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Saturday, December 16, 2017

This is the week the GOP primary stopped being funny at all — and not just because Ben Carson wasn’t there to break the tedium of Thursday’s night debate in Detroit with a quick fruit salad recipe.

It started with Donald Trump, the likely Republican nominee, making his most brazen, loving wink at white supremacists yet. He backtracked slightly, lying as always in a way that casually mocks his supporters’ intelligence, then insisted he would compel the military to commit war crimes. He backtracked again, then just insisted he’d broaden the use of torture, which is a war crime.

And if all of that wasn’t scary enough, Donald Trump had his supporters perform a familiar-looking salute to pledge their loyalty in the upcoming Florida primary.

If you’re a Democrat — or if you weren’t in a coma from 2001 to 2008 — you know how badly this ends. And if you’re a student of history, you’re well aware that things could always get worse.

Trump’s record unpopularity, the overwhelming evidence that there aren’t enough white men in America to elect him, and the recent rise of Ted Cruz (whose plans to raise taxes on the poor and seniors in order to cut them on the richest should make him an appealing match for Democrats) shouldn’t bring any solace.

You’re going to worry, and you should. Here are five reasons.

  1. Voter suppression works.
    This is the first presidential election in 50 years without the full protection of the Voting Rights Act, and the results have already been terrifying — and almost completely ignored by the media. “Eight out of the 16 states that have held primaries or caucuses so far have implemented new voter ID or other restrictive voting laws since 2010,” The Huffington Post reports. “Democratic turnout has dropped 37 percent overall in those eight states, but just 13 percent in the states that didn’t enact new voter restrictions. To put it another way, Democratic voter turnout was 285 percent worse in states with new voter ID laws.” And voter ID laws are just the beginning. Kansas has disenfranchised 37,000 residents, including a 13-year Air Force veteran, by adding completely unnecessary requirements to vote. America has no history of fraud changing election results (setting aside events 16 years ago), but is does have a centuries-long history of denying people the right to vote. And it’s happening again in the states with the worst record of voter suppression. Democrats need a massive registration and get-out-the-vote effort to counter this kind of willful assault on democracy — and it should have started a decade ago.
  2. Republicans have a true 50-state strategy. 
    Most of the states where new voting restrictions keep minorities, the young, and the poor from the vote are already Republican-led. But a few — including Scott Walker’s Wisconsin — are true swing states that may even decide the election. Even if Democrats win in by a landslide in 2016, thanks to a historic meltdown traditional conservatism, the GOP still holds more power in the states than at any time since before the Great Depression, and their effective use of that power will make it nearly impossible for Democrats to win back the House until 2022. The right has invested in all-out war for political domination, and it’s currently being waged in every state legislature in this nation. And once they gain power, they do everything they can to gut unions, decimate public education and destroy the tax base so that workers become ever more disengaged from democracy. While Democrats have proven apt at countering Republicans’ media messaging, the battles over the true levers of power in this country have largely been surrendered to the right.
  3. We’re due for a disaster.
    It may not feel like it but we’re in the middle of the longest private sector job expansion in American history. One theory of elections suggestions suggests voters will largely decide on their choice for November based on economic growth now and through the summer. While the jobs numbers continue to be promising, economic growth is tepid and threatened by a full-on economic crisis in China and a banking contraction in Europe. The resilience of the American economy over the last six years has been remarkable but not enough to repair the damage of the Great Recession or reverse decades of conservative economics that led up to that battering. Likewise, America has avoided a large scale domestic terror attack since 9/11. As ISIS suffers loses in Iraq and Syria, it is only becoming more brutal, daring and desperate. While there’s evidence that Hillary Clinton is seen as stronger on defense than any of the Republican candidates, we cannot predict what kind of turmoil a devastating attack would spark in the mind of a demagogue willing to hawk any trauma beyond recognition.
  4. There will be an unprecedented avalanche of attacks on Hillary Clinton.
    Anything can happen, but Hillary Clinton’s delegate advantage over Bernie Sanders — even before factoring in super delegates — is larger than any lead Barack Obama held over her in 2008. If she’s the nominee, the campaign against her will be blood bath the likes of which we’ve never seen, featuring vicious, relentless attacks on her voice, physical appearance, and husband that male politicians have avoided for centuries, by virtue of being men. With a record in national politics older than many voters, Clinton has crazed detractors on the right and genuine critics of her vast and complicated record on the left. We know Trump would raise the vilest attacks… ever, but what happens if Clinton’s critics on the left echo them?
  5. The stakes have never been higher.
    The makeup of the Supreme Court is already at stake and Republicans are already engaging in ahistorical obstruction to deny President Obama his right to have appointments considered. Democracy depends on accepting certain norms, and Republicans have shown an increasing willingness to abandon them in a brazen pursuit of power. And they’ve trained their base to expect all forms of obstruction, threatening revenge against Republicans who actually abide by the processes outlined in the Constitution. We live on the cusp of a “majority minority” America, and the place of white nationalism within Trump’s rhetoric and base of support should be seen as ample warning of battles to come. Anger of this sort has been stoked for decades — and sooner or later, it was bound to erupt. The question now is whether or not it will consume itself, or take the nation down with it.

