Godzilla December 14, 2016

    Man made Global Warming is a hoax. Climate Change is the new name, because the old name failed to materialize. Wake up people, your getting ripped off!


    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 14, 2016

      Pure horse manure. People with little science background and lacking common sense and intuition will grab any graph that isn’t based on systematic and methodical scientific scrutiny; even a chart compiled by your grandmother or soothsayers, isn’t going to cut it.

    2. I Am Helpy December 14, 2016

      Wow, who would have thought a high-school dropout who lives in an RV and reposts Clinton Cash conspiracy theories that not even Fox News buys into would know better than nearly every scientist in the world.

    3. Sand_Cat December 14, 2016

      Showing your ignorance again, I see.
      “Climate Change” was what GOP Pundit Frank Luntz urged Republicans to call the phenomenon because it sounded less threatening. But then, everyone here knows you’re an idiot already, so I guess you’ve nothing to lose.

    4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 14, 2016

      Godzilla, let me help you—graphs like the one you display only confuse you.
      No one disputes that there have been climatic changes in the past, and all the one’s your graph display were the results of rare volcanic explosions—“rare” means the opposite of “often”. Tambora, Vesuvius, Krakatoa were massive but as you can tell by walking outside, the havoc caused by those eruptions are no longer in effect. When scientist talk about global warming, they don’t resort to charts like the one you proudly put up—no, they use the scientific method, do laborious analysis, and consult among themselves to agree on a conclusion. You and the GOP are averse to science to begin with, as noted by the GOP’s historical disdain for using their intellect, and therefore your grandmother or the palm reader down the street can’t be relied on—nor can a ground hog.
      Godzilla, when scientists talk about global warming they’re referring to long term trends, not what happened last year or ten years ago; they also look at effects on a global scale and not what happening in the region of the country you live in.
      Sun spot activity happens all the time but has negligible effects compared to a single volcanic explosion, and certainly can’t compete with fossil fuel burning run amok, thanks to Conservative elements in US politics who are hellbent on destroying the environment. You may not be concerned about your children’s long-term well-being, but you should be.
      Are you a scientist, a meteorologist, or a volcanologist? Or just a hapless soul trying to obfuscate?

      1. plc97477 December 15, 2016

        I commend you for trying to knock some sense into zilla but you are wasting your time. He can’t read most of the words you used.

        1. idamag December 15, 2016

          I was going to say that, but you beat me to it.

    5. Curtis Mamzic December 14, 2016

      Anonymous troll; ignore.

      1. Dan S December 15, 2016

        I have & he is blocked. It’s amusing to read people’s reactions to whatever Godzilla is spewing again

        1. dpaano December 15, 2016

          I agree…..nothing that he says is of any importance nor shows any sense of intelligence whatsoever! He’s just another brainwashed FAUX News/Breitbart follower! He doesn’t have a coherent thought of his own about anything!

        2. idamag December 15, 2016

          I have him blocked, also. He has nothing to say that would stimulate intelligent exchange.

    6. Thoughtopsy December 15, 2016

      There’s no plainer way to say it.
      You’re quite simply a willfully ignorant moron, spoon-fed bullsh!t by the right wing crazy machine.

      Wrap your pinhead around this one:

      The ONLY people that don’t are the Republican moron party… who continually tell us that they’re “not a scientist”…
      Because they are paid to not believe in it.

      I don’t know what your excuse is.
      You just believe anything you’re told, I guess.

      1. idamag December 15, 2016

        I think the less intelligent are attracted to the Republican Party. The other party has thinkers and they cannot follow a thinking person’s logic.

        1. dpaano December 15, 2016

          Some Republicans are smart, but they just aren’t very logical in their thinking!

    7. charleo1 December 15, 2016

      What are we supposed to be looking at? And by the way, I did the research, and neither Hams nor Mann have any credentials to call themselves climatologists, or meteorologists as they do. But to a different larger point. How did advocates for the preservation of the Planet come to be described as tree hugging liberals? The belief in science, scientific data, and overwhelming scientific consensus on a matter. When did that become something only liberals, or politicians on the left believe in? Concerns about protecting, and conserving the environment, the land, the air, and water used to be a bedrock conservative principle. Now it seems the only bedrock principle American Conservatives have, is conserving the profits of industries like big oil, and gas, chemical, coal, and so on. All at the very demonstrable expense of the World our kids will inherit. How do you think that happened?

      1. dpaano December 15, 2016

        Apparently Godzilla and his ilk have NO qualms about the ruining of this planet. Yes, MOST of us ARE tree-huggers because we LOVE the forests and the mountains where the trees are situated. We are also very aware of the environmental importance of the trees which help to clean the air that we breathe. Climate change deniers just don’t see this…..they should take a quick trip to the Amazon Forest and see what heavy logging has done to the pollution and the land there! They’ve cut down valuable trees and have left the land barren just so their cattle and livestock can have grazing land…..but, after they’ve grazed the land to nothing, it leaves nothing! I guess that’s what these conservatives like Godzilla prefer over the beauty of forests and mountains and clean, fresh air! This is what they want to leave their children and grandchildren, and that’s pretty darn selfish! BTW, I know a lot of conservative “tree huggers,” so it isn’t just a “liberal” thing, but apparently Godzilla seems to think that anything we don’t agree on makes us “liberals.” What a bunch of BS!

      2. idamag December 15, 2016

        Looks like the football player with the short distance between his eyebrows and hairline, is erupting again.

      3. Eleanore Whitaker December 15, 2016

        Charles..According to Trump and his right wingers..”smart” means you are a billionaire. Oh gee..Guess what that makes Einstein?

        As for Trump putting together the “BEST” cabinet. This is just more of Trump’s BEST world. The BEST mansion, The best Playboy Centerfold Wife, the BEST children, the BEST billions…Rational people know the “best” is not always what is “right.”

  4. dbtheonly December 14, 2016

    Why is a question not applicable to Trump. He is.

