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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Count Ted Nugent as one of those people who thinks the killing of Trayvon Martin and the trial of George Zimmerman had nothing to do with race.

In a column for the conservative site Rare, Nugent wrote:

Based on all evidence available to them, the professional law enforcement officers did not hold George Zimmerman on charges later that night. They saw it for what it was: cut and dried self-defense.

And so it was for a few weeks until the race-baiting industry saw an opportunity to further the racist careers of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Black Panthers. President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, et al, who then swept down on the Florida community refusing to admit that the 17-year-old dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe Trayvon Martin was at all responsible for his bad decisions and standard modus operendi of always taking the violent route.

Of course, Zimmerman was able to figure out that Martin was a “17-year-old dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe” by the way he walked home, Skittles and iced tea in hand, wearing a hood… in the rain.

Nugent is an obvious master of racial sensitivity, something he demonstrates by describing the first black president as a “Black Panther” running a “gangster” government.

On July 17th’s episode of Alex Jones’ radio show, Nugent predicted the Zimmerman verdict could lead to riots. He also kindly offered some advice to African-Americans. Media Matters‘ Tim Johnson explains:

Nugent said that African-Americans could “fix the black problem tonight,” if they would put their “heart and soul into being honest, law-abiding, [and] delivering excellence at every move in your life.” According to Nugent, “I would like to reach out to black America and tell them to absolutely reject the lie of Al ‘Not So’ Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, and the Black Panthers and Eric Holder and Barack Obama. They are enslaving you and the real shackles on black America, 100 percent of the time come from black America.”

Nugent concluded by claiming that, “racism against blacks was gone by the time I started touring the nation in the late [19]60s” and by the 1970s, “nothing of consequence existed to deter or compromise a black American’s dream if they got an alarm clock, if they set it, if they took good care of themselves, they remained clean and sober, if they spoke clearly, and they demanded excellence of themselves and provided excellence to their employers.”

Nugent also said that Martin was “emboldened by a Black Panther president” to attack George Zimmerman, accepting the same premise the Zimmerman jury did: that Martin attacked Zimmerman, who had been following the teen with a gun though a 911 operator had told him, “We don’t need you to do that.”

The presumption that Martin was a wannabe criminal is a pretty blatant example of what The Atlantic‘s Ta-Neshi Coates recently described as “the banality” of racist profiling.

“Black criminality is more than myth; it is socially engineered prophecy,” Coates wrote. “If you believe a people to be inhuman, you confine them to inhuman quarters and inhuman labor, and subject them to inhuman policy. When they then behave inhumanely to each other, you take it is as proof of your original thesis.”

Before anyone takes Ted Nugent’s advice, they should keep in mind that he reportedly soiled himself to avoid the draft, fathered multiple children out of wedlock and received oral sex from Courtney Love when she was only 12 years old, according to Ms. Love.


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484 Responses to LISTEN: Ted Nugent Says Trayvon Martin ‘Emboldened’ By Obama; Knows How To Fix ‘The Black Problem’

          • No, Nuge does not have that much moral conviction to do anything but make a spectacle of himself to get attention. And what the Hell is Muslimism?

          • Yeah, what is it? It shows we have a poorly educated person trying to discourse with the big boys.

          • IM USA WHITE I DATED a muslim,he was very nice to me.stop the stereotype not all muslims are terroist,TED NUGENT IS BECAUSE HE SPREADS HATE

          • One law abiding man, who cares, what about the 200 behind him using women as property and stoning rape victims to death…oh right you must have been in the USA where the laws force him not to behave that way.
            Quick tip, don’t marry him then fly to the middle east…your life will change badly, quickly.

          • If only you were out to say that about white men, but you would rather say that about some raghead over here making $$$$ but will be the first to talk shit about the ol USA and how bad it is to muslims…And honey if he was a true muslim, you were his woman on the side, he couldn’t date a non-muslim!! But can screw ya, just not marry you!

      • I agreed with him about the gang/black on black violence. It happens all the time. We should see an uproar about that as well. Why is that less enraging than the TM / GZ case? Because a non black was involved?

        • It seems to me, that it is business as usual for Whites who
          are not comfortable with discussing the racial attitudes
          of hundreds of thousands of White people, toward Blacks.
          Or taking any responsibility of the effects those attitudes have
          played in creating the conditions we see in the Black inner
          cities of this Country. To say nothing of the obvious. That Mr.
          Nugent is a bigot, and his attitudes are typical of the racist
          scum fouling up the air. But, let’s not talk about that. Let’s
          talk about Black violence aganist Blacks, and Black gangs.
          And, let’s just put the Black community on trial here. And
          leave the Whites out of it, shall we? In fact, isn’t that exactly
          what you did? Zimmerman is not in the eyes of society a,
          “non-white.” If one need explain they are of Spanish decent,
          as Zimmerman did. And you’re not Black Native American
          or Asian. I’m afraid you’re White. The only similarity
          between one Black gang member shooting, and killing
          another Black person, and the Zimmerman, Martin shooting.
          Is, in both incidences a Black person was killed. That’s the
          only fact shared by these two entirely different occurrences.
          We can understand a Black, on Black killing over turf.
          What we need to understand, is why this unarmed Black
          kid was singled out by Zimmerman in the first place.

          • He was singled out because Zimmerman racially profiled him, obviously. But where did GZ get that racial profile from?

          • That’s what part of the discussion is all about. Look, do I
            think Zimmerman set out to shoot Martin? Absolutely not.
            Do I think some assumptions he automatically came to
            about Martin, had everything to do with starting the events
            that culminated in Martin’s death? His statements to the
            911 operator settles that question for me. Then, there is
            the perspective of the National Black community. For many
            Blacks, the commonality of their kids being shot by Police,
            is every bit as common as Zimmerman’s preconceptions of
            a young Black dressed in a hoodie, being a criminal.
            And what they, the Black people in this Country want to know, and it’s a valid question. Can other kids be killed in the same manner? For the same reasons? And that killing be found justified by a court of law? As parents of adolescents, what do they instruct their Sons, and Daughters to do, if approached by a stranger? They wonder if the Police will one day notify them their child has been shot. But there will be no
            trial. Because the 67 year old driver that accidently bumped
            your into your car. When he seen your your 16 year, old 6’2 230 lb. son approach his car, he told us he was in fear for
            his life, and shot your son in self defense. We have no
            witnesses, or evidence to the contrary. We are sorry for
            your loss.

          • I’m so tired and about to go to bed but I do want to tell you that I agree with everything you just said. I’m on Trayvon’s side here. I don’t think GZ set out to murder him but I also believe that he started the chain of events that lead to his death. I guess the stand your ground law didn’t apply to TM who obviously felt that he was being threatened. If GZ’s story is truth, I wish TM didn’t chose to throw a punch. He should’ve made a better choice than that.

          • We don’t really know if Trayvon threw a punch, or at least the first punch. But either way, an adult accosted a teenager, and had absolutely no right to shoot him in the heart, even if suddenly he felt HE no longer had the upper hand. This was a crime, and Zimmerman is a murderer, whether he was found not guilty or not. Like OJ Simpson, is will likely just be a matter of time before he decides to take the law into his own hands once again. Next time he may not be so lucky.

          • luckily there was a trial, so we do actually know. the prosecution ended up admitting trayvon was on top with zimmerman screaming obviously, as everybody except trayvon’s mother admitted. even Tracy Martin said it wasn’t his son screaming at first before he lawyered up. it is fun to play pretend trial but this was not a hard case. that is why sanford pd didn’t file charges, and neither did the original state attorney.

          • You always say you followed the trial? The prosecution did not admit anything. Trayvon’s mother did say it was her son and, incidentally, her last name isn’t Martin. The prosecution screwed up in the way they instructed the jurors. It left the jurors having to make a decision without a tape of the affair proving anything to them. There is one juror who feels guilty about it.

          • if you want to believe that you are allowed to, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

          • He changed it once, if not more. Remember when he said he was just going to see where the kid went and the kid jumped out of the bushes and there weren’t any bushes so he changed his story?

          • yea i think he lied about passing the two polygraph tests and the witnesses seemed racist. the broken nose and head injuries looked self inflicted. he really just wanted to shoot a black teenager

          • I believe his neighborhood was being burglarized by young black males about every other week or so. In fact in george’s other call to the non emergency line he identified correctly emmanuel burgess, a young black male that confessed to several burglaries. george said he thought the criminal jumped a fence. the police found prints and id’ed the kid and arrested him.

        • You are aware that white on white crimes happen about 10% less. What is your point? If you are so outraged about the black on black violence than why does the NRA and Republicans prevent places like Illinois from passing stricter gun control laws to help get guns off the street? What is enraging about the Zimmerman case is, he followed a 17 year old kid at night, did not identify himself, and even the jurist speaking to Anderson Cooper said Zimmerman engaged Martin first. Zimmerman was allowed to defend himself but Martin was not – why?

          • As you say “IF GZ’s story is truth, I wish TM chose not to throw a punch.” and IF GZ had stayed in his car that night than TM would not have thrown a punch. IF is such a very big word, but I do understand what you were saying.

          • if george never bought a house in the neighborhood the whole thing could have been avoided. Does that mean george shouldn’t have bought his house? does that mean people aren’t allowed to get out of their car anymore to assist police because someone might attack you to where you are fighting for your life and luckily have a gun to protect yourself? we don’t need to hypothetical this case. there was a trial. the evidence is there for anybody who cares. try googling ‘trayvon burglary jewelry’ ‘purple lean sizzurp’ ‘text messages fighting’

          • Does that also mean Martin should not have gotten a house there? If the runners hadn’t been running in the Boston Marathon…

          • Zimmerman was not on trial, they put Martin on trial and portrayed him as a thug because he acted like a teenager days and weeks before Zimmerman shot and killed him. I listened to the evidence and the fact remains, Martin a teenager was being followed by a stranger who did not identify himself. Martin was protecting himself when he hit Zimmerman.

            Explain how Zimmerman now, who is heavier and out of shape, manage to save a family from an overturned vehicle, but when he was in better shape he was unable to push a 17 year old off of him?
            I accept the jury’s verdict, but I believe Zimmerman is a murderer and I would not want him anywhere near my family. If he wanted to be a cop he should have become one, but playing cops and robbers cost an unarmed teenager his life.

          • you are allowed to believe whatever you want. but im guessing if you look up trayvon’s connections with street fighting. drugs, and burglary you wont be so conflicted. it doesnt mean anything to say you accept the verdict, what could you do otherwise? overthrow sanford? what you can control is how seriously you take yourself which means not shoehorning reality into a box it doesn’t fit all because ‘murder’ seems like a hip position to think you have. just look up what happened if you want to spend your time on it

          • No criminal record and I am not conflicted. Juries get it wrong: OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony and Marissa Alexander. Your response is just plain silly as far as I am concerned. My solution vote out the Legislators who voted for “Stand Your Ground” Laws which were used in the Jury Instructions for the Zimmerman trial.
            Final response: He was a grown man playing cops and robbers and he shot and killed an unarmed teenager.

          • i was also wondering why breaking into a house and stealing jewelry didn’t warrant an arrest. that is a question for miami dade school police, and the answer is not a flattering one, which is why the head of the department left and the superintendent is in trouble. your hypothetically would be fine, so don’t get upset that it isn’t what happened. just look at what happened and then apply your same intelligence and you’ll get it closer to what happened. There is a reason abc and nbc and the other media outlets are paying huge settlements over their coverage. they went off of a hypothetical.

          • Lorr – the NRA is against stricter gun control laws BECAUSE THEY DON’T WORK. Chicago was the holdout with some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation – guess what, the gang bangers don’t obey the laws – hard to believe, I know.

            As for engaging first – Martin went back – the jury knew that – so Zimmerman could not have “engaged first”. Also, Zimmerman was the only one with physical injuries, except for Martins gunshot wound. So, it shows that Martin was the aggressor in the situation.

          • Harlon – Sorry but I don’t agree. The NRA is nothing more than a pimp for the Gun Manufacturers.
            Don’t agree on Zimmerman – I believe a 17 year old has the right to fear a grown man following him and not identifying himself. There is no proof -other than Zimmerman’s statements, which are self serving, that Zimmerman did not engage first. Zimmerman’s secret is safe, because the only other person who knows what happened is dead.
            Don’t respond – we do not nor will we ever agree on this. You have your point of view and I have mine. Have a nice weekend.

          • Absolutely right. When I make an inquiry of someone, the first thing I do is identify myself and explain what I am asking and why. Zimmerman as an adult, following any person, especially one that could be supposed as underage, had no more right to ask Trayvon’s purposes than he had a right to fail to identify himself.

          • was he suppose to identify himself in between his cries for help. unfortunately trayvon didn’t conduct himself in a way that suggested he was interested in talking. mma is professional fighting. its not about training youself in conversation. trayvon’s text messages admit that he was obsessed with fighting, ie “no, im not done with him yet. this fool didn’t bleed enough”

          • Not only are you apparently a racist that had prejudged this incident, but you do not read very well either. As I said, i would have identified myself first. Enough said. The fact that Zimmerman was not a law enforcement officer and Martin was not committing a crime should have been enough to classify Zimmerhead as a stalker. Where I come from adults that stalk teenagers usually wind up being questioned on suspicion of being molesters. So I do not blame Martin for bashing his head on the sidewalk. Admittedly, that is a little aggressive, but that is the environment kids like Martin are forced to grow up in.

            Someone started the altercation, or rather something did. Did Zimmerman accost Martin or did Martin ask, “What the Hell are you doing?” Either way, what real justification did Zipboy have to follow Martin? So to preempt your lie, the answer is not one reason. No crime was being committed. What reason would Ziphead have to question Martin? Once again, none. So just for the record, what would you think if Martin were your son and some weird man was following him around? Can you answer that your son should just, without a question, let this stranger ask, or do, anything he likes? I would not be proud that my kid busted his head into the sidewalk, but I would defend the fact that he felt he was threatened and needed to “stand his ground.” Of course, I realize you are just another garden variety racist that believes having a gun gives you more rights than everyone else. Zboy got away with murder. He had better pray there is no civil trial. The burden of proof will be on him, not the State, and evidence will not be excluded.

          • sorry, i had assumed you had watched the trial. the other assumptions i made are not assumptions because they came out in the trial. I should have prefaced it with a ‘spoiler alert’.

          • Stupid spin reply is guess what? Stupid spin. . .

            You addressed no facts, nor did you address any of the points I made. As I said, you do not read very well. And like all trolls of your ilk, you have no intention of being on-topic.

          • Every study, including foreign ones, completely contradicts what you are saying. Of course, I can say that pigs can fly. I can even say that I saw one at Mach 5. I don’t think that is true, but, like the NRA or yourself, I can say it.

            In this country, there is a definite correlation between gun quantities and violence. However, there is no use wasting my precious time arguing something that you can learn for yourself, if you cared. I fear guns are like dope. Some people are addicted to them, and their life revolves around them. This even when they are being destroyed by them. You love the gun, so it can do no wrong. Sort of the same problem with some spoiled brats. Yet, spoiled brats do not normally make loud noises followed by someone dropping dead, regardless of how irritating they are.

            For instance, Japan has a terrible murder rate. More than fifty a year. WOW! The truth is the city my mother lives in averages that per year.

            In London, the council was concerned when they had ten murders in about three months. Ditto, the city my mother lives in averages that and more sometimes. Problem, London has ten times as many people. We all know that crime in London is awful . . . well, give me a break from that lie.

            These societies do have some guns, but there are not private arsenals all over the place nor do their people worship guns as gods,

          • Well, you also have Switzerland where EVERYONE over 18 has a gun, that seems to work for them too.

          • Maybe, but Switzerland has strong gun laws now. You should leave the NRA, right-wing, Fake News “rumors” behind and get some real facts. The Swiss still have plenty of guns hidden away, but that too will pass. They have had far to many people go berserk in recent years. So they have been making some surprising changes.

