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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Water Still Flows On Mars, Scientists Say

Scientists scouring the Red Planet using NASA’S Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter say they’ve found direct chemical evidence of transient saltwater flowing on the surface today.

September 28, 2015

This Week In Health: Red Skies Ahead

This Week In Health includes China in space, drones flying blood, supercomputers tracking our health, and even more negative side effects of smoking.

August 5, 2015

U.S. Spacecraft Flies By Pluto After 9-Year, 3 Billion-Mile Trip

A U.S. spacecraft sailed past Pluto on Tuesday, capping a 3 billion mile journey to the solar system’s farthest reaches, NASA said.

July 14, 2015

#NationalMeme: Spectacular Images And Video Of Yesterday’s Solar Eclipse

See images of the spectacular total solar eclipse that graced the skies over the North Atlantic yesterday.

March 20, 2015
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Ted Cruz’s Climate Change Denial Poses A Big Threat To NASA

The GOP takeover of the Senate threatens the longevity of NASA, NOAA, and the EPA.

March 16, 2015

NASA Launches Orion On Second Try

NASA just entered day one of the Mars era.

December 5, 2014

Orion Capsule Launch Scrubbed For The Day

The launch of NASA’s next-generation spacecraft will have to wait.

December 4, 2014

Astrophysicist’s Passion For Exotic Science Inspired ‘Interstellar’

One of the creators responsible for the hit movie Interstellar is a “visionary” scientist that you have probably never heard of.

November 24, 2014

Stable Philae Lander Sends Back First Images From Surface Of Comet

Get the latest on the Philae probe’s remarkable journey.

November 13, 2014

Rosetta Probe Philae Lands On Comet, Makes Space Exploration History

Find out more about this scientific breakthrough.

November 12, 2014

Pilot Dead As Virgin Spaceship Crashes In U.S. Desert

Learn more about the second spacecraft disaster this week.

October 31, 2014

Orbital Rocket Explodes After Launch

An unmanned rocket that was designated to resupply the International Space Station exploded in a giant fireball after launch.

October 29, 2014

NASA’s MAVEN Spacecraft Enters Mars Orbit

Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution spacecraft was successfully launched and began orbiting Mars this Sunday.

September 22, 2014

Amazon Founder Strikes Deal To Build U.S. Rocket Engines

The rockets will “eliminate reliance” on Russian engines.

September 18, 2014

NASA To Make Announcement On U.S. Human Spaceflights

Washington (AFP) — The company — or companies — that will build America’s next space taxi to carry astronauts to low Earth orbit and back is to be revealed Tuesday. NASA, which has been unable to send astronauts to space since the retirement of the shuttle in 2011, said the announcement would be made at […]

September 16, 2014

NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity Finally Arrives At Mount Sharp

By Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times After wandering in the Martian desert for 25 months, NASA’s Curiosity rover has finally arrived at its promised land: the base of Mount Sharp, the 3-mile-high mound in the middle of Gale Crater. The arrival marks the beginning of the Mars Science Laboratory rover’s original mission: to read the […]

September 12, 2014

Welcome To Laniakea, Your Galactic Supercluster Home

By Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES — Home, supercluster home. Astronomers studying the skies have found that our galaxy, the Milky Way, is part of an enormous supercluster of galaxies that has been named Laniakea, which comes from the Hawaiian words for “immeasurable heaven.” Laniakea, described in the journal Nature, stretches roughly 500 […]

September 5, 2014

As Messenger Nears Crash Landing On Mercury, Scientists Racing To Collect Best Data Yet

By Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun BALTIMORE — NASA’s Messenger spacecraft has swung around its namesake planet for three years, beaming observations of Mercury back to Earth, but next March it will smash into the cratered surface it has been studying from afar. The satellite’s oblong orbit around the solar system’s innermost planet brings it […]

August 29, 2014

Orbital Cargo Ship Departs Space Station

Washington (AFP) — Orbital Sciences Corporation’s unmanned Cygnus cargo ship left the International Space Station Friday on its way to a fiery re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. The spacecraft was released from the orbiting lab at 6:40 a.m,. NASA said in a live broadcast of the event. “Cygnus is free of the International Space Station,” a […]

August 15, 2014

SpaceX Launches Falcon 9 Rocket Carrying Satellite

By Chad Garland, Los Angeles Times SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifted off early Tuesday from Cape Canaveral, Fla., after its initial launch attempt was scrubbed with less than a minute on the countdown clock. It was the fourth orbital launch for the Hawthorne, Calif-based rocket company so far this year and the 11th Falcon 9 […]

August 5, 2014

NASA: Earth Survived Near-Miss From 2012 Solar Storm

Washington (AFP) – Back in 2012, the Sun erupted with a powerful solar storm that just missed the Earth but was big enough to “knock modern civilization back to the 18th century,” NASA said. The extreme space weather that tore through Earth’s orbit on July 23, 2012, was the most powerful in 150 years, according […]

July 25, 2014

Henry ‘Hank’ Hartsfield Jr., Space Shuttle Astronaut, Dies At 80

By Steve Chawkins, Los Angeles Times Over his career as an astronaut, Henry “Hank” Hartsfield Jr. spent many years in training and only 20 days in orbit — but they were very good days. “I’ve never had so much fun,” he once said of his first mission, a test flight of the shuttle Columbia that […]

July 24, 2014

Orbital Cargo Ship Reaches International Space Station

Washington (AFP) — Orbital Sciences Corporation’s unmanned cargo ship arrived Wednesday at the International Space Station carrying a load of food and equipment for the six-man crew at the research outpost. The vessel called Cygnus was grabbed by the space station’s robotic arm at 6:36 am (1036 GMT) and will complete its latch-on operation to […]

July 16, 2014

NASA Finalizes Contract To Build The Most Powerful Rocket Ever

By W.J. Hennigan, Los Angeles Times NASA has reached a milestone in its development of the Space Launch System, or SLS, which is set to be the most powerful rocket ever and may one day take astronauts to Mars. After completing a critical design review, Boeing Co. has finalized a $2.8 billion contract with the […]

July 2, 2014

Giant Volcano With Glacier On Mars May Have Been A Nice Place For Life

By Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times If life existed on Mars in the recent past, the best spot for it could have been on a giant volcano once encrusted with a glacier, according to a team of Brown University scientists using data from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Microbial life could potentially have thrived for a […]

May 29, 2014