  5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 14, 2016

    Trump’s decisions thus far show a man more devoted to the methodology of a materialist approach to life and to his fellow human beings, and being enamored more with himself and business and too busy to be attached to any who don’t see the world as he does.
    Surely no more anti-Christian sentiments, aside from murdering and physically terrorizing others is more, have been displayed by one single individual in history.

    Business and the acquisition of wealth thereby, a constant and enduring devotion to himself, and an abnormal adoration of self that surpasses all such forms of self-adoration displayed by any and all former personages in humankind’s history that we are aware of—all of these factors is why Donald in a haphazard and chaotic manner feels compelled to surround himself with like-minded servants to the god of Materialism, Self, and Profit.

    Capitalism unadulterated at its very worst. I could go on, but I think this suffices.

    1. dpaano December 15, 2016

      Trump is picking ass-kissing individuals who are kowtowing to him in his Ivory tower in Manhattan! It doesn’t matter that NONE of them are qualified for their positions, he just wants people he can get to do his bidding and the bidding of the rest of his nominations. That bidding will ONLY be to make MORE money for them and NOT do anything promised for his followers! They are going to be in for a VERY rude surprise, but I think it’ll take them quite a while because they have been brainwashed by this con man!!

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 15, 2016

        As usua, you are right and show keen insight. My first thought when the Electoral College handed the presidency to Trump was “How is an ignoramus on affairs outside of his business interest going to be able to govern?”
        The answer as you point out is that he doesn’t have to worry about details. He can let career-minded underlings do the thinking for him.

        1. dpaano December 15, 2016

          Yes, uninformed and unqualified idiots that they are!

  6. Budjob December 14, 2016

    Why in the world would Trump tap someone like Rick Perry to be Secrfetary of Energy? Trump is insane,and that encompasses EVERYTHING this Fascist/Nazi has attempted to do!

    1. dpaano December 15, 2016

      YOU know that and I know that, but his followers still are too stupid and blind to see it!

  7. Curtis Mamzic December 14, 2016

    Well you know what Hightower, if you hadn’t done such a lousy, corrupt job as Texas Ag Commissioner and then running the stupid populist campaign you did and losing to Perry we wouldn’t have to put up with Perry now.
    So shut up and go away, and take Ralph Nader and Bernie Sanders with you.

  8. charleo1 December 15, 2016

    What does the DOE oversee? Nothing important I hope. Like anything having to do with nuclear energy. I say that because right now we have a nuclear physicist Dr. Ernest Moniz at that position. And before that, there was Dr. Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize winning physicists. Probably a good thing Rick Perry knows more about nuclear power plants just using his gut, than all those other egghead nuclear physicist types combined. What with their gobble-ty goop talk about magneto-optically trapping atoms with lasers. (Dr. Steven Chu, Bell Labs)
    Now we have a Dancing with the Stars washout, previously being at the end of his very lucrative political career as a go and fetch it, climate change denier Gov. for the State of TX. oil, and gas industry. Just another example I suppose, of how a President Trump is going to. “fix,” a broken Federal Gov. You know? With, “fix,” being the operative word here, with a distinctly dual definition. As in, the crime bosses traditionally “fix,” all the boxing matches in the State of NY.

    1. Dan S December 15, 2016

      Be afraid ???? be very afraid ???? Trump is appointing people like Gov. Washout to positions they’re clearly not qualified for. I mean Dr. Ben Carson for HUD ? That’s another head scratcher that makes no sense except inside Trumps great brain. We have a constitutional crisis with this President Elect who got help from Putin to swing the election to his favor. If this presumed administration is allowed to run this country we won’t likely have one we recognize by 2020

      1. jmprint December 15, 2016

        He is positioning these people because he can easily manipulate them, they are so very eager to work under the tent, and have their master pull on their puppet strings.

      2. idamag December 15, 2016

        Michael Moore predicts that with Trump’s attitude toward briefings and his foreign affairs skills, we will have a terrorist attack and trump will use that to suspend the Constitution and put the country under martial law.

        1. dpaano December 15, 2016

          Sounds scary, but I don’t think Congress or anyone else would allow him to do that no matter what happens. The Republicans might be somewhat stupid, but they aren’t THAT stupid that they would allow this clown to take this country in that direction!

          1. Karen_in_KC December 15, 2016

            Oh yeah? Just watch. Money in their pocket and CONTROL is EVERYTHING to them. If it puts them on the winning team, that’s all they care about.

          2. dpaano December 15, 2016

            Sorry, I’m not going to turn into a pessimist just because things are seemingly tough right now…..I’m going to remain hopeful until I can’t anymore! You should also!

          3. idamag December 15, 2016

            At this point, the oligarchs have way too much power.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker December 15, 2016

          No briefings and all that has to happen is another 9/11 on Trump’s watch.

        3. Dan S December 15, 2016

          I actually said the same thing yesterday in a different post. I predict that sometime in 2017 we’ll see another terror attack that’ll be on a par with 911. Trump of course will declare martial law & have a reason to start targeting Muslims in particular. People wanted change but I’m sure this isn’t the change they had in mind

        4. Karen_in_KC December 15, 2016

          That is exactly my fear too. We are so blind in this country and are so sure that can’t happen here. We trust that it won’t happen because we have built in protections. Well, just put the right people in the right positions (like he’s doing right now), bide your time, throw the starving masses a few bones to dupe them into voting more of your cohorts into the government. When you have everything inplace, have killed off most of our rights so we can’t vote against “the petty”, And well….. by the itsyoo late

          1. Karen_in_KC December 15, 2016

            THats vote against “The Party”. And well … by then it’s too late.

          2. idamag December 15, 2016

            I’ve studied nazi, Germany quite extensively. The Jews didn’t expect it to happen there, either. People are not aware of how fragile Democracy is.

          3. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            Liar, liar, pants on fire. If you truly studied history you would see far more similarities to the Nazis and the democrats of today. Maybe you studied history in the reeducation camps that are passed off as colleges and universities today.

          4. sigrid28 December 16, 2016

            1984isnow istroll.