            What you jokers never realized, Switzerland only issued automatic weapons to those on military duty. In Switzerland, the policy has always been that every able bodies male is liable for military service. However, beyond their initial basic training and active duty, most men become reservists. They are fully equipped, minus heavy weapons, and are ready for duty when called up.

            The important point here is, the Swiss Army did not give every yahoo an HK or FN on demand. Even so, they have had a lot of tragedy with their old way of doing business. So buck up, and smarten up. Even if eventually you get lucky on one, that will not establish a pattern that proves the NRA cooked statistics are right.

            I will add, look at those places where there are a wealth of guns. Like the Balkans and the Serbian ethnic cleansing. Or the Taliban. Yeah, guns really guarantee freedom. Rwanda. Somalia. And before you suggest arming more people, let me point out that more guns do equal more deaths.

            By the way, one could say that I am armed to the teeth myself. I just do not worship my weaponry as gods and I know full well the destructive potential. Guns are not “toys” for men. They are instruments of destruction only. Even when it becomes necessary to use them for good.

          • No, I knew perfectly that the weapons went to those on military duty – which was basically every able bodied male as you put it.

            I do not worship weaponry – it sounds from your comment that you have more weapons than I do (if you have more than 1 hunting rifle). I was raised hunting and know that guns are tools. They are also tools for sport, ie target and trap shooting – not just for destruction. If one is a RESPONSIBLE person, they are no different than a hammer.

            Also, since you are bringing back history, didn’t the Germans take guns away from the “wrong” people as well? How did that work out for them?

          • The sport you speak of entails destruction, whether you enjoy it or abhor it. That pretty much indicates your love of the gun. As far as claiming to own more guns, that is in your low-IQ mind. I was only pointing out that I have no hate for guns, and I definitely am no stranger to them. So that you could not deride me for not knowing the supposed ecstasy of shooting a gun a some live target.

            As for history, how did you come to that amazing conclusion. Clairvoyance? Since we are, well you are, on the subject, give me an example where the Germans took guns away from anybody they thought was a real German. That is just another NRA, Rush, right-wanker style myth. The Germans turned their nation into an armed camp bent on liquidating anyone they thought was a little “greasy.” By definition, you are a lot closer to Hitler than any Liberal will ever be. Ignorance and spin, work hand in hand to veil the bigot’s eyes from the truth of his folly.

          • I in no way, shape, or form mentioned ecstasy – you really have a warped, low IQ mind I guess and are projecting your weird inadequacies on others.

            You can make up whatever rants you want – gun laws did not work for Chicago, or IL, or DC. Plus, they were ruled unconstitutional anyway. Guess what, the CRIMINALS did not obey those laws either. You just don’t seem to be able to comprehend the concept and your weak, low-IQ mind, seems to find it easier to blame an object instead of the person who used the tool.

            Again, it is you and your ilk that seems to want to take rights away – again, as affirmed by the Supreme Court.

            My comment about your head being up your own posterior, or someone else’s for that matter I guess, is showing to be an accurate description.

            Good night and good riddance.

          • Germany did not take guns from the general populace. That is another lie perpetrated by the NRA. Germany made it illegal for Jews, Gypsies and other minorities to own guns.

          • I guess you missed the part about gun ownership being no longer unlimited in Switzerland. Another low-information poster. . . .

          • Switzerland is not an angry country like the US. Also Switzerland’s school system is 6th from the top. We are 12th from the bottom. Hence, less violence. We are the most violent county in the industrialized world.

          • Chicago had that problem because the surrounding states had looser laws, and guns easily cross state lines. The proliferation of handguns since the 80’s has added to the problem. The one case where I agree with you is on straw purchases. If those were treated far more harshly, and people started going to jail for a decade for buying someone else a gun, it would knock the shit out of that aspect.

          • You know Martin went back – how? Because Zimmerman said so? Wow, there’s a reliable source. As for physical injuries, if Martin was “pounding” on Zimmerman, why no bruises at all on his knuckles?

          • no he’s right. the call logs show that there were four minutes from when trayvon started running. so he had time to go to his dad’s gf’s house. in fact his dad’s gf said in an interview she thinks trayvon made it back to her house before he went back out for george. trayvon’s knuckles were bruised, that was in the report. how could have george broke his nose and bashed his head in by himself. Also john good, the witness, said he saw trayvon on top going mma on george. there is a reason no charges were filed by sanfod pd. not until abc, nbc, cnn, and most of the media outlets now facing civil suits for doctoring photos, videos, and george’s nen call, put out an innaccurate narrative to sensationalize a textbook example of self defense was a special prosecutor appointed to replace another sa from bringing the evidence to a grand jury. Corey, it turns out withheld information in the arrest warrant, and she now faces sanctions and who knows what else.

          • They won’t belief that either there will be law suits and people dismissed foe all this. The Martins have received a million dollars already George should sue them to get his money back.

          • All the down votes – just goes to show the people who want to lynch Zimmerman don’t like the facts.

          • The NRA is funded by the gun lobby. Scare the paranoids into arming themselves against all the “theys” and they sell lots of guns.

          • Crime is directly related to poverty. Always has been. Those that are poor have the least opportunities, including getting the worst education. Poor education greatly hinders any improvement. As an old adage has it: What starts behind stays behind. In the case of our current situation, what starts behind get FARTHER behind. This affects whites and blacks to roughly the same degree. Yet for blacks, they have had the severe handicap of racism to ensure that they cannot attain the success that Nuge has so magnificently laid out for them. However, if we can integrate our minority population into the mainstream, much of the differences in education, earnings, and crime will tend to equalize themselves with the rest of our society. Of course, as some have pointed out, that “white” society is not necessarily all that law abiding and successful either. Yet, it is more just than trying to shove a large segment of our population into a virtual cesspool.

            The current situation with our right-wing courts is working rapidly to undo the good that Affirmative Action has done in the last forty years. Perfect it was not, but it was a force for change. Without it, Blacks would still be in the same state they were in when Jim Crow became the norm. The goal of the Nuge’s of our world, is to return to these “good” old days.

            When I was young, the racists railed proudly about their right to treat blacks as they pleased. Now they are insidious. They all pronounce racist ideas and do racist things, all the while denying their racism. The racists on these boards are all chomping at the bit to spin their own racism onto others.

          • The dismantling of the free public education system is part and parcel of the big plan.

          • And a fine job they are doing of it. I cannot see why anyone in his right mind would adopt an educational plan designed in Texas, where the fanatics are banning the teaching of “higher order thinking skills.” HOTS as they are called. Oh yeah, the idiot that got misplaced from his village. “W.” Or is that Duh-bya. Duh!

          • Yes, the goal is to change the saying from “village idiot” to “village of idiots”. Texas is the “Heartland” of experimentation.
            (Couldn’t resist a little cross-post action.)

          • It brought a smile to my face. Texas, the home of Stupidomics. As they are prone to say, “I approve YOUR message.”

        • Miss Stef, are you aware that most violence is race-on-race? That is, white crime is perpetrated on other whites as well? If you think there is no uproar about that, you are not paying attention.
          Long time loosening of gun laws coupled with the amount of attention paid to so-called Second Amendment movement (complete with nationwide coverage every time 17 guys packing heat show up outside an Obama event) has upped the anti in rough neighborhoods. More guns, easily obtained, laws prohibiting police departments form collecting data about gun sales, etc. Combine that with the stagnant income of the middle class, and the even worse loss of income in poor areas.
          Yes, there are problems within the black community in terms of parenting and family, but many of those problems can be traced directly back to how blacks have been treated in the work force for 100 years, and in society in general. In addition, there are millions of strong black families, but you rarely see that portrayed in the media. In fact, the GOP has sought to discredit every prominent black Democratic politician, especially since the election of Obama.

          • According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (who keeps watch on hate groups) hate groups doubled when Obama became president.

        • If Black kids have to be warned about not giving racists a reason to attack them, maybe they do get angry. I would.

        • You a funny man. You had to reach back nearly 50 years for that. Also we are talking about Ted Nugent, not Teddy Kennedy. Learn to read.

          • You are not only way off topic, but your brain filter is working fine. They were not on a date. The entire office staff was at a party in a house on an island. You say Mary Jo as if you knew her. Her name was Mary Jo Kopechne. She asked if someone would drive her to the dock so she would not miss the last ferry to the mainland. If you saw pictures of the bridge you would know it was one lane with no rails. Was Ted Kennedy innocent? No, he was driving drunk. The Kopechne family appeared on television to say how upset they were over the rumors of their daughter being pregnant. There are ugly mouths and minds in abundance. BTW, if everything Ted Kennedy did was bad, then don’t ever accept Medicare. Now, if you can, stick to the topic at hand. Racist.

          • But didn’t he free the slaves oh no it was a Republican! Lincoln. So why do all the blacks vote De. oh yea free Obama phones.

          • YesLincoln signed the proclamation but was a dyedin the wool supremacist. Read a book, if you can

          • You are wrong. Lincoln was an abolitionist from the beginning. Because of the crazies, he tried to compromise by allowing some states to retain slavery and making it illegal for others to become slave states. He tried everything to keep the nation as a whole. Then a tea partier, oops, I mean a rebel fired on Fort Sumner and the war was started. It was not started by Lincoln. We were attacked by people who should have been hung for firing on the United States and those people are still against the United States and values.

          • Abolitionist, supremacist, two different things. Readhis debates with Douglas. Basically blacks should not be slaves,but were too stupid to care for themselves and the superior white race would have to care for them as they were like children. As you mention Fort Sumpter (sp.?) why not.mention the big city northern race riots that lynched.blacks and military recruiters. Not treason?

          • Washington, August 22, 1862.

            Hon. Horace Greeley:
            Dear Sir.

            I have just read yours of the 19th. addressed to myself throughthe New-York Tribune. If there be in it any statements, or assumptions of fact, which I may know to be erroneous, I do not, now and here, controvert them. If there be in it any
            inferences which I may believe to be falsely drawn, I do not
            now and here, argue against them. If there be perceptable
            in it an impatient and dictatorial tone, I waive it in deference
            to an old friend, whose heart I have always supposed to be right.

            As to the policy I “seem to be pursuing” as you say, I have not
            meant to leave any one in doubt.

            I would save the Union. I would save it the shortest way under
            the Constitution. The sooner the national authority can be
            restored; the nearer the Union will be “the Union as it was.”
            If there be those who would not save the Union, unless they
            could at the same time save slavery, I do not agree with
            them. If there be those who would not save the Union unless they could at the same time destroy slavery, I do not agree with them. My paramount object in this struggle is to save the
            Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If
            I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would
            do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves
            I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving
            others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not
            believe it would help to save the Union. I shall do less
            whenever I shall believe what I am doing hurts the
            cause, and I shall do more whenever I shall believe doing
            more will help the cause. I shall try to correct errors when
            shown to be errors; and I shall adopt new views so fast as they shall appear to be true views.

            I have here stated my purpose according to my view of official
            duty; and I intend no modification of my oft-expressed personal
            wish that all men every where could be free.

            A. Lincoln.

          • So we see, that though Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery, he first and foremost wanted to save the Union. What most of us have been saying all along. Lincoln was a very sensible and practical man that knew all things were possible, given time, if we remained a united nation. He knew a nation divided into two camps cannot accomplish anything. Except, maybe, civil war. And the primary accomplishment of civil war is destruction, whether there are positive side effects or not. Today our Congress is very much like the one in prior to the Civil War. Except that, then slavery was the principal stumbling block. Now, with right-wing obstruction, EVERYTHING is a stumbling block.

          • The Republican party that freed the slaves began with, AND died with Lincoln. He would not know you. The phone program started long before Obama, idiot.

            How many straw men can jmm make, as many as necessary to NOT prove a point. You are inflammatory, but you are “losing” because you have not used one shred of on-topic evidence in any of your points. And we know how important it is for you to “win.”

          • He definitely would not be a member of todays Republican party.They would make him sad. And, todays Republican Party would not have had Lincoln for a president.

        • What is with you? We are discussing ted nugent. You “yahbuts” who refer to someone else is quite immature. If my children said “yahbut, looka whut ____ did.” when I corrected them then the punishment was more severe. Your mother should have taught you that, yahbut.

  1. Could someone posting here explain to me how anyone with one ounce of common sense can actually believe that it was George Zimmerman that was calling for help that night.
    GZ went into that encounter carrying a gun – he knew all along that he had a gun. For what reason would he be calling for help when he knew full well that he could end the enounter anytime he wanted (no matter what Trayvon Martind did) just by a simple flick of his finger on the trigger of the gun he was carrying. The notion that GZ was calling for help is to me the most nonsensical thing I’ve heard in a long time – it just makes no sense. I am totally at a loss to explain how the jury member who spoke to the press could have insisted that it was GZ that was calling for help. Her believing that just makes it clearer to me that she at least, of the six on the jury, has a destinct racial bias that didn’t allow for the right verdict for Trayvon Martin.(and I wouldn’t be surprised if they all don’t)

    It’s also a bit nonsensical to me, that Florida’s Stand Your Ground law doesn’t have a stipulation that for the law to apply, the shooter can’t be the one who instigates the encounter – as George Zimmerman clearly did.

    • It was not the most nonsensical thing about the whole deal. The most nonsensical thing was that a larger man trained in MMA could get taken down and so thoroughly dominated by someone smaller and not trained in MMA.

      No, wait, it was the fact that Martin supposedly went after Zimmerman when he saw that Zimmerman had a gun, yet, once he supposedly got Zimmerman pinned in a position in which Martin would have easily been able to get to said gun, Martin didn’t try to get the gun to at least disarm the guy.

      No, actually, the thing that is the most nonsensical is the reason Zimmerman gave for being out of his car: he didn’t know what street he was on. Let’s ignore the fact that in the days that follow the shooting, Zimmerman was giving tours of the area while he was being interviewed about what happened by the media. He supposedly had been living there for some time. More importantly, he’s part of the neighborhood watch. How are you part of the neighborhood watch and not know the neighborhood you are watching? So, assuming he was lost, why do you need to get out of a car to see a street sign? I’ve been lost many times, looking for a particular street, and I have never gotten out of my car to look at a street sign (even in the middle of the night). I definitely wouldn’t get out of my car if I had been tailing someone I considered suspicious to start looking at street signs while in the vicinity of that “suspicious” person.

    • He was calling for help because a thug was on top of him trying to bash his skull in. Anyone who carries a gun will tell you, that the last thing yhey was to do is use it. I’m sure it isn’t easy to draw a gun when someone is on top of you. It is blatantly obvious that TM was trying to grab the gun from GZ! And another thing, the stand your ground defense was never used! Look at the facts and not what you want to believe and what the media wants to believe. As evidenced by the racial slurs used by TM and his ignorant friend, this was a racially motivated hate crime perpetrated by TM in his final assault of many, and interrupted because his final victim had a gun and was able to defend himself!

      • You were there? You saw this? Why didn’t you testify? Oh, wait you weren’t there, and you are relying on the lying killer for your “facts”.
        I agree, it isn’t easy to draw a gun when someone is sitting on top of you, either covering the gun, or making it inaccessible. Which is why it is far more likely Zimmerman was standing up, drew his gun, and murdered Martin. Thank you for clarifying that for us.
        Stand Your ground was not used as a defense, but it was cited by at least one juror as the reason they “had” to find the murderer not guilty.

