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Winning Against The Oligarchs

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Winning Against The Oligarchs


Last week our Supreme Court let stand Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s voter suppression law, one of a host of such laws enacted in the North from Idaho to Michigan to New Hampshire, and everywhere below the Mason-Dixon Line.

Do not be lulled into inaction by that decision. Do not accept that a rich minority will rule America and remake it to their liking. Even with faithful allies on the Supreme Court, the oligarchs win only if you let them.

The factual basis for this and other decisions upholding voter suppression laws is specious, especially for the kind of photo identification requirements at the polling booth that Walker signed into law. Rigorous research into voter impersonation, the only illegal voting technique which photo identification can stop, found just 10 cases in America from 2000 to summer 2012.

Walker is, of course, a loyal vassal of the Koch brothers and their confreres, who works diligently to impose their minority views through laws under which all of us must live.

Those rules include low taxes for oligarchs and enabling dynastic wealth; diminishing worker rights, job safety laws and reliable pensions; repealing environmental protections while tightly restricting your right to challenge polluters in court; and gutting public education at every level while converting universities from centers of inquiry into job-training programs.

All of this can be stopped. All that is required is getting just a fraction of the 94 million adults who did not vote in 2012 to start casting ballots.

Poll after survey after focus group shows little public support for Kochian ideas, especially when they are described in neutral and accurate language.

A plethora of polls shows broad support for progressive policies including higher tax rates on million-dollar-plus incomes and stopping corporate welfare. Three of four Republicans favor increasing Social Security benefits, yet congressional Republicans — and scared Democrats — are moving to cut them at the behest of the ultra-wealthy and their minions.

Making majority wishes into law will be more difficult in the near term thanks to a series of Supreme Court and lower court rulings since 2008. The courts have shown expansive tolerance for a wide variety of voter suppression laws. And the judiciary has done nothing to stop voter-roll purging so ham-handed that former congressman Lincoln Davis was among 70,000 Tennesseans barred from voting in 2012.

Two years ago, on a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court nullified a key provision of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Chief Justice John Glover Roberts Jr. declared, “Our country has changed.”  We saw change immediately. Southern state legislatures changed their laws to make sure fewer black Americans voted or did so in heavily black jurisdictions.

The important lesson here is that just sitting back and accepting these rulings, behaving as if you are powerless, would be a disaster for five and possibly all six noble purposes of our nation.

Yes, the voting standards the court majority has set, often by a one-vote margin, make it easier for a shrinking minority to impose its will. But it does not mean that minority will impose its will.

The unlimited money that the Supreme Court ruled can legally be poured into election campaigns under Citizens United is a threat to democracy.

That 2010 decision expanded campaign finance loopholes so much that the ban on government contractors donating to politicians has evaporated. Oil giant Chevron was among those contractors making huge contributions to politicians loyal to them by funneling the money through affiliates called LLCs, limited liability corporations.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey said last October that if Republicans won 2014 gubernatorial elections, they could control “voting mechanisms.”

“Would you rather have Rick Scott in Florida overseeing the voting mechanism, or Charlie Crist? Would you rather have Scott Walker in Wisconsin overseeing the voting mechanism, or would you rather have Mary Burke? Who would you rather have in Ohio, John Kasich or Ed FitzGerald?” Christie, the president of the Republican Governors Association, told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce last October.

About the only thing the courts will not abide is honesty by those who sponsor laws to rig elections by suppressing voters.

Anyone who doubts that should click on this brief 2012 video of Mike Turzai, the Pennsylvania House Republican leader. Turzai told the party faithful that his state’s voter ID law “is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania.”

A state judge struck down that law and savvy GOP politicians decided not to appeal. Romney then lost Pennsylvania by more than 5 percentage points, evidently because the majority was not suppressed.

The awful truth is this: So long as politicians don’t boast about their real intentions, they can enact voting laws that rig elections in favor of an influence-buying minority that cannot win any other way.

So that’s the lesson.  What are you going to do about it? Yes, you. Not somebody else. You.

You have more than enough power to make sure that we do not head back toward the rules of the late 19th century, when hunger and disease ravaged the poor, as Jacob Riis documented in How the Other Half Lives.  We need not indulge the vanity and greed of men like Henry Clay Frick, which grew so unrestrained that on a single day his pleasures cost more than 2,200 lives.

People just like you got women the right to vote, child labor laws, collective bargaining laws, and environmental laws. It took time. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton devoted their whole lives to suffrage. But in the end they and others persuaded male office holders to extend voting rights to women.

Will you do what is required to reverse our slide into the awful grip of a 21st-century oligarchy?

It’s not that hard. Really. And it does not require much money, either.

What it does require is these virtues — focus, diligence, and persistence.

There is one more crucial element: persuasion. That means winning people over by showing them a better alternative than the slickly marketed Kochian vision that sounds appealing unless you understand that it means a future in which a few gain at the expense of the many.

Making fun of the often laughable and crazy statements of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee, and their like is counterproductive. It makes people think they are being looked down upon, including many people who do not share those laughable and crazy ideas, but are put off by the way progressives talk.

A better vision is a society where we all gain if we work, save, and act prudently, and where we all share the burden of caring for those who cannot care for themselves.

A better vision is one in which the bottom 120 million Americans own more than a third of one percentage point of all assets. A better vision is one where corporations are vehicles to encourage risk taking and wealth creation, not tools to mine the public treasury, pick consumer pockets, and stealthily prosper on the dole.

What is required to achieve a vibrant, free and broadly prosperous America is this:

  • Register millions of people to vote, paying scrupulous attention to both the registration rules and following up to make sure the names actually show up on the voting rolls.
  • Maintain contact with these new voters, which can be done at low cost with emails, neighborhood meetings and knocking on doors.
  • Get people to the polls on Election Day and, where it is still allowed, help them vote in advance.
  • Tell politicians you support to stop wasting money on television and radio ads, which are sold at the highest rates, and to invest most of their campaign dollars into getting out the vote.

Going along with the television and radio ad game is playing by the Koch brothers’ rules. That is a contest they will win because they have the money. Instead, do what the Kochs and other smart businesspeople do: Change the game. Play your own game. And don’t worry about right-wing voter registration drives, because numerous polls show that among those not voting, their appeal is narrow, while yours is broad.

It would also help to organize supporters to follow watchdog news outlets, an issue for a future column.

As a guest on call-in radio and answering audience questions after my many lectures across the country, I hear a constant refrain that nothing can be done, that the anti-democratic interests are so rich and powerful that they must win.

Wrong. That’s utter nonsense. Don’t think like a victim. Take charge.

America is still the democratic republic where the majority of people who cast ballots choose our elected leaders. Get more people to the polls on the only day that counts – Election Day – and we can change everything for the better.

All that is necessary is for you to do the work.

Photo: apalapala via Flickr

David Cay Johnston

David Cay Johnston won a 2001 Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of taxes in The New York Times. The Washington Monthly calls him “one of America’s most important journalists” and the Portland Oregonian says is work is the equal of the great muckrakers Ida Tarbell, Lincoln Steffens and Upton Sinclair.

At 19 he became a staff writer at the San Jose Mercury and then reported for the Detroit Free Press, Los Angeles Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer and from 1995 to 2008 The New York Times.

Johnston is in his eighth year teaching the tax, property and regulatory law at Syracuse University College of Law and Whitman School of Management.

He also writes for USA Today, Newsweek and Tax Analysts.

Johnston is the immediate past president of the 5,700-member Investigative Reporters & Editors (IRE) and is board president of the nonprofit Investigative Post in Buffalo.

His latest book Divided: The Perils of Our Growing Inequality an anthology he edited. He also wrote a trilogy on hidden aspects of the American economy -- Perfectly Legal, Free Lunch, and The Fine Print – and a casino industry exposé, Temples of Chance.

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  1. Dominick Vila March 28, 2015

    It is becoming increasingly obvious that the country that once boasted of having the largest and wealthiest middle class in the world is rapidly evolving into a plutocracy not too dissimilar from those in countries we once regarded as evidence of backwardness. Rulings like this, by the not so “supreme” may be influenced by legal considerations, but the end result or consequences should be evident to the most casual observer. The goal, for our institutions of government and for the elite that controls all facets of life in America, is not to encourage the average citizen to vote, but to do everything they can to keep them away from the polls…and we are allowing them to pursue their nefarious agenda with absolute impunity.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 28, 2015

      All I see are a bunch of power drunks of middle aged white male gender. Everyone of the right wing boys were raised in Daycare from infancy where they were dumped off like sacks of potatoes, fought for attention then and are still all looking for their faces in the spotlight. We didn’t pander to our kids when they acted like spoiled, spiteful, selfish little brats. These guys just need a shoe rammed up their butts to reactive their mentally deficient brains.

      1. mike March 28, 2015

        Your dishonesty continues!!! You are one big joke.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker March 28, 2015

          What’s the matter Mikeeeeee? The shoe fits too tightly and now you have a blister? You are one of these selfish pig men who don’t mine living high on the hog while you force the rest of us to work harder for longer and less…Think again Asshat. The day I or any woman kisses the butts of selfish pigs like you, hell will freeze over.

          Mikkeeeeeeee….get a lifeeeeee….Stop living off MY taxes….and my income.

          1. mike March 28, 2015

            Same old Eleanor being herself and saying nothing.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker March 28, 2015

          Little pig, little pig….Let Mikeeeeee come in…NOT by the hair on his butt!

          1. mike March 28, 2015

            Eleanore being her delusional self, again.

      2. bikejedi March 28, 2015

        Right Eleanore it’s all the fault of those evil White people right … What a simple narrow minded racist you are … And self loathing too …

    2. Duke March 28, 2015

      WELL SAID !

    3. bikejedi March 28, 2015

      Well you guys wanted Socialism and Wealth Redistribution right ? Income disparity has grown at its fastest rate ever under Obama and the Dems

      1. Daniel Jones March 28, 2015

        No, at the fastest rate ever under the House Republicans and the Supreme Kangaroo.

        1. bikejedi March 28, 2015

          Do you not pay attention ? The GOP only took control of both houses in Jan … Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

        2. bikejedi March 28, 2015

          Do you not pay attention ? The GOP only took control of both houses in Jan … Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

      2. highpckts March 28, 2015

        That is BS and you know it!! this all started with the Reagan administration and you can always verify that if you cared enough to do some checking!!

        1. bikejedi March 28, 2015

          So Reagan wanted Socialism and wealth redistribution ? You have to be kidding …
          Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

      3. Dominick Vila March 28, 2015

        The only ones interested in wealth redistribution are the wealthiest Americans, who have owned 2/3 of our national wealth throughout the last century, corporations, and members of the Republican party, whose policies are designed to preserve the status quo and, if possible, help those who already have it all the accumulate more wealth at the expense of the middle class and the poor. Blaming the financial inequality that exists in the USA on those who ended up with the short end of the stick is consistent with the excuses made by those who own all facets of life in America. What Democrats want is livable wages and the preservation of the dwindling middle class. The first thing that must happen to ensure all Americans have a chance to succeed and pursue their dreams is to end the redistribution of wealth that has been the mainstay of Republican policies for years, and went into overdrive when Reagan championed trickle down economics.

