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Why Donald Trump’s Favorite Targets Are His Republican Comrades

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Why Donald Trump’s Favorite Targets Are His Republican Comrades

Newt, Republican, Trump

Donald Trump has inspired so much fear among his Republican comrades that he no longer has to issue harsh tweets when they misbehave. They do it themselves.

Newt Gingrich was once himself revered as House speaker but has since become a Trump fawner. When Gingrich recently opined that Trump was no longer interested in “draining the swamp,” the sky fell on him.

In a James Bond movie, an oaf like Gingrich would have been quickly eliminated in a baroque manner. But Gingrich fell on his belly and begged forgiveness.

“I goofed,” he tweeted. “Draining the swamp is in, @realDonaldTrump is going to do it, and the alligators should be worried.”

Evan McMullin, who ran as an independent in the 2016 election, issued a wry tweet on the groveling: “Newt is learning the public prostration required of authoritarian loyalists. The dear leader often changes his mind but he’s always correct.”

During the campaign, Trump famously slandered Sen. Ted Cruz. He implied Cruz’s wife is ugly and accused his father of having helped assassinate John F. Kennedy. Then, in a startling display of total submission, Cruz endorsed Trump for president.

Trump has always taken a sadistic pleasure in humiliating those who disagree with him, and his favorite targets are frightened Republicans. He will be starting his administration with Republican majorities in both houses of Congress and wants obedience.

Trump has a team of enforcers ready to go after Republicans harboring stray thoughts. His hotheads are ready to issue dire threats against independent thinkers, with Breitbart amplifying the smears.

As campaign surrogates, both New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani disgraced themselves trying to cover for Trump’s birther lies. Neither emerged with a job in the administration.

By contrast, Trump is quite accommodating to the New York financiers he’s naming for key positions. The bankers and hedge funders may be into money, but they tend to be fairly liberal on social issues. Gary Cohn, No. 2 at Goldman Sachs and Trump’s pick to head the National Economic Council, is a Democrat.

When JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon declined Trump’s offer to head the Treasury Department, an unnamed Trump source let loose that the president-elect “doesn’t respect him.” Chances are Dimon could not care less, but note that Trump himself didn’t make the negative remark. Note also that Dimon has since become a Trump business adviser.

As for his views on policy, Dimon has spoken positively of a $15-an-hour minimum wage for New York City. He just announced that Trump will not expel 11 million undocumented immigrants from the country, adding, “President-elect Trump is different from candidate Trump.” And guess what. Not a peep of displeasure from Trump — and no abject apologies from Dimon, no apologies at all.

In Trump world, one treats financial titans with the utmost respect. He and they are in relationships likely to result in mutual profit.

Republican lawmakers under brutal surveillance must surely resent Trump’s warm ties with a Democrat, incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. A fellow New Yorker, Schumer knows what Trump is all about, and Trump knows it. Besides, Wall Street is a hometown employer.

Schumer has offered loud support for Trump’s proposed $1 trillion infrastructure program. Conservatives are supposed to be against such big spending, but most Republicans will probably cave once “pressure” is applied.

But Schumer also announced he wouldn’t help Trump devise a shrunken version of Obamacare. Yet no threat has been hurled down from Trump Tower, only invitations.

Conservatives with spine will resist Trump’s break with doctrine. The other Republicans will adopt a pose of servility. And they’re the ones Trump will have fun with.

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IMAGE: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Froma Harrop

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  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 26, 2016

    Sadism; Greed; Lewdness; Lying; Hubris; Narcissism; Petulance —These are Trump’s major qualities, the superhero who’ll solve all our problems. Business acumen and a knack for making a fistful of money(at other people’s expense), along with the other qualities don’t make for a decent human being, let alone a President of anything.

    We may need to add Cannibalism as another quality of Trump’s, the way he has devoured Newt, Christie, Rudy, and other chump change, spitting out the parts he doesn’t like. (Little Ben may be next morsel—a bite-size snack).

    1. Dan S December 27, 2016

      And before the election Republicans promised they’d be able to keep Trump in check ????

      1. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

        His own father, Fred Trump, couldn’t keep him in check. Why do you think he sent him off to military school in his preteens?

        1. Dan S December 27, 2016

          A lot of good that did ????

          1. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

            Actually, he and Mommy were such a “close” pair that he defiantly bolted out of military school…and a second and a third until he was ready for high school…the guy is a total misfit.

          2. idamag December 28, 2016

            And now, he and his daughter are a close pair.

          3. CPANY December 30, 2016

            Hitler was devoted to his mother. He hated his father. When Hitler’s mother passed, he was devastated,

            Again, the similarities between Trump and Hitler are remarkable.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker December 30, 2016

            Trump has the same problem. Here in the Metro Area for years when Trump was a preteen, he was Mommy Mary Ann’s little darling…the whispers were that Mary Ann could get from her “son” what she couldn’t get from his Daddy Fred.

            The similarities between Trump, Roy Cohn and Hitler are the same. Cloying Mommies using sons for husband substituties and now Trump reenacts the same incestuous relationship with Ivanka …in public yet. What teenage girl sits on Daddy’s lap and hangs all over him? Ivanka.

            Why not Tiffany? His daughter by Marla Maples? Is it because Marla was smart enough to stand her ground with Trump and enforce that prenup that was all over the NY papers for over 18 months? He even went as far as claiming Tiffany was not his daughter and forced Marla to get a paternity test done to prove it. This after he was fooling around for 2 years with Marla while still married to Ivana.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 28, 2016

        What a laugh that was. What possessed them to even ponder that possibility, let alone voice it publicly? Dr. Frankenstein stood a better chance with his invention.

