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WATCH: Rachel Maddow Won’t Give In To The Koch Brothers’ Demands

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WATCH: Rachel Maddow Won’t Give In To The Koch Brothers’ Demands


We told you how the Koch brothers were loosely involved in a scheme designed to destroy the booming solar energy industry in Arizona. The billionaires carefully go to great lengths to cloak their involvement in such efforts using a vast network of think tanks and organizations — which are funded by think tanks and organizations backed by Koch money. Because the disclosure laws for most of these groups are very limited, we cannot know how exactly how much money the brothers are applying to any particular effort.

But we do know for sure that they are going out of their way not to be connected to their own political efforts.

Last week, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reported on the defeat in federal court of a Florida law designed to drug-test welfare recipients, which has turned out to be a waste of taxpayer money anyway. The segment connected the Kochs’ ideological network to these laws and included a comment from a Koch spokesperson who said, “Not sure I see how we would have anything to say on this, since we are not involved in this issue in any way.”

On Friday night, Maddow revisited the story with a preamble about her willingness to issue corrections and an explanation about why she is fixated on what she calls “the most important story in American politics this decade,” which to her is “the effort by the Republican Party to remake itself in the wake of the disastrous Bush/Cheney era.”

She went on to say that this focus necessitates reporting on two people who despise being connected with their political activities, the Koch brothers — whom she’s described as “the conservative political figures who you can most count on to threaten to sue you and call your boss and scream about their victimization as loud as they can whenever they get mentioned by name in a way they do not control.”

After explaining how vague state-based groups, including several Koch-funded operations, helped spread the failed Florida law, Maddow described a letter she received from the Kochs’ attorneys, who do not want their clients associated with the law or the policy it implemented, even though their clients would not deny being a source of funding for one of the groups Maddow mentioned in the report. Further, the letter included a script they intended for her to read on the air, “denouncing my own reporting on the Florida Drug-Test the Poor story and telling you “that they are not involved in promoting any such issue.”

Maddow stated flatly:

I’m not going to read their script. I’m not going to renounce my own reporting on this story because the reporting on this story stands. It is true and now we also know that the Koch brothers do not wish to be associated with the work and the causes that they have funded through their multi-million-dollar, multi-year massive funding of networks of conservative organizations. You not wanting to be known for something that you have done is not the same thing as you not having done it.

She did acknowledge that her staff should have solicited an opinion earlier from the Kochs but left them with an even better option than responding through their lawyers.

“Mr. Koch, or the other Mr. Koch, you are welcome on this show any time,” she said. “I would love to discuss these matters with you right here, in person, live and without interruption, any time. It would be easy to set up. You apparently already have my number.”

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  1. daniel bostdorf January 5, 2014

    KOch brothers and their cronies and black money affiliations are on the run because the media is finally exposing them.

    Here are more of these Koch brother entities and sycophants:
    Another Koch-backed operation, this one focused on mobilizing
    rank-and-file conservatives to support conservative Republicans running
    for office. The group trains grassroots activists to fight for lower
    taxes and less government and threatens Republicans if they break from
    party orthodoxy. It took its name from a group started by former House
    Republican Majority Leader Dick Armey of Texas, who is no longer part of
    the organization.

    -American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS. The partner organizations take their
    cues from strategists Karl Rove and Carl Forti, as well as former
    Republican National Committee heads Haley Barbour, Ed Gillespie and Mike
    Duncan. Considered the heaviest hitter among Republican outside groups,
    the two spent $176 million in 2012, mostly criticizing Democrats. Only
    donors for American Crossroads, a super political action committee, are

    -Americans for Prosperity. The chief outlet for libertarian
    billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch. The group helped the
    nascent tea party rise in 2010 and has spent
    heavily in support of libertarian-minded Republicans. Tax filings in
    Colorado from 2013 showed the group spent $122 million during 2012 but
    came up short in its bid to defeat President Barack Obama. Because of
    the way it is structured, it does not have to disclose its donors.

    -Heritage Foundation. The longtime think tank on Capitol Hill has stepped up its
    political machinery since former Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., took over. The
    group’s political arm, Heritage Action, played an outsized role in
    October’s government shutdown, warning lawmakers who supported a
    compromise that there would be consequences. The 2014 elections will be
    the first ones with DeMint calling the shots.

