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WATCH: Rush Limbaugh Says The Pope Gave President Obama ‘An Orgasm’

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WATCH: Rush Limbaugh Says The Pope Gave President Obama ‘An Orgasm’


Some are calling the income inequality address President Obama gave on Wednesday “the best speech he’s ever given about the economy” and “historic.”

Rush Limbaugh had a different reaction.

“This is the president citing the Pope, his new best friend, because the Pope is ripping America, the Pope is ripping capitalism,” he said, referencing the president’s quotation of a question from the Pope’s recent Evangelii Gaudium (Joy of the Gospel): “How can it be that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points?”

The right-wing host/thought leader went on, “And Obama’s having an orgasm.”

Rush continued, spouting a list of words that make right-wingers angry, including Jeremiah Wright, fairness and Benghazi.

Pope Francis has become a such a frequent target for Limbaughand some Tea Partiers—in the past few weeks that Bishop James D. Conley felt the need to pen a defense of the pontiff in the right-wing National Review.

Now former MSNBC host Martin Bashir has resigned, after conservatives protested his comments about Sarah Palin, even after he offered sincere apologies. But the British journalist lacked any political base to protect him.

Limbaugh did eventually apologize to then-law student Sandra Fluke after he launched an attack on her testimony for the Affordable Care Act’s birth control mandate.

But chances are he will never have to apologize for his comments about the Holy See. And Republicans who criticize Rush may end up apologizing to him.

Rush Limbaugh


Image: Media Matters


  1. Lynda Groom December 5, 2013

    The right has themselves one sick cookie in the form of Rushbo.

  2. Robert_poker_player December 5, 2013

    Rush is angry because he has E.D. so he compensates for his limp little pecker.

    1. Ford Truck December 5, 2013

      Emphasis on “little!”

    2. stcroixcarp December 5, 2013

      The problem isn’t his little pecker, it is his little brain.

  3. JDavidS December 5, 2013

    It seems that everything with this clown reverts back to sex…whether it’s a college girl as a slut. frequent references to rape and now this “orgasm” thing. Combine that with the fact that ole Rush has been married 4 times. I’m gonna suggest that this fat turd has some serious sexual problems/hang-ups/dysfunctions.
    Perhaps some psychoanalysis might help you, fat boy.

    1. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG December 5, 2013

      Apparently so do his listeners and his sponsors.

      1. Sue Lawson December 6, 2013

        His listeners remind me of the Charles Manson followers. They couldn’t make a move without Charlie. They were brainwashed just like Limbaugh’s listeners. I think I’ll call him Rush Manson.

    2. Jane Caspar December 5, 2013

      Sometimes while watching Limbaugh I can’t concentrate on what he is spewing because it is easy to become hypnotized by his herky jerky hand dance which has no relation to what he is saying as if he is a marionette with two operators,one of whom spills out the words and the other of whom operates the arm jerks and they aren’t quite in synch with each other. Some neurovascular problem?

      1. Alissa Doof Vrem December 5, 2013

        All that non-prescribed Ritalin.

        1. Yvette White December 6, 2013


      2. mikem42 December 5, 2013

        You watch him? I can’t bring myself to do that. He is an enemy of America, I believe that.

        1. Jane Caspar December 5, 2013

          I only watch him when Rachel Maddow shows a bit of his rant to show us what he’s up to,

          1. mikem42 December 5, 2013

            I feel better about you already! Rachel is so smart and really puts things in clear perspective.

          2. infadelicious December 6, 2013

            If Rachel Maddow had a daughter it would look like this……. come on Mike, lighten up, it’s a joke dude!

      3. Sue Lawson December 6, 2013


    3. Yvette White December 6, 2013

      I Agree 100% with you, He dose have a thing about Sex’s Don’t he, Which makes me believe he is not getting any

  4. Budjob December 5, 2013

    And,just maybe,little boys give fat fuck an orgasm!

    1. InsideEye December 5, 2013

      How about Chris Matthews / Reggie Loves, thrilled/ dripping leg, respectively. The President has a magical way about him….for some. ” Overblown” if you ask me …all of this nonsense. It is the media that seems lecherous. I figger.

      1. nana4gj December 5, 2013

        One of the big “magical ways” this current President impressed us was that he was so different from the last one. He could articulate, think for himself, and problem-solve.

        1. infadelicious December 5, 2013

          bwaaaaaa haaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. yes, the magic of a teleprompter…….. exactly which problems has he solved? which green he’ll golf on next? what’s for lunch? where can moochelle go on her next vacation? so many problems so little time

          1. jnap December 7, 2013

            You would never use a teleprompter because no one would ever ask you to make a speech or give a presentation.
            In fact no one would ask you to do anything more pressing then taking out the garbage. You are very good at that and only spill it half of the time.

      2. infadelicious December 5, 2013

        Shame on you InsideEye, for using “overblown” and Reggie Love and the President in the same post….. hehehehehe!!! 😉

        1. Leftout December 5, 2013

          Sorry, I did not realize it. I was just following the alliteration:
          Rush, Pope,Obama, Orgasm…sort of a Jesse Jacksonism. You are so observant on these matters. Obviously i am not not a Journalism major , I could have been more eloquent.

    2. johninPCFL December 5, 2013

      That Dominican Republic vacation at the boy’s village raise any suspicions when he was caught with Viagra?

    3. infadelicious December 5, 2013

      f*t f**k? what has oprah got to do with this?

      1. Budjob December 5, 2013

        I might have been referring to one of your family members!

        1. infadelicious December 5, 2013

          oh dear, you’re not a very clever sod are you? It wouldn’t be nice of me to return fire in a match of wits when you are so ill equipped for the battle. Shalom

          1. ichupichu December 5, 2013

            Don’t you mean match of wit? That’s all you have.

          2. Budjob December 6, 2013

            INFANTdelicious,The best part of you ran down your Mothers leg!