      3. CPANY December 30, 2016

        The bankers and industrialists in Germany thought that they could control Hitler. He proved them wrong.

        There are strong similarities between Trump and Hitler

  2. dbtheonly December 26, 2016

    Trump despises those he can bully? But if you fight him you earn his respect?

    Okay psychology guys, help me out. This doesn’t strike me as normal.

    1. I Am Helpy December 27, 2016

      1. The second part isn’t true.
      2. Sociopathy.

      1. dbtheonly December 27, 2016

        Sociopathy, thanks.

        Trump despises those who suck up to him, but respects those who can provide mutual profit? I thought that was the point of the article.

        1. FireBaron December 27, 2016

          That’s what it sounds like to me. Unfortunately, he expects everyone who CANNOT provide mutual profit to initiate the suckup process.

          1. dbtheonly December 27, 2016

            So he recognizes the existence of us little people?

            Well then, I guess it’s up to us to show him what mutual profit can be made.

            I’ll start off by pointing out that Atom Bombs leave radioactive waste and you won’t be able to rebuild for years. Bad idea to use them for urban renewal.

            Then using Atom Bombs on terrorists only turns into terrorists the relatives of those you’ve just killed.

  3. Dominick Vila December 27, 2016

    Why are Republicans some of Trump’s favorite targets? Because he is neither a conservative nor a liberal. He is a trumpeter, whose priorities and agenda have nothing to do with ideology. The only thing that matters to him is his own aggrandizement

    1. dbtheonly December 27, 2016

      “Why are Republicans some of Trump’s favorite targets?”

      Because up to the last 4 months, those have been his opponents.

      1. Dominick Vila December 27, 2016

        Like all narcissists, he can’t deal with criticism, no matter how trivial it may be.

  4. charleo1 December 27, 2016

    Republican strategists Steve Schmidt commenting on Trump’s electoral victory: “The Party of Reagan is no more.” Which is true, and had been true for some years. If in some circles prior to the election there remained doubt, Trump’s victory was certainly the coup de grace on the Reagan style, his genteel manner, and his primary political mandate to his Party. “That thou shall not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”
    Juxtapose that with Trump’s repeatedly accusing his Republican opponents of incompetence, theft, selling their offices, being puppets, and obedient lap dogs owned, owned, by billionaires like himself. Some he called out by name. Revealing them as having come into his office, “begging,” him for donations to their campaigns. As a GOP icon tried to persuade base voters away from Trump. He implied John McCain was not a real hero because he was captured. And went after another of his strongest critics Lindsey Graham, by publicly releasing his private cell phone number. He went into the hallowed gilded halls of a disintegrating, ideologically bankrupt Republican Party. And proceeded to smash their Golden Calf of Reaganism. And to the horror of the the high priests, and the jubilation of their angry and disillusioned parishioners. The walls of Republicanism as we have perceived it as an institution in our collective memory, came tumbling down. And now, none of us know what to make of that which has replaced it.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

      Trump is not a partisan. He only used the GOP and the GOP and Putin used him. Trump IS his own party of one.

      The reality right now is that Americans must fight for their right to know “who” in the Republican Party was complicit with that Russian hacking into our elections. Two independent sources already found that 2 Republican states deliberately deleted votes on their voting machines.

      1. charleo1 December 27, 2016

        Well you know, I think that the investigation into such things might help push back on some of Trump’s going around as if he has this major mandate from the people. But, like cigarettes, if smoked they will get you one way or another. If not the sudden heart attack Trump might cause in the course of his Presidency. The cancerous Supreme Court he appoints will most likely finish us off in the end.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

          An investigation has less to do with Trump. I live in the NY/NJ Metro region. There has yet to be a year when Trump didn’t self destruct. So, him I am not as concerned about.

          What concerns me is that allowing the Guilty Onus Party to think they can use and abuse the Electoral College when that is the ONLY way they can win an election is acceptable and then to further ensure they win, call upon a sleaze ball like Trump whom they had to know owed money to Russian loan sharks and therefore was highly malleable for their needs, is to certify NO election going forward will ever by open and honest.

          Unless truth, facts, honesty and transparency has become a major crime, it is incumbent upon EVERY American voter to demand this investigation…and an independent one. Not a partisan one.

          1. charleo1 December 27, 2016

            Not to say you’re mistaken in your conclusions about Trump. But the question into the GOP’s taking advantage of the democratic process to gain power, is like asking why the dog licks himself. The answer is because he can. The Republican principals are in a very real sense, are as the hired defense attorneys for crooks, or child molesters. They make their case to the jury because it is their job to do so. My peeve, and my anger is most reserved for the jury itself. Will the American Right now in power insist on a thorough investigation of Russian involvement in an election which garnered them more power than they’ve held in the last 80 years? Power that will allow thru them, their clients to seat perhaps (3) of their corporate sycophants on the high court. And from there to reign unassailable promoting their agenda for the next (30) years? Don’t hold your breath on that one. No I think the writing is on the wall for the American public. That this time, we’ve really had it.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

            You know as well as I do, that guilty men will go to extremes to hide their guilt. An investigation by the GOP has already been prevented by McConnell because he and Ryan are the perps who knew back in October the Russians were hacking into the DNC emails. The joke is the Russians stupidly hacked into only one Republican’s emails to try and make it look “non partisan.” But the Republican they chose left the party…rofl.

            I am not a Doom and Gloom proponent. I know the power of “what a difference a day makes.” So I rely heavily on time to do its work where Trump is concerned.