    -U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The biggest business coalition with deep pockets
    for Republicans. In 2012, the group spent almost $36 million to help GOP
    candidates and causes. The establishment-minded group has taken sides
    during some Republican primaries, coming to the aid of more mainstream
    candidates. It does not disclose its donors.

    -America Rising: A research shop that is run by GOP operatives, including Mitt
    Romney’s campaign manager, Matt Rhoades, and RNC aides Joe Pounder and
    Tim Miller. The group and its affiliated consulting firm send staffers
    to track Democratic candidates with the goal of capturing their gaffes.
    The researchers also dig into Democrats’ histories. America Rising then
    shares information with fellow conservatives.

    -Club for Growth. A take-no-prisoners enforcer for candidates who
    pledge to lower taxes. The well-funded group spent $17 million to help
    candidates, and punish defectors, in 2012 and has sketched out a strategy to go after incumbent Republicans who stray from the group’s line. Its current leader is
    former Pennsylvania Rep. Chris Chocola, who took over when Pat Toomey
    was elected to the Senate.

    -Senate Conservatives Fund. Like Heritage and FreedomWorks, a thorn in the side
    of compromise-minded Republicans. The Senate Conservatives Fund is
    backing challengers to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of
    Kentucky, as well as Sens. Pat Roberts of Kansas and Thad Cochran of
    Mississippi. The group, founded by DeMint, has run ads against
    Republican Sens. Jeff Flake of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South
    Carolina, Johnny Isakson of Georgia and Richard Burr of North Carolina.

    1. Allan Richardson January 6, 2014

      You forgot the John Birch Society, which was founded by their father. Oh right, that name no longer exists.

    2. nomoretraitors January 6, 2014

      Since you’re such a wonderful source of information, maybe next you can give us a list of all of George Soros’ front organizations, as well as the many media outlets he also funds (but fail to disclose that relationship)

      1. Lafollette January 6, 2014

        BoogaBooga. And BENGHAZI!!! to you always.

        1. nomoretraitors January 7, 2014

          Repeat after me:
          Valerie Plame
          Valerie Plame
          Valerie Plame
          Valerie Plame
          Valerie Plame
          Valerie Plame
          Valerie Plame
          Valerie Plame

      2. Joyce January 7, 2014

        Yea! What Johnny said! you traitor!!!

        1. nomoretraitors January 7, 2014

          Dumb ho

    3. Joyce January 7, 2014

      Thank you!

      1. daniel bostdorf January 7, 2014

        You are quite welcome and I appreciate you taking time to post!

        We, and more important, the media, have tio maintain watchful on on Koch et al….They are trying to buy the Senate. If they do get a majority, they have House, Senate and Supreme Court….big problems for this nation. End of a social democracy experiement started by Roosevelt that continued with both old school GOP and Democrats up until Teaparty/GOP took over and Supreme Court went hard right….

    4. nomoretraitors January 7, 2014

      You remind me of the people in 1930s Germany and the Cold War Soviet Union spying on their neighbors. Good work.

      1. daniel bostdorf January 7, 2014

        You remind me of a troll today.

        What does your reply mean to article topic of Rachael Maddow wont give in to the Koch brothers demand?


        So—please enlighten us with your opinion about the article topic. What do you think?

  2. five_by_five January 6, 2014

    So, basically she was wrong, got called out on it, and then threw a temper tantrum when they asked her to retract her statement.


    1. samthor January 6, 2014

      except she wasn’t wrong.

      1. five_by_five January 6, 2014

        She even admitted that she was wrong. I know you won’t believe me, so why don’t you watch her admit it?


        1. Independent1 January 6, 2014

          Here’s a transcript doofus of what the error was about – it had nothing to do with the Koch Bros. The error was about which court had issued the court order.

          The story that we were doing there was about a Federal Court order about Florida’s Drug Test the Poor Law, and I had characterized it as an action by a Federal Appeals Court when in fact it was an action by a Federal District Court. So really there was an error. He was right. And I’m very sorry that there was an error. You never like to get stuff wrong, but it does happen from time to time. And when we get stuff wrong on this show, I try to make sure that we correct it. I don’t mind making corrections.

          You really do have a listening comprehension problem don’t you?

          1. five_by_five January 6, 2014

            So, she was wrong. And then complained when the Koch brothers asked her to retract her false statement.

            Just. Like. My First. Comment.