          3. infadelicious December 7, 2013

            Merry Christmas “bumjob” . Please don’t drink too much at “holiday time” and talk like that in front of the kiddies. It is really sad that your intelligence is so low that you cannot formulate a defense for the lying sod in the white house and your vocabulary is so lacking that you have to use the fbomb and other vulgar language in almost all of your posts. I guess that’s to deflect from the obamacare and all the other epic obama democrat failures hitting the fan presently. 2014 doesn’t look good for liberals. Insulting me doesn’t bother me in the least, I realize you liberals are angry at yourselves for being duped not once, but twice by the snake oil salesman, obama, and that you’re just misdirecting that anger. Keep commenting though, America is an exceptional country because we are still free despite the dictator wanna be in the Spite House and we all can say whatever we want wherever we want, even people that make childish vulgar comments like yours. Merry Christmas bumjob, and have an Infadelicious Day!……;-)

          4. jnap December 7, 2013

            Ill equipped? If someone doesn’t help you with your pecker you have trouble taking a pis&.

          5. infadelicious December 8, 2013

            Yes and I appreciated your help but keep your hands off me from now on

  5. latebloomingrandma December 5, 2013

    If there are any so called Christian Republicans out there with any core beliefs at all, he or she needs to denounce this toxic gasbag once and for all, unapologetically. Stick a big fork in him and declare him overdone. Burn down the altar of Rush.

    1. ichupichu December 5, 2013

      That’s a big IF.

  6. howa4x December 5, 2013

    Rush is on a mission to purge the republican party of Catholics, just like he did with single women. Words are powerful and Rushes worst nightmare would be that his derogatory statements about the Pope are part of every sermon in every parish in the country. This will go a long way to hurting the chances to elect republicans who don’t challenge his statements. Especially Catholic leaders such as Ryan, and Christie will have to step up or be painted as an ally of Limbaugh. It also doesn’t help the GOP’s outreach to Latinos. The tea party is backing up Rush and that will send their numbers into the toilet. So go rush!! Single handedly he will cost the GOP millions of votes.

    1. infadelicious December 5, 2013

      Rush did not get rid of single women, he got rid of single women who want the gov’t out of their uterus, but want the gov’t to pay for their contraception and abortions. He got rid of obama’s “julia” the dependent for life on men and the gov’t piece of crap of a woman………….get your facts straight. Although that is the type of women the liberals like, to keep em voting democrat and keep them dependent and in their place.

      1. mah101 December 5, 2013

        Ok, I’m going to say it. How is it possible that you, ObozoMustGo, and others can be so totally baseless in their perceptions of those whose opinions differ from your own? It must take a supreme act of will to remain so factually bereft and functionally ignorant. Why do it? Why not just listen? I don’t ask that you agree, but I require that you listen and understand before disagreeing.

        1. infadelicious December 5, 2013

          sorry, did you say something? i wasn’t listening, just like you didn’t listen to my last post..or do you like the idea of your daughters being like “julia”? And here’s another hint, if you really want someone to listen to you, don’t pepper your request for them to do so with insults.

          1. mah101 December 5, 2013

            Sorry, but factual statements are not insults. Your statements are ignorant. I’m sorry if this offends, but that’s what friends are for, to point out when we are making fools of ourselves.

          2. infadelicious December 5, 2013

            Nothing you could say would offend me. Your words are meaningless and empty. You are not my friend, just someone who replied to me to do what? You came here not to get me to listen, but to get me to listen and agree. When I do not see your point of view, you will return to insulting and labelling me. It’s typical on this webwsite. Doesn’t bother me in the least when you guys get your bvd’s in a brown bunch and have a grand mal hissy fit cause someone dares disagree with you or your messiah. Get used to it. You liberals do not want discussion unless it is with someone who totally agrees with your bs. So, nice try, but your Alinsky crap doesn’t fly with me. Speaking of making a fool of oneself check this pic out,. Later Julia.

          3. mah101 December 5, 2013

            Hmm, how did anything I say lead to your statement that I am having a “gran mal hissy fit” because you disagree? I am just baffled beyond belief that you are so totally ignorant of what other people’s positions are. I am quite serious when I say I don’t care if you agree with me or not, but to even have a discussion you MUST understand the positions of others.

            Again, I’m sorry that you continue to misrepresent what I and others are saying.

          4. infadelicious December 5, 2013

            you have very very poor reading and comprehension skills… i said ‘when you guys” have fits, not YOU specifically. and you still went rambling on ignoring what i asked in my original post. Don’t bother replying, you just want to post questions and answer yourself all the while claiming you are trying to be a reasonable person who wants to understand but everyone else in misrepresenting you. When you can follow a thread or even answer one question at a time, talk to me, until then….. move along..sheesh!

          5. mah101 December 5, 2013

            Sorry not moving on. To make my point a different way since you seem to be rather angry. My grandfather always said there is a reason god gave you two ears and only one mouth. You have apparently not learned that lesson.

            Let me restate in clear language. Your original post mischaracterized the positions of many decent people, myself included. It did not need any further response other than to say you were wrong. You continued to dig in and argue that somehow others are mistreating you, when in fact it is you who are posting like a bully.

            If you want to know what other people think, and what their positions are, then ask. If you don’t, you go right ahead and spout your “Julia” and “women dependent” nonsense. Just don’t expect anyone to pay attention for too long.

          6. infadelicious December 5, 2013

            Well we agree on one thing Obama’s “Julia ” is nonsense. I didn’t ask you to pay attention to me, you’re the one who keeps replying. I am not angry, more like annoyed .You keep chanting the same stuff. Sandra Fluke is not a typical decent person. She wants the gov’t out of her uterus but wants them to pay for the goings on of her uterus.. As for your usual “It did not need any further response other than to say you were wrong” which I am sure you might as well cut and paste to anyone who has different views than you, run with that. Take your “always right” attitude and since my comment didn’t need any further comment, please do not comment….Thank you.

          7. mah101 December 5, 2013

            Sandra Fluke is no more than a typical graduate student who needs access to decent health care, which includes contraception (you are aware that it is used for many other medical purposes than simply birth control, I hope). I see no moral position that allows you to judge her and assume she is not a decent person. The reason people want the “government out of their uterus” is because no one has the right to govern your reproductive decisions. And that includes access to healthcare. I sure hope no student ever gets endometriosis while at Georgetown since birth control pills are used to control that painful and damaging condition.

            And, I have the luxury of actually knowing what I mean and what my positions are. That grants me the right to judge whether or not your statements accurately represent my position.

            By the way, I appreciate the more moderate tone in your latest post. Perhaps we can grab a beer sometime and actually have a conversation. It would be better than this forum!

