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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The “sequester” now goes down in history with blowing the surplus, Tora Bora, Iraq, Katrina, the financial crisis and the near-debt default in the GOP’s streak of amazing successes. With a streak like that, the only question is whether they’re better at hurting the country accidentally or on purpose.

When it comes to the sequester, the damage will definitely be done on purpose.

Republicans may want to give credit to the president for these automatic budget cuts, as the AP calls them, but no one doubts that the whole idea that we should reduce the deficit while unemployment is painfully high is basically the GOP’s entire reason for existing for the last four years.

If you had a nickel for every time you were told, “We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem,” you’d be Rupert Murdoch.

While the GOP has been effective in slowing spending, especially on the state and local levels, they haven’t been able to make drastic immediate cuts in federal spending — until now — sorta.

The sequester has gone into effect just days after the Dow tested all-time highs, the housing market showed serious signs of improvement and unemployment claims dropped—suddenly, $85 billion in crude budget cuts that will kill 750,000 jobs will go into effect.

Of course, on Saturday, Republicans began joking that there were no immediate effects. No long airport security lines, no rotten pony meat discovered at Carl’s Jr., no lepers molting in the street.

The cuts will not really be obvious for about 30 days. So for 30 days, Republicans can still veer back and forth, with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell saying the sequester is great and Speaker Boehner saying it’s terrible but he’ll only stop it if Democrats agree to replacing it with other cuts — which would likely destroy an equal number of jobs.

As anyone who has access to a Republican knows, the GOP refuses to consider any tax increases, despite President Obama running and winning on a “balanced approach” to deficit reduction. The Washington Post‘s Greg Sargent asked his readers to imagine a world where Mitt Romney won and Democrats demanded a deficit reduction package of only tax cuts.

But there’s no analogy that’s going to shock this GOP into accepting that voters are more interested in closing loopholes for hedge fund managers than cutting kids off Headstart. Even 76 percent of Americans say they want a compromise almost exactly like the president is offering.

Instead, Republicans pretend that the president doesn’t have a plan to replace the sequester. When you link them to the president’s plan, they point out something else they want. When you point out that what they’re suggesting is in the president’s plan, they demand more.

This isn’t an exaggeration. Nearly this exact exchange happened over Twitter with “moderate” Republican strategist Mike Murphy.

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59 responses to “LOL Of The Week: Republicans Finally Get Their Austerity, And Want More”

  1. option31 says:

    Why if you all are so concerned about this sequester are the people you supporting still giving $450 million to Egypt? Here’s the head line from AP Kerry says US releasing millions in aid to Egypt Why in this scrib is their no mention of the $450 million, to keep people ignorant and not out what is really going on? If these cuts are so horrendous and over the top why not ease them by telling Egypt and the rest of these countries we are attempting to buy off – sorry we got out own problems? Getting real tired of the media NOT having any integrity in this process. It has to be intentional as if it was not you’d stumble into honest reporting once in a while. The media and the President would rather take unemployment away from our citizens than tell Marsi no. Like I said in a previous post – they’d rather burn the country to the ground than make lefit cuts where they can be made.

    Nice – I’m glad you guys in the media and the President are looking out for us little people once again.

    • Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, Colombia and others are the tip of the iceberg. To put it bluntly, the bribe we have been giving Egypt and other Islamic countries for decades is in exchange for them leaving Israel alone and supporting our interests in the region. The largest recipient of foreign aid during the last six has been Israel, who receives more civilian and military aid than all other recipients combined.
      The Federal government has been telling us for years that we benefit from foreign aid. The only tangible benefit I see are a questionably stable Middle East and Persian Gulf, and a prosperous and powerful Israel.
      In my opinion, and considering our economic and fiscal circumstances, all foreign aid should be suspended with the exception of humanitarian aid. Admittedly, this would amount to a pimple on an elephant’s behind, but if we are willing to consider reducing benefits to American seniors, we can definitely afford to suspend aid to countries that hate our guts and those who have been milking us for decades. The top priority for our elected officials is the USA. If they forget that they should all be replaced in 2014.

      • whodatbob says:

        Mr. Vila, you are right on target, but so not politically correct! However, Republicans would not go for this too many of their big corp. donners would suffer losses. I would go a little further cut all foreign aid including humanitarian aid to all countries and stop playing World policeman.

