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What If Every Voter Denied Medicaid Expansion By Republicans Voted Democratic?

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What If Every Voter Denied Medicaid Expansion By Republicans Voted Democratic?


A new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that 4.8 million Americans will be denied health insurance because Republican governors and legislatures have refused to expand Medicaid as part of the Affordable Care Act.

Another study, called Health Care for America Now (HCAN), was released last week and found that 4,831,590 people were being denied Medicaid in red states, nearly duplicating Kaiser’s result. HCAN went a step further and estimated that the result of not expanding insurance to these eligible residents would result in the loss of 27,000 lives in 2014, while denying the states $42.6 billion a year in economic activity.

Most of these people who earn too much for Medicaid and too little to purchase insurance in the health care exchanges — 79 percent — live in southern states.

Medicaid expansion

Those being denied coverage are mostly people of color, though 2.2 million poor white people are among those who currently earn just a bit too much to qualify for Medicaid and won’t be able to take advantage of expansion.

Medicaid expansion, ethnicity


  1. Lynda Groom December 17, 2013

    If they have any brain cells working that is exactly what they will do. Of course far too many of our fellow citizens continue to vote against their own self-interest. This will be something to watch come next November.

    1. gvette December 18, 2013

      Are there any demonrats, with brain cells?

      1. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh December 18, 2013

        Yes, and we know how to use them, unlike the Dittoheads.

        1. gvette December 18, 2013

          That’s a matter of opinion. Then again, you like your fraud leader.

      2. DAK27 December 18, 2013

        More than any Republican with brain cells. There’s only so much matter a human skull can hold and since Republicans have their heads half full of shit (half at a minimum… To be a TRUE Republican, it must be 75% and if you get to 90%, you can get elected!) So, you can see the farther right you are, the less brains you have.

        1. gvette December 18, 2013

          Funny. We didn’t vote for the liar. Only you did. Oh, that’s right,

          you enjoy watching the destruction of our country.

          1. DAK27 December 18, 2013

            Yep. Obama got elected with just one vote… mine. I can tell you are a Republican… (See my post above and you’ll understand how I know.)

          2. gvette December 18, 2013

            funny. Demonrats have very little gray matter. So, how would you be able to

          3. RobertCHastings December 21, 2013

            Unfortunately, gvette, statistics clearly demonstrate that you are wrong. The greater one’s achievement in education, the greater the likelihood that one will vote Democrat. While there are many Young Republicans in colleges and universities, the majority of college graduates this year, last, next year, will vote Democrat.

          4. DAK27 December 18, 2013

            That’s funny. I didn’t vote for Bush, but he was still my President. I didn’t vote for Bush but I still went to war because he said so (he lied, but still….) and now that Obama is in office it is constantly, 24/7 “I didn’t vote for him and….”

            If you hate this country so much, I hear Somalia is open for relocation. There they have the government you want. No one in charge, every man for themselves, dog-eat-dog, biggest on top free-for-all. A Republican’s wet dream.

          5. gvette December 18, 2013

            I don’t hate the country. I dislike the ass that’s destroying it.

            Then again, being a fan of redistribution, you like where we are headed. That’ll be be till it’s your money they take.

          6. DAK27 December 18, 2013

            I’d be willing to take your word for it, that you don’t hate the country, just the President, but I have yet to meet a Republican that isn’t a liar and a fraud so forgive me if I doubt you. You have nothing constructive to offer, no solutions, no new ideas but you sure are quick to point out all the failures, short falls, and are the first to point fingers and lay blame. But only at a person with a “D” after their name of course… An “R”? Forget it, all Republicans are honest, trustworthy and would never lie, right?

          7. gvette December 18, 2013

            I’m not fond of most of the republicans either. Especially the ones

            are helping Barry destroy our country. Like I said to you before, you

            the destruction.

          8. DAK27 December 18, 2013

            You have no idea what I like or do not like. I will clear some of it up for you.

            Do I like where the country is headed? No.
            Do I blame the President? Not 100% for 100% of the problems.
            Do I blame the GOP? Not 100% for 100% of the problems.
            Do I blame the Dems? Not 100% for 100% of the problems.

            Who do I blame MORE? The Congressional Republicans, the Republican State-houses & governors, the idiots who put Party ahead of Country, the idiots who can only point fingers and lay blame yet cannot (or will not) work for the common good of all if it means they have to sacrifice anything. The idiots who say one thing while doing another. The ones who were okay with a Republican doing it but if a Democrat does the EXACT SAME THING it is the end of the world.

            In short, I blame all the assholes who say “I’ve got mine, you can FO.”

          9. highpckts December 18, 2013


          10. gvette December 18, 2013

            You’re right about that. Government hasn’t been for us in a long

            Those that are there, enjoy how they live, and the fact that we pay for

          11. herro December 19, 2013

            I think you need to take this to the next level. Start making connections from the world banks to the corporations to members of congress, senate, and Obama’s cabinet to find the REAL root to the problem. After all, left vs right is both sides to the same coin.

          12. Justin Napolitano December 18, 2013

            Destroy the country? Please explain how the President is doing that?

          13. gvette December 18, 2013

            Bankrupting us. Stomping all over our constitution, and others.

          14. Justin Napolitano December 18, 2013

            The deficit is going down, is case you haven’t been paying attention. In fact the federal budget hasn’t hardly changes at all in 5 years. The reason for the borrowing is simply to pay the bills already run up. Would you suggest that the government stop paying its bills?
            What part of the constitution is he stomping on. Most Americans have to buy insurance: car, health, home owners, liability and (worker compensation if they have a business) so what are you talking about?

          15. gvette December 18, 2013

            are stupid, aren’t you. Car ins protects others. You don’t get the difference.
            Not a surprise. As for the constitution, he changes laws without going through
            congress, he’s still trying to take guns away. There’s more.

          16. tdm3624 December 18, 2013

            Maybe he can’t go through Congress because Congress is dysfunctional and can’t get anything done?

          17. gvette December 18, 2013

            Like it, ort not. It’s the law. he like to circumvent the law. Try to remember, the house passes bills, Harry won’t let most of them on the floor.

          18. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2013

            How many times did Nixon circumvent the law? Bush ’41 with IranContra Gate? Reagan with his cover up of the Iran hostage deal? Bush ’43 with his massive lies to get a war in Iraq no American taxpayer but you should now be paying for. Boehner is a weak kneed Speaker of the House. You can’t even name one single thing Boehner or his Bully GOP Tyrants have done except to impose mass hardship on the working class so lazy asses like you can sit in those trailer parks and yap on computers all day long.

          19. gvette December 19, 2013

            Funny, you blame Boehner. (Who I don’t like). Last I knew, after the house, it has to go to senate. From there it goes to the fairy.
            just to name one. Barry has made many changes to the ACA,
            without going through congress. There’s more. Oh that’s right, you wouldn’t know that as you only get filtered news from Soros.

          20. silas1898 December 18, 2013

            He doesn’t need to bother taking your guns away. He has drones.

          21. gvette December 18, 2013

            Funny you don’t like guns. They are part of the reason you’re still free.

          22. Allan Richardson December 18, 2013

            I have no problem with rational, ethical, law abiding citizens who are mentally competent, having guns. I have a problem with madmen or madwomen, as we have seen too often recently, having guns. And when people talk like you do, I am not sure which group you belong to. One symptom, but not the only one, is liking guns SO MUCH that you always want to get more and more (or giving your gun a name like “Sweetness” and caressing it while carrying on an imaginary conversation with it).

          23. gvette December 18, 2013

            Criminals will always have guns. As for the shootings there have been, they are all liberals. So, I guess in your way of thinking, liberals, and demonrats shouldn’t have guns! Problem solved.

          24. Simian74 December 19, 2013

            Again, more b.s. spewed from an uneducated idiot. The guy in Sandy Hook followed and read fascist documents (e.g., hitler). That’s on the conservative side of the spectrum. The killers from Columbine, same thing. The shooter at the movie theater in Colorado, same. Lee Harvey Oswald, same. Timothy McVeigh, the same. Sirhan Sirhan, same. Most of the psychopaths that reside in our jails today are ardent followers of fascist, ultra conservative doctrines. Start checking your facts.

          25. gvette December 19, 2013

            By dictionary meaning, you’re correct. Then again that has changed

            over the years. It means Dictatorial. Like Barry sees himself. As

            goes by, a lot of things change. Liberals have changed, also. At

            least from what they used to stand for. So back to your point.

            was a dictator, killed lots of people, on , and on. Nice try though.

          26. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2013

            Yes..guns will get into the wrong hands. How else can the Big 4 gun runner states flood the rest of the states and make a profit from gun running? MO, NC, GA and VA…that’s where you multi-billionaire gun CEOs live and where their manufacturing is done.

          27. infadelicious December 19, 2013

            so to sum up gvette, that is where obama and holder go when they want to implement sweet programs like “fast and furious”

          28. Simian74 December 19, 2013

            They’re also the reason 20 first graders and 6 of their teachers are dead. Good thing we make them available to anyone, right?

          29. gvette December 19, 2013

            Funny, the shooter was a liberal. You can look that up.
            The other thing to note, schools are gun free zones. Then again, that is now starting to change, thank God. Children in schools, have to be protected from demonrats with guns.

          30. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2013

            Funny you wrong again. Nancy Lanza was anything But a liberal. She was as conservative a gun nut as you are. Newtown is a Republican conservative district. Try again liar.

          31. gvette December 19, 2013

            Good God you are a moron. Adam killed, not his mother. get a grip.

          32. Paul Bass December 19, 2013

            The shooter was NOT liberal, he was autistic (asperger’s). Autism is a mental illness where the individual has a hard time relating to others, and has trouble with social issues and clues.

            I have an autistic son, there is NO way I would teach him to use guns, you’d be asking for trouble.

            Now I understand Nancy Lanza was teaching guns to her son in order to have some sort of relationship with him, (he was very difficult to get along with), but still, autistics DO NOT RELATE well to others. Autism + Guns, bad idea….

          33. infadelicious December 19, 2013

            quit clouding the issue with facts or they’ll have to change the subject by calling you names……..

          34. gvette December 19, 2013

            Usually she does.

          35. freetospeak December 20, 2013

            gvette, just a heads up, others have been banned in recent days for daring to disagree with the very people you are arguing with now. eleanore, dominic, independent1, justin nap, and a few others. ?They went whining to the moderators because their shouts of “racist” and “liar” did not silence a few people on here from telling the truth and/or mocking their messiah, now, those people are banned. iF you want to know who is telling the truth, look at who they TRY to silence. You are telling the truth on here and not backing down, therefore you will be next. They are already at the stage with you where they name call…….. only a matter of time. These are liberals who claim they are for free speech, yet are the first to try to shut it down…….

          36. gvette December 20, 2013

            Thank you for the heads up. If I get banned, it really wouldn’t

            Truth be known, I just come here to agitate these fools. Can you,

            or I ever change their minds? Not a chance. These people are blinded

            by lies. Then again, knowing what I know about the demonrat mind

            that’s how they live. (funny example of that is the french revaluation)

            I want to wish you, and yours a Merry Christmas!!

          37. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2013

            gvette…Bang! You just got shot in a drive by shooting…So tell us Sluggo…How FREE are you now?