          8. InsideEye December 5, 2013

            Sandra Fluke was a major in Feminism, and Sexuality at Cornell. Where we’re these majors when I was going to school. I had to learn it all on my own. No wonder she wants to have all of those contraceptives, her uterus must be sore….not bad for a one bagger. She went to Georgetown, a Catholic school…guess she wanted to be known ” Catholic Girls” are the best. …and they were , at least when I was going to school. ” No one wants anyone to govern your reproductive decisions” …seems like Sandra Fluke is expecting many /everyone to govern her reproductive ass ettes….. What a bunny she must be. Amen to her shucking / did mean shucking….Feminism. Great Decision, Sandra. Welcome back . Can you get a graduate degree in Sexuality. What kind of new experiments does one have to cum up with….do you have a dissertation and and a committee and stuff? Q

          9. mah101 December 5, 2013

            Well that was a well thought out, mature, and reasonable response.

          10. InsideEye December 5, 2013

            I was just musing about how life could have been . What could you do with a college major as Sandra Fluke had taken at Cornel. I am somewhat jealous. I was such a serious student.

          11. jnap December 6, 2013

            No, you are thoroughly disgusting. Sandra Fluke and you don’t even exist in the same universe.
            The only thing you do seriously is jerk off and imagine what it would be like to have a relationship with a human.

          12. infadelicious December 8, 2013

            Probably better than to be with girls like ms fluke. What with all the diseases out there and all. Better safe than sorry Just sayin

          13. jnap December 6, 2013

            What a disgusting person you are to attack Sandra Fluke. You know nothing about her except that she was standing up for female reproductive rights which also includes contraceptives.
            You appear to have a major in ignorance and stupidity with a minor in self absorption and selfishness. Is it possible for you to post something other than drivel?

          14. InsideEye December 6, 2013

            I was just mocking, Overzealousness for everyone on this topic, the premise of the article was not correct, it was provocative and distorted….something new in Journalism. In all my years in dealing with Corporate and professionals, Women were never discussed in anything but a respectful manner. They are most competent as executives… a natural intuitive attribute.
            They have not achieved more executive positions because of their womanly, family obligations, Which are first important. Many wealthier or well motivated women are able to balance and have great careers, ….Certainly in Health Care Women are excellent. No man should make decisions for women’s health issues. PERIOD. Men / Women should have their hormone therapy or contraceptives as needed. Contraceptives just appears as such a trivial, silly, topic in this day and age. Abortions are used often times as a fall back position for not using contraceptives in the first place….this can be a dangerous decision.

          15. jnap December 6, 2013

            Sorry if I misunderstood you but it is well beyond time for women to be respected for what they are: equal parts of humanity with a slight edge since without them none of us would exists. Yes. without men women can not reproduce but only women bare the child and have the means to feed them afterwards.

          16. InsideEye December 6, 2013

            Trying to point out the absurdity of this article and the topic with more absurdity. Most men and women certainly enjoy each others company. There is always is a focus on the unusual…even that is distorted .Thanks for reply.

          17. InsideEye December 5, 2013

            Sandra Fluke was a major in Feminism, and Sexuality at Cornell. Where we’re these majors when I was going to school. I had to learn it all on my own. No wonder she wants to have all of those contraceptives, her uterus must be sore….not bad for a one bagger. She went to Georgetown, a Catholic school…guess she wanted to be known ” Catholic Girls” are the best. …and they were , at least when I was going to school. ” No one wants anyone to govern your reproductive decisions” …seems like Sandra Fluke is expecting many /everyone to govern her reproductive ass ettes….. What a bunny she must be. Amen to her shucking / did mean shucking….Feminism. Great Decision, Sandra. Welcome back . Can you get a graduate degree in Sexuality. What kind of new experiments does one have to cum up with….do you have a dissertation and and a committee and stuff? Ooooops. Wrong person , sorry InFad.

          18. Barbara Morgan December 5, 2013

            Ignore him, he thinks he is right even when he is wrong and that he is knows more than everyone one else and even when proven wrong keeps posting the same lies and trash.He fits to the slot as must go and Lana Wood, the ignore slot.

          19. ichupichu December 5, 2013

            Hey, I’m more than happy to dog this troll. infantnotsodelicious is not worth wasting any time on. He will not understand anything you have to say because he is trolling and just trying to incite. Responding to him just gives him the attention he so sadly needs to feel validated.

          20. infadelicious December 6, 2013

            I love when you guys comment on how you are not going to comment on my comments……..hahahaha! dance puppets dance!!!!!!!

          21. mikem42 December 5, 2013

            Mah, don’t waste your time with this unit. He is a plant, making minimum wage to put his tripe on these pages. He has no position, no core values, and no friends. He is minimum wage pawn. Pay him no mind. Or her. Whatever.

          22. mah101 December 5, 2013

            Well, I guess everyone needs to earn a living, who am I to judge. Besides, I kind of got sucked in…

          23. mikem42 December 5, 2013

            I know, he/she does that with the ludicrous things he/she posts.

          24. ichupichu December 5, 2013

            I’m not baffled, he’s a troll.

          25. tax payer December 5, 2013

            You tell him because you were here first and you need to be respected. Is that O.J.?

          26. infadelicious December 5, 2013

            OJ? hahahaha……….. if the tingle down your leg fits…..you must acquit………….

          27. ichupichu December 5, 2013

            Whew! I was worried there. I wouldn’t know what to do with a vapid friend like you.

          28. infadelicious December 5, 2013

            I am sorry you have confused me with someone who wants to listen to stupidity. If your “clever” comment is any indication of your intelligence , it would be cruel of me to continue talking to you, but feel free to mumble incoherently to yourself. Have some koolaid and Have a good nite. Shalom

          29. ichupichu December 6, 2013

            Listen to it? You embody it.

          30. infadelicious December 6, 2013

            Shalom. Merry Christmas. 😉

          31. Geoffrey Harris December 6, 2013

            You are just a rotten nasty creep.

          32. infadelicious December 6, 2013

            Good argument……name calling. I suppose that’s all you have. sad little man with a half mullet……

          33. Geoffrey Harris December 6, 2013

            Evolution will put an end to degenerative albino regressives such as you. It has already started.

