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Perry To Lead Energy Department — An Agency He Vowed To Eliminate

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Perry To Lead Energy Department — An Agency He Vowed To Eliminate

Rick Perry, Department of Energy

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President-elect Donald Trump has chosen former Texas Governor Rick Perry to head the U.S. Department of Energy, a transition official said, putting him in charge of the agency he proposed eliminating during his bid for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

The choice, confirmed late on Monday by the official, adds to the list of oil drilling advocates skeptical about climate change who have been picked for senior positions in Trump’s Cabinet. The selections have worried environmentalists but cheered an industry eager for expansion.

Perry’s proposal to scrap the Energy Department caused what has become known as his “oops” moment during a November 2011 debate when he could not remember all the Cabinet-level departments he wanted to eliminate.

“It’s three agencies of government when I get there that are gone: commerce, education and the um, what’s the third one there? Let’s see,” Perry said.

His debate opponents tried to prod his memory but Perry ultimately gave up, saying, “I can’t. The third one, I can’t. Sorry. Oops.”

Perry, who also briefly ran in the 2016 presidential race, would have to be confirmed by the Senate to head the Energy Department, which is responsible for U.S. energy policy and oversees the nation’s nuclear weapons program.

Perry served as governor of Texas, a leading oil-producing state, from 2000 when he succeeded President George W. Bush until 2015. In his unsuccessful presidential runs, he touted his record of job creation in the second-most-populous state.

Perry was a fierce critic of Trump last year before dropping out of the race, calling him “a cancer on conservatism” who offered “a toxic mix of demagoguery and mean-spiritedness and nonsense.”

Trump also had harsh things to say about Perry during the campaign, even belittling his eye glasses by saying, “He put on glasses so people will think he’s smart.”

Once Trump secured the nomination, Perry endorsed him as “the people’s choice.”

If Perry gets the job, it would be further indication that the incoming Trump administration may be friendly toward the fossil fuel industry. Perry has advocated lighter regulation on the industry, and has said that the science around climate change is “unsettled.”

Trump is set to pick U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who is also a climate-change skeptic and an advocate for expanded oil and gas development, to head the Interior Department.

Trump’s pick for the Environmental Protection Agency is Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, an ardent opponent of President Barack Obama’s measures to curb climate change who has sued the EPA to block in a bid to undo a key regulation to curb greenhouse gas emissions, mainly from coal-fired power plants.

Trump named Rex Tillerson, chief executive of oil giant Exxon Mobil Corp, as his choice for secretary of state on Tuesday.

An overwhelming majority of scientists believe that carbon dioxide emissions from burning oil, gas and coal is a significant contributor to global climate change, causing sea level rise, drought, and more frequent violent storms.

(Reporting by Steve Holland; Writing by Richard Valdmanis; Editing by Bill Trott)

IMAGE: Former Texas Governor Rick Perry is greeted as he exits following a meeting with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York City, U.S., December 12, 2016. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 13, 2016

    Another weasel selected to guard the hen house. There is some sinister element at work motivating Trump to pick the very people who can do the most damage to America and its natural resources.
    Like parasites in the natural world feeding slowly off their hosts to keep them alive long enough before they become desiccated, the cabinet members chosen so far are perfectly suited to engage in a parasitism of American institutions and suck off resources, natural and otherwise.

    “Now—What is we goin’ to do?”

    1. marriea December 13, 2016

      Have there been any serious investigations into Trump’s visits to the Kremblin?
      What about phone calls. What businesses does he have in Russia.
      In reading about his cabinet’s appointments, I have wondered what roles these depts play in our lives and how it would benefit another country if they are gone or greatly deminished.
      I have noticed, or maybe it’s because (I see something sinister in everything Trump says or does and how he reacts to it), makes me wonder if his ties to another country so deep, he would risk putting the U S at risk.
      Since he has claimed he wants to nuke others, would he be so callious as to actually do something so stupid, just too see what happens?
      And I’m hoping that his so loyal followers see that this man is not about them but what he can do for himself..
      He’s conned them.
      I suppose that any con man can con people who are looking at the big pockets a con man has. All one has to do from that point on is dangle that carrot.
      Sometimes this person scares the hell out of me.

      1. dpaano December 13, 2016

        Sometimes? He scares the hell out of me ALL THE TIME! As for his ties to Russia, don’t you think that’s why he doesn’t want to release his income tax returns? He’s afraid we’ll see the truth….that he owes Russia and China a ton of money!

