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Will The Electoral College Save Us From A President Trump?

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Will The Electoral College Save Us From A President Trump?

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WASHINGTON — Glum, my head is not dancing with visions of sugar plums as Christmas comes near. All that matters is Monday, when the Donald J. Trump presidency will likely be sealed by the Electoral College. Or will it save us?

“Time to get over it.”

That’s what they tell me — my Republican friends. They are, of course, talking about the 2016 election. Then there was Charles Lane’s column in today’s Washington Post: “We Need to Get Over the Popular Vote.” And you, Chuck?

And I say unto them: “I will never get over it.”

All votes are not created equal. Aye, there’s the rub.

Hillary Clinton got nearly three million more votes than Trump, but somehow she lost. America lost. Little girls who campaigned lost a dream of democracy: the first American woman president.

Some predict scattershot plots in the Electoral College. In the ritual state-by-state tally, a handful of “faithless electors” may flip from Trump. But likely not enough to get our hopes up.

Two legal experts, Slate writer Dahlia Lithwick and professor David S. Cohen, wrote in The New York Times, “As Monday’s Electoral College vote approaches, Democrats should be fighting tooth and nail.”

That is not happening. Even as Trump alienates every government agency under the sun — especially the CIA, insulting its Russian intel — there are no signs of life in the Democratic winter. Nobody is sending Christmas cards. Bracing for the storm that’s coming, the party has gone into a mass slumber.

Oh, I might add, I’m not even over the brutish 2000 election, settled by the Supreme Court, 5-4. It gave new meaning to “one man, one vote.”

That broke my heart pretty good, given Al Gore won half a million votes more than George W. Bush in the closest election I’ve seen. Antonin Scalia, the late member of the Supreme Court, snarled on 60 Minutes: “Get over it.” Gore was a good loser.

Look how well that turned out. Bush turned out be a war president who ran the economy down. He ignored a beguiling city drowning. His Patriot Act created a surveillance state. Torture happened on his watch. Bush was the worst president of my lifetime.

Now and then, the Electoral College deals a deathblow to democracy. Under the unfair system set up more than 200 years ago, the state results “trump” the national popular vote. Often that does not matter, but in really close elections, the victor can be the loser of the national popular vote.

Constitutional law expert Garrett Epps observes that the Electoral College has brought the country “to the edge of collapse” several times.

Alexander Hamilton and James Madison convened the bright white men who met in Philadelphia in 1787 at the Constitutional Convention. Hamilton and Madison were about 40, at the zenith of their powers, but weighted small states and slave states with too much power. Hamilton let Madison, a Southern slaveholder, get away with the vast disparities in the design.

So, populous Pennsylvania and tiny Delaware had both two senators. California and Wyoming are a wild imbalance of power in the Senate. That matters because College electors equal the number of Senate and House members. (Slaves used to be counted for representation.)

The Electoral College — which does not meet in person — can distort the true national will.

That’s exactly what happened in the tragic election of 1876. I’m not over that, either. Democrat Samuel Tilden tied Republican Rutherford B. Hayes. The deadlock was settled with the dirtiest deal ever done in American history.

Civil War cannons were silenced with the surrender at Appomattox in 1865. To pursue a settlement for racial justice, after slave emancipation, the Union created a post-war program in the conquered South. Reconstruction was hated as Yankee meddling. That’s how the Ku Klux Klan was born.

To this day, American black families speak of 1876 as a terrible turning point, backward. Reconstruction was abolished. Jim Crow was their new “law and order.” The betrayal was complete.

Hayes lost the popular vote. As did the younger Bush. As did Trump.

Republicans know this is worth fighting for, as Lithwick and Cohen remind us.

Too bad Democrats are such good losers, even when they win.

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IMAGE: A supporter of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump holds a sign at the USA Thank You Tour event at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S., December 8, 2016. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton



  1. Dominick Vila December 16, 2016

    Republicans do know that preserving the undemocratic Electoral College is worth fighting for. They figured out long ago that the key to win elections is not to win the popular vote, but to win the Electoral College vote. Towards that end, they have pursued a well crafted political strategy focused on winning as many small and mid size states as possible, as many Governorships and State legislatures as possible, as many local governments as possible, because they know that controlling the heartland, and the majority of States is the key to control, not only the presidency, but Congress as well.
    Democrats focus on the popular vote, which we win routinely because of the support our values and vision enjoy in the largest and most prosperous states in the Union, apparently not realizing, in spite of so many defeats at all levels of government, that the popular vote does not determine the outcome of elections in the USA. Dreaming of an Electoral College revolt is as delusional as dreaming of a White Christmas in Florida. Miracles are a chimera for the naive. The majority of States in the Union chose Trump, some by small margins, but they did and their representatives in the Electoral College are not going to go against the wishes of their fellow citizens, especially when most of them are Trump’s most ardent supporters. Instead of praying for miracles, let’s focus on 2018, when there is a good chance we may lose more congressional seats. Let’s focus on 2020, and hope that Trump’s policies are so damaging to our country that what has been happening, with a few occasional bumps on the road, makes a U-turn and sanity trumps masochism.

    1. TZToronto December 16, 2016

      If, in 2020, Democrats win the white House, the next President will be able to cancel most of the inevitable hundreds of executive orders Trump will have issued–many undoubtedly unconstitutional. Then we’ll have to listen to the wails and whines about how it’s unfair to undo executive orders. These will be the same people who now complain about President Obama’s executive orders. And then the GOP will go to the Supreme Corporate Court to try to keep the repressive and anti-middle-class executive orders in place. The USA could be stuck with Trump’s legacy for decades.

      1. Bill Smith 999935 December 16, 2016

        That’s the plan.

      2. Dominick Vila December 16, 2016

        That’s one of my greatest fears. There is a good chance that Trump will be able to nominate as many as three Supreme Court Justices during his first term. If that becomes reality, we are going to feel the effects of his legacy for at least a generation.

        1. mike December 16, 2016

          Everyone knew what was at stake during this election and dems ignored their base and will now pay the pipper. Hillary had a poor message and it cost the left dearly.

          1. I Am Helpy December 16, 2016

            How is Hillary to blame for the actions of Putin’s GOP?

          2. Dominick Vila December 16, 2016

            It wasn’t just Putin. FBI Director Comey had a lot to do with it. The fact that thousands of Bernie’s supporters opted to vote for Johnson or Stein, did not help. The fact that lots of Democrats were so convinced that Hillary had it in the bag, and did not bother to vote, did not help. Having said all that, she did ignore or angered blue collar workers and miners, who did not like Trump, but decided to vote for him hoping some of this promises would come true.

          3. mike December 16, 2016

            For once you almost got it right. You can try and blame Comey but this whole scenario would be moot if Hillary had not gone against Obama’s directive of 2009 to use govt. servers, had wanted to be transparent for the American people. Instead she put in her own server and then lied to the American people.

          4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 16, 2016

            Server on the pea brain—is that all you can muster as to why Trump was able to hijack the election, thanks to a lot of help from Putin and his army of Trolls?

          5. mike December 16, 2016

            Hijack? Really? Hillary blew it big time. Hillary and the arrogance of the left were clueless to thoughts of millions of Americans and they were thumped badly on Election Day.
            Trump is the next president get over and get on with your life.

          6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 16, 2016

            My life is unaffected by Trump, the illegitimate heir to the presidency. Trump lost before he even began to run, morally and ethically. But your slavish devotion to his personality and being enamored with his slogans hooked you and Putin just reeled you in. “President”(?) with a small “p” will assume office with Putin calling the shots and hacking away at Trump’s computer accounts.

          7. Carole Moore December 18, 2016

            Mike, you are just plain delusional and you just keep repeating the same mantra of untruth?? Why is that??

          8. mike December 18, 2016

            I’m delusional! No it’s all yours.
            The democratic party after losing the House, Senate in previous elections completely missed the mood of their base.
            Hillary was tone deaf to the needs of those who supported Obama and became upset with his lack of delivering his campaign promises.
            Hear it from Obama.


            Try this Progressive activists site and then try and ask me “why is that”? Who is delusional now.