Photo: Hillary Clinton speaks at the Michigan Democratic Party meeting in Detroit, Michigan March 5, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Barria      

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207 Responses to 5 Reasons Democrats Need To Be Terrified About November

  1. I agree with all the points made by the author of this article, but I think the greatest concern for us is the apathy of so many Democrats, and the promise made by so many Sanders supporters who are not planning to for Hillary if she is our nominee, or even worse, vote for Trump if she is our nominee.
    The influence of money in American politics, and gerrymandering, have had horrible consequences on our democracy, freedoms, our economy, job creation, and our middle class; but make no mistake, our worst enemy is our pathetic voting record and an idealism that enables our opponents to undeservedly increase their hold on power.
    We must unite, we have to mobilize our base, and we have to find a way to circumvent our fascist media, and remind voters of where we were in January 2009, where we are today, and who and what made the progress that should be evident to everyone possible. Hint: it wasn’t obstructionism.

    • Except Hillary & Bill Clinton have worked gerrymandering & maxchine politics like master craftsmen, all of their careers.

      They will never work against it.

      We need a New Deal Democrat–& that is what Sanders is.

      • Absolutely! And it’s terribly sad and damaging to our country that the Con sickness has made the ignorant rubes think that Sanders and socialism is so terrible. Of course, these people are morons who couldn’t find their own house on a map much less another country. I guess we should expect the CIA to begin instituting coup’s in Great Britain, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, etc since these are all socialist countries and a danger to the American way of making sure we have the highest poverty of any advanced nation. We must stop these countries and their Red Menace with all their providing healthcare and education to the citizens and their dangerous attempts at clean water and a better non-poisoned environment. It’s UN-AMERICAN! And it must be stopped. I live in Alabama and we know what happened that last time we started letting people have things like freedom and education!! Next thing you know they’re gonna want you to stop stealing from them or God forbid want billionaires to spend a few dollars for the ridiculous idea of not poisoning their kids!! Don’t they know that could lower their profits!! And maybe someone needs to remind the peasants that the billionaires’ kids will be just fine, they won’t poison their water. And really isn’t that what’s important? Anyway, I’m heading down to enlist so I can fight the Red Menace in Europe and keep America free from healthcare, education, and any kind of limit on destroying the environment or human beings!!

        • That was very impressive.
          I’m not certain if it was acidic sarcasm, or misguided sincerity–but impressive, either way.

        • Hey Red. I didn’t know you live in Alabama. I’m sorry. That sucks. Trust me, I know. I’m from there. Born in Mobile, raised in Calhoun county. Haven’t been back in over a decade. I can’t imagine it sucks any less. What particular shithole are you stuck in?

          • Hey HT, you must have forgotten cause we’ve talked about being Alabama before. I’m in Bham, Alabaster specifically, if you know much about Bham metro. I remember you’re from AL, I’ve been trying to convince my wife we need to escape here as well!!

          • Now that you mention it, my memory isn’t always the most reliable thing lol

            Escape being the key word here.

        • Hillary isn’t a Democrat. She’s a Goldwater Republican who has spent 20+ years trying to move the party to the right. She’s also a felon.

          • Your UNELECTABLE DINO is getting schlonged tomorrow in MI by 20-30 points. hahaha

          • EAST LANSING, Michigan — In a poll conducted Sunday afternoon and evening before the start

            of their CNN debate in Flint, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has opened up a huge lead

            over Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders among Democratic Party Presidential Primary voters

            in Michigan. Clinton leads Sanders 66%-29%, up from 55%-37% on Thursday night. Only 6% of

            the voters remain undecided.

