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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Republicans know they need to broaden their party’s appeal to Hispanic voters to have a realistic shot at winning the 2016 presidential election. But on the key issue of immigration, they can’t seem to help but follow far-right leaders over a cliff of extremism.

Writing for Reuters on Monday, Mica Rosenberg and Jeff Mason explain how as President Obama prepares to announce a new round of executive actions on immigration reform, Kansas Republican Kris Kobach has become GOP’s “go-to guy” on the issue:

Kobach, the Republican secretary of state of Kansas, is an architect of laws in several states to combat illegal immigration. He is also the most prominent figure among a small group of lawyers working to punch legal holes in Obama’s immigration policies.

Obama has pledged to act alone in the face of congressional inaction on immigration reform, and an announcement could come in early September. Immigration advocates close to the White House are pressing for work permits and relief from deportation for up to 5 million people.

While opponents can’t craft a legal strategy until Obama lays out the specifics of his plan, Kobach is likely to be at the forefront of any battle.

“I think anybody inclined to challenge [Obama’s action] would either already know, or would ask around and find out, that Kobach is one of the main go-to guys,” said Michael Jung, a private lawyer in Dallas who has worked with Kobach.

The report goes on to detail how Kobach, who has masterminded some of the most restrictive anti-immigrant laws in America — including Arizona’s controversial “Show Me Your Papers” law — has already sued to overturn the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and will almost certainly play a pivotal role in the fight against any future initiatives from the White House.

This could become a major problem for the Republican Party. Rosenberg and Mason both nod to the fact that Kobach is a “polarizing figure,” but that doesn’t really do it justice. In reality, Kobach is just about as extreme as you’d expect Ted Nugent’s “ass kickin BloodBrother” [sic] to be.

Among many other incidents, Kobach has:

  • Accused immigration reform advocates who protested his policies of being domestic terrorists, telling Glenn Beck, “They’re just not wearing white cloaks, but this is exactly KKK type of intimidation.”
  • Threatened to shoot those protesters, accusing them of being “illegal aliens” and warning, “There’s a reason we have the Second Amendment.”
  • Participated in panels with white supremacists, and served as counsel for an anti-immigrant hate group.
  • Crafted Mitt Romney’s widely-derided “self-deportation” plan (although, in an appeal to moderates, he allowed that he did not want “to do it at gunpoint”).

And, for good measure, he’s also a birther who recently questioned President Obama’s patriotism by insisting “we’ve never known who this guy is,” and suggested that the president may be a secret Muslim.

Hispanic-Americans are the nation’s fastest-growing demographic group, and they have grown increasingly disgusted with the GOP — in no small part due to the policies that Kobach has championed. Republicans are well aware of this, yet they still can’t help themselves from moving further and further to the right on immigration reform. Meanwhile, Hispanic voters are moving further and further away from the Republican Party.

At present, Republicans don’t seem particularly interested in reversing this trend. But if they ever decide that they’d like to start winning national elections again, finding a new go-to guy on immigration would be a solid first step.

Screnshot: RWW Blog/YouTube

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  • Dominick Vila

    Considering his white supremacist record, Kobach may be the man to go to if the goal is to achieve the most important white supremacist objectives: send African Americans back to Africa, Hispanics and Latinos to Mexico and Jews to Israel, but since this is no longer the country it was half a century ago, and since American businessmen are not only profiting from cheap labor, but depend on them to exist, Kobach’s recipe spells disaster for the GOP in national election years. They will, no doubt, benefit from his stand on race and cultural issues in most Southern and border states, but the truth is that without ethnic minorities and Jews, the GOP will never win the White House again…and they know it.

  • Jed Eckert

    The good people of Los Angeles, CA are wasting $650 million a year in welfare for illegal aliens.

    • Grannysmovin

      Why is it that figure and statement is right out of all conservative media outlets, not one from a bi-partisan outlet? Why not pass immigration reform that passed the Senate and start addressing the issue of immigration?

      • joe schmo

        Ole Granny….news for you. I live in the state. All the mula, all the freebies, all the housing, all the healthcare, all the jobs are going to mi amigo. If you are a citizen you might as well figure on getting pushed right outta the way.

        We worked in agriculture. We should know. These wonderful individuals, many who were illegal, got their regular pay and then went and stood in line for the freebies or got welfare. When things didn’t go their way they sued the company. You need to get your head out of your emotional ass and see the damage ILLEGAL immigration has done to this country.

        My my all for the sake of new voters. You people are really something. Has nothing to do with the welfare of these people. They could easily do things the legal way. We could give them SEASONAL work permits, pay the taxes and then send them packing to help their brethren down in Mechico.

        • WhutHeSaid

          The plain truth is that most Americans will prefer ANY immigrant over bigoted, lying, whining, sniveling assholes. In fact, even those who generally oppose illegal entry become more willing to tolerate it when they see and hear how much it irks the noisome bigots and racists.

          So now because bigoted assholes have blocked the GOP from being sensible and responsible — you will indeed be ‘shoved aside’. At the polls. Congratulations — you’ve earned it.

          • joe schmo

            Huh,…..cussing will, literally, get you no where! Typical. Can’t handle the heat, look it up. Prove me wrong and I know you won’t and I know you can’t.

        • Grannysmovin

          Good Night – Schmo your name is so appropriate and yes I have told you that before.