          9. mike December 16, 2016

            Hillary is to blame for her devastating loss, no one else, she was an incompetent candidate.
            Keep trying the Putin connection it just makes you look sillier, less intelligent and more laughable.

          10. I Am Helpy December 16, 2016

            OK, sorry you think you can hand-wave away actual treason KKKomrade.

          11. mike December 16, 2016

            Looks like you have diarrhea of the brain. Not surprised!

          12. I Am Helpy December 16, 2016

            Who would have thought an inbred neo-Nazi traitor couldn’t come up with better than elementary school insults, aside from everyone.

          13. mike December 16, 2016

            You are incredibly stupid and a
            poor loser.
            Ta Ta

          14. I Am Helpy December 16, 2016

            See previous post.

          15. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 16, 2016

            Still a juvenile all the way.

      3. dbtheonly December 16, 2016

        It’s the other half of the argument about Hillary affecting the SCOTUS for 20 years.

      4. mike December 16, 2016

        Trumps not in office. You have no earthly idea what EO’s he will need ot use.
        The SCOTUS part you got right.
        Hillary blew it for you!

    2. dbtheonly December 16, 2016

      Well Dom,

      We’ve had this argument before. The United States is a federal republic, not a democracy. It’s that “States” part of the title. But take out the word “undemocratic” and I’m with you entirely.

      I have to question where Jamie Stiehm is going with her complaint about the 1876 election. Does she think that Democrat Tilden would have been a better choice for Black Folks than Republican Hays? Dies she imagine that Tilden would have kept Reconstruction? What betrayal?

      She also asserts that small States and Slave States were “weighted with too much power”. Does she miss the fact that that power was the price of them joining the Union and adopting the Constitution?

    3. Beethoven December 16, 2016

      Theoretically, the United States was created as a constitutional democracy, with the idea that the majority should basically rule the government, but within limits prescribed by the Constitution that protected the minority from oppression. Unfortunately, we have devolved into a government ruled by the minority, that is determined to gradually eliminate the constitutional protections that protect the majority from oppression by the minority.

    4. mike December 16, 2016

      Dom you’re right. The Republicans had a plan that they have been developing for years. They have watched Obama drag this country down and sent him a resounding message of repudiation. Dems/Hillary believed in bi-coastal politics, screw the middle of the country and its base they will fall inline, even though they had felt the losses in 2010, 2012, 2014 at every level of government. Face it, the arrogance of the left blew up in their face. Hillary won only 57 out 3141 counties with almost all on opposite sides of the country. You and your leadership buried your heads in the sand. You allowed the Clinton’s to have a stranglehold on the party at the detriment of new faces and new ideas. Your day of reckoing has come we will see what direction the party takes. Pelosi said all is fine so I don’t think things will be getting better soon.
      As to Trump, we will see. What we do see is a new attitude in the country and hope for real economic change. Please spare me all those stupid words like boom(there has been not boom under Obama), full employment and others. Growth is the magic word and if growth under thrump does happen the left can forget about 2018 and 2020. I want him to succeed you on the left don’t. You and the others can make all the snide remarks you want about Trump(some deserved) but if he doesn’t get things rolling we are in dire straits as a country.
      Merry Christmas!

      1. I Am Helpy December 16, 2016

        In what sense did Obama “drag the country down”? What metrics are you using? Unemployment is low, wages have never been higher, crime is way down. What are you talking about? Oh, right, the President is black.

        1. mike December 18, 2016

          More of your gibberish. “Wages have never been higher.” Really? Higher than before 2008? if that was the case Hillary would have won. “Unemployment is low” anyone with a brain know the U3 numbers are biased on the low side. U6 number is a much more reliable indicator. Crime has been dropping since 1994. Big deal.
          You brought up color not me.

          1. I Am Helpy December 18, 2016

            Sorry you’re angry and stupid! That doesn’t change the facts that 1) the average wage is the highest it’s ever been, adjust for inflation or not, and 2) unemployment is low.

            I hope that helps!

          2. mike December 18, 2016

            Again you’re wrong.
            Not surprised how uninformed you are.
            Unemployment is low only in your pea brain. Down, Yes! But many still who have quit looking for jobs. Now what’s the Participation rate?
            Let me help you. Look at the first chart and tell me wages highest ever in 2016.

          3. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            MMMM yes a biased right-wing think tank owned by sociopathic billionaires sure is more trustworthy than … well, everybody else.

          4. mike December 19, 2016

            Prove them wrong. Pretty simple show where there numbers are incorrect.

          5. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016


            I hope that helps! Sorry you believe dumb lies!

          6. mike December 19, 2016

            So tell me what specifically did you want me to look at on the bls? The chart on “medium weekly wage”? When I go to the chart on weekly wages 2004-2014(last year reported on this site) wages are below 2004. Are you really this confused and uninformed. You give me a bls site to try to prove your point about “highest wages ever” under obama but all it did was prove you were wrong. Only in your vacuous brain does that indicate higher wages.
            You tryand blow off epi.org, a well respected business site, that is nonprofit and “nonpartisan” think tank, that business go to for reliable information. I know you have the proof “epi” is to the right and biased. Right?
            Here is one from payscale.com. Not right not left. Read and weep. Notice how far below the top of the bars for 2016 are compared to top of the bars for wages to 2007-08.
            2016 wages are not “higher than ever” as you have stated. Wrong again.

          7. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            Sorry you’re innumerate and are desperate to cling on to dumb lies from a right-wing advertising agency, I mean think tank. Not that they can even lie convincingly if you dig down enough into their data – this chart is from their site also: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e5d82ce58d7a767b96cd2bb2264d1514892add5a3a1abd3c530ad9e41ea36f2b.png

            Sorry, but you don’t get to pretend you’re right.

          8. mike December 19, 2016

            LOL! So Bureau of Labor Statistics is wrong? Now what did you want me to look at on the bls site you posted earlier. You haven’t answered. The Chart above is from bls, right? If so, direct me to it’s exact location on site. If not, give me the site you pulled this from.
            You continue to push garbage.
            Wages are not higher. The majority of people that are new hires over the last 6 years have been low pay part time workers.


          9. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            Uh sorry you’re this stupid. Not my problem!

          10. mike December 19, 2016

            So you couldn’t find find what you wanted to look at on bls site. THen you couldn’t produce where the chart you tried to use and now you have no response to the money article. You are 0 for 3.
            What a little twit you are.

          11. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            Yes, I already said you were both stupid and innumerate.

          12. mike December 19, 2016

            You haven’t explained with medium household income below 2008 levels and the majority of new hires the last 6 years being part time and low wages, how wages can be higher than ever.
            Looks like you are now 0 for 4.
            You can’t answers the questions. How funny.????

          13. I Am Helpy December 20, 2016

            Yes, I get that you don’t understand what words mean. Hourly wages are the highest they’ve ever been – well, almost, they were a couple of cents higher last month. Median (not “medium”, you illiterate peasant) income is not remotely the same thing as wages.

            I hope that helps!

          14. mike December 20, 2016

            And yet, bls says it isn’t so!
            Keep that 0 for 4 going. 4 questions/requests and no responses. Still acting like a little twit.
            I misspelled a word, big deal. You got the message, under obama income is not back to 2008 levels even though the recession has been over for 7 years and wages aren’t higher than ever. People are still hurting after the recession ended because of obama’s policies, that Hillary said she would continue, so the voters said
            It’s over Hillary was humiliated.

          15. I Am Helpy December 20, 2016

            Yes, I get that you cannot understand words; it’s because you’re a moron.

          16. mike December 20, 2016

            0 for 4
            Bls site you posted says you’re wrong.
            Can’t refute the facts but I’m the moron. How funny!

          17. I Am Helpy December 20, 2016

            Yes, you can’t seem to grasp the difference between two unrelated things, and that’s my fault. Sorry that you believe nonsense! Wages are the highest they’ve ever been.

        2. David December 18, 2016

          POS fraud as usual.

          1. I Am Helpy December 18, 2016

            I own you.

  2. Bill Smith 999935 December 16, 2016

    Yep. Get over it.