          34. infadelicious December 6, 2013

            What has already started is the implosion of your messiah’s administration. I am surprised it has taken this long. You blindly bleat out insults to deflect from the epic failure that this president is. So sad, we had to elect the community organizer, vote present senator to see what was in it. Well we see what’s in obama, a big inept bag of stupid. You bend over and worship him as he bends over for terrorists, being the good little useful idiots you are.The Obamacare is hittin’ the fan as you type your little replies which consist of insults because when it comes to defending the policies of this admin, you liberals have nothing. Insulting me does nothing, your words mean nothing to me. Why don’t you just yell out SQUIRREL!!!!! Better dust off Alinsky’s “Rules for Radical Dullards”. We have a president who was a vote present senator, then a community organizer, and hey! Geoffrey Harris, when I think of well organized communities and their great leaders, I always think of Chicago..don’t you? Shalom and Merry Christmas Geoffrey

          35. Yvette White December 6, 2013

            Oh and you forgot to say that this Community organizer beat the fuck out of your boys not once but TWO time Count them 1 2 and you packerwoods just can not get over the fact that this Black man beat your ass, Y’all are a bunch of cry babies and sore losers, call him what you assholes want to but he is the President and who the fuck are you.

          36. infadelicious December 6, 2013

            yvette, I am a person who knows enough words that I ain’t need no vulgar fbombs. to make a point……but I did not know what ‘packerwoods ” was. Thanks, I will use it as needed. Funny word that! As for your pulling the race card, where have you been the last 5 years? It is played out. You have thrown that card so much it is in tatters and the word “racist” has been blunted by its overuse. It does not silence those you disagree with any more. It’s a free country and an open forum where we can agree to disagree. Are you sure you are not Fern Woodcock”? You can swear and label me whatever you like. I dislike the actions of this president. The fact that that I feel he is inept, incompetent and in over his head has nothing to do with the fact that he is half black. I could care less. I could puke when someone says we need the first black, white-hispanic, female, chinese , transexual -(pick one of your special interest groups to be pandered to for votes) president. What we need is a strong leader who loves America and will protect it and listen to its citizens . I will vote content of character and past proof of leadership and accomplishments over skin colour or ethnicity and I sure as hell will not vote for someone because of the sex organs they have in their pants or skirt.

      2. howa4x December 5, 2013

        True Rush was able to keep dependent and submissive women in the GOP fold. The kind they like. Thinking women the ones that the GOP hates left the GOP. If insurance pays for vasectomies for men which it does, then why in fairness won’t it pay for contraception’s for women? Only republicans want to treat women differently

        1. infadelicious December 5, 2013

          howa4x: are you taking reading lessons from mah101? you totally are confused and have twisted my comment . ‘why not get Julia to explain it to you. Just make sure she doesn’t get punished with a baby……

          1. Michael Rocker December 5, 2013

            See you are the typical GOP/Tea bagger. You say you are pro life and anti abortion or birth control. You are ok with a woman getting pregnant up till the time it is born then the baby has to fend for itself when it pops out. Typical pro lifer who is anti abortion but pro death penalty just like your lying hero GW Bush. Go look it up. While he was the governor of Texas he was responsible for more executions that any governor in US history and he was a pro lifer.

          2. infadelicious December 5, 2013

            duh! poor comprehension skills are epidemic here. take the tea bag off your eyes and show me where i said any of that. I am waiting……………..

          3. Michael Rocker December 5, 2013

            You sure do have poor comprehension skills. You may not have said that in so many words but you said it just the same. It’s like you live in a glass house and everyone can see what you are doing but the only one who can’t see it is you. Back to you imby.

          4. infadelicious December 5, 2013

            Sorry, puddin pop, i saw you whining on the other site about being called names for no reason on a conservative site. ‘funny how you came outta nowhere at me with guns ablazin telling me what my words “really mean” and calling me a tea bagger, which btw is not really clever…(eyeroll) You don’t get to tell me what I mean and I won’t tell you what you mean, because I don’t care what someone like you thinks or says Your words are crap, meaningless, vapid blather. You whine elsewhere about being called names, boo hoo! and then you name call. You got a big old bag of nothing. Take it iyby and bury it under your obozo koolaid still…………

          5. ichupichu December 5, 2013

            “Your words are crap, meaningless, vapid blather.” It’s pretty amazing that an ignorant fop like you can so accurately assess yourself. I’m truly impressed.

          6. Michael Rocker December 5, 2013

            LOL said so well. He has to resort to showing what a low life or no life low information mouth breather that he is. He talks about some imaginary girl named Julia who is in debt at 3 years old whe she would have been behind the 8 ball the second she popped out of the womb. As i said before the GOP/Tea bagger will support a baby up till birth then he or she is on their own. The GOP/TB want to cut off food stamps. They claim that there are 47 Million people on them since Obama took office. What people like them don’t seem to understand is that all started while Bush was driving this country in to bankruptcy. Trillions spent send out troops to Iraq and Afghanistan based on the word of a liar.when I bring up the fact that over 5000 Americans were killed in Iraq this was before Obama took office. We had no business being there. Bush and his good old boys had no interest in going after Osama their main interest was trying to invade Iraq for oil and it backfired. Bush had almost 7 years to get Osama but he really had not interest in getting him He wanted Saddam because of a blown assassination attempt on his father. It took the Obama administration to get Osama and when he was killed the GOP refused to give credit where it was due. i wonder what smart ass reply he will come up with next. LOL

          7. ichupichu December 6, 2013

            Yeah, I’ve declared war on these nutjobs. Their statements are not based in reality. They don’t have any facts to support their claims so they attack anyone who challenges their “genius”. Their mantra is don’t debate, obfuscate.

          8. Michael Rocker December 6, 2013

            You got that right. I was so glad that people saw through Mittens BS in the election. He was going to kill the ACa which is funny because it’s almost identical to his health care bill that passed in Massachusetts when he was governor. The GOP supported him with it but when Obama got it in to law they have tried to repeal it 42 times wasting time and money.

          9. ichupichu December 6, 2013

            Not to mention how many times they have ties legislation to repealing the law. They just don’t get it. And now with hospitals closing in red states because they refuse to sign up there are going to be a lot of unhappy voters out there.

      3. omgamike December 6, 2013

        Taxpayers paying (through insurance) for contraception, is a lot cheaper than when that girl/woman has to have an unwanted child. And I’m sure that coverage would also be available for men to get condoms, which is also a good idea. Too many stiff dic*s in the world already.