            Bang! Your kids in their classroom are sprayed with gun fire at age 6 and 7…How FREE are they now? You are one sick woman lady…God help the country if you’re let out on the streets.

          38. gvette December 19, 2013

            I’m not sure who is using the brain on that site today, but ask them to borrow it. You talk like a fool. I chuckle here…if it was a drive by, it’s be a demonrat.

          39. Independent1 December 19, 2013

            Sorry gvette, but the notion that guns make someone safer is just a lie perpetrated by the NRA so the club can sucker in more victims.

            FACT IS: of 11,000 firearms related deaths each year, less than 3% of them are because someone managed to use a gun to protect themselves (less than 3% are justifiable shootings – that’s less than 330 our of 11,000). And most of these shootings occur in states with 40% or higher gun ownership. Which means that of the 11,000, who are killed by guns each year, it’s likely more than 5,000 of those killed owned a gun and somehow weren’t able to get to it before they were killed to protect themselves – or they in fact, used the gun they owned to kill someone else.

            Another Fact is, that when a gun is brought into a home, all that’s succeeded in doing is increasing the probability that someone in that home will be killed or injured by a gun – most likely by the gun brought into the home. The probability that a woman or child in the home will be shot by a gun would go up by 5 times – that’s right, a child or woman in a home with a gun has 5 times the probability of being injured or killed by the gun that’s owned by the home.

            That’s why many insurance companies are starting to include on their applications a question on whether whether or not someone in a home owns a gun. And you can be sure, if the answer is yes, the cost of the insurance is going to go up because of the added probability that a guest or someone who lives in that home will be killed or injured by the gun owned in the home. Insurance companies are not stupid, they’re going to charge for the added risk of having a gun in a home.

          40. gvette December 19, 2013

            I’d like you to read this. It proves just how wrong you are.

            If you don’t want a gun, don’t own one. I just hope that if anything ever happens, someone around you has one.

            Oh, one last thought. people see things as they are, not as as they are.


          41. Independent1 December 19, 2013

            You must be delirious!! You expect me to believe propaganda from a website called ” gunowners.org”- How dumb can you . get.

            You expect a website dedicated to people who own guns to tell you the truth about the dangers that owning a gun propose?? No wonder you’re so clueless!! That’s like asking a fox – “Say, how safe is my chicken coop??” Would you expect the fox to tell you: Hey, man you better put a better bolt on that door to keep me out????

            Come one gvette – you really can’t be that dumb????

          42. gvette December 19, 2013

            Why not? You believe ALL the lies out of Barry’s mouth, and all that George Soros tells you. You don’t like real numbers from the people that are honest, and tell the truth. Ahhh yes, the word truth. You might want to look that up.

          43. Independent1 December 19, 2013

            And more BS out of your mouth. Let’s hear these lies we’re supposed to be hearing!! Come on!! Spew them right out!

            Total BS is what that is!!

          44. gvette December 19, 2013

            let’s just use the latest one. You can keep your plan, followed by

            you can keep your doctor. You get the idea, then again maybe you
            Then maybe fast, and furious.

          45. Independent1 December 19, 2013

            Obama didn’t lie about anything. All existing policies are grandfathered in. Because insurance companies have not kept up their end of the bargain does not make Obama a liar.

            Sorry, that doesn’t qualify as an Obama lie. You have to come up with something better than that!!

          46. gvette December 19, 2013

            You can lie to yourself all you want. now watch the vid.

            You people are soooo gullible, it isn’t funny. that why he likes dummies.


          47. Independent1 December 19, 2013

            You just love these right-wing propagada outlets. No wonder you’re mind is so distorted.

            Matters not. ACA enrollments are booming!!


          48. gvette December 19, 2013

            Wrong link. sorry

            No, they aren’t booming. LOL..again, you get your lies from soros.


          49. Independent1 December 19, 2013

            gvette, is that why 11 of the 15 states with the highest rates of firearms related deaths are all red states?? And why all 5 of the most violent states in the country are governed by the GOP??

          50. gvette December 19, 2013

            It’s late, and that crap you spew, is, as always inaccurate.

          51. gvette December 19, 2013

            it’s late, and I’m not going to spend much time with you, as all that crap you spew, is inaccurate.
            I’ll offer one stat.
            The district of Columbia has the highest murder rate per 100,000, and it’s 21.8. Just goes to show, you demomrats like to kill each other.

          52. Independent1 December 19, 2013

            I know you’re not smart enough to realize that DC IS NOT a state which doesn’t change one bit what I stated – which is that 11 of the 15 STATES with the highest firearms death rates are RED STATES. Since DC isn’t a state it doesn’t factor into the discussion.

          53. gvette December 20, 2013

            of this is important, but I’ll play along for a bit. I understand DC isn’t a
            state. It was a funny point, to let you know, you demonrats will eat your own.
            You waste time on things that are not all that important. Ok, one last fact. Gun
            related deaths are down 49% since 1993. wait, I just ran on another funny one.
            In 2010 CA had more gun murders then any other state. 1257. Last I knew CA had
            tough gun laws, and is run by one of the dumbest demorat governors of all

          54. yes2freespeach December 20, 2013

            BANG! you just got shot in a drive by………… was it a car? or one of obama’s drones?……………………..

          55. infadelicious December 19, 2013

            yes, he loves killing innocents with drones………

          56. Allan Richardson December 18, 2013

            Health insurance protects others also. When an uninsured person shows up at the ER with a heart attack, stab wound, gunshot, in a car wreck, and runs up a bill that only a Koch brother COULD afford to pay without insurance, the charges for everyone else are raised to cover it. And for some conditions, saving that person’s life that ONE time is futile unless the person can get ONGOING care from a doctor, possibly prescription meds, possibly for life, and possibly one (or more) corrective surgeries, to restore full health, none of which will happen without insurance. And very few people who CAN afford health insurance and CAN get accepted under pre-Obamacare rules by insurance companies (the REAL DEATH PANELS, who kill you by not letting you get insured in the first place) voluntarily go without. So now, many people who were turned down before, even though they were healthy, will get insurance to INSURE their health. And with a bigger and more varied risk pool, costs will go down. Then, with more people getting preventive care such as regular checkups, and fewer uninsured people showing up at ERs, medical costs themselves will go down.

          57. gvette December 18, 2013

            nice. The trouble is, now there are more without. There will be even more next
            year without. Try checking sites other the Soros funded site. Now as for me, I
            don’t want the government that far in my life. You do. The difference being I
            like to have control of my life, where as you demorats NEED to be told what to
            do. By the way, who dresses you in the morning? Do you do that on your own, or
            do you call a government agency?

          58. Simian74 December 19, 2013

            I’m trying to parse through your b.s. and find out where you’ve actually listed a fact to back up your nonsensical rantings.
            According to what Koch Brother funded site or Murdoch funded site are you finding your sources? How about you check out the government websites to see the actual numbers of people who now have health insurance compared to prior to ACA being passed. You’ll find your “facts” are wrong.

          59. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2013

            gvette…Wrong Tootsie. The last report on how many including Florida’s hot shot GOP bull tyrant Congressman has the total NEWLY insured at 3 million. Time for you to clean the trailor instead of running your mouth. Or is it that your hummingbird brain overloads that cow butt mouth?

          60. gvette December 19, 2013

            Funny, i was looking for the facts on that. Not out there. Just the numbers that have lost their coverage. I understand you demonrats want Barry to look good, but that isn’t it.

          61. DennisRL December 18, 2013

            gvette, gvette, gvette. naughty, naughty. You come onto this website and say things that can only be attributed to a third grader. The people on here are making a mistake if they try to engage you in any kind of intelligent conversation because that’s just not possible. So I’m responding to you once again to say that you’re being penalized 15 yards for illegal use of mouth. You should be telling us what great things the right is doing for all of these people who are without healthcare insurance not bad mouthing the president or the democrats. That’s what this article is about isn’t it? So go ahead and give us the right wings plan for giving all of these people who are going to be without healthcare. Go ahead. We’ll wait. Take as long as you want. I’m sure you wouldn’t come on here and say how bad the President was if you didn’t have a better plan instead. Come on, don’t be shy. Lay it all out there. I’m sure you’ve heard about it on fox news. So go ahead. I’ll just sit back and whistle while I’m waiting. swesswwesss. (I don’t know how to write whistling sounds but that’s what I’m doing). WE’RE WAITING.

          62. gvette December 19, 2013

            Dennis you’ve got to be kidding! Barry care is a farce. His web site is a
            farce, (over 600 million worth)

            and Barry’s a farce. The nice thing is, it’s all about to catch up with
            him. I know, as the people on this site,

            get down on their knees and pray to him every night, that he’s the
            greatest. Remember, It’s Valerie

            Jarrett, and George Soros calling the shots.

          63. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2013

            gvette hates…Her Big Momma and Big Daddy taught her that like her grandparents taught her grandparents. Most sociopaths like this are mentally ill and need professional help. They won’t get it. In their feeble brained states mental illness among their populace is a requirement to keep their fat ass politicians in office.

          64. infadelicious December 19, 2013

            yes yes……….

          65. Justin Napolitano January 2, 2014

            Well the Affordable Care Act is the law and if it irritates you tough cookies. In fact I like the idea that it irritates you.

          66. gvette January 2, 2014

            it’ll irritate you this year, also. Then again being a welfare rat, maybe not.

          67. old_blu December 19, 2013

            Dennis I see you didn’t get an answer to your question. And I didn’t think you would.

          68. Simian74 December 19, 2013

            Holy shit, gvette,you’re the one without a freakin brain. If you can’t understand how the insurance mandate is identical to a car insurance mandate, then you’re hopeless. Even my 7 year old son understands it. Good god, you’re a dolt.
            Further, what laws has he “changed” without going through congress? Are you talking about the issuing of Executive Orders, which he is constitutionally authorized to do. But please note, executive orders are not “laws” they are rules that only impact executive branch departments. But it would take an educated individual to know and understand the difference.
            Lastly, with regard to guns, have you actually read the 2nd Amendment. I have. Oh and I’ve also written a law school thesis on it. So I’m pretty familiar with it. And what I know is this. The second amendment only applies to state militias. It was never intended to apply to individual citizens. However the twisted and warped right wing arm of the SCOTUS decided to impose it’s right wing ideology and completely rewrite the meaning of the second amendment. Nonetheless, President Obama has done nothing to attempt to repeal, infringe, or limit the newly conferred “individual” right to bear arms. What he has done is attempt to require a background check on someone who wants to purchase an assault rifle.
            Last time I checked, having fewer assault rifles on the streets is a good thing. I know our Police officers surely would appreciate fewer of them on the streets. But we have so many whackos, like you, who think they need to have an assault rifle to protect themselves from imaginary threats. How about you get a prescription instead to control your delusions.

          69. gvette December 19, 2013

            Well first off, I don’t need to own a car. Auto insurance protects other

            Now we have a piece of trash in the WH demanding I have health

            or I pay a fine. Yes, I know, you see those as the same, then again you
            voted for

            this butt head.

            When he made changes to the ACA, he did it without going through

            There are others, but this will do. Now I realize, with your brain power,
            you think

            because it’s called Barry Care, he can do that. Not so.