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 16, 2016

    What an appropriate, resounding, and befitting atonement the Electoral College would make in correcting an immorally contrived election system centered around the theme of Slavery in America.
    If only the “Electors” have the courage and moral fortitude to properly address this byzantine artifice devised as a “wink” and “nod” to slave-holding states in assigning weight to votes cast by Americans then, it would be a shot heard around the world with far more resonance than that fired at Concord, Mass.
    By doing the right thing, these “Electors” will further hasten America towards fulfilling its Spiritual Destiny as described by Abdu’l Baha in which he foresaw this nation as possessing the potential, despite its countless flaws, to lead the rest of the world spiritually.
    Partisan politics is a potent and toxic mix that deranges the senses and mental capacities of those too deeply immersed in it and fanatically attached to it, and thereby retards America’s progress towards that destiny bequeathed to it by Baha’u’llah.

    Will America fulfill this Destiny, or will another nation have this bounty shifted to it, in the event of America’s failure to rise to its potential???

    The next few days may give an indication which trajectory we will take—despite the nefarious deeds of the Kremlin, and short-sighted goals centered around job prospects.

    1. mike December 16, 2016

      The founders were brilliant setting up not as a democracy.
      Your problem lies in the fact that Hillary ignored important states, wanted to extend obama’s pathetic policies and got trounced.
      Simply, the election was a repudiation of Obama and Hillary one of the worst candidate ever to run. A party that walked away from its base and got knocked on its butt.
      No House, No Senate, No Presidency, No SCOTUS Nominations, no Power.
      The fault lies with you and the left. You blew it!!
      Merry Christmas.

      1. Zengo December 16, 2016

        oh and don’t forget the gerrymandering and voting irregularities

        1. mike December 16, 2016

          Only a silly leftist like you would want to use gerrymandering as an excuse. So Democrats couldn’t fight back? You ignore mid-term 2006. Couldn’t make changes after overwhelming Obama win? Gerrymandering is not the main culprit for the partisan polarization. Just look at the Senate no districts involved. The massive democratic losses are the product of strategic blunders and miscalculations by Democratic leaders. They ignored the nitty-gritty of state politics and are now paying the price.
          As to voting irregularities. Do you mean like Detroit/wayne county both heavily democrat and who over whelming voted for Hillary.

          1. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            “Sure we cheated and sold out the country to a foreign despot, but, uh, you should have arrested us for our open treason! So in a way it’s your fault, somehow!!!1”

          2. mike December 19, 2016

            More of your delusional rantings. I almost positive you are certifiable nuts.

          3. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            Oh no, an uneducated bigot thinks I’m nuts because I accurately summed up his drivel.

          4. mike December 19, 2016

            Well your post just about seals that you are certifiably nuts.

          5. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            See previous post.

      2. I Am Helpy December 16, 2016

        Yeah she should have not let the GOP gerrymander and suppress votes, and taken a crash course in IT so she could stop the Russian hackers. Then there would just be the billionaires with the media empires dedicated to publishing fake news about her and covering up Trump’s crimes.

        1. mike December 16, 2016

          More of your gibberish I see.

          1. I Am Helpy December 16, 2016

            Sorry you’re functionally illiterate.

          2. mike December 16, 2016

            Only in your pea brain.
            Your continued gibberish is making me laugh even more.

          3. I Am Helpy December 16, 2016

            See previous post.

          4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 16, 2016

            Pea brain? Surely you jest, unless you’re looking in the mirror.

          5. Jim Samaras December 17, 2016

            Helpy the tomato headed septic filler is doing the best he can man! Have some patience with the little window licker

          6. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            Hi Jim,

            Sorry that you’re so upset about all the times I destroyed your dumb racist ass, but there’s no point in reassuring your fellow neo-Nazis that I’m not going to hurt them, as I most certainly am.

            I hope that helps!

        2. David December 18, 2016

          POS fraud!

          1. I Am Helpy December 18, 2016

            You belong to me, creepy dumb stalker.

          2. David December 18, 2016

            All you own is being a POS fraud.

          3. I Am Helpy December 18, 2016

            OK sorry you have nothing better to do than have an epic six-month meltdown in which you abuse someone for reasons you cannot even vaguely articulate. It’s because you’re garbage.

          4. David December 18, 2016

            I enjoy reminding a POS fraud exactly what he is. Hope that helps!

          5. I Am Helpy December 18, 2016

            Yes I get that you’re stupid and nuts. Good luck with your ineffectual & abusive stalking, crazy psychopath!

          6. David December 18, 2016

            POS fraud!

          7. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            OK sorry I crushed you so badly that your brain broke. Good news is, nobody cared about you anyway.

          8. David December 19, 2016

            POS fraud!

          9. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            It’s hilarious that you think this bedwetting tantrum does anything more than cement my already low opinion of the kind of moron Trump cons.

      3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 16, 2016

        You’re too dense to understand the implications of what I wrote. Is all you think of is a warm couch on which to perch your heinie all day, drinking a beer, dreaming wet dreams of Trump and the GOP, and busily engaged in watching your mind slowly deteriorate??
        AWAKE, mike, and cultivate some higher thoughts for a change!! Don’t be content with mediocrity and the dreariness that Trump represents.

        1. mike December 16, 2016

          Thanks for the laugh.
          I think the person living under a rock is you.
          She lost, you lost, the country gained this past election. It seems you can’t refute the contents of my post so you can only muster silly, snide remarks that are worthless.
          End of story.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 16, 2016

            If that suits your fancy, mike, then so be it. The country lost, but your mind is too infatuated with Trump to realize the danger Trump poses. All you can discern because of short-sightedness are economic gains. Such a shallow and superficial perspective is why Trump prevailed on a technicality thanks to slavery; and you have retreated into an insularity that keeps you from seeing the whole earth as one homeland—something that Trump is blind to as well as he only thinkis about himself and has deluded millions into thinking he’s the real deal when he’s actually the consummate con-man who conned you as well. All that matters to you is your own well-being, and that of others who look and think like you. What a pathetic view and one that is opposite the spirit of Jesus—but what do you care about your relationship to your God, to Jesus, and your fellow humans. Merry Christmas—I think.
            End of Story.

          2. mike December 16, 2016

            No the country gained.
            Did I mention Hillary lost! You for 8 years have watched your party lose election after election and didn’t have a clue of the consequences until this election.
            Economy will start growing at a faster rate that the sluggish rate under the anti-business Obama, you know “the regulation king”, that will help all Americans.
            “Spirit of Jesus” what ????????.
            You really are a jerk.

            Merry Christmas

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 16, 2016

            I don’t think Putin is all that interested in building up the economy to benefit you and your cronies. Manufacturing as you expect it is going the way of the dodo, and Trump doesn’t have as much interest in you as you vainly hope.
            Merry Christmas? What does that mean to you besides the purely materialistic aspect. No need to speculate what you will revert to come 12/26/16, since you’ve already forgotten the true meaning of
            Christmas with your immature attitude. Jesus is merely an afterthought—it’s Trump who you worship. Merry Trumpmas!

          4. Jim Samaras December 17, 2016

            Aaron, why do I have the feeling that Trump could walk on water and you’d belie that fact and say it was because he couldn’t swim. I ask you, if he does great things for this nation and no harm befalls ANYONE in our country because of him, will you admit it

      4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 16, 2016

        You have a strange notion of brilliance. A system concocted to accommodate slave-holding states isn’t brilliant—it’s sordid. But then again, being unsavory and debased is your cup of tea, and your litany of scorched-earth comments over the years shows a man who is beside himself with GOP fanaticism and the wet dreams derived therefrom.
        I take it you don’t get out much nor have a social life. So you come here to take out your frustrations on others too numerous to name. There are therapies for that, you know. The popular vote differs from your flawed assessment.
        And no—basing an artifice to make accommodations for the immoral act of enslaving under harsh and dehumanizing conditions is NOT brilliant but diabolical and satanic in spirit. The blood and unpaid toil of slaves is the mortar holding the “bricks” is the foundation of the Electoral College together, Simon Legree, and which allowed Trump to add another trophy to his room of trophies. You would make a perfect cheer-leader for Trump; a skirt, pom poms and sparkles sprinkled on your face would add a special touch.
        “GO TRUMP GO!!!”

        End of Story.