            As for the American Right, in a strange way, they have forced their own hand. They created a mass division now between the states and already the Pacific Coastal states are rebelling and threatening secession. The northern Atlantic Coastal states won’t be far behind. So, the division the right created will leave only the Rust Belt rusting since secession would mean they would no longer have any rights to “interstate” projects or “interstate transport.” AS you can see, no human is EVER without options.

          3. charleo1 December 27, 2016

            I try to be a realists, without being being gloom, and doom. And find myself failing more often than not. At least in the short term. My only hope being that the usually sleepy, disinterested, and often fickle Left, really gets it’s act together. And starts by doing something it hasn’t done in since the days of FDR. Voting in large numbers in off year, or mid-term elections. And by doing so, take back some of these Governorships and State Houses, as well a few more seats in the Senate, and House. The target year being 2020, where the next census could see districts all across the Country redrawn from the gerrymandered to ridiculousness state we find them in now. That had Hillary winning the popular vote by nearly 3 million, and Trump winning the heavily skewed districts, and so, the electoral college.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

            Voting isn’t the answer. Why even bother when the Republicans RIG elections? This is where we are right now. We no longer can trust the Republicans to run clean, transparent elections. The answer now is to fight back on a very different level: revolution. It was good enough to get rid of King George back in the Colonial days. Now, we get rid of the Emperor Trump and his wayward Republican miscreants.

            The Republicans knew the minute Hillary announced she was running they couldn’t hope to win the popular vote. That’s why 2 years ago the glut of gerrymandering and redistricting in Republican states and ONLY Republican states began their realization that they had to win through Electoral College votes. So, their party bosses nominate the electors but their Republican legislators choose from among the 5 nominees.

          5. charleo1 December 27, 2016

            I think we have to be very careful we don’t wind up sounding like the Free Syrian Army. What you describe is a systemic problem within the body politic. Not a thing that requires a revolution of the kind that got rid of King George.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

            Resistance is always the force that appears least harmful. It is always those of us willing to work behind the scenes that engender the spirit of resistance that pushes back. It worked in France and Britain when the Resistance to Hitler was needed to futz up his military might on several fronts. That’s the key to a refined resistance strategy…to work on several fronts that appear unrelated and yet are cohesive in strength.

            The systemic problem is within the Republican Party who believes they are the FORCE. No American will pay their taxes and be FORCED. Thus, it is only in resistance that real revolt can be successful.

        2. idamag December 28, 2016

          I can see that happening.

    2. Jim Samaras December 27, 2016

      You have a flair for the dramatic charleo! While he certainly will not cement the legacy of Obama in any other way than how it should he has shown that the republican party that you so despise is also fair game. The people he called out are the ones entrenched in our system and I am surprised you don’t view that as a positive move forward.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

    Why is anyone surprised that Trump will now go on the warpath against the GOP? He is, after all, a CEO tyrant, is he not? CEOs do not suffer minion opinions or strategies that might get in his way.

    There may be some who believe Trump will remain in office 4 years. I do not. I give him 30 days before he screws up royally. A man who walks around with an ego like Trump is setting himself up for doom.

    Trump isn’t successful. If he is so successful, why does he have over 150 bankruptcies? Not even Rip Van Romney has that record. Trump is not intelligent. Einstein is intelligent. Trump equates success and intelligence with money. Big Mistake.

    And more recently, he said he rejected several “appointees” because they didn’t have the “looks” for the jobs he was giving them. Trump forgets…they are ONLY “appointees” they are not set in stone until they are approved by the Senate. So if he starts his Emperor Trump routine now, count on it the spiteful Republicans will reject any number of his appointees out of sheer spite. Little boys…in government…what could be more dangerous?

    1. InGen12 December 27, 2016

      Trump will run the Oval Office the same way he has run his life – with threats and intimidation. After reading The Lost Tycoon and Trump Revealed, he is exactly as he has been since he was a child, punching a music teacher in the face when he was 7. He’s not going to change – not at 70 years. The US is in for a rocky ride – hopefully, one that is nipped in the bud quickly.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

        Trump cannot use threats against innocent citizens. They can sue him and his government. Remember how many time the GOP thought they could sue Obama?

        The truth is the entire Republican Party cannot be trusted anymore. They are in cahoots with Trump who is as guilty of rigging an election as they are. Why else would McConnell refuse to allow an investigation he knows would put the spotlight on him and Ryan who stood by while they knew all about the Russian hacking?

        You know what I think? I think the first time anyone disagrees with this bully, Trump will lose it and will have to be removed. He might be the only US president with the short term of office.

        1. InGen12 December 27, 2016

          I agree. The Repubs cannot be trusted. They have crafted a masterful book of dirty plays over the years – gerrymandering, stealing the SC nomination from the current administration, obstructionism, and the list goes on. They have become a party of vile, evil people intent on lining only their own pockets. Of real concern is that now they have a master at dirty playing as their leader.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

            Since Reagan, the Republicans have been obsessed with taking over our government. We cannot allow that to happen. It is OUR government. Everyone of the states that employ the gerrymandering and redistricting the most are ALL Republican states. This is a game with them.

            If they can manipulate the number of voters in their states as NC tried to do before they were called before the SC, they use that as the first step to win an election. Why only in these Republican states? Because they know their party has such a massively misguided ideology that is lopsided toward the 1% and using tax dollars to keep their relic industries in business.

          2. idamag December 28, 2016

            I am not a Democrat, but I agree with you all the way.