        1. bikejedi March 28, 2015

          Dom give me a break it isn’t the Republicans pushing Socialist Wealth Redistribution policy that would be Obama and the Dems . Exhibit A obamacare . It isn’t the Republicans who through obamacare have forced the greatest number and percentage of Americans in our history into part time employment and that is why incomes are down $4000 / yr ..Meanwhile Obama and the Fed instituted the QE policies which used tax dollars from the middle class to inflate the portfolios of the wealthy liberal elites and some conservatives too .You know you make a fool out of yourself when you don’t have even a shred of intellectual honesty in your post Dom . Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          1. Dominick Vila March 29, 2015

            The largest re-distribution of wealth, to the tune of $1T, occurred immediately after the invasion of Iraq, when companies like Halliburton, Bechtel, and Blackwater USA got one sole source contract after another for re-building contracts that were seldom finished, and for security contracts.
            Exhibit “A” is Obamacare? You got to be kidding! The ACA corrects injustices and fraudulent practices that allowed insurance companies to deny coverage to anyone who represented an expensive liability, such as people with pre-existing conditions (usually children), policies that denied full coverage to those afflicted serious illnesses that were expensive to treat, and that forced millions of Americans to sell everything they owned to stay alive. It provides subsidies that allow about 5% of our population to get insurance coverage at affordable premiums to get the preventive medical care they need to live a healthy life and be productive citizens. It allows college students to remain in their parent’s insurance policy until age 26, thus removing a concern that troubled our young and their parents before the ACA was instituted. The ACA also influenced the lowest increase in medical care costs in the USA in decades.
            Are you suggesting that subsidies that help low middle class citizens are evil, but subsidies to wealthy farmers, like Mrs. Bachmann, and subsidies to oil companies, are OK? Should we assume that re-distribution of wealth is only an evil concept when the recipients are citizens who need help; and becomes a panacea when the recipients are people or institutions that don’t need public assistance to prosper and get whatever they need?

          2. bikejedi March 29, 2015

            Dominick you have absolutely no credibility or intellectual honesty when you post like that …You are intelligent enough to know that Obamacare is nothing but wealth redistribution and has resulted in a part time work force..Your spin to what you think are the benefits of obamacare non withstanding.. On the Iraq Hallibuton stuff anytime you go to war defense contractors get paid ..That isn’t wealth redistribution that is business Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          3. Dominick Vila March 29, 2015

            The transition from predominantly full time employment, in the days when the USA had a labor intensive industrial base, to part time employment began when much of our heavy industry was outsourced, and when automation replaced the need for large numbers of permanent employees. That transition went into over drive after Nixon-Kissinger re-established diplomatic and trade relations with China, and accelerated during the deregulation and anti-labor frenzy in the Reagan era. Blaming part time employment on Obamacare is ridiculous.
            I see. When we start crusades based on false pretenses, and engage in a “re-building” program that seldom bore fruit and was, ostensibly, designed to reward Friends of Bush, that means business; and when a social program is put in place that make healthcare available to people who could not afford high premiums, that’s wealth re-distribution? Subsidies to help middle class people afford health insurance premiums, in your world, is wealth re-distribution; and subsidies to wealthy farmers like Michele Bachman, and to oil companies is, I presume, sound business practices? You got to be kidding!

          4. bikejedi March 29, 2015

            Please …give me a break ..even if you want to blame some of it on outsourcing who’s fault I’d that ? Which party is responsible for the restrictive tax barriers that make our Country uncompetitive in a global economy ? That would be your Dems . Secondly it has only since obamacare and its part time exemptions that Companies started doing the massive transitions from full time to part time that we have seen recently …I believe Walmart announced just a few months ago ( Aug I think ) that they would transition most of their work force to part time and they cited obamacare as the reason …Please stop making excuses you are not Josh Earnest
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          5. Dominick Vila March 30, 2015

            The off shoring practices that have been taking place since we re-established diplomatic and trade relations with China have nothing to do with restrictive tax policies put in place by Dems. Our corporations, from the steel industry to the infamous “maquiladoras” that proliferated South of the border in the Reagan era, took advantage of cheap labor overseas to reduce operating costs and increase profits, and at the same time expand global market share. Foreign investments often produce the largest share of profit for many U.S. corporations because of absence of – or limited – competition in the countries where they operate.

          6. bikejedi March 30, 2015

            Dom you are not dealing in reality

            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

    4. mike March 28, 2015

      Who kept them away from the poles last November? The apathy is all theirs. Obama’s statement that HIS POLICIES were on the ballot and they still didn’t show up. Those that ignore mid-terms are to dumb/disinterested to understand the consequences of not voting. It has nothing to do with institutions of govt. or the elite, it was their decision. Last November Black turnout-12%. White-75%. Asian, Hispanic/latino,other-13%. Even in National elections turnout is around 60%, very sad, but that is their choice, and has nothing to do with keeping them from the ballot box.
      Just more dribble from the left.

      1. charleo1 March 28, 2015

        Voter turnout, apathy and so forth, is not the issue we’re talking about.
        We’re talking about 100s of thousands of legal voters being prevented from voting, because of laws falsely claiming to prevent a problem that statistically doesn’t exist. Which ought to deeply trouble all Americans that care about protecting the franchise. That care that the method by which the gov. obtains legitimacy, is being short circuited by politicians using their law making powers to hold onto power they may not otherwise be entitled to. And your response is all too common of a partisan, who only supports democracy in the theoretical. Believing his side, his leaders, the people he supports, be they legit or otherwise, deserve a special advantage over others in the process. It’s a place where democracies, and the will of the People, come to die.

        1. mike March 28, 2015

          I see you are at your garbage level again. Where is the media showing and proving all these 100s of thousands being denied? Produce the facts,
          Just more of your nonsensical comments.
          Same old republican bogeymen crap again from the left.
          Partisan, Really?? Look in the mirror for a real partisan.
          Just another of your DDSS

          1. highpckts March 28, 2015

            Facts are facts big boy! It has been printed over and over for various states that there is next to zero voter fraud but you, on the other hand, prefer to keep this alive in hopes that the people won’t check it out! The only ones that don’t bother to check “facts” are people like you who are so blinded by their party, they want to believe anything and everything!!

          2. mike March 28, 2015

            Produce the articles that 100’s thousands are being denied the right to vote. Produce the govt. documents that people are being denied access to the polls.
            Pretty simple!!! Produce!!!

          3. highpckts March 28, 2015

            Voter fraud- some facts –

            Out of the 197 million votes cast for federal candidates between 2002 and 2005, only 40 voters were indicted for voter fraud. Only 26 of those cases, or about .00000013 percent of the votes cast, resulted in convictions or guilty pleas.

            GOP’s voter fraud humiliation: Turns out Wisconsin’s worst case is a Republican

            .0003 percent of total ballots cast in the state were fraudulant — Ohio

          4. mike March 28, 2015

            Always the joker, aren’t you!!!
            One more time, show the world all the documentation that 100’s thousands of Americans are being denied their right to vote.
            That’s the claim from Charles1, that’s the subject, put up or shut up.

          5. Carolyn1520 March 29, 2015

            In an article written by Alexander Keyssar in the Harvard Magazine in July-August 2012:

            “New York University’s respected Brennan Center for Justice has estimated that a total of more than five million people may lack the requisite identification documents in states that have passed new ID laws.”

            This is an FYI only for those other than on the right. I don’t believe anyone on the right cares about facts or numbers. They aren’t making voter ID laws because voter fraud stats justifies making such laws. It’s clearly a voter suppression ploy. Thus the systematic campaign of lies about voter fraud to convince people election fraud is compelling and widespread.

            What we do know for certain, the number of voter fraud cases are negligible and that’s without every requiring voter ID. It has never justified changing any laws.

          6. charleo1 March 28, 2015

            Same nescient tool kit, aren’t you?

          7. mike March 28, 2015

            Oh, poor little charleo1, can’t back up your stupid comment with documentation.
            100s of thousands being denied the right to vote, what a simpleton you are.
            No, nescience is all yours.

        2. TycheSD March 28, 2015

          If I wanted to vote I would make sure I had legal ID and was registered.

    5. TycheSD March 28, 2015

      The Kochs want Hispanics to vote. They’re recruiting illegals and other immigrants and trying to turn them into Republican voters.

  2. orrsra March 28, 2015

    Enough said

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 28, 2015

      Oh puhlease…Don’t you little boys have anything else to bitch about? I live in NJ. I’ve voted in every election without a Photo ID…get a new BS story. I am a taxpayer, property owner and have lived in NJ for 68 years..Why the hell must I now pander to you middle aged cretons of spitefulness and run to get a photo ID to vote after voting since I registered in 1966? And what the hell was all that registration for back then? So you Daycare Generation Asshats can now dictate what YOU YOU YOU want?

      Nothing POs me more than a bunch of demanding, whining, wuss boys of middle aged who get an ounce of power or authority and become instant power drunks.

      Sober up little boy..I am NOT going to do what YOU want just because YOU want it.

      1. bikejedi March 28, 2015

        Hi Eleanore .. in two separate polls Americans favor Voter I D by 70 to 80% .. So you don’t think we should upgrade to at least the same standards as Mexico India and almost EVERY other countries that have elections ? Wow little girl ( and I use the term girl loosely ) don’t you have anything better to do then to try to preserve vote fraud ? Get a new B S talking point K. Are you one of those bigoted racist Liberals who wants to imply that Blacks are somehow less capable of getting an I D ? What are you and other liberals inferring ? Are you inferring that Blacks are too stupid or lazy to get an I D ? If I were a person of color I would feel deeply disrespected by Dems who feel that way about my race … Wow you are some kind of loser racist aren’t you

        1. Carolyn1520 March 28, 2015

          You mouth breathers are so transparent. Voter fraud? BS Did you not read the article and the statistics on voter fraud?
          You get a new BS talking point.
          I’m betting you are not a fan of the ACA. What? You don’t want Americans to have a better health care system than Mexico or India?
          You can’t turn this one around to infer anyone trying to help people maintain the right to vote is somehow bigoted or racist.
          Go ride your bike a s s h o l e

          1. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            I can see you are another intolerant immature liberal with your name calling …Look it isn’t me you need to convince it is the overwhelming majority of Americans who want Voter I’D and don’t trust the case liberals who want to preserve vote fraud are making . Also if the Govt and law enforcement don’t look for it they aren’t going to find it.. What we do know is that most of the Dem liberals from ACORN are in jail for vote fraud and that there were 59 Philly precincts without a single Romney vote in the last election and that is a statistical impossibility…that should be enough for any fair minded person to used the need for Voter ID and it should be enough for you people to stop playing the race card on the issue unless you really think Blacks are too stupid or lazy to get an ID Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          2. Carolyn1520 March 28, 2015

            I can see from your response, I didn’t call you anything that wasn’t accurate.
            Your rhetoric is same old, same old, nothing original.
            Go ride your bike. As a troll, you suck.