      • My mistake Dominick, I thought you were describing the GOP but it is clear now you are describing other countries also who hate our guts.

      • jnap says:

        Dominick, that is like saying that since sales and revenue are down we should cut the sales staff. I we don’t help Egypt it will become a unstable state and could pull us into a war we don’t want and can ill afford. We committed these funds a long time ago and are now providing them with the string that it must go toward promoting a secular society and help them get their economy growing.
        These moneys are an investment in a very unstable part of the world with the intent of helping promote democracy and capitalism. These are fundamental values of a free society and we have an obligation to promote them, especially in Egypt.

    • Your post just shows your ignorance if we had not gone to war under Bush we would not be in this mess and if we made these so called job providers do just that or stop getting tax breaks we could climb out of this mess stop your patrician complaining and you tell the truth.

      • option31 says:

        HOW is my call for stopping foreign aid when we have people HERE in the US going hungry, without unemployment, medical care etc… ignorant??? I suppose if you had children and they were going barefoot, hungry and without medical care you would give any money you had away to somebody you thought you could bribe into being friendly. That not only is ignorant it is STUPID!

        “stop your patrician complaining” Look I’m jut a working smuck like the rest of you, not part of the ruling elite, Democrats or Republicans, however I am tired of getting shafted by BOTH ruling parties. They both stink they both use their base for their agendas. The difference between some of us is – we actually call both sides out and don’t turn a blind eye to “our sides wrongs”. And just where in my post did I lie???

        As far as blaming Bush for all the problems get over it and start holding the current admin accountable. IF this administration was serious they would have went after that criminal cabal and people would be behind bars. For both the wars and financial crimes. It’s been 4 years, it does not take that long to get out of a supposed war. You fly planes in load your people up and leave if you truly want out. We are not going to save or change that area of the world, they have been fighting since the beginning of recorded history and we will not change that by sending our kids over there to die.

        For all you people that think I’m some Bush supporter you are WRONG! I was just as adamant they he be held accountable as the current people. Infact I lost friends over my insistance that they be held accountable. That is the problem today we have all these crazy partisans that overlook their sides misdeeds instead of Americans.

        • It took Bush and Co. over two years to drum up enough hate to invade Iraq and Afghanistan and it will take the same amount of time to stop his wars. Since we “broke it” we have to fix it or pay for it before we can leave the store. Remember what happened the last time we were in Afghanistan and left them empty handed, they let OBL in and you see how much that has cost us (US) in treasure and time. We are on the way out now finally so this is not the issue you make it out to be for the rest of us (US), but is a major concern for you obviously. I like you am also against these wars of convenience. I told my son when we first went into Afghanistan how to get OBL and it is how we did it, by a small group finding and fixing the target, not by a large scale war. The large scale war was over the rights to lands carrying the Russian pipeline that our oil companies wanted to control just like how they wanted to control the oil fields of the Middle East. The oil companies don’t need to own the fields they just want the control which includes pricing that guarantees them their huge profits every year. Has anyone ever seen a penny of the “billions” the Iraq oil was to provide toward the cost of the war there? What was it Cheney and the cabal said? $20 Billion for the war is all we need and it won’t cost us(US) anything as the oil fields can generate that in a year and what has been the true cost so far? $3 trillion or more but it hasn’t cost Cheney and the rest of the cabal a penny has it? We the people were stuck with the bill and are still paying for it.

        • jnap says:

          So option13 just give up, right. Stop promoting our way of life and let other well funded interests promote their agenda; like Iran which would love for us to get out so that they can fill the vacuum and promote a Islamist state.
          And while they are at it isolate and destroy Israel.
          Either the US is a world power and force for promoting secularism and democracy or it is not. Killing foreign aid will just make the US weaker in world affairs, which we know leads to wars and much higher spending.

      • Vito Giotta says:

        You are a racist

  2. Lynda says:

    $250 million in funds has been released to Egypt in two portions. These funds have caveats attached. This not just a gift to a country that we have help stabalize. As a result of their recent change in government it is surely in the best intersest of our country to see that Egypt remains friendly to the west. The IMF has also agreed to help support Egypt as long as they truly make the effort to institute certain reforms. Real change has to be made on political and economic fronts in order to receive more aid from the United States. If Egypt falls into a failed state, unfriendly to the United States, the amount of treasure then required by our possible military action in region will far outweign todays investment.