        1. mike December 16, 2016

          I see your babbling continues.
          You can babble all you want but it doesn’t change the fact that Trump won.
          Get over it. Hillary blew it. Obama policies were repudiated.
          End of story.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 17, 2016

            Yes, it does. And you love it.

          2. mike December 17, 2016

            Not really! I worry about your mental health. I hope you don’t go deeper into depression.

          3. Jinmichigan December 18, 2016

            trump won? NO. Not by any measure.

          4. mike December 18, 2016

            So Clinton will be inaugurated on 20th of January, Right? If not, then you are very very wrong. You can believe what ever you want but Trump will be nominating candidates for SCOTUS, setting agenda and the left will have the smallest amount of power going back over 80 years. Presidential election is based on EC not the popular vote.
            I understand your statement but it means zilch. You lost the presidency.

          5. yabbed December 18, 2016

            HIllary Clinton won more popular votes than any candidate in history which was 3 mil more votes that DoofusDonald.

          6. David December 18, 2016

            Won? Really? Where is the “winner” going to be on Jan 20?

          7. mike December 18, 2016

            So what? It means nothing! Presidential elections are based on the EC. Hillary knew that and proceeded to ignore her base and lost the election.

          8. Joan December 18, 2016

            How were Obama’s policies repudiated? His popularity % among all American’s is higher than buffoon elect Trump’s. Hillary running on a platform of continuing Obama’s legacy won TWO and A HALF MILLION MORE votes than Trump and his platform of lies. Even Trump’s electoral win is in the bottom five of any Presidental elections. Trump does not have a mandate, a plan or a clue. You live in Trump’s truthless world, bless your heart.

          9. mike December 18, 2016

            Obama repudiation. Hillary said her administration would be the 3rd term of Obama. She lost!
            Obama Popularity means zilch.
            Her popular vote means zilch.
            As to where trump fits on EC list. You can’t even get that right. Thrump is not 5th worst! He is actually 46th out of 58 elections. 11 presidents with a smaller % of EC votes. Presidents that are worse, Nixon, Kennedy, Carter, Bush43, Jefferson. NYT’s 12/18/2016

  4. patsy.wong December 16, 2016

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  5. Otto T. Goat December 16, 2016

    All the Constitutional “experts” cited in this article are retards.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 16, 2016

      How quaint and amusing to see a guy with only double-digit IQ call experts retards. Thanks again for the humor, Otto.

      1. David December 19, 2016

        The “humor” is believing in the Baha’i dogma.

        1. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

          Who would have thought you were a religious bigot as well as the other kinds.

    2. greenlantern1 December 18, 2016

      YOU are a “genius”?

    3. FT66 December 18, 2016

      Hello Otto the Goat, these two words: experts and retards never go together in a sentence.

    4. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

      OK thanks for opinion, actual Nazi guy with no balls.

  6. Jim Samaras December 17, 2016

    The author, being butt hurt still of the 1876 election results, shows how retarded the libtards really are

    1. yabbed December 18, 2016

      What is going to hurt is Trump’s rich man stranglehold on people like you. He’s going to hurt you really, really hugely. 🙂

    2. leonardo311 December 18, 2016

      Find you “won”, but what did you really win? Lock her up? No Mr T says he is not going to prosecute . . . Build a Wall? No Mr. T says in places a fence might have to do . . . Protect Social Security and Medicare? Well no Mr T and Mr Ryan are floating a plan to privatize both programs. Balanced Budget and do something about the $20 Trillion debt? Well no Mr T thinks we need to spendmore on the military AND cut taxes for the very wealthy. Create Jobs? Don’t count on it, with lower taxes, there will be even less of an incentive to spend funds on tax deductible expenditures (wages and factories).

      Hold on to your hat and your wallet as you are in for a wild ride, Mr T promised us a populist future, but is cabinet choices indicate a plutocratic government.

  7. yabbed December 18, 2016

    The Electoral College is an anachronism and a hindrance to democracy in this age. More Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump. That should be the measure of the win.

    1. David December 18, 2016

      New York and California should run this country? NOT!!!!! We are a “republic”. Look it up.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker December 18, 2016

        NY should run the country. Not you and your uneducated hick states. YOu love to bite the hand that feeds your OIL polluted state? Think about what happens when we demand our state AGs pull out ALL federal funding. We do not have to contribute to pukes from TX.

        1. David December 18, 2016

          Eleanore!!!! The opinion of someone like you who is an uneducated liar is largely meaningless. Enjoy saying, “President Trump” for the next 8 years!

          1. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            It’s weird that you, of all people, call somebody else an uneducated liar. Maybe review your post history, Diaper Dave.

          2. David December 19, 2016

            You are a POS fraud!

          3. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            I love these little reminders that dumb bigots have such delicate fee-fees that they will go completely nuts when their inadequacy is demonstrated. Thanks, Diaper Dave!

      2. leonardo311 December 18, 2016

        This is just BS and you know it, the are Dems and Repubs in all 50 states we are people individuals, and as “all men are created equal” our votes should carry equal weight and not be deluded because we might live in a more populous State.

        I am sure if the “shoe was on the other foot” you would be screaming at the top of your lungs. Of course this theory will never get tested, as the Republicans as a party have already realized that their policies are not favored by the majority of voters, so instead of changing their policies, they have found it easier to change who gets to vote.

        1. David December 18, 2016

          Try reading how the United “States” was formed. The electoral college was one basic elements of our republic.

      3. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

        The states which make the most money and the most economic impact should have fair representation based on their population? NO WAY!!!1

        1. David December 19, 2016

          They have two senators each and representatives based on population. This is “fair”, POS fraud.

          1. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            I’m sorry crazy stalker guy, but your dumbass opinions don’t actually matter to anybody.

            I hope that helps!

          2. David December 19, 2016

            You are a DA fraud!

          3. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            I’m not a cruel man, but I love that I humiliated you this bad and you’re still in tears.

          4. David December 20, 2016

            POS fraud!

          5. I Am Helpy December 20, 2016

            Yes. YES! More! More, you hilarious dummy!

          6. David December 20, 2016

            POS fraud!

          7. I Am Helpy December 20, 2016

            Ah, yeah, that’s the stuff. I own you. I own you forever.

          8. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2016

            aww…what’s that the matter Davey Dickhead? Your state not as densely population per square mile as mine? Your state lives off NY, NJ, CT, MA and RI, taxes. We are the ones who hand over that $17 billion Big Oil received from your House Republican Majority.

            Your State is No. 2 in the ROI it gets for the $1 you pay in federal taxes…$1.78. All of those states NY, NJ, CT, MA, VT, RI, DE and MD get a lousy 55 cents for the $1 we pay in federal taxes.

            Don’t talk about fair you trough feeding nutbagger.

          9. David December 19, 2016

            Eleanore!!!!! Your stupidity raises its ugly head once again. Electoral votes are NOT based upon density of the population. So, feel free to live stacked on top of one another. Electoral votes are based upon the population of a State. So, little New Joisey has about 8,721 square miles has everyone living elbow to elbow. It is the 4th smallest state and has 15 electoral votes. Texas, which has 288,580 square miles, is second in size to Alaska. Oh, we also have 34 electoral votes. So, we are not only bigger, but we also have about 2 1/2 times more electoral votes for the Republicans than does New Joisey have for the Demorats.
            I don’t know your source for the numbers you spew about tax paid versus Fed money received, but I am so glad you ignorant Yankees are seeing to it that Texas gets back a lot more than we send in! Keep up the good work!

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 19, 2016

      just as I feel . in each state the ones with the most votes win . ON PERSON ONE VOTE . THE ONE WITH MORE VOTES WIN plan and simple that DEMOCRACY

  8. Todd Nelson December 18, 2016

    The electoral college was established to prevent the more populous states from riding roughshod over those with smaller populations. We don’t live in a democracy, but rather a representative republic. It was the reason that slaves were to be counted as 3/5 of a free man. This was to limit the power of slave states from imposing their will on less populous free states. Without the electoral college, and its prevention of the slave states from controlling the presidency, we might never have had a civil war and still have slavery today, or the US could have been divided with the southern states becoming a separate country. Mrs. Clinton won California by over 3.5 MILLION votes. Without that, she lost the rest of the country by 1.5 million votes. The electoral college was designed, and successfully so, to stop the tyranny of places like California over the flyover states.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker December 18, 2016

      So genius boy…Explain then if that is the purpose of the Electoral College, why YOUR Republican states have abused that? In 2000, Texas had ONLY 28 electors. You want to explain why with NO appreciative increased in the population of TX which has less population density than the most densely populated US state of NJ, TX now has 38 electors?