        • No, I wasn’t there, but apparently, of the two of us, I was the only one who followed the trial. Did you forget about the forensic evidence proving that TM could only have been on top of GZ when he he was shot? I wonder what you would have wanted your son to do if some ignorant, blatantly racist and violent thug was on top of him trying to bash his skull into the concrete? It is “more likely” as you put it that TM was trying to grab GZ when TM was shot! TM was shot while trying to commit a hate crime, and the jury clearly made the only decision that was possible given the evidence. But I guess if you’re black in this country you can have a history of violence, a witness for the prosecution who’s testimony proves racial malice, and overwhelming evidence against you, and still be innocent. And I didn’t clarify anything, this well publicized trial did. It’s funny how nobody questions why this case is so well publicized. This case was spun from the media from the start to get people to hate:from the first picture of a much younger and smaller TM to the edited and incomplete view of the 911 tapes

          • What you saw and what you perceived were universes apart. There was no forensic evidence TM was on top of GZ when killed, just a lot of lies and speculation.
            Now, my son would not have been in that situation because he 1.) would not have racially profiled Trayvon in the first place and 2.) if he has seen something he was concerned about and called the police and told to stay in the car, he would have.
            The person with the history of violence, including arrests, plea deals to avoid jail after getting physical with police, for god’s sake, and a restraining order ordered against him is Zimmerman. Sorry, being suspended from school doesn’t qualify.
            If you have followed this case so closely, you are fully aware that Zimmerman made dozens of similar calls to the police, always about young black men. Calling a white person a crazy-ass cracker WHEN HE IS FOLLOWING YOU is hardly proof of racism.
            Now, the defense really didn’t “prove it’s case” and they were certainly assisted by an incompetent prosecution who may well have planned it that way. The judge made questionable calls to say the least, such as disallowing the term “racial profiling” to describe the actions of a man who had done just that over and over. And your theory of a competent jury is suspect. one of them at least should never have been seated.
            Worst thing I see here is your blatant racism. You keep talking about Trayvon being a thug and (hilariously) as “blatant racist”. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. (!)

          • I don’t know what trial YOU were watching, but there most certainly was forensic evidence. If you read the transcripts, you would know that he was NEVER told to stay in the car! Talk about perception…you’re hearing just exactly what you want to hear, just like all the other conspiracy theorists. GZ made dozens of calls because He was in the neighborhood watch! TM was never racially profiled! Even his step mom doesn’t thonk he was! If you come in my neighborhood acting suscpicious, I’m going to ask you what the hell you’re doing too, just like any concerned citizen would. TM texted numerous times about how he liked to fight and he had a record! What the hell trial were you watching! And another thing, TM and his ignorant racist friend calling someone a crazy ass cracker, is just as much proof of racism as Mark Furman from the OJ trial calling OJ a nigger! What other proof do you need. I called TM a thug because he obviously was one. Too bad he put himself in a situation where he had to get shot. Maybe he could have changed and grown up to be a better person. It sounds like you’re just another victim pulling the race card to me. It sounds like YOU are the racist! Post again after you read the trial and get some real info, not second hand info.

          • Zimmerman was told he “didn’t have to do that” when he said he was going to follow GM. I listened to what the PD said; Zimmerman did not. Mark Furman did not call OJ the N-word; it came out at the trial that he had used that particular epithet in the past.

            Nor is walking home wearing a sweatshirt with the hood up in the rain “acting suspiciously”, except in the eyes of someone who IS profiling. (Which Trayvon’s mother termed it.)Even if he was committing a crime, GZ appointed himself judge, jury and executioner. You have no idea whether or not Zimmerman created the confrontation, just the shooter’s self-serving word.

            I love how you and others use the term “thug” over and over – got that from FAUX Talking Points 101? You have nothing but assumptions to make that accusation. I rank that right up there with blaming the victim for the crime. “If he hadn’t gone out to get snacks, hadn’t walked home with his hood up in the rain, hadn’t been black, and had run faster when Zimmerman followed him, he wouldn’t have been shot through the heart.” Yeah, clearly the victim’s fault.

          • you may have heard the 911 dispatcher..not the Police. amazing how so many people like you and MSNBC were the ones using racism the day MSNBC aired their edited 911 call..because people like yourself are just that stupid and ignorant to suck every bit of their baiting and hatred up..i hope MSNBC goes bankrupt so they don’t brainwash any more of the youth of America with their hatreds

          • “Over the course of nearly eight years, Zimmerman made at least 46 911 and non-emergency calls (PDF) to the police department in Sanford, Florida, culminating in the two fateful calls he made Feb. 26, shortly before he confronted and then fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.”

            If you want to quibble over whether it was a 911 dispatcher or a non-emergency police dispatcher, fine, have a ball. Feel free to carry on with your imaginary racism argument as well. Anyone who follows politics knows which is really the big-tent party, and which one just keeps saying it is while it insults and marginalizes everyone but white Christian males.

            The ones who are brainwashed are those of you who get your disinformation from FAUX not-really-news. Indeed, that is the station losing viewership.


            Fake Noise, the sup of morons. 🙂


          • Dispatchers are members of the police force and do have the right to give orders. You wanting to quickly make the victim guilty shows profiling, whether it be racial or not.

          • I agree with you msnbc and cnn aired the recent shotting in Florida only once until they found out it wasn’t about black and white media pushed this and the congressional black caucus,NAACP, that could have been my son speaker and Holder who is trying to find something to retry Zimmerman on.

          • Dispatchers are members of the police force. Did you think they were private contractors? And, if you check you will find they have authority. Why do you want gz to be innocent?

          • Your education level is showing. I don’t watch MSNBC. I don’t watch Faux. You can throw out phrases like race-baiting, but the fact that you want the Black kid to be guilty of his own murder and the real thug to be innocent shows racism. You aren’t hiding it very well.

          • If you watched the trial you would be more informed.And not make stupid statements like you have.

          • You realize, idamag, that this sack of shit is just here to disrupt and lie his ass off. He says only Faux Noise tells the truth and that is where he gets his news. Then he posts saying he knows about news stories on msnbc and cnn, when he obviously does not listen to them. I am guilty too, but we both know that regardless of what we say, he will continue. Before long he will go back so far, he will be using cavemen as examples. Oh, I got confused, that was his daddy last year.

          • The fact that he gets his information from television shows he is not a well read nor a well informed person.

          • I wonder sometimes if his kind is really that stupid or if they are just trying to anger someone with their perversity.

          • He is also a racist and they are the lowest of the low. The only thing they can brag about is the color of their skin and that wasn’t an accomplishment.

          • You racists lying is unbecoming. I listened to the 911 tapes. gz was told not to follow Trayvon.

          • Yeah, three streets inthe community and the watch captain doesn,tknow the name. In the recreation.where he said he couldn’t find the number from there you could see the number on the house behind him.

          • No, that was not after he was out of the car. Why do you want gz to be innocent? There is no evidence that the real thug, gz, told the truth about anything. You want gz to be the one who told the truth and you chose to ignore some of the evidence to the contrary. Why?

          • TM got in trouble in school. So, and you never did or never had any kids that did. TM was an honor student up for a scholarship, but you don’t like that part, do you. You want him to be a hoodlum and you want gz to be a hero. Why?

          • Your right.. calling a white person a “crazy ass cracker” is racism anytime, you don’t need to have a white person following you.

          • If you think being calling a white a cracker is the same as calling a black the n-word, I suggest you do an experiment. First, go to a poor white neighborhood and yell “Cracker” at a bunch of white boys. Then go to a poor black neighborhood and yell “Ni**er” at a bunch of black boys. Please feel free to report back with the results, right after you get out of the hospital.

          • And the NAACP will call for riots and marches people are tired of it! Really whites are b-not afraid of blacks when its one on one Blacks don’t fight that way.

          • Little history on the word “cracker.” It was used to define the person who used the whip on the slaves. Hence, a person using a gun is still a cracker.

          • Jesse Jackson doesn’t get scared when white people follow him only when their are black he said it. Ask him.

          • Guy youve got like 25 posts,,dont you have anything else to do,,like got to work? volunteer? hell go to a shooting range and learn to be a man. All you can say is ted pooped his pants, ted pooped his pants,waaaa waaaa,, you puss-e you are the problem in America. A white guilt liberal jerk off

          • And I suppose you are one of those good old country boys who make fun of people who don’t know a singletree from a doubletree. Albert Schweitzer, Jonus Salk, Albert Einstein, and a host of others didn’t know a singletree from a doubletree either.

          • I agree. Ted sodomizing little girls is more important. Crapping your pants was doneby a lot of scared sissy boys.

          • The only thing suppressed was from the AG didn’t want us to know after all the investing there was no evidence only they don’t believe the FBI.

          • Only the firearm specialist who showed how the holes in his hoody and tee shirt was consistent with Zimmermans testimony.

          • Well put! You’ll always have a different opinion from so one. That’s why opinions are like ahole every one has one even me.

        • By the way, I wasn’t relying on “a lying killer” as you put it. I am basing my opinion on the testimony of an ignorant racist witness, an incompetent prosecutor, forensic evidence, basic common sense and logic, a defense council which proved its case, and 6 competent jurors. What are you basing your opinion on?

        • Just to set the record straight with you Pissoff .My honors that I graduated with were FFA and VICA plus sports so don’t turn around what I said .I said with some honors .All the science and testimony’s make your story un true and un ethical .

        • I wasn’t there either nor was I there upon the moon to witness the historic first steps, I wasn’t at Gettysburg to hear the great speech either. I know what happened because I watched the trial and saw the evidence. If Martin had been shot standing it would show up in forensics. Yes Stand Your Ground wasn’t needed Self Defence is and always will be the legal grounds for what happened.

          • The moon and Gettysburg? Really, you think those are comparable?
            Why wasn’t Trayvon fighting with the guy who stalked and followed him self defense?

          • So GZ was following him. So what? He was doing his job. Did he act violently? Who started throwing blows? Was it GZ? How can you defend yourself against someone who isn’t attacking you? Hmmm…

          • It was not George Zimmerman’s job to follow anyone. There is no established neighborhood watch in his neighborhood. He self appointed himself to that position. If it was an organized unit, he would have known some well established rules, like always going out in pairs, never being armed, and to be easily identifiable as a part of the watch.

          • Even the Sherriff’s Posse, and that’s Joe Arpaio’s volunteers, are smart enough, and well-trained enough, not to do that.

          • You know all those supposed blows would have caused bruising on gz’s face and TM’s knuckles. A terrified boy is not supposed to fight Jim Crow for his life? He doesn’t know who his aggressor is. And if neighborhood watches condone using guns to do the watching, they should be abandoned. TM would have been much safer if there was no neighborhood watch.

          • We have had 3 murders here in my town last night. If this continues our town will be getting whiter just like Chicago.Why is nt the Blacks raising hell about that OH! the NAACP cant make any money off of that.

          • Since blacks comprise 14% of the population of this country I imagine your town getting whiter is just a matter of percentages.

          • I think, like the KKK, he is talking about reducing the number of Black people in his town. Tell me what town and I shall be careful not to go there. I hate racists. Even the ones who claim they are not and it shows in their rhetoric.

          • To be truthful the black people are just as racist as the white.and like white people they prefer (in large part) to live among their own. I fully understand this and it is why though they are just 14% of the population they tend to live in mostly black areas despite what people would say about economic factors.

          • Didn’t you know there is a bill in the senate not to force more blacks into white neighbor hoods! Really Odumma thought that up.If the citys don’t enforce Holder is to cut off the HUD payments to that city. Look what happened to Detriot in the housing areas. All trashed.

          • Since I live with many races in my neighborhood and I am nice to all my neighbors and since I really do have friends that are black, that is a crock of doo-doo.

          • Nice of you to generalize, what exactly is a crock of doo doo.? You understand your personal experience is just that yours it has nothing to do with statistics. I have friends, neighbors and co-workers who are black, hispanic and other. That changes nothing about what I said. Ask your black friends if they would rather live in a mixed, all white or all black neighborhood most will say mixed but evidence proves that they tend to live in mostly black communities, prefer to work for black employers and so on..

          • You know what? I don’t live in the south. I live in the Northwest. We don’t have Black neighborhoods and Black businesses. Everyone lives and works together. We have racists. Not as many as you do as it is not as accepted here as it is in the South. The racists keep their mouths shut as someone is going to tell them what they are. We never have overt hate racist groups in our communities.

          • how lovely for the Northwest, however in the rest of the country there are some neighborhoods, maybe you heard of them, Harlem, Detroit City, Deep Ellum that are close to 100% black. There is less racism in the South then the Northeast. Just because something is true in your neck of the woods does not make it so in the rest of the country

          • I never said that I wasn’t a racist only you are implying that I am. If you hate racism you probably can’t stand your race what ever it is or biracial.

          • Correct! I hope more start excising their rights. In Nam we shot 5 and 10 year old! But didn’t know it until after the gun battles we were to busy ducking bullets they were shooting at us. They were brain washed also.

        • Have you noticed all the “guest” likes. Seems we have someone that visits in cycles to push the “like” button. Obviously, they cannot log in and do that.

      • “I’m sure it isn’t easy to draw a gun when someone is on top of you. It is blatantly obvious that TM was trying to grab the gun from GZ!”

        If that is the case, how in the world did Zimmerman get to the gun before Martin? In the position that the two were allegedly in, Zimmerman’s chance of getting to the gun first if they were both trying to get to it would have been pretty much zero.

        “And another thing, the stand your ground defense was never used!”

        The defense didn’t mention it, but the jury was given a copy of the law before deliberations as it was part of Florida law that could be considered relevant to the trial.

      • Anyone who carries a gun has a small pecker like you. Have you stocked up on your survival seeds?

        Fuck you redneck.

        • BTW I carry two guns each and every workday and I have yet to get a single complaint from the wife about my size.

          • With two guns she is probably afraid to talk about your size. Or, maybe, she was innocent when she married you and has nothing to compare with.

          • Oh after thirty years you think she’s suddenly afraid of me? You spend an awfully lot of time thinking about my penis is there something you want to come out and admit?

          • Well the thugs will have to mug steal more of them now. We have back ground checks here. Everyone has one. The next down the road can’t have any they all have records.

      • This would not have to draw out for so long if it was not for Holder,obama using their offices to try and incite this by using racism. I agree maybe he should not of shot in the chest if he did not have to but with someone on you chest that was the only place to shot. After Obama speech that could have been him and holder saying he might have violated trayvons civil rights because the blacks feel justice was not done what about O.J.Simpson I did not see any whites rioting after wards but white people do not have anything like the NAACP to help keep things stirred up. Watch Fox news more often! And that’s a memo.

        • Are you really that ignorant? Nobody used their office to do anything, The President did not originally comment on the case for over a month. This is the second time. I realize that for people like you, that is way too many. I also realize you don’t seem to get that it would have been commented upon by Romney, or McCain, or H> Clinton, if they happened to be President. It is a big case.

          I also get that, for you, if the DOJ investigates any other case, it’s necessary, but if they investigate a black case, it’s because EH is black. This may be a shock for you, but the DOJ has investigated many cases over the years, even with a white AG. The point of the investigation is to determine if Martin’s civil rights were violated, and that is what the AG said.

          As for rioting, the vast majority of demonstrations about this have been peaceful; highlighting the few that got violent and characterizing them as “rioting” is typical of FAUX news stirring things up. It is what they do, and explains why you are misinformed. The NAACP is not, nor never has been a news outlet as FAUX is.
          By the way, plenty of people were really pissed when OJ got off. By FAUX standards, it was rioting.

      • If TM had been on top of him in the manner he described, “knees in his armpits” how did he manage to draw his gun from the holster in his back? The truth probably is that he had the gun out and the frightened boy tried to defend himself. We hear all this doo-doo about the character of TM without anyone taking into account he was an honor student up for a scholarship. gz clearly followed him in his car. He also left the car with his gun. In civilized states, the boy would have went to the store, bought his candy and ice tea and returned to watch movies with his little brother.

      • Its funny how people want to overlook the attempted(?) felonies TM’s dad(Tracey) and cousin (“Qua”) tried to commit by either selling or buying a gun for an underage person. Na…They’s rather try to say that both just happened to send the messages to an incorrect number even though there were gun pics on his phone (surely those were taken by someone else).

        Add in the codeine conversations… and guess what was suggested to make “purple drank” – Arizona tea and skittles.

        Either Trayvon couldn’t keep control over his phone and people kept getting it or there are some really gullible people in the world.

    • could you tell us with your Crystal Ball that it wasn’t Zimmermann crying for help? no? then deal with it. A Jury spoke. your looking for Vengence.