          3. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            Yes you started your post out with name and ended it with the same ..same old same old intolerance and immaturity from the liberal who can’t debate on merit .. Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          4. Carolyn1520 March 28, 2015

            There is no debating people who refuse to accept facts. Waste of time.

          5. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            I just gave a bunch of facts and you responded by calling names because you have nothing to counter them
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          6. Carolyn1520 March 28, 2015

            You can’t acknowledge the primary fact.
            Voter fraud is a non-issue.

          7. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            Wrong again …I acknowledged what the writer stated . You are welcome to do what some liberals do and only listen and use items they agree with . Maybe you could decide to wake up and look outside just liberal views . Especially when 70 to 80 % of Americans disagree with your narrow view …A lot of those people are liberals who aren’t as biased and narrow minded as yourself ..They know Vote Fraud is an issue and see no reason we can’t raise our standards at least as high as Mexico’s
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          8. Carolyn1520 March 28, 2015

            You didn’t address the issue that voter fraud is a non-issue at all.
            Yeah, no assumptions or insults at all in your “debate”.
            Then this this line “don’t you have anything better to do then to try to preserve vote fraud ?”

            Here’s what you sad:

            “Hi Eleanore .. in two separate polls Americans favor Voter I D by 70 to 80% .. So you don’t think we should upgrade to at least the same standards as Mexico India and almost EVERY other countries that have elections ? Wow little girl ( and I use the term girl loosely ) don’t you have anything better to do then to try to preserve vote fraud ? Get a new B S talking point K. Are you one of those bigoted racist Liberals who wants to imply that Blacks are somehow less capable of getting an I D ? What are you and other liberals inferring ? Are you inferring that Blacks are too stupid or lazy to get an I D ? If I were a person of color I would feel deeply disrespected by Dems who feel that way about my race … Wow you are some kind of
            loser racist aren’t you”

            I hope you aren’t peddling and typing . You don’t seem to be the type who can successfully multitask.

          9. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            Freely admit I talk to Lenore the same way she talks to me and everyone else . Tried it the other way and it didn’t work . Her ex husband says that is all she understands ..You notice she didn’t respond . Usually I just ignore people who are just full of insult and immaturity.
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          10. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            Also I reread that post …where did I initiate any intolerance or immaturity …that came from her first …Read her post K Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

        2. BillP March 28, 2015

          Where s the proof of any wide-spread voter fraud. A different troll tried to use a North Carolina study that found there were 15,750 people who voted in NC that had voters of the same name and birth date who voted in a different state. When this same study added their last 4 Social Security numbers to that same group the matches dropped to 765, that’s a 97% drop. These matches don’t prove voter fraud by themselves since there is a 4 digit Serial Number for each 3 digit Area Number/2 digit Group Number. That means there are a possibility of almost 99,000 people who could have the same last 4 digit SS number. To prove voter fraud you would need to match on all 9 digits of the SS number. You right wing trolls love to proclaim extensive voter fraud but never provide any valid examples.

          1. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            So that’s still 765 cases and you don’t see a problem …Look if law enforcement and Govt don’t look for it they certainly aren’t going to find a lot of it are they ? Also when you have 59 Philly precincts without a single Romney vote ( which is a statistical impossibility ) then there is a problem …oh and how many ACORN people are in jail for vote fraud…seems like the person you labelled a troll was right ..You should apologize to him …and it isn’t me you have to convince that no voter ID is necessary it is the majority of Americans …everyone except people like you who obviously want to preserve vote fraud for your party Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          2. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            So that’s still 765 cases and you don’t see a problem …Look if law enforcement and Govt don’t look for it they certainly aren’t going to find a lot of it are they ? Also when you have 59 Philly precincts without a single Romney vote ( which is a statistical impossibility ) then there is a problem …oh and how many ACORN people are in jail for vote fraud…seems like the person you labelled a troll was right ..You should apologize to him …and it isn’t me you have to convince that no voter ID is necessary it is the majority of Americans …everyone except people like you who obviously want to preserve vote fraud for your party Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          3. BillP March 28, 2015

            Einstein the 765 cases don’t offer proof of voter fraud, there are 999 possible 3 digit Area Numbers plus 99 2 digit Group Numbers. Each Area/Group combination ( a total of 98,901 possible combinations) has a 4 digit Serial Number assigned to it. The only totally provable voter fraud would have to include 2 people voting with the same 9 digit SS number. Even if the 765 were actual criminal voter fraud cases and they aren’t that would amount to 0.00063% of the total votes cast in the 2012 election, hardly proof of a nationwide voter fraud scandal. Add to this that you assume any fraudulent voter would have been voting Democratic, we all know that Republicans are so trustworthy.

            As for your Philadelphia example, you need to do some research on this. Here are the facts:
            “It is true that 59 voting divisions in Philadelphia recorded no votes for Mitt Romney, but given the voter composition of the Philadelphia area (and some Philadelphia wards in particular) and the number of voters in each division, that outcome was hardly a “mathematical and statistical impossibility.”

            Barack Obama won the overall vote in the Philadelphia area by an 85% to 14% margin over Mitt Romney; Obama also received greater than 90% of the vote in more than half of Philadelphia’s 66 wards, and 99% or more of the vote in seven of those wards. That result was hardly surprising given that, as the Philadelphia Inquirer noted, those wards are “clustered in almost exclusively black sections of West and North Philadelphia” and “nationally, 93 percent of African Americans voted for Obama.” The Philadelphia wards that trended very heavily for Barack Obama included many divisions of between 200 and 500 voters in which Mitt Romney received a scant handful of votes (and sometimes no votes at all), a result mirroring that of the previous election, in which Republican candidate John McCain “got zero votes in 57 Philadelphia voting divisions.”

            As for you Acorn accusation, it didn’t involve people voting fraudulently but was all about some (33 out of 13,000) Acorn paid canvassers turning in false voter registration forms not in people casting fraudulent votes. Try again Einstein.

            During the W administration the Justice Dept. produced 70 convictions at the federal level, including 40 campaign workers or government workers convicted of vote-buying, intimidation or ballot forgery, and 23 cases of multiple voting or voting by ineligible voters. Bush administration officials have pushed hard to find such evidence, too hard in one case, according to an investigation by the Department of Justice’s internal watchdogs, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR). Wow that is some widespread voter fraud being found even in 2000 – that’s 0.00002%. You are seeing things where they don’t exist, Einstein. So I don’t think I will owe anyone an apology. Since you bring up the majority of Americans who aren’t clamoring about voter fraud, in the 2000 election 500,000 more voters cast their vote for Gore rather than W. It took the Supreme Court to appoint W not the people

          4. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            Thank you for comparing me to Einstein ..i am honored ..The Philly thing was rated a statistical impossibility by researchers take it up with them. Also the third party candidate got votes in those precincts and not a single Romney vote and you don’t think something fishy was going on ? You also look right past all those ACORN people in jail for vote fraud . And excuse that so that tells me all u need to know about your intellectual honesty Also you don’t take into account that if no one is looking or investigating you find little corruption …..Now try convincing the overwhelming majority of Americans who don’t trust the liberal narrative on this ..As most thinking liberals also want Voter ID and verifiable elections try convincing your own side on this issue …and you also might want to work on your intolerance and immaturity with attempt at derision especially when you are in a very small minority of people trying to preserve vote fraud for their party and fighting bringing America up to at least Mexican standards in elections. K Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          5. BillP March 28, 2015

            “The Philly thing was rated a statistical impossibility by researchers take it up with them”. That is your response, it’s pitiful. What researchers are you quoting? List names and what organizations they work for, otherwise you answer useless. The districts are all Afro-American low income districts, Romney wasn’t popular especially after his 45% speech. You haven’t offered any verifiable proof, no one was prosecuted for any voter fraud from these districts. No I didn’t look past Acorn people in jail, actually they were contract workers hired to canvass for new voters, 33 out of 13,000 were prosecuted for submitting “false voter registration forms not for voting fraudulently. Intellectual honesty from someone who will not accept verifiable research that proves voter fraud is minute is just another troll deflection. You tend to make comments that would lead someone to believe that you speak for most thinking Liberals when you have nothing to back it up with.

            Again you make a ludicrous comment “you also might want to work on your intolerance and immaturity with attempt at derision especially when you are in a very small minority of people trying to preserve vote fraud for their party:” Where have I stated I’m in favor of voter fraud? What I wrote to you Einstein is that there is no evidence of widespread vote fraud in this country and you replies offer nothing to contradict what I wrote. The %’s of actual voter fraud are so small that they have no effect on the presidential election but you will still drone on and on.
            When you talk about maturity look in the mirror first, you have a ridiculous habit of writing comment about what Liberals do or think. Offer proof with your laughable comments.

          6. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            You have to be kidding me . You think that’s normal ? You do see anything fishy in that …Well most liberals with an open mind do . They want voter ID I don’t need anymore . Do your own research don’t be so closed minded
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          7. BillP March 29, 2015

            You seem to lack a understanding of statistics, it’s possible for all the of those districts in Philadelphia to not cast a vote for Romney. Any qualified researcher will tell you that, what they would probably point out that it would seem to be not statistically probable. Do you understand the difference between possible and probable Einstein? You haven’t offer one shred of evidence of widespread voter fraud in all of your comments. Even during the W administration so even though there was a hard push to “discover” widespread voter fraud by a Conservative administration they could only come up with 70 convictions at the federal level, including 40 campaign workers or government workers convicted of vote-buying, intimidation or ballot forgery, and 23 cases of multiple voting or voting by ineligible voters. In statistical terms that would be 0.00002% and be termed not a significant difference as the results of the research are too small to have any effect.

            If ever there a case of the kettle calling the pot black, it’s you Einstein. You don’t refute what I have presented to you, you just write conjecture-like comments. You also imply that all voter fraud activities took place by Democrats/Liberals. We all know how honorable and fair Republicans/Conservatives are.

            By the way you comment “You do see anything fishy in that …Well most liberals with an open mind do . They want voter ID I don’t need anymore” is poorly written, don’t you proofread them? I believe you mean “You don’t see anything fishy in that” You keep writing as if you speak for large groups of people, all you are doing is voicing your opinion.