            Your worthless POS DINO Bernie is DONE. HAHAHA

          • EAST LANSING, Michigan — In a poll conducted Sunday afternoon and evening before the start

            of their CNN debate in Flint, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has opened up a huge lead

            over Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders among Democratic Party Presidential Primary voters

            in Michigan. Clinton leads Sanders 66%-29%, up from 55%-37% on Thursday night. Only 6% of

            the voters remain undecided.

            Bernie the UNELECTABLE LOSER can go fukk himself. haha

          • She earned them fair and square. As an ex-Secretary of State, she was called upon to speak at a conference, and she did so. They pay you for doing that…..even Republican senators and congressmen/women who are called upon to speak at conferences get paid. I don’t see the problem with her accepting speaking fees…..she had to travel to these venues; she had to write a speech; she had to get up on stage and give the speech….why should she (or anyone for that matter) not get paid for this? She spoke to many groups, not just Wall Street groups, and her speeches were NOT aimed at Wall Street subjects. As for the fees, they went to the Clinton Foundation, and they were used to help women in third world countries. Maybe you need to research all the good that the Clinton Foundation has done over the years. I’ve yet to see a GOP-run foundation that has done even a quarter of what the Clinton Foundation has done!

          • Earned them? You think Wall Street would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a speech just because they like her experience? Both they and she knew she was going to run for president, which is why this is a form of legalized bribery. No one needs hundreds of thousands of dollars to travel or write a speech. She probably didn’t even write her speeches herself but used ghost writers instead. I don’t want a candidate who compromises themselves like this. If you think these companies aren’t expecting something in return for their investment, you must be dreaming.

            As a charity, how and why is the Clinton Foundation making huge profits (501c3s are supposed to be non-profit)? Why do they take money from regimes that have the worst human rights records, including the worst oppression of women, in the world (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, etc.)?

            Bernie never spoke for these conferences and has already said he never would do it in exchange for large sums of money. Your claim directly contradicts his publicly stated positions.

            Hillary made a choice–to make those speeches and collect that money. Since she is running for president, and those companies are still supporting her, the public deserves to know what she said in those speeches. And I have the right to choose to not vote for her.

          • And how is she a “felon.” I don’t believe she’s been charged with anything now or in the past that would make her a felon. You don’t know anything about what you’re talking about!

    • I actually do not believe those berniebots who post that they will not vote or Hillary in the general election are not Democrats but rather NRA and AIPAC trools and GOP operatives posting with the intent to damage Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. Sanders is receiving huge support from those who want to see a Republican in the Oval Office in 2017.

      • WRONG. I have been a lifelong Democrat who even ran as one in a local primary on several occasions. I am pro-gun control. The many Bernie supporters who will not vote for Hillary are progressives who don’t want another Wall Street shill who in no way represents us.

          • The big moron and loser is Hillary, puppet extraordinaire of Wall Street. Voting for her against my own conscience would equal throwing away my vote. FYI, should she somehow manage to cheat her way to the presidency, she already has the promise of a 2020 primary challenge.

          • EAST LANSING, Michigan — In a poll conducted Sunday afternoon and evening before the start

            of their CNN debate in Flint, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has opened up a huge lead

            over Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders among Democratic Party Presidential Primary voters

            in Michigan. Clinton leads Sanders 66%-29%, up from 55%-37% on Thursday night. Only 6% of

            the voters remain undecided.

            Bernie is DONE. Cry all you want. hahha

          • tOMORROW NIGHT, Bernie will be dropping out of the race because he knows he’s an unelectable loser.

          • No, he won’t. He already said he is staying in until the convention, and as someone who lives in a late voting state. I commend him for it. We deserve a say too.

          • Threatening again? Might I remind you, threats like yours are considering a felony. Hopefully, the Secret Service isn’t monitoring these websites and viewing your posts. You might want to be careful what you say!

          • What a cheap shot. I’m a writer and an activist who is obviously talking about opposing her POLITICALLY, both in the primaries and in the general election, even going as far as running against her. That is not a felony; it’s political resistance.

          • But, the way you said it sounded more like a “threat” than just an activist making a comment. Just wanted you to make sure you watch what you say because you never know who is on these websites.

          • Look at the link I put in that comment. It’s to a site with a petition of 50,000+ people who have pledged they will not vote for Hillary if she is the nominee. That’s the only “threat” here. I’m talking about an organized POLITICAL movement to prevent her from winning in November (outside of the Republican Party).