      • My crystal ball was not required. Common sense told me that the guy packing would not need to scream for help, and that it is really hard to shoot a gun while screaming at the top of one’s lungs. But if one did, it would not be likely that one would stop screaming the exact second the gun discharged. Jury, no jury, matters not. You are confusing people’s desire for justice with what I assume would be your constant need for vengeance. (It’s a right wing thing, I know.)

        • Yes. I spent a lifetime (of teaching) correcting that error: “your” for “you are”; when contracted, thus: “you’re”–the apostrophe placed for the absent “a”.

          But the students emerging from elementary and secondary schools these days do not observe, or perhaps do not know, the distinction, embodying a significant difference in meaning, between “you’re” and “your”.

          To them, words that sound alike must therefore have the same meaning, I suppose.

          What they do with homonyms such as “rite” and “right” and “wright”. . . or “site” and “sight”. . .Lord only knows.

    • Maybe calling for help because he didnt want to shoot the boy. Can you not think outside of the tiny box you live in? Racial bias? Because they can think and analyze facts? Sheep for the race baiters is what you people are.

  2. Unfortunately, there are more Ted Nugents among us than we think. I had some spirited discussions with a couple of members of my own family who are convinced that President Obama’ incited violence when he said that Trayvon Martin could have been his son. The more nuanced opined that it was highly inappropriate for a president to make such an outrageous comment before a trial began. ,
    President Obama must understand that when he makes statements like the one above the people listening do not have the intellectual acumen of professionals and those in academia or, very likely, understand what he said but cynically use it to undermine his credibility and demonize him.
    I remain convinced that the crime – it was a crime – was influenced by racial profiling, but the verdict was not. The latter was influenced by the exceptional work done by the defense team, which managed to transform a thug into an innocent victim, and the victim into an aggressive villain who did not belong there. Most importantly, the ruling was influenced by Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, and by the Judge’s instructions which left the jurors no choice but to acquit a criminal.

  3. Has Nugent looked in the mirror? If he thinks that racism in America is dead and gone, that’s all he’d have to do to see that he’s wrong.

  4. “Nugent concluded by claiming that, “racism against blacks was gone by the time I started touring the nation in the late [19]60s” and by the 1970s, “nothing of consequence existed to deter or compromise a black American’s dream if they got an alarm clock, if they set it, if they took good care of themselves, they remained clean and sober, if they spoke clearly, and they demanded excellence of themselves and provided excellence to their employers.”

    Wow. Has this guy looked at the white population lately? Why is he expecting blacks to adhere to a standard a lot of whites can’t live up to?

    • I personally liked Ted’s list of “if they’s” because, as we all know, all white people set their alarms, take care of themselves, remain clean and sober, and demand excellence of themselves. Starting with pants-pooping, clean-living Ted.

      • If white people were 14% of the population (like blacks are) yet filled 50% of the jail cells, had up to 90% of their children born out of wedlock and without a father in the home, required government assistance in numbers far greater than any other race. Then and perhaps only then I’d understand your issues. Since all of this is currently true of Black families. How about we stop pointing fingers at each other as to the cause and each clean our own houses. Once these numbers melt away due to Black Leadership’s efforts then we can talk about the disappointment we are to each other.

        • I have already mentioned this somewhere on this post, but there is a boatload of factual evidence that blacks are incarcerated at higher rates and for longer times than whites for the exact same crimes. Institutionalized racism is widespread in the judicial system, just as it is in police forces.
          The percent of black children born out of wedlock is 70, not 90. Bad enough without you jacking it up. There are more whites on food stamps than blacks. Fact.
          Feel free to complain about the sad state of the black family as long as you recognize that it did not happen in a vacuum. The marginalization of black men for decades, blocked from higher education and good-paying jobs by the 100% white affirmative action policy, have taken their toll.

          • Which is why I said up to. Yes in some states it is 90% but not all the average is 70% all around. I’ve heard the story before blame the longer incarceration for the actual incidence of crime? Nope far more blacks percentage wise then whites on Government assistance covering all forms. It’s a little crazy to concentrate on why it has happened at this point. Lets fix it first then seek the history of it later.

          • @ Michael

            With regard to welfare, yes, blacks have a higher percentage of people on welfare. That’s an entirely different statistic than total people on welfare by race. When you do the math – multiply percentages times population – there are more WHITES on welfare than blacks. The white population is bigger than the black population. People, such as yourself, always negate this important and influencing factor, because it doesn’t mesh with your long held (and erroneous) belief that more blacks are on welfare.

          • I suppose you missed my earlier post where I stated that the 14% of the population that the Blacks represent and the fact that percentage wise they are far more represented in the total amount of government assistance then any other race. Total government assistance which includes, Medicaid, Section 8 Housing, Food Stamps, Heating and Cooling assistance, and many, many more programs. I’m not negating any pertinent facts you see for the last few decades the federal government requires statistics be kept on these facts to ensure fairness in handing out the tax payers money. You can dispute any single agency however overall Blacks are dependant on government assistance in far greater percentages then whites no matter if I believe it or I don’t I cannot change a fact..

          • Think you better be careful about attributing all of this to blacks. I personally know one white man who had 4 kids and has never supported them or paid back support because he is disabled himself. When you talk about all those programs, you are also lumping in people who have disabilities, retired people, and children.

            There are plenty of white people out there reproducing without being able to support their kids. But the sad fact is, even the people who are married, or living together, or just paying child support cannot make ends meet on minimum wage. $8 an hour is not enough money to support even yourself, much less a family. Even if both work, the cost of childcare until the kid(s) go(es) to school is most of what one parent makes.
            I don’t think you have a clue as to how little people make, and how that amount has not kept pace with inflation for the past 40 years, as more and more money has moved to the top of the foodchain.
            Do you realize that the Waltons, owners of Wal-mart, are among the top 10 wealthiest people in this country, and it’s because they pay so little, most of their employees are on food stamps and other assistance? Taxpayers subsidize those workers so the Walton’s (and I think there are 3 of them) can make billions of dollars.

          • What did I attribute to blacks? I quoted facts no opinion. You compare blacks to whites like they’re equal in populations. For every 14 black men there are 86 white and hispanic. So even if the same number of black and non black men abandon their families it will affect the black population much harsher. The Waltons have nothing to do with anything. They own a business and can pay whatever they want at or above minimum wage. NO one is forced to work there. They are allowed to make as much money as they can. It’s America for pete’s sake.

          • You are a living, breathing example of why people like the Waltons and their GOP cronies are able to dupe you into supporting their business with tax dollars. Yes, they can underpay their thousands of employees minimum wage, because you, the taxpayer, is covering their asses! (To the tune of about $2k per year per employee.) Are you aware that a huge percentage of Wal-Mart employees are on SNAP, and also getting government health care because their wages are so low, they qualify for that assistance? And if the GOP had their way, minimum wage would be abolished so they could pay them even less. Plug this into your search engine and read a few articles, various sources:

            how much do walmart employees cost taxpayers

            They don’t have to work there? Would you prefer all low-wage workers become thieves? Beggars? Maybe you haven’t noticed, but corporate greed has sent most of the decent paying jobs overseas in the past 40 years. They first went down south, then south of the border, then to Asia. As each of those areas wised up, the companies moved again. This too shall pass, as the time is approaching that you can no longer make goods overseas and then ship them back for less than you pay to have them made here. Not to mention, the quality of American-made goods was and is always far better, and we support each other to keep our country fiscally sound.

            As for your “It’s America, for Pete’s sake” defense of them being multi-billionaires while their employees cannot afford food, health care, decent housing, the premise and promise of America is that you can get rich, but also that we all work together to have a strong economy, without millions begging in the street. Is your goal to become India? Because that is the attitude of many rich people, such as the Koch brothers.

            There were rich people in the 1950’s and 60’s who paid much higher taxes. The interstate system was built, state colleges had tuition low enough that anyone could attend, there was a healthy and growing middle class and the poor indeed could improve their lot. Nowadays, the middle class has been sacrificed to make the wealthy ridiculously rich, more than any one individual needs to be. Many of them are now greedy, and grasping, and contributing to the economic decline of the nation.

            Read the One Minute Millionaire. It is an excellent book that discusses how it is possible to be rich without stomping on everyone else along the way. The Walton’s could easily afford to pay their employees a living wage and still be fabulously rich. It would also benefit the taxpayers and the economy.

          • There may be “plenty” of white people on government assistance but hardly 85% more and that is what it would take to equal the numbers. So again percentage wise our 14% black population far exceeds any other race in collecting government assistance.

          • Sometime back, I was using the world fact book ( that has the population demographic as: white 79.96%, black 12.85%

            When i crunched the numbers of those on food stamps *alone* the black percentage was around 19%. While that is disproportionate, it wasn’t near as bad as people were making out.

            In some states (where there is a higher percentage of black population), it may seem like its higher and it may be *for that area* but once you hit the areas where its mainly white…that changes.

            We all can go back and forth on the crappy people who don’t take care of kids and all but lets also be frank and talk about the very same things that Obama, Ben Carson, Bill Cosby and others have cited as issues in the black community.

            Its sad that Obama gets a pass for saying the things they said as well but *they* get called “sellouts” and worse derogatory racist names.

          • Do you remember the article about the black man who is 26 years old and has 22 kids to 4 different women? If there was prison terms for non support than there would be more blacks in jail and would not be making all the races pay to keep them. But that’s why the liberals up hold all these programs run by the gov. tired of keeping them and they show their appreciation by rioting and looting and selling their food stamps for booze.

          • Do you seriously believe there is no white counterpart? Stupid knows no racial boundaries. How about the white guy I know of who scammed everyone – didn’t pay at restaurants, turned in false insurance claims, skipped out on rent? Is he representative of all whites?
            Do only blacks sell their food stamps for booze or drugs? Do only black people riot? No, and no. Your racism is showing – again.

          • I find that hard to believe about the white pop. is bigger! Not after the story about 1 blackman aged 26 sired 22 kids to 4 different women who pays for the hospital care the food housing and raising of the kids? Everyone.

          • Thank you for agreeing I was indeed talking about percentages. I negated nothing and in fact stated that blacks comprise 14% of our population.

          • Could the fact that blacks only make up 14% of the population be why there are more whites on food stamps. The point is that the ratio of blacks on government assistance is much higher than any other race.

        • Whites were never unpaid slaves in America. Nor were they discriminated against for over 300 years till the 1970’s. Unpaid for all they built and contributed to America unless you count hangings, rapes, murders, etc.

          • How long will you use that as the excuse. No one alive today was a slave in America nor is anyone alive today a former slave owner. How many years until that is behind them and they seek their place alongside Whites rather than just blame them for their problems.

          • If that is the case then why is racism still alive and well in this country?? Why are the southern aristocratic whites still worshiping the confederate flag?? Why do the W.A.S.P.’s still think they are qualified to determine the fate of blacks and poorer communities via education, taxes, etc. And as a similar analogy …why then do we still hear all the whining from the Jews about the holocaust???

          • There isn’t a single race that isn’t racist. Blacks prefer to be with other Blacks, White with other Whites etc. with occasional crossovers. The Confederate flag has nothing to do with race it has to do with the men and women who love the south and what it stands for. When Blacks stop being criminals and drug users and start becoming Judges and Lawyers (and I know they are now) then they can even out the justice system from the inside. Who have you heard recently “whining” about the Holocaust and of course you want to compare the systematic attempt to eradicate a race of Jews from the planet with Blacks in Africa selling their captives to Whites. Yep perfect comparison if you’re really straining to make one. (sarcasm mode off)

          • Its called institutional memory. The same way the Irish remember the potato famine and signs in Boston reading”No Irish need apply”. Black mothers telling their children to keep a low profile and don’t draw any attention from whiter men. History books don’t start with a blank page every new generation.

          • Ever heard of indentured servants? Whites were slaves in America under this system. There is even a place in Maryland called Bloody Point where one of the boats in the 1600’s threw the indentured servants overboard.

        • “Then and perhaps only then I’d understand your issues.”

          Had your ancestors been slaves for 200 years followed by another century of Jim Crow laws that treated them as subhuman you’d understand a hell of a lot better. It takes a while for a culture to recover from those kinds of disadvantages. They’re getting there, but it’s bullshit to pretend life is the same for them as it is for you.

          • Assume much? My ancestors never had slaves in fact MY Ancestors were slaves, we built pyramids for our master for centuries. We overcame and moved on. So stop assuming I don’t understand. It’s taken awhile and the black leadership refuses to lead and teach it’s time to take responsibility and stop making excuses. They’ve gone from slaves to President a feat even we did not accomplish.

    • I think his point might have went soaring over your head which houses your tiny brain. He is saying that if you live by that standard, you will be successful. He isn’t expecting anyone to do that, just saying that if you do, you will succeed. Stop pretending to not get it so you can attack him. It is pathetic.

      • In what universe should Ted Nugent preach to anyone about standards of behavior? Where in the hell do conservatives dredge up such “heroes”?

  5. I remember the commercial against drug use where they showed an egg being fried and saying this is your brain on drugs. Modern day version of this commercial – show a picture of the draft dodger Ted Nuggent and say “this is you after using alcohol and drugs”
    What these has beens will do to stay relevant.

    • I wonder what part of the nation he toured in the 1960s and 1970s. Dr. King was killed in the 1960s, so was Metzger Evers, and Tillson Bell. Those were some tough times and all was racially violent. Has Nugent heard about the killings of the Freedom Riders? Or Viola Liuzzo? There has always been a lot of racial unrest in this country and it began long before Nat Turner.
      We will continue to be in these situations until we white people and the black people come to our senses and realize that God created all men and women equal. No one race is better than the other and that rules out superiority. As Rodney King said a few years ago “Why can’t we all just get along?” Let’s all pray for peace.

      • I saw him in the 70’s playing on the back of a flat bed truck. There was not a single black in the crowd. He is Mr Nutcase of America that is too much of a coward to defend his own country in combat. He is such a joke and his guitar playing was horrible. I saw 40 bands in the 70’s and 80’s but he was not a repeat show. I had not desire to watch his attempt at guitar playing as by then I was hooked on the likes of Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix.

  6. No body will ever know exactly what happened that horrible night except God and Zimmerman. And, Zimmerman will not tell the truth. He was told not to follow Trayvon-that he should stay in his vehicle. He was itching for a confrontation, it seems to me…And, he picked on a kid. He had already profiled him. Zimmerman is 29 years old, and a pretty hefty individual. He was prone to travel with the local police officers, and had “dreams” of becoming an officer. Trayvon was just 17, and not fully become a man. He was easily attacked by Zimmerman and overpowered.. Now he is dead. Nothing can be done to bring him back.
    We can only pray that another kid does not get shot with the gun that was given back to Zimmerman.

    • This situation will never calm down because people like you insist on LYING about what happened and what Zimmerman was told. First, Zimmerman was ALREADY out of the vehicle. He got out of the vehicle when the operator asked him if he could see where Martin went. He then proceeded to go looking at the NORTH side of the path. The operator then asked if he was trying to follow Martin – when Zimmerman said yes, the operator advised “we don’t NEED you to do that” – where in that statement do you get that he was told to STAY IN HIS VEHICLE – HE WAS ALREADY OUT. Also, that statement from the operator was not a police order.

      Martin was just 17, but he was in much better shape than Zimmerman, and he liked to fight. Did you see the text messages released?

      Zimmerman was not just “hefty” – he was OBESE. He was around 200lbs when the incident happened, giving him a BMI of well over 30. That is OBESE, not just “hefty”.

      Martin was profiled for his actions – if you bother to even LISTEN to the recorded call, Zimmerman initially doesn’t KNOW the race of the suspicious person – he was calling based upon activity. If ANYONE was RACIST it was Martin – referred to Zimmerman as a “crazy a– cracker”. Based upon where Zimmerman was, where Martin was and where the incident occurred, Martin had to have gone back to confront Zimmerman. His friend on the phone even said so. ** supposition time ** Martin probably waited to get a better look at Zimmerman, saw he was a shorter, portly guy, and figured he was going to give him a beat down for DARING to follow him.