          • joe schmo

            Thanks Granny:) Appreciate the compliment. All is fair……

    • stcroixcarp

      Where did you get this information? What do you mean by welfare? The Clinton welfare reform ended welfare “as we know” it. Immigrants, legal or not are excluded from getting benefits for 5 years, A person can only get welfare for five years. Refugees do get resettlement money, but it is not a permanent subsidy. I don’t think you know what you are talking about.

      • joe schmo

        Bullshit! You are a moron if you believe what you just wrote.

        The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on U.S. Taxpayers
        Executive Summary

        This report estimates the annual costs of illegal immigration at the federal, state and local level to be about $113 billion; nearly $29 billion at the federal level and $84 billion at the state and local level. The study also estimates tax collections from illegal alien workers, both those in the above-ground economy and those in the underground economy. Those receipts do not come close to the level of
        expenditures and, in any case, are misleading as an offset because over time unemployed and underemployed U.S. workers would replace illegal alien workers.

        Key Findings

        Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers about $113 billion a year at the federal, state and local level. The bulk of the costs — some $84 billion — are absorbed by state and local governments.

        The annual outlay that illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers is an average amount per native-headed household of $1,117. The fiscal impact per household varies considerably because the greatest share of the
        burden falls on state and local taxpayers whose burden depends on the size of the illegal alien population in that locality

        Education for the children of illegal aliens constitutes the single largest cost to taxpayers, at an annual price tag of nearly $52 billion. Nearly all of those costs are absorbed by state and local governments.

        At the federal level, about one-third of outlays are matched by tax collections from illegal aliens. At the state and local level, an average of less than 5 percent of the public costs associated with illegal immigration is recouped through taxes collected from illegal aliens.

        Most illegal aliens do not pay income taxes. Among those who do, much of the revenues collected are refunded to the illegal aliens when they file tax returns. Many are also claiming tax credits resulting in payments from the U.S. Treasury.

        Why don’t you get your facts straight for a change and actually look up something….And while your at it, stop listening only to your side which is filled with nothing but blatant lies and innuendos.

        Found this line from the Independent Santa Barbaran:

        ‘Bottom line: It’s okay for our government to cheat to make the system work better. And when it comes to illegal immigration? Sure. Why not? It’s just government cheaters helping corporate cheaters.

        So run and tell your kids that cheating is okay if things don’t work out exactly like you thought they would. Is it okay? Are you that competitive? The state of Arizona has said, in essence, no, it is not okay—quit cheating.’

        • WhutHeSaid

          Tell us, bigoted liar, how much bigoted redneck goobers cost the US economy. Far, far, far more than illegal immigrants. And they are far less desirable to boot, since they rarely wash with soap.

          • joe schmo

            ….and I will tell you how much CalifMexico uses the Government koffers without any inclination to pay it back:)

            If it is the American’s taking the money there are many factors involved. NO JOBS is only the half of it. Hey, concept, could it be because many illegals are using and abusing the system. In this state they hold the trump card with regards to getting hired. Not saying they do any better job either. Our youth ( who I speak with regularly) can’t get jobs or have to work 2-3 part time jobs.

            Rarely wash with soap. You ever been down to Mexico? LOL, pure filth. Yes, they are extremely clean. Been around agriculture most of my life. Defacating in the fields is nothing. Most likely the cause of some of the e-coli/salmonella poisoning we have had in the not to distant past. Improper handling of food and not washing hands properly after they go to the bathroom. Never used to be that way. Had to complain to the ranch owner one day because of all the toilet paper laying around the field. Most homes around here where Hispanics reside are loaded with Cucaracha’s. No lie. In many cases, if they rent from you, you practically have to gut the place and rebuild the inside of homes they have lived in. They usually come here with little more than a first grade education. Not blaming them, they just don’t know any different and let’s not get into the crimes. In our area, most of the people committing heinous crimes are ……Hispanics.

            Apparently this is what you want for this country. More vagrancy. When you deduce that down what does it result in? More people who depend on the government, more poverty, fewer jobs (because believe me they do take the jobs Americans want to do (leaves less jobs for those goobers you so hate) Where’s all that free money going to come from when we are a complete cesspool? No, you give me answers then we’ll talk.

            It’s not our job to take in all the ‘po’ folk we have enough of our own. We again need a ‘Quota’ and work permits and programs like the Bracero program.

    • highpckts

      Sounds like your typical propaganda from the right! You bit, hook, line and sinker!!

  • Billie Erin Walsh

    I have no problem with anyone that wishes to come to this country LEGALLY. If you are here illegally you need to have your hind end shipped back to whatever craphole country you crawled out of.

    • Dominick Vila

      I don’t know if you are aware of this, but the president with the highest number of deportations of illegal immigrants is Barack Obama, the one that granted amnesty to 4 million illegal immigrants was none other than Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush was considered a “simpatico” president by most Mexicans because of his sympathetic view of the plight of those living south of the border.
      Unfortunately, LEGAL immigration is not as easy as you may think, when it comes to people from Mexico and Central America. Our current immigration system encourages the legal entry of professionals, but has no provisions for semi-skilled workers such as those who work in our farms, the hospitality industry, and other sectors of our economy. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people from countries like India and Pakistan enter our country legally every day, potential terrorists enter as well thanks to our generous tourist and student visa system, and those willing to do work that most of us would rather not do have to jump fences.