        5. sigrid28 December 15, 2016

          I hate to contemplate this dystopian scenario, but it is possible. However, martial law would give Trump and his cronies the excuse to declare war and then drill-baby-drill, with the idea of accumulating all of the wealth in fossil-fuels as quickly as possible, to beat the clock ticking because of climate change. Once climate change is undeniable, these fossil-fuels will not be as profitable as they are now.

          1. dpaano December 15, 2016

            Again, I find that hard to believe that this could happen. The people of this country, including those individuals in Congress, including Republicans, are NOT going to let this guy take this country somewhere it shouldn’t be, especially to war! I have to think that there are smarter minds in the Congress than we think there are! I know there are a few moderate Republicans in there somewhere!!!

        6. dbtheonly December 15, 2016

          I won’t cover that bet.

      3. sigrid28 December 15, 2016

        What amazes me even more than the fact that Trump settled on these numpties to head Energy and HUD (as well as the two picked for EPA and Education) is that Republicans in the Senate are lining up to confirm them. I can understand how it hasn’t yet dawned on information-challenged voters in the Republican base that they have been bamboozled, but for senators in the House to hold their noses and vote for these incompetent nominees–not to mention the CROTs (cronies of Trump, for those who do not speak French)–represents a new low for the Republican party. Why Perry? That dim light bulb will do as he’s told to assist in the looting of fossil-fuel treasure by billionaire plutocrats. Counter-intuitive choices and incompetent nominees are meant to facilitate Trump’s goal: to line his pockets and those of his pals, set up his dynasty, and do as Putin says. He and his cronies want to monetize the gains of the soaring stock market for themselves, as quickly as possible. Why the rush? Trump and his pals have to grab up all of the capital in the world that is tied to fossil fuels while they still can, before climate change catches up with their insatiable avarice.

        1. dpaano December 15, 2016

          Again, Sigrid, the confirmation hearings are run by both Republicans AND Democrats….it won’t be just the Republican Congress making the decision of who to confirm and who NOT to confirm. Again, keep your fingers crossed!

          1. Karen_in_KC December 15, 2016

            I’m not holding my breath on the republicans in congress going against Trumps picks… even if they aren’t running in the next election for anything. I no longer believe ANYTHING a Republican legislator says! They just said nasty things about trump in the campaign but now look at them slinking into Trumps office for a handout (whether they got anything or not). Once trump offers these LEGISLATORS something lucrative for after they are out of office, just watch them go ahead and vote them into those positions! I also expect several red state democrats to vote FOR them too! Like Joe Manchin for one! Remember we all just couldn’t believe trump would be voted in! The repubs will put on a good show of grilling these people, but I think he’ll get most of his picks no matter how hard Dems try to block them. After all, his bullying, intimidation, blackmail and extortion tactics have worked for him all these years and he’s still using them.

          2. sigrid28 December 15, 2016

            One conspiracy theory now circulating (and I cannot verify any of its interlocking parts) is that Putin has dirt on the RNC and Republicans that he and his hackers have collected over time. If there is a connection between Trump and Putin, Trump may be able to threaten Republicans who dare to challenge his choices or agenda with exposure of embarrassing and/or illegal emails, etc. In league with his oil-partner, Putin, Trump would be able to use this type of threat as a stick for those spineless Republicans who will not take a carrot, such as a bribe or whatever the senator would like for himself or herself.

          3. dpaano December 15, 2016

            He can threaten then with dirt, but for the Republicans who are not up for re-election in 2018, they might just tell him to take a flying leap! I know there are a couple of Republicans on the confirmation committee who are NOT on Trump’s side and are already questioning his choices! If he want to try to intimidate these guys with illegal e-mails, etc., he’s going to show his hand that he actually KNOWS about the hacking by the Russians. I don’t think he’s smart, but he’s not that dumb that he’d do that! I personally think that some of the Republican senators are NOT that bad that they would allow Trump to do this no matter what the situation is. I’m a veritable optimist and only keep hoping for the best. Sometimes it happens if you hope hard enough!!! I refuse to give up! None of us should refuse to give up!

          4. sigrid28 December 15, 2016

            To my mind (and I am not alone),Trump already showed his hand (that he was in on the hacking) when he challenged the Russians to hack HRC’s email server and again when he nominated Tillerson. I think Trump is, has been, and will be, as HRC said in the debate, “Putin’s puppet.” Republicans could and should stop him. You are right.
            Intelligence and optimism are more often a winning combination than willful stupidity and pessimism. My fears have to do with the high stakes involved in these appointments.

          5. dpaano December 16, 2016

            Oh, but he says he was NEVER told anything about the Russian hacking problem before the election. He’s now blaming it all on President Obama and Hillary and says that’s the ONLY reason why this investigation is suddenly being requested AFTER the election…..is because they are trying to devalue his election! He was NEVER made aware of this problem before….which is an out and out lie and is very provable!

          6. sigrid28 December 16, 2016

            Without being a medical professional competent to diagnose ADHD and dyslexia in Donald Trump, I’ve spent decades teaching students who have these diagnoses as well as belonging to the network of families who love and care for individuals on the autism spectrum, many of whom are first diagnosed with ADHD. Trump’s weak impulse control (“I’ve just GOT to tweet about that!) and poor executive function (inability to plan effectively or to foresee difficulties down the road) seem paramount in his choosing big donors to lead his departments. Impatience explains his unwillingness to sit through daily briefings, though in school we have myriad methods for helping children with ADHD get over this hurdle. People with severe ADHD get caught up in the moment, so it’s not surprising to me that Trump would forget altogether what he has said before or done before. Some theories of ADHD (which relate it to autism) attribute the difficulty in paying attention to sensory overload. So we have a guy used to chopping out any incoming sensations (for example, FACTS!) that might interfere with his self-centered interpretations. I suppose that’s another way of saying that Trump may not register in any way that he is contradicting himself. That makes his advisers very important, and he is choosing them badly. He clings to his family, but he would be handling ADHD and dyslexia better if they were anything but self-serving enablers. That leaves the Senate to exercise its duty to oversee how the president selects his cabinet. The question is, will they just act as enablers or revert to the role of being the adult in the room, as some of them were before Trump was elected.