          • Just to clarify, I’m clearly talking about political action, including my willingness to go “negative” in campaigning in a way Bernie wouldn’t do. The comment is meant to go with the link I provided to a petition by 50,000+ people who have pledged to not vote for Hillary in November if she is the nominee. If enough people do this in every state, it could prevent Hillary from being elected. This and this alone is what I meant.

          • Bernie=UNELECTABLE LOSER

            EAST LANSING, Michigan — In a poll conducted Sunday afternoon and evening before the start

            of their CNN debate in Flint, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has opened up a huge lead

            over Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders among Democratic Party Presidential Primary voters

            in Michigan. Clinton leads Sanders 66%-29%, up from 55%-37% on Thursday night. Only 6% of

            the voters remain undecided.

          • Earlier today, Michigan State University released their final poll before tomorrow’s primary, and I wanted to make sure you saw these results:

            Michigan State University Poll – Michigan (March 7, 2016)

            Hillary Clinton 52%

            Bernie Sanders 47%

        • Handing the election to a narcissistic, immature, irresponsible, and vulgar billionaire is not a solution. Consider the consequences of such action before you make a decision, Especially the long term consequences of a SCOTUS dominated by far right fanatics.

      • People say they are angry with our government, but they don’t consider that it’s the GOP-led House and Senate that have been literally running our government the past 7+ years and have obstructed pretty much everything that a Democratic president has tried to do for the American people. But, the GOP has brainwashed their followers into believing that they, of all people, are the ones to put this country back on its feet……the same feet that they cut off themselves! People might be angry now, but they are certainly NOT going to be happy if a GOP president is selected! I’d rather vote for Hillary than any of the GOP candidates!!! I will support any Democratic nominee that is selected over and above any GOP candidate! Unless you want to see the Environmental Protection Agency thrown out, the Consumer Protection Agency gone, Obamacare dismantled (with nothing to replace it….putting 20M people back in harm’s way), and I could go on and on…..go ahead and vote in again the idiots that have caused this country to be in as much turmoil as it is from their actions!

      • Nail on the head. There wouldn’t be so many Bernie supporters pledging to never vote Hillary if she wasn’t a Republican-lite herself. The Democrat party has become a center-right party and actual progressives are sick of it.

        • I just voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary. But if he does not win, I will vote for the LOTE one last time before changing my registration from Democrat to Independent.

          Either Trump or Cruz would destroy our democracy, the integrity of the Supreme Court and our status in the rest of the civilized world.

    • American voters are like junkies. I fear we as a country will never make the fundamental changes we need to survive until we have actually hit rock bottom. We came close with Dubya. In hindsight, we might be better off now had we completely crashed then.

  2. Hillary will be the next POTUS. THe nomination of Trump would be a symptom of mass lunacy in the USA. The USA is a source of much amusement in Europe confirming the USA as a thoroughly ignorant nation.

  3. The author of this article either has not been on major social media sites or is delusional. When I read articles like this, it only serves to prove how desperate to throw the election to Republicans some people are. The reality is that if Trump remains the front runner, which I seriously doubt, Hillary will win by a landslide. There is far too too much at stake to allow a doofus like Trump to be president. He’s a bigot, he is a hot head and he lacks any foreign affairs sense of diplomacy. With someone likeTrump, World War 3 becomes more than a possibility.

    When you look at how conservatism in US has bankrupted LA, KS, IA, ME and MI, all who have serious threats to the health and education of their citizens, you see why the south after the Civil War was so dependent on the North to revive their economies.

    The reality is that the Republican slash and burn, mindless austerity devastated their own states more than the Dems. The problem now is that once again these Republican states will beg bailouts from Dems states. Worse, so long as the Republicans had control of the House where federal tax dollars are allocated and dispersed to states (mostly theirs), if they do not hold onto their majorities which by all accounts on social media, they won’t, now they have only one choice: outright government takeover. They aren’t stupid enough to try to obstruct the next president for another 8 years, knowing full well the dire consequences to their states.

    My guess is they will find a way to get rid of Trump, replace him with attack dog Paul and try to hold onto the majority in the House of Reps.

    If they cannot do this, bye bye GOP.

    • Just some stats to support your contentions that Repubs have devastated the states they govern:

      All 10 of the states surveyed and found to be the most miserable states to live in and with the worst quality of live, are GOP-run states.

      29 of 31 states a survey found have the most people living on the verge of bankruptcy are GOP-run states.