        2. CPANY December 30, 2016

          Only the lawyers will benefit from a lawsuit against Trump.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker December 30, 2016

            Wrong. That $25 million he had to pay because NY’s AG Eric Schneidermann FORCED him into court to pay up, went back to the students Trump stole $35,000 a pop from and there’s still more to come on that. Then, there’s that $22 million FinCen fine from the U.S, Treasury, that went into the U.S. Treasury and no lawyers were needed.

            This is where the Dems states have Trump dead to rights. Most of us have already contacted our STATE AG to make sure any game playing by Trump or the Republicans results in a state by state lawsuit against the federal government. This is one time they don’t get to help themselves if they know what’s good for them. You can thank Eric Schneidermann for educating us all on how to demand our states rights up to and including suing the fed.

            Course now, that rape trial might have him in Civil Court by February and once again, he’ll lose…but the beauty of it? He doesn’t DARE touch one dime of tax dollars to pay for it. He’ll stiff his private mercenary thugs or find someone else to screw over.

          2. CPANY December 30, 2016

            A lawsuit against PRESIDENT Trump will fail after protracted negotiations and high legal fees. Try it, if you want.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker December 31, 2016

            Right…Thats why your Hicks tried 2 times to SUE Obama? That was legal? Trump will end up in court for that mess with that Florida dolly who wiped out his legal court case and for that preteen Trump raped. Is that YOUR idea of presidential material? A guy who has been hauled into court more times than you? Maybe Trump will hand you one of his Humps?

          4. CPANY January 3, 2017

            So if it failed against Obama what makes you think that it will succeed against Trump?

            I’m tired of your low class filthy language, so I’m not going to respond to you any more.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

            Because assuming the title, President, does NOT erase priors. Sorry but your boy Trump has several pending lawsuits that courts won’t just erase no matter how much he tries to use is presidency to absolved himself of guilt. Obama NEVER had any priors.

            Why is it guilty men always assume they will always get away with it all the time? It took Madoff 17 years. But, he’s behind bars.

    2. Jim Samaras December 27, 2016

      150 bankruptcies huh Elli? Are we spreading fake news now? The cats need you now more than ever as they are very well in tune with your breakdown.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

        Why do you care liar boy? It should have been 150 fines over the lifetime of his business careers. So hang me on a cross Wannbe Rock Star. Did you get a hair cut yet or are you still wearing that clowny long hair like the boys did in the Glam Hair era?

        1. Jim Samaras December 27, 2016

          Well, every person, to the MAN admonishes me for the slightest exaggeration my dear. I would think with you trying to be Thoroughly Modern Ellie you would not want me to excuse you just because you’re a woman. Is my sammich ready honey?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker December 28, 2016

            Every person who isn’t as ill bred or inbred as you are always admonishes liar, thieves and wannabe rock stars. Shouldn’t you be on Trump’s list of entertainers to share the stage with Ted Stugent and Kid Hock?

            Women want nothing to do with men like you because you bore the hell out of them with your pretentions and egotistical BS. Little wonder you hope and pray a novena to the Patron Saint of Neanderthal males to bring you a woman you can drag around your filthy scumball cave by her hair. Blowback is a bitch, isn’t it Rock Star? Get a hair cut. It will improve your vision of the REAL world.

            Must really BUST your raisin sized balls that you cannot force me to do anything. You can’t think for me and you can’t EVER hope to be as intelligent. Go strum your guitar Rock Star.

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 28, 2016

            Well, Jim—I see you’re still having no success persuading or inspiring anyone with your ill-advised ill-thought comments. You and Otto the Goat must hold the record for most disliked comments. You do have a slight advantage over him in not being as crude in your remarks as he.

      2. Independent1 December 28, 2016

        How about just lawsuits:

        Exclusive: Trump’s 3,500 lawsuits unprecedented for a presidential nominee

        Just since he announced his candidacy a year ago, at least 70 new
        cases have been filed, about evenly divided between lawsuits filed by
        him and his companies and those filed against them. And the records
        review found at least 50 civil lawsuits remain open even as he moves toward claiming the nomination at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in seven weeks. On Tuesday, court documents were released in one of the most dramatic current cases, filed in California by former students accusing Trump University of fraudulent and misleading behavior.


  6. The lucky one December 27, 2016

    That’s pretty much Trump’s constituency, knuckle-draggers that voted for him and belly crawlers who want his approval. Advice for the belly crawlers: As the author notes, past support, no matter how rabid or fawning, will not be rewarded unless Trump believes you can help him in the future.

  7. rednekokie December 27, 2016

    Along similar (almost) lines, Hitler’s minions were quite afraid of him, as well.
    Trump is of the same ego-filled order. Why should this be any different.
    There are some in the Congress who will soon get quite tired of all this b.s. Then Caeser shall meet his Brutus.

    1. RED December 27, 2016

      I do suspect it’s just a matter of time before Trump gets impeached. It’s pretty simple, he steps out of line one time and Ryan brings impeachment down on him. And how many will stand by Trump and vote against impeachment? I’m guessing close to zero Democrats and a very few Cons. Having control of all three branches is a powerful thing if all are on the same team. But as we know Trump isn’t a team player at all and he is too narcissistic.

      1. Jim Samaras December 27, 2016

        Not to be part of the team that lives in the swamp is a bad thing? Impeachment will never happen unless they wish for their entire house of cards to fall with no escape. The bad ones will fall away with little fanfare, just the way they would like it to be.

