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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

It would be easy to imagine President Mitt Romney’s first year-end press conference beginning with a question like, “Mr. President, which do you consider your greatest accomplishment, the record stock market, the nearly unprecedented deficit reduction or the best year for job growth since 2005?”

Instead, President Obama’s last press conference of 2013 was mostly about getting the president to admit that he’d had a terrible year, in hopes he might curl up into a ball and beg Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to save freedom.

Of course, a Democratic president shouldn’t be celebrating skyrocketing returns for investors that go almost entirely to the richest—who have never been richer—or deficit reduction when millions are still out of work. And it wasn’t until the end of the year that job growth also started to include some wage growth.

But by key Republican metrics, 2013 was a banner year for the president.

Instead of noting this, Republicans are celebrating their success at helping to turn public opinion against President Obama in his fifth year in office.

After years of trying to conjure a scandal for this White House, Republicans were even eager to attack the president from the left on Syria and government surveillance. The right-wing media amplified the complaints of the small group of “anti-war” Republicans not because they were rejecting the warmongering and abuses of power of the Bush administration, but to score points against a man they despise for beating them soundly — twice. This specious strategy became obvious when the administration’s sudden progress toward disarming Syria — and Iran — was met with silence or the sorry trope of “appeasement.”

Regardless, the president did the most damage to himself this year with the launch of, which shook the nation’s confidence as it sputtered and crashed for two whole, crucial months. Now that the site is working for most people and millions have signed up for health insurance, Republicans are hoping they’ll be able to make 2014 about the failings of Obamacare.

The chances of another fiasco are minimal, so the focus will be on making the inevitable troubling anecdotes of reform drown out the droves of people with health coverage for the first time in years—or their lives.

And Republicans will have to do this knowing that they will be responsible for five million people being denied health insurance because red states refused to expand Medicaid. Because if anecdotes about some of the 27,000 being denied coverage who are expected to die for a lack of insurance start to get some attention, there goes that plan.

Which leads us to what people will end up remembering about 2013…

116 Responses to Who Had A Terrible Year? History Will Remember The GOP’s Miserable 2013

  1. The G.O.P. has spent the last five years literally doing nothing except trying to manufacture an Obama presidency that history will regard as a disaster.

    Instead, Obama is going to be remembered as one of a series of presidents that the G.O.P. collectively sought out to ruin strictly for political gain. History will remember that Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and every Democratic president until the G.O.P.’s ultimate demise had to deal with a Congress full of party-before-country anarchists fighting them, no matter what they stood for, every single day of their presidency.

    • I would not categorize Clinton’s and Obama’s presidencies as a disaster. Theirs have been, and are, some of the most successful presidencies in history when measured by their accomplishments. With the possible exception of Lincoln and FDR, I consider Clinton and Obama our best Presidents in history…regardless of what Republicans may say or do to change the incontrovertible evidence that is available to support that claim.

      • Precisely my point. Bill Clinton was NOT a failed president. But the Newt Gingrich Congress was completely invested in trying to turn him into one.

        Now, even though history has already exonerated Bill Clinton enough for the same Republicans who voted to impeach him to pretend at their 2012 convention that he was one of their own, the G.O.P. is trying to do the exact same thing to Barack Obama: Trying to sabotage all progress and manufacture scandals for no purpose other than to try to make Obama look bad.

        It will be as effective against Obama as it was against Clinton. The very worst thing Obama can expect to be remembered as is a mediocre president who was victimized by the same infernal union of anarchists, corporate plutocrats and the American Taliban that tried to ruin Bill Clinton and every single Democratic president after him.

        • Let’s also remember in addition to all the obstruction that one very real possibility for Obama not being more successful than he has been might be that he does not want to become another J.F.K..As more time passes it appears that a president is merely a figurehead to appease the voters and that the military/industrial complex are the guys who are really running the show helped greatly by the C.U. ruling.If that’s not corporate fascism,I don’t know what is.

          • Part of President Obama’s problems are caused by his belief that most Americans are capable of understanding the root causes of our problems, and understand the benefits of the laws and proposals he has made. Clinton had the ability to connect with the average American by conveying his messages in a way everyone understood, Obama has a tendency to talk over our heads.

          • I can’t argue with that Dom.No matter who you are,if you are not capable of communicating clearly with your constituency,you’ve got a problem.Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

          • It is probably his nature…perhaps. But then it is very hard for a black person to get any respect if s/he doesn’t come off as Einstein reincarnated.

            Racist America has always raised the bar to the stratosphere for people of color to be accepted into the mainstream.

            So taking this perspective Obama’ tendency to talk over our heads is a manifestation of his legacy as a black man.

            It also manifested in his temperament. Again likely his nature but how many times did we hear how he didn’t want to be cast as the “angry black man”

            Our racist past is our present day curse and it makes it hard for us to do good things and respect people for being human

          • Your words “…It also manifested in his temperament. Again likely his nature but how
            many times did we hear how he didn’t want to be cast as the ‘angry black
            man’…” I have expressed similar sentiments to friends, except the words I used were more in the vernacular and cruder.

            Thanks for your post.

          • More accurately, Obama assumes most Americans don’t care or aren’t paying attention; that they’re worried about whether or not their next paycheck will cover the rent or whether they’re even going to get one or not.

            What distinguishes the two of them even further is that Clinton didn’t have an entire news network allied with the G.O.P. in their quest to undermine his every move and spread misinformation as much as possible.

          • Not in the present case. The people, once they speak up, can make a working system back down….Ex….A&E – Duck Dynasty:)

        • Bill Clinton balanced off the rise the deficit

          that regain shot up and create the great policy of killing red lining in the fair housing act which sadly was twisted in bush time to fair housing which is if you can afford it you can buy it and get a mortgage any were to every one should be able to get a home even if they cannot afford it which caused the housing bubble.

        • Here’s some interesting data brought to you from 238 presidential scholars, as compiled by the Sienna College Research Institute:

          Five best presidents: Franklin Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Lot of liberals in there.

          Five Worst presidents: Andrew Johnson, James Buchanan, Warren Harding, Franklin Pierce and George W. Bush. Lot of conservatives there.

          Conclusions: liberals good; conservatives bad, and we could use another Roosevelt or two.

          • Except for W, that analysis is through the lens of history, which makes the inclusion of W somewhat unfair. During the 1930s, prior to WWII, FDR was not that well thought of, by many. GB ousted one of his friends from the ambassadorship, and GB, after WWII, had much to complain about regarding our economic vandalism. History has painted FDR as much better than his contemporaries considered him. Jefferson and Washington were at odds, although their lives ended with them being huge friends. Washington was much more of a liberal than Jefferson, who did not appreciate or understand the need for a central bank, or a standing army.
            Side note: I purchased and read your book and enjoyed it very much, although your choice of “diatribe” for a format was a little lacking.

          • Based on current standards for landslides, so did W. However, FDR’s status today is much greater than it was in, say, 1940-1945. There was a bump in his popularity upon his death, as occurred with JFK. I am sure there will be a bump when W passes. However, history will determine that W, unlike either Kennedy OR FDR, was one of the worst presidents imaginable. And part of that will be due to the economic crash that Obama inherited and is still dealing with. FDR was elected in 1932, and it took him over a decade to get us out of the Great Depression. Obama was elected, similarly, in the midst of one of the worst economic downturns in history. With a friendly Congress, we would have been well on the road to recovery, if not already there. FDR faced the same problem in 1936-37, when he was forced to try conservative solutions, that resulted in a worsening of the Recession. As your book indicates, this was to be expected, for anytime conservative initiatives lead the economy, the shit hits the fan. Progressive leadership, conversely, gets us out of the fire. Conservatives may argue with that, but, unless you are Bill O’Reilly (who writes his own history), conservatives have (at least since the 1920s) consistently led us into recessions, while democrats/progressives have led us out of them.