          2. kentallard January 6, 2014

            This is like demonizing a Mother Theresa for being a scoundrel for using a misplaced participle while helping a sick child.

            But it’s more like being a dishonest a-s.

          3. dc2ndtest January 8, 2014

            She was “de minimus” wrong and admitted it about calling a federal circuit court a federal appeals court. On a substantive basis in terms of accusations and opinions, she refused to back down. I backed you on your accurate observation on the SSI ceiling for tax deductions. However, a technical irrelevant error to which she admitted and apologized does not deserve admission to impeach her credibility on the real issues. You would never have that type of objection admitted in a court of law based on relevance and materiality and you know it.

        2. kentallard January 6, 2014

          “Maddow rejects Kochs’ call for correction”

          A court did exactly what she commented upon. Her staff mixed up the terms appeals court vs district court and she acknowledged that irrelevant transposition, to her credit.

          Thus the substance of her comments on the Kochs were entirely correct, she rejected their call for a correction, you are focusing on an irrelevant sidebar to extrapolate something insidious and untrue to support your ideological preconceptions, and I am concerned about your reading and hearing comprehension, not to mention your reasoning ability.

          Oh, and your honesty.

          Good day sir.

        3. samthor January 7, 2014

          the “federal court” as opposed to a “district court”? was corrected…. but that is not what the Koch brothers wants re- written… the connection of funding all done by the Koch brothers is correct. their lawyers are not denying it. she was not wrong and does not have retract her entire statement.

          1. dc2ndtest January 8, 2014

            Let the Koch’s eat cake like Walker in Wisconsin and his corrupt legislative and judicial majority at the state majority at the supreme court level eats Kochs. They have destroyed this once bright light of progressivism with an Aiec agenda shattering human and civil rights and protections and waging war on women, minorities, the poor and the middle class with a “divide and conquer” agenda that would make blind justice weep.

        4. idamag January 8, 2014

          And you…you have never made a mistake when relating something. It would be so nice to be so perfect. Careful, the crucified the last perfect human being.

          1. five_by_five January 8, 2014

            Of course I have made mistakes. Lots of them.

            And so did Maddow. So why did the poster I replied to try to claim that she hadn’t? Why did my comments pointing out that she was wrong (and that she admitting to it) get elusively downvotes?

            People have a real hard time accepting the truth when it is something that they don’t want to hear.

    2. Mikey7a January 6, 2014

      You sir, are exactly the Base that Fox News panders toward! How on earth, did you get from Ms. Maddow giving an open invitation, to either, or both brothers, to appear on her show, and defend their (good ahem name), to the totally idiotic statement you made above?

      1. clazman January 6, 2014

        Thank you very very much. The ability to reason seems so lacking in the mentality of said base. With such reasoning ineptitude,.2 + 2 does equal 3 or whatever you want it to equal.

    3. donking7 January 6, 2014

      No. She got it right and refuses to back down. I don’t blame her, and I would support her. Money talks and BS walks. They got the money and created the BS. She exposed it, and now their BS is walking.

    4. Lola Johnson January 6, 2014

      Wrong about what? Every word she said is true. They did not ask her to retract her statement, they commanded her to, while offering no evidence to indicate that her statement was in error. Someone here is classless, but it’s not Rachel.

      1. five_by_five January 6, 2014

        ” Every word she said is true.”

        No it wasn’t. The ACLU lawyer even tried to correct Maddow before going off air. Pretty please pull your head out of your ass.

        1. Independent1 January 6, 2014

          The only thing the lawyer corrected her for was which court it was that declared Florida’s law unconstitutional. His comment had nothing to do with absolving the Koch Bros. of being party to spreading the Florida law to other states. You’re a typical Faux News sheeple – a reading and listening illiterate.

          1. five_by_five January 6, 2014

            Oh, so “every word she said is true” was an incorrect statement and I was correct.

            Thanks for clearing that up.

    5. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh January 6, 2014

      Not really. She managed to dig far enough into the think tank funding of think tanks to find the ones pretty much wholly funded by the Koch brothers were pretty much wholly funding these “grass roots” efforts. I wonder how much money the Kochs tried to make off the drug testing program, too?

      1. Lola Johnson January 6, 2014

        Don’t know if they made any money, but I understand Rick Scott’s wife owns an interest in the drug testing company.