        1. Independent1 December 28, 2016

          This won’t help him:

          Former spy reports Kremlin cultivated Trump as an asset for 5 years

          In June, the former Western intelligence officer—who spent almost two decades on Russian intelligence matters and who now works with a US firm that gathers information on Russia for corporate clients—was assigned the task of researching Trump’s dealings in Russia and elsewhere, according to the former spy and his associates in this American firm. This was for an opposition research project originally financed by a Republican client critical of the celebrity mogul. (Before the former spy was retained, the project’s financing switched to a client allied with Democrats.) “It started off as a fairly general inquiry,” says the former spook, who asks not to be identified. But when he dug into Trump, he notes, he came across troubling information indicating connections between Trump and the Russian government. According to his sources, he
          says, “there was an established exchange of information between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin of mutual benefit.”


    2. CPANY December 30, 2016

      You’re advocating the assassination of Trump?

      1. rednekokie December 30, 2016

        Of course not. I’m just reminding everyone that history repeats itself — over and over again.
        And this situation looks exactly like several before. Brutus being only one of them.
        But I wouldn’t mourn his loss should anyone try it.

  8. itsfun December 27, 2016

    Its not a bad thing if President-elect Trump and some Republicans don’t agree. Its not a bad thing if President-elect Trump and some Democrats agree on issues. I know most on this site hate President-elect Trump and give him no credit for what he has achieved. He beat 16 Republicans in the primaries. He beat Hillary in the general election. If you can believe what Obama said before the election, then President-elect Trump beat him too. There will always be partisanship in Congress. The key is for both sides to get things done through compromise instead of being my way or the highway people.

    1. zorro037 December 27, 2016

      Your statement should be taken with some caveats since candidate Trump won with help from Russians and Comey from FBI.

      1. itsfun December 27, 2016

        No he didn’t.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

          Yes he did. Trump borrowed money from Russian loan sharks when he got so close to losing his fortune back in 1995. Then, came a flood of bankruptcies (which you can Google if you still play your “don’t believe it” games) and a flood of fines he was not prepared to pay for. He was desperate and through his contact with his future wife Melania, a Russian in Slovenian Disguise, he managed a coup d’etat with those Russian loan sharks. But everyone with a brain knows nothing goes on in Moscow that Putin doesn’t find out about sooner or later.

          Now, Putin had Trump where he wanted him…in the palm of his hand. He owed millions to the loan sharks and Putin needed to boost the Russian oil industry and to force China’s hand.

        2. RED December 27, 2016

          It is truly difficult for many of us to fathom your belief in Trump? Can you explain it? I suspect that like all cons you have zero understanding of the world, economics, and government. And that you subscribe to the idea that “big government” is the problem, a highly successful propaganda operation of the sick Cons. And naturally if one believes that big government is the problem then you would then foolishly believe that Trump bringing in “outsiders” would be a major step in the right direction. The real problem, one that people with critical thinking skills have no problem seeing and understanding is that these people are in no way outsiders at all. They are the exact same people who have been controlling the government for years, in fact they are the government. Who do you think is donating to our politicians? Who do you think controls what gets done and what doesn’t? Do you really think it’s immigrants or poor people on food stamps? Do you really think the people at the bottom of the economic ladder have control and power over our politicians? The people who have zero money to give them? It’s fascinating at how the Cons have managed to convince people something so absurd. So Trump is now putting in place the same people who have automated the factories, shipped jobs overseas, bought and sold and merged companies and thrown millions of workers in the street all to line their own pockets. I constantly hear Trump supporters decrying how “these people know how to make money,” and surely there is no doubt they most certainly do know how to make money. And the way they have made money is by paying off politicians to lower their own taxes, shifting the burden to you and me, paying lower wages, providing less benefits or just outright shipping jobs to places with more desperate people willing to accept lower wages. And they have made a lot of money doing this. But how this somehow translates to helping us, the American working people, I cannot fathom? Do you expect some sense of patriotism to develop or suddenly manifest in these people? A patriotism and loyalty to the American people that was never there before even as they made millions but now somehow while receiving some comparably staggeringly low government wage they will be inspired to be patriotic somehow? I cannot understand how you can possibly believe that a group of people who have dedicated their entire lives to the accumulation of wealth will suddenly change their goals and beliefs? I mean these are people who missed their kids soccer games, spent every minute at work chasing money at the expense of absolutely everything else?

          1. Independent1 December 27, 2016

            Great assessment!!!

          2. RED December 27, 2016

            Thanks Independent1!!!!

          3. Jim Samaras December 27, 2016

            Going down in history as “Americas Dream team” could be their crowning achievement!

          4. RED December 27, 2016

            You simply cannot be taken seriously. And this is Mr Entrepreneur? Hilarious!! Keep your game up, have all the fun you like! And whether you choose to admit it to yourself or not, be assured that the combinations of your comments have made clear to all people with a brain that you are not to be taken seriously, because you are either some kind of paid or pro bono troll or you are so deluded and bereft of any attachment to reality as to render you laughable and easily exposed.

          5. Jim Samaras December 27, 2016

            And you should be taken seriously why? Because you and your libtard friends say so? You’re the laughable one here, you’ll soon see that. I’m guessing you’re 12-24 months away from being at least a closet Trump fan. You’re a hoot kid!

          6. Independent1 December 28, 2016

            You should enjoy this article:

            Trump middle fingers the alt-right. They don’t like it.

            You know, it’s kind of funny. Usually when a politician wins a race, the first thing he does is to try to consolidate his base, maximize his support and clout. Trump appears to be doing everything in his power to dismantle the coalition that propelled him to the White House.