            You can twist the 2nd amendment any way you want, but it seems

            courts have ruled on it, but bottom line, we have the right. I understand
            you don’t think

            there are many problems, where you might need a gun, but then again, you

            all your news from George Soros. Oh, and on a funny note. All the

            have been done by demonrats, and libtards. Look it up. It’s kind of funny,
            people need to

            be protected from your type, on all levels.

          70. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2013

            You don’t need to own a car because you can’t afford to own a car or pay for your own car insurance. That makes you Slug of the Year Toots. You’re the piece of trash trying to freeload off the millions of us who honor our duty to our country and pay billions to slugs like you. Let me guess where you’re from? NC? Where gun running is a major industry? TX where healthcare is all but non-existent and YOUR reproductive rights are commandeered by your TX Bulls? How about Alaska where that $22 billion fishing industry isn’t enough to keep your lazy asses from starving so you help yourselves to the No. 1 in the country federal tax dole outs?

            Don’t talk about liberals until you are willing to admit that $50 billion went to 4 of the US biggest industries for no reason other than so they never have to worry about losing a dime of their “profit” they earn from corruption.

          71. gvette December 19, 2013

            I’m not going to wast time with you, but, let’s not forget Solyndra, bailing out GM union, just for starters. That’s right, your memory gets bad I guess. I guess that comes from being senile.

          72. Justin Napolitano January 2, 2014

            Who cares about Solyndra? It is a small loss compared to the billions of dollars of loans given by the Small Business Agency to thousands of companies. When money is lent out some companies will not succeed. Think about the hundreds of billions given to the drug companies for drugs that never materialize. How about the hundreds of billions wasted on weapon systems that don’t work and are discarded? How convenient of you to forget all about those items.

          73. gvette January 2, 2014

            Yes, I know small amounts, like 16.4 billion that GM still owes.then again, the way you talk, that doesn’t amount to much either. I can’t wait to find out the numbers of Barry I don’t care. That farce! But you demonrats just love spending other peoples money. You may wake up someday, but I doubt it. You drink too much of the Barry kool aid!

          74. herro December 19, 2013

            Why is everyone being so disrespectful of someone pointing out truths? Our healthcare is only a cover up for all the poisons we’ve been eating and the pharm companies only want more money so they make us sicker and addicted to psyche meds. Wake up people! Real shit is actually happening. Look at that grid in the sky, look at all the ingredients in our food, look up all the chemicals in your hand soap and toothpaste. The proof of fascism is literally in the pudding but that story on CNN is so convincing that it makes you feel ok. Stop watching TV and get with reality. The REAL one.

          75. infadelicious December 19, 2013

            eat as little packaged food as possible. Read the labels , it all contains wheat, wheat starch, corn, corn syrup solids,etc. high fructose corn syrup.. yikes! anything that has corn or wheat in its ingredients belongs in the garbage, they have modified it so humans cannot digest it properly… plenty of other options. They fatten cattle and pigs with corn and wheat, so if possible try to get grass fed meat. Not always possible I know, but cut down as much as you can. I don’t go crazy if i cannot get organic, but availability is better now and prices are coming down. Grow your own. i never did use “antibacterial” soap, plain bar soap was good enough . You kill good germs too with that crap. As for CNN they haven’t had a serious journalist since the first gulf war. Who the hell listens to them now?

          76. Paul Bass December 19, 2013

            Well slap my face!!

            Me, a yellow dawg, actually agrees with your entire post! HFCS, corn syrup, wheat, corn, Most wheat and corn in America is GMO, and who knows what that will do to our bodies.

            Wow, so at least us progressives and conservatives can agree that modern American agribusiness is not doing us any favors!

            Thanks for your post…

          77. infadelicious December 19, 2013

            I am thankful I grew up pretty poor for one reason anyway, I rarely had processed or “fast ” foods and never acquired a taste for them. 90 % of the time I eat as much unprocessed food as I can. I try to use moderation with other types of food and drink, although it is tough at times. Thanks for actually reading the content of my post and not just throwing out insults and down voting after seeing my name. The worst thing is, I think the kids today are eating a lot of crap, starting with the ingredients in “whole grain” “part of a complete breakfast” cereals, which are like chemical laden cookies with milk thrown on them. These kids are showing the effects of it too, with health problems at an early age..

          78. ronald December 19, 2013

            better question, why was the comment below deleted? it was just about wheat and corn and stuff?……

          79. yes2freespeach December 20, 2013

            probably people complaining they’re being picked on as in, a liberal whining that “a conservative was throwing facts and stuff at me.. wahhh”

          80. yes2freespeach December 20, 2013

            This is not a free speach zone herro. Those not agreeing with the iberals on here will find that out. First when truth is presented they ridicule you and call you names and label you . If you are not silenced they will whine to moderators and have you banned. I have seen it on here.

          81. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2013

            I know that lazy asses like you jack the cost of MY healthcare premiums when you don’t have your own healthcare insurance. Did you think all your FREE trips to the ER for a sniffle doesn’t get paid by the rest of us? It never fails to amaze me how the same lazy asses in this country are the first to bash hell out of those busting butt every day at real jobs. Get a life loser!

          82. gvette December 19, 2013

            As usual, you’re wrong. I’m in great health, and never go to the doctors.

            So that means you are assuming. That, I guess makes you an ass.

            Your leader is the reason your health coverage is, and will be too

            So when your ‘re on your knees at night, praying to him, ask him

            to give you a break! God you’re funny!

          83. Justin Napolitano January 2, 2014

            Sorry, but car insurance also pays the your medical bills if you have no fault insurance. It also pays to fix your car if you are at fault.

          84. gvette January 2, 2014

            I laugh at you. It fixes your car, if you have collision, if it’s your fault.

          85. Justin Napolitano January 2, 2014

            How has he done anything to take away your guns?
            Wanting background checks does not take away guns from legitimate owners.

          86. gvette January 2, 2014

            He’s been trying very hard to disarm us. Then again, you don’t get a lot of news. you only get what George Soros tells you to read.

          87. Dominick Vila December 18, 2013

            President Obama’s policies, and his decision to end the Iraq war, reduce our presence in Afghanistan to a bare minimum, and eliminate 700,000 civil service jobs, helped reduce our budget deficits and the need to borrow.
            The burden of paying for two unnecessary and unfunded wars, the $1T spent in rebuilding projects in Iraq, the billions of dollars we have been giving to Israel, Pakistan and other countries for decades, the effects of deregulation or ignoring the fraudulent practices of Wall Street, and the drain that loopholes and subsidies represent to our Treasury, with the fiscal and economic policies that have been in place during the last year. Emergency measures such as the TARP and the stimulus package, and heavy infusions of cash by the Fed helped prevent the unthinkable and contributed to the economic recovery that should be evident to everyone. Instead of blaming the incumbent for what he inherited, try to determine the root causes of the problems we are finally overcoming.

          88. gvette December 18, 2013

            Stimulus. Let’s look at that. One, and two failed. The perent one is…the fed buying our own debt. If you think that’s a good idea, try doing that at your house, and see how long you last, Dominick.

            Less than two months into President Obama’s second term, new numbers show the national debt increased by more than $6 trillion since he took office.

            It’s the largest increase to date under any U.S. president. During the eight-year presidency of George W. Bush, the debt soared by $4.9 trillion.

            Without fanfare, the Bureau of Public Debt at the Treasury Department quietly posted its daily debt report showing the total public debt of the U.S. government topped $16.687 trillion. (To be exact: $16,687,289,180,215.37)

            On January 20, 2009, the day Mr. Obama took office, the debt stood at $10.626 trillion. The latest posting reflects an increase of over $6 trillion.

            The dubious fiscal milestone came on same day as Mr. Obama and congressional leaders met to discuss the $85 billion in automatic indiscriminate spending cuts that start to take effect today.

            Sequester: “It’s just dumb,” Obama says

            Sequester: What was the point?

            The president wanted a package of targeted spending cuts and elimination of tax breaks to avert the mandatory reductions in spending that he says will adversely effect people nationwide. No deal was reached.

            “I told them these cuts will hurt our economy. They will cost us jobs,” the president said of his meeting.

            But the struggle to come up with just $85 billion in spending reductions or tax hikes is a big part of the reason why the national debt continues to expand.

            Contributing to the National Debt, the federal deficit has topped $1 trillion four years running. Mr. Obama has routinely blamed his predecessor for policies that has sent the debt soaring on his watch.

            “A debt that has grown over the last decade, primarily as a result of two wars, two massive tax cuts, and an unprecedented financial crisis, will have to be paid down,” he said in a speech last year.

            The White House says Mr. Obama is working with Congress to complete work on a $4 trillion reduction in deficits.

            Nevertheless, the Office of Management and Budget projects the national debt will continue to increase by over $800 billion this year and by amounts in the range of $500 billion to $800 billion in the out years – all of which will add to the national debt.

            © 2013 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

          89. Simian74 December 19, 2013

            Uhhh . . . try again. When President Bush assumed office the National Debt was 5.1 Trillion. When he left office it was 11.2 Trillion. By my math, that’s 6.1 trillion he added. You need to remember that a President’s debt is tied to the budgets he signs and any special spending he signs. Bush signed TARP I & II and his last budget expired in September 2009. So all debt accumulated as a result of that budget and TARP I and TARP II, which he signed in December 2008 all fall on him, not President Obama. Now had President Obama not inherited two ill-advised wars that President Bush got us into, then he wouldn’t have also inherited the compounding debt as a result of those. So you can factor those expenditures out as well. At the end of the day, President Obama’s policies have added a net of 3 Trillion to the national debt. I agree that’s too much, but it’s significantly less than your right-wing number.

          90. gvette December 19, 2013

            was in 8 years. Barry has added Barry has done that in 5. Let’s see, now that
            the senate just passed that shit bill last night, watch ole Barry use our credit
            card. Right after he gets back from his very expensive vacation

          91. infadelicious December 19, 2013

            Bush is gone, Obama owns this………

          92. gvette December 19, 2013

            You, and I know it, but the folks here don’t.

          93. infadelicious December 19, 2013

            they know it very well gvette, they are in denial……

          94. Dominick Vila December 19, 2013

            Neither Bush’s TARP nor Obama’s stimulus failed. In fact, they prevented the unthinkable. The TARP, which many perceive as a bailout to people who should be serving time in jail, prevented Wall Street and our economic system from collapse.
            President Obama’s stimulus package, including credit to first time home buyers, cash for clunkers, credits to those who replaced old with new appliances, favorable mortgage refinancing, bailing out our auto industry, and other initiatives designed to stimulate the economy contributed to the real estate market rebounding, mitigated foreclosures, allowed our auto industry to become profitable and competitive, and helped our manufacturing base survive. Most importantly, it restored consumer confidence, which is critical to economic growth and job creation. We have to go no further than consider where the DOW was at in January 2009 (6,500 points) and where it is today (record highs) to understand the long term effects of President Obama’s policies, including his stimulus package.
            Unfortunately, his proposal to invest in infrastructure was shot down by the GOP, a party that is more inclined to protect the interests of a few, even if doing so impacts the well being of 98% of the American people and our way of life.
            Regarding the debt. Bear in mind that spending is only part of the equation when it comes to accumulation of debt, and that the dramatic reductions in annual budget deficits indicate that spending is not the reason for the increases in our national debt. One of the most important contributing factor to continuing increases in our national debt involves liabilities, rather than spending. Take for example Social Security. The contributor/beneficiary ratio is near the breaking point as a result of demographic changes. Our population is aging, to a great extent as a result of a low fertility rate. After receiving FICA contributions for decades, the government is obligated to honor the benefits they promised. The resulting decline in the SS Trust fund, and almost flat contributions/expenditures appear as a liability and represents a significant part of the national debt. The key to solving this problem may be immigration reform, which the GOP opposes. Two unfunded crusades exacerbated our fiscal problems.