  3. contented1 says:

    Why are people here discussing Egypt?

  4. The biggest problems associated with the sequester are (1) the impact on the ability of the Federal government to invest in projects that would contribute to sustainable growth, a stable economy, and lower unemployment, and (2) the fact that this is the first in what is likely to be a series of demands by the GOP for further spending reductions to reduce the deficit without eliminating the loopholes or subsidies the benefit the wealthy and large corporations. The next demand for cuts will come in a couple of weeks during the next debt ceiling exercise, and this time it will involve cuts in what our government refers to as “entitlements”. I doubt the GOP will call for SS benefit reductions, but they will definitely go after MEDICARE, which was crippled by the GOP in 2003 when they passed the Part D “reform” (read Trojan horse).
    President Obama must stop dealing in good faith with the terrorists that are determined to destroy America from within. Stop being Mr. Nice Guy and fight fire with fire. If the GOP demands MEDICARE cuts, tell them that the first step towards spending reductions must involve a 50% in the salaries of all elected officials in Washington and transferring their retirement and health plans to Social Security and MEDICARE. If they refuse, tell them negotiations are over and remind them that as controllers of the budget and related appropriations responsibility for whatever happens if the USA defaults on its debt is on their shoulders…and they may all face prosecution for high treason.

    • TheSkalawag929 says:

      It would make no difference. Republicans would continue to act the same way. The country’s best source of relief is to permanetly retire as many republicans in the upcomming 2014 elections as possibile.
      Otherwise it will be more of the same.

      • Part of the strategy to retire these morons in 2014 must be to stop letting them control the agenda, set the tone and topics to be debated, and giving them a forum. They lost in 2012, we won, it is time to stop acting like losers and take advantage of the confidence given to us by 53% of the electorate. Otherwise we risk becoming as ineffective as Republicans are or, as a minimum, be viewed as incapable of leading and governing.

        • TheSkalawag929 says:

          The biggest problem that democrats face is not the morons in office. It’s the people that continue to elect them.
          Yes messaging is important but it doesn’t matter when the people you are trying to reason with are as willfully ignorant as the ones that elect Boehner and his type.
          Until they are sufficiently fiscally brutalized by the republicans irresponsibility there will be no change.

          • I couldn’t agree more. Our biggest problem is, indeed, a segment of our population that goes well beyond the advancement of traditional conservative causes and, instead, engages in attacks against women rights, gays, the middle class, seniors, gun control, equality, more effective regulation and just about anything endorsed by President Obama. Unfortunately, changing the minds of millions of people consumed by intolerance, hatred, and greed is not an easy task. Therefore, the only thing we can do, short term, is to help those willing to challenge incumbents by nominating candidates so far above their opponents that even the most radical or obtuse voter can see the difference, and how we would all benefit as a nation by electing pragmatists focused on what is best for our society.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            I agree 100%. But what you are describing is a Sisyphusian task. I just hope that we aren’t condemned to it for the same length of time as he has been.

        • How do you stop these morons the president can only sign or veto the bills, the republicans won’t vote on any bill. I hope he can cut their legislative pay and retirement with this sequester the GOP created.

    • frida says:

      You are right Dominick, republicans will continue to demand for more cuts. “They have been shown to cut the finger, they will continue demanding to cut the whole arm”.
      Austerity hasn’t worked in Europe especially in Greece. Where do republicans get the courage it will work here?

      • Frida, it isn’t so much about austerity that the GOP is after it is the social programs they have been trying to gut for 75 years. They are willing to take the heat for the cuts as long as they finally get to gut SS, Medicare, Medicaid and any other successful Democratic program that helps those who need it. read the book 1215 Magna Carta and you can see what the GOP wants us (US) to return to.