      You people are asking for what you get. You think you can just bully the Dem states into allowing you idle bums to live off OUR tax dollars? Think again moron.

      What we intend to do is what you bums of the south and midwest have done since the Civil War…Stand on OUR states’ rights. So, try to FORCE Federal laws that are not included in state laws? We don’t have to abide. You try to steal decades of payroll deductions taken from our paychecks for SS, Medicare and BIG Oil tax subsidies? We sue your states to hand it all right back.

      Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote. The ONLY way your Republicans COULD EVER win an election is to do what they did in 2000 and 2004…Manipulate the number of electors in their states so they have the MOST electors. The direct opposite of what the Electoral College’s intended purpose was for. Try again Jackboots.

      1. Todd Nelson December 18, 2016

        In my attempt to educate the morons in our society, I will answer your comment. The electoral college makeup is reflective of how many senators and congressmen each state has. It doesn’t matter how dense he population is, only how many people are in each state, as reflected by the census every 10 years. The reason Texas got more votes is they got more people,relative to the other states. It is quite simple. The electoral college was designed to limit the power of the most populous states relative to the less populated. This is because the US is NOT a democracy, but, rather, a constitutional republic. The difference is simple. In a democracy 2 lions and a sheep are voting on what to eat for dinner. In a republic, the sheep has a machine gun.

        1. dbtheonly December 18, 2016

          A Federal Republic. But that doesn’t really change anything. The EC and the Senate were the guarantees the smaller States received to join the Union.

          The 3/5 rule was part of the deal to get the Slave States sign on to the Constitution.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2016

          No stupid. The Electoral College is NOT reflective of how many Senators there are in a state. Wow..you really need to study the Constitution MORON.

          My state, NJ has 14 electoral votes. We have two Senators for each party. What a dipshit you are. Texas has 38 electors. They don’t have 38 reflective Senators jerk.

          The sole purpose of the Electoral College was to ensure that states with the smallest populations were not outvoted by states with the largest populations. That was the reason for establishing the Electoral College in 1787. At that time, it was already apparent, that although there were ONLY 13 states, the states first settled by the Colonists had larger populations than some of the newer states coming into statehood like North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio.

          Get an education you dumbass.

    2. FT66 December 18, 2016

      In what country does California belong? Why are you excluding our votes? And why Trump came to campaign here if he thought our votes are not important? Will you allow us also to ignore the EV of MI, PA and WI as there were a lot of irregularities there?

      1. InformedVoter December 18, 2016

        Todd clearly explained how, if not for the landslide in CA, that Trump bested HiLIARy by over 1.5 million popular votes. Thus, if it was just based on the nation’s popular vote, CA would have more influence than they should have.
        As President Trump (doesn’t that sound great!) commented “if the popular vote was important, I would have campaigned there”. Thus delta would have been reduced.
        And lest you forget, there are millions of fraudulent votes for HilIARy from other states like OH, PA and MI. The fiasco in trying to start the failed recount in MI clearly showed that HilLIARy received many votes that were illegally cast. About 60% of Detroit’s precincts could not be included in a recount. Why? Because in the majority of the precincts, HilLIARy received MORE votes than there are registered voters in the precinct! Voter fraud? Move along, nothing to see here.
        This same illegal vote tampering occurred in 2012 in OH and PA and most certainly in this election too.

        1. FT66 December 18, 2016

          The only solution is to nullify the entire election (which is full of many problems) and vote afresh. I know you won’t agree.

          1. InformedVoter December 18, 2016

            No, nullifying the election would be dumb. Typical response from the left – dumb.
            The laws in place have a clear path to bring finality to the President Trump MANDATE.

          2. Andor Trayven December 18, 2016

            No mandate, liar. When you lose more than half the country, you are holding on by your fingernails. Enjoy it while it lasts, liar.

          3. InformedVoter December 19, 2016

            So I’m a liar for telling the truth? President Trump did NOT lose more than half the country. In area, he slaughtered HilLIARy. HilLIARy did NOT receive more than 50% of the votes cast. But I’m the liar? Typical left wing logic.

            President Trump lost the popular vote by 2.6 million. HilLIARy won CA by 4 million. Hence, if the CA vote had not been so lopsided, President Trump wins the popular vote by 1.5 million.
            Of the 6 most populous states, each won 3. Of the 10 most populous states, Trump won 7! Looking like a MANDATE to most informed voters.

            HilLIARy largely carried urban areas in states that Trump won the popular vote. President Trump won 30 states – 60%!
            No matter how you slice it, it IS a MANDATE for President Trump – isn’t that sounding great!

          4. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            It’s not a MANDATE when the majority of the population voted against him.

          5. InformedVoter December 19, 2016

            Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic Dummy and continues to prove to be a lying poster.
            HilLIARy won CA by 4 million votes, so if you discount the margin in just ONE state, then President Trump has 1.5 million more votes than HilLIARy.
            Of the 6 most populous states, each carried 3. Of the 10 most populous states, Trump carried 7!
            Trump won 30 states – 60%.
            So, once more, you have earned your ranking title of “usually inaccurate”.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2016

            Hey Informed Depends Wearer…The most populous states are also the most gerrymandered. When it comes out that those 6 states are not nearly as populated as NY City or NJ, you and your hick morons will find yourselves up the creek as always.

            NJ IS the most densely populated state per square mile. Texas, OH, PA and the rest of your fudge bucket asshat states are not nearly as populated. If you are informed, Trump is Einstein.

          7. InformedVoter December 19, 2016

            Say missy, do you even bother to read what you post? Certainly you don’t understand what you post!
            Gerrymandering has NOTHING to do with being the most populous state. it’s based upon population! Duh!
            So HilLIARy and President Trump each got 3 of the top 6. Then for the top 10 most populous states, President Trump carried 7!
            Thus, except for CA, President Trump won the popular vote by 1.5 million. A certain MANDATE!

          8. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            So STILLL no quote, huh.

          9. InformedVoter December 20, 2016

            Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic Dummy and proven to be a lying poster.
            I provided the “quote” to W. Coyote and he now knows that you’re the fool. And you thought you gave him a heads up. Turns out you, once more, are the “usually inaccurate” poster.

            I think TNM rankings for you are pretty descriptive, and so do others.

          10. I Am Helpy December 20, 2016

            So STILL no quote, huh.

          11. InformedVoter December 23, 2016

            Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic Dummy and proven to be a lying poster,
            You keep denying that Deb resigned over the emails, but that just keeps you looking dumber and dumber to your fellow posters.
            One by one they realize you post nothing of value and mainly lies. What can one expect from a person labelled “usually inaccurate” by TNM.

          12. I Am Helpy December 23, 2016

            So STIILLL no quote, huh.

          13. InformedVoter December 24, 2016

            Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic Dummy and proven to be a big poster of lies,
            You should see how many have remarked that the label TNM gave you is true. Many have now seen that you are in total meltdown by denying that old Deb resigned because of the emails. And your claim the auto bailout making a profit. Even TARP lost money.
            Yup, your label of “usually inaccurate” fits you perfectly.

          14. I Am Helpy December 24, 2016

            So STILL no quote, huh.

          15. InformedVoter December 24, 2016

            Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic Dummy and proven to be a big poster of lies, AKA, “usually inaccrate” title:
            Here’s yet another link proving you post lies.

          16. I Am Helpy December 24, 2016

            So STILL no quote, huh.

          17. InformedVoter December 24, 2016

            Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic Dummy and proven poster of lies,
            I guess you don’t realize how your fellow posters are laughing at your ignorance. “Usually inaccurate” is what you’ve been tagged and it looks like it’s what you’ll remain.

          18. I Am Helpy December 24, 2016

            So STILL no quote, huh.