      Related to that, guess what, it is not ILLEGAL to follow someone “suspicious” for a short time – he was not STALKING – he was on the phone WITH THE POLICE.

      Sorry if the truth and evidence don’t fit your little rant.

      • You have your mind made up that the young Black kid must be guilty. Some case of arrested development even said you could make an illegal drug out of ice tea and skittles. I listened to all the 911 tapes and z was told not to follow the kid. Some other less-than-intelligence said that dispatchers were not police officers and had no right to tell z not to follow. Guess what? Dispatchers are considered officers. Maybe your racism is not overt or maybe your distrust of kids going to the store is not overt, but it is there just the same.

        • No, I did not have my mind made up – I actually listed to / read about the EVIDENCE, something you seem to be confused about. I LISTENED to the 911 calls which led to my statements above – you ignored them. Zimmerman was out of the vehicle after the Dispatcher asked about the location of Martin. The dispatcher then said he did not NEED to do that, not that he SHOULD not, not to GET BACK IN YOUR CAR IMMEDIATELY, just that it was not necessary. For as much as you dismiss others “less-than-intelligence”, you really should be looking in the mirror.

          It was only through your own racist lenses that you saw nothing that Martin did as wrong or culpable. Assaulting someone for following you because you think he is a crazy a– cracker or gay rapist is not legal.

          • You filtered the evidence through your bias. I read it. I watched the trial. Since I am not a racist, I didn’t filter it.

          • No, you filtered / ignored evidence because you are a racist. You refuse to believe that Zimmerman COULD have been defending himself, no matter that there was witness testimony and physical evidence to support it.

            You are racist, you just refuse to admit it.

          • It is only through your racist views that you refuse to believe that Zimmerman COULD have been attacked. You refuse to look at any of the evidence presented that goes against the inflammatory media message that little 12 year old Martin was skipping home and Zimmerman on his way to a KKK rally hunted him down and shot him, shouting racial epithets along the way.

          • Why do you want TZM to be guilty of his own murder? The real facts: A boy leaves a home, where he has a right to be, to go to the store to get ice tea and skittles. He, and his little brother, are going to watch movies. On the way home he is followed by someone in a car. The 911 tapes do prove that Zimmerman was told not to follow Trayvon Martin before he left his car. On the 911 tapes, gz says,”Those a-holes always get away.” This is a kid who had a right to return home. Since gz did not know who the kid was, he was profiling him as someone suspicious. If gz had not been there, TM would have returned home and watched movies. Those are the facts.

          • There was no murder – there was a homicide and it seems to be considered justified. Your “version” of the transcripts do not make sense. You state Zimmerman was told not to follow Martin before he left his vehicle, yet the transcript goes something like this:
            911 dispatcher: Are you following him? [2:24]
            Zimmerman: Yeah. [2:25]
            911 dispatcher: OK. We don’t need you to do that. [2:26]

            So, he was told he did not NEED to CONTINUE following Martin – he was already out of the vehicle. That disproves your statement that he was told before he left the vehicle.

            As for “rights”, Zimmerman ALSO had the right to be walking on that path. Zimmerman ALSO had the right to ask Martin what he was doing there. Neither of those actions are illegal.

            What we also know is that there was an altercation and Zimmerman was the one that had bruises. He was the one that was punched, not Martin. Well, unless you are saying he punched himself and the witness lied about Martin being on top of Zimmerman punching him.

            You mentioned that Martin had the right to return home – you are correct – he did. Too bad he did not do that though and chose instead to go back and confront Martin because he was a “crazy a– cracker” or “g-y rap-ist”, whichever was his motivation.

            It sounds like you are also saying that “kids” have a right to go and attack adults that have no right to defend themselves.

    • The AG of the united states told the FBI to keep it and all the other evidence gathered at the scene because their going to try to retry him again. Its that illegal Oh! I forgot you can if the NAACP says to.

    • An open message to Ted Nugent:

      Dear Numbnuts,

      My comment has nothing to do with anything. I just wanted you to know that, like most rational Americans, I think you’re a first class POS.


      P.S. I wouldn’t walk across the street to piss on you if you were laying in the gutter on fire.

  7. The term racism is still because alive the black people and their tight friends choose to keep it here Ted is correct in what he said it gone by the time he was touring and completely when he was finished in his early touring .Now they still want their ass kissed by something that is out of concern and beyond our problem and concerns of all American citizens .When they finally grow up then we will have an understanding that everything that happens too them is not our doing’s but a made up path of want to in their minds .I lived that era and I am tired of it .It is used for an excuse to go rape rob and break and inter along with wanting to harm some one .The stand your ground law stands and will as long as they keep this king of life style up and are to damn lazy anrry to work .

      • Russell yes I went to school when it was segregated was introduced and saw blacks jump a crippled boy ,screwing in the hall ways and feeling white girls in the crowds . I got expelled a couple of time’s because I am a man with morals and respect had a black teacher tell me that he was better than me he lived through it and so did I . I finished high school with a few honors then volunteered for the draft by joining the Air Force .Now what is your excuse for being so damn sorry that you would turn on your own people or are of the cowards that ran off to Canada when things get tough and your words mean nothing as now .If anyone is a racist you and them are at this point .I see a boy put himself in a mans shoe’s and try to take a mans life when the man was just doing what was expected of him and getting jumped from behind and nearly beaten to death had he not had a weapon and then riots and raping and steeling all over again it make’s my black friends and people look bad as you are part of it keeping the bucket stirred up just to run your cowardly mouth . Ted is an idiot and gets paid for it just like all that nasty rap music that those people call music I call chattering with disrespect they even talk bad about their own mother .

        • There are a number of words that come to mind when I read such malarkey.

          Liar, bigot, racist. All describe you. Your post reads like some right-wing shopping list of hate they neighbor. As for making your black friends look bad, I think your hypocrisy is doing that nicely without any assistance.

          What we do know is Zimmerboy lied repeatedly, he decided to go out and play vigilante, he racially profiled an under-age kid, he suspiciously follow this kid, he became involved in a scuffle that was of his own creation, when he was losing this scuffle, he kills.

          Everything else is spin. Keep in mind, that in a civil trial, evidence will not be excluded, and the burden of proof shifts to the defense. If the parents decide to seek civil damages, Zimmerman will be living on government assistance for the rest of his worthless life.

        • You graduated with honors? In what, bad grammar?
          And if the school was segregated, there wouldn’t have been any blacks. That was what segregation meant.
          I’m calling bullshit here because I see no evidence to support your rantings, just like there is no evidence that Trayvon jumped Zimmermen.

          • De just put de in front of it if you are capable of doing so .I know what we grew up with and how nasty they are .I wouldn’t want or does my wife want to walk through a bunch like that that get gather that way and a lot of black lady’s that I know don’t want to be treated that way .It is called living like cattle . .Because we know what they are up to and is not decent to set up that way .All the evidence pointed to him jumping him from behind .I am not arguing with you any more either you see the truth or you deny it . Most likely your part of it .Stand your ground is for us that are tired of being terrorizing by people and robbing and raping since they are all cowards and use cowards way’s this just make’s it even to be able to protect our self from you cowards .and sorry assed people that will not work .

          • “De just put de in front of it if you are capable of doing so .”
            I am perfectly able to do so, and would have if it had been my post. You, apparently, are the one incapable of doing so. Sort of like your problems with punctuation, sentence structure, and overall coherence. Fail, fail, and fail.

          • I am capable but this is the internet so who care’s .You are not capable seeing and coming up with the truth about anything that matters unless you lie about it .Oh yes George Zimmerman made another appearance .It seems that he pulled four people from an overturned truck making him the better man no color was mentioned and did not wit on the media .Why don’t you just suck it up quit bothering people about bull shit . Go for it .

          • He assisted with pulling out 4 unhurt people. Good for him. Doesn’t make him any less guilty of the crime he committed.
            I think if you read through all of the comments here, you would find that your POV is the bullshit. only people I have bothered are other racist Nugent apologists.

          • The answers and the way present yourself tell me that you are a girl a teenager or both . You missed the whole point my child of the future you will learn the difference when you get life experiences .

          • I guess you fail on the ability assess people as well. I am over 60, full time caregiver for my mentally handicapped young adult daughter and two other mentally handicapped young men, and run a business as well. I suspect I have way more life experience than you.

          • Now that you are make some sense .I might can communicate with you .I am sitting at my business while 4 other mechanics are working for me .I am 60 plus and I am taking care of my mother who us very elderly with problems .While not sharing anymore of my past like my stay in the force’s which I am proud of .I do not find that the ones that let us down by running off an easy affair. It took more cohooony’s to do what he did and stay not much more but he didn’t run .I do not like rock music like that as mine is more into Elvis the pelvis .I see no reason to be attacked the way I was for a simple personal view of what is going on .I also am a white American who finds it not disturbing to have to be identified in color to be an American .We are not the one’s pushing it .The black and their close friend of other color who choose to take instead of earn are causing it . Now I am sure that I did not dot all of my I’s or cross all off my T’s but you can read through and see my message with out malice . I do remember the a lot of the way it was when George Wallace came up with the idea and it was taken on by his the other guy who won President that year .

          • My husband is a Viet Nam vet; as a “shop” guy, he was not heading to college, and with 3 as his draft number, he enlisted in the Navy. He is also what I think you are referring to as the “close friend of other color”, a full-blooded Puerto Rican, born and raised in Wisconsin. My husband is one of the hardest working people around; we have run our own businesses for most of the past 35 years.

            I live in an area where there are many Hispanics, citizens as well as both legal and illegal immigrants. They are absolutely NOT takers. The uneducated men work long hours at physically demanding jobs in triple-digit heat, and the pay out here is bad, far lower than it should be. The women are housekeepers, fast food workers, and caregivers. I know numerous Hispanics with degrees who work at a variety of professions. T he whole idea that non-whites are all takers, and only whites work is propaganda. I guarantee you that their are takers and givers in all racial groups, all ethnic groups, all income levels.

            I admire you taking care of your mom; we moved to AZ to be with my folks in their declining years, and I personally cared for both of them before they died. But I do not understand your anger at people of color. I can tell you from first hand experience that there is plenty of nasty, needless racism, and as contractors, we have heard it first hand. As what some people see as a racially-mixed couple, we have been on the receiving end of stares, dirty looks, rude comments, and bad service. And we aren’t even black. Blacks get far worse treatment.

          • To PissedooffinAZ
            I am really concerned about this understanding .I am not wanting people that are in the struggle with all of us to fall to fall or get hurt in any way .I have many other color of people that are my friends and neighbors .I am sure that I can trust them as the suffer as I do .I am concerned about the ones that steadily rod rape and harm .I am also concerned when some one claims to from another country and says their country first as in an Irish American .We are a country as whole and need not look and proclaim difference’s .When this happen it causes and says that I want special treatment . I do want to never have to shoot anyone ever again .I do deserve the right to protect myself from other that want to take advantage of it .Like what went on in Stockton Cal. This cannot be excepted and condoned .We have laws and it is one of the best systems in the world .If and when a lot of street gossip designed to harm people go above the law and harm people kill and rape .I am sure that you love your wife and daughter as I do I will go to any means to stop them from being harmed like that .I did not do a thing or did George to cause this .Those that make an excuse to do real harm .The black panther threats to his family that isn’t humanity at all it is pure animalism .And you know where wild animals need to be .I hope this gets us on the road to a better reasoning as we served as we should have .My plus my brother was on the USS Hornett flight deck crew when the moon shot was picked up .Any miss spelling and missed dot or crosses shows that you are better in this area tan me that is all we are still people on the same course of life .

          • I believe when people say they are Irish American, or German American or Mexican American or African-American, it is simply indicative of their ancestry, not of an allegiance to another country. I know people who are 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th generation or more in this country who will describe themselves as such. I think most Americans of any descent are concerned about those who break the law, especially violent crimes. There are certainly changes that could be made to our laws that would direct the energy toward apprehending the worst and most dangerous offenders.

          • Oh sure, you have Black friends, you just don’t want your daughter to marry one. Of course these Black people should be humble that someone who is born white (not accomplished by his own doing) will associate with them.

          • Why are you changing the subject .My daughter has a mind of her own . She was raised in a Christian church and has no part of what you are trying to keep stirred up .Some things just have to left a lone and out lived .You cannot change people they have to want to change and when push some one home most will fight back .Get off your high horse and grow up and allow people live their own lives as long as they are not latterly harming some one .People get their feelings hurt every day are one that just can’t stand it .. I see that you quick to take some ones felling as your own and sit in your own crap that doesn’t make it racism it makes it sorry ism ,

          • I assume you live in the South. Here is a theory: England sent their prisoners to the South to colonize. These people passed down their value system from generation to generation.

          • Just like way back in the days of Jim Crow, they have a story to back up their reasons for racism.

          • You know what I am not a liar and denial is not a river in Egypt but you are invited to go jump it and stay as far as I am concerned . I got expelled for trying to stop a bunch of crap from happening and the found that most were their to stir trouble while a few wanted a better education this in 1968 & 1969 .It was not always caused by white people in fact hardly ever . I will not be answering any more of this crap just grow up and learn to walk with the rest of us you are not that special .

    • Yeah, that guy in Texas a few years ago chained himself to the truck and begged his supposed friends to drag him until his head came off was just trying to keep racism alive. You and Ted are two peas in a cozy, whites-only pod. Except at least nugie’s sentences are coherent. Think you were “to Isic) damn lazy anrry (sic) to work” in school.

      • Yes, the Trayvon Martin case brought the racists out of the wood work in force. I am Caucasian and I believe racist is alive and well and some on these posts prove it.

  8. ALPENA, MI—Ted Nugent held a press conference Monday to unveil his new signature fragrance “Heartland,” which the veteran rocker touted as the most extensively tested cologne in history. “We tested that sumbitch on ferrets, weasels, deer, elk, squirrels, bison, trout, crickets, gibbons, iguanas, donkeys, capybaras, koalas, hyenas, penguins, woodpeckers—every goddamn animal we could find,” Nugent said. “And, just to be extra-certain it was safe for consumer use, we injected it into a kitten’s bloodstream, sprayed it on otters with open wounds that we inflicted, and forced cows to drink it through their nose. We also squirted it in a duck’s eyes. Then we ran out of cologne and just started punching the duck.” The cologne, now available in stores, features an ivory bottle stopper and comes in a genuine tiger-skin pouch.

    • It is a shame the proto bottle does not come in a genuine Nuge scrotum skin pouch. Without his big mouth and a gun, he is definitely, “all cock and no balls.” Stupid, pants crapping coward.

    • If I hold him down, will you pour some of that Heartland onto his balls. That might get his attention. That is if he had any.

  9. Is there any particular reason that Conservatives/Tea Party Members always appear to be about ten cards short of a full deck? We have been listening to the rantings of Limbaugh, watching a cruel war on women throughout most of the United States, are told that people who are disabled or extremely disadvantaged need to have their food stamps cut because they receive “too much” when in reality, Food Stamps haven’t had an increase in quite some time and food prices are getting so bad that it’s extremely hard to feed your family as it is. If these Tea Party people and ultra-conservatives hate us that much, get a f**king gun and come and shoot us rather than attempting to kill us little by little with cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and a host of other much needed programs so they can attempt to lessen the deficit that was brought about by Wall Street Crooks and too big to fail banks. This double-standard of (in)Justice in these United States is getting extremely old and I for one am sick and tired of it. Why are those without a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of made to pay for the crimes of the 1%??? There’s a reckoning coming to this nation and I hope it happens after I’m dead and gone. The idea of taking up arms against fellow Americans makes me violently ill, and Ted Nugent, if he hasn’t cleaned the crap out of his pants yet is likely to gas all of us to death… BTW, don’t take my words as weakness; if food stamps are cut to the point that my sister can no longer feed her family I will find it necessary to find them food any way I can, and believe me, I will.