        • I agree. The austerity program they are pushing for is the beginning of a larger strategy, focused on ultra-conservative ideology, designed to destroy the social programs they hate with a passion. We have to go no farther than looking at the consequences of the 2003 MEDICARE Part D reform. At first glance it may appear as a great improvement. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a Trojan horse designed to help pharmaceuticals and the insurance industry, make the program insolvent, and starve the beast by making it dependable on general funds to function.
          Rep. Ryan’s plan to dismantle MEDICARE and replace it with a voucher program left no doubt as to what they are hoping to achieve.
          I am a firm believer in the benefits of dialogue and reaching consensus, but since Republicans see compromise as a sign of weakness, the only option is to use the same tactics they use against us.

    • elw says:

      I agree 100% that any changes to Medicare or Social Security should be mirrored in Congressional members’ healthcare coverage and retirement benefits. You are one smart man Dominick

    • labrown69 says:

      And you don’t see that continuing to build debt until the service on the debt alone exceeds our GDP is likely to “destroy America”? LMAO I agree with you about “hands off Medicare” etc and the Goppers actually increased the Pentagon budget in the latest proposal but WE DO have to cut and we can not simply to call marginal slowing in the spending “cuts”.

      • Social Security and MEDICARE have nothing to do with increases in our national debt. The reason our debt went up was because of the irresponsible tax breaks proposed and signed by George W. Bush, two unfunded wars, the effects of increased unemployment as a result of the near collapse of our economy in 2008, and the cost of the TARP and Stimulus package needed to prevent the unthinkable.
        The deficit is actually going down as a result of recent tax increases, an improved economy and lower unemployment.
        Deficit spending, borrowing, and accumulation of debt has been the norm since the Nixon era, with one brief reprieve.
        As for the Pentagon, we should ask our representatives why we have to fund programs such as the F35, at a cost of $400B, when the only potential foes we have, Russia and China, are more interested in industrial development and improving their standards of living than warfare. The same goes for the new aircraft carrier that is being built. We already have enough carrier groups to match those of the entire world combined, including our allies’ why do we need one more when the only threat are a couple of thousand terrorists planting rudimentary roadside bombs or blowing themselves up? The CIA would do a much better job at dealing with Al Qaeda and the Taliban than a hige military force with sophisticated weapons designed for conventional warfare.
        Along those lines, why do we continue to spend billions in foreign aid, at a time when we are even considering reducing the meager benefits seniors receive in the USA?

      • Sand_Cat says:

        Call Dick Cheney and explain it to him.

    • empiremed says:

      Suppose you desperately needed to lose weight but had a Big Mac with fries and a Coke staring you in the face. You could take your need to diet seriously and say, “No thanks, I’ll have a salad.” Or you could decide to reduce the Big Mac meal by 2 percent—pushing aside a couple French fries and gobbling up the rest.

      If you took Option B, how do you think that “diet” would work out for you? Well, that, my friends, is the tale of the sequester that hit us this morning.

      For the past few days the White House, with a big assist from sympathetic media, has done all within its considerable powers to make it seem like sequestration means the end of the world. If all you’ve heard is their side, you might be forgiven for thinking that the Mayans were right after all—just off by a couple of months on their prediction of the apocalypse.

      This political panic needs a little common sense. In the last decade, federal spending has exploded from a $2 trillion budget in 2002 to a $3.5 trillion budget in 2012—a 75 percent increase. Over the next 10 years, the budget is projected to grow another 69 percent to $6 trillion. The sequester barely taps the brakes on this runaway spending, still allowing a 67 percent increase over the next 10 years. Too much to ask of Washington?

      “Sequester” is an awkward word for automatic spending reductions that were decided during negotiations for the 2011 debt ceiling deal, and it is problematic. The reductions leave the largest part of federal spending—entitlements—virtually untouched while deeply cutting into defense priorities. This compromises national security by undermining military readiness and capabilities, while doing nothing to make defense more efficient and effective. This is a poor substitute for real budgeting. The President and Congress have had a year and a half to come up with a smarter way to reduce spending, and they have failed.

      But you must remember that we live in a world where Harry Reid’s Senate has not passed a budget in 1,402 days. The sequester is a symptom of Washington’s fiscal cluelessness.

      Yet, recall why we are having this conversation in the first place. We’re facing a serious debt crisis that has already led to America’s credit rating being downgraded. It is driven by these massive spending increases—resulting in even more debt—which, if left unresolved, will cripple our children’s future with higher interest rates, inflation, and even fewer jobs. It’s time to put our nation on the path to a balanced budget within the next 10 years.