        1. infadelicious December 6, 2013

          I get told to shut up when i mention women and men making a “choice” before sex to use birth control as we do know it can cause unwanted pregnancies. Of course no method is perfect and crap happens, but I don’t believe in abortion as “birth control” and most abortions are not performed because of failed birth control or possible harm to the mother if carried to term. Unfortunately, being the ones who get pregnant, women have to take responsibility for birth control.To that I was told that they do so by having abortions because the men in their life at the time or on that night took no responsibility for it. I would say they have to make better choices in “sperm donors” which are the exact two words the woman on this very website used to describe her sex partners. nice! I think it’s not a matter of cost, it’s a matter of personal responsibility.

          1. jnap December 7, 2013

            I’ll bet your mother made a choice to use birth control but it failed and here you are. It is a shame that your father didn’t want anything to do with you and said that is was your mothers responsibility to use birth control pills if she didn’t want to get pregnant. Well even pills fail some times and asshol^s are born like you. Sorry that your father wouldn’t claim you.

    2. Leftout December 5, 2013

      Rush is purging all Tea….oooops.. Two baggers….to the “NOW”, feminists movement along with Sandra Fluke , and others that demand 3k worth of contraceptives to be covered by ACA. If I needed that much contraceptives, I would never get to work….god bless them . Seems though…personal observations…..that most feminists , Two Burka types, do not seem that they will ever have to worry about getting pregnant. Just sayin.!

      1. infadelicious December 5, 2013

        two baggers? hahahahaahaha………will that be paper or plastic?

        1. Leftout December 5, 2013

          We only had paper when I was horney, safer , for oxygen diffusion, If one passed out unexpectedly, happened to many of my beneficiaries…I was awesome.

          1. infadelicious December 5, 2013

            i’ll bet you were………..;-)

        2. Leftout December 5, 2013

          This article is soooo slanted……journalism 401. The Pope never GAVE Obama an orgasm …the Media was again in the gutter again….Rush only assumed that Obama would have an orgasm if he thought that the Pope agreed with Obama. A Chris Matthews moment….if you will. It’s like having someone agree to have sex with me, I would have a pre coital mental emission from the shock of it all..I am ugly myself..
          …..do not even have large ears to hold onto like Obama . What a lucky bloke that Obama is, to have such ardor ever ready bunny and handles to Boot. May Allah grant him much.

          1. infadelicious December 5, 2013

            Allah gave him the first wookie, allah screwed him over big time.. oh well, there’s always the 72 virgins that await…….hairless, except for eyebrows…………..

          2. Geoffrey Harris December 5, 2013

            You are an ignorant fool. Obama is not muslim.

          3. infadelicious December 6, 2013

            more evidence of your poor reading and comprehension skills Obama is not Catholic either, but I will say “God bless him”. And I am pretty damned certain he is not Jewish but I still say Shalom to him as well.Try to get it through your half mulletted skull, it’s a free country and an open forum, if it’s all too much for you to differentiate a serious comment from satire and/or mockery, grab another frosted pop tart, chew it into the shape of a sheep, and log onto miley cyrus’s or justin beiber’s fan club website, you’ll have an easier time. Try reading an entire thread instead of just one or two posts here or there.

          4. Allan Richardson December 6, 2013

            That imagery is still offensive, however. Analogous to saying that a right wing commentator like Rushbo would “give a redneck af crystal meth high.”

          5. Leftout December 8, 2013

            Your comment is considered humorous, I was mocking the distortion of the Article by the writer as well as the situation being mischaracterized by the press. Rush is easy to jump on, but his remarks were accurate in that most Catholics would think the remarks but the Pope are hypocritical considering he derives all of his income from profiteering Church goers. there is nothing wrong with making maoney, it is the use of it that is of importance, most wealthy Catholics are more than generous and do not worship money for its own sake, they use it for good.

          6. Allan Richardson December 8, 2013

            The latest polls show that about 70 percent of Americans agree with this Pope and the liberals, and disagree with Rush and his friends, on the issue of raising the minimum wage to $15 (at least). And even about 62 percent of registered Republicans agree. I have not seen polling about Catholics yet, but it is unlikely that the majority of Catholics are MORE conservative than the majority of Republicans.

            Certainly, many wealthy Catholics and non-Catholics give large amounts to charities (but not as high a percentage of their income as many lower and middle income working people who give even when it is a hardship). Yet, whether they realize it or not, and surely the most intelligent DO realize it, the methods that are commonly used to generate and manage massive incomes in America today have a side effect of putting poor and even middle income workers at a disadvantage, regardless of their skill and work ethic. Thus, while one such well meaning person may give a million dollars a year to HELP the poor, their business activities remove SEVERAL TIMES that amount from the pockets of the working poor. This is what the Pope is pointing out: our obliviousness to the welfare of other human beings, which is justified by the Puritan myth that ALL virtuous people will be blessed with wealth, while ALL poor people are poor ONLY because it is their own fault.

            As for Church profiteering, that has been going on for centuries, but recent Popes have been working on correcting that. In order to put on the public show of dignity that a WORLDWIDE church requires, just as our President needs the White House infrastructure to be kept safe and to do his necessary work to exercise his powers, so does any Pope. No American would want the President to walk everywhere, dress in pauper’s clothing, and eat at fast food restaurants. Likewise, the Pope, like other spiritual and political leaders (he is the head of state of the Vatican also), has to do his job dressed in the expected “uniform” along with associates in their corresponding “uniforms,” in an impressive physical environment, with church-provided security to maintain order in the crowds that surround him and protect him from attack. One difference between Francis and his immediate predecessors (as far as we know) it that Francis has been “caught” leaving the papal residence at night in disguise to help the poor himself, so he obviously does not seem to consider himself a “prince” of the Church, but the “servant of the servants of God.”

      2. Allan Richardson December 6, 2013

        Like Rush, you are making three ridiculous assumptions: that medical care for women is nothing BUT contraceptives (it includes screenings for cancer and other diseases, because hormones are not prescribed for birth control without regular screenings); that contraceptives are ONLY for sexually active women (hormonal birth control pills are also prescribed for gynecological diseases that are often found in celibate women, including virgins and nuns); and that the AMOUNT of contraception care needed is proportional to how much sex a woman has (a woman has to be on birth control pills for one or two months BEFORE having sex without other protection, and missing ONE daily pill in a month can cause pregnancy in a woman who has sex only ONCE in that month, whether on the same day or not). The third assumption may be caused by the fact that MEN who use condoms consume a condom with each sex act, and ignorant men assume the same is true of women on birth control pills, possibly because they are not married, engaged, or in a monogamous relationship with an actual woman.