          7. dpaano December 16, 2016

            Sigrid: I have to agree with you wholeheartedly since I suffer from a minor case of ADHD myself (didn’t realize it until I was in my 60’s). I have since learned to be more patient, to force myself to LISTEN to people before responding, and to realize that I have a problem that I have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. I think that’s the difference with Trump…..he has NO idea that he suffers from this malady himself NOR does he seem to want to deal with the ramifications of it and learn to realize when it’s taking hold of him. Trump is an out-and-out narcisstic personality

          8. sigrid28 December 16, 2016

            The reason Trump and other Boomers were not diagnosed with ADHD is that it wasn’t an accepted medical diagnosis when he was in school and has only come into prominence in child and adolescent psychiatry in the last thirty years (roughly). The diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome came about in 1943 but did not reach prominence until the 1980s when increasing numbers of cases of atypical autism were being diagnosed. A doctor named Kanner is associated with the type of autism that severely impairs communication, intellectual competence, and coordination; but an Austrian doctor named Asperger noticed that some children had autistic-like symptoms who were very bright and could speak but spoke very oddly, who may have walked on tiptoes and flapped their hands but who also were capable of remembering everything there was to know about some favorite topic, about which they would perseverate: like Kinsey before he studied human sexuality. These children were not mute like those with Kanner-type autism but spoke nonstop and behaved in ways that were hyperactive as well. So you can see how a diagnosis of ADHD crept in to medical and educational parlance as a precursor (sometimes) to a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome, which often takes several years and several psychiatric and neurological work-ups to finally diagnosis. So Boomers coping with a late diagnosis of ADHD come by their struggles honestly and should be admired for leaning-in to medicines and therapies that have been shown to be very effective. You give me hope. Trump drives me crazy.
            I get even crazier when I consider the fact that both ADHD and autism have been shown to have a genetic component. There could be many reasons indeed why Barron and Melania are not going to live in the White House, but one could be that it is very hard to find the correct school for a child Barron’s age with ADHD. The boy’s behavior when Trump gave his acceptance speech set off some alarm bells for me, as a teacher and family member who has lived the last twenty-eight years with working with persons with ADHD and with autism spectrum disorders.
            That makes me even more convinced that Trump’s refusal to take security briefings and his resort to twitter may signify not only ADHD (running in families) but possibly dyslexia, as ADHD and autism often carry with them comorbid conditions (in medical parlance), like ADHD and dyslexia or, as in our family, autism, Tourette’s Syndrome, Basic Essential Tremor, and anxiety disorder. I am not afraid of having a president with ADHD and dyslexia but I am afraid of having a president with these conditions who is not being treated effectively for them. When Trump made fun of people who flap their hands, I was not surprised as persons with ADHD often have a social skill deficit. It still nearly drove me around the bend . . .

          9. dpaano December 19, 2016

            The major problem with Trump is that he’s so narcissistic that he doesn’t realize he has a problem. He’s impulsive, doesn’t listen, won’t focus, etc……ALL examples of people with a mild form of ADHD. His impulsiveness alone will be a major problem with his presidency! He’s already pissed off China and he already told them to keep a drone (which, by the way, he doesn’t really own until he’s actually the president) they already had made arrangements with the State Department to return. Rather than wait for the proper department to do their jobs, he jumps to conclusions and hits the tweeter and pisses off the wrong people. This is NOT what makes a good president, and the most we can hope for is that he doesn’t piss off China enough for them to show the U.S. what they can do. He’s going to end up killing a bunch of innocent people with his impulsiveness and his refusal to listen to the people who are advising him.

          10. sigrid28 December 19, 2016

            Hello! Just when I think everything is settling down a little, Trump stirs the pot again with a terrible transition pick or a bizarre Tweet. When will this end?

          11. dpaano December 20, 2016

            Agreed…..he’s really pissing off China and that is NOT a good thing to do to a major power that has nuclear bombs aimed at the United States!! My only hope is that they realize that Trump’s BS is on him and NOT the citizens of this country. His newest thing is telling China to keep the drone that they “found” and confiscated. Does he not understand that he can’t “give away” something that doesn’t actually belong to him yet? And, he didn’t even wait to find out that the U.S. and China had already made arrangements for the return of the drone through “proper channels!” He isn’t president until January 20th; he has NO authority giving away anything!!!
            Also, he immediately tweeted that the Berlin truck incident was a “terrorist plot,” even before the German police have had a chance to interrogate the perpetrator and determine if this is true or not. Sure, it probably is a terrorist attack, but you don’t just willy nilly blurt out this stuff without knowing for sure that you’re correct. He’s done this before….just blurting out “terrorist” BS without letting the powers that be figure it out first. Someone needs to take away his tweeter….he’s just a “twat with a tweeter!” He’s going to get this country in SERIOUS trouble with his impulsiveness and impatience to learn the facts before he send out ridiculous tweets!!!

          12. sigrid28 December 20, 2016

            Starting with your second point first, Trump is playing into a narrative that the State Department would like to avoid by shooting off his big mouth about the attack in Turkey: Both Turkey and Russia want to blame this on the U.S., saying that the shooter was inspired by the hated Muslim cleric living in Pennsylvania, whom the U.S. has refused to turn over to Turkey–Its besieged president blames the recent coup there on him also, and Russian joins in this interpretation.

            The business about the Chinese drone points to Trump’s failure to understand that as POTUS he is a public servant. As a citizen he actually has more “ownership” of that drone than he does as president. I don’t see any evidence that he or any of his “advisers” think of his role as much beyond bullying his opponents and otherwise bluster. In the situation of China, where their diplomats are light years ahead of him in subtlety and education, I hope they will just see him for the buffoon he is and try to work around and behind him until he is out of office.

            Russia and Turkey have shown their hands as allies of Iran and Syria in preferring to use the U.S. (and now Trump) as unwitting targets of their full propaganda machine. Trump would do well to go silent (fat chance), back off, and pick up the thread of isolationism that appealed to his base. This way Trump may be able to avoid having to be so beholden Putin or prove himself to Putin by making good on his promise to drop NATO (Trump’s most information-challenged supporters don’t understand too much about that anyway).