          • Just as Rachel Maddow has said. Republicans are never responsible when in power. It is Democrats who do what is right and what is necessary. That is why President Obama is making sure that we recover from the recession brought on by Bush and republican policies that were not good for our country.

          • To support Rachel’s position we only have to look back at the Clinton administration. Clinton was put though the ringer just as severely as Obama is now and it was always Clinton’s fault that we had a huge debt and an “unsustainable” deficit. Didn’t matter to the GOP that Clinton inherited a deficit approaching $300 billion and it was declining every year of his presidency, until his second term when he had a surplus. Every Republican in Congress voted against his budgets that produced those declining deficits until the deficit was about $20 billion. Then they jumped on the bandwagon to “work” with Clinton and tried to take credit for the surpluses. John Kasich, now governor of Ohio, said the GOP “held Clinton’s feet to the fire” to produce the balanced budget. He lied.

            The deficit was much too big for Obama to eliminate it in his first term, as Clinton did, but he managed to bring Bush’s $1.55 trillion deficit ($1.412 trillion with off-budget surpluses figured in) down to about $642 billion, and yet they still bitch. I maintain the $1.55 trillion was a budget deficit; the $1.412 trillion was a spending deficit.

            They said nothing as Bush Jr. was building up the debt and deficit just as they said nothing as Reagan and Bush Daddy were creating the huge debt and deficit. But they howled like hell when Jimmy Carter sat on a debt of about $800 billion, even though it was just 32.5% of GDP, the lowest since WWII; about what it was under Nixon. But Nixon good, Carter bad.

          • Very well articulated and so good to read such positive words describing the “Five best presidents”… and certainly not surprising that GW Bush is one of the “Five worst presidents.” Have you read, “Conservatives Without Conscience” by John W. Dean? It is an excellent read and worth having in your library.

            Blessing this Christmas season and may the new year bring you good health, peace and joy.

          • It would be worth having in your library, if it’s got big pictures you can use your crayons to color, you stupid fool. Obama isn’t among the “Five worst.” He doesn’t even count as a President. He is a traitor, a lying dog and not even eligible to hold the office. As the first Post-American president, he should be impeached, tried, convicted, and his sentence should be capital punishment.

          • My comment was not addressed to you. It was addressed to Thomas Bonsell. Chances are YOU don’t know how to read or to acquire any information. Your posts indicate that you do not have information worth quoting or using in any way or form. Am willing to bet I know where you get you “news” from.

            Your post is a lot of B.S.

          • I suppose I ought to make some additions to your list.

            Better check your list again. Even if the founding fathers were neither Repubs or Dems they believed in limited government, low taxes and a free enterprise system. I think you better check your research:)

            George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan

            Liberal worst:

            LBJ – Vietnam. He did this all for political profit since his wife’s family owned Huey….War can destroy a presidency and it did destroy LBJ’s. Look at it this way, if LBJ had pulled out of Vietnam in 65 that war would not have torn apart America. And Nixon would probably not have been elected in 68. Watergate aside Nixon got us out of that thankless war.

            Clinton – He initiated some horrible economic and finance policies that lead to tremendous job losses and financial disasters that are reverberating to this day, his disgusting use of triangulation, and his reckless affair with Monica probably caused Gore to lose the election resulting in us having to suffer through the term of the worst president ever. The success of the .com’s was spawned by the man in office before him…..

            Jimmy Carter-Not only did Carter stand by and watch our ally, the Shah of Iran, get overthrown by fundamentalist crazies, he botched the Iranian hostage crisis that sprang from the overthrow in almost every way possible. It’s
            also worth noting that the Soviets were inspired by Carter’s naiveté toinvade Afghanistan on his watch. In other words, both the war on terrorand Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons can be directly traced back to Jimmy Carter’s presidency. To top off all of that incompetence, Carter gave away the Panama Canal.

            Obama-Most transparent president in history. Yah right. Benghazi, Obamacare, NSA, International affairs-does nothing, weakened military, failed foreign affairs…

            Obama’s massive expansion of spending and government for domestic purposes is not only unique in American history; it came at the worst possible moment. At a time when there were genuine concerns in America and across the world that our country no longer has the intention or even the capability of paying off our debt, Barack Obama massively increased spending under the auspices of fighting a short term recession. In this case, the cure is almost certainly worse than the disease. Could America default on her debts because of what Obama is doing? Absolutely. Could this spending be the reason future generations of Americans aren’t as prosperous as their parents? Certainly. Is it possible that we’re literally experiencing the turning point that will
            take America from super power to economic basket case? Yes. This country is now facing its greatest moment of risk since World War II and it’s an entirely self-inflicted wound.

            Isn’t it a coincidence that many of the most modern loser president’s are Democrats?

          • Your references are total BS.

            I have checked the list accurately. Ronald Reagan is No. 18 on the list. He is the one responsible for our present economic problems with his trickly-down insanity. That has never worked. If you would research you will find out he followed the exact same economic blueprint of the GOP Presidents of the 1920s who gave us the Great Depression.

            Lyndon Johnson is NO. 16 on the list, and not one of the five worst. United States involvement in Vietnam was begun under Dwight Eisenhower with the Southeast Asian Treaty Oreganizatiuon. I was working Vietnamese intelligence for the United States before you even knew there was a place called Vietnam, so don’t insult my intelligence.

            Clintons economic policies created 23 million new jobs and lowered the Reagan-Bush poverty rate of 15.1% to the historic low of 11.3%. That produced four years of budget surpluses that George W. Bush squandered, and it was Bush whose policies are still reverberating today. Clinton is No. 13 on the list, not one of the worst as your lies indicate.

            Jimmy Carter had a much better economic record than did Reagan. The Reagan-Bush disaster produced 18 million new jobs in three terms; or 6 million per term (all of it financed with massive borrowing). Carter produced more than 10 million new jobs in one term; or 67% better than the Reagan-Bush team. Carter had the debt as percentage of GDP at 32.5%, the lowest since WWII (Nixon also had it at that level). Reagan-Bush shot it up to about 70%. Carter had poverty rate of 11.4%, until the Reagan-Bush team raised it to 15.1%. Carter made human rights an important part of his foreign policy; Reagan supported mass murder.

            Where is Obama’s massive explosion of spending? Reagan increased spending 69% (almost 9% annually); Bush the Daddy increased spending 28% in four years (7% annually); Clinton increased spending 27% in eight years (3.37% annually); Baby Bush increased spending 89% (11% annually). So far Obama has seen almost an 8% increase in spending (less than 2% annually) in his first term; or a figure that doesn’t keep up with population growth and inflation. Obama’s spending as a percentage of GDP is lower than it was when Bush was in office. And much of Obama’s spending is from Bush’s TARP bailout of the banks that almost destroyed the economy.

            Another tidbit you obviously ignore. Bush was spending for two wars off budget; Obama got honest and put them on budget. If you would put the cost of the wars onto Bush’s spending, where it should be, Bush would be the biggest and most-reckless spender of all time. The two wars have cost the US more than $1.5 trillion since 2001; the majority under Bush. Get real.

            The Reagan-Bush-Bush cabal has made the US an economic basket case, not Democrats. If you would read the book “Saving America: Using Democratic Capitalism to Rescue the Nation from Economic Folly” you will see that Democratic administrations are better than GOP on every economic category worth analyzing.

            Please don’t try to feed me bullshit and claim it is chocolate pudding. I deal in facts, you rely on fantasy your mind controllers feed you.

          • Would like to have the link to your list my friend to see if it is just another Liberal pot hole.

            Never said I liked Bush. In fact the majority of Repub’s didn’t. I suppose when the shoe fits. You think Bush is the reason for all the problems we are having now. Then it appears Reagan was the reason Clinton looked so good at the beginning. I should think by now things would have turned around. Not the case. Still a disaster. The employment figures are a farce and the deficit is through the roof. Not only that ‘all the so called new jobs that were created and the best jobs’ according to the AP states that the lower service oriented jobs are high on the list for available positions. Not good in my opinion.