      All 25 of the states a money magazine found have the lost rates of consumer spending because their residents’ incomes on average barely exceed the poverty level are GOP-run states. And those 25 include Texas which is #2 in GDP creation but ranks #34 in per capita consumer spending.

      And I won’t even get into how GOP policies have GOP-run states BY FAR leading the nation in virtually every way of people dying at a prematurely young age

        • Even Freeman admits that there is a likely correlation between aggregate and individual data even though the former does not necessarily mandate correspondence with the latter. . Calling the ecological inference analysis a logical fallacy is unwarranted and unjustified.

      • The thing that rankles the rest of us is that these belligerent, militant Republican politicians have no problem begging bailouts for the mass pollution they caused in their own states and the misuse of public funds they hand over to their corporate billionaire cronies who fund their Republican elections. Citizens United has to go. Pay to Play has gone National and it is a disgrace.

        • You’re mistaking disagreeing with you as “uninformed.” They are not the same thing. For “uninformed,” look to Chelsea and all the nonsensical statements she has made about single payer health care.

      • Do you ANY idea how incredibly politically ignorant YOU are? Hillary will be president because unless the GOP can find a way to dump Trump and replace him with one of their southern or midwestern attack dogs, it will come down to billionaire Trump and Hillary. The big problem with Sanders is his inability to relate to minorities. Hillary already has more than 8 million votes in the states that held elections. Sanders votes in those states only total 4.3 million…Try not to publicize your man-dependency so openly. Some of us don’t need a Savior like you do.

    • With the exception of your certainty that Clinton will be the nominee, I think you are spot on. I think either Sanders or Clinton could possibly defeat Trump and Sanders a bit more than Clinton.

  4. Voter ID laws have nothing to do with low Democrat turnout, it’s the choices being offered. A devout Socialist and a soon to be felon. Not much to get excited about, considering how Obama’s 8 years will go down as the worst economic recovery in history. The only job growth is waiters and waitresses and gun sales.

    But, voter ID laws will make a difference in the General election, Liberals can’t cheat in those States any longer and THAT will be why the Democrats lose. Charlie Brown with Linus as VP could win this election. Pathetic. But don’t fret, The Republicans aren’t exactly loaded with great choices either, but ALL are significantly better than the Wicked Witch of Washington DC and a Stalin wannabe.

    • Bernie Sanders a Stalin wannabe? Maybe the Stalin part is hiding inside him, like the bug creature in the Men In Black movie?

      • Howdy John – well, that’s not completely accurate. Repubs in Florida were found to be dumping voter machines in swamps 10 years or so ago.y
        Repubs accuse others of what they are doing, fight to fix a problem they caused, in such a way as to make them money or get more power to screw people over.

        • But what the GOP has been doing for the most part is not voter fraud – it’s elections fraud perpetrated by those supporting or running the elections; which the GOP has been BY FAR the most guilty of. Voter fraud, which is related to voters actually individually trying to cheat the system, which is supposedly what all the GOP voter suppression tactics are trying to prevent, is virtually non extent. After spending millions of dollars trying to prove voter fraud, the GOP has only been able to come up with a handful of cases in the past decade plus. .

    • Oh really!! Is that why Dem voter turnout in states without voter-Id laws has been up this primary season while down considerably in states with V-I laws?? You are clearly a pathological liar!!!

      • I see your still a parrotmonkey and living in mommy’s basement. Must be a good life, as being clueless keeps you from suicide.

        • That hilarious!! A right-wing nut job who only knows how to regurgitate what he hears on Faux News claiming I’m parroting something!! Wow!! What a joke!!

          Sorry nut job but those numbers I posted came from a CNN article I got emailed to me from CNN!! The Truth hurts right??

          But then when you’re as clueless as your are, all you can do like the normal right-wing nut job is try to denigrate the messenger!! Right???

    • Where do you get the idea that Hillary is a felon? She hasn’t been charged with anything because they haven’t found anything to charge her with!!! But, you keep listening to the BS that’s being spouted by the Republican party….they are used to lies and scare tactics and seem to be buying into those lies!!!

    • Wow… what a reality distortion field you have on there…
      Democrats cheat? The party that believes everyone should find it easy to cast their vote?

      Do you understand what gerrymandering is?
      Do you understand that Karl Rove’s plan for the GOP was to take over the State Legislatures specifically to gerrymander their districts?
      Do you know what “voter suppression” is?
      Do you understand what a “poll tax” is and why it was used historically?
      Do you understand that multiple Republican politicians have EXPLICITLY stated that Voter ID laws were put in place to stop certain groups of Americans, such as students, minorities and the poor, who all usually vote Democrat, from voting?