          8. bikejedi March 29, 2015

            Feel free to remained closed minded , name calling , immature and intolerant …Most open minded Liberals agree with me ..The Philly stuff was rated a statistical impossibility by several mathematicians when it happened …do some Google searches
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          9. BillP March 29, 2015

            You still don’t understand the difference between possibility and probability. It is possible that no one voted for Romney in those Philadelphia districts any mathematicians would agree. It is certainly “possible” that all of the 16,000 votes cast in those districts none were cast for Romney. What researchers, statisticians, mathematicians, etc. would claim is that would usually not be probable. You made the statement that researchers but now mathematicians claim this is a statistical impossibility not me. Back up your comments with names and/or organizations otherwise you are just pulling these comments out of your butt. Talk about immaturity little “jedi” boy, you resort to deflection when asked to provide proof.

          10. bikejedi March 29, 2015

            You talk about possibility vs probability while denying that the probability of Romney not getting a single vote in those 59 precincts would be more likely an impossibility .( I feel like Spock saying that right now ) .. You look right past the fact that write in candidates and 3rd party candidates got votes in those precincts but not Romney .So juxtapose that with you probability vs possibility theorum and use some common sense when you think about that .. I don’t think it should be a stretch for anyone with a logically reasoning brain to believe what I posted but if you like and you are curious please look it up yourself . I’m not here to do your google searches for you and if you were curious and had an open mind you would do it yourself . However if I have time I will do it for you .. I didn’t call you names and I was not intolerant to you … that is maturity .. If I recall the last time i had a conversation with you you became totally intolerant with name calling that I ended the conversation . By the way I am not little by anyone’s standard …I am in great shape though

          11. BillP March 30, 2015

            Do you have a reading comprehension issue Here is what I wrote in a comment above “You seem to lack a understanding of statistics, it’s possible for all the of those districts in Philadelphia to not cast a vote for Romney. Any qualified researcher will tell you that, what they would probably point out that it would seem to be not statistically probable.” So I didn’t deny that it would “SEEM” to be not statistically “PROBABLE” Wrong movie reference it would Obi Won not Spock, you claim to be a jedi.

            Show where you got your info on these write-in & 3rd party voters, your referencing the Blaze article in your other comment doesn’t support you claim. Again you make a claim “I don’t think it should be a stretch for anyone with a logically reasoning brain to believe what I posted but if you like and you are curious please look it up yourself . I’m not here to do your google searches for you.” that you don’t support with any proof and then tell I should research your unsubstantiated claim. I’m not here to research your claims, you make the claim you provide the supporting research otherwise it’s just conjecture
            The last time we conversed you claimed that the reported unemployment numbers reported during Obama’s administration were different than those used in W’s time. You claimed that W used the U6 numbers while Obama used the U3. The U3 numbers are used by any organizations or media outlets reporting the monthly unemployment numbers. You also stated that W’s U6 average for 8 years was 5%, when I showed you the 8 year monthly %’s for W the lowest U6 rate was 7.8% so that was an example of a mathematical impossibility. You claimed I was a “fibber” and wrote no more comments. It was you doing the name calling not I.

          12. bikejedi March 30, 2015

            You discussed possibility vs probability all I did was ask for some common sense from you as to the more likely possibility that it was an impossibility ..It seems all you want to seize on are the biased reasoning of that liberal poly sci guy who ” thinks” its possible for that to have happened …No one who thinks with an open mind believes that …Its really that simple Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          13. BillP March 31, 2015

            Here is what you wrote in reply to my comment about the 59 Philadelphia voting districts “The Philly thing was rated a statistical impossibility by researchers take it up with them” Then you supply supposed proof with a link to a story on the Blaze website. The “polysci” guy (how do you know he is a Liberal the article doesn’t mention his political leaning) is a professor at Stanford University and he was quoted in the article you claimed shows a researcher or mathematician who stated that it was a statistical impossibility for the 59 districts to not have 1 vote cast for Romney. That’s you reference article not mine, did you even it? In the same article there is reference to Cleveland supposed voting issues, here’s the quote from the article “Note the pure blue areas, where Obama is supposed to have won this full, every-single-vote sweep. Such a victory isn’t logically impossible”. The only biased is yours against a professor who is much more qualified to do research into this matter than you.

            Your statement in the above comment “all I did was ask for some common sense from you as to the more likely possibility that it was an impossibility” is just you changing what you originally claimed. Here is a comment from your 1st reply “Also when you have 59 Philly precincts without a single Romney vote ( which is a statistical impossibility ) then there is a problem.” That is hardly the same as your “all I did was ask” comment. Again you make ludicrous statement like “No one who thinks with an open mind believes that” You haven’t offered any proof of voter fraud in the 59 districts (19,000 votes approximately in African American districts). All you provide is conjecture. Has anyone been charged with voter fraud in these districts? The simple answer is “NO”. Common sense would be that since no one has been charged with voter in these districts that no voter fraud occurred. Provide some solid proof, the Blaze article you referenced didn’t list any researcher or mathematician who claimed this to be statistically impossible.
            You love to make claims about Liberals/Democrats making biased statement, your calling the Stanford professor a Liberal shows your tendency towards bias.

          14. bikejedi March 29, 2015

            Here is my second response to your post … there are several so if you are going to hide behind the liberal excuse of you dont like this site then look for yourself … this one actually has some good stats and even considers what you posted . http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2012/11/12/odd-romney-got-zero-votes-in-59-precincts-in-philly-9-in-ohio/

          15. BillP March 30, 2015

            I read the article from the Blaze link, where is the name and organization of the researcher or mathematician that you stated said that Romney getting 0 votes in 59 Philadelphia voting districts is statistically impossible? In fact here’s a quote form your article “Note the pure blue areas, where Obama is supposed to have won this full, every-single-vote sweep. Such a victory isn’t logically impossible”. Gee that doesn’t sound like your comment, does it?

            Here’s another quote from the same article “We have always had these dense urban corridors that are extremely Democratic,” said Jonathan Rodden, a political science professor at Stanford University. “It’s kind of an urban fact, and you are looking at the extreme end of it in Philadelphia. Many parts of Philadelphia and other big cities simply lack Republican voters, a fact of campaigning that has been true since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, Stanford University’s Rodden said.” This quote has a name and organization attached to it. No where in your linked article is there are evidence of voter fraud in these Philadelphia districts

            As for the Cleveland districts mentioned in the article here is what some reader wrote in the comment section. “Fintoilhat – Nov. 12, 2012 at 6:49pm Care to look at some of the precincts where Romney got 0 votes? Cleveland 16-H.02 cast a total of 13 votes; 16-G.02 cast 0 total votes; 14-K.02 cast 21 total votes; 09-Q cast 17 total votes; 08-Q cast 49 total votes; 16-U cast 118 total votes; 06-L cast 70 total votes and 03-R.02 cast 2 total votes.
            Did you read the article?

          16. BillP March 28, 2015

            By the way you may want some help with your not so Smartphone, you keep sending the same comments twice Einstein.

          17. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

        3. Daniel Jones March 28, 2015

          *10* cases in *12* years!
          Stop lying. Stop lying to yourself, Stop looking for other liars to support you, and most of all, stop lying to the rest of us!

          1. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            So why do the majority of Americans want it then including liberals ? Because they font trust what you are saying …How many of Acorns people are in jail for vote fraud ? Over 30…that is more then 10 cases Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          2. BillP March 28, 2015

            Daniel we both are wasting our time replying to bikejedi. I just sent a comment to him refuting his examples of supposed voter fraud. In the past he also claimed that the unemployment #’s used by President Obama were a different than those used during the W years. When I pointed out that his claim that unemployment averaged 5% for the U6 numbers was mathematically impossible given that W’s lowest number was 7.3%, he called me a “fibber” .

        4. 788eddie March 28, 2015

          bikejedi, Why is it that when the Georgia state GOP put a bounty of one thousand dollars each in the Spring of 2012 for provable examples of voter fraud, the results were, at best, anemic.

          They only got six submissions, which upon examination, was reduced to two and then none; they dropped the program after a couple of months, and in the process showed just how little actual voter fraud there actually was.

          Let’s drop this issue and lets move on to other issues that need discussing.

          1. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            Even one is too many ..Also if no one in Govt or law enforcement investigates vote fraud then you won’t find any …liberals have leaned on the low numbers of reported fraud but if no one is looking for it you won’t find it .We do know that in 2012 there were 59 Philly precincts without a single Romney vote which is a statistical impossibility and let’s not forget all the ACORN people who are in jail …There are plenty of excuses that those who want to preserve vote fraud make yet very little reason not to do Voter ID
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          2. Allan Richardson March 28, 2015

            If even one FRAUDULENT vote is too many, how many VALID VOTES SUPPRESSED is too many? How many people have to be DENIED their RIGHT to vote in order to catch one who votes twice? Or do the rights of suppressed voters even MATTER to you?

          3. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            No one has to be denied ..If you are an adult and a verifiable citizen get an ID …Look if they can do it in India and Mexico we can do it here
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          4. 788eddie March 28, 2015

            bikejedi, I would recommend that in the future you use only reliable news sources for your information. I have not heard of any of your allegations on any of the major news networks (Fox excepted).

            BTW, you do know that Fox is not permitted to broadcast in Canada, because they do not qualify as reliable under the Canada Broadcast Act, and that it was Fox news that had a case before the Supreme Court wherein Fox argued that its first amendment rights include broadcasting erroneous material. Both of these issues can be verified online for those who care to use due diligence.

          5. bikejedi March 29, 2015

            Of course they weren’t widely reported on liberal news …Do you really think Liberal news wants you to know what is really happening ? All you have to do is get your news and info from a variety of sources and do some research your self . By the way this has nothing to do with Fox . Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          6. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            Even one is too many ..Also if no one in Govt or law enforcement investigates vote fraud then you won’t find any …liberals have leaned on the low numbers of reported fraud but if no one is looking for it you won’t find it .We do know that in 2012 there were 59 Philly precincts without a single Romney vote which is a statistical impossibility and let’s not forget all the ACORN people who are in jail …There are plenty of excuses that those who want to preserve vote fraud make yet very little reason not to do Voter ID
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

        5. highpckts March 28, 2015

          THERE IS NEGLIGABLE VOTER FRAUD!!!! Try something else!!

          1. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            Good then you should have no problem with Voter ID then
            Sentom my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          2. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            Good then you should have no problem with Voter ID then
            Sentom my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

      2. highpckts March 28, 2015

        Oh amen! They get a burr up their collective butts and run with it! To Hell with the consequences and who cares anyhow. It won’t effect them!

    2. 788eddie March 28, 2015

      orssa – and when people return to get their I.D., 1) it should be to a place that is local, so that those who do not drive can get there, and 2) it should be open evenings and weekends, so that laborers can have time to get there.