          95. ronald December 19, 2013

            why all the deleted comments -the replies to you gvette?

          96. Simian74 December 18, 2013

            Have you forgotten about the 7 Trillion in debt President Bush added to the 5 Trillion we already had? Did you forget about the devastating recession he put us in? And who stomped all over the constitution with his Patriot Act? That would be President Bush. Oh but you have conveniently forgotten all of those facts. Again, step out of your cave gvette. You’re on the wrong side of the facts and history.

          97. infadelicious December 19, 2013

            now 17 TRILLION and counting especially with the money pit that is obama care………. and who put their lightly loafered foot on the very programs he ran against such as patriot act? yep, obozo Bush is gone ,simian74. over 5 years ago. Obama is in way over his head, he never did learn on the job. When does he own his own mess? I know , he wasn’t informed-about anything. What a piss poor leader. The fact that my president doesn’t know anything especially involving Americans being killed, does not make me feel better… God Bless America.

          98. gvette December 19, 2013

            Read the comments above, and below this one. Then think of all the illegal move Barry has made. Why Am I unhappy? A house that doeasn’t want to go after him, because he’s a half breed.

          99. discoal December 18, 2013


          100. Eleanore Whitaker December 18, 2013

            Your parents forget to teach your respect for the President or do you just figure your disrespect gets you all the Daycare Generation attention you missed being dumped off in daycare?

            This president has done more to stop corporation corruption than your GOP bull tyrants who insist the only “people” who matter are corporations, Charles and David Koch and the rest of the billionaire bois club members.

          101. gvette December 18, 2013

            Respect is earned. This piece of crap, is a joke, here, and all around the world. That’s right, you don’t get that news from George Soros.

          102. Simian74 December 18, 2013

            gvette, clearly you have never been outside the three walls of your cave. I have traveled over 170,000 miles this year. This year alone I have been to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Australia, Chile, China, Canada, Belize, Turkey, The Netherlands, France, Germany and even Antarctica. And I find one common theme in all of those countries and the 40 other countries I’ve been to around the world. The overwhelming majority of their citizens all LOVE President Obama.
            You know what the world thought of Former President Bush? In 2006, I was in London where they were one of 12 cities around the world hosting a world peace day at Hyde Park. As you entered the park, there were posters with reverse negative photos of President Bush with the caption “World’s Number One Terrorist!” I later found out that those posters were displayed at all 12 events.
            The world HATED President Bush. The world LOVES President Obama. I don’t need to have any news source tell me that. I see it every month when I travel and the people I talk to.
            Step out of your cave and you’ll see the truth.

          103. Dominick Vila December 19, 2013

            The only reason some countries tolerated Bush II was because they feared him. Their feelings towards him became known the moment he left office, and calls for his arrest became so deafening that W had no choice but to cancel a scheduled trip to Switzerland to avoid arrest and prosecution for crimes against humanity.

          104. yes2freespeach December 20, 2013

            You need to see who is calling for his arrest. Try to see things in an unbiased way dominick, I believe some call for the arrest of Obama for his drone strikes that kill innocents. They also arrested Mandela and Jesus.

          105. Dominick Vila December 20, 2013

            Yes, I am sure that some Muslims would love nothing more than arrest and execute the man who ordered the raid that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden, the man who ordered drone attacks against Al Qaeda leaders in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan but, honestly, I am not sure I am too bothered by what they have to say. I prefer to consider the honors our President gets when he travels to Europe, Japan, Israel, Latin America and other parts of the civilized world. Yes, Mandela and Jesus were imprisoned, abused, and in Christ’s case killed, by those who felt threatened by their message of equality, compassion, tolerance, and love. Sadly, it seems like there are some among us who share the same intolerance and hatred towards those who may look a little different from us por who threaten our material interests.

          106. yes2freespeach December 20, 2013

            they also point out drone attacks that have killed innocents. And it is your right to select the accusations against Obama that you wish to ignore. I am no great fan of everything Bush did but this website seems to lean so far left left it may capsize. It does not seem to promote discussion between liberals and conservatives. Conservatives I have noticed are “shut down” immediately or to say the least not treated nicely when replying with an argument. You seem quite willing to listen but you are the exception on here. And yes, there are those among us who share the intolerance and hatred towards those who may look a little different from us -but I wish more people on this website would be a little more tolerant listening to another point of view when it is presented on here. Sure some conservatives come on here ranting and insulting and get the same in return, but there are a few who make a point politely and get lambasted and that is the fault of the lambasters , not anyone else. I get tired of hearing someone placing blame for their bad behavior on someone else’s bad behavior. My point is conservatives do not have a monopoly on intolerance, it is alive and well in the democratic party too. No worse, no better, unless you choose to ignore it when you see it.

          107. Dominick Vila December 20, 2013

            No, I don’t believe violence is the way to solve problems, and emulating the overreactions employed by Bush II, including destroying apartment buildings and killing dozes on civilians when someone told us that an important Al Qaeda leader was living there, is definitely not something to be proud of, regardless of how minimal the current measures may be compared to what happened a decade ago.
            Unfortunately, we live in a world consumed by hatred and intolerance, dominated by fear of everything foreign or different from what we believe is acceptable behavior. The problem is exacerbated when our leaders believe they have to resort to violence to be re-elected, even when they know such approach only makes our international problems worse than they already were.
            What we should do is make an attempt to determine the cause of the problems we are facing, why are we so hated worldwide, and make an effort to understand that punishing an entire culture for the actions of a few fanatics is downright crazy and unworthy of a great nation.
            Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, maimed, or displaced by our actions. The time to reflect on what has happened and the consequences of our actions is long overdue.

          108. yes2freespeach December 20, 2013

            I’d just like to stop comparing what previous conservatives and/or liberals did. We can’t take it back, we must learn from it and never forget and yes, try to find a better way than violence, because when we see the damage done, it isn’t real to us when it’s half a world away. The problem with a culture that has a few nutjobs that act out at the expense of that culture is, that the culture needs to denounce those few loudly. The world as a whole has to declare “war” on these few, stand behind the people living in the country that these nutjobs live in and agree to not allow anyone to give them sanctuary. You can say they are doing so in theory, but a lot of therm are turning a blind eye and before long, we have another attack somewhere in the world and innocents are killed. The terrorists are the ones who need to know they are not safe no matter where they are on the planet. Yes, another way must be found, but we need the world to get on board too. As I said before though, politics is not a one size fits every country thing. And it gets more complicated the farther you get into the middle east. Most people there just want what we want, to live in peace with their families. That won’t happen if our leaders remain clueless about the people that rule some of the countries there and/or try to appease terrorists..

          109. old_blu December 20, 2013

            Well said Dominick, and I hope you are well.
            A lot of those people are some of those tolerant, love thy neighbor Christians as well.

          110. yes2freespeach December 20, 2013

            Not a lot of love for Obama in the part of Canada I have visited frequently which is most of the province of Ontario. I have also been to Israel and love is not the word they use when speaking of Obama. More like disbelief and disappointment. As for the rest of the middle east, they are using him as a useful idiot. They laugh at him. Things work a little differently there. ONe size politics does not fit all on this planet

          111. yes2freespeach December 20, 2013

            gvette is correct, respect has to be earned This president , a failure and disappointment in so many ways, has not earned it at home and most certainly not around the world. He is a laughingstock, sadly

          112. Eleanore Whitaker December 20, 2013

            yes2freespeech…gvette is not an American. She’s an anarchist. Respect WAS earned the day George Washington became president. Gvette is an ignorant narrow minded slug who doesn’t earn MY respect. Sorry, but anyone in the US who disrespects the office of the President of the US is not an American. They are self-serving little pigs who live off everyone else’s tax dollars.

            Do you respect gvette? Why does this lady spend day after day on her computer in her sick pathetic attempts to get rid of a twice elected president? As if she has the remotest power to EVER accomplish that…She can’t even accomplish a life or a real job.

            I blatantly disrespect Gvette at every opportunity. Why? Because women like Gvette are suck ups to their male mates and so financially dependent on everyone else, all under the guise of being “wives.”

            These are the women who can’t earn a dime on their own or think without the approval of “McHubby.”

            Sorry, but disrespect is ALL Gvette is worthy of. When she pays her fair share of taxes, gets a real job with a real paycheck, instead of living off mine, then and only then do honorable women like me glance her pathetic way.

          113. shawnthesheep December 18, 2013

            The only “redistribution” that is happening is that more and more wealth is being concentrated at the top. Or haven’t you been paying attention? The game is rigged to benefit the wealthy. Trying to enact policies that make our nation’s wealth distribution look less like Bolivia and more like 1950’s America does not make you a socialist.

          114. gvette December 18, 2013

            I guess you don’t understand how Barry care works, do you.

          115. Justin Napolitano December 18, 2013

            Of course I do. Millions that didn’t have insurance now do because they can not be turned away for a preexisting condition. Those that had substandard insurance will now get better insurance because insurance companies can not sell them policies that do not cover anything. Further, insurance companies have to spend 80% of their premiums on actual health care.
            What part of that do you not understand.

          116. gvette December 18, 2013

            You have that wrong too. Millions have lost it. Just wait till after the first of the year. The numbers you get, from George Soros are incorrect.

          117. Lynda Groom December 18, 2013

            Honey the letters from insurance companies state that as of Jan 1st some plans are changing. Since today in still in December your claim that millions have lost insurance is a bit premature don’t you think?

          118. neeceoooo December 18, 2013

            Foznewsinsider, that explains your ignorance.

          119. gvette December 18, 2013

            i guess you can’t read. why am I not surprised.

          120. Paul Bass December 18, 2013

            Fox “news” is a mouthpiece for Rupert Murdoch, There is no “news” there. Unless you believe all the noise the 1% puts out, but wait, you do, don’t you?

          121. gvette December 18, 2013

            Then again, you like sources that are supplied to you by George Soros. By the way, that’s not where I get news. They are starting to move to the left. The war between Soros, and Murdoch.

          122. Lynda Groom December 18, 2013

            Your source does not change a darn thing. Please read the foxnewinsider and educate yourself. You’ve missed the mark yet again. BTW, nealy all of those folks if they take no action will be signed up in replacement plans from the very folks sending them the letters. If not they can go on the exchanges and better plans for the same or less…at least in most cases. Keep it real.

          123. gvette December 18, 2013

            miss out on a lot. Try listening to talk radio. There, you get to listen to
            people that have given the rates from the exchanges. Usually higher. As are the
            deductibles. Try to remember, the deduct able gets paid first, before anything
            gets done.

          124. Lynda Groom December 18, 2013

            Sorry, but talk radio is a waste land full of disinformation, distortion and out and out lies. Your claim is not backed up with facts…just twaddle from the radio. Seriously, is that best you’ve got?

            BTW, nearly all insurance plans have always had deductibles in case you’ve never had a policy before. Preventive care comes before the deductible and there is cap on them now…for the first time. Please read and turn off the radio.