      Do you understand that, while Republicans bang their democracy drum loudly and proclaim to all that their Democracy is the best in the world… they have deliberately stabbed it through the heart by disenfranchising certain groups and are now pissing in the hole?

      Shills like you disgust me.

      • Insinnergy….they don’t WANT to understand and refuse to listen to any reasoning whatsoever. They have been totally brainwashed by the GOP party….much like suffering from Stockholm Syndrome! You can talk until you’re blue in the face, give them fact after fact, send them links, etc., but they don’t want to believe anything but the lies that they’ve been programed to believe! The GOP will take away what “democracy” we have in this country today and change it into a country run by big corporations, big oil, big pharma, big everything! We will have NO say in how our government will run, but we’ll be stuck paying for it out of our hard-earned taxpayer money!

  5. Am not worried at all. It was almost the same in 2012 with the beating of drums, that Dems are not enthusiastic to go and vote. We prevailed and we will do so again come November. Our heavy campaigning starts as soon as we get our nominee.

  6. In the end, normal sensible Middle Americans are not going to vote for Sanders or trump (or Cruz). They want stability. Sanders is totally unrealistic with a devastating history of absolute Socialism – he once campaigned to confiscate the Rockefeller fortune – and Trump is totally insane. They are both monumental losers.

  7. “… featuring vicious, relentless attacks on her voice, physical appearance, and husband … ” Already can be seen in right-leaning chat groups.

    • It never really went away.
      For most slavering GOP dimbulbs their first 4 words of criticism for Hillary invariably reveal the misogynist within.

      They don’t seem to understand that using insults and slights that could only be applicable to a woman politician just makes them looks like the bigoted racist women-hating party that, to be fair, their entire platform already illustrates.

  8. As usual the GOP has rigged the system to suit them. But this electoral storm isn’t likely to give them what they’ve schemed for. Although the Dems are in a weak systemic position as noted in this article, it pales in comparison to the cliff the GOP is madly sailing over.

  9. What a sick article. The memo has destroyed the truth again. The right are only for the rich and white people. And the left must stop the right from taxing poor people and suppressing the vote of minorities. What a bunch of sh#t. To all the kool-aid drinkers of this nonsense don’t be fooled. The left is every bit as evil as the right. Both parties have their sheep buying into the crap like this article. We’re more divided then ever and both parties are blowing smoke up our butts with the filthy demonizing of the other party. Between Trump and Hillary either way we’re screwed. They are both horrible disgusting candidates.

  10. How about the media stop forcing Hillary down Democrats’ throats and do their job, which is to objectively report the news, not make or influence it. The extent of the mainstream media’s bias for Clinton and against Bernie Sanders has been horrendous.
    This race is far from over, and Bernie could just as likely be the nominee. If he isn’t, at least 50,000 of his supporters, including me, have signed a petition promising we will never vote for Hillary but will write in Bernie or vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein instead come November.

    • New PPP Ohio Poll: HRC: 56% Bernie: 35%

      Ohio Primary–a week from tomorrow:

      On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton has a pretty solid lead with
      56% to 35% for Bernie Sanders. Clinton’s up 52/41 with white voters but
      as has been happening elsewhere what really fuels her lead is a 74/14
      advantage with African Americans. 81% of Clinton’s voters are firmly
      committed to voting for her, compared to 67% of Sanders’. Among just
      voters whose minds are totally made up, Clinton’s leads expands to
      66/34. Sanders leads with ‘very liberal’ voters 48/39 and younger
      voters 50/41, but Clinton more than makes up for it with leads of 62/33
      among ‘somewhat liberal’ voters, 61/30 among moderates, and 70/22 with

    • You mean the way they are forcing Donald Trump down our throats? I hear more about him than I do about Hillary, and most of it isn’t good. I’m sick of seeing his ugly face on the front page every morning!! It makes me barf up my breakfast! And, if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, your write-in vote will only give the presidency to a Republican. You may want to rethink that vote because if the GOP takes over our government, it will be bittersweet!

      • We agree on your first statement. The media are obsessed with Trump. I can’t stand him, but it will be a cold day in hell before I ever vote for Hillary.