    6. kentallard January 6, 2014

      So, five_by_five, two plus two equals cabbage. (I should translate for you since nuance is not your strong suit – I am mocking your perceptual and cognitive powers)

      How you could get that she was wrong and got called out for it from this article suggests that you need to rearrange your foil helmet for better reception.

      1. five_by_five January 6, 2014

        Because she admitted that she was wrong the following night you buffoon.


        1. Independent1 January 6, 2014

          Here’s a transcript doofus of what the error was about – it had nothing to do with the Koch Bros. The error was about which court had issued the court order.

          The story that we were doing there was about a Federal Court order about Florida’s Drug Test the Poor Law, and I had characterized it as an action by a Federal Appeals Court when in fact it was an action by a Federal District Court. So really there was an error. He was right. And I’m very sorry that there was an error. You never like to get stuff wrong, but it does happen from time to time. And when we get stuff wrong on this show, I try to make sure that we correct it. I don’t mind making corrections.

          You really do have a listening comprehension problem don’t you?

          1. five_by_five January 6, 2014

            Yes, she made an error. Now comes the next part…an apology to the Koch brothers.

          2. Independent1 January 6, 2014

            She owes the Koch Bros NO APOLOGY!! Wake up DOOFUS!!

          3. daniel bostdorf January 7, 2014

            easy—you be dealing with a troll….and NM editors are very vigilent….they just nailed nomoretraitos…five by five may be next….NM getting it “loud and clear”


            Originally an aeronautical term that is the equivalent to the modern “Loud & Clear”. In slang usage, it means “great, fine”; popular in New England, it was made famous in “Buffy: the Vampire Slayer” from its overuse by the rogue slayer Faith.

            “No worries, B. That vamp tried to kill us but I got mad skills. We’re five-by-five here.”

          4. five_by_five January 7, 2014

            Is that some sort of weird threat towards me?

            I claimed that Maddow was wrong. I posted a link to the video of Maddow admitting that she was wrong. I’m not really sure where the argument here lies. Maybe that you are unable to deal with reality and that I’m a “troll” because of that?

          5. daniel bostdorf January 7, 2014

            Your posts speak for themselves as does your attitude. I make no threats….just state personal observations.

            In my opinion, you are a verbal bully (“you buffoon. ” etc blah blah) and create hostile attitudes. This creates no respectful dialogue.

            That is not what NM editors want from what I see, and if they chose to ban troll like posts that are simply are being pointed out…that is their decisoon not mine.

          6. idamag January 8, 2014

            The koch brothers are busy buying senators. They have several organizations as outlets for their propaganda. The Heritage Foundation and ALEC are just two of them. They are buying up newspapers and television stations. They are giving huge sums of money to colleges with strings attached. And attaching stipulations makes it bribes, not donations. They run propaganda ads all the time. They are a threat to democracy. Criminal behavior starts with a “K”. They are evil personified.

          7. Independent1 January 8, 2014

            Couldn’t agree more with every facet of your post!!

    7. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 6, 2014

      No she was not incorrect, the Koch Brothers were called out and they go the lawyers to try and protect them from the fall out of their actions. The only ones not displaying Class is the Koch Brothers.

      1. plc97477 January 7, 2014

        Oh and five-by-five.

    8. Joyce January 7, 2014

      what a stupid comment. go back to faux news and leave the thinking people alone

    9. Joyce January 7, 2014

      btw…I would keep my profile private, as you have because of the idiotic statement you just made

    10. nomoretraitors January 7, 2014

      You make a good point but most people here are too blind and stupid to understand

  3. dana becker January 6, 2014

    Please go in to detail on how they are trying to privatize our social security by having their think tanks and bought politicians keep saying over and over that social security is broke. Sen. Bernie Sanders did a nice piece on this and should be mentioned over and over.

    1. idamag January 8, 2014

      Of course they say Social Security is broke. There are corporation salivating in the wings to take over SS and the schools and Medicare. Oh, and the post office. Our state privatized the prisons. Our prison became known as the gladiator prison. The quality of food went down. Services to rehabilitate the prisoners went out the window. Qualified state workers were replaced with entry level people. And the latest: on the graveyard shift, there was no one available to take it. They locked the prisoners up and went home. A feasibility study showed that it would have been cheaper to keep the prisons run by the state. They finally voted to kick the private company out and the governor expressed his disappointment in the legislators.