          125. gvette December 18, 2013

            didn’t have to be paid first, like they will now. As for radio, those people do
            more research, then anyone. You don’t like it, because it differs from George
            Soros news..As for the big three, they aren’t reporters anymore, they are
            just stenographers. They carry Barry’s water

            figure it out…someday..

          126. Simian74 December 19, 2013

            Good god, I can’t believe how stupid you are. Deductibles are the first thing that gets paid in any Health Insurance plan, if they have one. Previously plans had co-pays. Some still do. But the deductible has been a mainstay for at least the past 10 years.

          127. Simian74 December 19, 2013


          128. gvette December 19, 2013

            What, facts piss you off??

          129. infadelicious December 19, 2013

            great facts for argument………. typical

          130. dpaano December 18, 2013

            From your comments, Gvette, neither do you!

          131. gvette December 18, 2013

            I know more about it then you do. You think it’s about healthcare. You might better do some reading, and less listening to your demorat friends.

          132. yes2freespeach December 20, 2013

            gvette, noone on planet can explain how obama care works, because IT DOESN’T WORK………

          133. gvette December 20, 2013

            You are correct. It can’t work, just like the site doesn’t. Then again, neither does Barry.

          134. dpaano December 18, 2013

            I just finished reading a book by John Dean (previously a Republican), and it talks about how the GOP is aiming for an “imperial presidency.” Ex-President Bush and his cohort in crime, Cheney, went against the Constitution so many times during their reign of terror, it isn’t even funny! The book is called “Broken Government,” and I recommend it to anyone. But, be prepared to be pissed off!!! It’s not pretty what the GOP is planning for this country and the many things they’ve done to make sure they gain control. There’s no such thing as bi-partisanship any longer…..even our Superior Court is not bi-partisan, thanks to our many Republican presidents!

          135. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG December 18, 2013

            Which one – Cruz, Boehner, McConnell, Lee, Cantor, Ryan, Gomer Pile from Texas, Limbaugh, Beck, Faux News. So many to choose from I get it is hard to pick one ass to choose from.

          136. Justin Napolitano December 18, 2013

            I dislike your as& because you show it every time you post.
            Why don’t you post something positive for a change? You might feel better afterwards.

          137. gvette December 18, 2013

            Truth is ugly, justin.

          138. dpaano December 18, 2013

            Gvette……then you must REALLY hate Bush!!!

          139. gvette December 18, 2013

            Wasn’t fond of him either.

          140. silas1898 December 18, 2013

            Elvis and The Beatles already destroyed the country, way back. Remember?

          141. ralphkr December 18, 2013

            Very strange statement, gvette, since I have noticed that the Feds have been taking my money and giving it to others for about 7 decades and the only observable difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats use my money to better the country and general population while the Republicans use my money to better the coffers of the wealthy & big businesses.

          142. gvette December 18, 2013

            are stupid. Barry gave about 1.5 billion to the muslim brotherhood. As you
            stated earlier, your picks for the president were bad.. You’re on a role, you
            still haven’t got a clue!

          143. Dominick Vila December 20, 2013

            The largest redistribution of wealth took place in Iraq, where $1T were wasted in sole source contracts to Friends of Bush, purportedly, to rebuild what we had destroyed, and seldom finished.

            Spending our tax dollars helping taxpayers is, or should be, the norm. It is the farthest thing from what most people consider redistribution of wealth.

          144. gvette December 20, 2013

            on Dominick. Barry care will dwarf that. I chuckle you still pray to Barry.
            I do want to wish you, and yours a very Merry Christmas!!

          145. RobertCHastings December 21, 2013

            You, “dislike the ass that’s destroying it.” One could quite easily assume you are talking about Grover Norquist, or Mitch McConnell, or Paul Ryan, or Rick Perry, or all of them plus Mitt Romney. As far as “redistribution” is concerned, once again you have no idea what you are talking about. Starting with Nixon, who funded the War in Vietnam through borrowing rather than by taxation, the wealthy in this country have drained middle class wealth to the tune of over $30T. That is the real redistribution, and it is not what Jesus asked us to do.

          146. Allan Richardson December 18, 2013

            The Somali people have asked us not to make that suggestion any longer. They do not want, or deserve, those predatory bullies any more than we do. On the other hand, Antarctica has been found to have the kind of rocks (kimberlite) in which many diamonds are found. There are international treaties against commercial exploitation of Antarctic minerals, of course, but to a Republican, treaties are made to be ignored. It should be a right wing paradise, because the climate matches their hearts. I see a new cable TV reality show: Icemen in Search of Ice!

          147. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG December 18, 2013

            You didn’t vote for Bush/Chaney?

          148. gvette December 18, 2013

            When you live in NY state, if you vote republican, it doesn’t count.

          149. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG December 18, 2013

            Please come out of the Faux News bubble and breathe some fresh air.

          150. gvette December 18, 2013

            I choose to not get my news from Soros news sources.

          151. Eleanore Whitaker December 18, 2013

            Aha! The Great and Wonderous GOP hardliners of the most impoverished part of the entire state of NY. How is it that once Eastman Kodak downsized, the entire city of Rochester had NO employment? Gee…with all that brain power in hardliner Northern NY, you’d think they’d be able to keep pace with NY City right? But Northern NY conservatives love to moan and groan about how everyone is the cause of their own impoverished lives. When their decisions are directly related to their upstate poverty…What a laugh!

          152. gvette December 18, 2013

            Everything you know about how NY city works, would fit in a thimble. NY
            city, feeds from the rest of the state. Thanks to the demonrats, NY state, is on
            the bottom of the business friendly states for doing business. Yes, it’s number

          153. Eleanore Whitaker December 18, 2013

            Sugar pants…I live 45 minutes from NY City in NJ. My best friend lived in GOP upstate and her salary was 1/4 of what is paid anywhere else in NY, NJ, CT or PA. You got an explanation for why a worker in a nursing home averages $12K a year while in NJ that same worker would earn $35K a year?

          154. gvette December 18, 2013

            she’s paid what she’s worth. Tell her to move in with you.

          155. infadelicious December 19, 2013

            you could not pay people to move in with Eleanore, check out some of her earlier posts…….she pukes venom and filth and hate…. best to ignore her while she has her bigoted grand mal hissy fits…

          156. gvette December 19, 2013

            After the last bunch I recieved, I have to agree with you.

          157. infadelicious December 19, 2013

            as for Eleanore firing back at ya, keep posting the truth on here, you haven’t seen her in a full blown “fern woodcock” episode yet…. it’s coming though………… brace yourself…………….. hahahahaha!

          158. gvette December 19, 2013

            I just ran acrossed this. Kinda goes against demorat thoughts, but take a look.

            The Fed has been promising to taper their stimulus program pending the improvement of the labor market. But as the labor market continues to stagnate, now the Fed has reversed course and announced that they will continue their reckless stimulus program (a.k.a “money printing”) for the foreseeable future.

            So, how does Fed spending affect the value of your money? To clearly illustrate this point, let’s take a look at gold price action and debt accumulation since 2005. I can take this back all the way to 2000, or even further, and it will hold true. But then we would have to start inflation-adjusting the numbers. (The US Treasury was used to gather this debt data):

            2005 US Debt = 7.6T | Gold = $430/oz. | Gas = $1.82/gallon

            2006 US Debt = 8.1T | Gold = $520/oz. | Gas = $2.28/gallon

            2007 US Debt = 8.7T | Gold = $635/oz. | Gas = $2.40/gallon

            2008 US Debt = 10.7T | Gold = $875/oz. | Gas = $2.90/gallon

            2009 US Debt = 10.6T | Gold = $855/oz. | Gas = $2.75/gallon

            2010 US Debt = 12.3T | Gold = $1,100/oz. | Gas = $2.80/gallon

            2011 US Debt = 14T | Gold = $1,320/oz. | Gas = $3.15/gallon

            2012 US Debt = 15.2T | Gold = $1,540/oz. | Gas = $3.40/gallon

            2013 US Debt = 17T | Gold = $1,580/oz. | Gas = $4.50/gallon

            And here’s where we’re going:

            2014 US Debt = 18.8T | Gold = $2,200/oz. | Gas = $5.00/gallon

            2015 US Debt = 21T | Gold = $2,600/oz. | Gas = $6.00/gallon

            2016 US Debt = 22.7T | Gold = $3,100/oz. | Gas = $6.75/gallon

            2017 US Debt = 25.5T | Gold = $3,575/oz. | Gas = $7.50/gallon

            2018 US Debt = 28T | Gold = $3,800/oz. | Gas = $9.00/gallon

            So… we’ll surge to $28 trillion in U.S. debt by 2018. Based upon the chart above, that will put gas at $9 and gold at $3800.

          159. tdm3624 December 18, 2013

            I doubt that either the city or the state are not business friendly. Isn’t New York City home to some of the biggest banks, financial companies, and traders in the world?

          160. gvette December 18, 2013

            It sure is. Aside from that, NY state could be a nice place to live. NY city sucks the life out of the state. Back a bunch of years ago, the folks of the city had made noise that they wanted to be separate. We liked the idea, but as we all know, NY city would go broke in a month, without the rest of the state.

          161. highpckts December 18, 2013

            I didn’t vote for Bush either but we ALL had to live with it!!! And what a farce that was and very costly!!

          162. gvette December 18, 2013

            Now it’s getting worse, faster. now that’s a step up!

          163. ralphkr December 18, 2013

            Well, gvette, I for one definitely did NOT enjoy watching the destruction of the USA which is why I voted against Nixon, against Reagan, against Bush, and against Shrub (baby Bush). I did make the mistake of voting for Eisenhower because I thought he was an honest and honorable man. History shows how mistaken I was about his honesty.

        2. omgamike December 18, 2013

          You’ll have to excuse gvette………..she fried all that was left of her dwindling supply of brain cells long ago. Her mouth is the only thing left on her that is still moving.

          1. discoal December 18, 2013


      3. dmhlt_66 December 18, 2013

        Since you asked, scientific studies document Liberals are smarter than you wingnuts.
        Yeah, I know you wingnuts HATE science – well, and pretty much all facts – but deal with it:


        1. gvette December 18, 2013

          You’re a riot. Are they the same ones that said there was global warming?
          Beings you’re a demonrat,

          that means you’re gullible!

          1. highpckts December 18, 2013

            Oh so you are climate denier!! I hope you choke on your polluted water and the smog filled air while you use your precious ill gotten gas at the expense of the rest of us!!

          2. gvette December 18, 2013

            I’m a lie denier. Beings you’re a demonrat, they know you’ll believe
            anything they tell you.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker December 18, 2013

            You’re a denier alright. You deny that Bush was president for 8 years because to do so would mean you’d have to admit what a failure that 8 years was for the entire country. You’d have to admit that $3.2 trillion was spent on Iraq, $200 million was mysteriously missing in military funds and another $200 billion was spent on a wastefully spent Baghdad embassy the size of 5 football fields and with cost overruns that caused it to be sold in 2010. Grow up and act your age, not your IQ.

          4. gvette December 18, 2013

            Oh yes, and Barry was going to get us out of all the wars. I see we’ll be
            in Afghanistan

            for quit a few more years. The debt, now reaching 17 trillion. Tell me
            about it. Barry the spender.