        • Then just sit this vote out rather than voting for any idiot that the GOP puts up. I know several Republicans who have said they would NOT vote if Trump was the candidate. Some have even said they would vote for Hillary in lieu of Trump. Interesting…..

          • I already said I’m not voting Republican, but I’m not sitting the election out either. If Hillary gets the nominee, I will either be part of a write-in campaign for Bernie or vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein in November.

    • Why would you say that? Clinton has been attacked much more by the media than Sanders. So you intend to elect Trump because your candidate lost an election?

      • My candidate hasn’t lost anything. My opposition to voting for Clinton has nothing to do with Bernie. It predates him, as I already had made up my mind before he ever entered the race. I cannot vote for Hillary because of her ties to Wall Street, private prisons, Monsanto, and Walmart and because I am vehemently opposed to her DLC “Republican lite” vision for the party.

        • Once again, you then are helping Trump or another Republican win the WH. It is as simple as that! Subject: Re: Comment on 5 Reasons Democrats Need To Be Terrified About November

          • If the Democratic Party leadership chooses a candidate they know a good number of the party cannot support, they have only themselves to blame if they lose.

          • No, it is not the party but an individual’s choice. You have chosen not to support someone and are encouraging others to also withhold their votes. The result is a Republican wins. So do not try to blame others for your actions. Subject: Re: Comment on 5 Reasons Democrats Need To Be Terrified About November

          • Actually, I’m not encouraging anyone to do anything; I’m just reporting what I and some other like-minded people will do. I respect everyone’s choice to follow their consciences, whether or not that leads to a different choice than the one I make.

          • If that is the case then stop being an advocate. State you position and stop trying to influence others to follow your actions. Because with advocacy comes the responsibility for the results. Subject: Re: Comment on 5 Reasons Democrats Need To Be Terrified About November

  11. It’s amazing that people are choosing to vote for a Republican….Rubio wants to do away with the EPA (apparently they don’t care if we can breathe decent air as long as the coal companies, etc. have their say), he wants to do away with the Consumer Protection group (the ones that protect us from unscrupulous credit card companies), he wants to do away with a couple of other departments that work for the citizens, and he wants to lower taxes on the upper class and sock it to the rest of us! And, he wants to approve the Keystone drilling, despite the fact that it’s a moot point now and many states have said they don’t want the pipeline to go through their state! It’s clear to me that the Republicans don’t care about the American people and what is good for us…..they only care about the big companies that pay them under the table to do their bidding! We can thank Citizen’s United for that piece of crap! Needless to say….it’s easy to see who “owns” the GOP, and it certainly isn’t the middle class American citizen. So, we can kiss “of the people, for the people, and by the people” good-bye!!! The government will be owned by the corporations, and if people are angry now about how the government is run….they’re going to be even angrier when they see the chaos that the Republicans will foist on us if they win the presidency!!! It won’t be pretty!

    • If you would simply read the Constitution, you might have half…Ok, a tenth of a clue. Just read and understand that it’s designed to LIMIT the Federal government. The EPA is a joke and the States can handle pollution far better than those idiots. An education is priceless, get one.

      • would that be the constitution which mandates that a well regulated MILITIA SHOULD BE SERVED? OR- how theFEDERAL GOVT usurps states rights when states act as the trash in Louisiana/Kentucky/new jersey/wisconsin/Kansas and Michigan act???

        • The brainless right wing anarchists of the Tea Party had planned a massive takeover of the country that failed…and wow are they stinging now. Since my teens, I’ve been constantly exposed to the Trump Tantrums always in the Metro area media. He is only running for president in the hope that all of those pending lawsuits will vanish with a single “executive order.” Why else choose a Bush appointed U.S. attorney like Chris Christie for VP if Trump doesn’t need the best legal defense?

      • Numerous chemical spills, poisonings, and warnings that pollution levels in some states are way over safe norms (Esp.Texas) prove you are a complete moron. The States are usually paid to look the other way, or are mindless Republican ideologues who don’t believe that business should suffer the evils of regulation…

        In almost every case the GOP shills in the State Legislature remove “burdensome” environmental rules… then people die…. then someone pays a fine to the state. And the company keeps on poisoning people.

        Oh and PS… you must be a paid Astroturfer with that argument,,,, So who is paying you to be here, shill?

        • When you consider how many states are under a GOP governorship, you can see the problem. They are funded by the coal companies, the oil companies, the petrochemical companies, and I could go on and on. We need the EPA to monitor OUR air and OUR environment because some of the states are not doing their jobs and their citizens are suffering! Look at Michigan and the Flint water fiasco…..another GOP governor trying to save money by screwing the population! He ought to be thrown in jail and made to drink the water himself!