    • William – you only feel that way about conservatives because your head is so far up your own posterior, you have deprived your brain of oxygen.

      You also must not live in an area like here where people SELL their food stamps for 50c on the dollar because they have so much support.

      • So you really are an a**-wipe. I suspected as much, but I thought I would give you the benefit of a doubt. Giving you dirtbags a fair shake just defies common sense. So it goes.

        • What, does the truth hurt – is your head up your posterior as well. There is corruption and graft and I am SICK of paying my taxes, questioning where I am going to get money for my kids school, and then going to the local Garden Fresh and seeing some woman with fancy hair, nails, talking on a smart phone while a kid or two is playing a Nintendo and then she pulls out a LINK card. How about instead of the minimum $50/month phone, plus who knows how much for hair / nails, SHE PAY FOR SOME OF HER OWN FOOD?

          • Oh f*ck yourself, you incoherent motor mouth. You have tried to sell a load of malarkey and failed. In your warped right-wigged out crazy-train little mind, that means you have won something grand, but you have fallen face down in your own sh*t.

            At least, we see the real reason for your visit. You never had any real intention of staying on-topic at all. You would starve the 98 innocent, just to enjoy watching the two deadbeats die. Everything is a conspiracy. The government that gave you all this freedom to hate is just too hard on you. I bet you try every way in the world to get law abiding citizens like me to pay for your tax fraud.

            Do what I do, live within your means, do not blame people like me for your failure, stop drinking that “tea” that the rich thieves have brewed for you. For instance, I have had one raise is nine years. That raise was statutory. Some of our people have went thirteen years. Since I have been in my present position, inflation has probably reduced my effective wages by 30 to 40 percent. That is a wallop. Yet, our capitalists are raking in the dough a greater pace than our nation has ever seen. Even the robber barons did not do so well when their was no income tax.

            Reagan, and all trickle-down Re-thieve-icons should burn in Hell. And probably are. Make the rich pay their fair share. if they make ALL the money, they should pay ALL the taxes. The reason that half the country pays no federal tax, is they are too poor when their earnings are adjusted for inflation. And forget about it, I do pay actual income tax that I do not get back. I just do not hate my neighbor when he is struggling.

            As I have disposed of your argument totally, I have no further reason to let you keep trying to get a story straight. You are not only a waste of skin, but my valuable time as well. So have at, all by your lonesome. You can’t retrofit stupid, regardless of how hard you try.

          • Again, your head is so far up you refuse to realize that the corruption exists. That disease is killing us all and the programs that are there to help the needy. They are making EVERYONE needy.

            I pay my taxes and live within my means – it is just that MY means are shrinking because the government keeps want to take more and more to give to people who somehow feel they DESERVE to have all the latest gadgets, shoes, cell phones, etc. I guess I am better off than you as I have gotten raises most years, but then again, I have continued to better myself, getting skills that are desired, versus living with my head up my posterior saying someone owes me something like you seem to do.

            In your crazy, warped, little mind you cannot see that the policies of redistribution put forth have failed. Guess what, they don’t target the “rich”, they target those of us that actually work, just making more poor people. You complain about trick-down economics but seem to love trickle up poverty. The rule of the democrats and Obama has done wonders for us – how is that recovery treating you.

          • The money has already been “redistributed” UPWARD. That is what has decimated the middle class. I don’t know how old you are, but I have been around well over 60 years, and I can tell you that the policies of the past 30-40 have drained the resources, pensions, and savings of the middle and created a whole shitload of new poor. Wages are stagnant, have been since the 70’s. Meanwhile, the percent of the wealth at the very tippy top has grown by thousands of percent, even as their tax load has dropped from 90% in the 50’s to 30% or less now, with “unearned” income at the lowest rates, overseas accounts to hide income, and a battery of lawyer and accountants whose only job is to save as much of the rest as possible. Meanwhile, the GOP had constantly reduced the budget of the IRS so there are less and less agents out there to track the fraud at the top, even though they can bring in over $9K an hour doing so. Can’t fix the deficit that way, tho, gotta take it away form the elderly and disabled.

          • I kind of hate to be seen as a mutual back scratcher, but sir, that post really nailed the truth. I noticed that Hardon talks exactly like another overly propaganized spoon-fed loon, whose head is stuck up some overfed business extortionist’s rear. If one of the Koch bros. turns a corner too quickly, he will break his neck.

            “Policies of redistribution.” What a crock of worn out propaganda. Redistribution has been going on. However, it is out of our pockets into those of these overstuffed capitalists. Katz just wants the poor to pay for his cowardly lack of effort. When his kind is done we will have a shooting war where there is no recognizable “side.” Just total anarchy and a complete loss of our beloved Democracy. Ever see the original “Rollerball” with James Caan. That is the world the super rich envision for us. Total control of all aspects of the proles lives.

            Well, I am doing it again. Have a good night.

          • Feel free to scratch my back anytime, Russell, although I answer to ma’am, not sir, so don’t get yourself in trouble with the sig other. (Not, at my age, that I would be seen as a threat, unless you are in your 80’s. Then I might be considered a hot young thing!)

            There are so many Katz’s out there, wrapping themselves in the flag and waving their Bibles. I have a relative, VERY fundamentalist Christian, who once said it was better if a few truly needy people are left behind, in order to catch the crooks who game the system. I think he was quoting Jesus: “The poor will always be with us. So fuck ’em.” Or something like that! 😉

            The real joke is, those people have no clue about how hard it is to get assistance. I am caregiver for three mentally handicapped young adults, and dealing with the bureaucracy is a full time job, in addition to my real full time job, running a business! The all get SSI

            Of course there is always some story about the current version of the welfare queen, Katz’s having nice hair and nails (god forbid) which she may have done herself, he doesn’t know. She may need to look clean and neat because she’s employed; many people on SNAP are, especially if they happen to work at Wal-Mart. And the kids with the Nintendos?(do they even make a hand-held version) and the smart phone. (One of my young adults pays $33/month for a smart phone. Saved and bought the phone for $99.) But she probably does not have a land line, which would cost about the same.
            These people really think if you are going to dare to be poor, you better live in a box or on the street, not be able to bathe, and in no way should you ever allow your kids to have any fun at all. They need to suffer, baby!

          • I think that Jesus quote was from Koch 4:1-4. Or was it the book of Rush. Not sure. These people read a different bible than I do. Or more correctly, “did.”

            The Katz’s of the world are not Christians at all. Religion gives them all the rationale they need to forgive themselves when they wish harm on their fellow man. God always thinks and speaks the words they put in his mouth. When the Katz’s of the world speak for the most intelIigent and powerful entity in the universe, it can be nothing but pure blasphemy. They are too dumb to see it. Of course, due to “Katz” watching, his kind I mean, I no longer have the faith I did when I was very young. Watching them, I know they got it wrong. Their solutions to problems are really frightening when you look deep.

            As well, they just want that free ride that they complain they see all around them. Their solution for all problems is diametrically opposed to the teachings of their “master.” That is another problem I have with religion in general. And then they worship the rich to the point of being toadies. I think a major component of religion is “stupid.”

            Sorry about the “sir.” I actually suspected as much, but then I got tired and sloppy, and the “1950’s” came shining through.

            Have a great weekend.

          • I started having problems with religion at age 7. I never gave up on the idea of a creative force, but religion was not the place to find any definitions that suited me!

            Had to search my Face Book posts for this, but thought you would appreciate it Russ.

            “You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” – Anne Lamott

          • That is an ideal quote. I hope you do not mind if I “steal” that quote. It describes exactly why I do not believe in any religion. I meet and deal with these evil creatures every day of the year. God’s anointed.

            As for God, I am still not sure, but I can entertain no reason for his existence. It just is not possible for us mortals to know. Like getting a close-up view of a supernova on the far side of the Universe.

            If there is a God, then I am sure that most of these creatures will be having their “retirement” in Hell. I think the most serious sin, after hating your fellow man, is a refusal to use and improve your mind and the world about you. Right-wingers are doomed and too arrogant and ignorant to even notice the warning signs.

          • Please do steal that quote and share it far and wide! As I said, I lost my “religious virginity” at the age of seven. My mom said I could do what I wanted after confirmation (age 13-ish), and so I stopped attending at that point. I always felt, though , that there was “something” and I was drawn to reading a lot of psychic stuff, much of which was also pretty unimpressive. I finally got lucky when I stumbled onto Jane Roberts in the late ’70’s. The Seth books did what religion never could, or can. They gave a reasonable explanation to who and what we are, how the universe works, and best of all, no dogma. If you have the inclination, I recommend “The Nature of Personal Reality”. The very fact that many religious types hate the Seth books and think they are the (printed) spawn of the devil should serve as thumbs up review!

          • The IRS brought it on them selves all the parties,bonuses they have so much money they do what they want but they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar! I want to see it shut down myself so everyone pays the same tax no deductions at all. Im tired of people taking more out than they put in.

          • You saw video of one line dance at one convention. This may come as a shock, but sometimes they do these things during breaks at a convention, to loosen people up after sitting for hours. They also will do these as an ice breaker to allow folks to get comfortable with one another. I have been to many business conventions This did not make it a party.
            The idea that you can just shut the IRS down is somewhere between ludicrous and idiotic. Nor does it have anything to do with the tax code or distribution.
            As for no deductions, do you own a home? Do you make donations? Do you save or have a retirement account or college savings account? Lots of medical expenses? Most people that say they don’t want deductions are young and have no real expenses yet.
            Lastly, define “all those people taking out more than they are putting in”. Do you mean retirees who have contributed a perhaps lower dollar amount, but similar or higher percentage of their wages for decades? How about UC insurance, which workers and employers pay into. Oh, and if you are every injured, or god forbid become disabled, are you planning to pass on any assistance? Hope you or your family is rich if you do.

          • Oh what a peach you are. Talk about crazy and warped. What’s making more people needy is lost jobs and stagnant wages FOR YEARS, not just during this Presidency.

            You want to complain about taxes? Guess what. My husband and I do not have and have never had any children, but every year we pay school taxes. If we should ever want to take a class, we’d have to pay a tuition fee! A lot of people have a tax of one kind or another that they have to pay but maybe it seems like it shouldn’t apply to them. Well, it might have something to do with helping those who are walking Life’s path, too, but need a little help.

          • Im retired and don’t have kids either but like you I have paid school taxes for 45 years and still do. im lucky though I get over 230,000 a year on oil and gas leases from my property I give over 40.000 a year to charity but Ive never bitch about paying taxes because it helps the kids.

          • Ah, part of the 2%, with unearned income. Yes, you are lucky, and I don’t know how long you have enjoyed what is essentially “rich” status, but you certainly don’t have to worry about things that many others in this country DO have to worry about daily.

          • Corruption does exist in all walks of life. Doesn’t it bother you that a man, in Texas, bought 800 acres of prime farm land and put it in the land bank to sit back and take your tax monies for doing nothing?

          • Yes, I don’t appreciate corruption in any form, Democratic or Republican. Where I live it is mostly Democrats (IL) as they control most of the state and the Chicagoland area.

            I don’t live in Texas and am not familiar with Texas Land banks. After researching “land banks” I found this “A land bank is a public authority created to efficiently hold, manage and develop tax-foreclosed property.”

            So, your made up story does not seem to fit into this model. I could not find much else. I don’t know how this would be “corruption”.

          • I don’t know where you went to school. The land bank was established by Truman to eliminate surpluses that glutted the market so farmers could not get a fair price for their products. It is still in effect and being abused. Roosevelt established the farm subsidy programs to keep family farms from going under. It is now being used by people, like the Kentucky race horse raisers. These are not made up stories.

          • Sorry, never heard of it – IL public school education I guess.

            Regarding any kind of farm subsidies, I am against them as I think they are being played by large farms / corporations and should be looked at for removal and / or caps. Just as with the milk price fixing, and many laws / regulations in general, they were helpful / needed when created, but they long term effects were not taken into consideration.

          • Guess it depends on where one goes to public school. The farm subsidies were a good thing when they were enacted. You are right. It is now the large corporate farms that are benefiting from them.

          • The corruption and graft is endemic in Congress, not in the general population. Send me your address so I can send you a pair of chocolate shoes so they will taste better when you speak with both feet in your mouth. (Are you a bored Congressman passing the time with us common folks?)

          • Not a “myth” – I have seen it at our local Garden Fresh. Anecdotal, I agree, but I find it hard to believe that my Garden Fresh in North Brook is the only place this is happening.

      • Harlon, there are no more “Food Stamps”. There is a debit card. Someone would have to sell their card, and then it would be gone the next month.
        I think you are repeating old stories you have heard, and I doubt you have any real proof, just unfounded suspicions.

        • They have small grocery stores in the “hood” that keep a few dusty boxes of crap on some shelves and do nothing more than refund 50% of what the customers buy as cash. Please do one minute of research.

          • You missed the” do one minute of research” part. Google it and admit you are wrong. Lets see what you have for character.

            Finding this took 10 seconds: (June 26)

            “Recently, a husband-and-wife duo from Waco, Texas plead guilty to charges of food stamp abuse that allegedly scammed the government of $350,000

            Magdalena and Jamal Akhter, who run a convenience store, allowed customers using Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) debit cards to choose the “cash-back” option when buying items—something that’s not allowed under the program’s rules. The two then pocketed half the cash and paid the SNAP beneficiary the rest.”

            Read more:

          • Of course, I see you are using the old “One retailer did this, so they are all guilty” thingy the right is so inclined to do.

            So, does FOXBUSINESS have any similar articles on corporate welfare scams? You know, the ones that cost the taxpayers millions, even billions?

          • I see I have an answer to my question about your character. I provided an immediate example of how your statement- “Someone would have to sell their card, and then it would be gone the next month.” was completely wrong.

            I used one example and never said anything about one retailer = all retailers. This is a stupid attack that has nothing to do with the facts, followed further by a stupid attempt to change the subject. Only someone without a valid logical thought and no concept of right and wrong would respond in the way you did. I am not surprised. You are proven both wrong, ignorant, and immoral all in the span of about three comments.

          • Think what you want. I am delighted to see anyone who is breaking the law and wasting tax dollars indicted and jailed. Better yet, making restitution. The individuals on Food Stamps are also liable for their actions, and I hope some or all of them were nailed as well. However, I still maintain that these incidents are in the minority.

            I also maintain that there are far bigger fish to fry when it comes to cheating the government. Medicare Fraud is a biggie, offshore accounts is another and as I said, corporate welfare, which is legal robbery, endorsed by a Congress getting kickbacks and donations from those whose backs they scratch.

            Sorry my character isn’t up to your standards. Of course, I don’t judge one’s character by whether or not they are willing to do a web search to prove or disprove a point. I look at more concrete examples.

            Such as, I don’t have much time to check this stuff out as I am caregiver for three mentally handicapped young adults as well as working well over 40 hours a week running our home-based business. When I need a mental break, I read something and sometimes make a comment. That’s my “fun time”.
            Not able to reply to every comment, or research someone else’s allegations. Next time, provide a link instead of bitching at me for not walking your dog.

          • Maybe don’t comment on things you admittedly do not have knowledge about. Additionally, it takes little time to make a rational argument and use logic. And it wastes time to make ridiculous statements about some else’s arguments. All of which are insulting. There was a link in my response. You offer nothing other than poorly informed opinion and lack of rational argument.


            Investigators discovered the practice of trading government Electronic Benefit Transfer food-assistance cards for drugs. For example, dealers would sell about $100 worth of crack for food cards holding benefits of $200. Several of the suspects have been charged with public assistance fraud, which authorities say is a growing concern among law enforcement.

            Not one of these people grew up in my town.
            In fact, in high school maybe 4 black kids.
            What does it matter?
            Ask the folks around here what it matters.
            You know what?
            Scratch that suggestion because the people around here are just as confused as you about such matters.