      • latebloomingrandma

        Yes, and these workers are hardly coming to take jobs from Americans. Considering the unemployment rate, if Americans wanted a job , they would be working in the fields, cleaning hotel rooms, cleaning rich peoples’ houses and working as nannies. There would be no jobs for illegals.

        • There aren’t any jobs for illegals. There aren’t any jobs fdor americans. The Emperor lies about everything. Americans do work in fields, they do clean peoples houses, and hotels. They do work as nannies. We need to take care of our own people, and the illegals need to go home. Under this regime, our jobs are being given away, or abolished.

          • highpckts

            You are truly deluded! There are jobs but our “entitled” US citizens think they are above some of those jobs even though they have no schooling or training! We are arrogant and selfish! Even without the illegals these people still wouldn’t work!

          • I’ve worked dairy farms on and off a good share of my life. I’ve worked in hotels as maintenance, and that involves cleaning. The women that were housekeeping were Americans. People have a choice as to whether they want to work or not. Unfortunately, the government has stacked the deck against lower income people. Employers want to get the most for their buck, and illegals will work for much less. If the illegals were not filling those jobs, then the employers would have to hire Americans. If the government didn’t give people more money to stay on welfare than they can make at a low paying job, they might figure out that they have to work. Didn’t the Emperor say something to the effect that people should just stay at home instead of working?

          • JPHALL

            Tell that lie to the growers who lost crops the last four years despite high unemployment. They could not get enough workers.
            This problem with the illegals began when they started heading to the cities for better paying jobs than farm work.

          • Kids today grow up thinking they are entitled and don’t have to work. I can remember picking grapes with the family. We got paid by the basket. Probably ate more than I placed in the basket, but that’s what 7 year olds do. Start making people work for their government handouts and you will start seeing more that are willing to do whatever they can to provide for themselves. We have to stop giving everything to people. Americans can and will do the work that the illegals are doing if they need to.

          • highpckts

            Again, NO he did not say that! I don’t know where you get your info or quotes but it’s probably the right’s propaganda which you just lap up because it suits your warped mindset!

          • “Obama Administration: Obamacare Means People Can “Pursue Their Dreams,” Not Work”

            “The Obama Administration’s latest argument for Obamacare is that some people don’t want to work, and Obamacare makes not working easier for those people.”

          • WhutHeSaid

            Liar. The PPACA makes it possible for entrepreneurs to be able to afford starting a business, since they no longer have to be employed by others to afford decent health care.

            But you lying goobers are too stupid to hold any of the jobs that these entrepreneurs create, and you are hands-down the biggest freeloaders in the country. That’s a fact.

          • Fact is liberals are drawing government welfare checks. I guess that’s the only way you can recruit idiots into the liberal fold. Bribe them. What did you cost? A bag of Cheetos and a beer?

          • WhutHeSaid

            Everyone knows that the redneck goobers in the red states slurp up the majority of the federal taxes from the productive people in the blue states. When will you goobers ever learn?

            I promise you that if you would only learn to wash with soap, you rednecks would find a whole new world open to you.

          • midway54

            You are quoting a source in your post. What is that source or sources…and why would anyone following common procedure present excerpts without identifying the source?

          • One word for you: Google.
            When I post links they are never good enough for the liberals here that only want approved propaganda from the regime. If you are interested in a little truth, try doing some research yourself. I already gave you the quotes.

          • One word for you: Google.
            If you want a little truth go look it up. I’ve already given you the quotes.

          • midway54

            Unbelievable! But typical behavior.

          • Why is it that liberals seem to want everything handed to them. If you want to learn something, try using google. Do just a bit of thinking and work for yourself.

          • midway54

            Assuming your read essays or formal papers, how many have you come across that included quotations from sources that are clearly shown in the text or cited by foot note? Both your replies to my question are just silly. Worse, you obviously are not even aware of it.

          • Again, look it up yourself. Every time I have posted links, it isn’t good enough for the jackals here. It’s always not from a government approved propaganda source. Use google to find one you like.

          • WhutHeSaid

            What we need to do is boot you worthless European immigrant anchor babies who have become useless and despicable bigots out of the country and back to your family’s shit-hole of origin. Any immigrant at all is better than a lying, whining, tax-snorting, racist, stupid redneck bigot.

          • How’s the rehab going ? Did you et your feet wet sailing that fruit crate over here from Cuba?

          • WhutHeSaid

            Honestly, you redneck bigot goobers spend SO much time denying what you are and knee-jerking to anything that involves people who aren’t old, white, and hateful. Did you ever wake up in the morning and wonder what it would be like to just stop being a drooling bigot instead of wasting all your time and effort denying it?

            I get it: you are an old, shriveled fart who is angry that a black man has achieved more than you could in 5 lifetimes. Is it his fault that you are a loser? No, it’s not, so take a break — you don’t have to be an asshole every day of your life you know.

        • highpckts

          I hear ya! I have a nephew who says ” he ain’t flippin” burgers for a living!” Little Asshat! Now he has no education beyond high school, no technical training so what the Hell does he think he’s going to live on? This attitude comes from a lot of “whites”!!