      1. orrsra March 29, 2015

        Here in the Country (it is 21 miles to downtown DMV) they are open 5 days a week, your drivers license or id card is your voter registration and everyone can get to town by public state transport family or friends. The BO Holder bullshit does not stick First of all they have to get to the polls which are not in walking distance. Once they get that ID voting becomes easier because you can call on your BOphone and they will mail you an absentee ballot because you can not get to the polls. The Democratic Convention required Pic IDs to get into convention go figure Voter harassment is like the Black Panthers (Democratic Supporters) standing outside threatening/intimidating voters so if anything Voter IDs would reduce that crap which Holder, BO & the Socialist Democrats allowed (go figure) BO Holder are full of it and Racist

        1. 788eddie March 30, 2015

          The problem is that voter I.D. is NOT the same as a driver’s license; states can set up whatever form of required I.D. they want to legislate for.

          And, if a driver’s license is required, then what do we do for the elderly who have given up their driver’s license or for people who are disabled and yet still have the right to vote as citizens.

          ALL citizens have the right to vote and that right should be exercised as easily for every one of us.

          And as for voter intimidation, there was much more shown on TV during the 2012 election done by right-wing groups than the left (although both should not be allowed in a democracy).

          1. orrsra March 31, 2015

            My wife is going blind so she can no longer drive KY simply gives her a pic ID. IDs are not only used for voting. What do these people who say no and we can not get one when they are asked for ID at the store while cashing a check. This ID bullshit by Holder & BO is just that bullshit Wake up America I do not know what TV channels you watched in 12 but I saw little evidence that proves it. I did see Black Panthers out in Ohio however

  3. Eleanore Whitaker March 28, 2015

    Orrsra…wants to upgrade to Mexican standards? Sure…let’s all end up being kidnapped on the streets of the US and held for ransom by dicktator drug lords. That be the kind of Mexican standard you had in mind rightie?

  4. Fingerlakes54 March 28, 2015

    ” Now is the time for all good men [citizens] to come to the aid of their nation”.—-Everyone vote——–

  5. davidcayjohnston March 28, 2015

    Columnist here…

    Can we please get the discussion off Mexico’s voter suppression techniques and onto the issue of what YOU can do so America does not become, like Mexico, a nominal democracy run by oligarchs. Solving the problem, changing direction — focus, please.

  6. TMZ1928 March 28, 2015

    The biggest voter fraud in history is being perpetuated by the Democrats who are trying to legalize 20-30 million illegal aliens solely for the purpose of gaining their vote. It’s shameful that it doesn’t matter to them that they destroy the country in the process. And compare the actions of George Soros, who supports the Democrats, to the activities of the Koch’s to learn who cares about this country.

    1. bikejedi March 28, 2015

      Great comment .. Smart Liberals know this and will still deny it

      1. Carolyn1520 March 28, 2015

        Smart republicans will admit requiring Voter I.D is a direct attempt at voter suppression. But then again, the smart republicans fled the party and are now independents or dems.

        1. bikejedi March 28, 2015

          Wrong again …Smart Republicans know Blacks are capable of getting an ID and treat them like they would any fellow Americans ..We don’t imply they are too stupid or lazy to get an ID …Since the overwhelming majority of Americans favor Voter ID I think smart liberals who aren’t the racist and bigoted ones after with us Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          1. Carolyn1520 March 28, 2015

            LMAO Did I add moron? If not let me do so now.

          2. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            Yes you are …Can you debate anything on fact or logic ? Of course you can’t
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          3. Carolyn1520 March 28, 2015

            You can’t even comprehend that voter fraud is a non issue.
            I’d have to dumb down the conversation to reach your level.
            You know, wearing a helmet is for those who are at risk, have something to lose. You can remove yours.

          4. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            I just illustrated that it is a problem and furthermore 70 to 80 % of Americans think it is as well because they support voter I D ..I think we would ALL have to dumb that down for someone who won’t even debate the issues merit and who can only try to ridicule people who she doesn’t have the intellect to converse with.. ouch …no really ouch Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          5. Carolyn1520 March 28, 2015

            No you didn’t .
            You fail to recognize the facts presented in the article.
            Voter fraud is a non issue.

          6. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            I looked at what was presented and posted some facts that can’t be disputed to counter those arguments …you responded with immature name calling because you aren’t able to dispute what I posted …Also you responded to me not I to you so if you have nothing to add but insult I would suggest you take your intolerance and narrow views somewhere else
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          7. Carolyn1520 March 28, 2015

            I’d suggest you know what you are talking about before you post anything in a public comment forum or fully expect to get responses you don’t like. Voter fraud is a non-issue. Read it and weep.

          8. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            Read it and proved it false …or at leat pointed out it certainly left out a lot …If you are going to post on a subject you might want to be objective and question what you are reading ? You might want to inform yourself on the subject before disputing what someone else posts ..Hell you might even find that you too might then after with the vast majority of liberals who have an open mind and want verifiable elections
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          9. Carolyn1520 March 28, 2015

            Voter fraud is a non-issue.
            It’s been proven.
            I bet you wear a helmet now because you didn’t before and something bad happened.

          10. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            You keep saying it is a non issue when I perfectly and easily showed you through fact that it is . Well I’m glad most liberals agree with the rest of America on this issue
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          11. Carolyn1520 March 29, 2015

            No you did not. That the right has systematically lied about voter fraud being an issue of such magnitude does not justified changing laws. When someone is intentionally misinformed about the facts and bases their decisions on it, one can’t conclude that person is in agreement with your agenda when agreement is obtained under false pretenses.

            As far as most liberals agreeing with the rest of America, you’ve offered zero proof.

            Voter ID laws effective in 2014:

            Strict photo ID laws:








            Strict Non Photo ID Required


            North Dakota


            Photo ID Requested


            South Dakota





            Rhode Island


            ID Requested Photo Not Required









            South Carolina


            New Hampshire



            No document required to vote





            New Mexico







            New York



            New Jersey



            West Virginia

            North Carolina

            District of Columbia

            This I could agree with:

            If an unnecessary, burdensome law is to be enacted in order for citizens to exercise their RIGHT to vote then it should be the responsibilty of the state rather than private citizens to insure every eligible man and woman possess such documentation.

            Until this occurs, the law is not for the benefit of every citizen and it remains a voter suppression ploy.

          12. bikejedi March 29, 2015

            For God sakes do a Google search or two and you will find two recent polls that show 72% in one and 80 % in another favor Voter ID …That proves that even open minded liberals want it favor it and agree with me . I agree getting the ID’ s should be relatively easy …That is why it should be a Federal law that is uniform Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          13. Carolyn1520 March 29, 2015

            Do you mean the Fox and Rasmussen polls dated over a year ago. Tell me you’re kidding .

          14. bikejedi March 29, 2015

            Really can’t remember who did the polls …I do know Rasmussen is one of the best and Fox usually over samples Democrats just to be fair
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          15. Carolyn1520 March 29, 2015

            Yeah right.
            Excuse me while I laugh.

          16. bikejedi March 29, 2015

            Or you could try to look at it with an open mind and say to yourself …” wow just because I don’t like the organizations that did the polls the fact that they had 70 and 80% results would indicate to a FAIR minded person that even if they were wrong that there still has to be a wide majority of Americans who favor it ” ….Or you could chose to remain biased and narrow minded and laugh. Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          17. Carolyn1520 March 29, 2015


          18. bikejedi March 29, 2015

            Glad we can finally agree . Have a nice rest of the Weekend …Gearing up for the season finale of The Walking Dead …I love that show …all of the Zombies remind me of Chicago’s Democrats ..jk
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          19. Carolyn1520 March 29, 2015

            Yeah, in your dreams. We can agree to disagree.
            You too. Keep your helmet on.
            See we do have something in common. I also watch The Walking Dead but I refer to them as the republicans. 🙂

          20. bikejedi March 29, 2015

            By the way you do realize that the last liberal survivor ( Dale ) died a long time ago on that show ….right …And here we have Rick being a Sheriff again and talking about the broken window theory when they found the busted owl sculpture …Just wondering how many liberals do you think would make it in that world ? I know I know …great stuff to think about …..By the way I was a Sheriff here in Cook County ….
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          21. BillP March 28, 2015

            Not moron bikejedi is an Einstein, though in his case it’s in usual debunked voter fraud cases. He fails to mention that the Acorn example has to do with 33 out of 13,000 paid canvassers being charged with submitting false voting registration forms, there has been no proof that there was voter fraud from these forms but that doesn’t stop this Einstein. There were cases in Georgia and other states of canvassers only submitting voter registration forms that listed them as Republicans but we know that Republicans never do anything illegal (Watergate was a figment of Liberal minds)

          22. Carolyn1520 March 29, 2015

            Thank you. Made me laugh.
            He obviously thinks that the right’s systematic lying to convince people that voter fraud is a real issue justifies changing laws.

    2. davidcayjohnston March 28, 2015

      Columnist here…

      TMZ1928, can you point to any verifiable source for your assertion that the Democrats are trying to “legalize 20-30 million illegal aliens solely for the purpose of gaining their vote” ? No credible estimate I have seen of the numbers is anywhere near that high. The number of removals in every year of the current administration is greater than that of any prior administration. And while I agree that the Kochs care about the country (and so does Soros), as my column last week showed Kochian policies are devastating working people, which is most Americans.

      But some credible and verifiable sources, please, in your assertions.

      1. BillP March 28, 2015

        Thanks for your reply I was going to question those same numbers but you did an excellent job.

    3. oldtack March 28, 2015

      You spewed this out like a braying jackass and you sound like one. Now – you made the charge( 20-30 illegal aliens) please present your documented facts to back up your assertion. Or can you? And don’t quote Hannity, ORielly or Limbaugh.

    4. TycheSD March 28, 2015

      Kochs and Soros are on same page on immigration. Both want open borders.

      1. Daniel Jones March 28, 2015

        No. They do not.
        They want indentured servants they can ship out of the country at any time, which is why the thing the scream the most about is a path to citizenship.
        In this, they are more regressive than the French Foreign Legion, which at least was set up so the survivors gained French citizenship.

        1. TycheSD March 28, 2015

          The Koch brothers fund the Libre initiative, which is trying to recruit Hispanics and turn them into Republican voters. That’s why they’re putting pressure on Republicans to pass immigration “reform,” which is not reform at all, but a way to bring in as many foreign workers as are needed to keep wages low.

      2. highpckts March 28, 2015

        Soros donates to campaigns only unlke the Kochs who are trying to buy the government along with any state that wants their money!

    5. highpckts March 28, 2015

      For God’s sake! Here we go again!! The old we need votes ploy! So you don’t think that suppressing the vote isn’t the same thing?? The GOP knows they don’t stand a chance of winning with their track record of racism, discrimination, refusal to raise the minimum wage, workers rights, war mongering etc. and the list goes on! And a big one is gerrymandering! Without all of this they know they won’t win!

  7. bikejedi March 28, 2015

    What voter suppression ? Do you mean voter I D ? What are Liberals implying that Black are too stupid or lazy to get an I D ? Well if I were a person of color I would feel deeply offended used and disrespected like that .