          5. cam December 18, 2013

            Right. Don’t believe the scientists who spend decades in un-biased studies. Believe Limbagagh the ‘all knowing god about everything’ instead. Because… ?…. that makes you feel good?

          6. gvette December 18, 2013

            I feel bad here. I can’t remember a name. The guy that got this all started, admitted he fudged the numbers. I guess you didn’t get the memo.

          7. yes2freespeach December 20, 2013

            i don’t believe the scientists who are just trying to keep their funding from the gov’t rollin’ in………

          8. Paul Bass December 18, 2013

            Average Global temperature has been rising for more than 30 years straight, So go ahead and “say” there is no global warming. I know many republicans believe if you say a lie often enough, your low IQ voters will believe you…
            Just like many republicans also don’t believe in evolution, a scientific theory that has yet to be DISPROVED! (unlike the false idea of “creationism”)…

          9. ObozoMustGo December 18, 2013

            Well Paul… what is the cause of this so-called global warming? Looking forward to your response.

          10. Paul Bass December 18, 2013

            CO2, CO, NO2, CH4, C2H8, and other “greenhouse” gases, diesel particulates, coal plant particulates, freon, etc.

            All these chemicals/items and more are proven by environmental scientists to have a harmful effect on our atmosphere, and lead to global warming…

          11. ObozoMustGo December 18, 2013

            Actually, they are NOT proven to lead to global warming. That is theory. And there is no consensus of scientist that agrees with it. That false narrative was based on a “study” done out of Northern IL U (I think that was it) where they only looked at the subject lines of peer reviewed papers by professors who were environmental professors. They used that as the basis for claiming their is scientific consensus. Then the leftist freaks picked it up and kept repeating it until the useful idiots took over and started repeating it in discussion boards like this one.

            That being said, let’s assume you’re in the right direction. Please cite what amount of the atmosphere those gases you mention make up. I am interested to know. Just for scientific inquiry.

            Awaiting your response I remain…..

          12. Paul Bass December 18, 2013



            This just from a one minute google search.

            There are thousands more, just google global warming…

          13. Paul Bass December 18, 2013

            BTW Scientific “theory” IS FACT! Unless proven false, when science has a “theory” that is the consensus “fact” that the majority of the scientists believe. ~ 95% of climate scientists use the “theory” of global warming. Science doesn’t use “proofs”, mathematics use “proofs”, Scientists use “theories”…

          14. ObozoMustGo December 18, 2013

            From your EDF link…. “Though natural amounts of CO2 have varied from 180 to 300 parts per million (ppm), today’s CO2 levels are around 400 ppm. That’s 40% more than the highest natural levels over the past 800,000 years.”

            At least they are honest in assessing CO2 content expressed in PARTS PER MILLION. Just to clarify… a PPM = 0.000001. So, saying that CO2 has gone up from 300 PPM to 400 PPM is the same as saying there is an increase due to mankind, in their opinion, of 100 PPM. Let’s look at that as a expressed as a number: 100 PPM = 0.0001 = .01% – 1/100 of 1 percent.
            Examining that the EDF and other alarmists are claiming that we are responsible for a change of 1/100 of 1% in the atmosphere, and that this change, while smaller than the natural fluctuations that ocurr by their own admission, that somehow this is making the earth warmer. Hmmmmmmm


            But let’s play along with the hoax…. Even if it were true, anyone with any sense would ask “what could we do about it and what would it cost Americans and the rest of mankind to be able to control the atmosphere to point we could reduce CO2 by 1/100 of 1%?” Somehow, you leftist freaks always seem to have an answer that involves sticking your hand in my pocket and coercing me into behaviors that YOU prefer, not that I prefer. How come that is? Really, why does everything you nutjobs suggest involve everyone else behaving as YOU say and paying more of their earnings to solve your hoaxes?

            Please answer my questions above. It’s scientific inquiry.

            Oh….. What is the number one greenhouse gas? Well…. it’s water. Can we do something about the water in the atmosphere? How much do we need to tax people and how much industry do we need to shut down to bring the water content down? Any ideas?

            Have a nice day!

          15. Paul Bass December 18, 2013

            % of atmosphere has NOTHING to do with the effect of greenhouse gases on temperature!

            From Wikipedia By volume, dry air contains 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen,[1] 0.93% argon, 0.039% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases. Air also contains a variable amount of water vapor, on average around 1%.

            The Nitrogen and Argon are always nonreactive and the oxygen is strongly bonded (as O2) and also nonreactive in this “greenhouse gas” case.

            So 99.97% of the atmosphere doesn’t DO anything, AND only .03% of the atmosphere has ALL the effect of global warming associated with it.

            For instance Freon (R-11) can continue to catalysis ozone in our atmosphere for up to 100 years!

          16. Sand_Cat December 18, 2013

            Why waste your time trying to reason with either of the idiots?

          17. Paul Bass December 18, 2013

            True dat!

          18. ObozoMustGo December 19, 2013

            Paul… you wrote: “% of atmosphere has NOTHING to do with the effect of greenhouse gases on temperature!”

            You do recognize the folly of such a statement, don’t you. By your rationale, 1 PPM of CO2, being .000001 of the atmosphere, could have disastrous effects because “% of the atmosphere has NOTHING to do with it”. Hold on for a second..



            ROFLMAO!!!! hehehehehehhehehehehehe

            Please… cut it out…. my sides hurt…..

            Oh my….. you’ve hit rock bottom in stupid and you’re starting to dig again!!

            You do know that CO2 is what you exhale when you breath, don’t you? And that it is NOT poison or harmful. You do realize that plants NEED CO2 to grow and flourish, don’t you?
            Sheesh, dude! You really do take this crap as religion, don’t you? You’re faith is strong, but you’re still being duped.
            Now, let’s assume you are correct. Please answer my questions from my prior post. I’ve copied them here for you.

            Somehow, you leftist freaks always seem to have an answer that involves sticking your hand in my pocket and coercing me into behaviors that YOU prefer, not that I prefer. How come that is? Really, why does everything you nutjobs suggest involve everyone else behaving as YOU say and paying more of their earnings to you to solve your hoaxes?

            Awaiting your response I remain…..

          19. Paul Bass December 19, 2013

            In the fact that if you double PPM of CO2, that small percentage (from 180 PPM to 400 PPM) that percentage (.0001% times ~ 220 PPM = ~ .022%) is the percentage component that that man made CO2 has had on the climate. So yes, you are right the overall percentage went up very slightly.

            Note that this is approximately twice the AVERAGE CO2 levels as previously found. So obviously this will have about twice the “greenhouse gas” effect. And, of course, this is not the only greenhouse gas.

            No, you are wrong, CO2 IS POISONOUS! Try breathing it, and see what happens! You are not a plant (I don’t think…), you don’t have chlorophyll, therefore you can’t turn CO2 into O2, and CO2 IS poisonous to you.

            And how am I sticking my hand in your pocket by pointing out that 95% of ALL climate scientists think that Global warming is true? You are talking “Cap and Trade”, a different, though related topic.

          20. gvette December 18, 2013

            Actually they haven’t risen in over ten years, and now are starting to
            decline. You’d better get a different source. Then
            again, you on the left, hate the truth.

          21. Paul Bass December 18, 2013

            You’re looking at average “air” temperature over the last ten years, Average global temperature figures include water temp also. If you look at the “total” average temp. (air, water, and land), the data DOES show global warming.

            BTW over 95% of ALL environmental scientists agree there IS global warming and it IS caused by human activity.

            But I know many republicans don’t like to believe scientists, since scientists like to stick to “facts”…

          22. Paul Bass December 18, 2013

            BTW water has many times the heat capacity of air, so just a slight increase in water temp., more then overwhelms the slight decrease in air temperature.

          23. Sand_Cat December 18, 2013

            Yeah, send us to the site of a lying lunatic to “prove” your point.

          24. gvette December 18, 2013

            See, now there’s the problem. Being a demonrat, you don’t know what truth is. you think Barry tells the truth. Not one word out of his mouth is true. back to your sandbox!

          25. Sand_Cat December 18, 2013

            Thanks for once again confirming in spades my original assessment of you. And I’m not a Democrat! Sorry you can’t spell it.

          26. infadelicious December 18, 2013

            Sorry you have trouble with comprehension- not uncommon for liberals . Gvette spelled the word that describes you correctly. Demon rat. Duh!

          27. WhutHeSaid December 18, 2013

            Oh my Lord — I turn my back for a few minutes and you redneck goobers are out of your trailer park again and dancing around in dog-shit.

            Look, President Obama whupped all of you bigots’ asses but good — twice. That should tell you something, but do we see any of you making an effort to learn how to wash yourselves? No!

            Get a life or go back to your trailer and behave yourself. You people are the laughingstock of the entire world and you’re making America look bad.

          28. infadelicious December 19, 2013

            yep!! Obama kicked our a$$es twice! congratulations, but it was a failed experiment. Now with Obama’s incompetence, he is whipping his own girlyman a$$. He finally has to own his mess. The next 3 years will be one big snowball of failure. Every thing this guy touches turns to a big clusterfudge of steaming brown stuff. I have faith America is awake now and ready to get back to what the founding fathers envisioned for America for all Americans, including you, and not let anyone apologize for her exceptionalism again. God Bless America.

          29. infadelicious December 18, 2013

            Lying lunatic??? Oh did she send you to obamas website?

          30. infadelicious December 18, 2013

            Yes 95% of scientists who want to continue getting gov’t funding .

          31. ObozoMustGo December 18, 2013

            You’ve hit the nail on the head, gvette! It’s shocking how stupid and gullible the leftist freaks are. I mean, they’re still trying to pitch man made global warming when there is no such thing. They need to find a new hoax to chase after. The jig is up on that one for most rational humans.

          32. gvette December 18, 2013

            The key word there is rational. As you see, most on the left aren’t. Wait till they see this fraud for what he is, and it’s coming.

          33. ObozoMustGo December 18, 2013

            From you’re keyboard to God’s eyes, gvette!!!!!

          34. gvette December 18, 2013

            After i answered you, one of the others here was kind enought to tell me temps have sisen over the past 25 years. I chuckled, and told him to get better information. Please remember, this site is funded by George Soros.

          35. ObozoMustGo December 18, 2013

            I saw that and was laughing at him.

            I think this sewer called ‘The National Mendicant…. errr… Memo’ is a shadow site for Organizing for Socialist America, Obozo’s campaign finance arm. I know Soros is heavily involved in that, and I know that there are a ton of these sites that are backed by Soros funded and financed lefitst freak organizations hell bent on destroying America. If you really pay attention, the narrative that is coming from here on a weekly basis is the same narrative that comes from all the other leftist freaks sites and TV News people, especially at MSLSD. They all get their weekly narrative and directive straight from Obozo’s regime. It’s amazingly impressive how coordinated and in unison they are with their messaging. This is why we must fight them like the rabid dogs and evil slimes they are.

            Have a nice day, gvette!

            “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” – H.L. Mencken with foresight to the future of Obozo’s election

          36. gvette December 18, 2013

            Thank you. I hope you, and yours, have a very Merry Christmas!!

          37. ObozoMustGo December 18, 2013

            You as well, gvette!

          38. WhutHeSaid December 18, 2013

            Who did you plagiarize with that post, lying bigot?