            Nah, it began with your people and has been downhill since then. Can’t wait to see where we fall, literally.


            Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.
            George Washington

            It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.
            George Washington

            If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.
            George Washington

            Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.
            George Washington

            The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.
            George Washington

            A people… who are possessed of the spirit of commerce, who see and who will pursue their advantages may achieve almost anything.

            GEORGE WASHINGTON, letter to Benjamin Harrison


            To contract new debts is not the way to pay old ones.

            GEORGE WASHINGTON, letter to James Welch, Apr. 7, 1799


            You can say what you want about the founding fathers but I suspect that everything that you have fed me comes from Liberal minded posts:)

          • I have not retained a link. Just Google “Sienna College Research Institute” and look for a link that might have 238 presidential scholars.

            What do you mean “the deficit is through the roof?” When Obama took office he inherited a budget deficit of $1.55 trillion from Bush. Some off-budget surpluses lowered the spending deficit to $1.412 trillion. The present deficit is estimated at about $640 billion; almost a trillion-dollar reduction, with no off-budget surpluses yet figured in. You can get this information from the Office of Management and Budget.

            This statement: “it appears Reagan was the reason Clinton looked so good at the beginning.} is total BS.

            Clinton got the exact same treatment from the GOP that Obama is getting now. Every single Republican in Congress voted agains his first budgets. Every one. When he had lowered the $290 billion deficit to about $20 billion, the Republicans jumped on the bandwagon and tried to claim credit for the successes they all opposed. I read a lot of total crap from righties who claimed that Clinton’s four years of surpluses were the result of Reagan policies put into effect 15-16 years earlier. But when the economy finally crawled out from under Reagan’s disaster of the early ’80s and showed some growth, the same right-wing clowns attributed that to the “Reagan Miracle;” not to the Great Society policies put into effect 15-16 years earlier. Never mentioned were why Reagan’s policies didn’t work for Poppa Bush, who had a miserable economy, or for Baby Bush who gave us the worst economy since the GOP’s Great Depression. I can detect sheer hypocrisy when I see it.

            Try some research about job creation between GOP and Democrats. Try some research about recessions under GOP and Democrats. Try some research about deficits and debt under GOP and Democrats. Use your brain and stop sending BS on matters you haven’t researched; if you know how to research.

            And please don’t tell me what I think; there is no way on Earth you could muster up enough brain power to do that.

          • Sienna College: Liberal institution…Don’t buy it. Sorry, you need a more reliable less bias resource.

            The deficit hasn’t increased. Yah right…This article comes from none other than a Liberal news blog called CBS:

            “The Debt rose $4.899 trillion during the two terms of the Bush
            presidency. It has now gone up $4.939 trillion since President Obama took office.

            The latest posting from the Bureau of Public Debt at the Treasury Department shows the National Debt now stands at $15.566 trillion. It as $10.626 trillion on President Bush’s last day in office, which coincided with President Obama’s first day.

            The National Debt also now exceeds 100% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product, the total value of goods and services.”

            15-16 years ago Nixon was President another individual you loathe. No Reagan had a lot to do with the prosperity of Clinton. Clinton was the beginning of the end. Like I said when the shoe fits. Just like you think Bush left a mess for Obama. Only Obama took the mess Bush left and made it worse, worse, worse.

            I think you are beginning to run out of things to nail me on. Liberals usually do that. So the jibberish and the name calling begins. I’m not going to debunk you for not using your brain like you are doing to me. No, not going to call you names. I’m just educated enough to be able to think for myself. My intention is not to change your mind. Narrow mindedness is more the term I choose to use. Lack of understanding. If you all don’t stop this bitterness between the parties, the divide will become larger. Your man started this. If you are too foolish to see that then you are part of the problem.

            When It Comes To Job Creation, Obama Doesn’t Hold A Candle To Reagan.

            Don’t believe it read it here:


            ‘Here’s the big difference. When it comes to the labor force
            participation rate, under Obama it too fell to a trough of 63.5%, as it did for Reagan, but now it stands at…63.6%.

            Therefore, there must be a rather massive difference in job
            creation—in total employment in the nation. Sure enough, this is true. The number of jobs in the United States is a mere 800,000 more now than when Obama took office. Again, the net gain under Reagan was about 5 million more than that.’

          • Of cour the debt has gone up under Obama. That is because Bush left the nation in such dire economic straits that debt had to be used. Another fact you on the right totally ignore is that Bush paid for his two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan OFF-BUDGET to hide how reckless he was. Obama’s figures look bad because he was honest enough to put those costs ON BUDGET.

            Of course you won’t change my mind because I deal in fact and truth, not fantasy and propaganda.

            Facts and truth will show you that since World War II, every Democratic Administration, except the 1949-53 Truman years, produced more new jobs than did almost every GOP administration. And that includes Truman, who had to overcome a 60% reduction in government spending after the war, about 10 million Americans were separated from their jobs in the military and civilian support positions and much of the economy shut down to convert from wartime production to peacetime production. Yet he produced more new jobs than every GOP administration except Reagan. And Reagan did his by blowing up the debt and deficit. He increased government spending 69%, the debt by 188.6%.

            Of coure the new jobs under Obama don’t reflect reality. Ever hear the word “carryover”? When Obama took office, the Bush disaster was in full bloom and getting worse. We were losing jobs at a rate of 800,000 a month and each month had been getting worde. That disaster carried over well into the first year of Obama’s term, but job losses were being reduced month by month, but they were still the result of your hero Bush. Factor out the Bush carryover factor and Obama has seen almost 8 million new jobs. A president can’t immediately reverse trends on the first day in office by waving a magic wand.

            I am getting a bit tired of you right-wingers labeling everything and everyone to be dishonest or a radical, socialist, or worse just because the truth they present doesn’t justify your ignorance. And it appears that you don’t know the difference between deficit and debt. Deficit has gone down from $1.423 trillion under Bush to about $640 billion under Obama. Debt has gone up because Bush had pushed the nation down into a financial hole.

            Here’s a factual tidbit that you will never figure out. In Clinton’s eight years his deficits, inherited from the Reagan-Bush disaster, were outpaced by his surpluses that every Republican in Congress had voted against. His surpluses left an eight-year surplus of $62.9 billion, but the debt went up by $1.485 trillion because of the Reagan policies. Tell me how that happened; and don’t lie by claiming it didn’t happen; it did and the figures are easily available to anyone who can research.

            Get real and join the normal world.

          • You do not necessarily deal in facts and of course I won’t change your mind because you are steadfastly blinded by your ideals. You believe the lies that the Government spews your way because you believe in an ideologue who, unbeknownst to you, has failed. Difference between you and me is the fact that I have also been able to keep up with European News most of my life; whereas, most American’s are only familiar with the News here in the States. That gives me an edge because what we hear about in the U.S. may be different than that from another Nation. We have been lied to for years on both ends. The internet allows us to be more connected and now anyone can research a bit more to make up their own mind on issues that arise.

            Whether you like it or not, along with JFK, Reagan will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents we ever had. I remember there was less discontent, more jobs, less deficit during the Reagan years than there had ever been in my whole life. There was less dissention between races or squabbling among the parties. Other Countries still respected us. We had an economic growth spurt because of innovation and the Cold War went South.

            By now a president should have changed things. They are getting worse and you know it. There has been no turn around, the outsourcing continues, the freebies continue, the taxes keep going up, the unemployment does not change, the world does not respect us, we don’t respect each other nor do we get along, different races are at each others throats like never before, the school system’s are getting worse and worse, the dollar is shrinking, more crime, more taxes, more taxes, more taxes.

            Yes, things are going your way and that is what upsets you because things don’t look so good under your Messiah. You should be so proud of yourselves. If I would see the world the way you all see it, I would begin to wonder if their weren’t other solutions to be looked at. Something the ‘Dictator’ refuses to do.

