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America pays more for health care than any industrialized country in the world.

We pay more as taxpayers and we pay more individually in the private sector. We pay about three times more per person than Japan does and our results aren’t better. They’re worse. We rank somewhere in the 20s and 30s in more categories. For instance, we’re in last place when it comes to the survival rate for breast cancer patients.

That’s right. In most of the world, people pay less in taxes for health care and everyone has “government” insurance. In America, we pay more and only 28 percent of our population has “government” insurance.

Have you ever wondered why?

Above is about as good an explanation as you’ll ever hear, from a video blogger. It’s not quite the “Secretary of Explaining Stuff,” but it’s pretty damn good.



John of Vlogbrothers


Chart: The Commonwealth Fund

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