            You STILL haven’t admitted that you got caught plagiarizing and lying about it. You need to apologize for your redneck goober antics.

            Did I mention that Obama is STILL your President — and black as ever?


          39. WhutHeSaid December 18, 2013


            Now didn’t I warn you about coming into this forum with dirty undies? I don’t know about anything that might have ‘sisen’ lately, but I’m tellin’ you now and you’d better hark: Git back to that pig-sty of a trailer and acquaint yourself with a bar of soap!

          40. Paul Bass December 19, 2013

            “they’re still trying to pitch man made global warming when there is no such thing.”

            Obozo, So you are “smarter” than 95% of ALL climate scientists, that you “know” there is no global warming? Where is your PhD from? Was your dissertation on the topic of atmospheric and oceanic changes due to partial pressure changes of “greenhouse gases” brought on by man’s use of said gases?

            Do you even have a science degree? Give me a link to your PhD dissertation “proving” global warming is a hoax. I’m waiting.

        2. infadelicious December 18, 2013

          History and currently, obamas record shows otherwise Look at at Detroit, bombs couldn’t do as much damage as the stupidity of liberals has done to it over the past 6 decades

          1. dmhlt_66 December 18, 2013

            [1] Apparently you’re are as ignorant as most right-wingnuts: Pres. Obama is NOT the mayor of Detroit

            [2] Pres. Obama did, however, save the auto industry in Detroit

            [3] Look at California – which has the TWELFTH largest economy IN THE WORLD …


            … And see how Gov. Jerry Brown – a DEMOCRAT – turned around the incredible damage that AHNULD Schwarzenegger – a REPUBICAN – did to that state.

          2. WhutHeSaid December 18, 2013

            Yes, yes — that’s why Obama was elected twice and you redneck goobers are whining like somebody cooked your favorite chicken. You are what they call ‘unsmart’.

      4. Eleanore Whitaker December 18, 2013

        gvette…Prove McConnell, Paul, Ryan, Cantor, Issa or Cornyn have brain cells. Get a clue. These are men whose states eat far more from our federal tax revenues. Medicaid, in case you’ve never had a job in your life, is paid for through payroll deductions for 4 or more decades. Some workers never collect the Medicaid they paid for. Maybe in your state they don’t deduct Medicaid because most of the people in your state get federal welfare and SSDI instead of getting up off their lazy asses and working like people in other states do. Groan on rightie…Yours is a dying breed and you’re killing yourselves off.

        1. Allan Richardson December 18, 2013

          I believe you mean Medicare, not Medicaid. But it is true that the states which are governed by the philosophy that the rich deserve all the breaks and the poor (and soon-to-be-poor middle class, if corporate rule continues) deserve nothing, are the states which pay less in federal taxes (because of their poor economies) than they receive (because they have more citizens who need help, because of their poor economies). Medicaid and other benefit programs partially relieve the SUFFERING of poverty, and if COMBINED with job growth, can lift the NEXT generation out of poverty.

          Did you know that the authorities in many states look at the number of SECOND grade (approximately age 7) children who read below grade level, and use that number to PREDICT how many prison beds will be needed when those children grow up? And it costs MUCH more to keep them in prison than it would EVEN to give them fully funded schools, individual tutors, and full college scholarships.

          Stupid is as stingy does.

        2. discoal December 18, 2013


      5. elw December 18, 2013

        On behalf of Democrats out in the broader world, I would like to thank you for the effort you make to energize our base. Without people like you to remind us everyday what our Country would look like with you in charge, some of them might stay home and not vote.

        1. gvette December 18, 2013

          As long as the demonrats can vote two, or three times, and all the dead ones, you’re set.

          1. DAK27 December 18, 2013

            Please list a case of a Democrat voting more than once… or the dead voting… or any case of voter fraud. I would like to hear about it and since it is rampant (after all, that’s the only way Mitt could of lost, right?) it should be fairly easy for you to find, and list, your sources.

          2. DAK27 December 18, 2013

            It has been 18 minutes… come on, Gvette. Certainly you can list at least ONE case of a dead democrat voting, right? Or do you just throw stuff against the wall and hope something sticks?

          3. DAK27 December 18, 2013

            The report confirms what the State Election Commission had found after preliminarily examining some of the allegations: The so-called votes by dead people were the result of clerical errors or mistaken identities.

          4. gvette December 18, 2013

            What, no comment about the guys in jail, for fraud? Interesting.

      6. discoal December 18, 2013


      7. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2013

        gvette..How old are you? Your posts would embarrass a kid in kindergarten with your silly name calling.

      8. yes2freespeach December 20, 2013

        I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.” Hillary said this.

        1. gvette December 20, 2013

          Have you ever heard truth out of her mouth? That was said to appease people like the ones that hang out here. Theses people love lies. They see it as truth. This is the same gal that said “we need more people like George Soros”

  2. docb December 18, 2013

    Well, this is a stretch but some will…A relative of a friend in NC who needs the Health care has started a crusade against this cruelty of the poor and sick..

    1. Bill Boltz December 18, 2013

      I hope you’re right.

    2. gvette December 18, 2013

      the problem? Couldn’t they get your Barry the fairs ins? Remember, Barry
      promises coverage to all that gave him a blow job. LOL…That’d be you

      1. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh December 18, 2013

        If your rants made grammatical sense, you may be more easily understood. I know that means you would need to go to school and learn how to write, but I am sure you can find a private academy that you can pay for out of your own pocket that would teach you this. After all, I wouldn’t want to see you indoctrinated by “Fellow Travelers” disguised as Public School teachers!

        1. gvette December 18, 2013

          You mean common core? No thank you. There are to many libtards, and demonrats now.

          1. DAK27 December 18, 2013

            Just so you don’t appear ignorant, it is “too” not “to.” You were home schooled, weren’t you?

          2. gvette December 18, 2013

            It’s a shame, all you can do is check grammar. You fail, at everything

          3. DAK27 December 18, 2013

            I may not be the brightest, but I corrected YOU…. So, tell me, how does it feel to be dumber than someone you say is a failure?

          4. gvette December 18, 2013

            Momma pin a rose on you.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker December 18, 2013

            Your Big Mama sat out on the veranda sipping mint juleps while the dirty work was done by free paid labor. Another rightie who gets thrown scraps the Big Bois toss her way. DogPatch must be up a little early this morning. Lil Abner actually rolled out of bed before noon with Daisy Mae in tow?

          6. gvette December 18, 2013

            Try to remember, it was the demonrats, that owned slaves. Republicans set
            them free.

          7. DAK27 December 18, 2013

            Sure was…. almost 150 years ago…. Since then the parties have changed. Remember the “Southern Strategy” ? (In American politics, the Southern strategy refers to a Republican Party strategy of gaining political support for certain candidates in the Southern United States by appealing to racism against African Americans.)

            There you go… Perhaps you should learn history before you go talking about it?

          8. gvette December 18, 2013

            Why, because they want voter ID?

          9. DAK27 December 18, 2013

            Do try and keep up. YOU said: “Try to remember, it was the demonrats, that owned slaves. Republicans set them free.”

            To which I replied the parties have changed and you should learn some history before talking about it.

            I said NOTHING about voter ID laws…

          10. Eleanore Whitaker December 18, 2013

            No…because they know today’s midwestern and southern GOP tyrants are desperate to put more of our tax revenues into their pork. Bridge to no where anyone? Alaska needs $1.87 for every dollar they pay in federal taxes right? When their fishing industry brings in $22 billion a year? Texas needs $1.77 for every dollar they pay too. After all, how else can the rest of us work our asses off so Big Oil Bois can have a new Mercedes every year to tool around in.

          11. gvette December 18, 2013

            Funny how you’re selective. How bout railroad to nowhere in CA. Demorat
            governor there likes that one.

          12. Vinny Gordon December 19, 2013

            Voter ID, is one thing but cutting voting hours, cutting polling stations, cutting voting days, stifling voter registration, all lead to voter suppression.
            The famous liquor store story, you need ID to buy liquor. But if you cut back the hours the store is open, cut back the days, shut some stores down, make them wait 8 hours in line, then you will get less customers. Or in voter suppression less voters. Make them

          13. gvette December 19, 2013

            Funny. Where I come from, the poles open at ^ in the morning, and close at nine. It worlks out well. Excuses are like assholes, everone has one.

          14. highpckts December 18, 2013

            The Republicans of today are no where near the Republicans back then! Not a fair comparison! The fringe radicals have taken over and left them in the dust!!

          15. Eleanore Whitaker December 18, 2013

            I was a Republican from the age of 19 until Bush changed all that. Whenever I attended GOP meetings on a local or state level, the only mouths you ever heard were the GOP bull tyrants. Women were given a wink, wink, nod, nod by these Good ole good ole bois of the GOP brand.

            The reality is that Libertarians, which I once considered before registering as a Democrat in my hiatus with the GOP, is now deeply embedded in the GOP. If anyone knows anything about the Libertarians, they know these are not Partisans in the true sense of the word. They are cultish anarchists who feed upon power and control. Is that what a democracy is all about? Control in the hands of too few?

          16. gvette December 18, 2013

            Unfortunately is the same for the democrats!

          17. highpckts December 18, 2013

            If you mean they have gone off the deep end, hardly!! Republicans now seem to offend even the most cynical people!!

          18. Eleanore Whitaker December 18, 2013

            Try to remember it was also the Southern Democrats who seceded from the union when Lincoln was president. It was the Confederates who turned Republican when they realized they could get their syrupy mitts on federal tax dollars by whining how “poor” the Civil War they demanded so they could keep free slave labor, was making their states.

            Try again. The south has been and always will be a bunch of backwardly cultured misfits. Progress is not a growing obsolete fossil fuel business, gun running or military industrialists who pay their southern workers scraps while they lap up the desserts.

            How about vote for intelligent southern and midwestern politicians instead of federal tax revenue porkers?

          19. DAK27 December 18, 2013

            So, you cannot defend your ignorance and choose to say something cute… typical of the GOP and all their ilk.

          20. janiez December 18, 2013

            Unfortunately gvette cannot even put a sentence together that makes sense. Has only a single plot to hate everything that is productive.

          21. Eleanore Whitaker December 18, 2013

            Upstate Noo Yawkahs don’t believe in paying taxes for education. It shows in your posts.

          22. gvette December 18, 2013

            Oh I know, you’re just so much smarter then everyone…not. We pay 74
            percent above the national average for taxes. Now with common core, everyone in
            our schools will be like you.

          23. ObozoMustGo December 18, 2013

            allow me to finish that statement…..

            “Now with common core, everyone in our schools will be like you” …. a stone cold indoctrinated moron!!!!!!
            There! Now I think it works.
            I am here to help. 😉

          24. silas1898 December 18, 2013

            That ship sailed hours ago……

          25. Eleanore Whitaker December 18, 2013

            gvette…A narrow mind IS a thing to waste. Toss yours before someone assumes it’s not a narrow mind and is a neurotic ultra narcissistic, sociopath.

          26. gvette December 18, 2013

            I look at the whole picture. The view, isn’t very good, as you, and yours
            financially continue to bankrupt the country.

          27. Eleanore Whitaker December 18, 2013

            Your picture must be in miniature then. Me and mine work our asses off in NJ. You obviously have so much time to spend on the internet. Or, is it that you are one of the paid shills of the Koch billionaires?