            Yes, you are socialists. Look it up. Get used to it. Repubs have their issues but we are far removed from left-leaning ideas.

            When President Reagan entered office in 1981, he faced actually much worse economic problems than President Obama faced in 2009. Three worsening recessions starting in 1969 were about to culminate in the worst of all in 1981-1982, with unemployment soaring into double digits
            at a peak of 10.8%. At the same time America suffered roaring
            double-digit inflation, with the CPI registering at 11.3% in 1979 and 13.5% in 1980 (25% in two years). The Washington
            establishment at the time argued that this inflation was now endemic to the American economy, and could not be stopped, at least not without a calamitous economic collapse.

            1. Cut tax rates to restore incentives for economic growth,
            which was implemented first with a reduction in the top income tax rateof 70% down to 50%, and then a 25% across-the-board reduction in income tax rates for everyone. The 1986 tax reform then reduced tax rates further, leaving just two rates, 28% and 15%.

            2. Spending reductions, including a $31 billion cut in spending in 1981, close to 5% of the federal budget then, or the equivalent of about$175 billion in spending cuts for the year today. In constant dollars,nondefense discretionary spending declined by 14.4% from 1981 to 1982,
            and by 16.8% from 1981 to 1983. Moreover, in constant dollars, this nondefense discretionary spending never returned to its 1981 level for the rest of Reagan’s two terms! Even with the Reagan defense buildup, which won the Cold War without firing a shot, total federal spending declined from a high of 23.5% of GDP in 1983 to 21.3% in 1988 and 21.2%
            in 1989. That’s a real reduction in the size of government relative to the economy of 10%.

            3. Anti-inflation monetary policy restraining money supply growth compared to demand, to maintain a stronger, more stable dollar value.

            4. Deregulation, which saved consumers an estimated $100
            billion peryear in lower prices. Reagan’s first executive order, in fact, eliminated price controls on oil and natural gas. Production soared, and aided by a strong dollar the price of oil declined by more than 50%.

            These economic policies amounted to the most successful economic experiment in world history. The Reagan recovery started in official records in November 1982, and lasted 92 months without a recession until July 1990, when the tax increases of the 1990 budget deal killed it. This set a new record for the longest peacetime expansion ever, the
            previous high in peacetime being 58 months.


            Sorry, no bueno. Again, if things were so peachy and if your guy would have turned things around we wouldn’t be at each others throats. You keep on this track and it will be adios USA…. You will have given up the greatest Country in the world for the likes of old Russia, old China, Valenzuela, and Cuba. Get real. All because of your one-sidedness.

            Normal world. I live in it every day and it ain’t lookin so good from my viewpoint. You need to wake up and pay attention to what is really happening out there……..

          • This presentation is so sad.

            Obama entered office with the GDP losing 9,1% of its value in the final quarter of Bush’s disaster. We were losing 800,000 jobs a month. Those are Great Depression numbers. Reagan entered office when the economy was growing, slowing as it climbed out of a recession that ended in July 1980, before Reagan was elected. It was the shortest and mildest of all after WWII and was caused by the oil embargo following the Iranian revolution.

            Reagan increased spending 69% over his term and the debt 188.6%. The recession that saw a 10.8% unemployment came after Reagan slashed taxes. He then raised taxes in 1982 and the payroll tax in 1983 to mask the severity of his deficits. Learn how excess cash in SocialSecurity goes to the Treasury to mask deficits and increase the debt.

            Of course the double-digit inflation you cited began under Nixon, continued under Ford and was inherited by Carter. It was caused by the oil embargo by OPEC, so none of the three could be culprits.

            Deregulation hasn’t saved any one any money. It is the cause of the economic problems we are still trying to get out from under. Deregulation of the savings & loan industry=the S&L scandal. Deregulation of the utility industry=Enron and similar scandals throughout the industry. Deregulation of Wall Street=the crashing of the economy under Bush.

            Get real. Start connecting hots.

          • It’s really sad because you can’t really contradict me.

            Didn’t hear people complaining all that much when Reagan was in office and Bush II….in the opinion of most Conservatives was not a favorite. At least we are willing to admit that. You people stick to your guns even when the President is a complete and utter failure.

            President Ronald Reagan’s record includes sweeping economic reforms and deep across-the-board tax cuts,
            market deregulation, and sound monetary policies to contain
            inflation. His policies resulted in the largest peacetime economic boom in American history and nearly 35 million more jobs. As the Joint Economic Committee reported in April 2000:2

            In 1981, newly elected President Ronald Reagan refocused fiscal policy on the long run. He proposed, and Congress passed, sharp cuts in marginal tax rates. The cuts increased incentives to work and stimulated growth. These were funda-mental policy changes that provided the foundation for the Great Expansion that began in December 1982.

            Exhibit 1 shows, the economic record of the last 17 years is
            remarkable, particularly when viewed against the backdrop of the1970s. The United States has experienced two of the longest andstrongest expansions in our history back to back. They have beeninterrupted only by a shallow eight-month downturn in 1990-91.

            ….and now your telling me Carter was a good president and was made to look bad because of Nixon and Ford. LOL I think you better go back to eating peanuts.

          • I don’t need to contradict you. Facts and reality do a very good job of that.

            Fact: The Reagan-Bush cabal produced 18 million jobs, not 35.million. That’s 6 million per term,. Jimmy Carter had 10 million new jobs; that’s 67% better than Reagan-Bush. Carter had the debt as a percentage of GDP down to 32.5% where it tied with Nixon as the lowest since WWII. Reagan-Bush ran it up to about 70%.

            Reagan-Bushdisaster is the main problem we have now. It gave us exploding deficits and huge debts. It added the savings and loan failures, It used mass murder as foreign policy in Latin America.

            You must be insane to deny the miserable record of Reagan.

          • You people will do anything to make your side look good to the bitter end.

            Ronald Reagan took the oath of office as America’s 40th President on January 20, 1981, the country was experiencing some of bleakest economictimes since the Depression. Taxes were high, unemployment was high, interest rates were high and the national spirit was low.

            ….and you cannot deny this. It is worse nowadays than it was then.

            Almost as soon as the Inaugural ceremony was over, President Reagan set his sights on Capitol Hill. From day one, he and his team worked tirelessly to get Congress to pass legislation to put the economy back on track. Even a near-fatal assassination attempt did not slow him down. While still recovering, he summoned Congressional leaders to the
            White House to twist their arms. Ronald Reagan may have been the first President to wear pajamas to a meeting with the bipartisan Congressional leadership. He wanted them to know he meant business.

            His efforts paid off. In August 1981, President Reagan signed the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981, which brought reductions in individual income tax rates, the expensing of depreciable property, incentives for small businesses and incentives for savings. So began the Reagan Recovery. A few years later, the Tax Reform Act of 1986 brought
            the lowest individual and corporate income tax rates of any major industrialized country in the world.

            The numbers tell the story. Over the eight years of the Reagan Administration:

            20 million new jobs were created
            Inflation dropped from 13.5% in 1980 to 4.1% by 1988
            Unemployment fell from 7.6% to 5.5%
            Net worth of families earning between $20,000 and $50,000 annually grew by 27%
            Real gross national product rose 26%
            The prime interest rate was slashed by more than half, from an unprecedented 21.5% in January 1981 to 10% in August 1988

            OMG Carter was a loser. Weak, weak, weak. He will not go down in history as a great president and you know it.

            We need LESS government, and LOWER taxes. We need a president with business sense and a knowledge of economics which Reagan had. A uniter not a divider.