            First Trump came right out and said in one of his recent “Thank You” rallies and told his audience they could get lost now. He told thousands of his devoted supporters directly to their face, “I don’t need your vote anymore. In four years I might need it again, but I don’t need it anymore now”. For some reason this didn’t get the coverage it should have, although MSNBC caught it and gave it circulation, including a 9 minute segment on “The Last Word”.

            But that’s one thing about the Orange Julius, when he’s serious about something, like getting rid of the chaff, he goes in whole hog. A few days ago he tweeted out holiday greetings, including:
            Happy #Hanukkah!!


          7. Bill P December 28, 2016

            You really are a hypocrite, you were so, indignant when I called you a troll but it’s okay for you to call people on this site libtards. That sound a lot like the thin skinned president elect, you can call people names but whine when it’s done to you.

          8. xian December 29, 2016

            libtard. that’s clever! did you invent that? retardation is funny, right, Sarah?

          9. idamag December 28, 2016

            I just blocked him. Stimulating conversations with people, who think different than you, are great. However repetitive garbage without facts is not stimulating conversations.

          10. Leftout December 27, 2016

            You are assuming the opposite . Trump had a belief In us Trump was the one that saw us out her the other 17 candidates were wrappped in themselves and then BS that got Us no where .
            We created Trump , he does not lead us .

          11. RED December 28, 2016

            Ok, Obi Wan, you just keep closing your eyes and waiting for the force to guide you, boss!! I will say this, Trump has shown that the ignorance of U.S. citizens and their ability and need to delude themselves runs far deeper than I ever imagined. We already knew there was a sucker born every minute, Trump just proved that all those born suckers were born in the U.S. and have reached voting age now. But I am completely blown away and truly shocked that someone would say or believe something as crazy as “Trump had a belief in us.” Wow, I mean just WOW!! The depth of damage and sadness those few words reflect about you and others is truly depressing.

          12. Leftout December 28, 2016

            Discuss an issue rather than name calling . The east and west coast cites are the ones on the edge and suck up free bees .

          13. Independent1 December 28, 2016

            East & West coast cities suck up what?? Red states suck up over 75% of federal aid and food stamps. 421 if the 459 counties getting the most federal aid voted for Romney in 2012, What are you referring to??

          14. Leftout December 29, 2016

            Nay, you have to look more closely, NY, Ca , certainly the city- states of these states freely give out massive amounts of free money. The other top two states are Texas and Florida…different reasons. I work with corrupt NYC system and I can tell you a very typical case of largess. A man , two children, not supporting them, has a nominal job in the city getting FMLA for minor injury and receiving health benefits , living on off shore island receiving cash payments for working, and comes back to NYC periodically to work , then apply for FLMA. but does not want to make too much money on his nominal job…recordable …since he will then have to pay more for support . His wife is on welfare legally not married , receiving assistance for children, housing, healthcare and food stamps , WIC , and works for cash for fun, and travel money. There are many combinations of these schemes done by insiders, The system perpetuates slavish dependence with working classes paying the bill.

          15. Independent1 December 29, 2016

            Total hogwash! Not even worth rebutting.

          16. Leftout December 30, 2016

            I will gladly introduce you to this person when in NYC.

          1. idamag December 28, 2016

            There is some indications. Putin went out of his way to appear masculine. Trump goes out of his way to prove he is macho. I had a friend, who never missed a chance to diss Gays. He, and his wife divorced. He moved away. I was doing a job in Long beach, California and decided to call him and have lunch. He brought along his significant other – very nice young man.

      2. idamag December 28, 2016

        Remember 2.5 million more people voted for Hiliary.

    2. charleo1 December 27, 2016

      I do not hate Donald Trump. What he represents, repulses me. The general ignorance it required of such a wide swath of the public that will have him occupying the most powerful office on Earth is disheartening. Simply listening to him is for me, like watching a child take crayons to a Renoir.

      1. itsfun December 27, 2016

        Sooo it is your way or the highway???

        1. charleo1 December 27, 2016

          I haven’t remotely agreed with Trump on anything yet. If you sit down with a guy who insists he wants to cut off your right arm for your own good. Do you compromise by allowing him to cut off your right hand hand instead? In my book, extremists, cons and racists, and those that cater to their ideologies are to be opposed at all costs. It’s a matter of principle.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

            In right wing mentality, bad is good and good is bad. That reverse imagery is how they manage to always sound and appear nutty.

          2. CPANY December 27, 2016

            They sound and appear nutty because they are nuts.Donald Trump is mentally unbalanced.

            There are parallels between Trump and Hitler.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

            Actually, Trump has always idolized Roy Cohn. They were pals back in the waning days of Cohn’s life. But, Trump always admired Cohn’s ruthlessness in the extreme. So much so he wanted to imitate everything Cohn did. Yet, Cohn died alone and without any friends. That’s the price of trying to persecute the innocent to hide your own guilt.

          4. OriginalUpmuuchtoolate December 27, 2016


          5. idamag December 28, 2016


        2. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

          Well, it isn’t YOUR way or the highway. We already know how self destructive YOUR way is. And frankly, if you want YOUR way, pay for it ALL by yourself. Not on our tax dollars.

      2. idamag December 28, 2016

        Just like the people, who voted hitler in, it is much easier to be disgusted with the unlearned who voted for him.

    3. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

      Wrong itsy…Trump hates himself more than we ever could. He is so full of self loathing that he cannot make clear headed decisions that don’t always end up screwing others out of what he owes them. That be okay with you itsy? So if I owed you money, I’d be able to do what you find so acceptable about Trump? Just let you stand there holding the bag?

      Who raised you? Mammy and Pappy Yokum? It is one thing for you to try and take Trump’s side when you know he is a crook. It is entirely another for you to think you can ram him down everyone else’s throats.