      • More of your total hogwash!! There is no such thing in the Constitution about limiting the federal government. And if that’s the case, why is it that Reagan and the 2 Bushes added over 280,000 people to our federal government and that all governments in America combined, Fed, State and Local increased by over 950,000 under George Bush – while under Clinton and Obama, the government decreased by over 350,000 and is now 330,000 smaller than it was when Reagan left office in 1989?? And under Obama, all governments combined are down over 700,000 since he took office. You are nothing more than a raging hypocrite and pathological liar!!!

  12. and we americans continue to suffer the consequences of GOP white trash minority grip on progress. PRAI$E JEEE$U$!!! keep poor americans poor!

  13. As you sign on today, increase the civility of the discussion. Disempower trolls trying to disrupt the conversation by refusing to feed them with responses. Simply go to the upper right of each of their hating comments and press the key to collapse them all before entering the conversation. Have fun.

    It is amazing how comforting and educational it is to read nothing but folks actually talking about the main article and exchanging rational comments about it. Try it. You will like it and it will make reading comment sections like this, WaPo, Politico and The Hill much easier and intelligible. Once you recognize the names, you can even avoid glancing at their hate and bile they pour out onto the websites.

    I think this article bends a bit too much towards the assumption that Clinton will be nominated but much of the article is spot on. If we do not vote Democrat in 2016 and reverse the voting suppression by Republicans, democracy could be lost for a generation in America.

  14. Wrong, right wingers need to be very scared because their likely nominee is an unelectable bigoted liar who has mocked disabled people and has offended many black and latino voters.

    Cook Political Report analyst David Wasserman said the outlook for
    Sanders is bleak. “The Democratic race is fundamentally over at this
    point,” he said, estimating Sanders would have to win three-fifths of
    remaining party delegates just to draw even with Clinton. Delegate-rich
    states next up on the calendar, including Florida, also favor Clinton…

  15. I was fascinated by the blurb for this article: “For one: Democratic voter turnout has been 285 percent worse in primary states with new voter ID laws than those without them.” because 100% is the whole. Yep, the vast loss of Democratic votes certainly serves as proof that the majority of Democratic votes were fraudulent. Reminds of a time when I was much younger and our county clerk announced that he had absolute proof of voter fraud. There had been four votes cast for FDR and he knew for a fact that there were only two traitors in the county and he had kept one of them from voting because he had arrived at the polls wearing bib-overalls. (pretty standard clothing for farmers back then). By the way, all the voter ID laws in the world shall not change one iota the far more common fraud committed by voter officials.

    • Not true. Many older folks who no longer driver don’t have driver’s licenses or another form of ID. Poor people who don’t have cars may not have licenses either, same with some young people who rely on transit, biking, etc. The latter might have student IDs, or might not. Of course this discriminates against the poor, since rich people are more apt to have cars and thus a driver’s license, and not many poor folks have passports since they can’t afford to travel.

      • Just what isn’t true, writerink??

        That voter ID laws shall not change voter fraud committed by voter officers?? An official can cast hundreds or thousands of fraudulent votes with ease & voter ID won’t change his ability to stuff ballot boxes.

        That our county clerk stated that he has proof of voter fraud because there were four votes for FDR?? Since I don’t have a copy of that newspaper from the 1930s I have no proof available other than our
        delight at his reasoning.

        That Republicans feel that votes for Democrats are fraudulent?? Just read their statements (by the way, no Republican said a word when precinct with 3K voters cast 5K votes for a TEA Party candidate a few years back).

        That 100% of something is all of something?? Example: If you have $100 and lose 100% of that then you have $0.00 left. If you lose 285% of $100 then you owe $185.

      • The GOP will go to NO end to keep people from voting, and it’s unconstitutional to say the least! EVERY U.S. citizen has the right to vote. It’s sad to see how far the GOP will go to take over this country….even jeopardizing old people, poor people, and any others who don’t have or can’t get a valid ID (some people were born in the boonies and don’t even have a birth certificate….they have NO way of proving they are U.S. citizens because the various states refuse to allow them to use any other type of valid identification)! People should be issued a voter ID card immediately upon birth, much like they are issued Social Security cards. There has to be some way for someone to get a voter ID card that doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg or force them to travel great distances to find an office that can issue them an ID card!

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