            Mass murder….what do you think Obama let happen in Bengahzi. He and Killary didn’t even care. You are helping to disintegrate a Democracy. Washington, the new Kremlin. You are getting your way, yes you are. Hope you will be happy with the results. Yes, the divide between rich and poor will become greater. There will be no middle class. You might add to the uber wealthy our Government. The new ‘Corporate.’ Then who will you be? A bottom feeder like everyone else. Hopeless full of disparity, over taxed, grappling to keep food on the table. Yes, there will be mass murder only this time it will be of citizens who go against the feeder government…..and who do we have to thank for all this. People like you who sold us down the drain with your proverbial world view and unwillingness to bend. You will see. I know all to well about Communism….. Where other Communists found that the system didn’t work, you will have us flow right into the belief that it will because you don’t understand the socialist system or how it operates against humanity. Little do you realize that some of the very things you all gripe about we also gripe about. So before you see the sand in my eye, look at your own. This is the cost of freedom? Dissension on both sides. Well, I guess what the Founding Fathers produced didn’t even make 300 years.

            ….and you talk about mass murder. What about the ‘mass murder’ of a Nation. One thing about Reagan is the fact that he brought us together, it was a time of prosperity and innovation, and like it or not, he made us damn proud to be who we were.

            Sorry, don’t see that with your Guy. High taxes, outsourcing, horrible International relations, too much Government control, lack of innovation, low spirit, divisiveness, more taxes, more taxes, more taxes……. Geez, things are looking pretty good by YOUR standards aren’t they…..

        • When you talk about Obama being considered a failed president or a ‘disaster’, are you talking about what the clueless American public thinks or historians? Because, the clueless American public may think that, just look at the fact that they rate Raegan very highly when if anyone really has examined the damage he’s done to America over the past 30 years, he should have been rated one of the worst.

          But if historians were to rate Obama’s presidency as a failed one, they would have to certainly be very shortsighted; and clueless as well. I challenge anyone posting on this blog, to identify a president for me who has accomplished more than Obama. Here are just some highlights:

          1) Despite GOP opposition, pushed through with bailout of the auto industry and a stimulus program that clearly kept America from falling into a depression.’
          2) Not only prevented a depression, but salvage at least 1.5 million jobs and over the past 4 years retained over 150 billion in tax dollars which would have been lost.
          3) Has been the smallest spending president since Eisenhower with 1.4%/yr spending increases, which has resulted in him also reducing deficit spending faster than any president since Truman right after WWII.
          4) Kept his campaign promise of cutting deficit spending in 1/2 within 4 budget years, cutting the 1.5 trillion deficits in Bush’s last budget to under 680 Billion for 2012/13.
          5) Kept his campaign promise to get America out of Iraq quickly and to wind down the Afghan war.
          6) Kept up the search for al Qaeda operatives, including bin Laden and not only succeeded in getting him but also inprev so decimating al Qaeda leadership that the terrorist organization is today nothing more than a shell of its original self.
          7) Set up a war on fraud in the defense and healthcare sectors of our economy, bringing more crooks to trial and recovering more monies for the government than any previous president.
          8) Also,sought out and deported more criminal type illegal aliens than any president and set records for total illegals deported.
          9) Despite inheriting an economy in freefall, with the economny losing 800,000+ jobs/mo at his inaugeration, his actions reversed the freefall within 3 months such that the economy was creating positive net jobs in less than 1 yr.
          10) Despite GOP obstruction in passing job creation bills, the economy under Obama has created more jobs in 5+ years than Bush’s administration created in 8 years.
          11) In the face of GOP obstructionism, Obama utilized his executive powers to establish improved immigration guidelines and cut banks out of the student loan process such that hundreds of thousands of more HS students have been able to afford college.
          12) Where countless presidents have tried and failed to enact serious healthcare reform, Obama was successful in getting ACA enacted which will in time revolutionize America’s healthcare services improving the lives of all Americans.
          13) Considering that Obama’s 1st term began in the midst of the worst economic disaster to impact America, the economic loss of 2008 was far greater than that of the Big Depression, America to day is in far better shape after 5 years than it was back in the 1930s under FDR.
          14) The alternative energy policies of the Obama administration are just now reaching fruition and will prove in time to be instrumental in moving America away from its dependency on foreign oil.
          15) In addition to the Obama Administrations green energy initiatives, drilling for oil and gas have been such that America is poised to replace Russia, as the world’s largest producer of these energy products within the next year.

          And Michael, I could continue on with another dozen accomplishments for Obama. My problem is, that your comment about Obama’s presidency being a disaster, leads me to think that you’re as shortsighted about what’s really been accomplished for America as the majority of Americans in our general population and including some posting here on the NM. That’s really very disappointing!!! Especially when you consider that all of what I’ve listed above has been accomplished despite the GOP doing everything in their power to try and make Obama fail!!!!!!!!

          • You pretty much have the right of it. There is a world of difference between the history the Republicans are trying to manufacture for Obama, and the history that will actually be remembered.

            The obstruction, the conspiracy theories, the fake scandals, the threats of violence and secession, even the Voter ID laws: all of those were designed to do two things:

            1) Punish America for voting for a black Democrat.
            2) Establish a narrative for future historians to make Obama look bad.

            What historians are actually going to record is that Obama had to constantly fend off obstructionists, conspiracy theorists, witch hunters, thugs, anarchists, wannabe plutocrats and the American Taliban.

            Even if Obama did not have any signature accomplishments, he would have been remembered, not as a failed president, but as a victim of the most destructive and counterproductive kind of politicking seen in America since the Civil War. But even in spite of having committed themselves solely to denying him any accomplishments, Obama will be credited with the Affordable Care Act, the economic recovery and the death of Osama Bin Laden.

            So whether they like it or not, history is going to remember Clinton and Obama, the two men they spent eight years setting out to ruin, as successful presidents, while the idiot they enshrined as “divinely appointed” to the presidency will be regarded as one of the absolute worst.

            And no, Reagan is not going to be remembered well by historians. His high regard is as artificial as Obama’s failed presidency. Once the G.O.P. blowhards are no longer around to give the ghost of St. Ronnie an endless stream of fellatio and history doesn’t have that constant stream of B.S. obstructing their view of what he actually did, history will remember him as the man who ruined the U.S. economy and sold the American dream.

          • Reagan was a bigot, racist and I lost $5000.00 refund because of his decisions. He is the worst president in my book.

        • Why don’t we just call a spade a spade and put the blame on both sides….. Among other things, Obama will be known for Obamacare. The launch was a COMPLETE and utter failure except for the under $15,000’ders who signed up for Medical. Who’s gonna pay for all the freebies? I see that the youngsters were all standing in line to sign up for this brain fall that barely got off the ground……Unorganized mess that it was. Under a ‘Free Market’ system this would never have happened.

          In addition to that flop, your man will be known as the most racist and divisive president in the history of the USA. Need I add more to the list. The only reason he gets away with all the mistakes he has made and all the fabricated lies he has inflicted on us is because he is a black man…..and you all still think he is the Messiah…..HaHaHaHaHa……


            Hit the pricks, prick. Nobody’s falling for it. Obama is neither racist nor divisive. Instead, he’s the object of obsession from a bunch of racist and divisive pricks who can’t stand the fact that the United States is no longer a place where being white, male and Christian are no longer standard job requirements.

            You’;re just part of the problem, tea-bagger: a party-before-country whore who thinks chanting the same bullshit over and over again might magically make it come true one day.

            History will not remember Obama as being racist or divisive. Instead, it will remember you and your ilk’s collective war against reality.

          • Nobody ever said that the United States should be run by a white Christian male. But it should also not be run by a bias, prejudice ethnic. Don’t forget, this Country was created under Christian principles and there are a lot of Christian’s still out there.

            To me Obama’s lack of maturity is showing and you are all falling for it hook line and sinker. To be a president one has to be diplomatic and respected. Something this man is not. He loves to spend our money especially on lavish trips. 11 mil. to go to Hawaii for Xmas on our dollar, give me a break. I think if it were me in the White House I would have stayed home and saved the Country some money. It would have shown some credibility.