      1. Independent1 January 8, 2014

        Virtually nothing the private sector runs is more efficient than what is run by the government because private businesses are in it only to make a profit, the vast majority of them don’t really care how the work is done as long as they make money in the process. So by-in-large, private sector run businesses produce more shody work as you described because they’re going to try to cut corners wherever they can just to add a few cents here and there to their PROFITS!!

  4. FT66 January 6, 2014

    I always envy and also admire Rachel Maddow. This woman is as tough as steel and as hard as a rock. She always stands on what she believes and all time performing her work perfectly without any fear. Keep up the good work Rachel and don’t let America be bought by the Kochs. It has never been for sale.

    1. nomoretraitors January 7, 2014

      Sorry, George Soros beat them to it

      1. daniel bostdorf January 7, 2014

        Could you explain in greater detail instead of a bumper sticker thought….sounds like glenn beck rehash from the other day…

  5. AlfredSonny January 6, 2014

    Maddox deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Koch brothers deserve the King Louis XVI Medal of Oligarchy.

    1. Mark Forsyth January 6, 2014

      And just like Louis,may we also award them the National Guillotine ?

  6. AlfredSonny January 6, 2014

    We need clearer definition to differentate between donations and bribes.

    1. FT66 January 6, 2014

      Donation = you give and you don’t expect to get anything in return
      Bribe = you give and you are eagerly waiting to get something in return.
      Decide yourself in which category those big money possessers belong!

      1. AlfredSonny January 6, 2014

        Then we should state the Koch brothers and their cronies have been bribing their puppets.

        1. disgvnv January 8, 2014

          do you have to bribe someone you ‘Own’ ? all my ( Okla.) elected representatives are ‘Owned’ by Big Oil, Ag., and/or Chem- Med and Bank Cartel

          1. idamag January 8, 2014

            How do you think they got ownership of your reps? Same in Idaho. Money talks and integrity walks.

      2. clazman January 6, 2014

        succinct = to the point

        Thank you!!!

  7. Jim Myers January 6, 2014

    Rachel Maddow has bigger balls than all the Koch Brothers clones combined.

    She should run with either Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren in 2016.

    Or, at the very least, she should be a consultant for these fine women.

    1. nomoretraitors January 7, 2014

      Yeah, she has bigger tits too.
      You are SICK

  8. latebloomingrandma January 6, 2014

    One thing about Rachel—she really does her research, unlike the goofuses on Fox, who apparently don’t know the meaning of the word. The Kochs are coming up against the “freedom of the press” as the founders envisioned, for the first time.

  9. Allan Richardson January 6, 2014

    I think Rachel “has their number” also!

  10. nomoretraitors January 6, 2014

    Ohhhh, she’s SO brave (a liberal never admitting they’re wrong).

    “The billionaires carefully go to great lengths to cloak their involvement in such efforts using a vast network of think tanks and organizations — which are funded by think tanks and organizations backed by Koch money”
    If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you were talking about George Soros.

    1. Independent1 January 6, 2014

      And the nonsensical rants from the blind and bigoted go on and on!!!!

      1. daniel bostdorf January 7, 2014

        The rants from trolls are expunged and those trolls are being banned…

        1. Independent1 January 7, 2014


          1. daniel bostdorf January 7, 2014

            Oh you have to thank the editors at NM…they are on a concerted effort to ferret out the the paid GOP dirty tricks shills and serial bullying trolls….not me.

    2. Joyce January 7, 2014

      who are you????

    3. daniel bostdorf January 7, 2014

      nomoretraitors reminds me of a few banned trolls here….let NM investigate the IP address of this poseur.

      1. daniel bostdorf January 7, 2014

        Thank you NM Editors for ridding us of these people…

  11. RNPRN January 6, 2014

    In Wisconsin, a state legislator has refused to turn over documentation from her activity with Alec, even tho she did it on the taxpayers dime. Now there is a challanged freedom of information request pending. She is a republican and a officer of the Alec organizations.

    1. CPAinNewYork January 6, 2014

      So, what is this state legislator’s name?

