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Trump’s Team Of TV Surrogates Constantly Lie

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Trump’s Team Of TV Surrogates Constantly Lie

Stephen Miller, Trump Surrogates, Lie

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters for America.

Here are some of the blatant falsehoods White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller told on the Sunday shows this week:

  • Fourteen percent of noncitizens in the United States “are registered to vote.”
  • Voter fraud is a “very serious” problem in New Hampshire.
  • The White House has provided “enormous evidence” to confirm widespread voter fraud in the U.S.
  • White House press secretary Sean Spicer, “as always, is 100 percent correct.”

It was a stunning display of mendacity.

So here’s my question: If President Donald Trump’s adviser Kellyanne Conway has a widely acknowledged “credibility” problem, given her long history of fabrication on behalf of her boss, how should the press describe the trouble now hovering over Miller, who became the latest Trump TV surrogate who forcefully wrestles the truth to the ground?

Additionally, how should the press describe Spicer’s daily White House briefings, which are accentuated with bold fabrications?

For anyone under the illusion that Conway was an outlier among Trump’s TV surrogates, we now have overwhelming proof that she’s simply part of a team at war with reality. And that means the press needs to expand its circle of who is deemed to have potentially crippling “credibility” problems.

It was Conway’s recent Bowling Green “massacre” fabrication that received lots of attention in the press, as did CNN’s decision to decline her as a State of the Union guest last week, in part because of questions about her trustworthiness. Days later, the news channel did invite Conway back for an interview, but questions about her veracity certainly linger and it continues to be a topic of intense media analysis inside the Beltway.

And it should be.

But the debate shouldn’t revolve around only Conway. She’s not the overarching problem. This current crisis of confidence is about an entire White House philosophy of dishonesty driven by Trump himself. And that certainly includes Trump TV surrogates such as Spicer and Miller, who are quickly amassing resumes built around pushing daily falsehoods. If news producers are avoiding Conway, they should also be pondering the worth of hosting Spicer and Miller.

Have we ever had a modern-day press secretary who put some many substantial lies up on the board in just a few short weeks?

From Media Matters’ running tally:

LIE 1: Spicer Doubled Down On The False Claim That Trump Had The Most-Watched Inaugural Of All Time

LIE 2: Spicer Falsely Claimed That Trump’s Feud With The Intelligence Agency Was A Myth

LIE 3: Spicer Hyped Trump’s False Claim That Millions Voted Illegally In The 2016 Election

LIE 4: Spicer Claimed Trump Won “The Most” Electoral Votes “Since Any Republican Since Reagan”

LIE 5: Spicer Claimed 2001 And 2017 National Security Council Principals Committee Makeups Are “100 Percent The Same”

LIE 6: Spicer Claimed CNN Retracted Statements Questioning Kellyanne Conway’s Credibility

LIE 7: Spicer Claimed There Wasn’t Concern With Obama’s Criticism Of The Supreme Court

Additionally, Spicer has repeatedly defended as a “success” the U.S.-led military raid in Yemen last month — which The New York Times described as a situation where “everything that could go wrong did.”

Spicer told reporters the raid was planned during the Obama administration, and that the goal was “intelligence-gathering.” But NPR reported that neither claim was true. (The plan was to nab high-ranking Al Qaeda leaders, which didn’t happen.)

While Spicer has gotten criticism (and the SNL treatment) over his repeated lying, he’s still drawn some friendly coverage recently. “On the airwaves … he is daytime television’s new big hit,” the Times reported, even though ratings have ticked up just 10 percent when Spicer’s briefings air live. The Times also downplayed Spicer’s dishonesty in a second, recent news article highlighting how Spicer is “shaking up” the briefings.

And now we have the arrival of Miller as Trump’s favorite new TV surrogate. Pushing an array of previously debunked claims, assertions, and flat-out fabrications, Miller gave such a strange, detached-from-realitytelevision performance that you have to wonder about the parallel universe that’s being assembled inside the White House these days.

For the record, Kellyanne Conway isn’t the only one building it.



  1. Thoughtopsy February 14, 2017

    Half-lidded Wondersnake Miller shows he’s lying clearly on his face.
    In addition to the obvious tells, his facial muscles show two other things:
    – Deliberate attempts to keep his face and head as still as possible (Hint: it doesn’t really work)
    – Contempt. Clear as day.

    What a worm.

    1. Amberlbeland February 15, 2017

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  2. dtgraham February 15, 2017

    Yeah, but you see that when you’re talking about Trump TV surrogates like Stephen Miller, here’s where you’re going wrong Eric. You’re thinking that lying is the flaw.

    Just think back to the old Seinfeld series. Jerry once remarked that he had access to the most deceitful, duplicitous, mind of our time…as he was trying to beat a lie detector test. He meant his friend, George Costanza.

    George’s final advice to Jerry on that episode; “Jerry, just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.”

    “Are you kidding me?” “My whole life is a lie.” “He has no idea what he’s up against.” — George Costanza.

    Neither does America.

  3. FireBaron February 15, 2017

    Hey, give them a break. If they don’t echo what Teflon Donnie keeps telling them they will be out of jobs. And given their complete and total lack of qualifications to do anything else, that means Fox News would have to find a spot for three more useless twaddles.


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