            Reality, where you just don’t see it, it seems very clear to me. Are we being cordial to each other? In the not to distant past American’s of all nationalities and religions seemed to get along just fine. So what do you think happened?….And don’t you dare blame it on us. By the way….I am not a tea bagger just a Constitutionalist. I do think that the tea-baggers have the gumption to stand up to you all and that is what you can’t stand about them.

            Your beginning to start calling me names. Not a factual response.

            Truly admire Margaret Thatcher, she was not a white/male/Christian.

            “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

            Something to think about…….


            “Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its waters. This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle! Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

            –Frederick Douglass, August 4, 1857.

          • The country was NOT created out of ‘christian’ values but mainly by deists . You are mistaken at the get reason to read past the first sentence, schome newbie!!

          • Yes, it was. Values in your opinion correlate with immorality which were not principles this nation was founded under. If you believe that than you may as well dig a hole to China. In case you haven’t noticed, every founding Father acknowledged God and Biblical teachings in their writing. Prove it to me otherwise. Bet you can’t…..

            Schome newbie? LOL, Not!

          • Paine , Jefferson, and Franklin were deists There were atheists and the principles were for secular Government.

            The country was not founded on Christianity. In the Treaty of Tripoli, presented by George Washington and John Adams, it states clearly “The United States is, in no way, founded upon the principles of Christianity”. The treaty was ratified unanimously by Congress and printed in all the newspapers of the day, apparently without any public outcry. That means that not only the government, but the people of the early U.S. Found no problem with that idea.

            Further, they had many chances to adopt Christian doctrine into law and it was voted down in every single case.

            Not only was the country not founded on Christianity, but it was specifically and repeatedly founded on the concept of separation of church and state.

            Unfortunately, you are arguing the revisionists desperate need to make the USA into a structure it never had. Good luck to you. The history and facts are not on your side, schmo.

          • Well, then let’s just continue on the path we are on…. Let me guess. You are an atheist. Many Libs are. Of course, that is your choice.

            This may be of interest to you….or maybe not.. Your choice.

            Three Atheists died and went to hell but Christ gave a second chance.

            All the best……

          • Ha..wrong again, schmo. Al Jezeera, FT, the Economist, Der Spiegel, BBC, Zaman, World Times, and ME online! Happy New year!

      • Your post is well articulated. Yes, thank you so much for your thoughtful words. I, too, consider Clinton and Obama our best Presidents in history, and yes, with the possible except of Lincoln and FDR.

        Feliz Navidad … for you and your family. May the new year bring peace, joy and love in abundance.

    • A very thoughtful and well written post. You are right on the mark!

      The blessings of Christmas and a new year of good health, peace and joy to you and your family.

  2. It is my fervent wish that history will judge the ultra conservative Republicans, and the moderate Republicans who caved in to them, harshly. I hope history will note that it was not the policies of this President that they hated, it was the man himself. They hated him with a relentless, burning hatred that did not yield to facts or reason. Again and again, they wasted their time in Congress re-fighting battles that they had decidedly lost. They wasted millions of our tax dollars, tilting at windmills, while pretending to be for austerity. No price was too great for everyone except the most wealthy to pay, to try to implement their shameful ideology. I hope that history will heap shame and scorn on their mean spirited, un-American heads.

  3. I am one those people immeasurably better off than five years ago, and who regards the country as on the right track. The American public is confused and easily taken in by the Republicans,

  4. Let’s not get carried away. What seems abhorrent or crazy to us is often supported by millions of fellow Americans who share the views of people like Cruz, Palin, Lee, and Phil the Duck. For us, the fact that this Congress passed less than 60 new laws this year is outrageous and the epitome of a do nothing Congress. Many Republicans praise their obstructionist tactics, not only because of the hostile environment they helped create, but because of their determination to derail President Obama’s agenda.
    Our society is divided, politically, and what is good for one side is often evil for the other side. Differences of opinion are not new in American politics, and often contribute to better legislation, but what has happened in this country since the Reagan era is downright dangerous and could easily result in catastrophic consequences. I am not talking about Civil War, I am talking about our inability to invest in infrastructure, R&D and, especially, in education at a time when other industrialized nations are investing heavily in these areas and have already surpassed the USA on many fronts. If this divisiveness continues for a few more years we are likely to become a second fiddle in world affairs, not because our competitors are more powerful – militarily – than we are, but because our intransigence and inability to respect the opinions of others are causing irreparable damage to what has been until now one of the greatest countries in the world. Just look at the popularity of the Duck Dynasty show, if you doubt how wrong headed our goals and values have become.

    • The division of the United States, is and always has been the only way to conquer our nation…divide and conquer…simple…when you own all of the propaganda outlets…the fascists have paid attention…

    • Ironically, the majority of VOTERS who support the ultra-conservative agenda are the ones who SUFFER because of it. Yet they believe the propaganda of the right wing that those who are WORSE OFF than themselves are the cause of their problems, as are those who advocate policies to HELP them. It reminds me of the Jedi mind trick by which the storm troopers let R2D2 and C3PO pass their checkpoint because Obi Wan Kenobe mentally suggested “these are not the droids you are looking for.” Likewise, the “evil” subset of rich people passed the checkpoint of the voters with the suggestion “we are not the crooks you are looking for.”

      • I loved the Star Wars analogy. You are right, one of the most perplexing facets of this issue is the inability of so many middle class and poor Americans to understand that they are voting against their best interests when they support most GOP policies and proposals. I believe their willingness to harm themselves is influenced by a combination ignorance, prejudice, intolerance, and fear.

  5. The first paragraph says it all. If we currently had a President Romney (shudder), the Republicans would be touting how he/they turned the country around. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, many are still struggling, only to be ignored. ” Pres.” Romney doesn’t worry about the poor (his words)..

    • Except that a Romney administration would NOT have been so successful at helping the economy RECOVER; he would have made it WORSE.

  6. The only person who had a terrible year was Ted Cruz. I can’t imagine Ted Cruz coming later and look in peoples eyes and say: “elect me to be your leader because I shut down the govenment everyone needs, and now am asking you to lead the very government I shutdown and didn’t know whether it will survive again or not. Is this possible?
    Also those who had a bad year was the press.The press did a very,very, very bad job.They are not there only to report bad news.They are there to make sure everyone who has been assigned the job by the people, must work accordingly. They failed the people by not making sure congress are accountable. To me I blame the press to see the congress is below 10% Approval Rating. They must understand that people are not fond of seeing pictures/photos they put in their articles or what they write, they want to see with their help, the country is moving forward.

    • You still can’t get it right. Fact…The senate, and bath house Barry shut the government down. Your demonrat pals may buy that, but the truth is what it is.
      Oh that’s right, if it’s not a lie, you won’t believe it!

      • Hallo! where have you been? Are you not aware who shutdown the government. It was Ted Cruz. I repeat Ted Cruz, the man who was born in Canada and transported to US. The man who talked almost 24 hours while myself and others and may be you were deep asleep. Why did he do that? Does he talk like that every day? If you can answer these questions honestly, then you will know you are wrong blaming others.

        • I guess you don’t have a firm grasp of how it works.

          It starts in the house, then over to I should have been

          dead years ago Harry, who wouldn’t even put anything

          up for a vote. Then Bath house Barry said, I’ll veto anything

          I don’t like. Are you clear on that, or do I have to draw a map?

          What Ted did, has nothing to do with it.

          • GVETTE, It works like this, the Kock Brothers, Heritage Foundation and Birch Society call a meeting with all the GOP members. They say repeat after me, and guess what GOP does? They parrot exactly what they are told to say, not one GOP member has a mind of their own, they are bought and owned by the elite and YOU as dumb as you are, follow. Have a Merry Christmas and may the Lord give you a better mind to use next mind, because the one you have now is very, very cloudy.

          • Yes, typical demo. Blame it on the kocks.

            Well, you wouldn’t be one, if you didn’t blame

            someone! As long as you want to take that route,

            let’s remember Valerie Jarrett , and George Soros

            tell Barry what to say. They run it, not Barry.