    • jimlscotland

      You are attacking the wrong persons. You would get more traction if you attacked the thousands of businesses who hire the undocumented workers. But it is much easier to attack the generic undocumented worker – which is why the GOP will never make any inroads with the ethnic vote. But please keep attacking the undocumented worker with words like ‘craphole’ and ‘crawled’ (you have right to this kind of speech) – it will guarantee no more GOP Presidents.

      • Allan Richardson

        The status quo is just the way those stingy slave driving businesses want it: they hire illegal aliens for starvation wages and under dangerous and inhumane working conditions like those in the 19th century (or in the aliens’ home countries), knowing it is illegal to hire them. They also know that, if their slaves do get busted and deported, they pay a paltry fine and import (or hire off the street) some more with very little financial loss.

        If the workers were here legally, they would be able to complain about the treatment they suffer. Then they would have to be paid comparable to what American citizens expect to get paid (which is getting worse over the years, so if we do not go back to progressive labor-friendly economic policies, the problem will eventually resolve itself when we BECOME Mexico or Bangladesh; but for now we are still better paid than illegal workers), and the illegal immigration problem would disappear.

        But since they are NOT here legally, the workers are afraid to report or complain about abuses which amount to virtual slavery, lest they be deported back to even worse labor conditions at home. Yet as long as EMPLOYERS are not meaningfully punished, the problem continues.

        • plc97477

          Sounds like heaven to me.

        • jointerjohn

          Nearly all of the native tribes of North America contained within the United States had their productive land taken at gunpoint and were then relocated or restricted to reservations. Its no accident that the reservations are some of the most worthless and unproductive land on the continent. Now, their descendants are reviled as being worthless and lazy because they are poor. Many little stories just like that of the conquest of Mexico. Just imagine the furor if the Israelis tried to do that to the Palestinians? OOPS!

          • highpckts


          • joe schmo

            Some of the Native American’s are getting their just reward. Many communities have opened Casinos. Some are extremely successful and it’s all tax-free. Kudos to them. I believe they deserve that right.

            As far as Mexico goes

            ‘In February of 1848 the United States of America and Mexico created the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The U.S. paid Mexico 15 million dollars for California and New Mexico. The U.S. also gained present-day Arizona and parts of Colorado, Nevada and Utah.’

            That was quite a hefty sum back then. It would amount to about 380 million today. Texas was a takeover state. What do you think Mexico did with alllll that money? Of course they took the money and ran with it. Most likely the corrupt on top took a big chunk of it. Mexico does not know how to govern. They would rather do business in a corrupt manner leaving most of it’s inhabitants poor and uneducated. If it were different down there believe me they would not feel it necessary to cross the border. Nonetheless, they are taking back the lower 40 without firing a shot. They are simply invading and populating these states because we let them and they want that. Pretty soon we will look a lot like our Southern neighbors. I do not feel one bit sorry for those people. If you ask me, not too smart of us.

          • jointerjohn

            I didn’t think I would ever hear you speak ill of a right-wing government. Mexico is a crap-hole alright, that’s why common people want to flee.

        • midway54

          I submit that in light of the political mindset in OK and the characters they send to the House and Senate, the illegals coming from those “crapholes” will find that they are little better off in the place.

      • elw

        Amend, I often feel I should thank people like Billie. They are very silly, self-damaging people.

      • joe schmo

        Yes, and those businesses need to be fined for hiring them. There are parts of Europe that are paying immigrants to go home (Denmark) 20 to 30 thousand dollars for individuals or those with children. They are deporting themselves. Other places in Europe will train them and I believe now are no longer hiring. Canada is only allowing in educated immigrants:)

        Europe is always one step ahead of us nowadays. Generally because they have been through it all….. Guess we still need to learn a thing or two. Globalization IS NOT working for them.

    • charleo1

      That’s why the last immigration bill to receive Right Wing support,
      provided blanket amnesty for 4 million undocumented. And provided
      no obstacles whatsoever, for businesses that wanted to hire the next wave of undocumented, to replace their now more expensive legal workers.
      Today the ax they’re grinding, would start with the deporting the kids
      brought here before 2007. Many who don’t remember their birth
      Country, know no one there, and may not even speak the language.
      This is the, “terrorist nest.” the Right want to go after tooth, and tong? Could they be anymore mean spirited? How about just a gang of obnoxious racists? How about just wrong? The truth is, the real sticking point for the radicalized Right, is of their very own creation. Immigration reform would require registration of all Nationals prior to employment. And put the responsibility of doing so where it belongs, on the employers. No issued, and confirmed work visa, no job. What effect could that possibly have on illegal border crossings, that another several billion toward the pie in the sky notion of ever completely sealing a 2000 mile border. Much of it in the most inhospitable, desolate, and remote from any civilization centers, or towns in the Country? The answer is, it would work.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    I’m may be a lot long in the tooth these days. But, I haven’t missed that today’s GOP is beginning to look and sound all too much like my days working in corporations. “Go to” is a phrase that rolls off the lips of every CEO in the US whenever they are about to throw employees under a bus.

    One of the major reasons people up north loathe the idea of another swaggering, drawling hot shot wannabee CEO shill of the GOP being in the White House is their constant veiled attempts to corporatize the government.

    At what point do these Twerps of the Twerpie Generation get it that no one in this country is willing to work half a century and allow their payroll deductions for SS, Medicare or Medicaid to be handed over to Wall Street chicken thieves who mass like roaches around any sitting pile of money that doesn’t belong to them?