      So why is President Obama leading a scare campaign filled with untruths about how sequestration will necessitate firing firefighters, cops, and teachers?

      I’ll tell you why. Because liberals know the Obama tax hikes forced through in January will really hurt the economy. It’s preemptive damage control. The President is trying to blame the sequester for the economic problems his tax hikes will spawn.

      But our struggling economy is the President’s own creation. His tax hikes—in income taxes, payroll taxes, and Obamacare taxes—will take $150 billion out of the economy this year alone. The $150 billion doesn’t magically appear in Washington’s bank account without real consequences. It comes out of your paycheck. It means less money for your boss to give you a raise. Small businesses won’t have the money to hire new employees. You’ll have less money to save for your retirement or your child’s college fund.

      The impact of the tax hikes on the economy is nearly twice as big as the impact of sequestration. Over 10 years, Obama’s tax hikes will suck $2.9 trillion out of the economy.

      Excess taxation hurts working families, but cutting government spending helps spur jobs and economic growth. As Heritage economist J.D. Foster has explained, reducing the rate of spending growth “may even provide a modest short-term lift while improving the economy’s performance in future years.”

      Washington has a problem with spending and debt. It needs immediate action. A paper by Heritage researcher Romina Boccia pointed out just last month that U.S. publicly held debt, not even counting state and local government debt, will exceed 76 percent of GDP this year, and chronic deficits are projected to push U.S. debt to 87 percent of the economy in 10 years. Recent economic research confirms that “federal debt at such high levels puts the United States at risk for a number of harmful economic consequences, including slower economic growth, a weakened ability to respond to unexpected challenges, and quite possibly a debt-driven financial crisis.”

      These are the real consequences of Obamanomics. The President’s spending spree is the real problem. His trillion-dollar deficits mean that we can’t just skip a couple of fries—we have to put government on a true spending diet. Our children’s future is too important to wait any longer.

      • jnap says:

        Get off the entitlements theme. Entitlements are not contributing one single dime to the deficit. Both Social Security and medicare are funded by taxes and by what is in their trust funds. Social Security is completely solvent for at least 22 years and then can still pay 75% of its obligations after that if nothing is done. Medicare is good for at least 10 years. Medicare needs just a 1.3% increase in payroll taxes to be fully funded for a very long time. That coupled with a change to the part “D” program where drug prices can be negotiated will fix Medicare. Moving on to Social Security, all that needs to be done is raise the contribution level to $250,000.00. That will fix it even though it does not need fixed at this moment.
        Stop saying that entitlements are causing the deficit because that is a huge lie.
        Please show some evidence and facts that entitlements are causing the deficit or shut up.

      • charleo1 says:

        I want you to think about what you call Obama’s spending spree. What has
        been the most expensive thing in this spree you credit to Mr. Obama, that hasn’t
        been directly related to the recession? See, here’s the deal. Between the decade of
        2000, and 2010, the U.S. economy lost 10 million manufacturing jobs. That
        were replaced with what? Jobs that paid on average 25% less. Some a lot less.
        Then beginning in 2007, thru the month of march ’09, the economy lost an
        additional 10 to 12 million jobs. 800,000 in the month of Jan. ’09 alone. The
        Federal Government backstopped the financial sector, with a trillion plus dollar,
        zero percent, no strings attached, loan. Plus a promise, if that didn’t suffice,
        there was more where that came from. That was before Mr. Obama took office.
        The next crisis President Obama did face was the near total collapse of the
        economy, had blew huge holes in the budgets of nearly every State in the Country.
        And since most States have a balanced budget provision written right in their
        Constitution, they may rob Peter to pay Paul, but cannot, by law, run a deficit.
        So, you’re President. What do you do, to keep State workers on the job? Schools,
        and parks open? Crews to repair State roads, and the rest. All across the Country.
        Millions of Americans that lost their jobs in a faltering economy in 2006, had
        not been able to replace them as the economy worsened. And needed an
        extension of their jobless benefits. What are you, as President going to tell
        the tens of millions who’s 401Ks were not worth half what they were in 2008.
        What are you going to tell the markets in a global economy? Sorry, I’m not lifting
        a finger. We’ll just let the economy bottom out, and see where that leaves us?
        The heart of our manufacturing base, involving another 5/6 million jobs, was at
        risk of never coming back, if GM, and Chrysler, and their affiliated businesses went bankrupt, and closed their doors. Do you stand on the principal that this is not
        the government’s business, and let another 6 million jobs go down the drain?
        Then since all these people’s health insurance were tied to their jobs they had
        lost. Are you going to increase the Federal payments to Medicaid, as these
        people get sick, or injured. Or, just tell public hospitals across the Country,
        they are just going to need to absorb the losses, because you as President are
        cutting the budget in the middle of the deepest recession in 80 years? Because,
        I’ll say this, it is awfully easy to say, now that the economy is not in danger of
        collapsing. That 800,000 are not being laid off each month, with no end in
        sight. It’s very convenient to say, well that Obama and all his spending!
        I say wow, that was a very close call! Isn’t it fortunate for all of us, Norquist
        had not yet drowned the Federal Government in a bathtub? And President
        Obama, and the Democrats didn’t wait on the T-Party to help save the economy!