          • You don’t get, I am not blaming anyone, I’m just explaining to you why the GOP doesn’t work. You think if you post the non-sense BS on the National Memo that it will somehow become truth, but wait patiently for a new brain and I have hope for you in 2014, and for your info I don’t consider myself a demo. I usually vote based on the candidate, what he’s done and how he thinks. Explain to me about Valerie Jarrett and George Soros, what do you know that I don’t.

          • Valerie Jarrett. Last I heard, she was turned down by the Republicans for a post in Obama’s first year. How does she fit into your little conspiracy theory.

          • You The New York Post reports:

            “It was during one of those nightly sessions that Jarrett devised the no-negotiating strategy that Obama has employed in his fight with the GOP over the government shutdown,” Klein said, citing sources within the administration.

            “Valerie came up with the concept late at night, after the kids and grandma and were gone.”

            “She convinced the president that a government shutdown and default offered a great opportunity to demonize the Republicans and help the Democrats win back a majority in the House of Representatives in 2014 .

            Valerie also came with the idea of using the words `hostage’, and `ransom,’ and `terrorists’ against the Republicans,’” Klein said.

            According to Klein, Jarrett’s strategy was meant to weak the GOP’s majority in next year’s House elections to give Obama’s plans for comprehensive immigration reform a boost. She derives her influence from sheer proximity, Klein says, noting that no one with the exception of Michelle Obama has such access to the commander in chief.

            Jarrett is the one who advised Obama “do not cooperate one iota on ObamaCare. Don’t given an inch. Let the Republicans stew in their own juice,“ Klein said.

            “The Republicans walked into a trap set up by Valerie Jarrett and President Obama, The Republicans are in an untenable position,” he added.might enjoy this.

          • While Obama signed the bill authorizing the sequester and, eventually, the shutdown as acted on by Congress, he does not have the Constitutional authority to write the legislation. As the Republican Party was in the majority in the House at the time, they are the ones responsible for writing the legislation, unless, of course, they turned that job over to ALEC.

          • Funny thing about laws, and the like. you mentioned the sequester. Well, with the new budget, part of that goes away.
            That’s why they get the big bucks…they are clever.

          • Once again, you just skip the notion of a tripartite government, in which, Constitutionally, all branches have and exercise a countering authority on the others. IF the House is so opposed to the ACA, for instance, they can go through the Courts (which they did). Failing satisfaction from that branch, they can always wait for the next election rather than holding the government (and the American people) hostage. You are overlooking one GLARING fact in this episode in our history, and that is that Obama is the president. This also means that the ACA is enacted law found Constitutional by the SCOTUS . For Republicans to attempt to subvert the legal will of the people as found in enacted law is not only unpatriotic, it is unConstitutional.

          • You have no grasp of how it’s supposed to work, gvette. The House is supposed to craft a budget with bipartisan support, that addresses the needs and desires of both left and right. Had they done so, it would have gotten the support of the Senate and Mr. Obama.

            What the House keeps doing is sending over stuff that has the imprint of the far right all over it — that hasn’t a prayer of being approved by the rest of the Government. Hardly a recipe for getting anything done. And, of course, Mr. Obama has the Constitutional right to veto anything with which he disagrees. Mr. Obama is sufficiently pragmatic to understand compromise. Mr. Cruz, Mr. Boehner, and the rest of them don’t even have the word in their vocabularies. They’d rather waste taxpayer dollars trying, again, to veer the Nation to the extreme right, failing to realize (or at least acknowledge) that, were the citizenry as a whole to embrace their position, they’d also be running the Senate and we’d be looking to President Romney. Guess what? It’s a Democratic Senate and President — and they are supposed to know how to work with them to get things done.

          • Funny you’d say bipartisan. Something the left knows little about. You’re correct he does have the right to veto, then

            again he thinks he has the right to change laws without going through congress. As he’s changed Barry care 14 times, without going through congress. Also, Harry should at least let things on the floor for a vote. They also can go over the bills, and make changes, then send them back to the house. You left that parrt out. I’ll bring up the bill that just sailed throught that in your words bipartisan. I’m sure you’re all fo it. It cuts veterans, and diasbled veterans benefits. Trust me, I’m not fond of a lot of the republican either.
            Have a Merry Christmas!!

          • And the republicans have voted 42 times to repeal, defund or otherwise abolish the ACA, but couldn’t agree on a budget.

          • You do realize there hasn’t been a budget since Barry has been

            has been residing in the white house, till now. His first two years

            both houses were dem controlled. Also, funny as it is, by law,

            every for of government are supposed to have a budget. As

            you wrote to me to blame republicans, it doesn’t wash. All you,

            and bath house Barry can do, is blame others.

          • You must be talking about W. He evaded more laws through the process of presidential signings than ANY other president. He has said himself that he was responsible for the NSA surveillance program. His signature is all over the bills that precipitated the collapse of 2008.

          • You’re
            correct. Then senator Barry, didn’t like it. Was vocal about it. Now, when push
            comes to shove, if he cared about civil libertys, he could repeal it. So, in
            essence, his finger prints are now on it.

          • Maybe you didn’t catch the part where there is a Republican House that has no desire to do anything to make a BLACK president look good, like repealing the bills that support the surveillance program. Same thing with closing down Gitmo – Obama cannot do things like that without the bills proposed and approved by a Republican House. As much as you like to think so, he does not have the powers of a dictator. He cannot TELL Congress what to do. It’s called a Constitutional Republic (which means that is is a REPRESENTATIVE democracy – not a pure democracy). Nobody in the Executive Branch has the authority by our Constitution to repeal anything. Have you ever taken a civics course? Could you pass the citizenship test that aliens are required to take when they apply for citizenship?

          • You said it, not me. Yes, slavery still exists, in this country and around the world. It is unfortunate that you are unable, through your tinted lenses, to see it clearly.

          • Wow, and we have trouble with allowing aliens to become citizens when they know so much more about how our government works than you do. Did you dream up that scenario or did some adolescent write it for you before he took a course in Civics or US History?

          • John Amato, Oct. 7, 2013. Crooks, and Liars: Speaker John Boehner must be fuming at the Ted Cruz/Heritage Foundation-led House Republicans because he knows that previously he took opposite positions than those being held by the Tea party. He announced to the world that Obamacare was the law of the land and that he did not want there to be a government shutdown over it, and George Stephanopoulos called him on it this past Sunday.
            STEPHANOPOULOS: But Mr. Speaker, this is clearly not what you want. I want to go back to several points you’ve made about this over the last few — here you were right after the election with Diane Sawyer.
            BOEHNER: It’s pretty clear that the president was re-elected. Obamacare is the law of the land. If we were to put Obamacare into the CR and send it over to the Senate, we were risking shutting down the government. That is not our goal.
            STEPHANOPOULOS: So right there, you say that’s not your goal. You don’t want to put Obamacare on the CR. You did it.
            BOEHNER: George, I have made it clear to my colleagues. I don’t want to shut the government down. We voted to keep the government open.
            STEPHANOPOULOS: You also said you didn’t want to put Obamacare on the CR.
            BOEHNER: But providing — providing fairness to the American people, under Obamacare, is — all we’re asking for. My goodness. They give big businesses a waiver. They give all these unions a waiver. And yet they’re forcing the American people to buy a product, buy a product that they do not want and cannot afford.
            STEPHANOPOULOS: It is — the president has pointed out, it’s the law of the land. It has been upheld by the Supreme Court. It was ratified in a presidential election. And perhaps more important to the moment right now, you have tried this several times, it hasn’t worked. So, there’s no change in your position?
            BOEHNER: Absolutely not.
            The American people ‘fairly’ voted Obama back into office which justified the passage of Obamacare and made Republican ‘fairness’ complaints a moot point. Everyone knows the R’s have no interest in being fair to the American people. Speaker Boehner is also stuck saying over and over again that ‘we need to have a conversation’ about the government shutdown, but it’s been Republicans who have refused to have a conversation for the last year.
            House Republicans decided Monday that government shutdown or not, it was more important for them to keep trying to strike a blow against Obamacare. Having failed to convince Senate Democrats to go along, the Republicans resorted to seeking a “conference committee” to resolve the differences.
            For Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), chair of the Senate Budget Committee, the move is ironic. She has been trying for more than a half-year to go to a conference to work out dramatic differences between the Senate budget and the House version. Senate and House Republicans have objected, repeatedly.–
            “We know going to a conference means that we have to compromise — that’s what a conference is,” Murray said just before midnight. “But we’re not going to do it with a gun to our head that says we’re shutting government down and we’re going to conference over a short little six-week C.R. We have to deal with the longer-term budget. We have asked many times to go to conference on that.”
            Indeed, Murray and her colleagues asked 18 times. They have been blocked by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and a group of tea party Republicans led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).
            If you have been listening to the right wing media elites and their politicians, you would never know the truth about what they’ve been doing in Congress.