          19. InformedVoter December 25, 2016

            Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic Dummy and proven poster of lies;
            I guess you have not heard that HilLIARy has admitted she paid for the fake polls and now realizes it was a mistake. Makes you look even more foolish.

          20. I Am Helpy December 25, 2016

            So still NO quote, huh.

          21. InformedVoter December 26, 2016

            Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic Dummy and proven poster of lies and earner of “usually inaccurate” rating:
            Perhaps you haven’t heard? HilLIARy lost the election in near landslide proportions and the GOP retained control of both house and senate. And they owe it all to low information folks like you.

          22. I Am Helpy December 26, 2016

            So still NO quote, huh.

          23. InformedVoter December 26, 2016

            Hey HELLpy, thye Pathetic Dummy and proven poster of lies, AKA, “usually inaccurate”,
            Yes HilLIARy lost! You can’t believe it. She blames you!

          24. I Am Helpy December 26, 2016

            So still NO quote, huh.

          25. InformedVoter December 26, 2016

            Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic Dummy and proven poster of lies and has earned the moniker “usually inaccurate”, yes the other posters have the quote. Try asking one of them.

            FYI, HilLIARy’s henchmen are looking for you.

          26. I Am Helpy December 26, 2016

            So still NO quote, huh.

          27. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2016

            There isn’t a need to nullify the election. We know for a fact that 17 intelligence agencies here and among our European allies have all stated that Putin has rigged the US election and the elections in Italy and Germany.

            That means if this election was rigged in Trump’s favor, he cannot be sworn in to office. That is a MAJOR violation to the US Constitution. Trump has to go. And Pence will not be allowed to take his place since Pence was Trump and the RNC’s choice and didn’t run separately but on the GOP ticket. That disqualifies him to take Trump place.

          28. FT66 December 19, 2016

            I think you have gone around my point. If Trump can’t be sworn-in and neither Pence, there must be someone to lead the nation, do you think it will be Hillary without being decided by the Court or having a new election?

        2. Andor Trayven December 18, 2016

          The lie about “illegal voters” is yet another in the never ending stream of perverted lies right wing morons are continually spewing forth. I grow too disgusted for words with liars like you. Pray you never get your well-earned desserts.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2016

            You recall the little boy who cried wolf once too often? That’s your right wingers right now.

            The louder they yell and scream, the guiltier they are. Their big mouths are a cover for their lying, scheming attempts to takeover our government on OUR, not their tax dollars.

          2. InformedVoter December 19, 2016

            It has been proven that HilLIARy received thousands of illegal votes, so it would appear that your crowd is the one shouting “wolf”.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2016

            No it has NOT be proven dumbo…You are NOT an informed voter. You voted for a slime ball who is using taxpayer dollars in Trump Tower to secure a big piece of profit from his election. That what you are informed about you low life scumbucket?

            From now, don’t you dare post one thing without proof. That means, names, dates, times and places.

            We do know that the hick Governor in Florida dumped 2200 votes for Clinton in the trash. We also know that WI also had a recount that showed that Hillary’s votes were not counted.

            The only proof of anything you have about Hillary comes from Fux News.

          4. InformedVoter December 19, 2016

            Sorry Elle, but you are, once more low information. Didn’t look into FL, as Trump won handily.
            In WI, the final tally showed Trump gaining 162 more votes than originally reported. Nothing reported about votes not being recounted. This is another lefty myth.
            I’m quite surprised you would fall for the fraudulent claim about the WI recount. It’s so easy to verify that Trump got 162 more votes.
            Perhaps you should look for one of those crying rooms that universities put in so you would have a safe place to cry.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2016

            You must be a real hit at your senior citizen parties with these lies you make up day by day. Hillary didn’t receive ANY illegal votes. Now..do you always cover your butt by lying?

            Hillary ran in 2016 moron. Not 2012. YOu can’t even get your dates straight. You are making an absolute ass of yourself.

          6. InformedVoter December 19, 2016

            Sorry missy, but HilLIARy certainly received illegal votes.
            You say no, but then go speak to the folks at the Detroit Free Press. Headline Hillary received 762 more votes than registered voters.
            How could that happen if there were no illegal votes cast for HilLIARy? Duh, NJ math – you know, raise the gas tax 23 cents/gallon so the streets can go unsalted during a snow storm. Makes sense to me.

          7. InformedVoter December 19, 2016

            Me lying about HilLIARy getting illegal votes? Not really. Just look at MI. The recount started and then the courts rightly halted the recount. In Detroit, where HilLIARy got 95% of the vote, the recount uncovered a yuge amount of fraudulent votes for HilLIARy. 37% of the Detroit precincts could not be included in the recount because HilLIARy received more votes than there were registered voters in those precincts. The end result for those precincts that were counted, the recount showed HilLIARy receiving 762 more votes than registered voters in those precincts. And these precincts were considered recountable! Best guess is that HilLIARy received several thousand more votes than she should have and that was just Detroit!
            Similar claims were made in 2012 in OH and PA and were once more made.
            No matter, if you discount the landslide in CA, then President Trump won the popular vote by 1.5 million.
            He won 30 states (60%). Of the 6 most populous states each won 3. Of the 10 most populous states, Trump won 7.
            Sounds like a MANDATE victory!.

          8. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2016

            Hey MORON…Stop posting BS. Hillary was NOT running in 2012…that would have been Romney and Obama. YOu can’t even get your facts straight. (http://www.politifact.com/pennsylvania/statements/2016/aug/12/viral-image/internet-philly-rigged-2012-presidential-election-/)

            As you can see folks, Trump’s main appeal is to lame brained morons who can’t even keep dates straight in their heads.

          9. InformedVoter December 19, 2016

            I just love the way you keep LYING. I NEVER claimed HilLIARy ran in 2012.
            By you making that claim, do you have any idea of how foolish you make yourself look?
            Apparently not, because you just keep making yourself look dumber and dumber!

            I get it, I proved there were many illegal votes for HilLIARy and she STILL lost!
            Get over it and find that crying room soon.

          10. Eleanore Whitaker December 20, 2016

            Nice try at CYA. Too bad I posted YOUR post and you made an idiot of yourself.

            I am not the one who posted “In 2012, in OH and PA, there were claims of vote tampering. In one precinct in Detroit, there are 306 registered voters. The vote tally for HilLIARy was 364 votes.” What the hell does “the vote tally for HiLIARy was 364 mean?” Do you speak in tongues asshat?

            In 2012, Hillary was NOT running. Keep up your lying now that we have more proof you are a nutbagger who denies your own publicly viewed lies. She never HAD 364 votes in 2012…because asshat…she never RAN in 2012. If that is supposed to be proof of your intelligence, who the hell taught you how to put sentences together? Mammy and Pappy Yokum? Go change your depends old geezer.

          11. InformedVoter December 20, 2016

            Sorry Elle, There is no attempt to CYA. I stand by my statements: viz, there were complaints of illegal votes in 2012 and there are, again, complaints in 2016.
            The second sentence began the proof of the illegal votes in 2016.

            Alas, you are such a low information coward, you could not see that. Plain as can be, but your sheltered, PC-driven education once more failed you. Just as it did during your career.

            And just look at the EC vote counts after the Dems spent millions to try and wrestle the presidency away from President Trump. It’s not 306-232, but 304-227. After spending millions, HilLIARy actually lost 5 EC votes while President Trump only lost 2.

            It’s efforts like this, coupled with intelligence from folks like you that caused HilLIARy to lose and give President Trump his MANDATE.

            I can help you locate the nearest crying room in NJ for you as it seems obvious that you are not capable of finding one for yourself.

        3. W. Coyote December 18, 2016

          Informed- Thank you for providing some details with your comments. However, your claims sound remarkably similar to long disproved myths floating around the internet since the election of 2012. Do you have solid proof for your claims?- “millions of fraudulent votes…” Hillary received more votes than registered voters..” I would sincerely appreciate it if you could provide your evidence and cite your sources. Thank you in advance.

          1. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            For the record, that guy also claims to have seen emails that “prove” (e.g.) Hillary was paying pollsters and rigged the primary (a crudely photoshopped hoax). Weirdly, any time he’s asked to link to these emails he can’t seem to, and becomes abusive and inarticulate. Well, even more inarticulate, I guess.