        1. marriea December 14, 2016

          It would be interesting if people found out as I suspect that he is a fraud and Putin has his ear as a way to destroy this country and make Trump a trillionaire since he doesn’t like not being the top of anything.
          Wonder if he will make Nixon and his crew look like a boys scout.

          1. dpaano December 14, 2016

            They ALREADY make Nixon and his crew look like Boy Scouts! His nominees are all billionaires with ABSOLUTELY no qualifications for the jobs he’s nominated them for other than the fact that they gave money to his campaign! So much for his promise to do away with “pay to play!” He’s become quite a master at this!
            The most we can hope for is that some of these idiots are thrown out after the extreme vetting that the committee is going to put them through, plus the confirmation hearings! I wish I could be a fly on the wall for those! I can already assume that Perry will wet his pants when faced with the confirmation committee!!!

      2. latebloomingrandma December 13, 2016

        Everyone was too busy with Hillary’s emails, and trying to find something after 25 years.

      3. I Am Helpy December 13, 2016

        His daughter went on holiday with Putin’s girlfriend and posted snaps on her twitter feed. How is it that not a single major media outlet managed to mention this?

        1. dpaano December 14, 2016

          I saw it, but it was very well hidden and nothing much was written about it, of course! Putin’s girlfriend is Ivanka’s best friend…..which I find to be considerably interesting!

  2. Lynda Groom December 13, 2016

    Surely there must be a place setting at the table of imbeciles for dear old Sarah. All the rest of the has beens or never were’s got a look. Come on Donald and give that poor thing a job.

    1. dbtheonly December 13, 2016

      Sister Sarah has already condemned the Crony Capitalism of the potential Trump circus.

      Besides she doesn’t want Trump trying to grab….

      1. latebloomingrandma December 13, 2016

        Are ya sure? Lol

        1. dbtheonly December 13, 2016

          About the Crony Capitalism?


  3. dbtheonly December 13, 2016

    Would have vowed to eliminate it, if he could have remembered it at the time.

    1. Bill P December 13, 2016

      That was before he found his Clark Kent glasses.

  4. A_Real_Einstein December 13, 2016

    The Profits over People Party strikes again.

    1. I Am Helpy December 13, 2016

      With your help.

      1. A_Real_Einstein December 14, 2016

        Sorry to burst your bubble but I have never voted for the GOP in my life. However I will no longer support any candidates that put their ambitions ahead of my own. I will not support candidates that have made themselves filthy rich off of their public service. I will not support candidates that take money from PACs , corporations or special interests. Join our movement today or get out of the way. The day of the Clintons has passed. We demand progressive policies, transparency and pols that do not do the bidding of their corporate donors. Feel the Bern. Bernie 2020

        1. dpaano December 14, 2016

          Then I can assume that you’ll NEVER support any candidate ever again because ALL of the candidates have ties to many of your so-called reasons for not supporting them. As for Bernie, he DID take money from a couple of PACs, but I guess you didn’t hear about that, did you?

          1. A_Real_Einstein December 14, 2016

            Wrong! Another demonstration of the fake news that is destroying our democracy. Can you provide a credible source for your misinformation?

            I will have plenty of candidates to vote for in 2018. Go to brandnewcongress.com and get back to me. Thanks

        2. I Am Helpy December 14, 2016

          I love that you claim you didn’t help fascism AND IN THE SAME PARAGRAPH try to justify how you helped fascism, and how you’ll help them in the future.

          You are garbage. You own this presidency.

          1. A_Real_Einstein December 14, 2016

            You are not making any sense. I voted for Hillary. Hillary was a fascist? Do you know what fascism is?

          2. I Am Helpy December 14, 2016

            See previous post.

          3. A_Real_Einstein December 14, 2016

            That post was jibberish. You really don’t know what is going on

          4. I Am Helpy December 14, 2016

            See previous two posts.

  5. Todd Nelson December 13, 2016

    As Barack Obama said to the republicans in congress the first time they all visited the WHITE House together, “elections have consequences, I won”. Now Trump won, so get used to no longer having progressive policies being shoved down the real Americans’ throats. Things are going to change. The fraud of non existent “climate change” is going to go away. With a total of 4/10 of 1 degree F rise in global temperatures since 1904, and no real warming, according to raw temperature data, since the 1950’s, there is no such thing as manmade global warming . With no real warming, there can’t be any manmade warming. That is the logic the government is going to start working by in the near future, so get used to it.

