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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

WTF you say.  Well I don’t blame you.  You’ve been doing this since the age of about two and ain’t nobody going to tell you how to do the toilet thing differently.

Turns out the toilet is not designed for maximum comfort and actually works against our bodies when we sit down to defecate.

According to an article in Medium, rather than sitting down hunched over we should be squatting.  Squatting aligns the appropriate muscles and organs and allows us to do our business more freely and with less strain.

There are plenty of places outside the United States where this sort of toilet is fairly common and seeing one when you’re expecting to see you know, the regular kind is pretty jarring.

But should you want to experiment with this anatomically correct way of answering nature’s call–short of installing a different type of toilet–there are devices you can buy that will achieve the same goals. i.e. a contraption called the Squatty Potty.

Photo: Daniel Oines via Flickr

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