        1. Leftout December 7, 2013

          Thanks for the review on Contraceptive theory. A woman I knew figured out that by taking a certain combination she can induce menstruation…this may be the theory of the morning after pill, in that contraception can not occur. I was glad she was so astute.
          Most women have personal screenings coverage from their regular insurance and for hormone therapy, mamograms as needed . These can be coded for proper coverage by the physician. Men or women can not assume anything when it comes to contraception practices. Certainly a woman would know if a man was not using a condom. the reverse is not so certain..but that is where some personal responsibility/awareness comes in. These non contraceptive reasons/conditions are relatively rare and are easily taken care of by a physicians script for optimum coverage. There has ben a recent rulings bby insurance companies to limit Screens ..PSA, Mamograms etc to
          once a year…or what ever. Tis is a Physicians decision and not an insurance company or government health care system.

    3. Geoffrey Harris December 5, 2013

      Latinos will support the Pope over capitalist corporations and the white devils who run them who render their lives a living hell for the most part.

    4. Yvette White December 6, 2013

      You know I never though of it like that before howa4x but a Dame good point, and with the Shutdown they will never see the Whitehouse, oh and they are going to try end shutdown the government aging come January I pray that they do because this will kill their party once and for all, the shutdown and Rush how can they not lose with the Bullshit they Use

  7. ObozoMustGo December 5, 2013

    Here is the best explanation of you leftist freaks that I read in a long time. Read this and you will see yourselves. Perhaps one of you will shake the bonds of your leftist freak mind disease. One can only hope.

    Wednesday, December 04, 2013

    The Liberal God Dies Again

    Posted byDaniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog

    The god of liberalism is an idea and ideas are notoriously fragile things. They fall apart once they make the transition from the ivory tower of the mind to the mud and dross of reality. Every writer and artist has had the experience of holding a perfect ideal in his mind only to lose it as he struggles to set it down on canvas or paper. The creative process is that recognition that the ideal cannot be made real.

    Liberalism, progressivism and the various names by which the modern left identifies and is identified is the belief that the ideal can and must be made real. That anything short of the ideal is a savage state of repression, tyranny, patriarchy, fascism and the whole litany of crimes against ideal humanity.

    The liberal god rises as an idea and dies again. And rises again. No matter how many times the whole thing ends in blood and bankruptcy, the worshipers return to worship the coming of the god again.

    “People in every corner of the globe who saw in him a hope for the future and a chance for mankind. We weep for our children and their children and everyone’s children: For he was charting their destinies as he was charting ours,” Art Buchwald wrote in the International Herald-Tribune after the assassination of JFK.

    In Buchwald’s crude Stalinist panegyric, JFK was a deity who charted the destinies of the whole world. “He cared about all of us,” he writes. No sparrow could fall but that JFK would see it. JFK would help the “Negro”, the “working man”, “the artist, the writer and the poet”, “teachers and pupils” and even “old people”.

    But John F. Kennedy the man with flaws and strengths is not present in the North Korean scale orgy of leader worship because it isn’t really him that Buchwald is mourning. It isn’t Kennedy the man that liberals weep for every year. It is liberalism.

    Camelot is liberalism. The death of Kennedy was the death of the idea. Liberalism didn’t die, but its best avatar did. The ideal became the real with a magic bullet. The man who was supposed to chart the destiny of the world couldn’t save himself from a “single lousy Communist” who killed the hope that he was supposed to represent.

    The god of liberalism vests in an avatar like Kennedy or Obama. The avatar is messianic. It is superhuman. Its empathy is unlimited. Its liberal godhood elevates us all by merely being in its presence, hearing it speak or reading one of its speeches. It is the idea made flesh. The secular god.

    But the god of the left must die. It is a mad illusion to think that any man can chart the destinies of the world. Buchwald put far too great a burden on JFK. Had a lousy Communist not killed him, then, like Obama, he would have lived to disappoint and infuriate his followers.

    The Russians went mad when Stalin died. The North Korean weeping was equally insecure. When you believe that your destiny is charted by a man who is the only hope for your future; what can you do but weep, not for him, but as Buchwald writes, “We weep for the millions of people who are weeping for him.”

    The ideas of the left always fail because the avatars and muses always fail. The ideas that seem so bright in theory fail when confronted with the actual task of charting human lives and the unpleasant reality that the Negro, the working man, the old people and the students may not want the same things that the idealists want for them.

    For a golden moment, the avatar of liberalism makes it seem as if all things are possible, he weaves an enchanting spell of transcendence that promises that paradoxes can be reconciled and that people will set aside their “selfish” needs and interests. They will stop thinking of themselves and start thinking of what they can do for their country. They will become the change they were waiting for.

    The progressive ideal is that all men and women will become avatars of the liberal god in the same way that what we think of as Communism was only meant as a temporary system of rule that would give way to the true Communism in which there would be no more need for rulers and secret police because each man would be a true Communist with no need for external pressure and coercion.

    Instead of this golden age, the tyranny of the avatar grows, coercion increases, protests spread and the project decays into a totalitarian state or is overthrown. The golden age never arrives. The ideal is slain by the real. And the true believers go into mourning for what might have been.

    The tyranny of the ideal is the most brutal of all tyrannies for men and women are not ideal; they are real. Its plans are bound to fail and yet it has such a passionate grip on the minds of its believers that it is bound to rise again and again.

    And so this cycle of the liberal god who dies and rises again, dies and rises, keeps repeating. As long as the tyranny of the ideal remains a rallying cry, as long as men and women choose to believe that a better world can be created through central planning, forcible redistribution and mass reeducation then the cycle will continue. No matter how often the liberal god dies, he will rise again.

    The secular god of the progressive ideal has become an entity of life, death and rebirth. Its failures only incite its followers to believe that it will come again. It does not matter how many gulags and mass graves lie in its wake. It is a matter of faith. And in a secular world, there is nothing left to believe in except a better world.

    Obama is dying now. ObamaCare, his great work, has failed. Like Ra and all the others, he will pass into the darkness and the ideas will reemerge again in a new avatar. Perhaps it will be Elizabeth Warren. Or someone else. And it will not be remembered that health care nationalization does not work. Like Communism, it will only be another experiment that was carried out incorrectly.