    Today’s GOP is nothing more than a bunch of Corporate Little Johnny Jump Ups who jump at the commands of their CEO billionaires.

    The GOP doesn’t want “government.” The GOP wants to lord it over those doing all the work, paying all the taxes and getting zero ROI for their efforts. More plantation mentalities.

    • Dominick Vila

      Eleanore, the same thought came to my mind when I read the title of the article. I guess we should not be surprised…

    • elw

      Yep, it the way I see it as well.

    • ExRadioGuy15

      The GOP want a “Fascist Christian Plutartheocracy” (FCP). I call adherents to this philosophy “Fascist Christian Plutartheocrats” (FCPers). Here’s what I mean by an FCP:
      Fascist because they adhere to all 14 of the defining characteristics (“DCs”) of Fascism….
      Christian because one of the DCs of Fascism is the intertwining of religion and government, where the Fascist regime “attaches” itself to the country’s predominant religion (in the case of the USA, most religions are based on Christianity) and, rather than adhere to its precepts, they use it to justify their Fascist activities/ ideology…
      Plutartheocracy…a “theocracy” is a religious-based government. A “plutarchy” is a “plutocratic oligarchy”. A plutocracy is a government by the wealthy and an oligarchy is a government by a very small number of people. “Knights of the Round Table” small….
      An FCP is what the GOP and Libertarians want. The best way to make sure that never happens is to vote out of office all Republicans and Libertarians and make sure none of them get elected to office in the first place.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        I so agree..If I close my eyes and just listen to these preachers of right wing ideology, I’d swear I was hearing a Bible thumping preacher in a revivalist tent. So much for their ability to govern ALL Americans and to keep their religious beliefs to themselves.

        As for Libertarians. I urge anyone who wants the real skinny on who and what Libertarians really to do as I did…attend one of their open meetings. You’ll swear you’ve walked into some bizarre cult. They don’t dare say in public what they say in their meetings for fear of embarrassing themselves.

    • Irishgrammy

      Eleanore Whitaker, this is one of the most articulate, wonderful comments I have read in some time, especially with regard to SS, Medicare and/or Medicaid! Paul Ryan has been the most serious irritant of late, now considering a run for President, with his outrageous “ideas” in his absurd twice failed attempt at a new “Budget” for his party to rally around…..Now we have Kris Kobach to irritate more reasonable minds on immigrants with his xenophobic “ideas” and vile rhetoric………….Gold Almighty I am sick of the “new” extreme version of the GOP!!! After two weeks of disgusting attacks from the far right on the death of Mike Brown and those who live in Ferguson, MO pitting the Black population against the police with the express intent to divide by race as they always do in these horrible occurrences and incessant attacks on the Latino population along with absolutely vile comments from sitting politicians, how can these idiots be bewildered that NO minorities, along with fair minded voters, will vote for this obscenity of a political party, the GOP.
      Bravo for an excellent comment and truth so well put!!!

    • A_Real_Einstein

      The GOP understands that minorities do not vote. If they did TX and AZ would be solid blue. The GOP wll continue to pander to white vote and remain successful

    • joe schmo

      Hmmmm…..Eleanore how nice that you are stating that about corps because most of the owners and CEO’s are Democrats. Little do you know that most Companies are in cahoots with your fearless leader. While in the backrooms working on some under the table deal or two.

      Guess you hate them very much. But they gave you a job and I am assuming you made good money and, I might add, you now have a favorable retirement. Well….what about our youths? Many can’t get jobs even after they graduate from college. Most work several part time jobs. I know this because I know many young people and talk to them all the time. It’s a mess. We have the highest corporate taxes in the world and the worst regulations. Many companies get subsidies from other countries who beckon them in with hefty monetary bribes. I should know I am in one of the fields they do this for.

      Outsourcing was not only a Bush problem but it is also an Obama problem. Remember the Obamacare website? If anyone is at fault it is both sides. In case you haven’t noticed, it is not just one side that is causing the problems…..

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        Schmo…You love generalizations don’t you? So most owners and CEOs are democrats? Was Jeff Skilling? Was Abramoff? Was Kenny Boy Lay? Are Charely and Davey Crockett Koch? Is Adelson?

        No..both sides are NOT to blame. Again, you want to lob all of the Cheney mandates on Obama. It was Sept. 2008’s Financial Meltdown you love to try and lob on Democrats. Really? When it was Bush who publicly stated back in 2005 that he planned to “spend his political capital” and it was “MY way or the highway?” Really?

        Your post is about as obtuse as it can get. Who threatened in the 3rd month of a brand new presidency in March 2009 to “get rid of Obama?” Who sequestered? Who threatened shut down? Who is spending $350 million to impeach Obama without taxpayers full approval?

        The problem with a man like you is all in your head. You’ve been fed misguided ideology for so long, your sense of “entitlement” to superiority is out of control.

        When I pay my taxes, I expect those taxes to benefit this country..Not corporations who take the money and run. Not CEOs like Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein or Robert Benmosche who suck up bailouts when they didn’t need them in the first place.

        Get your head out of your anal cavity. Your posts are beginning to sound like an ISIS email.

      • dpaano

        Ah, Joe…..he’s also YOUR “fearless leader.” That seems to be something that people like you forget!