          2. W. Coyote December 19, 2016

            I Am Helpy- Thank you for your reply. And thanks for the heads-up. Maybe he will surprise us and provide some evidence. After reading some of your other comments, it would appear that we probably agree on this issue. I would encourage you to lay off the insults directed toward InformedVoter and others. He has every right to express his opinion. When you resort to name calling and insult, you lower yourself down to the level of the folks who inhabit the right wing echo chamber. If you want to see what I mean, go to comments section of almost any article on Breitbart ConservativeByte, Freedom Force, or any of the dozens of other “conservative” sites. You will see the hundreds or thousands of commenters who confuse insult for debate.

          3. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            I see no upside in being pleasant to racists.

          4. W. Coyote December 19, 2016

            First of all, I have no direct knowledge of whether this guy is racist or not, so I won’t even go there. But, beyond that, I disagree. I think racism is based on fear and lack of knowledge. Most of them are probably very set in their ways. But I think getting into a name calling match solves nothing and probably just makes them dig deeper into their foxhole of fear.

          5. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            I disagree.

          6. W. Coyote December 20, 2016

            OK. Good luck to you. Hope you and your family are doing well.

          7. InformedVoter December 19, 2016

            Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic Dummy and proven to be a worthless liar,
            I told W. Coyote of you denying that Deb resigned because of the leaked emails and that the photoshop hoax you talk about was never seen by me.
            If he’s intelligent, he’ll understand that you are “usually inaccurate”.
            I also provided proof about HilLIARy getting illegal votes.

          8. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            So STILL no quote, huh. Weird.

          9. InformedVoter December 19, 2016

            HilLIARy did receive illegal votes, that is if you consider getting more votes in a precinct than there are voters in the precinct. This morning’s Detroit Free Press, a liberal bastion, front page “Hillary got 762 more votes than registered voters in precincts that were counted”.
            That just about sums up the argument.
            In 37% of the Detroit precincts, the counts for HilLIARy were even worse.
            In 2012, in OH and PA, there were claims of vote tampering. In one precinct in Detroit, there are 306 registered voters. The vote tally for HilLIARy was 364 votes. When the ballot box was opened, it contained 52 votes, all for HilLIARy. It is assumed the poll workers ran the 52 ballots through 7 times, not realizing that by having more votes counted than could have been cast might cause a problem. And it would not have been caught if the recount had not been ordered.

            Regarding Helpy, he still claims that Debbie W-S did NOT resign over the leaked emails that showed that she was working to fix the primaries for HilLIARy to win.
            He also keeps referring to a photoshop hoax that I have no idea what he’s talking about.

            He’s typical of the low information posters who are in meltdown mode because I kept claiming that the polls being published by the MSM were fake and quoted polls that showed Trump winning.
            Helpy is in self-denial and thinks somehow, CA, his home state, will eventually allow HilLIARy to win.

          10. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2016

            Prove it jerk. The claims of vote tampering in OH and PA were not for Hillary you moron. They were rigged in Romney’s favors, not Obama’s. Hillary was NOT running in 2012 you asshat.

          11. InformedVoter December 19, 2016

            My point was that there were claims of voter fraud in 2012, I never said that HilLIARy got those votes. The claims are still out there about the Dems trying to stuff the ballot boxes.

            Today’s Detroit Free Press, a liberal bastion, headline “Hillary received 762 more votes than registered voters” in those precincts that were counted before the recount was halted.
            They are using this a leverage that the entire state’s voting process needs to be replaced.
            The problems are in Detroit, and there the Dems have been in control for decades. 37% of Detroit’s precincts were uncountable because of MAJOR issues. Of those countable, one had 306 registered voters and the register showed HilLIARy with 364 votes. When they broke the seal, only 52 ballots were found, all for HilLIARy. You can quickly see that the poll workers ran those 52 ballots through 7 times and sealed the ballot box.
            This should shut you up, but you’ll probably think of some other wacko comment to make.

            FACTS: In CA, HilLIARy got 4 million more votes that Trump. If you eliminate CA, then Trump won the popular vote by 1.5 million. Part of the reason the EC exist is to prevent one state or area from having too much influence.
            Of the 6 most populous states, each got 3. Of the 10 most populous states, Trump carried 7. Trump carried 30 states – 60%.
            No matter how you slice it, President Trump, even counting the illegal votes for HIlLIARy, got a MANDATE.

          12. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2016

            Hey Geezer Butthead…No that wasn’t your point. Stop posting lies.

            Here dipshit…this is what YOU YOU YOU posted: “In 2012, in OH and PA, there were claims of vote tampering. In one precinct in Detroit, there are 306 registered voters. The vote tally for HilLIARy was 364 votes. When the ballot box was opened, it contained 52 votes, all for HilLIARy. It is assumed the poll workers ran the 52 ballots through 7 times, not realizing that by having more votes counted than could have been cast might cause a problem. And it would not have been caught if the recount had not been ordered.”

            Wow…slick as the Baby Trump’s bottom. Too bad I caught you in a FAT lie …yet again. Go change your depends.

          13. InformedVoter December 19, 2016

            Yes, there were claims of vote tampering in 2012. Are you saying there were not claims?
            I then switched to this year’s claims of voter fraud.

            I guess you were all bleary eyed and couldn’t see through your tears and thus could not comprehend what I ACTUALLY posted.
            So, NO you DID NOT catch me in a lie. If anything you helped prove that your claim of a so called great education was nothing but made up.
            SO thanks for helping me prove my point that you were nothing other than low level clerical and had a pretty mundane career.

            I just love jousting with low information folks like you.

          14. W. Coyote December 19, 2016

            Thank you for providing a source for some information. I went to the Detroit Free Press website and found the article:

            “Most of those overages were by small amounts — on average about 3 votes — with the largest being 12 votes in a single precinct. Those small numbers, which add up to 782 total spread out across more than 200 precincts, tend to point to human or machine malfunction as the culprit, rather than widespread fraud.

            In 158 precincts, the number of ballots tabulated by the optical-scanning voting machines was inexplicably less than the number of people who signed in to vote. At least 362 ballots were not counted in those precincts, even though the voters had been listed in poll books.

            Altogether, the total of over-counted and under-counted ballots was about 1,144. As a result, nearly 60% of Detroit’s precincts weren’t eligible for recount because the number of ballots in the ballot box didn’t match the number of people listed as voting…

            Reasons for the under-counted and over-counted votes are unclear, although in some cases people may have signed in to vote, then left before casting their ballots because of long lines. Machine malfunctions also may have played a role; on Election Day, more than 80 optical vote scanners broke down in Detroit.”
            So, there were some precincts that had over count of voters and some that had an undercount. Some people probably left before voting due to long lines, etc.
            Your case for voter fraud is very weak. Do you have any other solid evidence?

          15. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2016

            I think you will find that Informed NEVER provides more than his/her own opinion. This is a troll who NEVER EVER names names, dates, times or places. I do and Informed just slathers over more of “its” opinion.

          16. W. Coyote December 19, 2016

            Eleanore- Thank you for your comment. To his credit “Infomedvoter” is engaged in the political process and the news. Obviously, he is not apathetic and has a definite point of view. I also don’t think labeling or insulting him will improve his research skills.

        4. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

          Why is more than they “should have”? Oh, right, you’re a dumb racist who fell for the world’s most obvious hoax.

          1. David December 19, 2016

            And you are a POS fraud!

          2. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            Yes yes, you are nuts and every woman you know avoids eye contact with you for good reason.

          3. InformedVoter December 19, 2016

            Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic Dummy and once more proven to be a lying poster,
            By claiming that HilLIARy should have won because of her margin of victory in CA, would certainly given CA more value than the remainder of the country’s votes. The EC was established to prevent everyone in a single state voting for one person and having enough population to “out count” the rest of the states. This election, more than any other, shows that the EC must and should remain.

          4. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            So STILL no quote, huh.