    Men are flesh and blood. They are born and they die. But ideas appear to transcend them. That is what attracts men to ideas. Even the worst of them carry the taste of immortality on their lips.

    “Alone–free–the human being is always defeated. It must be so, because every human being is doomed to die, which is the greatest of all failures. But if he can make complete, utter submission, if he can escape from his identity, if he can merge himself in the Party so that he IS the Party, then he is all-powerful and immortal,” O’Brien declares in Orwell’s 1984.

    And so the messiahs come offering transcendence through submission to the Party. But they die and they fail, and the Party, that ugly confused creature with a million mindless heads, a trillion talking points, and no soul, looks around for a new avatar to embody its secular religion.

    A man who will call for the submission of the world so that the world may become the Party and the Party may become the world.

    “‘We are the priests of power, god is power,” Orwell tells Winston. This is the liberal priesthood of community organizers and activists, NGO chiefs and talking heads, senate aides and prattling pundits who wait for a god who will justify their power and their cruelty, who will convince them that their immortality within the body of the Party is within reach.

    And then he dies and they appoint another avatar to embody the progressive godhood and wait again for their community organizer god to be born anew.

    This liberal avatar will care for the Negro, the working man, the artist, the poet and writer, the teacher and the pupil, he will “save us from war”, “command” us and “chart the destinies” of the whole world. He will do what he was unable to do in any of his prior reincarnations– he will make the ideal into the real, he will make the impossible ideas of the left finally work.


    1. mah101 December 5, 2013

      Hmm, it is truly interesting that a post this long could be so utterly devoid of merit and reality.

      1. jnap December 7, 2013

        He got the information off of the internet and cut and pasted it.

        He dispenses despicable drafts of drivel concocted in his
        cauldron of crap to compensate for his completely incomprehensible
        incapability to compose a cohesive correlation.

        His poison postulates putrefy positive posts purposely to provide payment to
        his pathetic persona.

    2. nana4gj December 5, 2013

      You are delusional. “Leftists” have much evidence of lofty ideas being made real, since the time of FDR, through JFK, LBJ, and, now, Obama. They were never seen as “gods”, only men with ideas that could be applied for the ages to improve the lives of men, too numerous to mention, one being Space Exploration, that live on after they are gone, we call that “Legacies”. They are not “deities”, or “gods”; they are men who risked putting ideas into action, meaningful action, everyone of them as flawed as the next ordinary man, but with more courage than most.

      Obamacare is not failed. It will not be a failure unless, after January 1, 2014, the insurance policies people have purchased are not covering the health requirements of those people; the costs of healthcare coverage for everyone continue to rise; and other raw collected data results in objective measurements that can be analysed and the program evaluated in a scientific manner. It will not be a “failure” just because some may want it to be…based on their own “ideas”.

      Life in America is infinitely better since the days of FDR, JFK, LBJ, Obama, but I cannot think of one Republican President who has left any lasting legacy that has improved the lives of mankind. I am open to reminders.

      1. mah101 December 5, 2013

        Well, I hate to bring it up, but Nixon and National Environmental Policy Act…

        Kind of sad, when the best GOP example is the guy who resigned in disgrace… (don’t even get me started on St. Ronnie…)

  8. nana4gj December 5, 2013

    This person is an ignoramus and, like many Right Wingnuts, just use hyperbole and incendiary remarks to prop up faulty thought processes and beliefs.

    This Pope is doing something long needed, returning Christianity to what it was and has always been before politicians began using it as a prop. Yet, it is not just Christianity that he purifies, what he teaches is what every great religion of the world teaches.

    Palin can call the Pope ” a liberal “; Rush can call him ” a Marxist “, so, I suppose they believe Jesus, Himself, to be a “left wing liberal and a Marxist”, deserving of “impeachment”.

    I happen to agree with Pope Francis, that when there is huge discrepancy in ability for some to be protected from the ills of life on earth, all of us are required to step up to the plate, to do for the least of us and, if it requires social policies in a system of government, so be it, because we all live within the social system of government. We have traveled to countries where we see sick, homeless, poor children and adults on the streets begging. Who wants to see that here, in, allegedly, the most advanced country of the world? In a country where we are reminded daily founded on Christian-Judeo principles?

    And, yes, JDavidS, this guy DOES have some very real issues with sex. Since not one Republican has ever refuted anything he has to say, I can only assume they agree with him, revere him, and, in so doing, have discredited themselves with me a long time ago.

  9. Kris Hanson December 5, 2013

    Hey, Rush. Have you actually read anything about inequality? Because the Pope is right.

  10. Lovefacts December 5, 2013

    Why are people surprised by anything Rush says? His only interests are: great ratings; being talked about by mainstream media; earning ever more money; believing his own press because of how mainstream media treats anything he says. I wish everyone would ignore what this moron says, but when his comments are repeated, it would be wise if the press or commentators also stated the facts not just Rush’s rants.

    1. Michael Rocker December 5, 2013

      Unlike people like Howard Stern who is a true broadcaster and tells it like it is, Rush is a true SHOCK JOCK. Most of what spews out of his mouth isn’t true and it’s always shocking.

  11. John Hamilton December 5, 2013

    Come-on folks. Let’s quit talking about this bloated, self-centered, misleading, lying, moronic bastard. For anyone with a rational thought, Limbaugh is a laughing stock. Does anyone remember “Spiedy?” Thought so. They were an obnoxious couple that the public and media grew weary of hearing about. How was it resolved? Everyone just quit talking about them! Let’s do the same with Rush. We could also send letters to sponsors of his comedy hour and tell them we will no longer buy their products as long as they support his lunacy!!!
    I have to admit it tickles me that he always brings his topics back to sex. Lets see…he’s been married 4 times and unable to produce any offsprings. Sounds like there are some bones in his closet! It always those most guilty that scream injustice the loudest!

    1. infadelicious December 5, 2013

      ” Come-on folks. Let’s quit talking about this bloated, self-centered, misleading, lying, moronic bastard.” I never noticed that obozo was bloated?