    1. davidcayjohnston March 28, 2015

      Columnist here…

      Bikejedi (who hides his name) please read the column.

      If you had read it you would know that voter ID laws could have prevented ten illegal votes over the years 2000 through summer 2012. That is less than one per year.

      Let me repeat — less than one case per year where photo ID would have blocked an illegal vote.

      Had you read my column you would know that a white former member of Conngress was denied the vote because of voter suppression in his state (as were tens of thousands of others) so this is not an issue about race.

      1. bikejedi March 28, 2015

        I love the way you tout Columnist here . I have nothing to hide from people like you nor do I feel the need to prove anything to you .. Many of the people here know my name . Well it seems you left out a whole lot . First off on the number of cases reported …. if the GOVT and Law Enforcement aren’t looking for it you certainly aren’t going to find a lot of it . They aren’t looking at least not very hard ..Secondly It isn’t me you have to convince it is the vast overwhelming majority of Americans . They disagree with the few Liberals who are trying to preserve vote fraud and who are fighting against verifiable elections … They don’t trust what you wrote and that is why they want it . Also you forgot to mention all the ACORN people in the pokey for Vote Fraud and the way they tried to register pets especially in my city of Chicago . You forgot to mention the 59 Philly precincts without a single Romney vote which is a statistical impossibility so excuse America if they don’t trust Liberals like yourself Obama and the rest .

        Also i brought up the Liberals who play the race card on this issue because that is the first talking point they use to try to deny Voter I D . So take that up with Liberals not me because several have played that race card already in this comment thread .

        By the way I did read your column and found it informative yet totally biased on this issue .

        1. davidcayjohnston March 28, 2015

          The title columnist means its an opinion piece….and it uses, as my columns do, verifiable empirical facts from reliable sources. I am sure it would surprise you that much of the material I require my graduate business and law students to read comes from conservatives and libertarians — all of them principled.

          1. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            That’s good news

            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

    2. highpckts March 28, 2015

      Really? Liberals are saying, yes, it is voter suppression because many poor and elderly and students are kept from voting for many reasons including having no driver’s license among others! My Dad recently gave up his driver’s license and yet he is still able to vote but you want to make it impossible!

      1. bikejedi March 28, 2015

        Get real there are other ways to qualify for an ID …and the States that have instituted laws have bent over backwards to accommodate anyone who wants one Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

        1. Allan Richardson March 28, 2015

          No, they have not bent over backwards, they have made it harder to get at all, and harder to get in time for the next election when they deliberately pass these laws during the campaign season. Some states do allow for a non-driving voter photo ID, but you have to GET TO THE OFFICE during office hours, which may be impossible for residents in a nursing home (to be fair, the state registration officials may make visits to HIGH PRICED nursing homes, but not to the ones where poor retirees end up), or for working people, particularly those who work for bosses who don’t want them to vote, and schedule them deliberately in order to suppress both registration and voting.

          It’s not just blacks, and it’s not just the lazy and stupid. It’s the way the laws are written, in combination with other legislation such as moving state offices OFF THE TRANSIT LINES to keep people without cars from getting there. In Texas, state college ID cards, even though they have a photo, are not valid for voting now, although concealed gun carry permits are. And voters whose ID cards are not spelled EXACTLY the same as their voter registrations, particularly recently married or recently divorced WOMEN who have not had time to change BOTH documents (and before the new laws, never thought that would be a problem, because it wasn’t), cannot vote.

          1. bikejedi March 28, 2015

            Look Allen it is real simple . There should be a uniform Voter ID law across the Country …That would make your arguments invalid and that is what the vast majority of Americans want . Same rules for every American across the Country …its so simple Country’s like Mexico do it . We can do better than Mexico right
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

      2. TycheSD March 28, 2015

        Why don’t you go pick him up and drive him to the polls? And make sure he has his birth certificate!

  8. Charles D March 28, 2015

    Everyone should vote, but first they need to understand one elementary fact: Any candidate who spends millions on their campaign or has “independent” groups do it for him will not represent ordinary people when elected. If we stop voting for the clowns supported by big money interests we can change the country. If we don’t, then they will continue to win.

    1. jabber1 March 28, 2015

      Now this is true but only the well funded “clowns” make it to the ballot. Then what do we do? I think trying to get a constitutional amendment to overturn citizen’s united and then have publicly funded campaigns is probably the only answer. There are plenty of groups supposedly working on this but you won’t hear about it in the mainstream media. After all the media makes a bundle off of expensive campaigns. Move to Amend (,org) is one group.

      1. Charles D March 31, 2015

        I can’t speak for your state, but here in New York there are parties and candidates on the ballot who are neither well-funded nor clowns. There are two ways to amend the Constitution. You can get the corporate-owned Congress to pass it and have the corporate-owned President sign it and then get the bill ratified by 2/3 of the corporate-owned state legislatures, or you can opt for a new constitutional convention that will undoubtedly be dominated by big money interests and can do a great deal more harm than good.

  9. TycheSD March 28, 2015

    Americans don’t want illegal immigrants or temporary workers voting. Hence, laws to make sure everyone who votes is an American citizen.

    Don’t see how providing an ID to vote is voter suppression. Most people have a driver’s license.

    1. davidcayjohnston March 28, 2015

      Columnist here…

      TycheSD, please read my column, which explains the lack of value in photo ID. Please comment again after you read the column (and perhaps peruse the 998 lined documents) and think about what I reported so you can offer informed observations.

      1. TycheSD March 28, 2015

        But why is requiring an ID a burden? I vote in every election, and I would not feel burdened if they asked for my ID at the polling booth.

        1. davidcayjohnston March 28, 2015

          TycheSD, you would know the answer to your question if you read the column first and then commented.

          Please also follow the link to the rigorously done study on how many cases of voter impersonation, the only crime photo ID prevents, were either charged or proven from 2000 through summer 2012.

          1. TycheSD March 28, 2015

            I have read reports that voter fraud is rare, but I still don’t see why we shouldn’t require people to have an ID to vote – especially with Obama relaxing immigration enforcement and laws and importing more foreign workers every time he pulls his pen out – just this past week he announced plans to bring in more Indian tech workers. People in India are overjoyed, Americans, not so much.

          2. davidcayjohnston March 28, 2015

            Let me try again — read my column and you will see why it is unnecessary, wasteful and bad policy. Strange the person who keeps posting about a column their posts show they either did not read or do not understand.

          3. highpckts March 28, 2015

            Why are you surprised?? They don’t want to deal with anything close to facts! Their tiny minds have been made up for them! You are fighting a losing battle!!

          4. Eleanore Whitaker March 28, 2015

            You want to know the real reason only the White Middle Aged GOP turds and right wing REALLY want voter ID? Because they know that the most regular voters are people who are over the age of 55. This means many 70 and 80 somethings who are retired. The idea is to disenfranchise the elderly who vote most regularly and those who are retired. This is the older generation, these spiteful little twits think they can outwit.

          5. TycheSD March 28, 2015

            I read your column and I understand your premise. I stated above that I am a rabid environmentalist, so am NO fan of the Kochs! I also am in favor of greatly reducing LEGAL immigration to this country and stopping illegal immigration. I grew up in a blue collar, union family and I want Americans to work in American jobs.

            I want strict voting laws! I have voted since I was 18 years old. I am 62. I feel it is my duty. I have lived in three different states and I have never voted absentee ballot. Nor have I ever encountered lines so long that I had to wait more than 1/2 hour – and I currently live in a very populous state in a major American city.

            I like going to the polls. I feel good afterward. I don’t understand people who need extra days to vote or special accommodations because the people at the election offices don’t have a record of their voter registration. You make sure you are registered at least a month before the election. You educate yourself as much as possible about the issues and the candidates. I always take my sample ballot with me after I have filled it out in advance. And if there is evidence that voter fraud exists in registration or voting, we need to crack down on it.

            There is no right to vote listed in the Constitution. It is a privilege we have because we are citizens of this country. If you don’t vote you are surrendering one of the primary benefits of being an American.

    2. booker25 March 28, 2015

      No one worried about voter ID until a black democrat won the WH. There is no voter fraud, the only fraud going on are these voter suppression laws being passed in red states.

      1. TycheSD March 28, 2015

        To me, a person who votes in every election, providing an ID to vote is not trying to suppress my vote.

        I WANT black people to vote. And, I want them to wake up and see what our black president is doing to keep them down. He is continuing the practice of importing unskilled labor from Mexico to replace black workers who demand a decent wage.

        1. highpckts March 28, 2015

          Our President is keeping the black population down??? Oh my God!!! ROFL!!! You people never cease to amaze me with your rants!!

          1. TycheSD March 28, 2015

            Yes, our black president is writing off whole groups of African-Americans while he imports more and more people from poor countries who will work for less money than poor black people.

            Instead, he uses situations like Ferguson and Trayvon Martin to show his support of the black people who are being disenfranchised. They’re disenfranchised because many of them don’t have jobs! The black unemployment rate is double what it is for whites. Why aren’t they upset with the guy who is allowing this to continue?

          2. Matforce March 28, 2015

            Dems have the burden of advocating for civility and civil rights for all of humanity, a banner (liability) they’ve hitched their wagon to, bless their bleeding hearts.

            Republicans have the arduous job of posing as though they are against this cheap labor force seeping (sneaking) into the USA workforce, working for pennies on the dollar, a God-send to small businesses in the construction, farm, and other labor trades. They are the secret darlings of local Chambers of Commerce, as well as small businesses to which the GOP wishes to throw a bone. But, then they rail against any cost these immigrants incur if, heaven forbid, they should fall ill, or become a victim to a serious accident at work… LOL!

    3. 788eddie March 28, 2015

      Like you yourself just wrote; most (but importantly, not all [especially the poorest]) have driver’s license. And, if voter I.D. is put into place, then it should be made esy for everyone, especially the elderly, to get it.

      In this country, NO citizen should be disenfranchised.

      1. Allan Richardson March 28, 2015

        The very first publicized victim of the new voter ID laws was an elderly woman who was UNQUESTIONABLY qualified to vote, but lived in a nursing home, yet had never missed an election before, and had even been awarded a certificate of appreciation by the state for not missing an election. If the law had allowed any discretion, the local superintendent of elections certainly would have testified that she is indeed a citizen and indeed qualified to vote, but she was threatened with not being able to vote in 2012 (the huge publicity got the state to back down then; she may have been stopped in 2014, however), because:
        (1) being an elderly invalid, she no longer drove, and had no drivers license;
        (2) she could not get transportation to, and could not afford to pay the fee charged for, a non-driving voter ID;
        (3) her birth was not officially recorded those many years ago, and there was no way to get a birth certificate because of that, and the new law made no allowances for hardships in getting the documents necessary to get the new ID card.