      2. Todd Nelson December 18, 2016

        Your votes are not being excluded. In the electoral college, whichever party carries a state, the state’s allocated votes are cast for the candidate who won. So you are really only voting for your state. This was designed to prevent a “tyranny of the majority”. Each state gets the same amount of votes in the electoral college as it has in the house of representatives and the Senate. We live in a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

    3. W. Coyote December 18, 2016

      Todd- Thank you for providing a fairly detailed analysis of the Electoral College. You make some valid points, but I have to disagree on several others. First the E.C. was not intended to “limit the power of the slave states…” The 3/5 compromise was actually a gift to the Southern States to entice them into the Union.

      Federalist 68 makes fascinating reading- highly recommended. A couple of excerpts prove the E. C. was not “designed…. to stop the tyranny of places like California”

      “It was equally desirable, that the immediate election should be made by men most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station, and acting under circumstances favorable to deliberation, and to a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice. A small number of persons, selected by their fellow-citizens from the general mass, will be most likely to possess the information and discernment requisite to such complicated investigations.

      It was also peculiarly desirable to afford as little opportunity as possible to tumult and disorder…”

      Hamilton envisioned the E.C. as a disparate group of electors who took the will of the people into account, but then, in order to prevent “tumult and disorder”, would choose the man most qualified for the presidency.

      Another passage is remarkably prescient:

      “These most deadly adversaries of republican government might naturally have been expected to make their approaches from more than one querter, but chiefly from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils” He foresaw mischief long before the age of computers and hacking.

      Regarding your reminder that we live in a republic, I wish someone (possibly you) could remind the Republican Party of that. When we witness thousands of Republicans chanting “Lock her up!”, it’s obvious that they have forgotten that under our system, we have rule of law and due process. Locking up political opponents takes place in dictatorships, theocracies, monarchies, and many 3rd World countries. We have higher standards in our representative republic.

    4. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

      Yes, if we don’t count the single most populous and economically important state (something something) Trump wins somehow. Democracy!

      1. David December 19, 2016

        We are a republic POS fraud!

        1. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

          I’m sure you thought that reply was relevant somehow, crazy stalker dude that I broke.

          1. David December 19, 2016

            POS fraud!

          2. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            Yes, you are abusive and stupid. I broke your goddam brain and your impotent yapping will never, ever stop being hilarious.

          3. David December 19, 2016

            Learn to spell, POS fraud!

          4. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            There is not one single word misspelled in my post. You. Are. Nuts.

          5. David December 19, 2016

            It’s g..damn you stupid POS fraud!

          6. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            If only there was some way to look up things before making an idiot out of yourself. Oh wait:


          7. David December 19, 2016

            Stupid POS fraud!

          8. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            *cruel snickering intensifies*

          9. David December 19, 2016

            A POS fraud who is stupid.

          10. David December 19, 2016

            Stupid POS fraud!

          11. David December 19, 2016

            A stupid POS fraud!

          12. David December 19, 2016

            POS fraud!

          13. David December 19, 2016

            Stupid POS fraud!

          14. David December 19, 2016

            Stupid POS fraud!

          15. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

            Also I love that you can be fine with being a woman-hating racist, but can’t type out the mildest swear word after “dang”.

            What a weenie!

          16. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2016

            David is one of those Texan brain damaged cowboys. He still wears his spats, his chaps and his ten gallon. So you can understand why he can’t see past his coke nose.

  9. greenlantern1 December 18, 2016

    Before the Aaron Burr fiasco; the VP was simply the one with the second most votes.
    His treachery changed that!

  10. leonardo311 December 18, 2016

    Well the original intent behind the Electoral College (remember “original intent” my Republican friends?) was a check against an uninformed or ignorant population from elevating an unqualified candidate to the office of President, not to simply parrot the popular vote of each State.

    Considering what we know and what is still not known about the Russian involvement in our election, the vote by the Electoral College should be postponed, until these Elector know the truth, about this.

  11. FT66 December 18, 2016

    If Electoral College won’t do the right thing this time, there is no need to let it continue to exist. Rubber stamping votes only without pondering whether the outcome was OK (after the election was interfered by a foreign country), doesn’t make any sense at all.

  12. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 18, 2016

    The Electoral College system is so out of date from which it was first used . get to the times it all is to be a Democracy bottom line is one person one vote add them all up and the one with the most votes wins . that a Democracy. the way it should be this one state having more power then another is B/S . what’s right about that ? is that what the founding fathers did back in the day ? then one wonders why people say im not going to vote (never mind the GOP gang of pinhead blocking peoples votes ) why should I vote it wont matter . and to a point thy are right . times have moved into a HI-TECT way today . and this The Electoral College system is straight out B/S where is the Democracy when some have more power then others ? and who are these ((The Electoral College system people anyways ?)) how is their and or that system done ? it cant be constitutional if one has more power then others . or more votes then others .

  13. Cris Cassity December 18, 2016

    Democrats were well on their way with President Obama to turn sovereignty of the United States over to the United Nations via “global warming” scare mongering. Only the United Nations could enforce the bellicose laws and penalties prescribed by the UN to “save the world.” Globalists have excellent short sight.

    1. I Am Helpy December 19, 2016

      OK, sorry that you believe incredibly stupid lies sold to you by sociopathic billionaires.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2016

      And putting 6 billionaires in charge of the US government is not a sovereignty? Weren’t you the SOBs who whined how allowing Hillary to run was a Clinton “Dynasty?” What do you call Trump allowing Ivanka and his sons and his son in law to infest the White House?

      As for global warming. The only reason you don’t believe it is true is because you can’t find a job that isn’t fossil fuels that pollute the entire planet. Don’t even bother to go there about pollution. I worked with environmental engineers for nearly 25 years. I saw ALL of the EPA and state reports. TX, ND, SD, OK and Alaska top the list of worst US polluters and they are all oil.

      You want to go back to coal mining? Good..Putin just opened a huge coal mining facility in Siberia. Trump will herd you into cattle cars and ship you off to Siberia.

      YOu hicks are too goddamn lazy to find real jobs that require brain power. So you fight like hell to hang onto these polluter fossil fuels. How about we in the Dem states use our states rights to cut off any more of those tax subsidies to fossil fuels?

      1. mike December 19, 2016

        Same silly stupid post much like when you said women would be a monolithic voting block for Hillary. It didn’t happen. She got fewer women votes that Obama even after focusing heavily on women. I would say those that rejected her were smarter than you.
        I remember when you said I was wrong and couldn’t wait to confront me after she won. Donald won Hillary lost. Hehe
        I’m here but she lost. Looks like I get the last laugh.
        So sad the country won’t have the much anticipated Coronation. ????
        Someday the glass ceiling will be destroyed by a truly qualified women. We can’t wait.

  14. PatrickHenry December 20, 2016

    With the “progressives” every discussion revolves around race. This article shows the biases of progressives towards our White founders. Our Founders created a Country that has given Liberty & Freedom to Millions, including people of all races & ethnicities. The institution of slavery was established before we became an Independent Nation, & slavery has been around for centuries, involving many different Peoples. There were also White slaves in the colonies. But our great Country eliminated it. It is the Democrat-Socialist Party that divides by race & has tried for decades to change the racial makeup of our Country for political advantage, not for the benefit of all. President Trump is for all Americans, to live a prosperous & safe life. But we can’t have Millions of Illegals, or criminals from other nations here. Be an American, quit always fighting it.

    1. I Am Helpy December 20, 2016

      OK thanks for the incoherent justification for racism, or whatever that was supposed to be.

      1. PatrickHenry December 20, 2016

        What is your justification for your racism?

        1. I Am Helpy December 20, 2016

          “I know you are but what am I” – the standard rhetorical trick of racists, despite the fact that it has never worked.

  15. tb thomas December 21, 2016

    I didn’t vote for President Trump, but the fact that he prevented the most malignant, thoroughly corrupt politician since William Tweed — from tarnishing the presidency of this country — should earn him the Congressional Medal of Honor. And by their reaction to his victory, the liberals and professional ‘altruists’ on the Left, exposed themselves for the bigots and hypocrites they are, and have been for decades.

    If President Trump succeeds in effecting even half of the goals he’s set for our country, the personality disorder also known as ‘liberalism’ will go the way of polio and tuberculosis, driven into caves, swamps, and cowering in the faculty lounges of once-great universities, where it belongs.


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