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WATCH: Rachel Maddow Still Won’t Back Down From The Koch Brothers

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WATCH: Rachel Maddow Still Won’t Back Down From The Koch Brothers


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has made it her mission to expose the secretive ways that billionaires Charles and David Koch use their money and power to exact unprecedented influence in American elections. As a result, she gets lots of papers from lawyers representing the Kochs and Koch Industries.

That has not stopped her from reporting on the Kochs and their massive political network, which is designed to give them plausible deniability when they get bad press for an issue like the huge waste of taxpayer money that went into Florida’s plan to drug-test welfare recipients.

The Kochs and the right-wing media have called on Maddow to disavow her reporting on that debacle, saying they had no connection to the group that pushed the law to the Foundation for Government Accountability. Instead of doing that, she added to her reporting, showing how The Institute for Humane Studies offers the Charles G. Koch Summer Fellows Program, which sends fellows to the State Policy Network — including the Foundation for Government Accountability.

“Again, the Kochs say they have nothing to do with drug testing for welfare benefits or with the Florida law, but the group that is promoting that Florida policy around the country is affiliated with the Koch brothers and benefits from being part of their network of conservative political groups,” Maddow said. “And that matters. And reporting it despite their threats matters.”

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Screenshot via The Rachel Maddow Show



  1. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh January 29, 2014

    It seems the more that they argue that they have no involvement in programs like that, the more evidence appears that show they do.

  2. Coletta January 29, 2014

    The Koch Brothers have strong family ties to the Nazi party. Before and during WWII, Fred Koch and his family were very much involved in the Nazi hierarchy. Fred Koch founded the John Birch Society with it’s Nazi ideology, as does the KKK. The Koch Brothers founded the Tea Party, which is actually the American Nazi Party, because it adheres to the Nazi ideology. So that said, the Koch Brothers as head of the Tea Party, have a plan: that is to dismantle our Democratic/Republic form of government, and replace it with a dictatorship, just Hitler did to Germany in the 1930s In fact, the Koch Brothers are using Hitler’s play book. The name of the game is: CONTROL. To get what they want, they NEED to get control of the United States. Not only do they need to take control of our government, they need to get control of the middle class, and they are doing that by destroying the middle class, turning it into the poor class. They are well on their way to doing just that! This then, is their two-pronged plan to get COMPLETE CONTROL of America! And they are using the Republican Party to do a lot of their dirty work, such as putting GOP governors and legislatures in as many states as they can. The Koch Brothers are using their vast wealth to get control of all levels of our society. Through front groups that have titles such as: ALEC, American Legislative Exchange Counsel; Americans For Prosperity are two of these hiding the Koch Brothers control behind seemingly innocent names. That’s why their minions in Congress, the Republicans & the Tea Party members, are obstructing, preventing, doing anything they can to work against President Obama and the Democrats, to destroy the middle class and our government. The Nazi long-range plan is world domination as it has been from the start of the Nazi movement. Getting complete control of the US, would really give them the shot in the arm toward that goal.

    1. ThomasBonsell January 29, 2014

      The Koch brothers’ family ties to Nazi Germany was that a relative (Karl-Otto Koch) was the Kommandant of the Buchenwald extermination camp. His wife, (Ilse) known as the “Bitch of Buchenwald”, as well as several other epithets, reportedly collected tattoos of the murdered prisoners to decorate lamp shades. She may have even ordered the murder of some just to “harvest” a tattoo that caught her fancy. She was among the first to be tied at Nuremberg after the war. Karl-Otto had already been executed for murder before the war ended.

      Our Koch brothers may appear to be more civilized and benign, but let’s not count on it.

    2. gbrbr September 14, 2014

      I don’t understand why the people are letting them do that. I don’t understand the Republican party that sells their vote to the highest bidder. I agree with you, the Kochs are trying to grab America. McConnell said it on tape, the Kochs run the Republican party.

  3. charles king January 29, 2014

    These are the People that I worry about because In small town USA the MONIES have taken over the Public assets and turn the ASSETs into Private Enterprize WHICH? make Capitalism legal because of Our Democracy but then all the dirty linen ride on the tail end, like Racism and all the ANTI- anything that you can think of. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Check-out Webster’s Dict. Plutocracy Vs DemocracY. Mr. C. E. KING

  4. howa4x January 29, 2014

    Soon she will report on the Koch funding of ALEC which is the Executive Legislative Exchange Council. The philosophy of this group is that the federal government is too hard to influence so the real fight is at the state level. The group is comprised of State legislators and corporations whereby the corporations actually write the bill for the states to pass. Their work can be seen in republican states that have created the right to work for less laws, stand your ground laws, abortion restrictions, the breaking of public unions, and relaxation of environmental laws. All these state governments oppose the raising of the minimum wage. Most are written to aid individual corporations in that state. As more publicity comes out about this secret organization, more corporations quit. This is how insidious the Koch’s are. You would think with 31 billion each they would try to spend their fortune helping humanity like the Gates foundation does. This is ironic because Bill Gates made his money and the Koch’s like the Walton’s inherited theirs. The term greedy rich bastards fits them perfectly.
    Their father helped start the John birch society which was the original right wing party and since the Apple doesn’t fall far they started the tea party, so this family has always used their wealth to deny freedom to those who don’t believe in their story. True Americans Eh?

  5. progressiveandproud January 29, 2014

    I hope Rachel doesn’t meet with a terrible “accident”. People like her often do when they start to uncover and report on the criminally rich and powerful.

    1. Rene Isaac-martin January 30, 2014

      And why would you put that malicious thought in the universe, not to mention, give some nut job an idea? Now that you have set the tone, I guess we had better hire her some body guards. Seriously, we should all applaud Rachel for her steadfast journalism and fact-checking skills. After all, this is America and the public appreciates transparency!

      1. progressiveandproud January 30, 2014

        Don’t misunderstand my comment. I support Rachel 100%.
        In my opinion, she is one of the best broadcasters out there.

        I mention an accident only because those sorts of thing do happen to people like her. Reading my comment won’t give anyone the idea. People who would do it, have already thought of it.

      2. pszymeczek January 16, 2016

        I just don’t want her to get on any small planes. Remember Paul Wellstone!

  6. Barbara Morgan January 29, 2014

    There aren’t just 2 Koch brothers using their wealth to pay the US but a third one also that isn’t part of the oil company he was bought out by his two brothers years ago. He is the most dangerous of the three because everything he does is done in the shadows. He is suppose to be some kind of art expert but his believes and his two brothers are the same to take over this Country and set their laws in place instead of the Constitution laws.

  7. Allan Richardson January 30, 2014

    The only way to stop a bad guy with a CHECKBOOK is with a whole lot of good guys with checkbooks.

  8. pszymeczek January 31, 2014

    Take it to them, Rachel, and NEVER let up!


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