        Other people in similar circumstances may have had a recorded birth, but their birth certificates require a visit in person to the vital statistics office WITH A PHOTO ID (EVER READ CATCH-22?) during their newly restricted business hours, which for an invalid in a nursing home would also mean paying paramedics out of her pocket for the trip and however many hours of waiting were required for service at the office (can’t let one voter ahead of the line, even if she is an invalid). And what if their birth certificates are only available in another state?

        Also, people with multiple jobs just to make ends meet, needing child care, not having a car and having to use public transportation, face similar obstacles. Some of these states have AT THE SAME TIME cut the hours and locations of the places where documents and cards may be obtained, and in some cases MOVED THEM OFF OF TRANSIT LINES in order to DELIBERATELY make them inaccessible.

        If the true purpose of these new laws were ACTUALLY to stop fraud, they would have EXPANDED the access to the new documents, not restricted them. They would have provided for a state official and their equipment to make HOUSE CALLS or ‘HOOD CALLS at no charge, at accessible hours, to take pictures and get proper new ID. And they would have provided for “grandmothering in” voters whose eligibility was established many years ago.

        The same accessibility question applies to voting itself. Hours for early voting, ability to get an absentee ballot, locations for early voting, election day polling places, inventories of paper ballots and/or voting machines (WORKING, NOT DEFECTIVE) have been cut for voters in “wrong” parts of town, causing long lines which discourage voting, especially by people whose work or other commitments, or disabilities, prohibit waiting. Meanwhile, upper middle class voters who tend to vote Republican find spacious, well staffed precincts with plenty of voting machines and/or ballot forms, and alyhough they may not have to work during voting hours, they breeze in and out.

        Anyone who does not see this evidence as proving that the INTENT was and is to keep thousands of legitimate voters who support the “wrong” party from voting, is either TOTALLY brainwashed, or AGREES with that agenda.

        1. Matforce March 28, 2015

          Allen, you just don’t get it. These bonafide, genuine USA citizens you mention aren’t welcome to vote! They should just crawl off and die, or accept the crumbs the oligarchs deem them worthy of. Much like Marquis St. Evremonde tossing the pennies from his carriage as a recompense for running over and killing a peasant child in the streets of France, they should be grateful for this thoughtful gesture. (sarcasm filter- off!)

          1. Allan Richardson March 28, 2015

            I certainly get it, but bikejedi and his crowd don’t get it. Unless they are themselves in the top 1% of wealth and income, they have been brainwashed to ACCEPT those pennies thrown from the carriage, and maybe even recruiting MORE peasant children to be thrown under the wheels so that THEY get more pennies. But one day THEY will be thrown under the wheels, and if they prove successful, there will be no one LEFT to save THEM.

          2. Matforce March 28, 2015

            …under the wheels, or make their acquaintance to “la femme, Guillotine…

  10. davidcayjohnston March 28, 2015

    Columnist here….

    Let me try again — can we discuss ACTION to make our democracy endure, the point of my column. What are YOU going to do?

    1. TycheSD March 28, 2015

      Liberals/Democrats would have more room to complain about the Kochs if they didn’t favor open borders like the Kochs do. Why would President Obama, the Democratic Party and the Koch brothers all have the same position on immigration?

      1. davidcayjohnston March 28, 2015

        TycheSD, please see my earlier reply to you and please try dealing in facts. Nuance may elude you, but neither the Koch brothers nor anyone in an elected position favors “open borders.”

        1. TycheSD March 28, 2015

          I hate oligarchs running our country too. Every time there’s an oil car train derailment explosion or a chemical/oil spill into a body of water that provides drinking water for people and sustenance for wildlife, I can’t imagine how Americans can tolerate it. Every day of the BP oil spill I was depressed. Our government is turning over our natural resources to rapacious money-grubbers. It’s both parties who are allowing this.

          So, in my view, the only way I can see to solve this problem is to vote for a third party candidate that would threaten both parties. We need another Ross Perot.

      2. Daniel Jones March 28, 2015

        The Kochs don’t favor open anything, especially not open borders.
        They want to close borders, close widows of opportunity, and close minds.

        1. TycheSD March 28, 2015

          Nope. Koch brothers are libertarians and are for open borders. They are major funders of Cato Institute, which pushes open borders.

          1. booker25 March 28, 2015

            Nope, they Koch’s want it their way, closed to everything. Starting with your local government.

          2. TycheSD March 28, 2015

            Kochs favor the international free movement of labor – just like they favor the free flow of capital. The American middle class has paid the price for free trade and for cheaper labor.

          3. Daniel Jones March 28, 2015

            Will. You. Stop. LYING?
            They want the capital to flow one way–to the rich.
            They want to control the movement, rights, education, subsistence, and lives of everyone else through economic means and deceptive practices.

          4. Daniel Jones March 28, 2015

            There is so much crap in that sentence it would take a paragraph to list it all.

      3. jabber1 March 28, 2015

        I think favoring open borders has more to do with “free trade”. You know, not having anything like tariffs to impair profits of goods made abroad. I also think they favor the H1B visas which allow foreigners who will work for less to take good, middle class jobs in technical fields. When it comes to undocumented immigrants fleeing their third world countries to find jobs, I don’t think corporations are necessarily in favor at all. They like the “illegal” status cause they can exploit these people to work in horrible conditions for very little pay. Our real jobs problems stems from our lousy trade deals and getting rid of tariffs. Now we make almost nothing here and the good jobs are gone.

    2. Charlotte Sines March 28, 2015

      I have a suggestion. While we should continue to fight against voter ID laws, how about we start an organization that will use donations to help the poor, elderly, students and anyone else that needs the help, regardless of party affiliation, to pay for the birth certificate, state ID, transportation to motor vehicle dept offices and other needs so the people can get the ID needed. Then at least, people would be able to vote. I am suggesting state ID cards, not drivers licenses. Not everyone knows how or wants to drive. I would be very willing to donation to such a group.

      1. davidcayjohnston March 28, 2015

        Good idea…. so talk it up with people in your area…

      2. davidcayjohnston March 29, 2015

        Second thought….

        Please form a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with 10 or more people you know and I will donate $100 to your formal and organized effort on behalf of that cause.

      3. paulyz April 3, 2015

        By your comment you are assuming there are hardships & costs to getting a Voter ID. This is already offered Free .

        1. dpaano April 21, 2015

          Not always…..

    3. dougom March 28, 2015

      I’ve been trying to think of things that can be done to make it harder for oligarchs to stack the deck. The new voter ID laws, and the Supreme Court’s incredibly regressive decision, make it hard to actually *allow* the majority to vote, let alone let them elect true representation.

      I don’t know, David, I honestly don’t. People have been saying, “Get people to the polls!” since I was in college . . . in the Reagan years. But every decade the deck seems to become more and more horribly stacked against the minority, and I don’t know how to unstack. Because until it *is* unstacked, these voting efforts, while admirable, don’t seem to me to be enough.

      1. davidcayjohnston March 29, 2015

        Dougom, it strikes me that the key word in your post is “saying.” Voter participation need nit be universal as in Australia. But for a tiny fraction of the cost of broadcast ads many more people could be registered and helped to get to the polls than advertising sways.

        A more useful verb would be “do.” And once we do get more people registered abd casting ballots we can enact voter-friendly reforms like weekend voting, voting by mail, etc.

        Better to sign up ten voters and get them to the polls than to curse the status quo.

      2. dpaano April 21, 2015

        I belong to a Democratic Club in California, and we do our best to help individuals who can’t get to the polls or can’t get the proper identification get what they need to vote. This means we pick voters up at their homes and drive them to the precincts, we take them to the local DMV if that’s what they need, we do tabling at local Farmer’s Markets to sign people up to vote, and we provide information on ALL the candidates so people can make an informed choice. This is what we do…..and we’ll continue to do for the upcoming 2016 elections. Fortunately, we don’t have a problem with voter discrimination…..California is a very progressive state when it comes to helping to get as many citizens out to vote as possible. We’re even considering having people automatically registered to vote when they get their driver’s licenses or renew them. It’s a start!

    4. Larry R. Bradley March 29, 2015

      I am going to continue to advocate for Electoral Reform. That means we need to get rid of the winner take all ballot in favor of Instant Runoff Voting (IRV). The winner take all ballot is a form of voter blackmail that limits the competition that candidates must face (thereby making oligarch influence easier) and the choices the voters have. See my web page at TheCenterStrikesBack.org or FairVote.org for more information.

      1. davidcayjohnston March 29, 2015

        Columnist here…

        Good idea. So please work To put get it adopted in one place – a special district, city, county….good ideas tend to spread, but only if they get real world tryouts.

        1. Larry R. Bradley March 29, 2015

          Thanks for your comment. I and others are doing just that. Minneapolis used IRV to elect their Mayor last November. Maine is pursuing a referendum to use IRV in its state wide elections. Australia uses it to elect their Parliament. I find most people like IRV–once they know about it. The problem is they don’t know about it. Any assistance you might offer in that regard (letting people know about IRV) would be greatly appreciated.

  11. 788eddie March 28, 2015

    Thank you David Cay Johnston!

    I will see to it that your article is referred to by many of my friends and acquaintances.

  12. jabber1 March 28, 2015

    Trying to go from one precinct to another passing yourself off as different people is a lousy way to cheat or throw an election. The real fraud is perpetrated by the voting machines and those who made them. Just look at Ohio in 2004. The voter ID movement is trying to stop poor black people and college students from voting. Why, because both groups often vote Democratic. ID laws are unfair because the states that have them require documents that are difficult to obtain, or expensive to obtain or both.

  13. Matforce March 28, 2015

    After watching the last 35 years unfold (keep in mind, I voted straight GOP until 2012), I have come to some distressing conclusions.

    #1- The GOP is, in large part, has been over-run by business leaders accustomed to the conduct of the business model, shaping their perspectives on the imperative of how to turn a profit.

    #2- This profit imperative is based on the constructs of a free market, cost/benefit analysis paradigm influenced by theories incorporating a combination of: a) capital investment b) competition for markets c) production/distribution efficiency, including production methods, innovation/technology, and procedural access to markets d) the cutting of cost (liabilities) and the boosting of benefits (profits).

    #3- National policy designed to boost and fortify a thriving consumer economy (lessons learned coming out of the Great Depression): New Deal work programs for the displaced workers like the CCC, CWA, and PWA. Then policies like The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, The Wagner Act, otherwise known as The National Labor Relations Act, and later, the Employment Act of 1946, were measures enacted to fortify the middle class (40 hr. work week and overtime compensation, minimum wage, child labor, safety standards, etc.). The Glass-Steagall Act separated the investment banks from FDIC backed commercial banks’ holdings, and marginal tax rates were set at 90% to incentivize investment of capital into the USA with the prospect of receiving handsome returns taxed as capital gains (20% I believe it was), a fraction of the marginal rate. These measures, it was agreed, were necessary to fortify a dynamic middle class (create and sustain a dynamic consumer market), stabilize the financial sector, and practically assure the investment of capital back into the USA.

