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Wis. Supreme Court Justice Up For Election Apologizes For Vitriolic Anti-Gay College Columns

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Wis. Supreme Court Justice Up For Election Apologizes For Vitriolic Anti-Gay College Columns

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley, via Facebook.

Wisconsin state Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley is publicly apologizing for offensive columns and letters she wrote in her college newspaper in the early 1990s, which contained denigrating comments about gays, AIDS victims, and liberals.

Bradley was appointed to the state Supreme Court seat late last year by Republican Gov. Scott Walker after the sudden death of liberal-leaning Justice Patrick Crooks. Bradley was already running for the seat on the court, and Crooks had previously announced his own retirement. She is now in a tight race for election to a full 10-year term against Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg, who very narrowly lost a previous race for the court in 2011 against another conservative incumbent.

The columns were publicly revealed Monday by the liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now.

In the Marquette Tribune, the student paper at Marquette University, Bradley declared that “the homosexuals and drug addicts who do essentially kill themselves and others through their own behavior deservedly receive none of my sympathy” — in contrast to a friend of hers, who had contracted HIV through a blood transfusion.

In another column she wrote: “One will be better off contracting AIDS than developing cancer, because those afflicted with the politically correct disease will be getting all of the funding. How sad that the lives of desperate drug addicts and queers are valued more than the innocent victims of more prevalent ailments.

Bradley’s campaign released the following statement in response:

“Recently an article I wrote while a college student at Marquette 24 years ago has surfaced on left leaning blogs and now the mainstream press. I was writing as a very young student, upset about the outcome of that presidential election and I am frankly embarrassed at the content and tone of what I wrote those many years ago.

To those offended by comments I made as a young college student, I apologize, and assure you that those comments are not reflective of my worldview. These comments have nothing to do with who I am as a person or a jurist, and they have nothing to do with the issues facing the voters of this state.

This is a blatant mudslinging campaign to distract the people from the issues at hand. This election is about diametrically opposed judicial philosophies. I have run a positive campaign focused on the rule of law and strict adherence to the U.S. and Wisconsin Constitutions. I am proud of the twenty plus years of experience I bring to this race, including my time as a Judge on the Milwaukee children’s court, the appellate court, and Supreme Court. I will work for the people of this state to ensure that justice is served and upheld on the state’s highest court.” – Justice Rebecca Bradley

As highlighted by WisPolitics, Bradley wrote the following on such diverse topics as AIDS, homosexuality, and the election of President Bill Clinton in 1992:

  • “Heterosexual sex is very healthy in a loving marital relationship. Homosexual sex, however, kills.”
  • “Perhaps AIDS Awareness should seek to educate us with their misdirected compassion for the degenerates who basically commit suicide through their behavior.”
  • “I will certainly characterize whomever transferred their infected blood a homosexual or drug-addicted degenerate and a murderer.”
  • “We have now elected a tree-hugging, baby-killing, pot-smoking, flag-burning, queer-loving, bull-spouting ‘60s radical socialist adulterer to the highest office in our nation. Doesn’t it make you proud to be an American? We’ve just had an election which proves the majority of voters are either totally stupid or entirely evil.”
  • “Either you condone drug use, homosexuality, AIDs-producing sex, adultery and murder and are therefore a bad person, or you didn’t know that he supports abortion on demand and socialism, which means you are dumb.”

To read the full commentaries by Bradley (written under her maiden name, Grassl) courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, click here.



  1. Daniel Jones March 7, 2016

    I don’t give a rat’s ASS about her apologies because I don’t believe she means a word of it. If she gets selected for the full term, she’ll go right back to the hate.

  2. Otto T. Goat March 7, 2016

    She was right about homos and drug addicts deserving less sympathy than innocent people who contracted AIDS via blood transfusions.

    1. ray March 7, 2016

      got a new last name Otto.get sick of the old one?Your still a jerk.

      1. The lucky one March 8, 2016

        The name does fit him better though.

    2. stcroixcarp March 8, 2016

      No. AIDS is a horrible infection. No one should be shamed for getting sick.

      1. Otto T. Goat March 8, 2016

        I have no sympathy for degenerates who choose to engage in activities that spread disease.

        1. tomtype March 8, 2016

          Then don’t walk around, touch door knobs, or shake hands when you have a cold.

          1. Otto T. Goat March 8, 2016

            Your GRIDS is not the equivalent of a cold.

        2. stcroixcarp March 8, 2016

          And wash your hands after you use the bathroom.

  3. fortunev March 7, 2016

    What a bytch. And she will always be one. Her cushy job is at stake and will say anything. Just listen to Drumfpt.

  4. Joan March 7, 2016

    Yes, this is the fair minded and compassionate judge we need on the bench in America (snark).

  5. Renfield March 7, 2016

    A whiny, half-witted bigot. A perfect Scott Walker appointee.

  6. itsfun March 8, 2016

    Her statements were made over 20 years ago. People evolve and learn as they experience the real world. I don’t think what she said 20 years ago should be the determining factor in here campaign.

    1. A_Real_Einstein March 8, 2016

      Good luck with that. That race is over.

    2. stcroixcarp March 8, 2016

      True, but combine that with her more recent judicial record shows a pattern of intolerance. The conservatives like to do hatchet jobs on progressive leaning candidates. On candidate, a respected jurist, was called Loophole Louie and blamed because a felon that he had sentenced to prison committed a rape after he was released when his whole sentence was served. It was a “Willie Horton” type of ad campaign. Anyway, in Wisconsin judicial races, the right wing has made this kind of attack normal. And it seems to work. I hope karma kicks in this time.

  7. The lucky one March 8, 2016

    I’d be willing to cut her slack on her statements of 20 some years ago if she had disavowed them previous to being called out during an election. I would imagine a lawyer representing a gay person especially if they are HIV infected in front of this judge could get a mistrial or at least force her to recuse herself.

    1. stcroixcarp March 8, 2016

      The conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices do not recuse themselves when hearing cases that they may be personally involved with.

      1. The lucky one March 8, 2016

        That is much more of a problem than this one judge’s apparent stupidity and bigotry. Of course the SCOTUS don’t either so there is no example set by the high court.

  8. j_verria March 8, 2016

    Psalm 10:1 As dead flies give perfume a bad smell, so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor. Psalm 10:5 There is an evil I have seen under the sun, the sort of error that arises from a ruler: Fools are put in many high positions, while the rich occupy the low ones.

  9. swift2010 March 8, 2016

    she should be out of the race

  10. jakenhyde March 8, 2016

    I’m certain her unpology will gain lots of traction……..with republcons. But, with thinking people……not so much. She has no business sitting on the highest court of the state.

  11. Eden Keel March 8, 2016

    in bed with scottie the whore monger both screwed wisconsin and she made similar comments 4 years ago

  12. jif6360 March 9, 2016

    The WI Supreme Court doesn’t follow the rule of law nor the US Constitution. They aided in the violations of my 1st, 5th, 7th and 14th Amendment rights. Full story post at


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