            Before you suggest that i am racist, i’ll say that at this very moment my son is in the other room going over some music lessons i gave him and his best friend.
            His best friend is black.

            They’re starting a rock band.
            One of the songs they are learning is Free for all by Ted the redneck Nugent.

          • Surely, you could be more original when you manufacture your own evidence. I could do better than you and I do not even agree with your lies.

          • Fraud is in every walk of life and just because you know of a couple of instances or so you were told, does not make your urban legend true. Your link tells a lot.

          • You found one. Really, one. As in ONE. Or “1.”

            It took me 10 sec. to find this:


            You have been trumped so badly, you might be advised to quit. Remember, that was just one, as in ONE, ten second search.

            I know. Anything that does not agree with your ignorant racism, and is published by the government, has got to be false. Yeah, well make sure your tin-foil hat is secure and have another cup of that delicious “tea.” Or as normal people call it: Sewage.
            For you mental misfits, that means liquified sh*t.

          • You are such a moron that you don’t understand that I simply provided one example, which is all I had to provide to dispel the silly notion offered by PSDAZ that there is no “proof” of food stamp fraud . That was an easy victory both showing how the original statement was wrong and showing the stupidity of your argument being based on me providing one example.

            As far as fraud. Here are some more facts.

            “In fiscal year 2012, USDA’s retailer fraud investigations resulted in 342 convictions and $57.7 million in recoveries.” –

            This is a joke. Anyone with any knowledge knows how rarely any enforcement will occur. Enforcement that exposes the actual level of fraud would work against the agency and they would be less likely to get tax payer support for the program, which would cost a lot of people their jobs. 50+ million on food stamps and they have 342 convictions for fraud. Only an idiot would believe that.

            Here are just some examples:

            “In 2011, 17,000 food stamp recipients in Ohio received 10 or more reissued cards.”- I would add, probably never investigated.

            “Kevin Concannon, U.S. Department of Agriculture undersecretary for food, nutrition and consumer services, told the Huffington Post last year that food stamp fraud totals around $750 million each year.” Apparently he slipped.

            So nothing I have said is disproven, while PSDAZ is proven wrong and you are proven stupid. You are so dumb, you have to call me racist, because I use facts.

          • Thanks for wasting your time proving my point. AND I do have that knowledge you speak of.

            My post stands as is. Have another cup of that swill you are so fond of.

          • If your point was that you are a moron and a racist, and have no ground level knowledge of food stamp fraud, then I agree. You win.

          • So now, let’s add a lack of reading comprehension to your little vile, racist ignorance. If I am a moron and racist, then you must suck shit through a straw. Oh yeah, you do, don’t you. Merely, calling me a racist and claiming you are not won’t get you anywhere. The proof that you are, just oozes out of you.

            I do have first hand, “ground level” knowledge. You don’t. That conclusion based entirely on your own sources.

            Your problem is you would stave 98 out of 100 that truly needs help, just to get the 2 that are committing fraud. Let’s face it, you are just a small-minded loony that is filled with bigotry against the poor, in general, and racial hate, in particular. Your entire “waste of everyone’s time” is an attempt to rationalize your views with truth and reality. Regardless of whether anyone posts here again, you will always be a failure. A fool that does not realize he is a fool, is still a fool, FOOL.

            Final point #1: You did not read the information, did you? Yet you can keep right own in spite of the facts.

            Final point #2: I never mentioned winning. You NEED to win even when you are wrong. You will not understand, but I do not need to win. I just want to NOT lose. That means my arguments must be based in fact. For you winning is all even when you are wrong. For me I must tell the truth and be factual.

        • According to CBO email reports/updates/newsletters that I receive daily (and so can you), CBO estimates up to 30% of SNAP benefit transactions are bogus. Next to Medicaid it experiences the largest degree of fraud of any government “cash outlay” program. Sorry, but its true. You can trade a card/password for cash. Its not foolproof.

      • I live about 60 miles Northeast of Atlanta, Ga. One time in five (5) years was I approached by an individual to sell his Food-stamps and I declined his offer. My Sister is disabled and I am her caretaker. I shop for her and her two children. Where do you live? Talking about heads being up someone’s posterior, tell me, are your food costs rising? Do you shop for a family and attempt to purchase foods that will result in balanced meals? Have you noticed that container sizes are getting smaller while the price is staying the same or rising. In general, I’d guess that food prices have been raised quite a bit in the past 12 months and now it’s harder to shop and make nutritious meals at the same time. BTW, when I said “Conservatives,” I should have written extreme ultra-right Conservatives, as the real Conservatives disappeared from the political scene quite some time ago. What we are witnessing are foul-mouthed nasty individuals that jump to conclusions, believe that if your on Social Security you’re no longer worth keeping alive because we don’t work any longer and generally exhibit traits that closely resemble that of sociopaths. Frankly, I’d welcome the resurgence of true conservatives and honestly miss them from politics which has been taken over in the GOP by the Tea Party and Ultra-Conservative nasty grandstanding a$$holes that expect us to lie down and watch them cut our benefits to make up for the Wall Street Criminals and “Too Big To Fail” Banks.They seem to have forgotten that it was mostly the GOP that lifted the restrictions of government regulations that led-up to this financial crisis and while we had nothing to do with it, the poorest people and what’s left of the Middle-Class are being made to pay for the financial speculations of the 1% who were the ones that caused this mess and hardly any of them have even been prosecuted.

        Don’t try to re-write History to me! I’ve been writing about politics for over ten years and know exactly what happened, who did what, and why they aren’t being prosecuted. Bush & Cheney allowed the 1% to bankrupt the country and the GOP never said a damn word about what they were doing; they were too involved in enriching their own portfolios and engaging in legalized insider trading that was legal for members of Congress. I think that you need to look into a mirror and thank yourself that you didn’t make such a lame comment in a crowd of people that were politically aware or at least were well educated. No one likes to look like a fool in a large crowd of people.

        • So well said, William. I am caretaker to 3 mentally disabled young adults, my 21 year old daughter and two brothers, 19 and 21, from her school that I took in when they could not remain with family members. We went on SNAP for a short time, before the 2nd brother arrived, and the older was being denied SSI benefits as an adult. (Two years and hundreds of hours of work to get him reinstated, and he was SO disabled, the presiding judge did not ask one question; he had already reviewed that evidence before the hearing and said “You are awarded” as soon as he sat down!)

          I notified the state when the second boy moved in, as required, and we stopped receiving benefits, no explanation, no warning. I followed up for about 3 months, but my husband and I are self-employed, and the people at the state office are totally in the dark about figuring SE income. Every time I went in I got a different person who told me to go back home and redo the numbers differently, and they all disallowed absolutely legitimate, but totally different deductions! One idiot decided our gross contracting receipts was our income! (Materials and supplies make up over 50% of the deductions – certainly not income.) I finally just gave up, as it was hours wasted doing the paperwork, more hours wasted sitting at the state office, and still more arguing with people that had no clue.
          We are really struggling right now, as our business has never come back since the financial nosedive of 2006. As you might guess, our food costs are really high. I shop at Costco and get as much stuff bulk and on sale as I can, and the rest, well I am an ace at shopping the weekly sales at my local grocer, where I also earn fuel points. Once a month, my husband fills up that 34 gallon tank on the work truck for up to a buck less a gallon! But you are so right about prices and sizes. I recently cooked a turkey I got for free at Christmas, and my family is so sick of turkey and mashed potatoes, turkey sandwiches, turkey a la king and turkey soup, they may just kill me, lol. Cut up the rest and put it in the freezer this morning; they will forget in a week or two!
          It seems the people who have always had it good are those who are the most bitter. I really resent those who make the “Dems are all lazy, they don’t contribute” comments. I have been working since I was 17, and I am 64 now. Between the kids and managing our business, (mom and pop, no other employees) I work 7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day. The most common comment I hear is “I don’t know how you do it!” I bet those tea party whiners, the big mouths in congress like Gohmert and Cruz, and the haters on FAUX and talk radio could not keep up with me for a week.
          Oh well, enough bitching. Gotta go make lunch. I kept a little bit of the turkey out of the freezer, so the revolt will be on soon!

      • NO I agree with William people are hurting but I am not one of them but I see it all the time in the people I know. Even their kids are not fed good and both parents work and work hard and they DO NOT SELL their snap. So Harlon you might want to get a breath of fresh air by pulling your own head out of your ass and she the shape the last administration ran this country into. We are looking at a global financial meltdown even when the stock market is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up it’s about to crash and crash hard. It had never gone up that fast unless a huge correction follows and mark my words that correction is at hand.

        • I worked for Health and Welfare. I knew more people who worked two jobs and could not make ends make than I knew the cheats. Oh, the cheats were out there, but not as many as some would love to think. Our country pays more in corporate welfare than social programs.

    • Your sister and her family are being hurt because of all abuses of the program they just caught latinos send boxes to Puerto Rico bought by food stamps , people selling them for money buy booze with. Im tired of keeping every one. Where is her husband make he keep them why should I or anyone else have to?

      • She has been separated for many years and in spite of a Court Order for Child Support, her “husband,” which I often refer to as a dirt-bag, has never given her a nickel in child support and he resides in the State of Florida. He is now approximately 28K in arrears. (He only had to pay $200 per child) We live in Georgia, and the two states have an Interstate Compact Agreement which forced me to go to Pensacola, Florida to testify in front of a Grand Jury and if I wouldn’t have gone, I would have had a Georgia warrant for my arrest and then would have been transferred to Florida like a common criminal. It’s noteworthy that her husband has been in the Escambia County Jail in Pensacola several times for driving without a license and they did nothing in regard attempting to enforce the Child Support order.
        If he was held and sent to Georgia, this state would have placed him in their Jail’s work release program and forced to pay child support. I know this for a fact as one of my sons was faced with exactly said scenario when the economy crashed and he lost his job. She has called Florida on so many different occasions it is ridiculous and all she gets is the run-around. I keep a roof over their heads and do all I can from my Social Security check. Would you prefer that they starve? What is your solution to the position she is in? Totally disabled for over six (6) years, wheelchair bound, and her short-term memory is completely gone.
        Would you also like to know how much my dog weighs?

      • You do realize that Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States? Residents are US citizens? That they vote in presidential elections?

        For all you know, William’s sister is a widow.

      • I have to agree completely with that. It seems to me that white people with power are afraid of becoming the minority, which is inevitable with the current rate of immigrants in the nation. I’m white and I say “so what?” My political ideology isn’t particularly welcome in Georgia, but it is what it is. I do believe that we need to address the plight of thousands of Americans languishing in jail because they had some pot on them or were caught selling it and the govt. needs to quit with stating that marijuana is worse on your system than alcohol before we pass an immigration bill. With me, American Citizens come first, then we can address the other issues. How we can allow so many of our fellow Americans to be incarcerated for absurd lengths of time and torturing so many of them while they are there is unconscionable!

  10. LoL he was a lot braver than the ones running off into Canada and hiding .I don’t condone either but it is black and white that the black want more than their share .I never ran off to Canady and didn’t use the bath room in my pants .Freedom is earned not taken by anyone that walks by it was freely given by the ones that deserved it .Now they want people like me to keep on paying for something anything so they can get money for free just another way to free load off the white people .I stand my ground on what I see and when a person deliberatly attack’s another as 85% of this is blacks not white s but whites are the that make the news in a racial delivered mode by people like you all turning on your own country and it’s people how nasty can you get a bunch of cheap cowards to lazy to actually earn their keep and use their own kinds death to make money with how sorry can you get . People are already getting pregnant and killing them before they re born .No no answer that you have can change me from wanting to stand my own earned ground from idiot that dress up like robbers and then attack the one appointed to help keep trouble and then cry when they loose it is not business it is another king of racism only in reverse you tell that a boy close to being a man can jump me from behind and beat my head on a side walk trying to kill me and I cannot use a force well enough stop him in order to save my own life it back fired except it a child killed because he crossed a line that he should not have taken this not and Orange Juice trial it was a legal and un bias jury trial suck it up and shut up .GIVE ME A BREAK and GROW UP . Go to work .

    • I didn’t notice where you said you served, Li’l Dick. My husband served 4 years in Nam, and when he was in Florida he and a shipmate could not rent an apartment because both were Hispanic. Born in the US. Taxpayers. Veterans.

      So you never wore a hooded sweatshirt in your life? Is Bill Belichick a robber? He wears one on the sideline every Patriots’ game.
      Did you finish school? Your post is full of errors, and in places is unintelligible. But we get it. You have a right to be a racist big mouth and everybody who isn’t white or in agreement with you is a leech.

  11. The jurors did their job and now you have to respect their decision because it isn’t going to be reversed by anyone.

  12. I think a lot of people don’t realize or blacks don’t admit, that
    skittles and Arizona iced tea are combined with cough syrup for a cheap
    high. My uncle who is retired from the gang unit of a police department
    told me this and said Trayvon was a punk. Not an innocent little boy
    buying candy.

    • And sometimes a banana is just a banana. You are purely speculating, especially as he was on his way back to his father’s to watch TV with his little soon-to-be-brother. Think he would have done that on the way home of he was looking to do it at all.

    • Never heard of it, liar. If he had been carrying M&Ms and coca cola, you would be saying those were ingredients to make drugs out of. You know the Bible does not say, “Do not lie.” It says, “Do not bear false witness.” Even if you spread a story someone else started you are breaking one of the ten commandments and it says if you break one you break them all.

  13. Can anyone who disagrees with Nugent actually attack his argument or can you merely make personal insults?

    • Several people have; clearly you have not bothered to read all the posts. But let’s get serious here. Nugent NEVER makes a coherent argument, not here or anyplace else. He gives opinions, often laced with racism and threats. Disagreeing with him is a pretty low bar to hurdle.

  14. If you would read the transcripts of the trial, you would MAYBE find out just how uninformed most of you are.

    • If transcripts of the trial were “the whole truth and nothing but” we would be uninformed. Courts of law, and jury trials in particular, are imperfect at best. many innocent people have been released over the years, and far more have not.

  15. Ted Nugent is and has always been a big-mouthed idiot. And if he thinks there was no evidence of racism in the 60s, he just plain wasn’t paying attention or maybe he was participating in it. I’ve never forgotten a childhood stop at a restaurant while on a family vacation. Nice place, big aquarium inside, BUT there was also a not-so-fancy door at the back of the building with a sign “COLORED ENTRANCE. People who weren’t white couldn’t even see inside the white section much less enter it. Not racist?!

  16. Ted Nugent , stupid ass doesn’t know crap…He is no different than any other closed minded white person like himself. If in the 60’s in 70’s if there was no racism why were they still hanging Black people in the south..Oh yeah and the James Byrd dragging in Jasper,TX dang that happened 8 years ago, and that was by the people of his peers the Skin Heads, and the Knew Klan which, Nugent acts if he’s a part of. Way to keep your filty foot and mind sharp FOOL!

    • Most recent thing out of Jasper TX: Security tapes showed two policeman beating up a handcuffed Black woman. Why was she arrested? Outstanding traffic ticket $200 for expired meter

  17. “Count Ted Nugent as one of those people who thinks the killing of Trayvon Martin and the trial of George Zimmerman had nothing to do with race” In this impressive list would also be the Martin family, Martin Attorneys, Judge, Jury, Prosecutor and any sane American. Do you honestly think as he lied there bleeding from a broken nose, battered skull and with a crazed teen sitting astride him beating him, that Zimmerman cared what frigging color the teen was? At that moment he, like you, thought only about seeing himself survive the encounter. I don’t care what color you may be black, white, brown, orange.. if your response to someone leaving their car to see where you may be is to leap upon them and pummel them to the ground then you live by the code of violence. and by that code you are taking your life in your hands. Would anyone feel different if Martin upon breaking Zimmerman’s nose caused him brain damage or even death?