            I’m afraid discretion will not be the better part of valor with Trump, however, and we are going to see, indeed the entire world is going to see, Trump lead himself into highly embarrassing quandaries that will expose him and his family to humiliation and ridicule. Then I hope he quits like Sarah Palin.

          13. sigrid28 December 15, 2016

            Doesn’t the entire Senate vote on the nominees who get through hearings? Not a challenge to you–it’s a challenge to Republicans in the Senate who could still institute course correction before it is too late, if they have the courage to do it.

          14. dpaano December 15, 2016

            I’m not totally positive, but I think if they don’t make it through the Confirmation Committee, their names don’t go to the Senate. Again, not sure, but I think that’s how it works.

          15. sigrid28 December 15, 2016

            It is as you say.

          16. dpaano December 15, 2016

            Again, just keep a positive thought rather than letting this get your down!! I refuse to let them or any trolls on this site get me down. You have to believe that sometimes (and maybe not often) miracles DO happen!! I’m still also hoping the Electoral College comes to their senses…..hey, I said I’m optimistic!

          17. sigrid28 December 15, 2016

            From your lips to God’s ears.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker December 15, 2016

      Play connect the dots…it’s all about OIL for Trump. His entire presidency depended on being able to pay Russia back for the money they lent him. Since he refuses to disclose his tax records, we know why now, don’t we? It would show that he received a bundle of Russian money and when.

      Now, Trump is obligated to pay Russia back. What better way to do that then to help Russia’s flagging oil industry? None of the oil drilled in the US is used in quantity here anymore. And, Russia would then be able to sell all of the US exported oil along with Russia’s to China, giving Russia more control over the Chinese economy.

      Only one problem with all of this…China has already begun solar energy production. You can see where Trump’s huge oil investments will head if he cannot pull off this Russian Oil deal. That’s the reason he chose Tillerson..he already has oil deals with Russia.

  9. towercam December 15, 2016

    Perry’s a dirty bastard. I can see why Trump – a dirty bastard himself – would pick him.
    Perry’s pretty amazingly stupid. Perry will help Trump look less stupid in comparison.
    Both of them belong in prison Right Now.

  10. plc97477 December 15, 2016

    Why would dump appoint perry? Because dump like ass kissers and they don’t get anymore blatant than perry.

    1. dbtheonly December 15, 2016

      I’d say to force Perry to humiliate himself, but I don’t see that as a huge difference.

    2. dtgraham December 15, 2016

      I take offense to that my friend. Mitt Romney can kiss Trump a$$ with the best of them, although he may not have puckered up quite as much as Governor Good Hair this time around.

      1. dpaano December 16, 2016

        What’s funny is that Trump made nicey-nice with Romney, as well as with Gore and Leo DeCaprio, but then turned around and did the opposite of what they thought he would do. All of them thought that he had “listened to them” and had hopes of having changed his mind….but that certainly didn’t happen. He can look anyone in the face, tell them he believes them and is willing to reassess his decision, and then turn around and do just the opposite! He’s a liar and a con man….that’s how he made his money and he isn’t going to change now! If I were anyone of importance and had a chance to speak with Trump, I would NEVER think that he was actually listening and was going to do what he promised…..you can pretty much guarantee that he’ll do nothing or do the exact opposite of what he says he may do!

  11. jmprint December 15, 2016

    Perry is the wagging tail, that is going to lick Trump face.

  12. yabbed December 15, 2016

    Trump appoints Perry because Trump is so insecure that he cannot accept a challenge from anyone. They are two doofuses, one being the kissed ass, the other the ass kissing. You know which is which.

  13. Jinmichigan December 15, 2016

    You gotta give trump credit for being consistent. Can’t think of any of his picks as acceptable, or close to being qualified. Just like himself.

  14. dpaano December 15, 2016

    I have a feeling that Perry is going to have a VERY hard time getting through a confirmation hearing, especially with all the black marks on his record. But, if he’s going to be in charge of nuclear waste, I think we should make sure that he dumps it ALL in Texas!! That’s where he AND the waste belong!

    1. idamag December 15, 2016

      Nah, he is a Republican. That means all the black marks don’t matter.

      1. dpaano December 15, 2016

        Fortunately, he goes before a partisan confirmation committee….it’s not just Republicans….and many Republicans have already voiced their displeasure with his nomination, along with the nomination of a couple other Trump choices. According to the things I’ve been reading, some of Trump’s nominations are in for a rough ride in front of the confirmation committee and, remember, it only takes 3 Republicans to come over to our side to get the majority. Two of them are on the confirmation committee already! I also read that the confirmation committee is going to be really delving DEEP into each nominee’s backgrounds in the vetting portion of the confirmation, and many of them won’t make it through, especially when they get asked those important questions about their backgrounds!!!

        1. sigrid28 December 15, 2016

          Another question: will these hearings be on C-Span? Are they public or sure to be covered by media? I hope media will do their jobs well in covering hearings so if weak nominees make it to the Senate, Republican senators who let in incompetents or candidates who want to destroy their departments will be exposed.

          1. dpaano December 15, 2016

            I have no idea…..I’ve never had the urge to watch the hearings before. If you find out that they are, let me know as I’d be interested in either watching them or, if I’m at work, taping them for later. As for the Congress…remember, we only need 3 Republicans to move to our side to get the majority on a vote. Again, am being totally optimistic at this point!

  15. Eleanore Whitaker December 15, 2016

    In a word? OIL. Once you look at all of the moron elect’s choices, you see the only connection: OIL. He chose a Montana appointeed for Secy of the Interior. Then, he chose Tilleson…another Big Oil boy. Trump smells profit again. By forcing OIL on taxpayers.

    As for Pretty Boy Perry, he is just window dressing for the Trump “beautiful people” Trump thinks he is creating.

    The part I love is how he and his right wingers bitched a blue streak about Hillary’s connections to Goldman Sachs and now Trump appoints a Goldman Sachs thief to his cabinet. Remember when the righties bitched abgout a Clinton Dynasty? What the hell do you call giving Ivanka the job of First Lady? Allowing his sons and son in law to be members of his cabinet?