    #4- Observation #3 violated the business model, placing the business imperative of turning the largest profit possible on equal footing with the interests of USA labor (aka: USA consumer market), and that of national interest.

    measures, if you remember, were met with bitter opposition and cries of protest from the
    financial and business sectors and their friends and profit-protectors in
    Congress who claimed they were “unconstitutional,” an “infringement on
    freedoms,” “socialism,” etc. … Sound familiar?

    #5- Enter the Free Trade Agreements that witnessed not only the tax policy incentives for the exchange of decent wage/benefit, blue-collar, USA middle class jobs in exchange for larger profit margins for offshoring corporations, but free access to our once thriving USA consumer economy.

    #6- Any suggestion that the USA return to policies like those of the 50s and 60s, the USA heyday that witnessed the assent of the USA to, not only the world’s premier economy, but to the highest standard of living on Earth, is met, yet again, by these same GOP profit-protectors, with cries about how they are “unconstitutional,” an “infringement on freedoms,” “socialism,” etc.
    In conclusion, good national governance doesn’t always adhere to the dictates of the business model imperative, as our history confirms. But the GOP has dominated the national narrative by convincing the USA populous that the nation must be run like a business and that means allowing our financial and business sectors to have access to our legislature to churn out policy that is primarily beneficial to our financial and business sectors, while the middle class (consumer market) is merely an afterthought; something of a liability that must be cut from the profit imperative, even as this imperative depends on them for the continuance the capital investment of their shrinking disposable incomes into the purchase of products and services that keep the markets afloat!
    There’s got to be a balance; and the USA government must provide that balance. They are the only entity that can serve as an arbiter of JUSTICE among competing interests. As it stands now, thanks to Citizens United vs. the FEC, moneyed interest is the ONLY interest that is being represented in our legislatures.
    The media, charged with the job of investigative reporting on these issues and bringing them to light to inform “we the people,” is guilty of being complicit with this economic treason through a kind of support via their silence, as well as through the overt propagation of the myth that those who promote the business model imperative, know what’s best for the nation as a whole.

    1. Progressive Republican March 28, 2015

      Beautifully and thoughtfully put. I’d like to use that, if I may.

      1. Matforce March 28, 2015

        By all means!

  14. davidcayjohnston March 28, 2015

    Columnist here….

    Let me try yet again — this column is about what YOU can do. How about comments on that…

    1. Matforce March 28, 2015

      Exactly! Get out the VOTE! But it’s complicated when investigative reporters are complicit with the Oligarchy. An informed populous, who’s aware of the issues and what’s at stake is the only antidote to his whole-scale sell-out. Otherwise, even a voting base will stand before the ballet and “eenie, meenie, minie, moe…

      1. dpaano April 21, 2015

        My biggest gripe is when a newspaper lists who THEY think you should vote for rather than giving information about ALL the nominees and letting us make our OWN decisions! I don’t think I need a newspaper to tell me who to vote for….I prefer researching all the candidates and picking the one that I think will do the best job. But, most uninformed people will take the newspaper to the polls with them and vote for everyone on the list rather than take the time to learn anything about the individual candidates running! I’ve seen it many times at the precincts, and it galls me every time!!!! Newspapers should NOT be allowed to tell people who to vote for nor should you be able to bring a newspaper into the precinct (damn the 1st Amendment)!!!

    2. Matforce March 28, 2015

      I can’t tell you how many times I’ve calmly, politely, caringly, enthusiastically, emotionally advocated, supported by factual references, for a return to policies that bolster a prosperous middle class with those who’ve been (what I call) infected by the virus of right wing rhetoric to no avail. So duped have they become by the deceptions cloaked in God, Guns, Personal Liberty, and Red White and Blue that they would cling to, and cite right wing, rhetorical phrases that causes them to insulate themselves from common sense.

      1. Progressive Republican March 28, 2015

        I quit calling it ‘common sense’ long ago as it isn’t all that common.

        Then I called it ‘horse sense’ briefly until I remembered that a horse will run in to a burning barn.

        Maybe we could call that ‘conservative sense’, eh?

      2. bernieo March 30, 2015

        I have been able to make a little headway with folks like this by saying I favor policies that strengthen our democracy and a large, healthy middle class is a necessity for a democracy to function. This has never existed without deliberate government policies to support the middle class. Without it power is controlled by the elite few who want the rest of society to do their bidding for low wages. It is hard for most to argue against democracy and most people I know do not like that the wealthy have so much power so they are more receptive to that approach in my experience.

      3. dpaano April 21, 2015

        Boy, you hit the nail on the proverbial head!!! As I’ve said many times, the GOP uses lies and scare tactics to motivate their base. Unfortunately, those less informed will believe anything they’re told! Most of them don’t read a newspaper, don’t have a computer, don’t do their research, and just go along with what they’re told despite the lies!

    3. Dominick Vila March 28, 2015

      What we can do is to make sure we are registered to vote, make sure we have a photo ID (such as a drivers license), VOTE, and encourage fellow Democrats to comply with whatever new laws are enacted. The easiest way to overcome the impediments being placed to vote is to beat the oligarchs at their own game. Last, but not least, we must vote.

      1. dpaano April 21, 2015

        And, as a suggestion, if we know someone who doesn’t have a photo ID so they can vote….we can make sure they get to where they need to go in order to get one (and, if we have to help them financially to get the ID…more power to us)!!! That’s my goal….pay it forward!

        1. Dominick Vila April 21, 2015

          The easiest way to solve this is to implement a national ID system, similar to those in most other countries. It should include name, DOB, POB, address, citizenship status, a photo, a finger print. Since it would be a requirement for all citizens nobody will be able to claim discrimination. The E-verify, which applies only to Hispanics-Latinos, regardless of whether or not they were born in the USA, and how long their ancestors lived in this country, singles out an ethnic group the way the Jewish people were when they had to wear Stars of David on their lapels in the Third Reich era.

  15. Whatmeworry March 28, 2015

    Yep its the standard voter suppression nonsense. When the WashPost did an article on illegals they tried to bury how many voted in 2012 .Simply asking the question showed that 4 MILLION voted in the last presidential election. IN 2008 3000 inmates in MA voted and in 2008 1800 Xfelons voted in MN.
    Citizens United didn’t start the huge election contributions it was Barak’s $1.5B spending in 2008. Millions coming from China and the Saudi’s

    1. davidcayjohnston March 28, 2015

      Are you trying to be funny or do you just make things up?

      1. Carolyn1520 March 29, 2015

        He’s on the spectrum.

      2. Whatmeworry March 30, 2015

        don’t read much I see

        1. Whatmeworry March 31, 2015

          Dannnny Ketter

      3. Whatmeworry March 31, 2015

        My name is Dan Ketter, so what’s it to you??

    2. highpckts March 29, 2015

      ROFL! More Fox “news”!!

      1. Whatmeworry March 30, 2015

        No the Washpost

    3. highpckts March 29, 2015

      By the way the President’s name is Barack Obama!

      1. paulyz March 29, 2015

        President Barack Hussein Soetoro Omama.

        1. Insinnergy March 29, 2015

          That many words in a row may give you a headache. May I suggest smaller words?

          1. paulyz March 31, 2015

            Yes, give me your list of smaller words, you have many, but in your mind your just another imagined intellectual.

      2. Whatmeworry March 30, 2015

        No the name he prefers is Barry Soetoro

  16. On Guard! Mosin Nagant March 28, 2015

    Few people realize that – by the geologic definition – the Earth is presently in an ice age that began 2.6 million years ago.

  17. paulyz March 29, 2015

    The Leftie media like the National Memo has it so easy on how to press your buttons. All they need to do is mention “the 1%” and you get all bent out of shape and follow like sheep. LMAO.

    1. davidcayjohnston March 29, 2015

      Paulz, Columnist here…

      Had you read my column (or read with care) you would know what you wrote is utterly irrelevant as well as false. Oh, and I’m in the 1% and a registered Republican.

      Now, how about reading carefully the many facts I provided, clicking through some of the hypertext links so you learn something you obviously do not know anything about and then thinking about people who do not have photo ID or who do, but get denied the vote anyway like the former Congressman I cited. (I have tons more examples, BTW.)

      Then, please, try writing an informing post that contributes to better understanding rather than trying your hand at more intellectual masturbation.

      1. paulyz March 29, 2015

        Yes, go ahead and jerk your mind off. I am sure you are appreciating Obama’s latest Executive Decree, the change in the L-1B program that will allow foreign workers in overseas US corporations, to work in the US at their lower foreign rate.

        I truly doubt you are a Republican, from your complete criticism of so many in your little story. And the only criticism you have over the wealth going to political candidates, are the wealth that goes to Republican candidates. No mention of George Soros’s Billions going to Socialist causes I see.

        1. Insinnergy March 29, 2015

          I think it’s the willful ignorance that you display that’s the most amusing.
          You are literally surrounded by facts… swimming in a sea of them… yet you don’t even look.
          I’m sure it’s a talent.

          1. paulyz March 31, 2015

            The Oligarch that Liberals fail or want to see, is the control of the Federal Governme t, by a minority of Socialists, ignoring our Government of the People. More wealth goes to the Democrat Party than the Republican Party, and the wealthiest total members of Congress are Democrats. You condescending Liberal manner renders you unable to admit facts that go against you ideology. Very amusing.

    2. Insinnergy March 29, 2015

      Wow… it’s like you never learned to think.

  18. bernieo March 30, 2015

    I think you missed one big action we could take – put pressure on the mainstream media to stop underreporting important information (like the much-lower-than-expected cost of the ACA) in favor of more sensational coverage (like the messy website during the rollout), faux balance, treating elections like a high school contest for prom king or queen, or just repeating Republican spin.
    We should never forget how the media played along with dishonest smears of Al Gore, who dared to bore journalists with talk of policy, and praised the unqualified Bush as more fun to have a beer with. Had any Republican candidate been lied about the way Gore or the Clintons were Republicans would have made sure their base complained loud and long to the media. I have heard journalists admit that even though they knew the attacks they were getting were coming from a very small minority it was still intimidating. This has been going on for years and liberals have not only let it happen, they have often bought the spin.
    As for getting out the vote I have been waiting for solicitations for funds to make sure voters have the ID’s they need. NOW. I get all kinds of solicitations from Democratic groups but so far none for this and my state has a voter ID law. I do not know many unregistered voters or people who lack ID so I would need to go through an organized group to help out. Any suggestions?

    1. dpaano April 21, 2015

      The main problem is that most of the media is owned by right-wing Republicans!!!

  19. George April 1, 2015

    what was vote of supremes on Walkers law? I havent seen the count or reasoning yet


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