  5. Yeah, let’s cut ALL basic services. These goons never lose a thing. They get paid to do nothing constructive, get excellent health care, life-long income….BUT, God forbid the average American gets a square deal. And let’s hurt those kids as much as we can. Austerity has never worked, and it won’t this time.

  6. jnsgraphic says:

    Republicans are the last people we should be listening too when it comes to economic policies, whatever the President proposes, their ‘corporate backers’ financing them and dictating policies want more… as long as our ‘House of Corruption’ can be bought, its all about Money, Power & Greed in support of their pro-corporate agenda over the publics best interests.”

  7. janmbt says:

    We’re collecting nothing from the big banks/Wall Street ; instead we’re demanding sacrifice from the elderly, the disabled, the poor, the young, the middle class – pretty much everybody, in fact, who isn’t “too big to fail.”
    The republicans have shown how they really think about the middle–and lower classes.

  8. lambypie says:

    Dominick thank you we need to tell Obama to stop being Mr. Nice Guy and kick some butt.

  9. Lovefacts says:

    Why worry about communism, socialism, or terrorism destroying our economy when we have the Republicans in the House and Senate trying to demolish–wipe-out the government. IMHO, the “current” Republican Party = economic terrorism and turning us into a 3rd world country.

    In their zeal to “save” our economy and the American people they are willing to destory us. They bring to mind that infamous comment from the VN war, “We had to destroy the village to save it;” the fact that everyone’s either dead or homeless didn’t count. In our case, it will be broke, hungry, and homeless.

  10. lana ward says:

    Omuslim blaming Republicans is falling apart. More and more people know that he is lying. His lying dead worm looking lips are finally cetching up with him. Finally!!!

  11. charleo1 says:

    It’s not as if Republicans are necessarily aganist spending, and growing government, or raising
    taxes. It’s just they are not for these things, if they are not running entire show. Sure, we’ll
    support the Government. Just not the Government lead by Democrat Barack Obama. Their
    message to the public is very clear. Elect us, and we’ll be the nicest, most caring people in the
    world. Don’t vote for us, and you’ve just created your worst nightmare. Why, they reason would
    Republicans want to do anything to put people back to work? First, they won’t vote for us, and
    now they want a job? Besides, jobs spoils our politics. If we keep say, 8/10 million out of
    work, refuse to fund their unemployment, see what we can do to here in Washington, to put
    a little fear, and uncertainty in the minds of businesses ordering inventory, or just the regular
    folk, who might be thinking about buying a car this spring. And, isn’t that sweet? They won’t
    vote us, but now want a new car? Not happenin’! Not on my watch! We know, if we can keep
    the place stinking bad enough, and long enough, we figure, sooner or they will blame Obama.
    And, won’t that be a happy, happy day!?

    • kanawah says:

      The republiCONS and the Transylvania tea bags problem is there extreme racist as well as extremely partition.

      They cannot stand the fact that the American people elected a black man president.

      The only way they can win an election is by rigging it. If they piss off enough people, even that will not work.