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Maybe it’s just me …but…whenever men act like supremacists, I can easily check them off my list of associates. Men who lust for power are the most grossly insecure individuals. Then, there are those honorably men who are reticent about power and yet, find themselves placed in roles of leadership at the behest of their fellow countrymen.

    It behooves Americans today to look beyond the GOP’s surface images to the gross insecurity of their politicians. Their insecurity is the reason they can also gamble who lifetime retirements that don’t belong to them. It’s also the reason they promote war and cheap labor.

    We don’t need a flashing neon sign to prove these are grossly insecure individuals who have NO real leadership skills. Leadership skills are born, not bred in the bone. Either you’re a natural born leader or you are playing acting at trying to be one.

  • Bren Frowick

    One can only presume that it has become a standard right wing tactic to accuse any potential critic of being a member of the extremist groups that the right winger clearly IS a member of, in spirit if, perhaps, not in reality. “They’re just not wearing white cloaks, but this is exactly KKK type of intimidation.”

    Repulsive bigot masquerading as a patriot.

  • Billie Erin Walsh

    In the state I live in we have a law that basically says if a business gets caught hiring illegals their business will be forfeit. When that law went into effect there was a mass exodus of illegals leaving the state. There was some near panic in the construction trades but things soon settled down.

    You may call me anything you want. That’s your privilege. But I am not a bigot. When I was a youth soccer coach in my home town I had several Mexican boys on my team. Because of this I was a respected member of the Latino community in my home town. Many of those people were the older male members of the family that had to come here to work and support the rest of the family back home. Wonderful, family oriented people.

    And, if their home country wasn’t a “craphole”, I would have preferred a different term but politeness prevents, why would they need to come here. They would have decent jobs at secent wages that they could support their families in a good life style at home.

    • Allan Richardson

      I did not know that there was such a state in the US. Please tell me how I can get MY state to pass such a law! Oh wait, ALEC would kill it before it could get passed; watch out, they may have YOUR state’s law on their agenda. And which state is that, please?

      • Billie Erin Walsh

        Your not one of those lawyers that wants to overturn our law are you. *<]:o) I live in Oklahoma. We welcome anyone that is here legally but not illegals.

        • jmprint

          WWJD. The Lord provides land of opportunity and now it only belongs to you. hmmmm.

          • Billie Erin Walsh

            The “land of opportunity” is open all comers, as long as they are here legally.

          • jmprint

            And what will you yes to the gate keeper in heaven, when he tells you, you can’t enter because you are illegal?

          • dpaano

            Billie: Gee, where does it say that in the bible??? I don’t remember reading that anywhere in either the old testament OR the new testament. Interesting….

          • jmprint

            I didn’t say that statement came from the bible. Question was: WWJD. And what the bible says is that he would help and feed ALL his children regardless if they are illegal.

      • plc97477

        I think Alabama made such a law but had to walk it back when they found out how hard it was to get anything done.

    • jimlscotland

      It is good that your state enacted such legislation to go after businesses, but note, that is not what you posted. You emphasized going after the undocumented worker and did so in a nasty way. Can you give me an example of an employer in your state getting a heavy fine or even jail time when caught?

      • Billie Erin Walsh

        How did I go “after the undocumented worker and did so in a nasty way”?

        The law was enacted to stop business’s from hiring illegal aliens. And, as far as I can tell it has worked quite well. Before the law went into effect we heard on the evening news pretty regularly that some business was raided and any number of illegals were found. After the law was enacted I don’t remember many reports.

        And, “undocumented worker”. That’s like calling a trash collector a “Sanitation Engineer”. You can put all the lipstick and makeup you want on a pig, but it will still be a pig. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS. They are here against the laws of this country. The only right they should have is to leave. Either of their own free will or by exportation. That’s IS the law.

        AND, how do we know that there are no terrorists, of whatever nationality, coming in with the other illegals.

        • JPHALL

          The reason you do not hear about raids on businesses that hire illegals is that a law was passed prohibiting such raids. Business complained and Congress acted.

          • Billie Erin Walsh

            We don’t need to do raids on any for of regular basis any longer. Our business’s are doing quite well without illegal aliens.

          • JPHALL

            You obviously live in a bubble. To use the vernacular, pull your head out and look around. You can go to any small manufacturing, construction, rest home, restaurant or packing company and find that the majority of workers in most states are illegals. Next time you go to a restaurant open your eyes and check out the busboys and cooks.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Republicans Need A New ‘ Go-To Guy’ On Immigration

          • joe schmo

            Since we are on the subject…..

            ‘The Left has its new target, and he is none other than University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) law professor and current candidate for
            Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach. Kobach, a constitutional scholar and former chief adviser and counsel to Attorney General, John Ashcroft, has come under fierce attack in recent days by those on the Left for his leading role in drafting the
            much-debated and highly controversial Arizona immigration law (SB1070).’

            Since being signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer on April 24th, Arizona’s SB1070
            has drawn the ire of many, from hispanic groups to the ACLU to the “Reverand” Al Sharpton, and all the way up the ladder to our current President. Just hours after being enacted, President Obama rushed to the microphones in order to criticize the law (and its drafters) as being “misguided” and ”irresponsible.” Of course, given the Alinsky-like tactics of the Obama Administration over the past 15 months to isolate, malign, discredit and destroy any of its opponents with respect to any issue, the President’s remarks in this regard really came
            as no surprise.

