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Sunday, March 18, 2018
Obamacare sign up explodes after Trump elected

Obamacare’s Projected Costs Continue To Tumble, CBO Report Says

Five years after the Affordable Care Act became law, its projected costs continue to plummet.

March 9, 2015

Federal Deficit Lowest Since Great Recession Amid Solid Economic Growth

The new CBO report is full of good economic news.

January 26, 2015

Behold, The Magic Kingdom Of Dynamic Scoring

In control of Congress, Republicans are preparing a departure from reality.

December 25, 2014

Will The GOP Turn The CBO Into A Fantasy League?

Republican plans to cook the books bode poorly for future policy discussions.

December 23, 2014

GOP Mulls Next CBO Director

How partisan will the GOP go with their pick for the next congressional budget chief?

November 13, 2014
Obamacare sign up explodes after Trump elected

Fewer Than 10 Million Expected To Enroll Under Health Law In 2015

Find out what this means for Obamacare’s future.

November 10, 2014

Report: Minimum Wage Increases Are Not Killing Jobs

Remember when the right was convinced that raising the minimum wage would lead to disastrous job losses, all because of a Congressional Budget Office report that suggested President Obama’s plan to do so would cost the country jobs? It turns out that states that have upped their minimum wage are actually doing much better than states that haven’t. A Center for […]

July 7, 2014

The Congressional Budget Office Should Serve The People, Not Politics

The CBO’s projections often miss the mark, but its mandate is to produce a politically useful number. The admirable Jared Bernstein entirely misses the point in his post about recent critiques of the Congressional Budget Office. Floyd Norris, Zachary Karabell, and Dean Baker have noted how often the CBO gets it wrong, and how it influences policy in damaging ways. […]

March 3, 2014

In Real Life, Higher Minimum Wage Doesn’t Kill Jobs

Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) — Economists and government officials endlessly speculate on the impact of raising the $7.25 federal minimum wage. Most recently, a report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said that raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour might cut employment by 500,000 workers. That is balanced by the projection that higher […]

February 24, 2014

5 CBO Findings About Improving The Economy That Republicans Will Always Ignore

Republicans celebrated a new report from the Congressional Budget Office this week that said raising the minimum wage to $10.10 could cost the economy 500,000 jobs. Our Joe Conason hollowed out the arguments the right uses against raising wages for America’s lowest-paid workers. Richard Trumka — head of America’s largest labor union, the AFL/CIO — encouraged […]

February 21, 2014

Minimum Truth: The Hollow Argument Against Higher Wages

In the midst of a crucial political debate that plainly favored proponents of a higher minimum wage, the Congressional Budget Office dropped a bombshell headline this week.  Increasing the minimum to $10.10 an hour – as demanded by President Obama and Democrats on Capitol Hill – will “cost 500,000 jobs.” At a moment when employment […]

February 21, 2014

GOP’s Minimum Wage Hysteria Is Overblown (Again)

Since the Congressional Budget Office projected on Tuesday that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour would “reduce total employment by about 500,000 workers,” Republicans across the country have gleefully cited the CBO’s report as evidence that the policy would be a job killer. “This report confirms what we’ve long known: While helping some, […]

February 19, 2014

A CBO Report Shows How Obamacare Will Help The Working Poor

Never mind the conservative fear mongering. The Affordable Care Act’s subsidies will boost the economy and free workers who were locked into their jobs. The attack on the Affordable Care Act by conservative Republicans after the release of the Congressional Budget Office’s new report was desperate. Bravo to much of the media for setting the story straight almost immediately. […]

February 7, 2014

Must The Obamacare Debate Be Stupid?

WASHINGTON — One of the best arguments for health insurance reform is that our traditional employer-based system often locked people into jobs they wanted to leave but couldn’t because they feared they wouldn’t be able to get affordable coverage elsewhere. This worry was pronounced for people with pre-existing conditions but not limited to them. Consider […]

February 6, 2014

Federal Deficit Dips Again, But Long-Term Outlook Remains Tough

WASHINGTON — The federal deficit is likely to continue its slide — to a lower-than-expected $514 billion for 2014, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported Tuesday. Down from last year’s $680 billion, the current deficit projection would mark the lowest level since President Barack Obama took office. However, the nation’s sluggish economy still poses long-term […]

February 4, 2014
Obamacare, Republicans

CBO Director Explains Why The GOP’s Latest Anti-Obamacare Talking Point Is Bunk

Republicans have seized on a few sentences in a new Congressional Budget Office report that says that while the labor force will continue to grow over the next decade, there will be a reduction in the hours worked because of Obamacare: The reduction in CBO’s projections of hours worked represents a decline in the number of […]

February 4, 2014

CBO: If Congress Does Nothing, Deficit Gone Before 2020

The United States Congress–to be fair, the Senate in particular–is great at inaction. Despite a Democratic trifecta in government from 2009 to the end of 2010, the Employee Free Choice Act, a cap-and-trade bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and a litany of key economic policy appointments–especially to the Federal Reserve Board–died in the world’s […]

June 24, 2011