    • The Martin family does NOT agree. The vast majority of thinking people do not agree. And as for your description of the “encounter”, where did you get that from? Oh yeah, the only survivor, the guy with the gun, who was so terrified that he trailed, accosted and shot an unarmed kid. You have absolutely no proof that Trayvon “{leapt”} upon and pummeled” his murderer, just the story told by the guy covering his ass. Oh, and for the record, if Martin did smoke pot before this, the “crazed” part is really off base. Anyone who smokes pot or is familiar with those who smokes pot knows it does not make one crazed, but mellow. For the record, the shooter’s nose was not broken, his skull was not battered, and his life was not in danger. If it was, he would have been the one dead.

      • Might I suggest you review the press conference the family had prior to the trial where they stated emphatically race was not a factor. Again the information comes from FORENSIC evidence perhaps you’re the one person in the world who hasn’t seen CSI whatever. Unfortunately it’s part of my real life world. People who smoke pot have all kinds of reactions to it so your personal results may not be the same as another. A fracture is a break of bone different from a broken bone by the sole fact that the pieces are still partially attached. If I sat on you punching you till you bld you would not feel in danger. OH you navy seal you.

      • when I read the crap you call fact,which it IS NOT, I see liberal all over it, meaning the facts are irrelevant,its what ever you want to spin to,are you a “journalist” for the mainstream mudia, you have the skill-set.

    • if z’s account had been true, there would have been more damage to his face and TM would have had skinned knuckles. Ask yourself: Why do you want z to be innocent and TM to be guilty?

      • You mean more than a fractured nose and bashed in back of head. It’s not about what I want but what the facts prove out. I wonder how you suppose that happened if Martin did not attack him. But it really doesn’t matter the jury voted correctly and Zimmerman is not guilty. That’s truly the end of the story.

        • I saw pictures of the back of his head and it was not bashed in. Trayvon could have seen the gun and hit gz and knocked him backward on the pavement. He might have hit him when he saw he was being accosted by a person with a gun. Of course, that n should have kept his place and not tried to stand his ground. Them uppity n’s do not know their place, do they?

  18. Lets see the real Trayvon Martin every one is attempting to turn into a victim
    It certainly sheds a bit of light on the personality of this, dare I say, typical young black male.

    • I don’t think you dare say “typical young black male”, because a sample of one is not a sample.
      I read the article, and it says that these are pretty much the worst of the tweets, and retweets, so not all his. They do not mention guns, fighting, violence, gangs, or even white people, with one non-racist exception. The author admits that the rest were even less exciting, and this was 20 out of 150.
      I see nothing here that shows Trayvon should have been followed, confronted or shot. He does not have to be “turned into a victim” – he WAS a victim. The punishment for acting stupid as a teenage boy is not death. If it was, there would be only a handful of young men making it to adulthood.

      • Since I doubt you were his buddy the only thing we know for sure is he was a punk kid who thought the thug life was the route to take. He lived by violence had a record for possession of stolen goods ie. Jewellery and he was part of the problem not part of the solution. You can mourn him, cheer for him, and protest for him all you want. But refusing to see the truth only means you will do it all again the next time and not change a damn thing.

          • Because it just isn’t so. He was suspended from school for illegal activity which is the very same reason he was living with his father’s girlfriend, rather than his own home, during the school year. Hardly a good student if he was suspended.

      • I agree with almost everything you said. I think saying “typical” and applying it to this one person is racist. Not all the tweets were his original thoughts. There is only one racist tweet. (Side question: How many racist tweets do you need to send to be considered a racist? I would argue the answer is any number greater than zero.)

        Here’s where we differ. Any person (black, white, purple, etc.) walking through a neighborhood (resident or non-resident) that has a neighborhood watch should expect to be asked by a neighborhood watch person what they are doing. They then have a choice on how they want to respond. If you choose assault, you will most likely be going to jail or will be killed. That is a REALLY DUMB choice.

        I have two teenagers. I’ve been telling them for most of their lives that it’s okay to make mistakes, but the key is to avoid the BIG life-altering mistakes: Essentially crimes, having unprotected sex, and anything that puts your life on the line. Assault is a crime – and assaulting a guy who may or may not have a gun is a crime which also puts your life on the line. I hope my kids are smart enough to choose differently if they are ever in that situation.

      • ROFL I’m a racist for showing the real Martin? But like usual rather than comment about the facts you switch to the lowest form of communication the personal insult thinking somehow that makes a point. Thank you for showing me that the truth affects your kind and now I will spread it far and wide. Appreciated.

  19. just drive in any city in the USA and see for your self, what are whites do and what are the blacks and other minorities are realy up to…… Obama has a plan for the dumb and blind.

    • Tell us, sam, what are blacks and other minorities up to? Never mind, I already know. They’re up to their asses in debt just like the white people.
      Now, please tell us what Obama’s plan is for the dumb and blind? Did you just forget the deaf, or aren’t they included?

      • sam wants you to think he drives by neighborhoods all the time with a camera and a tape recorder and has a control group to compare with. He plans on publishing his findings with the government to prove that all the problems can be traced back to race. Of course, for his research to be credible he has to research at least ten cities.

  20. For those that are mocking Ted Nugent’s honest observations….
    Have any of you ever been sucker punched by a 5-11 black boy?

  21. Seems like you are saying that kids like Travon do not need to get educated, stay clean, speak in the language of business and dress appropriately to achieve success. The kid attacked Zimmerman with no warning and made no attempt to call the police. Zimmerman called the police and from testimony asked what Trayvon was doing. This was not stand your ground it was a self defense case.

    If you see someone shuffling around near some houses looking in windows who would not move to observe what they are doing. They do profiling in Israel and guess what it keeps their people safe. We all profile everything we do or society would be a mess. Need help in a store you look for someone who looks like they work there you do not ask everyone you see until you get someone who works there.

    My mother is Asian and we live in a small town where we were the only minority and you know that I never once was told that I would be held back because of my genetics. Go walk in a gang neighborhood and fail to profile those who wear the gear of the gang and well it will not be too good for you. This is all just crazy and I think racism of the worst kind. The suggestion is that if you are black you cannot get ahead and everyone who is not black is driving around looking for one to shoot. Pushing that a black kid is not able have any control of their destiny is just evil.

    We all have limitation and things that hold us back and those that consider those limits as dead end streets end up feeling sorry for themselves and getting no where. Those who consider them detours eventually get to achieve their goal.

    More than a few of these poor black kids somehow find a way to take part in a business that has revenue in the billions and has an organization that covers the entire planet, which of course is the drug business. Yet they somehow cannot find a way to make money legally.

    • Well said, from top to bottom,a well thought out statement, and accurate too. Unfortunately, for too many, its easier to sit on their asses and whine its not fair when they truly could do it, bit they instead choose the easy way,which it is not, but become the “useful idiots” the demonrats use to their shame and discredit

    • a demonrat? hows it going in cal? insolvency ? no tax refund, just an I O U , from the govt. stay right where you are,and maybe the terminal stupidity you have wont spread too far

        • the entitled, high maintenance, low production, a waste of time and resources, not to mention the oxygen consumed , that’s the liberal M O , all take , no give

          • You are aware that many of California’s problems are due to Republican governors, aren’t you? And on a federal level, despite GOP rhetoric, Democratic administrations have traditionally reduced the deficits run up by GOP administrations, and are, by far, way more fiscally conservative?
            Did I ask if you were aware of those things? Silly me. You get your fact-free info from the right wing spin machine.

          • you are an idiot, a hypnotized one , but an idiot ,and spin/ your drivel is classic , liberal B S, And bassakwards as usual

  22. Nugent needs to go back to jumping out of aircraft to hunt game with bow and arrow. He hasn’t made a lick of good music in 25 years and he hasn’t got a clue as to the evolution of his country of his countrymen. Ted, do yourself and everyone else a favor, GO AWAY and STFU before they put the butterfly net on you!

    • talk about not having a clue , and you speak for no one BUTT yourself, so do yourself a favor,follow your own advice

  23. I was not raised in a home with racial biases, but I soon developed one. It isn’t the skin color, but the behavior. If I saw a young black male in a hoodie walking between houses in my neighborhood…. my first thought…. he is up to no good.

    • a true statement,and only a liberal would argue that ,but they defy logic,and facts, and truth, and anything else that they don’t agree with,don’t confuse them with facts

      • A liberal would argue, but they would bolt their doors if they saw the youth with the hoodie in their neighborhood.

      • Actual brain function studies have found that it is the conservative brain that cannot accommodate changing views when presented with facts.
        Even sadder is someone like suerobb who “developed” prejudice and now bases her opinion on what a person of color is wearing.

    • Would that assessment be the same for a young white male in a hoodie walking between the houses in your neighborhood?

  24. Two blacks just pulled up beside me playing the most lude and vile music ever and as I was rolling up my window they shouted at me, waasss up Nigga, and you betta rolls dat GD windows up. Now, who is racist?

  25. I am apolitical. I do not believe political parties are good for democracy. However, if ted nugent is an example of Republicans, then they are anti-American.

  26. He’s got a point, if TMs parents had raised him to respect authority, not smoke dope, not get himself kicked out of school, not have child porn on his phone then he probably would not have started a fight with Mr Zimmerman, which ended in his death. Stop justifying the thug lifestyle. As MLK said, let people be judged by the content of their character, and right now, their is a serious lack of it among much of the youth in America. you have only to look at crime statistics to see which groups have the biggest problem with character. Time to do something to fixe the out of wedlock births, the rampant drug use, the crime and culture of drug use, sex and violence that is leading many into jails and the grave.

    • You mean if TM’s parents raised him to know his place and not be uppity. What makes you think TM knew gz was an authority figure? Oh, right, TM was the uppity n****

  27. ted is a nut job but sometimes he trips and falls into a legitimate point.
    within all the rhetorical ramblings he did protray one thing accurately…dont wait around for help for one reason or another because it isnt coming. do the best you can and you might do well but if you dont give damn you most certainly wont.

  28. trayvon wasn’t a wannabe criminal. he didn’t ‘wannabe’ burglarize a home. he actually did it, which would make him an ‘actual’ criminal. His school, after finding the 13 pieces of jewelry in his backpack dismissed him and registered the property as “found” to avoid filing criminal charges.

  29. Ted is right maybe it was not race that made Martin kill that boy perhaps it was poor judgment,maybe the boy did attack him because he was mad at martin for stalking him but if someone was following me I would feel threatened.This guy Martin made A MISTAKE if the boy did attack him he should not have killed him he could have shot his leg instead of wounding him fatally plenty of whites do dope also.Ted is A racist,judge people for there race,how much money they make.You can sing,make alot of money but you can still be A stupid redneck with no selfesteem so Ted has to put others down for there race or how much money they make.He was once the shit but nobody cares about Ted Nugent anymore,SO YESTERDAY CAT SCRATCH FEVER lol

  30. A secret is hiding in plain sight, except if you’re too blind to see it: Poor black be boys are the drug kingpins of imported narcotics? They don’t speak Spanish or an Asian language. They don’t own ships and planes. They don’t manufacture guns. They don’t process cocaine into crack in their kitchens. They don’t launder trillions of dollars through banks, the stock market, and the Vatican. But these are the ones being incarcerated. Or fit a “profile” by which the Zimmermans of the world can justifiably gun them down.
    By the way, if you try to expose the real drug kingpins, you may be running for your life. Look up the Nicaraguan Contras’ Narcotics Trafficking Litigation or Revealing Mistaken Identities.

  31. Since when did America care what Ted Nugent thinks? If he thinks he can do better than the politicians…then he should try running for office and see how “easy” it is to bring about “change”.

  32. What a putz…dope head drugged out incoherent hair band era rocker has the AUDACITY to talk about “black problem?” With all of the advantages whites they’re STILL A MESS in many areas????? This is really hilarious. I wonder if ole Ted had a drug relapse…

  33. Nailed the black problem on the head. Even told us how to solve it.
    Shame no one will listen cause he’s white.
    Good try Ted, but racists don’t want to know how to fix themselves from the opposite color.

  34. Let’s pretend that GZ did not have a gun and yet still decided to confront Trayvon. Let the events follow only allow for the police to arrive and see Trayvon beating the crap out of GZ. He would not be a martyr now, nor would Obama say that was him 35 years ago, he’d just be another thug wanna be going to jail.

  35. Nugent of course is 100% correct. There is nothing offensive in his statement, just good common sense. If you work hard to better yourself, and stay away from the lure of the evil gangster lifestyle, you will prosper.

    That lifestyle is promoted by leftist thugs who exploit the minority ghettos for instant votes, and power so that they can continue their corruption of America. The elite, whom the leftist media, slavishly serve, also benefit from the divide and conquer strategy of race warfare.

    There is also a dirty little secret that the socialists and crony capitalists exploit as well. Gangster rap is good business if you also hold a stake in the companies that manage our prisons. I’ll bet you’ll never see that little thread investigated by the mainstream yellow journalists. It would offend their masters.

  36. More blind and clueless Liberals!! I love the..Well the numbers are wrong!! HAHAHAH!! No Libtard you are wrong. Thats why Detroit, Chicago and D.C are places you all avoid at night.

  37. The only money “The Nuge” got from me was when I was a 17 year old dope smoking idiot. Ask him if he remembers Dansir his FOH engineer, now there’s someone whocould put away some weed. What about Krinkle? The three of them did so much blow one weekend it scared all of them (almost) straight. Ted Nugent doesn’t put out anything even remotely approaching “quality” but he still gladly makes millions off the stoners in his audiences. Two faced jackass.

  38. while Ted is crazy, I would challenge the author to head to the south side or west side of Chicago after dark and see if that ‘inhuman’ behavior really is a myth.

  39. The startling news in this article isn’t that Ted Nugent is a racist and fearmonger — everyone already knows he has serious problems with his thinking and emotions. The odd fact is that Courtney Love had any interest in his tiny penis (at any age). Perhaps she was forced at gun point. Ted really, really loves guns and killing.

    Can you believe that the NRA put this racist troublemaker on their Board of Directors?

  40. So reacting to suspicious behavior is now racial profiling? What it TM was white & the same thing happened? It’s still a reaction to suspicious behavior. Of course gay bashing isn’t racial profiling, but it is a crime if you attack someone suspecting they are gay. Thankfully Rachael Jeantel has been very forthcoming with her conversation that night with TM. Oddly, the LBGT crowd has been very quiet since that came out.

  41. You should have listened to Mr Don Lemon (prime-time weekend of CNN Newsroom), regarding to how to fix in Black Community.

  42. “How about we realize there is only 1 race, the human race. We exist in this world together and need one another to survive and progress. The bell shaped curve affects all groups and if we take a step back, we can see that the center is comprised of the Good from all walks of life… ” – the religion of M.A.N.

  43. To think that this is a black vs. white issue is ignorant. Slavery has affected every race known to man at different points in time. Slavery still exists, but it is not to be discussed. There is a systematic duality that is being used to create an us against them mentality that divides us in many different ways. Instead of continuing to give credence to the inflammatory language some rich white P.O.S. uses, we should all try and work together to create unity and promote a singularity where all people are treated with kindness and consideration.
    We are more alike than we are different, we all have the same basic needs and wants. When we allow the powers that be to divide us by race, we give them the ability to enslave us all.

    • The Democratic Party uses entitlement to create dependence on the government, which is controlling part of the population for votes. The bottom line is that only a person can lift themselves out of the mess they are in. If they choose to blame others while taking handouts it will never happen.

      • I keep hearing that ignorant comment from righties, with ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE TO BACK IT UP! Just because talking points are repeated ad nauseum does not make them true.
        Tell me, how do they “use entitlements” to get votes when it is well known that poor people by and large DO NOT VOTE?

  44. If white people were 14% of the population (like blacks are) yet filled 50% of the jail cells, had up to 90% of their children born out of wedlock and without a father in the home, required government assistance in numbers far greater than any other race. Then and perhaps only then I’d understand your issues. Since all of this is currently true of Black families. How about we stop pointing fingers at each other as to the cause and each clean our own houses. Once these numbers melt away due to Black Leadership’s efforts then we can talk about the disappointment we are to each other.

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