      • Gaaa! What is it with you people?!

        I told you about the virtues of soap, and yet here you are again frolicking about the National Memo in your rotten underwear!

        You get back to your trailer and make your self presentable – now!

          • What’s this thing you have for Barry dolls, anyway? You rednecks sure are a strange lot.

            I’d suggest that you limit your Barry doll purchases so that you can afford at least a couple bars of soap. I’m just trying to help, if you want to know.

          • Whut gvette is just another one of those ring trolls like Bozo, infadelicious and others who seem to think they show intelligence by calling President Obama by some dumb name. If you look a gvette’s comments he never offer any provable facts, just inane rantings. They ignore facts like the various stock market indices that are up over 100% since Obama became president, that for the last 37months the monthly job reports have shown job gains and the u6 unemployment numbers are down since Obama took office. The u6 numbers include those people not actively looking for a job, this number is more significant than the monthly unemployment rate. Yeah everything looks horrible, go figure.

      • Ah, gvette … you must be sad that Robert E Lee has passed on. Now you just have to nurse at the teat of right-wing propaganda purveyor Fox ‘News’, a source of ‘facts’ that resemble for truth the product we used to find in Pravda and Völkische Beobachter.

        From the day his election was official, as evidenced by the announced goal of the Republican leader in the Senate to make the Republicans’ top legislative priority whatever would deny Obama a second term, the Republicans set out to make Obama look bad. They strove to defeat anything he suggested, even if a carbon of their own earlier suggestions. Opposition for the sake of opposition, wrapped in the propaganda machine studios and broadcast to the gullible.
        The predictions that the country would collapse under Obama failed to deny him a second term, and it appears that another three years aren’t going to collapse us, despite the Republicans’ ‘best’ efforts.

        • I look at things as they are. Bath house Barry is the one that’s screwed up
          everything he touches.

          Yes, in your democrat eyes, he’s great, but when you look at the facts and
          figures, everything he’s

          done, has failed. As far as Fox goes, at least they report news, all the
          rest are just stenographers

          for Barry. They are finally starting to report his failures..

      • As this unfolded in the House of Representatives, every word (and a lot more) is included in the Congressional Record. If you can find it,why don’t you read it and verify your assumptions.

      • “The senate, and bath house Barry shut the government down.”
        Sure. And it’s not the kidnapper that killed the hostage. It was the people who didn’t come through with the ransom. The kidnapper is completely innocent! Tell us another stupid story, gvette. You lying piece of filth!

    • Don’t be surprised to see Ted campaigning for POTUS.

      Lyin’ Paul Ryan is desperately trying to earn a do-over with a new bag of tricks to sell the 47% and the 99%.

      Politicians are innately an entitled bunch and Americans are forgiving therefore if Cruz believes he can make a viable campaign he will have the support of atleast 25%

      • I get your point. You have mentioned Cruz can get at least 25% of the votes. Is that what is needed in order to win? Are these people who might support him know what they are doing? Mmmmmh! democracy can be messy and sometimes can make some people look stupid.

        • 25% of the whole of the conservatives in this country who fear progressive policies as much as radical Islam fears modernity.


          The only thing to fear is their determination!

  7. More completely, history should start with noting the events that occurred at the turn of the century (1# the SCOTUS elected president Bush) to provide some well need context and then highlight how the party that drove the car into the ditch over the first 8 years of the new century was followed by the party that obstructed the process of getting the car out of the ditch. (save the partisan BS…”blame Bush”…those guys were very consequential for the damages done worldwide!!!)

    A completely honest historical account will be damning NOT just of the Tea Party and the horrors caused by that legion of insurrectionist but will also shine a bright light on the Fascist neo con infection of the Bush-2 administration.

    History MUST reveal how the GOP became profoundly corrupted to the seductions a malevolent and self-seeking corporate “personhood”…LOL that has nearly destroyed the GOP in a matter of 14 years!!!

    So you see YALL..(lol)… this is what happened when (G)ods (O)nly (P)arty came to worship mammon: It became a house divided against itself and we are seeing how it can no longer stand

  8. The last few votes to repeal the ACA says Obama had a great year! I’ll bet the farm Bachmann and Cruz will introduce a vote early in January.

  9. … and it ought to be noted that “” was the product of private enterprise, another project outsourced to the ‘superior’ ‘more efficient’ ‘better than government’ private sector. Which may or may not have been the correct decision at the time, but the private sector appears to have blown it, not government.

  10. I use to be the youngest republican block captains at 16 and admired there their solid christian values such as taking care for the poor, elderly and disabled but that started to realty change.
    This starting with Regain who Massive black budget( unknown or voted on by congress) to end the cold war. As do you realty 10 dollar toilet set which could bought at 6 dollar in bulk rates realty cost 10k each? which is how the black budget is founded and turned a 45% angle down in paying off our national debt from the 2 world wars to a 45% angle up in raising,
    So much for fiscal responsibility the the Republican were so well know for. but the darker thing as the moved from centralist to the extreme right. This has shifted there policy’s from the people to the corporate and rich worlds leaving the centralist spots to be occupied by the left which is the most popular spot.
    So now unless the right can again more back to the left they will shirk in size and popularity Thus will never again take the president spot.
    one spot they fight on is mangling districts they may stay in power locally but there only time there hard base dies off to be come irreverent or they have to shift back but as long as they call moderate republican rhinos not saviors there simply domed to fail.

  11. Republicans act more like spoiled children than people who were sent to Washington to govern. If you won’t give me my way I will either hold my breath or shut down the government. The far right hates government and came there to destroy it. They don’t want it to work. They see government as a giant hand out to lazy worthless people, not to mention greedy corporations which they think need a hand out. This is why Boehner could sit there with a strait face and say our greatest accomplishment was that we didn’t pass anything except repealing the ACA 41 times. Even though we still have 7% unemployed, a crumbling infrastructure, millions who still need health care access, a draw down strategy for Afghanistan, millions of young people buried under staggering student loan debt, cities going bankrupt, and he is proud that his party didn’t do anything about any of it. I wonder if that is going to be their campaign message? We don’t care!!!

    • 7% unemployment? You have got to be kidding! What a phony statistic. The true measure also includes people who have given up looking for work, people who have run out of unemployment benefits, people who are earning a fraction of what they are capable of because there are no jobs, and the millions who have suddenly become “disabled” and collect their government checks (liberals). The true number is more like 14-15%. Some great President the Kenyan Interloper turned out to be. That’s what you get for affirmative action in the white house.

      • Better than the village idiot from Texas who created all these problems by starting 2 unfunded wars, a large unfunded tax cut for the 1%, unfunded Medicare drug benefits, the housing bubble and the economic meltdown all on his watch. The stock market lost 1/2 it’s value in 08. OH and lets not forget that he left office with 32 million uninsured. What a great president right?

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