      1. Budjob December 7, 2013

        Infantilemalicious,In one of your recent replies to me,Bumjob?>you can’t do better than that??!!Man,I could outslam you ten ways to Sunday without breaking a sweat.You were also dismayed by my use of the word FUCK.DSo you know what it stands for?It is an acronym that was used during the Puritan era.It stands for “for uncarnal knowledge”shithead.As far as my using it,the habit was picked up during my service career.You know,the military.Yeah baby,while I was in the service using the fuck word,I was simultaneously defending your right to hate black people or any other individual that isn’t caucasian.Your problem is maybe you should get out more,like going to a party.You could probably warm up to alot of people,if you were cremated with them!Have a nice day fuckface!

        1. infadelicious December 7, 2013

          Thank you for your service bumjob. I have going bring int the service usually makes a man or woman a better human being. Sorry it did not happen for you. So much hate and bigotry. As for the fbomb being used in the service if you haven’t noticed. You aren’t in the service now are you? Sorry you have no argument and have to resort to vulgar language and race card pulling which us lame. Merry Christmas ;-). Feel better soon

          1. Budjob December 8, 2013

            Infant,In the intelligence department you probably started out with nothing,and have most of it left! Hillary 2016!! By the way,an African/American is President of the United States of America.His name is President Obama.I know you noticed that,most racists would.

          2. infadelicious December 8, 2013

            Bumjob sorry you have so much anger. Shalom. You can try to deflect from your stupidity but try to know what words mean before you use them. Obozo has 3 more yrs to muck things up his admin is imploding because the only people more idiotic than his admin are the sheep like you who voted for him twice. Duh! So I know yours is just misdirected anger Get over it. As for racist, look in mirror bumjob! You don’t even know what Caucasian means. All you are doing is deflecting from the truth that is the failure of your false prophet by chanting racist blah blAh racist. You have blunted the sting of that word by using it too much. No one will be silenced by you bigoted obozo chanters . We laugh at you knowing you will jump over the cliff bleating his name. They obviously didn’t teach you english in the service or any other coping skills so it would be cruel for me to even reply to you anymore Consider this a pity reply. Have a Merry Christmas. :-). MLK said you cannot get light using darkness or love by using hate. I prefer to ignore your darkness and hate

          3. Budjob December 8, 2013

            Hey stupid,According to some of your texts it is evident that you were not in the military.I don’t know what the circumstances are and why you didn’t serve.Maybe you just didn’t have the time for our country or,it was a physical disability.On the other hand,it would appear that you were quite possibility denied entry because of a mental disability.By the way,from the book of Bud,first chapter,second verse,”Go ye forth and multiply with thyself” MERRY CHRISTMAS HO HO HO!!

          4. infadelicious December 8, 2013

            Good for you bumjob Keep fighting for mental health. Merry Christmas Shalom Bumjob

          5. Budjob December 9, 2013

            Hey fuckface,One of your posts indicated you weren’t going to respond to me again.But,you did.I’m disappointed with your decision making along this line.Maybe,if I throw a stick you’ll leave!

          6. infadelicious December 9, 2013

            Good Morning BUMJOB: America is exceptional and a free country despite the leftist chunks of lice known as liberals. . I can reply to whoever I want when I want. Sometimes you just need some truth shoved in your snout…..I am happy to give you that truth. .You served the country, thank you for that. Too bad you are noiw aiding in its demise by being an obozo koolaid drinking sheep. Have a great day, it may be the day you “see the light” and stop following the other lemmings over the cliff, it may be the day you realize obozo has lied to you over and over. Merry Christmas BUMJOB Shalom Aleichem, Blessings to you and your family at this wonderful time of the year. God Bless America. 😉

          7. Budjob December 9, 2013

            Greetings and salutations beagle breath,the picture that you attached sums up everything I suspected about you.The only article of clothing that is missing is a hood and white sheet.Do you fly the stars and bars also? Or maybe,you target practice at a black man holding a watermelon.I’ trying ti imagine you with a personality,however,that would be impossible,as you have to have a soul first.Why don’t you try going down to the ghetto wearing a shirt like that,and then let me know what happens.Most of your kind are pure,unaduterated cowards.Meanwhile I’trying to determine which dwarf you are!Merry Christmas,racist pig!

  12. Keith Mcbee December 5, 2013

    Just when you think that he reaches the bottom of hes stupid barrel he seem to come up with even more stupid.

  13. Dave December 6, 2013

    I love America, but when this blowhard has millions of followers I feel really sad that I have to share such a great country with such great asswipes.

    1. infadelicious December 8, 2013

      I know! How did that blowhard president obozo get all those followers?

      1. Dave December 8, 2013

        Obama got people to vote for him because he was positive, likeable and not arrogant. Republicans are either too pompous or self-righteous to get elected. People don’t vote for Republicans because they are not likeable people.

  14. George D December 6, 2013

    Why wait to comment on what the known drug addict and sexual deviant(witnessed by hush clauses in all of his divorces) let us just label him the misanthrope and deviant that he and the Tealiban he adores are.

    1. Leftout December 8, 2013

      Leave Reggie Love or Obama out of this. You are bringing up teabaggin , it is a family forum

      1. infadelicious December 8, 2013

        Family? Like the Manson family? Or the Kennedy family? Hahahaha….

  15. jnap December 6, 2013

    How would Limbaugh know anything about orgasm, unless he used his own means to achieve one. I doubt any woman or man would want to have an engagement with him.

  16. Defend Liberty December 7, 2013

    Those who are truly compassionate need not tell lies: http://youtu.be/DXqKp5B0ZLE?t=1s

  17. Defend Liberty December 7, 2013

    Since liberty cannot survive if the vast majority of people do not understand its benefits, it is critical that liberty’s eternal and immutable principles be as widely disseminated as possible.

  18. Robert Parker December 7, 2013

    …the more advertisers they lose– the more bizzare the ‘entertainment’.

  19. John La Frieda January 6, 2014

    After reading all of this crap from you folks that are experiencing that terrible brain disease called liberalism, I just have have nine little letters to show you. Think of this as a kind of a “test”. You tell me what you think (if you still can think) they mean, k? Here they are…. L.M.A.O.R.O.T.F.F. Now, I placed them here for you to look over, do this carefully, think real hard! I even placed periods after each one, so you wont wonder off track and think that any part of this may be a word on it’s own. When you get done, and if you have done well, then you will know JUST how people WITH brains that have not been tarnished by the crap you hear from the left HONESTLY think about YOU people that ARE on the left.
    And I DO hope you ALL had a Very Merry Christmas!
    End Of Line.


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