Sunday, July 5, 2015
Barbara Boxer
Hillary Clinton

The Best Hillary Campaign Will Awaken Women

Hillary Clinton is riding a wave of something that has no name. And she’s not alone. The wave has to do with being the first woman American president.

June 12, 2015
Antonio Villaraigosa

Villaraigosa Bows Out Of Senate Race, Leaving Others To Battle Harris

The field is wide open in the race to replace Senator Barbara Boxer.

February 25, 2015
Barbara Boxer

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Women Make More Effective Legislators Than Men

Nobody in Congress does bipartisanship very well — but female legislators are more successful than the men.

February 20, 2015
California Flag

In California, A ‘Golden’ Political Opportunity Carries Risks

At least four House members are considering jumping into the Senate race.

February 12, 2015
Tom Steyer

Environmentalist Tom Steyer Opts Out Of Senate Race In California

The billionaire environmentalist is passing on a run to replace Barbara Boxer.

January 22, 2015
Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer Outlines One-Term Objectives For U.S. Senate

The billionaire climate-change activist is poised to shake up one of the nation’s biggest races.

January 19, 2015
California Flag

Kamala Harris Launches U.S. Senate Bid, Begins Raising Money

Will Kamala Harris be California’s next senator?

January 13, 2015
gavin newsom

Boxer’s Exit Opens ‘Door Of Opportunity’

Barbara Boxer’s retirement will set off a fierce battle within the next generation of California Democrats.

January 9, 2015
Barbara Boxer

Senator Barbara Boxer To Retire In 2016

Senator Barbara Boxer will not seek re-election in 2016.

January 8, 2015
General Motors

GM Excoriated For ‘Negligence’ At Latest Senate Hearing

Washington (AFP) — GM officials came under attack at a Senate hearing Thursday from lawmakers who accused them of “gross negligence” that contributed to at least 13 deaths linked to defective General Motors cars. While Mary Barra, the embattled chief executive of America’s largest automaker, returned for another congressional grilling, the man GM hired to […]

July 17, 2014
Obama White House Council on Women and Girls

Democratic Women Push Obama’s Increase In Minimum Wage

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s pitch to women in his State of the Union address Tuesday night was, without question, an opening shot in the 2014 contests. At a time when Republicans have struggled to build support among women, Obama’s pledge to do away with the workplace policies of the “Mad Men” era caught the […]

January 31, 2014
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