    • 101strac says:

      I disagree only with your last sentence. Anybody out there with a reasonable level of intelligence knows all too well where the blame rests in this whole debacle. There are no circumstances under which I would point the finger of blame at President Obama. I am 100% in agreement with the President in what he has proposed as the most effective way to get this Country back up and running as it should be. I can promise this, I will never vote for a repulican again,at any level of Government. They have proven themselves to be the most uncaring, un-American group ever to hold office.

      • charleo1 says:

        Actually, I don’t see Americans blaming the President. If the sequester was President
        Obama’s idea, it would be the first thing he purposed Republicans supported.
        Wouldn’t it?

    • plc97477 says:

      It would be if it worked but so far it isn’t working the way they want it to.

      • charleo1 says:

        Well, you’re right. What Republicans are insisting, protecting the tax dodges of the 1%,
        and cutting investments in the Country, are clearly out of touch with the majority.

  12. karinursula says:

    When will the teabaggers understand that without Congress the President can’t spend a dime.

  13. Canistercook says:

    This was not the Sequester the GOP wanted, it is what our Tax and Spender President has driven the country to. The great Divider Spender is in the White House.

  14. The GOP’s main interest is to protect the 1% but we already know what they want to do. Are you willing to give up everything so the 1% can rule our country. That’s the only question you’ll have to answer, I’ve all ready answered that question: Down With Anarchy.

  15. elw says:

    The bottom line is simple the Republicans are never going to be able to compromise. The President does not need to worry about blame, which clearly will fall the Congressional Republicans. Just remember that for Congressional members it is the local elections that count, so use your vote to help save the Country and get those crazy, right wing, ignorant dummies out of office.

  16. labrown69 says:

    Obama greatly weakened his own hand by fear mongering and hyping the impact of the sequester to a ridiculous degree that everyone knows is bullsh*t no less cynically releasing illegal aliens. That is childish sh*t. I expect the other side to do idiotic stuff like that but not the president I voted twice for. I am very disappointment in him.

  17. sleeprn01 says:

    If there are to be 20% across the board cuts, then the congressmen & women should be taking a 20% cut to their salaries and be made to actually work full time at their jobs representing what their constituents want . In addition to wage cuts, 20% of their lackeys should also be cut and their health care insurance should reflect that of other federal employees with them paying their share of the cost of health insurance.

    However, I think that the tax payers would be more than willing to pay for their NASCAR fire suits with their corporate sponsors proudly displayed. This way at least we will know who they are working for.

  18. They have dug a hole so deep the GOP party will never get out.

  19. Jack Ragan says:

    As a 91 year old Independent, who used to be Republican, I hope someday that the bird brains elected will be ejected and allow the party to become more citizen living conscious .

  20. Remember to say NO to the worthless people of NO in 2014.

  21. I hear austerity is working soooooo well in Europe. Thanks guys, now we too can get 25% unemployment.

  22. What I find sad is the fact that you morons all think one party has all the answers to everything. They have the cure, solution, blah blah blah. You all are just as equal as your mirror opposite extremists rooting on the right side.
    A Democratic Republic only functions with the contributions of both sides. There is no black and white. We as a people have different needs geographically, financially, and morally.
    Instead, you people would rather throw your stones and cast blame to only inflame tensions between parties. You are so caught up in Democrat vs Republican and Liberal vs Conservative that you have apparently lost some sort of true understanding of the fundamentals of our fine nation.
    All I hear is people blaming parties and ideologies. No solution to the problem…just pointing fingers and reciting the typical battle cry of the extremist.

  23. Another thing I hear is “we” and “us” when referring to political affiliation. Are you so entrenched in your political ideology it drives a barrier between you and your neighbor? Now that is not he “open minded” and “free thinking” principles of a liberal. Those ring the tone of a extremist who’s only motive is to rid to opposite side of their political right of freedom. Their right to vote, speak, and influence this nation.
    It’s people like you that have this moral standing that you are “far superior” to those “right wingers” because you some how have real compassion for your fellow citizens? Or is that compassion only for those who agree with your agenda of what YOU think America should be? Do you stand for ALL Americans no matter what political, religious, or racial beliefs they have?
    The “moral” high ground in which you think you stand upon is no greater than the one you shit on. You don’t want a “free” america. you want a society where conservatives and republicans hide in fear.
    I am not a republican nor a democrat. I’m a libertarian who is tired of people like you from both parties waging this political warfare and taking this country down with it.

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