    1. Lynda Groom December 13, 2016

      Wow, just wow!

      1. iamproteus December 13, 2016

        Lynda, I know. Mind boggling, isn’t it?

    2. I Am Helpy December 13, 2016

      What, in the feverish kaleidoscope of flashing lights that passes for your mind, do you imagine the point of faking climate change would be? How is it that nearly every scientist is in on this fraud? What went wrong with you that you believe this?

    3. FireBaron December 14, 2016

      Pray, tell us what your definition of “real Americans” is. I am a damn-near 63 year old US Navy Veteran with significant college education. I have worked almost every day of my life since I was 17 years old, and have paid federal and state taxes, I have paid into Social Security and Medicare, I pay property taxes on the home I own. I am married with a daughter in high School. I am a gun owner and a New Deal Democrat Liberal. I consider myself to be a “real American”, and have voted in every election since 1972. Just what are qualifications for “real American”.

      1. dpaano December 14, 2016

        Todd’s definition of a “real American” is someone with half a brain that voted for a con man who is going to take this nation back to the 1950’s. His idea of a “real American” is someone who has absolutely NO intelligence when it comes to what causes air pollution, climate change, etc. nor do they realize that these problems are what causes most of the cancers and respiratory problems in states that have high oil drilling, coal mining, etc. Kentucky was one of the states that was the worse and had the most illnesses caused by these problems!

    4. marriea December 14, 2016

      So, you resent ‘progressive’ policies?
      So where does that put you.
      The earth’s temperture does indeed change. That’s to be expected.
      Mother Nature does take care of herself.
      But. the climate change that I have learned that is being talked about, is the one that affect us directly.
      That’s the one that comes about when we as humans put more gunk in the air than is supposed to be, that affect us now as when we breathe this stuff in abundance. It gets into our pores and into our DNA and have a dramatic effect on our future kids and babies in the womb. Although I believe that cancer, for instant, has always been around in some form or another there is now new forms taking place that haven’t been seen or read about before. We now have bugs that have mutated to the points that it can affect babies before they even get started.
      But, like when you mix too many chemicals or elements together, something explodes, a change takes place. To be clear, we might be human bodies, but we are also chemical bodies. If you don’t believe that, think about the many illinesses that occur and doctors give you this vitiamin or that meds that make up the difference because our body is not producing it enough. Even when you buy multi vitamins, took at the lable and see what elements they are providing.
      When I was in school years ago, we.(i) was taught that we all have trace elements within us that is consistant with the earth’s makeup. We have gold, silver, uranium, any element on the table, just about, but in
      trace doses. Upset that balance then we get sick or die.
      With regards to the toxins in the air, it’s Ok to have some of them in the air, that’s to be expected. But with the many people on the earth and expanding every day, and the drilling that is taking place upsetting the balance of nature, then that type of climate change, is the one they are talking about.
      On top of that, companies, manufacturers are destroying the one balance that mankind has had for centuries that is necessary for human life to be substained.
      They are the trees and plant life that gives off oxygen for us to breath while we give off carbon dioxide to the plants.
      There is a very unique balance.
      But as we give off more carbon and there is less oxygen coming in from the other side because we are destroying the very thing that we need, and on top of that, as we dig into the earth surface and continue to greatly burn things, we emit those very same chemicals into the air and there aren’t enough trees or plant life to absorb the carbon that we emit,, then over time, it affects us in ways we wouldn’t have thought of.
      True, you or I mignt not see it nor experience those effects, but what about our children and future grandchildren.
      That’s what the whoopla is about, making our earth safe for future generations so that life can and will be sustained.
      Don’t you care or do you feel as if they, our children, should just develop some means of taking care of themselves because there is something I want to buy now and need and want the money?
      I felt the same as you, for many years, in thinking that mother nature would take of it.
      Oh yes, she will and the earth will just continue to spin around.
      But life as we know it, it is not our to use for just a few trinklets and riches to have and give as gifts.
      To me now, this earth belongs to our future also.
      Our future is our children and now that I have grandkids, I know, as long as they live, I live.

      1. dpaano December 14, 2016

        I was reading an interesting article yesterday that came out on NBC Channel 4 news, and it showed a map of states that had the most people getting cancer, having asthma, and other health problems related to the air that we breathe. It’s funny that many of the states were states that had a lot of oil drilling, fracking, coal dust, etc. The west coast and the east coast had the fewest health problems due to pollution and environmental problems. I wonder if it’s because the extreme west coast and east coast states have enacted strict environmental laws to curb pollution from these sources. As a note, Kentucky and Tennessee were very high in pollution-related illnesses, along with a couple of other states on the east coast who rely on coal and oil drilling.