            What has been somewhat surprising, if not (eh-hmm) hypocritical, has been the reaction of some of Kobach’s colleagues and other “organizations” affiliated with UMKC, who now claim that “sanctions” should levied against Kobach for his work on the immigration

            So, Kris Kobach – a university law professor – works on this legislation on his own time (i.e. not
            the university’s), and because these groups don’t agree with him, he now needs to be “sanctioned” by the university? What does that even
            mean? Are these groups calling for his job? And what ever happened to a professor’s sacred and hallowed right to “academic freedom,” the
            likes of which the Left constantly reminds us on a daily basis?

            Well, apparently the concept of “academic freedom” does not apply when you are a conservative candidate for Kansas Secretary of State. Perhaps it is time we expand the “BUYcott.” Whatever Kris Kobach is selling right now, I’m buying:’

            As usual, the left is trying to ruin someone with some corrupt lies. We do have immigration laws right? Has nothing to do with the color of the skin, has to do with fairness and following the law of the land which you all seem to want to disobey.

          • JPHALL

            What does that nonsense have to do with my statement? The courts have decided the issue you are talking about. Subject: Re: New comment posted on Republicans Need A New ‘ Go-To Guy’ On Immigration

          • Independent1

            You may think Oklahoma is okay, but it would be doing much better if it had not boycotted illegal aliens. Immigrants, both legal and illegal, are significant drivers of the American economy. When Alabama passed that state’s very restrictive immigration laws they found out quickly.

            Not only did illegal immigrants leave, but also many legal immigrants and even some foreign businesses threatened to leave if they didn’t reverse the law because of the negative vibes their law sent about foreigners in general (so of course Alabama revised its law to be less restrictive). So although you think everything is hunky dorrey, it’s no where near as good as it could be; Oklahoma has lost a lot of potential stimulus to its economy since that law was passed.

            A bi-partisan group did a study on immigrants and found that over the past 2 decades, immigrants, including illeals,started more than 30% of the new small businesses in America. And this groups projection was that if illegals had been given U.S. citizenship back in 2013, that our country’s Gross Domestic Product would be 1.4 trillion higher today than it is. In other words, not granting illegals citizenship has cost America greatly!!!!!!!

            See these excerpts from their article:

            The Kaufmann Foundation found a similar correlation between immigrants and increased entrepreneurship in their Studies in the Immigrant Entrepreneurs series, which found that “Foreign nationals residing in the United States were named as inventors or co-inventors in 25.6 percent of international patent applications filed from the United States in 2006. This represents an increase from 7.6 percent in 1998.” Another study by the Fiscal Policy Institute found that over the past two decades, immigrants have been responsible for 30 percent of the growth in small business creation.

            The report tracks the economic benefits of each of these scenarios over ten years, and found that the greatest benefit for the U.S. economy resulted from granting undocumented immigrants both legal status and citizenship in 2013. In this case, the report projects the U.S. gross domestic product would grow an additional $1.4 trillion cumulatively. It argues that granting legal status and citizenship in 2013 as opposed to granting citizenship on a slower track provides superior economic benefits because the sooner immigrants gain citizenship the sooner they are able to utilize services offered only to full citizens, including: legal protections, education and training investment, access to better jobs, better labor mobility and increasing returns and the ability to foster entrepreneurship.


            Decisions like Oklahoma has made is why red states compare so poorly to blue states in America. The general economic results of red states is dismal, and that’s because GOP legislators consistently pass stupid laws.

            And if you’re thinking illegals bring in more crime – nothing could be further from the truth. California is the home of the largest contingent of Hispanics, legal and illegal – Hispanics comprise 35% of California’s population; yet Hispanics represent only 17% of California’s prison population. Study after study has shown that cities with the largest segment of Hispanics have less crime than cities with lesser percent of Hispanics. And Why? Because Hispanics aren’t stupid – they know they’re living precariously – so despite all the false rhetoric you hear, Hispanics are far less likely to commit crimes, all forms of crimes, than people born here in America.

          • dpaano

            Independent1: Unfortunately, you can’t change Stupid!!!

      • elw

        Billie is like most racist – he pretend he is not.

    • elw

      First sign of a racist is when they go out of their way to tell you how helpful they were, at one time, to the very people they are being unwelcoming and hateful towards. BFD, you have a law in your State that you like. I would recommend that you stay there.

      • Billie Erin Walsh

        I plan on staying here.

      • Billie Erin Walsh

        I am all kinds of welcoming to people that are here legally.

        • elw

          Right, as long as they are not any shade of brown. Because I do not hear you talking about the many white illegal immigrants that we have in this Country.

          • joe schmo

            LOL, that’s because they are going about coming here LEGALLY and there are so few of them actually getting in LEGALLY. There are scads and scads of paperwork they have to go through to come here even to work.

            We have a family member who has a PHD in organic chemistry. He will be doing 2 years of research at Harvard. The paperwork that poor fellow has to fill out. Don’t know if you know this….Canada is only allowing in educated immigrants.

            There used to be a quota. There are too many undereducated freeloaders bogging the system down and taking the low end jobs away from other Americans, High School students who want summer jobs and College students who want the same. I would think you want an even balance so that assimulation becomes more plausible and there is not such a burden on American society.