            Try a little less hate with your Wheaties honey. Your posts are about as hateful and narrow minded as that which cannot pass through the eye of a needle.

        2. Duckbudder December 18, 2013

          Home Schooled

      2. highpckts December 18, 2013

        Well point proven! If you have no solutions just revert to filth and foul because that’s all you know!

  3. bckrd1 December 18, 2013

    That is what I am hoping for.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker December 18, 2013

    Once you look at “which” GOP tyrants want more slash and burn and Draconian cuts, you see why. It’s their states that eat up the most in federal tax revenues. Their idea is to keep the most progressive states broke by stiffing us on the programs we have already paid for for more than 3 decades. They don’t work in these GOP states. They hang onto jobs in obsolete industries who then demand federal tax assistance to keep them in business. Meanwhile, they don’t hire in the US because …tah dah…they’d have to pay US taxes. For every red state big mouth sucking up federal tax revenues in double amounts of blue states, blue states are out there at 5 AM busting butt at their jobs while DogPatch sleeps.

  5. Dominick Vila December 18, 2013

    The unfortunate truth is that, at this time, most Americans, including those who would benefit greatly from ACA, remain opposed to a program that would change their lives forever. The opinions are not based on pragmatism or even a cursory understanding of what the Affordable Healthcare Act is all about, but on perceptions, on what they have heard from people such as Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Coulter, and unscrupulous politicians determined to do everything they can to preserve the status quo and advance the interests of their donors. Things may change in the future, as more and more Americans become more aware of how beneficial ACA is to them and their families, but we are not there yet.

  6. cam December 18, 2013

    Sadly the cons have manipulated and brainwashed enough people to vote against their own interests, using things like their version of “Christian values” (which are not very Christian at all, as the Pope is pointing out), hate, propaganda, spite, hypocrisy, guns (also not true Christian values) to paint liberals as “evil enemies of America,” although liberal policies would help them and con policies are only geared towards helping the rich and have zero compassion for a large group of people who identify themselves as repubs anyways (especially in the South). That’s why they’ve gotten away with creating income inequality which is at it’s worst since the 1920’s. Hopefully enough of these brainwashed “dittoheads” will wake up soon; the income inequality is untenable.

  7. elw December 18, 2013

    The Right does not believe in numbers, science or anything else that does not support what they believe. The think they have Jesus on their side and that make them right and winners. Even when they lose more seats in 2014, they will take no responsibility for the loss but instead claim it was because the Dems gave the voter “free stuff.” That they are cutting off their own nose to spite their face is normal everyday business for them. They are pathetic and I am thankful for that everyday, because their behaviors will help progressives win.

  8. Sand_Cat December 18, 2013

    If every voter screwed by the GOP voted Democratic, you’d have Montana Bill and a thousand or so other people voting Republican, and the party would have disappeared years ago.

  9. Roger Tober December 18, 2013

    Democrats are losing votes in the latest polls, so I rather doubt this is going to make any difference, almost all people on government assistance vote Democrat. Obamacare isn’t a good solution. First off, it makes health care more expensive for most insured, and it was really too high to begin with. The focus should be on lowering costs so everyone can better afford it, and then expand the safety net, but it won’t need to be expanded as far if it’s more affordable. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed because technology allows doctors to do more and more transplants, bypasses, whatever. Drugs are way overpriced. It’s eating up too large a portion of everyone’s income.

  10. ObozoMustGo December 18, 2013


    This one is a little different….

    Two Different Versions …
    Two Different Morals


    The ant works Hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

    The grasshopper Thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

    Come winter, the ant is warm And well fed.
    The grasshopper has No food or shelter, so he Dies out in the cold.

    MORAL OF THE OLD STORY: Be responsible for yourself!

    The ant works hard In the withering heat and the rain all summer long, building his house And laying up supplies for the winter.

    The grasshopper thinks the ant Is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

    Come winter, the shivering grasshopper Calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant should be Allowed to be warm and well fed while he is cold and

    CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSLSD, And ABC show up to Provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper Next to a video of the ant In his comfortable home with a table filled with food.

    America is stunned by the sharp contrast.

    How can this be, that in a country of such wealth, this poor grasshopper Is allowed to suffer so?

    Kermit the Frog appears On Oprah With the grasshopper And everybody cries when they sing, ‘It’s Not EasyBeing Green …’

    Occupy the Anthill stages A demonstration in front of the ant’s House where the news stations film the SEIU group singing, We shall overcome.

    Then Rev. Jeremiah Wright Has the group kneel down to pray for the grasshopper’s
    sake, While he damns the ants.

    President Obama condemns the ant And blames President Bush 43, President Bush 41, President Reagan, Christopher Columbus, and the Pope For the grasshopper’s Plight.

    Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid Exclaim in an interview with Larry King that the ant has Gotten rich off the back of the Grasshopper, And both call for an immediate tax hike on the ant to make him pay his fair share.

    Finally, the EEOC drafts The Economic Equity & Anti-Grasshopper Act Retroactive to the beginning of The summer.

    The ant is fined for failing to hire a proportionate number Of green bugs and, Having nothing left to pay his retroactive taxes, his home is confiscated by the Government Green Czar And given to the grasshopper.

    The story ends as we see the grasshopper And his free-loading friends finishing up the last bits of the ant’s food while the government house he is in, which, as you recall, just happens to be the ant’s old house, Crumbles around them because the grasshopper doesn’t maintain it.

    The ant has disappeared in the snow, never to be seen again. The grasshopper is found dead in a drug related incident, and the house, now abandoned, is taken

    Over by a gang of spiders who terrorize the ramshackle, once prosperous and peaceful, neighborhood.

    The entire Nation collapses Bringing the rest Of the free world with it.

    MORAL OF THE STORY: Be careful how you vote in 2014 and 2016!

    1. WhutHeSaid December 18, 2013

      2013 Ending To Story:

      Ant starts acting vile, crazy and bigoted — running around in circles annoying everyone…


      Welcome to the lying redneck bigot future.

  11. m8lsem December 18, 2013

    Idaho’s current power-elite Republicans are seemingly somewhat to the right of the late Mussolini, if not Genghis Khan. That’s why Medicare expansion is not in effect here and is likely never to be. In their minds ‘federal’ is an obscenity. We are rapidly becoming the Western Deep South in problems and non-solutions.

  12. ExRadioGuy15 December 18, 2013

    Le’ts just say that, if the people who’ve been screwed by the GOP because of their refusal to accept Medicaid money, the GOP in the Red states, especially Texas, would be in serious trouble. But, as has been said several times in this comment thread, GOP voters generally vote against their own best interests.

  13. howa4x December 18, 2013

    The problem with the GOP base is they have become mean spirited angry, and selfish older Christian white men. That is not a demographic that is expanding but contracting. A lot of these so called patriots are on Medicare and have their health needs met, so to deny others is spiteful. This is the platform the GOP will be running on a mixture of hatred and fear( normal). This is emulated in the denial of health access to millions of the so called takers where their hatred is vented. They would love to see people of color and sinful women(unwed) die in the name of their perverse religious beliefs. The south where the denial of access is the most vehement is also the area of the country that leads in a dubious category which is obesity and the associated poor health outcomes of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.. These zealots need to done their traditional white hoods and show the world who they really are, although most of us already know.
    Mean while the hospital systems in these states will come under extreme financial duress with having to treat the millions of uninsured in their ER’s. It is the most expensive portal to enter the health care system and soon these systems will be knocking on state house doors for relief or go into collapse. This is another man made republican crisis that will hit. The silver lining is that the blue states will not have to bail them out. Their governors will be forced to except the Medicaid expansion.

  14. Terry December 18, 2013

    Here’s a better question, “What If Every Voter That Wants Medicaid Expansion Had to Pay For It?

  15. Benjamin Dover December 18, 2013

    Without brain-dead idiots, the democrat party would have no constituency.

    1. infadelicious December 18, 2013

      You nailed it!

    2. WhutHeSaid December 18, 2013

      Yes, that’s why you unwashed redneck bigots are whining, sniveling, and fighting with each other over who can act the most like an idiotic asshole. Have you ever heard of an intelligent Tea-Bigot? Me neither.

  16. Frank LaSush December 18, 2013

    How about if all the people Obama, Reid, and Pelosi have lied to voted GOP? Can you spell landslide?! How about if all the people that lost their Health Insurance because of Obamacare voted GOP?

  17. Lindy December 18, 2013

    Democrats always holding their hands out wanting more and more and more and yet, don’t have the intelligence to ask, where is the money going to come from to support those being put onto Medicaid? The states are broke, the country is broke, millions unemployed, millions collecting food stamps. The bank is empty.

  18. Jed Clampet December 18, 2013

    What if everyone voted Republican because they feel Obama care caused them to lose their insurance or had their employment status go from full time to part time so employers would not have to provide benefits at all to employees

  19. herro December 19, 2013

    Left and right are two sides to the same coin with only one job and purpose. That is to distract and divide the public from what’s actually happening behind the curtain of greed sponsored by all of your favorite corporations. Wanna change that? Write in your candidates on your ballot and start following where all the money is actually going.

  20. Bryan Blake December 19, 2013

    The Big Elephant in the room is what the Big Elephant has been doing. The Big Elephant has gone mad trampling the voting rights of minorities, college students, the elderly, the disabled, poor and the working poor in general. The Republicans know that their base will turn out despite enhanced requirements to vote. Their base has some extra money and will spend it to qualify at lot more often than those adversely affected by these new voting laws – especially photo ID. When and if these groups do vote they tend to vote against Republicans. As Mr. Sattler points out the Republicans are outnumbered. With the changes occurring in demographics, white Republicans know that their days of having the only grip of power are drawing to a close. Texas had already passed its new draconian voter id law and was impatiently waiting for The Wizards of SCOTUS to gut the voting rights act.

    If the lower middle class, the working poor and the poor are going to become an effective voting block then it is going to take some old fashioned community organizers. The rebirth of this kind of movement will be at the core of the return of the orbit of center-left values to our politics, our society and our economy. Just as it was during the New Deal these are the very people that are the foundation of a renewed Middle Class. Which is very hopeful in and of itself.

  21. yes2freespeach December 20, 2013

    I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.” Hillary said this

  22. RobertCHastings December 21, 2013

    Unfortunately, those who will be denied Medicaid are, generally, not voters. Life is, for many reasons, too difficult already for them to be concerned with how the vote goes. For many of the millions who will be denied, staying alive, eating, and finding shelter are much more important functions for them, so the Republicans have found the perfect victims.

  23. irishtap December 22, 2013

    This issue more than any other clearly illustrates the inhumane character of the GOP. It also, in stark relief points to the unfathomable, cold blooded consequences of the “free market” health care system. Millions of people dying from treatable illness over several decades – only because of actuaries determining those needing insurance, do more harm than good to the bottom line. After witnessing the past few years of GOP recalcitrance in fighting against a law which ‘still allows the market place to run the show’, sans some of the worst of the previously allowed abuses, I consider the GOP an enemy of mankind. They are nothing but a collection of scummy liars – guarding the gates of the super rich.

  24. Defend The Constitution December 23, 2013

    In this YouTube video, CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield laughs at the nonsense espoused by delusional liberal Charlie Rangel: http://youtu.be/g2zzs-rOayc?t=2m45s


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