    Trump’s big problem is going to be with the Senate. Already there are 3 senior Senators of the GOP ready to refuse several of Trump’s appointments. Trump thinks he can manipulate the Senate the way he manipulated the election. He is in for the shock of his life. All the Dems need to stop an appointment is a single Senator voting against it according to Senate rules. Watch Trump explode then.

    1. sigrid28 December 15, 2016

      Please let Republican Senators stand up to Trump. They should refuse to confirm his incompetent (Energy and HUD) nominees as well as Trump’s counter-intuitive picks, people determined to destroy the departments they have been selected to head up (Education, EPA, and Energy). At least three of the Republicans who accused HRC of pay-to-play could put their money where their mouths are and refuse to confirm Trump’s billionaire cronies, who are inexperienced: their only qualification is that they are complicit in his attempt to grab up fossil-fuel treasure and consolidate power before climate change catches up with them (State, Commerce, the Treasury, and Steve Bannon). It would only take three Republicans to decide to be Patriots in order to guard our natural resources (Interior and EPA) and keep Trump from initiating a nuclear disaster (Energy). Three Republicans are all it would take to safe-guard our most vulnerable Americans, children who depend on public education (Education), subsidized housing (HUD), and provisions of the ACA (HHS).

      1. dbtheonly December 15, 2016

        You taking bets on that happening?

        1. sigrid28 December 15, 2016

          I’ll bet you a cookie.

          1. dbtheonly December 15, 2016

            Okay. Donated to the local homeless shelter.

            I will donate if either Perry or Carson is not confirmed.

          2. jmprint December 15, 2016

            And I’ll say a Thank you Jesus.

          3. sigrid28 December 15, 2016

            My donation goes to the local food pantry, which is across the street from the Salvation Army, no matter what happens. I never bet on anything, so I always bet a cookie. I am not like 35% of the U.S. population who play the lottery with the hope of striking it big.

          4. dbtheonly December 16, 2016

            Many years ago I worked at a business with lots of egos. “Put Up or Shut Up” was a common refrain. Generally we’d bet sodas, and with the amount of action going down, it usually balanced out over time. A bad week and I’d be down $2. It wasn’t, and isn’t, for me the amount won, it’s the “crow” the other side must eat while admitting to have been wrong.

            No, I don’t play the lottery. It’s not fun if someone is hurt beyond the ego crunch of having to admit the other was right.

          5. sigrid28 December 16, 2016

            Even though I don’t bet more than a cookie, I’ll always go that far: Gambling defuses tension, which is why, I suppose, it is a feature of many ancient and modern cultures, including our own. For example, during the American Revolution, indigenous peoples of the Americas routinely bet on everything imaginable (two guys get into a fight: the bets start), while British soldiers as well as those fighting under Washington amused themselves by betting at cards.

          6. dpaano December 15, 2016

            I’ll bet a heck of a lot more than a cookie!!! It will NOT be an easy slide for some of these choices to get through a tough confirmation hearing, especially after the committee digs up all their BS during the vetting!

          7. dbtheonly December 15, 2016

            You’re in if you want. See mine to Ms. E.

            This isn’t the fight to pick with Trump.

          8. dpaano December 15, 2016

            If we don’t fight him on this, we might as well give up! We need to let him know up front that we will not just sit back and let him take this country down!! Maybe if a few of his idiot nominees get kicked out, he may figure out that he isn’t the “Emperor” he thought he was and he isn’t infallible!

          9. dbtheonly December 15, 2016

            It’s not us who have to make the fight. It’s Rubio, McCain, and Graham.

            My cookies say they’re not going to pick that fight.

          10. dpaano December 16, 2016

            McCain and Graham already have picked the fight….Rubio might jump in with them, but since he’s still looking at a future run for the presidency, he’ll probably stay in the background because he’s a chickenshit!

          11. dbtheonly December 16, 2016

            Hey. Talking about it doesn’t count. I only have to pay up if they actually defeat either Perry or Carson.

            Little Marco is a world class wuss. Graham never picked a fight he wasn’t sure of winning, and Senator McCain often is waylaid by Candidate McCain

          12. dpaano December 16, 2016

            It’s not a matter of picking a fight with Trump….if some of the Republicans who are retiring in 2018 don’t agree with him….he has nothing to hold over them to make them change their minds! We can only hope that some of them will put their feet down!

        2. Eleanore Whitaker December 15, 2016

          Actually, The Senator to watch out for is Marco Rubio. He is hoping to be a Election 2020 presidential cabinet and he hates Perry. The other two Republican Senators are McCain and suprisingly Lindsay Graham R=SC.

          This is where Trump’s line in the sand really is. There is NO way he can DARE to intefer with Senate rules if he doesn’t want to offend the entire Senate on both sides of the aisle.

          Trump cannot stand to be overruled. If he is opposed by the Senate on any choice he’s made, he’ll go for the nasty tweets. That may be okay in a presidential election. Do it to the entire Senate and they will not be too accommodating to Trump.

          1. dpaano December 15, 2016

            Plus, as I said, many of the members of the confirmation committee are not up for re-election in 2018, so he can’t intimidate them by telling them that he’ll make their re-election difficult! And, if he does try that, he’s only going to piss them off even more!!!

          2. dbtheonly December 15, 2016

            You’re right, of course, Ms. E; but I’m betting that Little Marco, Lyin Ted, and the others will be in no mood or position to oppose Trump on his Cabinet appointments.

            Now, those Senators are going to shiv Trump sooner or later. But this isn’t the time.

            You want in on the bet?

          3. Eleanore Whitaker December 16, 2016

            I can’t recall now what the specific grudge was from Marco Rubio. Obviously, whenever you put 2 Texas cowboys in the same room, a barroom brawl always follows, ergo Cruz’s loathing for Perry.

            I so agree. Republican men are notorious for behind the scenes Julius Caesar style drama and back stabbing.