          • elw

            Another racist jumps into the conversation. And of course, you have proof that all the white immigrants are legal and only the ones of color are not. Or is that claim based on one person you know who happens to be a relative.

          • dpaano

            Yeah, low-end jobs like picking our fruit and vegetables (jobs that most white people wouldn’t take even if they were unemployed). How much do you think would get done in our agricultural fields if it weren’t for the latinos coming across our border to do our picking and packing? Prices for produce would go sky high! Farmers have TRIED to hire legal workers to pick their crops, but they only lasted a couple of days before quitting….so tell me again how they are taking away jobs from “other Americans.”

  • jakenhyde

    Interesting that Kobach is so much against immigration when it’s pretty obvious that some in his family had to have come from Germany. Of course, that must be why he hates minorities so much. Sig Heil, Herr Kobach.

  • elw

    Cannot disagree with the article, but I feel that I should point out that their leader on immigration is just one of the many problem leaders in the GOP. I have gotten to point that I feel if you are not on the GOP’s list of “types of people that you can’t say enough bad things about” you have got to be a robot. Lets face it, who haven’t they compiled a big list of disgusting comment about? They are out-of -touch, unreasonable and hateful and have been steadily losing followers because of it. Yes, I know we will have to deal with them for a tad longer – but, hey, I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • highpckts

      Boy I hope so because so far the primaries don’t show any “enlightment”!

      • elw

        To me, the polls right now look just like they did in 2012 – close with in the margin of error. Since most of the polls lean Right – I say that looks good for the Dems. In 2012 I I let the polls make me nervous, I refuse to let them upset my life any more. They have been so wrong so many time.

  • howa4x

    I think Kobach should be more interested in Burger King’s immigration to Canada to avoid US taxes than what is coming over the border. The rash of corporations leaving America is a bigger threat then any other. But Illegal immigration is an easy target against people who can’t fight back, and this is why republican bullies love to kick them around. That is why voter suppression is the only real tactic for republicans since they know they can’t win the hearts and minds of Latino’s. The far right wing of the GOP is intent on dragging it to the bottom since purism is more important than winning elections. It is also why Gerrymandering is killing the party. Once looked at like the savior of the GOP it now is a weight around it’s neck by producing House candidates that only talk to republicans who are very conservative. This allows them to take extreme position and not get punished by the voters.
    It is also why conservative stalwarts in southern states are getting a run for their money in statewide elections where extreme position are not a big sell. It wouldn’t be so bad for them if they are only alienating Latinos, but they are doing it to most other groups as well. In order to win the White House again they will have to reinvent themselves completely like Rand Paul is trying to do. As democrats are trying to come together republicans are pulling themselves apart. the next primary season should be fun to watch.

    • ericlipps

      The question with Rand Paul is whether he’s reinventing himself or merely repackaging. It’s clear he realizes that his old brand of ultra-libertarianism doesn’t sell very well nationally, but is he actually doing any rethinking or merely listening to craftier consultants these days?

  • Lynda Groom

    Looks like Rubio has managed to push himself aside yet again.

  • BOC

    Kobach is the type of cancer the GOP can’t cure thanks to Majority Leader Boehner. By selling himself to those demons he poisoned the body he was suppose to represent. Renegades are hard to corral and control.

  • James Bowen

    Lots of problems with this article. First of all, Kobach is not a Birther. As Kansas Secretary of State, he certified Pres. Obama’s 2012 candidacy on the Kansas ballot. Second, “self-deportation” is a logical way to deal with illegal immigration. All that means is that we deny them jobs and services so there is no reason for them to stay or for more to come. In other words, we enforce the law and give people the tools needed to do so (like mandatory E-Verify and SSN-No Matching). We can’t let everybody come here after all. Third, Asians, not Hispanics, are now the nation’s fastest growing demographic. Fourth, the GOP is not losing Hispanics–they never had them to begin with.

    Finally, Kobach is a brilliant legal theorist and political scholar, and this piece is grossly unfair to him. Whether one agrees with his political views or not, that does not make him an extremist, and meeting with certain types does not make him a white supremacist.

    • sleepvark

      Birds of a feather . . .

      • James Bowen

        Association (and I am skeptical of what this commentary says are his associations) does not make one guilty.

  • Bud Friend

    Again, what significant piece of legislation have the republicans passed in the last twenty years that has addressed only middle class and/or lower class people?

    For them, it’s all about taxes, trickle down, tax inversion and the list goes on and on….

  • Wanda Schlegel

    Kobach is bad for Kansas, Kobach is bad for the country!

  • ps0rjl

    I live in western Missouri and you wouldn’t believe how many Kansans wish Kobach would just stick to be Attorney General of Kansas instead of trotting around to all these other states to help(??) with their immigration laws. Many people both Republican and Democrat feel he is an absent Attorney General, that is unless there is an abortion or immigration issue to deal with in Kansas .Kris may believe he has a higher calling but the people of Kansas don’t share his belief.

  • booker25

    Kobach is not your go to guy, he is a creep, one who is fond of suppressing the vote. He is not a go to guy, but a man who should be voted out of office. The GOP are their own worst enemy as far as taking care of business in the house, they cannot even get together to pass the senate bill. The weaker of the house is totally useless as seen by shutting down the federal government last year. Didn’t have to happen, but it did and it cost this nation $24 billion dollars.