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 13, 2016

    all these clowns are falling right into DONNY DUMPS trap he will play head games then pull YOU’RE FIRED on them big time things are going to be messed up with this deranged retard in the house

  7. 1standlastword December 13, 2016

    Head spinning, eyes rolled back

    Perry brings the “curse of Texas raging fires” to the federal government. We are sure to have an industrial disaster the worse our country has ever seen, this I fear is our fate.

    1. I Am Helpy December 13, 2016

      Nobody can see your Stormfront memes, closeted gay guy Otto.

  8. dpaano December 13, 2016

    Isn’t it interesting that the SAME people he ridiculed during the Republican campaign are now the SAME people that he’s giving jobs to? The same ones that also said that he was a danger to the GOP……what changed their minds so suddenly? Are they THAT desperate for a job that they have to kowtow to someone that they didn’t seem to like several months ago when they were all on stage with him? So far, we have Carley Fiorina, Ben Carson, Rick Perry…..who’s next?

    1. latebloomingrandma December 13, 2016

      It shows how small Trump’s rolodex is. All those foxes in charge of all the hen houses. As my grandmother used to say, “Yoy.”

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 14, 2016

      DONNY DUMP ridiculed every one anyways . im waiting for DONNY DUMP you ask the POPE in to the DUMP TOWER for a meeting

    3. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 14, 2016

      the DUMPSTER put Perry in that place because he made a fool of himself and the DUMPSTER CLOWN can never have enough fools for his world wide clown show

  9. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 14, 2016

    this stated something about the NJ beached whale and what the heck was Romney thinking ? how wacked out is he played himself right into DONNY DUMP’s clown show . this is one reason Romney should never be a president so stupid played right into the CLOWN CAR DRIVER KING CLOWN’s plan to make him the fool >>how stupid and what kind of a fool is Mitt Romney to think that he was going to get that job never mind any job from DONNY DUMP im thinking the DUMPSTER isn’t done with DITCHED Romney im sure the child mind DUMPSTER clown will be trying more BULL to get him back still . DONNY DUMP has the mind of a child that’s just the facts its all a big game to him and the air head clown enjoys belittling the whole country and the people in it he has his DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW going on full tilt and the world is laughing at him and all the brain dead people that put the clown into office . DARK DAYS TO COME VERY DRAK DAYS MARK MY WORDS with THE KING CLOWN DONNY DUMP one can be sure you aint seen nothing yet

  10. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 14, 2016

    . don’t know if I posted this here yet so here it is again maybe >>the DONNY DUMPS legacy will and should be he is a rapist women beater child molester the time the POS walks in on them ? and would it fall under some kind of law of a child sexual assault if the children was 14 15 16 years of age and a PERV. was to walk in to the dressing room while thy was changing would that be child sexual assault ? would that fall under child sexual assault ?(if not it should )and how can that not be some type of form of pedophilia and child molesting ??????????and the thing is he was so proud of what he had done bragged about it and caught on tape bragging about it and the thing is he was so proud of it he even bragged about it on the tape . what;s wrong with this picture ? more so what’s wrong with this DONNY DUMP CLOWN ? he is not of sound mind he is more in a child minded retard and for the sake of the country and the world a shrink DR should be giving him a big time head check . not saying this shouldn’t be done to any and all POTUS . man have the mind checked out of the most powerful man in the worldcant understand why the text is messed up like this

  11. dpaano December 14, 2016

    I wonder if Perry is going to “do away” with the EPA now that he’s going to be in charge of it? Should be interesting to watch!

  12. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 15, 2016

    I say with all this Russia hacking those 8 SCJ should have the election voting all done over again . the country should be able to vote again yes it would cost the country money . but no more then the $22 to 25 billion the GOP gang of pinheads cost the country when thy shut down the country when the children didn’t get their way with the ACA . just revote it all again it can only help . and this time who ever wins that’s it . and by right it should be the POP VOTE that’s the fair way all are even and one vote each . none of this B/S one state getting more numbers then another state . one person one vote add then all up and the one with the most votes wins that’s the true Democracy way . did the founding farther let one state have more number then all the other states back then ?


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