            It all comes down to one thing: Trump refusing to be a president and demanding he be given privileges 44 other presidents never had. This would be one thing if those privileges didn’t include setting up a cabinet to enrich Trump’s business Empire around the world using presidential power.

            The only thing the Republicans are holding out getting rid of Trump immediately is because they need him to sign off on repealing the ACA, SS, Medicare and banking reforms, not to mention abolishing the EPA.

            But, Americans need to remember one thing. EVERY state has a STATE Attorney General. This is our last weapon against Trump Republicans. State attorney generals do not have to follow federal laws unless state laws are written to include federal laws. That means that even if Trump abolishes environmental regulations on the federal level, state AGS, can enforce it on state levels.

            That’s the most amazing thing that the Founding Fathers ever did when they wrote the Constitution. At that time, their fear was that an autonomous federal government would just be another replica of King George’s monarchy. So, the Founding Fathers in their wizardy gave states individual rights. But the beauty of that is that when one or more states create interstate agreements, the federal too partison government is hung out to dry. Don’t you love it?

            The other amazing factor is that the Attorney General on the state level cannot pander to party because he is sworn under oath to uphold the laws of the state that already exist.

            For example, NJ’s Governor Fat Mouth being Republican, cannot influence the Attorney General, to overturn state laws already firmly embedded regarding environmental regulations. Cheney had total control of Alberto Gonzalez on the federal level and what many have forgotten is WHY Gonzalez as AG had to resign: He was hiring U.S. attorneys from the Republican Party only. Rather than be subjected to a SC hearing, he resigned.

          4. dbtheonly December 16, 2016

            I don’t know if the Republican Senators need Trump to do all the stuff they’ve been calling for over the years. He does make a nice lightning rod though.

            I like your idea of the State AGs holding polluters & others to standards the Feds won’t enforce.

            Whooda thunk of us endorsing “States Rights”, eh?

          5. Eleanore Whitaker December 16, 2016

            Actually, that’s true. The Senate has rules that have been in place for hundreds of years. Trump cannot override them. For example, already one surprising objection to Tillerson is coming from 3 Senators, McCain, Graham and Reed (R-MI). That means that if Tillerson is asked questions about his relationship with Putin and the Senate decides he is a national security risk, they will reject his appointment and Trump cannot do a single thing to change that rejection.

            Remember what Eric Schneidermann NY’s AG did to Trump? Trump said publicly he would not pay one dime of a settlement for that phony Trump University. Since it originated as a NY business, Schneidermann as AG, had to enforce NY laws. In effect, he forced Trump to settle the Trump University case for $25 million. Trump then brazenly tweeted that Schneidermann was a “light weight” and inferred that the NY AG was “ignorant” of the laws of NY state. This man is going to be a US president?

            Right now, Trump along with Ryan and McConnell are all complicit in this Russian hacking deal. Schneidermann is not the man to try and smear. He said last night in an interview on Rachel Maddow he intends to force Trump to obey the laws.

          6. dpaano December 16, 2016

            Agreed, but I think McConnell has seen the light about the Russian hacking and is pushing for the investigation into this, much to my surprise. And, with 3 Republican congressmen on board with the investigation, it will happen. Remember, we only need 3 Republicans to come over to our side in order to have a majority vote in Congress.

          7. dpaano December 19, 2016

            Same thing with California and our AG…..our governor and our AG are NOT going to let Trump do away with the laws we’ve passed in this state when it comes to environmental laws, drilling, fracking, etc. Same way with Obamacare!

          8. Eleanore Whitaker December 20, 2016

            If I learned anything teaching dance to thousands of students over 33 years, it was that sometimes people do not learn until you allow them to fall on their butts hard enough to wear the pain reminds them forever after what they should NEVER do.

            This is the legacy of the Trump presidency. He always wants something he hopes will buy him the honor and decency he never had nor was taught. He has lived an entire life getting way with everything. No one gets away with it 100% of the time.

            Like all Republican men, he thinks all he has to do is point and delegate and keep the troops in line with intimidation. But, the reality of presidency is that the minute he is sworn in, he doesn’t dare try to reinvent the Constitution without being disqualified.

            According to his latest edict, he plans on getting rid of the Secret Service and using only his own beefy thug for his security. What that shows is that he plans not to be president for only 8 years. And, if he dissolves the secret, with it, he knows he is dissolving the First Amendment right to protest. The Secret Service is only allowed to eject protestors who pose “bodily” threat to their charges. Trump’s thug security can eject anyone they want because they are under no Secret Service regulations nor are they government employees.

            Already 2 former Secret Service agents have said if he tries to get in the way of the Secret Service, he is violating several laws, including the First Amendment.

            All I see ahead for Trump is spending most of his time in front of the Supreme Court answering various charges of Constitutional violations, not to mention states that intend to sue for states’ rights.

          9. dpaano December 20, 2016

            First of all, he doesn’t have the authority to “do away” with the Secret Service despite what he seems to think. They are there by mandate in the Constitution. I agree with you, however, that he’ll be spending a lot of time before the Supreme Court explaining why he isn’t following the Constitution. However, my fear is that since the Supreme Court will be constituted by his nomination(s), you never know what’s going to happen. I DO know that if he tries to do something that is against the Constitution, he’ll need a Constitutional Amendment to change it, and that’s not an easy thing to get from what I understand. Trump is such an idiot…..this next 4 years (and hopefully no more than that and hopefully LESS) is not going to be pretty. He’s already pissed off China with his impulsive tweets (does he know he can’t give away a drone that doesn’t really belong to him yet since he’s not the president?). I think he’s going to be in for a very rude awakening when he finds out that he can’t do anything he wants to do. Thank God our Founding Fathers planned our government so that there’s something there to stop idiotic presidents from doing evil!!!

          10. dpaano December 16, 2016

            And that’s why California will NOT bow down to Trump and his cronies! They can put in all the Federal laws they want, but we have our OWN laws and we’ll abide by them before we abide by anything the Trumpkins put out there! If other states want to have their water polluted, their air unbreathable, their national parks and forests decimated with oil drilling, etc., they can go for it, but there ARE many states that won’t follow Trump and his gang of idiots!