      Neither you nor Trump can unrung the bell. He is a crook and a crook he will remain.

      1. CPANY December 27, 2016


        Regardless if you’re right or wrong, you’re a sarcastic piece of crap, stewing in your broth of loathing of humanity.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

          CPA…and if you are a CPA, I am Einstein you folded over Geezer diseased Viagra Overdosed mentally constipated loony.

          1. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 December 27, 2016

            Now, now Ellenwhore, play nice.

    4. johninPCFL December 27, 2016

      This is a continuation of a conversation we started on a previous thread. I just saw this posted on defense daily: “missile-defense-agency-scores-second-intercept-with-sea-based-terminal-system-2”.

      We have never stopped improving our ability to defend against nukes. The physics of the weapons is established. Expanding our weapons count is only warranted if, as Agent Orange quipped during the campaign, we intend to use them.

    5. Independent1 December 28, 2016

      Are these what you’re waiting for?

      Trump is more of a psychopath than Hitler, other U.S. presidential contenders, researcher finds

      Trump’s deportation machine would create a police state equal to Nazi Germany

      Trump’s lawyers testified they met with him in pairs to ensure he wouldn’t lie about their meetings

      Shocking video of Trump explaining his dangerous theory that people like him have superior genes


      1. idamag December 29, 2016

        Hitler thought he had superior genes, also. It might be another indication of psychopathy.

  9. Dr. Samuel Taddesse December 27, 2016

    Our politicians need to be principled and with strong spine. Those who are opportunists will do nothing for citizens. There interest is to enrich themselves. I can’t wait to say how Trump governs and what he delivers to the people that elected him.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

      I give Trump 30 days before he goes off the deep end. His mistake, as always, is seeing government as a business. Wrong. Government cannot incarcerate citizens as Trump believes he can do for dissidence. Government also cannot accept out of hand Trump’s nominees for his cabinet without Senate approval and if one Democrat rejects a single one of his appointees, the appointee is gone. Trump cannot sit in on these Senate sessions either.

    2. CPANY December 27, 2016

      Dr.Samuel Taddesse:

      You’re a Phd? Learn to write, clown. Your “there” should be “their.” Your “say” should be “see.”

      1. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

        CPA…Have you never heard of homonyms being misused when someone probably types at 150 or more per minute? That all you have to bitch about today?

      2. Dr. Samuel Taddesse December 27, 2016

        Thanks, I will write carefully next time so that you can breath healthy.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

          CPA has a mental problem with those who are smarter than he is. After all, crunching numbers is not exactly writing masterpieces in alpha.

          1. idamag December 29, 2016

            Especially in modern day and age. We have computers to do all the work.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker December 30, 2016

            That’s very true. Part of the reason it is so easy today to fudge numbers is that the accounting software allows for changes. That may be convenient for typos but it also opens the door to a lot of fudging of numbers. We used Quickbooks Pro in our environmental engineering office. Boy genius who owned the company wouldn’t buy the engineering version. That’s when I told him if he asked me to “fudge numbers,” I would quit. He never asked, but he made sure that when I transferred the data before each month’s end or quarterly fiscal audit, he was able to “do what he pleased” with what I entered into the system.

            And yes. He was a Republican ultra conservative who mainly conserved his profits at the expense of his employees wages.

          3. idamag December 31, 2016

            At one time, I worked in a large hospital. I was the only woman working with 23 men. They were always polite and even protective like I was a sister. I think they were all Republcans. Then we hired a biomedical technician who was in charge of maintaining all the medical equipment. We were getting a Joint Commission inspection. That is important as insurance companies can refuse to pay bills for a hospital that is not accredited. Every piece of equipment has a log to prove it gets its regular maintenance. The medical equipment was way behind. The biomed tech told me to pencil whip the records. He was Republican and he also had the unmitigated gaul to call the Viet Nam protesters communists. I ask him what if the equipment was certified safe today and someone died on it tomorrow. He said that was silly and “what if” people were silly. I refused to do it.

      3. idamag December 29, 2016

        Proves that our education system is turning out people who are not smart.

  10. Eleanore Whitaker December 27, 2016

    Here is what the Trump victory analogy is. You are in your car when some hot shot doing 40 miles over the speed limit takes you and your car out. You lay there knowing you are hurt but the perp who hit you takes off. Sound familiar?

    1. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 December 27, 2016

      Don’t fret, obamacare will see to your needs. There’s plenty of subsidy for mental health. LMAO

      1. Independent1 December 27, 2016

        I get the impression you don’t think Obamacare has done much good for America. Maybe you should suggest that to the more than 100,000 Americans who are alive today only because of the many beneficial changes ACA has made to America’s healthcare system (dramatically reduced uninsured rates; far lower readmissions to the hospital rates; giving people health insurance they previously couldn’t afford; requiring that hospitals provide much better healthcare or they wouldn’t get paid, etc. etc.). So everyone in America has benefited from ACA far beyond just those who have Obamacare policies.

        And maybe you should ask the thousands of Americans across the nation who have jobs today that were created through the enhancements ACA has required. Or maybe ask the governors of the states that have actually supported ACA and have seen the boost to their states economy and tax revenues that ACA giving people insurance they didn’t have before has created. Or how about all the hospitals that have seen their profits improve because ACA drastically reduced the free insurance they had to provide; or maybe the many hospitals mostly in red states that have gone bellyup because ignorant conservatives have refused to expand Medicaid.