    2. howa4x January 6, 2014

      Republicans have become just out and out whores for corporate interests

  12. Lovefacts January 6, 2014

    Obviously the Koch brothers and many of their like-minded friends have never heard of the French term, noblesse oblige, which means that with wealth, power, and prestige comes responsibilities. For over a hundred years in the US and American English it’s meant there’s a general obligation for the more fortunate to help the less fortunate–not kick them to the curb or pay workers as little as you can. What a novel concept. It’s only been around for thousands of years. In fact, it’s the central tenant of all the worlds’ great religions. Amazing how these pious and righteous Christians have forgotten that Jesus preached this message.

    1. SCGuardian January 8, 2014

      Most Christians within the US have forsaken the New Testament and the Teachings of their Christ and His Disciples and are more apt to apply the “Fire and Brimstone” approach of the Old Testament.

      1. idamag January 8, 2014

        And then only the parts they agree with. Hypocrites.

  13. Jill49 January 6, 2014

    T Party is just another name for John Birch. Old wine – new bottle.

  14. Mark Forsyth January 6, 2014

    Hang those fascist bastards and then burn the bodies.Americans will dance around the fire. Good on Ya,Rachel!

  15. CPAinNewYork January 6, 2014

    I know that the Koch Brothers inheritaed their money from their father, but I would like to know the source of that mooney. I can Google it, but does anybody have a quick answer?

    1. Independent1 January 6, 2014

      Wasn’t it from the companies he had started and which he passed over to them?? Companies that are continuing to make billions for them? Did you not see the article on the NM with the list of all the products the Koch Bros companies make – it’s quite a list of name brands – especially a lot of paper goods and more.

    2. idamag January 8, 2014


  16. five_by_five January 6, 2014

    You know the Koch brother were for gay marriage decades ahead of Obama, right?

    You might want to study a little bit more about the policies they support before calling them names.

    1. daniel bostdorf January 7, 2014

      What does that have to do with the fact that Maddow wont give in to Koch brothers demands?

    2. Bryan Blake January 7, 2014

      That is in keeping with most extreme right wind Libertarians. They are probably for the decriminalization of drugs as well. The relevant social policies are what they are trying to do to what’s left of the middle class, the working poor, poor, Seniors, the disabled and disabled veterans. They fund groups to attack Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They fund groups to reduce the tax burden on people like themselves and shift it to the lower economic classes. Not since John D. Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie bought the presidency of McKinley has the overt and out sized influence of money been so blatant. Citizen United gave them the power to change our form of government and they are spending and gathering hundreds of millions to do so. We are now a fascist government in all but name only. Support them if you will. But in the end you will be just another expendable subject in the United States of Oligarchy as will everyone else.

      1. five_by_five January 7, 2014

        What’s wrong with decriminalizing pot?
        Whats wrong with gay marriage?
        What’s wrong with keeping the government out of our lives?

        I’m OK with them supporting the government NOT taking money out of my paycheck each month for Social Security and Medicare. I can handle my own money better than the gov’t. The questions is: why can’t you?

        1. Bryan Blake January 7, 2014

          I live among lots of Libertarians. But when they get in trouble the first place they look to for help is the dreaded “gubmint”. So take the Social Security checks away from your family members and let them starve. Steal their Medicare cards so if they call 911 the ambulance won’t take them to the hospital. Get real! If you are the average person there is no way that you can save enough on your own to equal what you pay into the system that will pay you the equivalent benefit you will receive.

          1. five_by_five January 7, 2014

            ” If you are the average person there is no way that you can save enough
            on your own to equal what you pay into the system that will pay you the
            equivalent benefit you will receive.”

            Sounds like you’re describing a financially unstable system. So why in the world would you want to continue something so broken?

          2. Bryan Blake January 8, 2014

            Contrary to popular belief the Social Security system is not broken and it does not add one red cent to the so-called deficit. Make everyone pay Social Security contributions on every dollar they earn and there will be a surplus as far as the eye can see. Why should earnings over a $110,000 a year not make their fair share of contributions. The average working person pays into the system with every dollar they earn. Why should hedge fund managers, Mitt Romney, Caroline Kennedy, George Soros and the Brothers Koch be entitled to skate? Notice I said “entitled”. This is nothing more than a welfare program for the rich. One that they continue to lobby to keep in place. The only financially unstable economic system is the one we now are oppressed by. It is also know by “free-market capitalism”. It is a rigged game which is titled toward the rich, ultra-rich and mega corporations. I spent most of my adult working life as a small business owner. I am a capitalist but I want our system to have a level playing field that allows as many of us as can to benefit from the fruits of our labor. Then a dynamic economy will develop that lifts all. With competition clean energy will replace the old entrenched dirty energy. All will prosper including the rich. Progressive tax rates will end the current plague of income inequality and the manufactured budget deficits. In the process we just might be able to stop Climate Change, which we created, from destroying us.