      2. dpaano December 15, 2016

        Sigrid….the confirmation committee consists of both Republicans AND Democrats (see my comment above to Eleanore). Keep your fingers crossed!

    2. dpaano December 15, 2016

      So true, and I’ve read also that they are going to be going DEEP into these nominee’s backgrounds during the vetting portion of the confirmation, and they are going to find ALL the dirt and bring it out in the confirmation hearings, which are bipartisan! Since a goodly portion of his nominees have not previously worked in government, they are going to have a fun time during the confirmation hearings! All we need are 3 Republicans to cross over from the “dark side” to our side to win a majority vote, and we already have 2 that I’m aware of already! The hearings should be interesting to say the least, and the most we can hope for is that we prevail! As a note, some of the Republicans in Congress and on the committee are not going to be intimidated by Trump because they will be retiring in 2018 and don’t give a damned what he can do to them if they don’t play his game!!!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker December 15, 2016

        Actually, it is barely possible these candidates will be FORCED to answer under oath questions during the confirmation hearings they would rather not answer. There is no Stand on the 5th in Senate Confirmation hearings.

        1. dpaano December 15, 2016

          That’s the BEST part, Eleanore, and since most of them are not used to facing a government hearing like this, they’re going to be in for a BIG surprise!! The committee has said they are going to be vetting them for everything they can find, and they aren’t going to let anything go by them when it comes to questions! I wish I could be a fly on the wall in that hearing room!!! It’s gonna get ugly!

  16. Eleanore Whitaker December 15, 2016

    In a word? OIL. Once you look at all of the moron elect’s choices, you see the only connection: OIL. He chose a Montana appointeed for Secy of the Interior. Then, he chose Tilleson…another Big Oil boy. Trump smells profit again. By forcing OIL on taxpayers.

    As for Pretty Boy Perry, he is just window dressing for the Trump “beautiful people” Trump thinks he is creating.

    The part I love is how he and his right wingers bitched a blue streak about Hillary’s connections to Goldman Sachs and now Trump appoints a Goldman Sachs thief to his cabinet. Remember when the righties bitched abgout a Clinton Dynasty? What the hell do you call giving Ivanka the job of First Lady? Allowing his sons and son in law to be members of his cabinet?

    Trump’s big problem is going to be with the Senate. Already there are 3 senior Senators of the GOP ready to refuse several of Trump’s appointments. Trump thinks he can manipulate the Senate the way he manipulated the election. He is in for the shock of his life. All the Dems need to stop an appointment is a single Senator voting against it according to Senate rules. Watch Trump explode then.

    1. itsfun December 15, 2016

      Two words: Nuclear option

      1. FireBaron December 15, 2016

        Except the Nuclear Option was not designed to protect from actions by your own party. All it takes is McCain or Graham to shut down the whole process. McConnell can only bring the nuclear option if one of the Democrats tries to block or filibuster the nomination. Add to that, Senators Cruz and Rubio

        1. itsfun December 15, 2016

          If the RINO’s pull that kind of stunt, they will pay for it come election time for them.

  17. itsfun December 15, 2016

    Governor Perry has served for 14 years as Governor of Texas. Texas has the 12th largest economy in the world. During his 14 years Texas has created more jobs than the other 49 states combined. To effectively run a department this size we need a person experienced in heading a bureaucracy with thousands of employees and a budget larger than most states. Texas has the largest nuclear maintenance facility in the country. He has formed a energy policy in Texas. The DOE helps to develop energy like fracking and the shale natural gas boom. He will help to make us energy independent, so we don’t have to rely on OPEC. He is highly qualified to be the head of the DOE.

    1. Andor Trayven December 15, 2016

      Horse apples, from beginning to end. The governor of Texas is nothing but a figurehead designed to rubber stamp the oil industry’s agenda. He ruined his state and is yet one more disgrace in the Trump carnival of Horrors.

      1. itsfun December 15, 2016

        He must be a terrible Governor to keep getting elected. How many times has he been re-elected?

    2. johninPCFL December 22, 2016

      On the plus side for Putin, when he needs to face off against the US, our nuclear weapons will be handled by Governor Good Hair.

      If he couldn’t remember the name of the agency, how could he possibly be expected to know that they design, test, and maintain all of our weapons stockpile? He’ll have all of them sold off for scrap in six months and Putin will take America off the map in a cakewalk.

  18. FireBaron December 15, 2016

    Jim, what is it with your fellow Lone Star Staters? Is it something in the water they drink? While Dubya, Perry and Abbot all appear to be well-educated men, between the three of them they don’t have enough common sense to come in out of the rain.

    1. idamag December 15, 2016

      Dubya never appeared to be well-educated. I am still puzzled as to how he got a college degree. He was immature and child like.

      1. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

        Kind of like all you ignorant liberals talking such silliness.

      2. sigrid28 December 16, 2016

        1984isnow isstillatroll.

  19. jmprint December 15, 2016

    In Corpus Christi, and Nueces county this morning there is a warning not to drink the water due to chemical contamination. The reason Perry is being picked is because Perry is on the side of doing away with the EPA, which already has it’s hands tide. I don’t agree with Perry. Texas won’t survive with that lack of oversight that is needed in the oil industry. Corpus is just the beginning.

  20. DOC December 15, 2016

    Trump and Perry the blind leading the blind.

  21. stsintl December 16, 2016

    “But — resurrection! — having kissed the ring of president-elect Trump, Perry is now to be lifted from the lowly role of twinkle-toed TV hoofer to being in charge of our national government’s nuclear arsenal!”

    Are you sure it’s the “ring of president-elect Trump” and not something else? Or, could it be Kellyanne Conway’s something else?

    1. dpaano December 16, 2016

      God, but Kelly’s a pain! She’s as stupid as Trump and his cronies!

  22. dpaano December 16, 2016

    I can answer the question in the headline……because Trump is an idiot with NO idea of what he’s doing. IF he had half a brain, he would realize that he needs to put people in charge of these departments that KNOW what they’re doing and not just because they gave his campaign a big donation! This is going to be the ruination of his administration AND this country!


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