        ACA is without question one of the best pieces of legislation ever passed by our Congress despite its flaws – basically on the same level as Social Security and Medicare. but then totally clueless right-wingers such as yourself who watch Faux News all the time wouldn’t be aware of that.

        See these articles for a little education on Obamacare:

        Arizona hospitals already reaping benefit of Medicaid expansion

        Obamacare brings record low for US health uninsured rate

        HHS: Hospitals saved billions under ObamaCare

        Here’s how many people could die every year if Obamacare is repealed

        GOP obstruction of Obamacare is closing hospitals

        An Obamacare winner: Safety-net hospitals

        How “ObamaCare Cancelled Your Plan” is really an Insurance Co Scam to Rip You Off

        Obama health care reforms saved 50,000 lives from 2010 to 2013, Obama team insists

        1. idamag December 28, 2016

          You don’t expect those who resent a Black Man in the White House to let facts show them the good he did, do you?

          1. Independent1 December 28, 2016

            Absolutely not! I just like to posts positives that Obama has brought to America and challenge the mentally deficient right-wingers posting on the NM to refute the truth.

    2. charleo1 December 27, 2016

      I always thought the perfect analogy was the kid walking home from school alone. A guy in a nice van pulls to the side and says, hey kid, I’ve got some candy I’ll give you if you hop in, and let me take you for a ride!

      1. idamag December 28, 2016

        Great analogy. Or it could go like this: Guy sees good looking kid. Flatters him. Promises him presents. Tells him his parents have way too many regulations and expect too much from him, but he understands the kid.

  11. LCR78 December 27, 2016

    Many of the Republican politicians supporting Trump are spineless. Only someone who is spineless would take the insults he deals out and then support him. Cruz and McCain are two of the most obvious examples. Getting elected is more important than anything else.

    1. charleo1 December 27, 2016

      Two prerequisites for becoming a Republican candidate. Turn on your reptilian brain. And leave any personal principles, or self esteem you might mistakenly have thought you possessed at the door.

      1. robin.dial December 27, 2016

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      2. idamag December 28, 2016

        The latter anyway.

    2. idamag December 28, 2016

      Spineless and mindless.

    3. CPANY December 30, 2016

      Getting elected is what they live for, Once elected, a politician’s main focus is to get re-elected.

  12. OriginalUpmuuchtoolate December 27, 2016

    Like Trump is being blackmailed by Putin, Trump is blackmailing the other righties into compliance. Soon, they will turn on him, though, and impeach isAzz.

    1. Leftout December 27, 2016

      They have no power to impeach. They had their chance to put up many decent candidates , they were defeated by the voters who are sick and tired of BS.

      1. OriginalUpmuuchtoolate December 27, 2016


      2. RED December 28, 2016

        Are you trying to say that you believe voters control what Congress and politicians do? That’s both laughable and sad. And it also explains 90% to 95% of the problems we have in this country. Politicians don’t answer to you, they don’t answer to me, they don’t answer to voters at all! And the sooner you recognize this reality, the better because then maybe we can do something to fix it. And the election of Donald Trump has done absolutely nothing to fix it, at all!! In fact he is lining the exact same people who control our government in the first place to fill his Cabinet and government posts. I can’t believe Trump morons think billionaires running companies like Exxon are OUTSIDERS! Outside of what? The government, the politicians they gave millions to enact their policies? It’s crazy, at best, and best is probably the wrong word, perhaps at most is better, Trump has simply cut out the middle man and perhaps saved Tillerson and the other a few million dollars by handling the looting of the American people more hands on and without the use of a middleman in the form of regular politicians.

        1. idamag December 28, 2016

          When 2.5 million more people voted for Hiliary, that tells you the voters did not choose the president.

          1. Leftout December 29, 2016

            California voters ? Do not count.

        2. Leftout December 28, 2016

          The republican elites have learned that we can kick them out if they fail again . they have no power , we do . Let’s see what happens . Exxon are outsiders to government . They hate congress as well .

  13. RED December 27, 2016

    Oh hilarious!!! That last paragraph said “Conservatives with a spine”! Now that’s something funny to imagine, an ignorant sick Con with a shred of decency, morality, or the conviction to believe in anything but their own gain!!! Ok, so maybe hilarious isn’t the right word, perhaps mythological or fantastical are better words to describe “conservatives with a spine.”

  14. Leftout December 27, 2016

    The Swamp Creatures of Congress did not want any outsiders mucking bottom feeder crap, and did not support Trump. These swamp feeders will be voted out if they do not begin to see what is above water.

    1. charleo1 December 27, 2016

      Or Trump could have his opposition taken out behind the Capitol and shot. And.. I imagine there would be far too many receptive to that as well. In my opinion, I see you all dangerous as snakes in your ignorance, and slavish devotion to whatever comes out of the blubbering buffoon’s tweets. Believe me on this, one day soon you will regret it

      1. Leftout December 27, 2016

        You all have been misinformed, Trump followed our song from
        The neglected pits of the deplorables. If Trump falters he will fall as lucifer fell … in Flames . Republicans do not fear getting rid of the POSs and voting them
        Out . The olde guard republicans may as well be democrats like pelosi. Even I would have voted for Bernie than Hilary.

        1. idamag December 28, 2016

          If Bernie had gotten the nomination, the lying right wing fascist media and the FBI would have done the same to him. If those horrid excuses for news outlets, had no readers, they would not exist.

          1. Leftout December 28, 2016

            They do not have readers , all are against outsiders generally . Bernie was ok even for me a right winger . We need to clean up the swamp

  15. idamag December 28, 2016

    Vicious people should be afraid of each other.


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