          3. five_by_five January 8, 2014

            “Why should earnings over a $110,000 a year not make their fair share of contributions.”

            Because they don’t get more out. So, their “fair share” is exactly that….not more.

          4. Bryan Blake January 8, 2014

            Obviously we will not agree on much. You appear to be one of those people who has drank the Kool Aid and will forever vote against your own interests. If you think that the rich and ultra-rich have your best interest at heart you are sadly mistaken. In the end you will just be dust under their shoes.

          5. dc2ndtest January 8, 2014

            Bryan, 5X5 is someone I would rarely agree with on policy, but he is in agreement with FDR who forsaw that unless well paid workers could have their retirement contribution returned at the proportional amount they paid in, the SSI system would eventually turn into a system of welfare (a matter of revocable privilege and legislative discretion, rather than as a matter of right.) WE DON’T want SSI and Medicare which operate at ratios of 6% of total revenues destroyed as a welfare program where private insurers operating at 20% of gross revenues consume our hard EARNED benefits. I support the over $115,000 progressive taxation, but only if the payout table permits an actuarially equitable increase to the Payor benefit at retirement. Please keep this in mind The Tea party will not rest until they rip SSI/Medicare/Medicaid/ACA out of our RIGHTS and substitute their for profit paymasters to feast on our “sweat of the brow” earned and paid in benefits. Don’t give these ignorant T types an added argument to steal your savings guaranteed by every other civilized country in the world.

          6. Bryan Blake January 8, 2014

            Good point. FDR was prescient about the future of many of his policies and the continued relentless attacks for generations upon them. Being from a wealthy family he knew his economic/social class would never give up on their assault upon the working person. The rich and ultra-rich have been at it since the founding of our country – ALL FOR THEM AND NONE FOR US! The Brothers Koch and their Nefarious Billionaires Club are nothing new. John D. Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie bought the election of McKinley with brief cases of money. They got McKinley to put Theodore Roosevelt on the ticket because as governor of New York he was attacking their business interests. The Nefarious Billionaires Club is clearly behind the Tea Party and the renewed attack upon the working class for the past 30 years or more.

            The rich and especially the ultra-rich should be taxed at a greater rate than the working class. When they were our economy boomed. Since I am an independent I am willing to compromise. Maybe not requiring them to pay Social Security contributions on every dollar they earn but I would set the ceiling much much higher.

        2. idamag January 8, 2014

          Just a little history on Social Security: Before 1935, those elderly who did not have a family that could take care of them ended up in bleak institutions. Others simply starved. The good thing, then, there was no central heating so they could scrounge about for burning materials in their stoves. Indoor plumbing was not common. Those that had jobs, hung onto them, while young parents could not find jobs to support their families. The Social Security act was to accomplish two things: a safety net for the elderly and to open up jobs for the young. The way it works is that I worked for a whole lot of years supporting the older generation with my FICA. Back then we weren’t so Godawful selfish. I supported your parents and grandparents and now that it is your turn, you get greedy and selfish.

  17. nomoretraitors January 7, 2014

    You are one sick puppy if you think Soros has benevolent intentions

  18. nomoretraitors January 7, 2014

    Check out the Media Research Center’s expose on George Soros

  19. nomoretraitors January 7, 2014

    Exhibit A: Obama

  20. nomoretraitors January 7, 2014

    Too busy investigating George Zimmerman’s imaginary racism

  21. plc97477 January 7, 2014

    I hope we get to find out very soon.

  22. idamag January 8, 2014

    They were pretty racist.

  23. idamag January 8, 2014

    And the way to back up what you say is to see how much “campaign contributions” (aka bribes) went to people like gov Scott. You are well informed.

    1. howa4x January 8, 2014

      If they are Republican ask your state senator or assembly rep id they are members. I asked mine

  24. dc2ndtest January 8, 2014

    They did try to run for office but got squashed by Reagan’ orange County’s billionaires backing Ronald Reagan’s campaign

  25. daniel bostdorf January 9, 2014

    Latest update:

    Revealed: Koch Network Financed Wisconsin’s Anti-Recall Ads



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